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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 26, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] >> our big story. ravensdays to go, fever is not breaking any time soon. we are joined with more. >> just because the ravens are not playing this weekend is not mean we are seeing any less hostile around town. judging by the ravens gear people are picking up today, we will see a lot more of it next week. still flyin ghigh after last sunday's victory, fans have been flocking to baltimore's novelty since the minute the store opened monday. >> it is crowded. >> they want the afc champion t- shirts and pennants. and they want shirts and a victory on sunday. >> the victory is the one thing they cannot buy here, but name
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anything else and you will find it. >> since they won the super bowl 12 years ago, people started loving them. the team loves the community back. it is like a lot of there. >> there is no doubt these brothers love their hometown team. they have got a memorabilia to prove it. >> some of our best times were hanging out with my brother at the ballpark. >> lewis has not been at the stadium. three and a half years ago he had a seizure caused by a brain tumor. since then, he has had to stay away from the route a game day atmosphere. >> noise would irritate me enough to set off a siezure. >> he won the lottery to buy tickets to the super bowl. he said it could not imagine anyone else he would rather go with. the brothers are getting special headphones to protect his years. >> it will knock down the
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decibels level so that it will not be such a shock to my system. hanging with my brother at the super bowl is one of my dreams come true. >> the brothers are planning to fly to louisiana on thursday. lewis has medication that he can take if he feels a seizure coming on but they do not think he will need it. >> that is a wonderful story. you can help send the ravens off in style. the city is holding a rally on monday at 11:30 at the inner harbor empathetic. gerry sandusky will be the mc. the celebration will include cheerleaders, and members of the ravens teams. sand point stake park was the place to be today -- of the 17th annual polar bear plunge lived up to its name.
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probably fair to say that all year long nothing sounds quite like this. >> put your game face on. >> nothing can really compare to this. the rituals -- the polar bear plunge. ♪ and the home of the brave ♪ >> the view from above, gives the true sense of its and normandie. 13,000 plunged into the chesapeake and what has grown into a the most successful fund- raiser and is raising money for special olympics. all night long, and dozens of super plungers met the water 24 times and raised a quarter of a
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million dollars. he spoke to some athletes. >> you are called. how're you doing? >> i am tired but i am having a blast. this brings joy to my heart. every year when we do this event, it brings a great joy. these people want to be part of our lives. it was to be part of our community and that is all i can ask a >> f. jennifer franciotti, a regular, makes it look easy. this year it was much colder. >> it is a true polar bear plunge. >> the early numbers show that more than $2 million was raised this year, but officials are still counting. a final number will be out later in the week, probably about the time the super plungers have thawed. >> and they had a cold, cold day. >> it did warm-up of little bit for the event, but only a little bit. in the 20's. water temperature and the 30's.
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>> they have such a good attitude. >> the weather cooperated. there were snow flurries during the day in predawn hours. it is still the case this evening -- a few flurries points west. we have mostly clear skies. around the beltway and everything. it is a wintry day today. talk about winter weather, there is a warming trend. but there is a winter mist of snow before we get into that. >> to work out a fire investigators are searching for the cause of the three alarm fire in rosedale. this is the scene over the 8400 block of philadelphia boulevard. the fires started in jackie chen's chinese restaurant and spread to neighboring stores. >> it is down like five stores from our store so we did not
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think it was that bad. then all of a sudden, it kept moving from one to the next. we get out of there. i got the customers out there cracks more than 150 personnel were on the scene to control the fire. there are no reported injuries. one of the greatest soldiers in the civil-rights movement has died. vernon dobson. in the early 1960's, he led protest to integrate parts and committed his life to social justice. as the pastor of baltimore's union baptist church was a major figure for four decades. we had a chance to speak with 96-year-old and miller who worked with the reverend for the food bank. >> the fact that he did something. he did not just ring his hands and say, is not this terrible? he said something can be done about this. >> in a state meant, mayor stephanie rawlings-blake said we
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must give thanks to the reverend for his bravery, honesty and righteous perseverance in the face of cruelty and racism. the reverend was 89. one community organization came together today to organize a plan to reduce crime in the city. the baltimore guarded angels held their second community meeting bringing together police, community leaders and officials to discuss ways that everyone can get involved to lower crime. >> what we hope to do is bring this group of people together and come up with some like- minded ideas on what we can do as far as policing and working together to curb the crime in baltimore. >> the korean agents thought all the volunteers to patrol the streets but also to provide -- the guardian angels on not only volunteered to patrol the streets -- >> a drive to help the baltimore monsignor. the rector of the basilica of the assumption in baltimore was
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diagnosed with leukemia in 2006 and has one transplant. the doctors say he needs a second to fight the disease. he said today's drive is to raise awareness that any help the person between 18 and 24 can be a donor. >> i want to be able to help somebody else. that was the idea. there are people out there, it is not a big deal. it is a big deal it is not all that difficult to be a donor and you can save a life. >> the information from the drive will be kept on the registry. participants will be notified if there is a mess. still to come, deadly riots in egypt after a death sentence. and thousands of people marched on washington in support of gun control law. the
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>> in the egyptian judge has sent 21 people to death and collect it -- in connection with a rally.
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at least 27 people were killed when militants rampaged to the streets and tried to storm the prison where the condemned are being held. egyptian military forces have been sent to end the violence. thousands of people marched to washington, d.c. today for stricter gun control laws. organizers are calling on congress to pass a ban on military-style assault weapons and high capacity ammunition magazines. among those in attendance, 100 parents from newtown, connecticut, the scene of last month's elementary school attack. >> i feel hopeful. cautiously optimistic. and i hope this is the start of a bigger movement to keep not only our children safe but the citizens. >> the senate is scheduled to begin hearings on the gun- control debate wednesday. he's being remembered as a hall of famer on and off the baseball field. the funeral mass was held today
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in st. louis. broadcaster bob costas said the cardinals great never let anyone down during his 22-year-old career. he won seven national titles and the team won three world series championships. >> i remember seeing him on the wheaties box. back then, a big guy. we have an interesting forecast coming. what we have to do to get there it is interesting. we will talk about coming up in just a minute. the skies are clear here. a little flurry of activity west of us. dwi -- 27, kind of chilly. dwi -- 27, kind of chilly.
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>> johns hopkins university is celebrating a major donation from michael blumberg. the school announced today that the mayor is giving them $350 million. most of the money will support faculty research and teaching. the rest of financial aid for undergraduates. bloomberg has given more than $1 billion to the inner-city where he graduated in 1964. >> and now your 11 insta- weather-plus forecast with john collins. >> quick check of the radar.
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again, some flurries west of town, along the potomac river. up into pennsylvania coming off the great lakes. earlier, it was the weather impulse that was producing the snow showers, primarily from baltimore westward. now this appears to be related to remnants of a lake effect, or a hybrid. it is not as no accumulator. 34 was the high. temperatures still below the average. a little warmer than it has been. the morning low yesterday was 20. tomorrow morning will be colder than that. overall trend -- here is the normal high. 42 to 41 degrees. we have been below that mark. next week we are going to take a boost on temperatures. least temporarily. it is still january. 26 now in annapolis. cambridge 28. 25 on the boardwalk. 21 at alton.
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23 in frederick. it is dropping into the teens in western maryland. a few more clouds. you can see the clear skies over us. the flurries from the potomac, the river westward. high pressure is coming out and that will be our weather tomorrow. and then, on monday, this system will start to come in. this warm front will be piling into this cold air. that is usually not a great combination. the cold air locked into the area. single digits up in maine. the intensely cold air around hudson bay. here is the hint of the warmer starting to come into the plains states. the light shade of blue. there will be a warming trend in our forecast. tonight -- 15 to 22. a scattering of clouds, northwest winds at 2 to 7 miles an hour. tomorrow, 31 to 37, a few
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degrees warmer than today. but not by a major degree. we will see an increase in clouds by the end of the day. the west to north west wind. the winds not very strong, 5 knots. on the bay. the 7 day forecast. i mentioned some warmer air bumping into the colder. what we wind up with is a wintry mix. primarily in the morning hours, but it could extend into the afternoon for it will have to see how long it takes to get the cold air out. eventually, a high of 43 degrees. it starts at freezing. when that moisture gets in, we could see some slippery conditions monday morning. tuesday looks dry, in the 50's. stay, rain come in. then we dropped into the 30's by the. end of the. >> correct me if i am wrong, but providence nor marchetti -- a
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bat flew in. coaches, players and referees were scrambling. they even turned off the lights to get the bat to land. it left. the game resumed. >> some times you have to roll with the punches. >> is this a daily event? >> have some much going on. >> let's talk about -- it is interesting. talk about ray lewis. what about this guy? is he retiring as well?
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>> this is powerball. good evening. tonight we have an estimated jackpot worth $132.5 million. i hope you've got those tickets. let's play powerball. the first number is 22. after that we have the number 49. tonight we had to connecticut to get a group of employees from a toyota dealership 1 $1 million. they will use the money to pay off their holiday bills. 41. after that we have 26. 3. for tonight's winning combo -- powerball lumber -- matched this number and you're always a winner. tonight is the number 18. good luck . make sure you check those tickets carefully. have a great night. i will see you back
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>> noww 11 sports. >> home practice for the ravens 2012 season. pretty amazing that it comes on january 26, 2013. this season will not end. the big smile to ed reid.
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we expect no weather issues in the super dome. joe flacco leads the way by mannerism and buy media scrutiny, by any measure, he remains the same, just like the man that hikes the ball. ray lewis, this being his last ride. not his style to let anyone know. harbaugh is happy. >> matt burke has been a huge part of this program. he has been a huge part of joe's development. he is smart, his top. he is playing the best football he has played since he has been here. to have that be true at the end of a 24 game season is very impressive. he has done a great job for us and we would not be where we are without him. >> after practice today, the fitness center downtown, jones signed autographs and pictures
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for a couple of hours. the line was long. there's jones. that came together without any promotion other than social media. twitter and facebook worked. he was great with the kids. fun tow atch. the terps -- racked up 12 wins at one point. thei rplay on the road is sha aky. they lost 11-2 against duke. dribble drive reverse. i tried that with a nerf hoop growing up and failed. maryland's defense did not account for the freshman shooter . over and over again. duke by 8. second half. good defense did not matter. the ball to steph curry.
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duke 11-22 from town. mason the reverse, no look follow slam. maryland had too many turnovers and too many missed shots. 84-64. the final. morgan state earned a win at nca &c. conference play. 84-75 loss. b.u. knocks of umbc, 81-75. towson, no upset against william and mary, 63-56. the wizards going for win number 10. open jumper, no good. booker. kind of tip in. second quarter. john wall. to nene.
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the wizards get the win by 86- 73. the blast at home looking for their 10th consecutive victory. hosting the missouri comets. lucas, no. okay. third effort the charm. but shut out the final quarter. they win 14-11. they win 14-11.
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>> marr looks ok. temperatures a couple of degrees warmer than today -- tomorrow looks ok. we are still below average.
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we attempt to warm to the 40's on monday but will start out a bit below freezing. the more sure it could provide a wintry mix of freezing rain or snow before changes to record tuesday dry. wednesday rain. 50's and the highs. then back into the 30's again. a roller-coaster ride. >> keep an eye on that. thanks for joining us. we will see you back here at 5:00 a.m. for 11 news sunday morning. "saturday night live" is next with guest host adam levine. and we leave you with some people from today's call their plunge. -- polar bear plunge. can i get you anything else, mr. president? [ cheers and applause ] >> well, uh, no, no, i'm fine. thank you, jeremy. >> good night, mr. president, and congratulations again. that was very moving having your


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