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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  January 28, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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-- the ravens are arrived about 3:15. quite a bit different than from baltimore this morning. bad bad weather could not keep the ravens fans away. >> here in baltimore, ravens fans love their team. hours before the rally began, thousands of fans filled the amphitheater at the inner harbor. they were here to show their support for the ravens. >> bring it back to baltimore. >> we wish our team well. it would not be a rally without the cheerleaders. poe was here.
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fans came from all over, they had to be here. >> i drove 200 miles to get here. >> i come from ocean city, maryland. this is baltimore. it is all about the ravens. >> after being stuck in traffic, the ravens arrived. the fans went crazy. >> how about number 5? >> we're not going to new orleans for nothing else but for another ring back to baltimore. we love you, we love you, we love you. we're going to give it everything we got. >> ain't no better team than
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baltimore. >> this is awesome. >> we got two tickets to paradise. >> shortly before 1:00, ed reed let the fans and the team in a final sendoff. >> baltimore on the three. 1, 2, 3, baltimore! >> both teams are now in town. fans are starting to arrive. martti draw is happening. security is very tight. -- mardi gras is happening. security is very tight. >> one thing you may not think about this early is security. security is very tight in and around the superdome. there are more than 1300 federal agents in town to assist with security to make sure everything
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goes off without a hitch. with more lanes in the world spotlight, security is more important -- with new orleans in the world spotlight, security is more important than ever. >> it is just beneath the that of the national security event. >> special agent in charge of homeland security says the super bowl falls below inauguration day when it comes to protection. in the case of the superdome, the fed's part group of local law enforcement. -- the fed partner up with local law enforcement. >> fans will not be able to get within 300 feet of the superdome without a valid ticket. >> all the deliveries that need to be made to the stadium. each vehicle must come to this undisclosed location. each vehicle must be x-rated and each person must be fingerprinted. -- -x-rayed at each person must
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be fingerprinted. >> everything is in place to make sure everything runs smoothly and safely. >> there is no safer place to be that new orleans, louisiana. they have done a tremendous job. >> that was security around the superdome. what about the streets of new orleans? we will talk to the police unit to find out what folks can expect if they're coming down here. that is the very latest. we're live in front of the superdome. >> both teams are here. the excitement is starting to build. tomorrow is media day, always a big deal. we will cover all the events happening this week.
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>> a beautiful shot of the mississippi. our comprehensive team coverage of super bowl xlvii continues on our website, you can read previous of the biggies the matchup and let that slide shows ahead of the big -- the big easy match up and looked at slide shows the head of the big game. >> i-695 was shut down for nearly two hours this afternoon after a vehicle collision in middle river. we were over the scene just before 4:00. drivers are being diverted just off of the highway at the 700 to exit. -- 700 to exit. >> baltimore county police are looking for anyone who may have been near the light rail platform just before the friday evening commute. a run for cover 15 -- around
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4:15 in the afternoon. he was waiting for a train when a group of people shot him multiple times. he is an inmate work-release program serving 24 year sentence for attempted murder. anyone who was nearby, contact police. emotional and sometimes confusing testimony from a key witness in nine phylicia barnes -- in the phylicia barnes murder case, her older sister. >> her older sister has -- is responsible for turning over to police a sex video. her older sister, jurors watched a video taken with her cell phone engine of 2010. only jurors and lawyers solid,
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it was not visible to the court room. it showed a drunk phylicia barnes playfully grabbed in the of michael johnson after a late night of drinking. he is charged with killing her in december of 2010. her body was found in the susquehanna river. she testified the same activity was taken, she saw johnson make a pass. he reached for comment as if he was going to touch her sexually. asked if she did anything about what she had seen, she said she thought about telling her father. i was scared i would not be able to see her again, she testified. my whole world would be crumbling. after that incident, her relationship with michael johnson started to fall apart. on the day she disappeared, she described johnson as avoiding her texts at first, a letter telling her she wanted -- he wanted to repair their relationship. missing from the apartment was a
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blue storage again, similar to this one. defense lawyers for michael johnson tried to paint her as a bad influence on phylicia barnes and suspicious of for for telling michael johnson about a new man in her life. that a video was sealed by the judge. >> closing arguments are set to tomorrow and the misconduct trial of john léopold. he did not take the witness stand in his own defense. his lawyers rested, calling on one of his doctors and the county personnel director. defense pushed the judge to throw out the case claiming that allegations by prosecutors did not constitute crimes. he has denied that request. death penalty opponents rally today in annapolis demanding legislators abolish it and use
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the savings to beef up law enforcement. david collins did a fact check on one of the arguments. >> legislators often say prosecutors need the death penalty so they can use it as leverage. we contacted prosecutors in all 24 districts and ask them whether that was true. but at some surprising answers. -- we got some surprising answers. death penalty opponents from across the state converged on lawyers for a rally. >> e-mail then, knock on their doors. >> organizers support using savings of appealing capital punishment to strengthen services for surviving family members and to beef up law enforcement. >> a lot of the supporters
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disappear after the funeral is over. instead of using money to kill more people, it would be awesome if that money went to support victim services, to do outreach, to train homicide detectives. >> legislators often argued that prosecutors used the option as leverage to obtain a guilty plea. we asked prosecution offices in all 24 jurisdictions whether that is true. we heard back from 42% and they all said they support keeping the death penalty. it happened in the case against -- the prosecution use the death penalty to secure his guilty plea. he received two consecutive life sentences. a majority of prosecutors who responded rejected the notion of
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using the death penalty as leverage or any sort of bargaining chip. one responded, it should not be used as some sort of [inaudible] this prosecutor proclaimed, we do not use the potential sentence as a bargaining tool. i have never used it as leverage. those opposed the death penalty chastised lawmakers who use that argument. they say they're not surprised by the results of our unscientific sample. >> the truth is most prosecutors never do that. would not do that. they will still get cases and go for life without parole. >> prosecutors believed the death penalty should remain an option for those who commit the most heinous crimes. >> there may not have been much accumulation in this morning's
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weather, but that did not stop drivers from writing into big problems. the latest on an early accident that left a family of three critically hurt. >> the ravens trip to the big easy from start to finish. >> this week, it will feature a warm-up. we will see how high the temper
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>> traffic -- we have been
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monitoring the dangerous conditions. one of the accident along i-95 has left a family critically injured. police tell us a 36-year-old was emerging around 5:00 this morning when she lost control of her vehicle and struck the side of the tractor terret -- a tractor trailer. jessica's condition is listed as unstable. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer -- >> are temperatures did warm throughout the day. warmer weather will be the headline for the next couple of days. there are some showers in the area and temperatures are chilly. the wintry weather is now to our
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north. south of that, at a wintry mix. we started the day below freezing all the way down to central virginia. 31 degrees in richmond. almost to freezing all the way to charlotte, north carolina. started to snow and changeover to freezing rain. after that freezing starts, we did manage to hit 41 degrees this afternoon at the airport. almost up to the normal levels. total precipitation less than two tenths of an inch. we are about an inch below normal for the year. when the temperatures are near freezing and falling during rush hour, things can be tricky.
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40's for most of maryland. look to the south and west, that is where the air will be coming from. even though we are in the 30's in the northern suburbs, i do not expected to be a lot colder. 33-40, cloudy skies, look, i'll did is down on the gulf coast of new orleans. -- look at how warm it is down on the gulf coast of new orleans. we are expecting a significant warming of once this warm front gets past us. it can be tough to get a warm front throughout baltimore in the winter. it will take all day tomorrow. once it passes, we are into some spring-like air. fog in the morning, maybe a sprinkle of rain.
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wednesday should be the warmest day. a little thin edge of thunderstorms on wednesday evening. thursday, temperatures will be falling throughout the day. it leads to a cold super bowl weekend. 40's along the pennsylvania line, 50's to the south of baltimore. thursday and friday, cold and snow returns. eastern shore, 49 tomorrow. the front is approaching. watch the big temperature drop. into the 60's wednesday, snow showers on friday and saturday. >> this is 11 sports. >> we got two tickets to paradise.
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>> absolutely an event worth singing about. thousands gathered for that a ravens rally. it was spectacular. they said the team off properly. in san francisco, they offered no such rally. we pick up the story of the ravens gathering at the airport, getting ready for that three- hour trip. we see ray lewis, whenever you like to call him, getting on to the plane for his final road trip, the last of his career. ray rice, ed reed coming home to new orleans. he knew he had a chance to come home. three-hour flight without issue. the team getting off the plane,
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off of the bus, 41 police vehicles escorting the buses. it was smooth sailing. i want to take you back to the rally. ray lewis speaking to the crowd. powerful. >> we did this in 2000. we're not going to new orleans for nothing else but to bring back another ring back to baltimore. we love you, we love you, we love you. we're going to give you everything we got. >> it has been 12 years since the ravens had the opportunity. he wants to make sure his last opportunity to finish the job. as for the 49 years, there arrived a day early. -- 49ers, they arrive today early.
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they met with the media. jim harbaugh talking about his quarterback. talking about kaepernick and how he dreams -- >> when he is running, the stride that he has, the grace, the ground that he covers, it reminds me of myself, and then i wake up. when i have dreams and visions of how i run personally, it is the way he runs. >> that is worth dreaming about. coming up at 7:30, ravens countdown. we will do it all week long,
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7:30-8:00. we will get you ready for sunday's game. send it back to baltimore. it is really nice weather. >> enjoy yourself. >> enjoy yourself. tom hi le +ç22
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aginging the city's public schools. top leaders are meeting in annapolis about how to fund a major infrastructure projects. baltimore ravens swooped into the big easy. those stories and much more
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>> clouds, fog, and then a big
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warm up coming our way. >> thank you for joining us, everyone. we will see
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