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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  January 27, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> you ware watching wbal tv-11. this is 11 news tonight at 11:00
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pm. >> we begin with a live look over skycam. we could be in for more winter weather. what do you got? >> this is a little different than the last two. part of the air will be warming up. up on radar now, we have some snow, light snow-shower activity. we have a wintery mix of sleet and freezing rain in some areas. when it is cold enough the snow goes up but in this situation we have warmer air that is above
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freezing. the snow falls into the warmer air but falls back into colder air again it converts to sleet and becomes freezing rain. it forms on the mailbox or whatever. we will talk more about that coming up. >> officials prepare for frozen roadways. the department of transportation will pre-treat the roads at 3:00 am. baltimore county says they will treat roads where necessary starting at 5:00 am. we have learned that tomorrow's raven superbowl rally will go on rain or shine.
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join us at 11:30 and the voice of the ravens will serve as mc. with members of the 2001 ravens superbowl winning team. and you can get the forecast -- with the 11 forecast in the palm of your hands. somewhere they are not worried about the ice is new orleans. the ravens broadcast team landed there. a look at day one in the land of mardi gras. >> a beautiful evening on the mississippi river, a slight breeze out of the south. this is the crescent city connection or the mississippi river bridge. here is downriver to the gulf of
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mexico. we hit the ground running. we arrived at 1:00 and the party has already begun. >> our trip started with an early-morning flgiht and they were anticipating plenty of ravens fans making the trip, but later in the week. the anticipation was building. we were greeted with a parade and i'm not saying it was for me and bridget but it felt like it. >> i like flacco. i wans tnt to see someone stop kaepernick. >> the vibe is stronger as they enjoy coffee at cafe dumas and
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enjoying adult averages. some do not like the super bowl in town. cyrus says his business will take a hit because people will be partying instead of touring. >> we will have pedestrians but as far as business is concerned, it will be tough. >> there is excitement in the air and if this is any indication, it will be quite a ride. >> we love all the guests. we want everyone to have a good time. 9 and root for the ravens? >> yes. >> we noticed that -- they are pulling for the ravens. one final note, the party really
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begins tomorrow when the ravens arrive. wbal tv 11 news. >> thank you. it is two years since a former anarundel teacher was found murdered in a glen burnie parking lot. >> i live for you. >> family and friends honor the life of myra casen, laying flowers at the spot she was found shot on richie highway. she as 63 years old. after two years, relatives say the pain is fresh. >> i wake with her on my mind and all through the day, it is so hard. it is really hard. but -- we will get through it if we stick together. >> the investigation is ongoing.
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police believe she was the victim of a robbery. she left behind a sun and two grandchildren. an overnight house fire claims the life of a 10 year old. we are where the community has come together to remember her. >> a makeshift memorial has been forming all day as they came to remember the 10 year old girl who did not escape the fire. >> charred debris is all that is left of the raging inferno the night before. >> i heard the fire trucks storming down the street. >> delaney watched the house burn -- >> smoke was everywhere nad it and it was terrible.
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>> there were reports a 10 year old girl was in the basement. firefighters had to evacuate and take the fire from outside. they found the body on the first floor. >> anyone who has to go through that, it's terrible. >> at least one person was hurt jumping for the second-floor window and three siblings were taken to the hospital. her name was raven lacey. >> she meant a lot to me like nobody was meant to be. a best friend like her. >> one of a stream of friends and family members building the memorial for raven. >> inow, this happened, and it feels empty now.
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>> baltimore city fire's kevin cartwright has not determined a cause but right now it is not suspicious. it is not clear if the home had smoke detectors. live in dundalk. >> we have a look at highlights from the pro bowl, next. >> slippery driving conditions >> slippery driving conditions
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>> now, your 11 instaweather forecast with john collins. >> here we are, just to the west, flurries and a snow shower between frederick and hagerstown. this salmon area, some sleet is in. and they may be getting some sleet mixing with snow there. today was an average day. we haven't seen an average temperature. the high at the airport was 42. the low wa s a degree off the average low. we will be on average again.
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42 annapolis, edgewood 27, westminster 27, everyone is below freezing. in west maryland the temperatures are up. we have clear skies and everything is to the west -- the warm front is coming in. we have the warm air coming in on the back side -- and milder temperatures are coming in. there is a layer of warm air up there. that causes complications. you can see the area of cold air trying to push up from the southwest and there is a little bit of a conflict. overnight, 25-30, the temperatures below freezing. we have some light snow that will fall and as the
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temperatures warm up a few thousand feet we see sleet and some freezing rain. it all starts by sunrise. the winds overnight are calm. the winter weather advisory, witnernter-storm warnings in the county. instaweather forecast -- we see some snow and it turns into a mix of sleet and freezing rain and the rain -- as surface temperatures rise over the freezing point. most of this will fall in the morning. some may last into the evening. 35-40, becoming light rain. southwest winds at 5-10 mph. there is a small craft advisory,
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two-foot chops on the bay. the seven-day forecast -- we will get to 378, 52 wednesday, a thunderstorm and temperatures go down at the end of the week. >> now, 11 sports. >> six ravens missed the pro bowl but not when they have a chance to win the super bowl. stay with us for a special super bowl edition of "ravens wrap-up." hard to beat the scenery in honolulu. eli manning throws it to the lonwrong guy. the afc leads -- but the nfc pours it on. russell finds runningback dez
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martin. the nfc rolls 62-35. jim harbaugh and the 49ers arrive in the big easy. they get off the plane i n a businesslike manner. the capitals were the last team to get a win, beating the sabers. we go to verizon center. they were trailing 1-0 but got it going. kicked in front to joel ward. he puts it home. we go to the power play. he sends it -- first goal of the season was huge. capitals hold on for the 3-2 victory. loyola -- they have snapped the three-game winning streak.
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the lakers taking on oklahoma city. kobe with 14 assists and 21 points, and that basket sealed the deal. final 105-96. stay with us. john will look at the seven-day forecast after this. first the winning lottery numbers. good luck.
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>> watch your step tomorrow. it will be slippery out there. >> stay tuned for "ravens wrap- up." have a great night. >> let the good times roll. next stop, new orleans. a sibling rivalry for the ages. it's harbaugh versus harbaugh. in super bowl xlvii. just about a week away. time to take a look back at the a.f.c. championship game. and a preview of the biggest game of the year. we're going to the super bowl. it all starts right now on ravens wrapup.
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>> from wbal tv 11, this is ravens wrapup. presented by miller lite. >> no need for a bye week now. ravens get some rest as they prepare for the super bowl. and for the second time in franchise history, and the final game of ray lewis' career. the baltimore ravens make it to biggest game in pro sports, the super bowl. welcome in to ravens wrapup. with pete gilbert, qadry ismail i'm gerry sandusky. guys, what a run. >> no doubt about it. the major super bowl storylines are pretty obvious. brother against brother in ray's final ride and pretty sure we will learn much about those next week or so. a look back at the a.f.c. title game. from foxboro, q, can you have imagined a better conceived and executed game plan to stop tom brady? >> yeah. you talk about that second half of dominance, absolutely. the ravens were on their game indeed. crazy. >> watch these highlights all week if they let us because they're fun to look back on. second straight week the ravens entered the game as huge underdogs.
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ray lewis, first quarter, patriots a little too treky for their own good. stevan ridley. new england ran it three strate times in the red zone and only three points. second quarter ravens offense took a while to wake up. exploded on this drive. flacco to torrey smith. pickup of 25 plays. crossing patterns, huge at foxboro. >> yeah. crossing patterns, about the way they were able to make plays in the secondary. against that new england secondary was just phenomenal: >> ray rice, left tackle. in for the go ahead touchdown. 7-3 ravens. now, new england would answer back larlte in the first half. as tom brady threw what turned into his only touchdown pass. wes welker. on the receiver screen. a gain of 24. would set up that touchdown. the only touchdown of the game for the patriots. ravens defense, though, shut him down after wes welker found the end zone. the last time the patriots would put seven on the board. right before half, tom brady
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tries to run. slides, cleats up into ed reed. he would get fined $10,000 for that. patriots settled for a field goal. 13-7 at half. third quarter, ravens on the roll. dennis pitta to the mid field logo. a gain of 22. same pair later in the drive. flacco. pitta. nobody's there. and the ravens have their first lead of the second half. a lead that would linger. >> yeah. you talk about putting the pedal to the metal that's what the ravens offense did. on their game as far as making play after play and we're talking about getting out to receivers like torrey smith on this catch. >> again the crossing pattern. again open. and joe flacco had the fans united in foxboro. at least the fans wearing purple. jump ball. anquan boldin. and suddenly it's 21-13. and that's when you really start to sense, hey, the patriots weren't going back to the super bowl. lights out on stevan ridley. from the bernard pollard hit. legal hit. not helmet to helmet.
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not defenseless receiver because you can't have that on a running back. >> you cannot and that was laying a guy out. football at its finest. >> flacco cashes in. second touchdown pass to anquan boldin. and it's time to put it away. more on boldin's score in a few minutes in x's and o's. 28-13. ravens. get their second lamar hunt trophy. the first, just atrocious, i don't know, atrocious, just interesting new design. the names on it and trophy is beautiful and ravens going to the super bowl and everybody loves a gift from tiffany's and company. joe flacco may not have played the game of his life. but he can certainly answer any questions as to whether he belongs in elite status. flacco helped the ravens beat peyton manning and tom brady in back-to-back weeks. when the patriots become one dimensional late in the game, tom brady could not do anything and the ravens, especially shutting down wes welker in the second half, the patriots did not score one point in the second half.
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ravens scored three unanswered touchdowns. 21 in a row. you know both harbaughs will coach against each other in super bowl xlvii. you may railroad both road teams won -- remember both road teams won on championship sunday. both the a.f.c. and the n.f.c. championship teams scored 28 points, neither the 49ers nor the ravens' defense allowed a single point in the second half. >> so defense is pretty good. the offense is pretty good. and for the ravens they put forth -- considering the opponent and venue, they're most complete game of the year. and while we cannot guarantee a classic in the superdome we may at least -- that kicker from last year, what was his name? >> they fully understood the magnitude of the challenge. how could they not? >> kick on the way. it is long enough. and it's no good. he hooked it wide to the left. >> facing a halftime deficit against a team that had never lost a title game at home and tom brady had never lost a game when leading at the break. the ravens essentially said
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heck with it. come out swinging, come out fighting and take what you feel you've earned. they did just that. >> fires to the end zone. touchdown. dense pit -- dennis pitta. and the ravens tied it with an extra point pending. >> we were confident in this game and we knew what was at stake and not have it turn out like it did last year. we dug deep and down at halftime. and everyone looked at each other at halftime and knew we would come out and get it done. we got it done. >> the reward made so much sweeter given the circumstances. ray lewis not showing up for another early retirement party, others so foolishly planned. ignoring the history the pundits and statistics, the ravens demanded their place at the big boy table. and only get to do that with a team that believes in one another more than the other. >> the feelings are genuine on this team. i mean, we really do. really do love each other. we play for one another.
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players and cosmse. and when you can share this kind of success with people that mean a lot to you, makes it special. >> so went out there and played like -- got a shot at it. and we got the opportunity to play for the big game. we're blessed and got to get ready for next week. we're going to the super bowl. i'll see you in new orleans. >> a date with the 49ers with the most obvious headline ever, the har-bowl. even if jim and john don't really want to talk about it. >> is it going to be written about? not exactly like churchill and roosevelt or anything. [laughter] i mean, it's pretty cool. as far as it goes. >> it is a completely remarkable story. but just one of many. as everyone that has earned the trip gets a lifetime fantasy fulfilled. >> it's just one of those things that you dream of when you're a little kid. and you're watching montana and the guys. go light them up in the super bowl. so to be here, at this point, is pretty special. >> and the hay's in the barn.
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and the ravens are goring to the super bowl! >> and the ravens now have the shot to do something they did 12 years ago. and anquan boldin is going to be a big part of the game plan. on super bowl sunday. time to break down the x's and o's. we do this every sunday where q takes us through the inside part of the game. i want to break down those two touchdown passes for anquan boldin. we saw both plays with boldin pulling down a high pass. and all of our eyes went up to his eyes but q, you shared with me, it's not what's going on above the helmet with the hands but the neck down that separates q from everybody else. >> absolutely. great awareness and body control is second to none. obviously he has very strong hands as far as snatching the ball out of the air. but what i also love is his veteran savvy as far as not giving the play away. once he saw that the safety went to the middle of the football field that meant he was one on one with the defensive back. >> the defensive back. and you get me one on one and you know the sight line the ball will be on and you make sure that i don't get there. >> here.
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literally. if you're standing right there, now as a defender, i know that i'm going to be having ball coming right over your ear. if it comes over your ear you won't know that unless i give it away by my eyes opening up or jump too soon. because i'm going to late hand it and toss the ball, i'm snatching it. by the time you react to it, it's too late. >> you'll see how anquan boldin came up with two touchdowns in the second half. bam. right there. and he doesn't show the hands. so in that case devin mccourty didn't see the ball coming. and then as flacco puts it across the middle, high pass. late hands. athletic moves. >> this is real classic right here. and boom. right there. d.b. has absolutely no shot of getting that pass. again, you can see it from the back end right here. joe sees it right over the d.b.'s helmet. touchdown. no defense. >> still to come on ravens wrapup we take a look back at how the other harbaugh made super bowl xlvii. one to remember forever in both john and jim's family. >> can't get that ball from him. >>st


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