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tv   Today  NBC  February 6, 2013 2:05am-3:00am EST

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[running footsteps] >> johnny: hey, rafe! >> rafe: hey! special agent. how you doing, my man? hmm? good morning, caroline. >> caroline: [laughs] i haven't had coffee yet. >> rafe: fair enough. >> johnny: hey, look! >> rafe: uh, gee, i don't see anything. hey, hey, hey, hey! what's--you little bacon thief you, hmm? so your great-grandma hasn't even had her coffee yet, huh? mommy must have dropped you off pretty early. >> johnny: she dropped us off last night. me and sydney had a sleepover. mommy had to do something. >> rafe: hmm.
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>> sami: good morning. >> ej: good morning. >> sami: how long have you been awake? >> ej: a while. >> sami: you were watching me sleep? that's really creepy. [laughs] >> ej: no, i just--i just wanted to take a moment to absorb all of your beauty... without you opening your mouth. [laughter] i was just thinking about how lucky i am. >> sami: you are very, very lucky. and i plan to remind you about it often. >> ej: can i propose a deal? >> ej: really? first thing in the morning, it's so romantic to open negotiations. >> ej: let's not screw this up. >> sami: [sighs] deal. deal, deal, deal. >> abigail: hey! >> jennifer: oh, hi. >> abigail: what are you doing
2:07 am
here? i thought that you were spending the night at daniel's. >> jennifer: uh, no. and you're talking to me like a roommate, not your mother. >> abigail: [laughs] sorry, mumsy. i thought you were otherwise engaged last evening. >> jennifer: well, it turns out daniel needed some bonding time with parker, and i had the pleasure of a little chat with chloe. >> abigail: ugh, yikes. what happened? >> jennifer: you don't want to know what happened, and i really don't want to talk about it. >> abigail: sounds like you don't want to talk about it. >> jennifer: no, i don't. i just wanna mutter about it under my breath. >> abigail: [chuckles] >> jennifer: you look really cute. >> abigail: thank you. >> jennifer: you look really cute this early in the morning. [doorbell rings] >> abigail: mom--oh, i'll get it. >> jennifer: wait, who in the world would barge in... >> abigail: i'll get it, i'll get it, mom! >> jennifer: this early in the morning? i mean, it's not even breakfast time yet. well...i wasn't expecting this. >> nick: it's gonna take more than this to prove that will shot ej.
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>> gabi: did you say something? >> nick: no. i was just waiting for you to wake up. you want me to get you some breakfast? >> gabi: mm, you know what? >> nick: hmm? >> gabi: not quite yet. >> nick: no? >> gabi: mm-mm. >> brady: good morning. >> kristen: hi. >> brady: i was just admiring how beautiful you look in the morning. >> kristen: mm. >> brady: in the morning. >> kristen: you don't look so bad yourself. it's nice waking up together, isn't it? >> brady: it is. >> kristen: just think, if we were married... we'd be waking up together every morning for the rest of our lives. >> brady: kristen, kristen... >> kristen: what? >> brady: you have marriage on the brain. my god, you were joking about it last night, here you are this morning talking about it. >> kristen: i know, but brady there's--the thing is...
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i'm not joking. >> male announcer: like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our lives. [soft orchestration] ♪ >> johnny: hey, rafe? >> rafe: yeah? >> johnny: i grew out of the fbi jacket you got me. >> rafe: oh. hmm. well, here's the thing--i don't actually work for the fbi anymore. i'll tell you what. i'll try and find you one. how's that? >> johnny: thanks! >> rafe: so, last night... must have had fun on your sleepover, huh? >> johnny: it was cool. >> rafe: mm-hmm. so mommy had to--had to do something?
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mm, thank you. >> caroline: you're welcome. oh, you know what? i forgot your vitamins. would you mind running to get them for me, please? >> johnny: okay. >> caroline: ah, thank you. >> johnny: but first, mommy told me a secret that i want to tell rafe. >> caroline: oh. okay. >> johnny: but it's about rafe. mommy said you're gonna be spending a lot more time with us. i can't wait. >> rafe: yeah. >> caroline: ah. >> rafe: that's a great kid. >> caroline: yeah, yeah. [grunts] >> rafe: something on your mind? >> caroline: well, it's just that when sami asked me to take the kids for a sleepover, i thought the reason was you. >> sami: it's so nice to be here with you, you know, and just... not be jockeying for position
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or, i don't know, sizing each other up. we're just together. >> ej: i like that. >> sami: i'm very, very, very, very happy about it. >> ej: me too. me...too. >> sami: you know, it's not like before. we always had an agenda or a scheme or some secret or something stupid that had me worried about the future, and now it's like, i don't want to worry about tomorrow. i just wanna enjoy today. >> ej: deal. >> sami: oh, really? >> ej: mm-hmm. >> sami: mr. dimera's ready to seal the deal again? really? >> ej: yeah, i think i have another couple of deals left in me. >> sami: [laughs] oh, i hope so.
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>> brady: you're serious, aren't you? >> kristen: i know, it's... it's crazy. you're surprised. i'm--i'm surprised. >> brady: i'm not surprised-- surprised is an understatement. >> kristen: i understand, and believe me, i get it. if the roles were reversed and you mentioned the "m" word, i'd think that you were so ridiculous. >> brady: mm-hmm. well, this is just out of character for you, i think. >> kristen: i don't know. >> brady: come on, kristen, you're the most independent woman i think i've ever met. and as far as i know, you've never really held marriage in a high regard. >> kristen: well... >> brady: so... >> kristen: i'm human. and being with you has kind of changed me. you know? >> brady: mm-hmm. >> kristen: so what do you say? let's get married! want to? [ purring ] ah! so you're the new litter genie, huh? my human says you granted her wish. now she doesn't have to bag my business and bury it in the trash anymore.
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2:16 am
morning. >> cameron: ah. >> abigail: we are going out for breakfast, so i'll see ya. i'm just gonna grab my coat. i'll be right back. >> cameron: you know what, i have to check in with the hospital, so i'll see you outside? >> abigail: yeah, sure. >> cameron: okay, cool. take care, ms. horton. it's good to see you. >> jennifer: you too. thanks for the flowers. >> cameron: oh...[laughs] >> jennifer: just kidding. [door closes] >> abigail: please stop. >> jennifer: wow, i didn't know the two of you were dating again. >> abigail: mom, we're not dating. it's just--it's just breakfast. >> jennifer: breakfast? yes, eggs is breakfast. flowers is dating. >> abigail: [laughs] i don't know about that. can't believe he's even talking to me, though, after the way that i blew it before. >> jennifer: you know what? maybe he's a man that believes in second chances. >> abigail: yeah. yeah, which is why this time i swear i am not rushing into anything. i'm sorry about last night. >> jennifer: okay, you go. have fun. >> abigail: thanks. bye. >> jennifer: yeah. you and me both, sweetie. >> caroline: i'm sorry. did i say the wrong thing?
2:17 am
>> rafe: no. [scoffs] no. no, no, no. so, um, maybe this is a little bit out of line, but isn't it tiring for you taking the kids overnight? >> caroline: [scoffs] >> rafe: i mean, sleepover? bet they're staying up late, huh? >> caroline: oh, well, you know it's not bad. i mean, johnny just follows joey around, and kayla's so over the moon about sydney, eh... i just watch. >> rafe: [laughs] right. and what about allie? >> caroline: hmm? >> rafe: allie, what about allie? >> caroline: oh, allie. she's with lucas. >> rafe: oh. oh. so sami took the night off, huh? [chuckles] wow. that's a speed record. even for you two. >> caroline: i'm sorry. i did say the wrong thing. >> rafe: huh? >> caroline: well--[sighs] when johnny mentioned sami, you looked absolutely miserable, so what--please, tell me what is
2:18 am
going on. >> ej: you know, sometimes... it feels like you and i have been together...forever. >> sami: we haven't been. we have been apart, very vocally, very publicly. >> ej: well, i mean, i don't know about you, but i think i have always been the master of restraint. [laughs] >> sami: [chuckles] >> ej: most of the time! sometimes. occasionally. >> sami: [sighs] the problem with being so vocally and publicly at each other's throats, it's just that... you know, having to tell people that--about the... >> ej: reconciliation. >> sami: maybe we should wait before we announce our reconciliation. you know, just till we know how
2:19 am
to release the information, how to handle the backlash. >> ej: i mean, i-i think johnny and sydney would be very happy to hear that we're back together again. >> sami: of course. of course they will be, definitely. >> ej: i thought you said you didn't care how anybody felt. >> sami: i said that? >> ej: you don't remember that? >> sami: [sighs] >> ej: did you mean it? samantha. >> sami: i meant it when i said it, but...of course i care how people are gonna react. how could i not? >> brady: all right, listen. i want you to hear me out on this, okay? i do love you... >> kristen: here come the "buts," i can tell. >> brady: no, but, but, but-- one "but," one "but"-- but, as much as i love you, i think that's moving way too fast. because if we get married right now and walk down that aisle,
2:20 am
it's gonna look like we're doing it just to stick it to my dad and marlena. i don't wanna do that. >> kristen: well, i hope you know that's not why i want to marry you, right? >> brady: no, no. but i think that's the way they would see it. and at some point, kristen, i do want to try to work things out with them. i just don't think it's a good idea right now. >> kristen: i see. when i say i want to work things out, i mean with you in the picture. i just think if we do it right now, things will be...just irreconcilable with them. >> kristen: you're right. i mean, we do have to think about john and marlena. you need to have reconciliation for your sake, 'cause i know what you've lost and everything you've gone through because of me. >> brady: look, maybe we won't be married, but we're definitely on the same page. >> gabi: she's kicking again. >> nick: oh. oh, my god.
2:21 am
i can't believe that we're gonna be parents soon. >> gabi: well, we are. you know, i was--i was just scared about people finding out the truth, but i think i feel better now, don't you? >> nick: i guess. >> gabi: i'm just really happy that our baby already has so many people that already love her. mainly you. >> nick: oh, you know what? i'm so sorry. you're gonna have to get your own breakfast. i have to go by jennifer's and pick up a letter she wrote on my behalf for my parole officer. >> gabi: okay, all right. i wish you'd tell me how you got that scar. >> nick: hmm? >> gabi: it's kind of sexy. >> careful, nicky. you know what happens to snitches, don't you?
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>> cameron: so, your mom sure seemed surprised to see me. i guess you didn't tell her about our date. >> abigail: well, i wasn't keeping it from her. she likes you. a lot. she always has. >> cameron: great. so, are you hungry? >> abigail: cameron, i need to tell you something before we order. >> cameron: abigail, i--[sighs]. i think i already know what it is. >> rafe: nothing's going on. just not a morning person. >> caroline: you know, i forget, uh, words, but there's a word for what you just said. bull. i saw sami and you at the wedding. it was like old times. i'm not the only one who
2:27 am
noticed. >> rafe: well, you're right. it was like old times. you think everything is going great, and then you realize's really, really not. >> caroline: is it the situation between will and gabi? >> rafe: it's not a situation. it's a baby. >> caroline: well, are you gonna let a baby come between you and sami? >> rafe: caroline, sami attacked my sister. not just once, but over and over again. she did things i just can't forgive. >> gabi: i don't know why you got so mad when i asked you about the scar. >> nick: i'm not mad. i just don't want to talk about something that was just a stupid accident. >> gabi: okay. are you nervous about your next meeting with your parole officer? >> nick: what would i have to be nervous about? thanks to you, i have what you
2:28 am
could call an exemplary life. >> gabi: [giggles] >> nick: and i do mean thanks to you. so let's not talk about the past, okay? >> gabi: okay. >> nick: just the future. bye. >> gabi: bye. >> caroline: i've always been crazy about guys who stood up for their sisters. but you know sami, and you know how she's gonna react if she thinks one of her kids needs protection. >> rafe: huh. yeah, well, if will had thought about protection, we wouldn't even be in this mess. >> caroline: will is human. so is gabi. so is sami. so are you. >> rafe: yeah. look, i know you want this to work out. it's all right. sami just went too far this time. i can't go back there.
2:29 am
>> caroline: well, if you don't go know who will. >> sami: it's not just the negative response that i am worried about. >> ej: we--well, what does that mean? >> sami: i'm worried about how people could use the information--like your sister-- to hurt my mother. >> ej: okay. okay, i see what you mean. well, maybe you and i could agree to just call a truce when it comes to kristen. or at the very least, we could just not talk about it. >> brady: i mean, you--hey. you know what i'm talking about, right? i'm just--i'm trying to find a way where we can be together without losing my family. >> kristen: i see it. >> brady: we know how we feel about one another. marriage isn't gonna change that. the problem is, kristen, it--
2:30 am
it might--it might kill any chance of my family finally accepting us. i want that. >> kristen: i know. you're being very mature. >> brady: [laughs] am i being-- >> kristen: yeah. you're seeing the big picture, and i'm just being... sentimental. i've just grown to care about you so much. >> brady: i've really grown to love you. i promise you, that's not gonna change. >> sami: we agree not to disagree, and we don't want to screw this up, but we can't not talk... >> ej: [whining] oh, no. >> sami: about your whack job sister. >> ej: i love it! we managed to go 20 minutes without our first fight. >> sami: it doesn't have to be a fight! you just have to concede the fact that your crazy sister is trying to hurt my family, and she is enjoying the hell out of it! >> ej: isn't this truce wonderful? isn't it wonderful how we're not talking about kristen! >> sami: we have to talk about it. she's a huge problem. >> ej: okay, look.
2:31 am
i give you, the situation with brady is a little bit unfortunate, right? >> sami: unfortunate? >> ej: unfort-- >> sami: it's utterly grotesque! >> ej: it--okay. kristen resigned her position at countess wilhemina, all right? that allowed me to take the job, which is how we happen to be here together at this moment. so can we please cut her a little bit of slack? >> sami: no. >> ej: okay. how about we just go back to not talking about her? >> sami: no! >> ej: [sighs] well i can see that this time things are gonna be totally different. >> sami: [laughs] yeah. yeah, like, totally different. >> kristen: i said, i'm going to convince brady to ask me to marry him, and then i'm gonna
2:32 am
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>> nick: thank you so much for doing this. i really, really appreciate it, jennifer. >> jennifer: are you kidding me? i am so happy to help out. it's not like i had to make
2:36 am
anything up. you've done such a good job since you got out. >> nick: well, better than expected, thanks to gabi. >> jennifer: i'm really sorry about the wedding. >> nick: well, you know what? it doesn't really matter. i mean, gabi and i are getting married in a few weeks, and nobody will stop us this time. >> caroline: oh! come on, johnny. gabi, johnny and i are gonna play some super galactic warfare, so if it gets real busy, you just call me. >> gabi: okay. >> caroline: okay, general, let's go. come on. >> gabi: hey! i didn't know you were down here. >> rafe: just waiting for you to start your shift. >> gabi: well, you should have called me, and i would have come down here. >> rafe: really? called you? and risked waking you up? no. you need your sleep. did you sleep okay? >> gabi: sure. >> rafe: sure? you were very upset last night. >> gabi: well, you know, i shouldn't have let sami get to
2:37 am
me. >> rafe: how could you not? she should have never spoken to you like that. >> gabi: all right, well, you know what? let's just--let's forget about it, 'cau i don't want to get in the way of your relationship with sami, okay? >> rafe: well, no need to worry about that. we don't have a relationship. >> kristen: hi! >> ej: hi! >> kristen: i got your text. muah. what's up? >> ej: um, first of all, thank you for coming down here. i would have gone to the office, but i'm picking johnny up later. >> kristen: yeah, it's okay. i could use some caffeine. >> ej: good. oh, and the quarterly reports that you sent me--they are fantastic. thank you. i signed off on them. >> kristen: that's why you wanted to see me asap? i think not. >> ej: no, um, it's just, um, i wanted to tell you this in person. samantha and i are back together.
2:38 am
>> kristen: oh, i thought you looked like you weren't getting any sleep. >> ej: thank you. i love sharing with you. >> kristen: well, good for you! i guess all our hard work paid off, huh? >> ej: it did. >> kristen: hmm. >> ej: kristen, thank you. i owe you. >> kristen: mm-hmm. >> sami: hey--hey! >> brady: [groans] >> sami: i was having such a good morning, too. >> brady: yeah, hi, sami. hey, thanks for the voice mail messages, by the way. you'll have to remind me to leave you some harassing voice mail messages commenting on your personal life. >> sami: are you kidding me? my mother and my brother are in hell over your love life, and you don't seem to care. >> brady: that is completely untrue. >> sami: really? you don't think that it bothers them that you're dating a homicidal maniac? >> brady: i'm so sick--i'm sick and tired of people commenting on kristen that way. >> sami: well, you're gonna have to get used to it, brady! [whispering] she's not very popular. >> brady: do you really feel good passing judgment, sami? why don't you get your affairs in order with rafe before you comment on my life, okay?
2:39 am
>> sami: well, i'll have you know my affairs with rafe are perfectly in order. we're over. for good. >> brady: really? what did you do this time? >> sami: i didn't do anything, brady, he did. and his sister. >> brady: and his-- you're an idiot. you're an idiot. he's a good guy. and for some reason, he loves you. >> sami: oh-- >> brady: and you get in a fight over will and gabi, so you're gonna end everything. is that really worth being alone? huh? >> sami: actually, it would be, yes, but no--i'm not alone. ej and i-- >> brady: you-- oh, you're--you're kidding me. sami, you've lost your freakin' mind. [ male announcer ] excedrin excels with migraine sufferers. these heads belong to those who can't put their lives, jobs and loved ones on hold because of a migraine. so when a migraine starts, they grab excedrin migraine. they know excedrin provides fast pain relief. plus it relieves sensitivity to light, sound, even nausea. no wonder it's #1
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>> abigail: you know what i was going to say? so then you're clairvoyant, like your mother? >> cameron: [laughs] okay, i think i know what you were going to say, and i think you were gonna apologize for what happened before. and...i don't think you should. >> abigail: really? you think that that behavior was acceptable? >> cameron: well, abigail, you had just lost your father. i had lost lexie. so we both were kind of--and i think this is the correct psychological term--nuts. so today, why don't we just start over, focus on the moment, and see what happens? i don't think you should have to apologize. >> abigail: i...was going to
2:44 am
say, i'm trying to eat gluten-free. >> cameron: oh, abigail, i-i'm sorry, i-- >> abigail: i'm kidding. i was going to apologize. and just now, you were--you were nicer about it than i ever could have hoped. so, thank you. and i agree. let's...see what happens. >> jennifer: oh, nick, i am really glad that--that you still want to get married, after everything that's happened. >> nick: well, i mean, nothing's changed between me and gabi. >> jennifer: good. 'cause we were--we were worried about you. >> nick: what do you mean, "we"? >> jennifer: your family. we love you. we love you so much. >> nick: and that--that means so much to me, the way all of you guys stood by me during a really bad time and went to bat for me so that i could turn my life around.
2:45 am
>> jennifer: yes, which you've done. >> nick: [sighs] i'm just--i'm so excited that my daughter is gonna be born into such a good, strong family. >> jennifer: your daughter? >> nick: well, yeah. i mean, what happened at the wedding doesn't change anything for--for me and gabi. me and gabi are having a daughter. i am so excited. >> gabi: i'm assuming things are still bad with sami? >> rafe: it's not a big deal. >> gabi: it is a big deal, rafe. come on--didn't we just agree to tell each other the truth? >> rafe: okay. >> gabi: okay. >> rafe: the truth. i called sami out on her crap. so i don't think that she's gonna be messing with you anymore, as long as things with you and nick and will continue to go smoothly. >> jennifer: i-i guess it's good that you have a positive attitude. >> nick: you guess?
2:46 am
>> jennifer: well, it's great you're so happy with gabi, and you're--you're so excited about this baby. >> nick: uh, doesn't sound like you're--you're happy about it. >> jennifer: nick, i'm--i'm a mom, and this is the mom in me coming out, okay? everything right now for you is just--it's moving so quickly. >> nick: wh--i don't understand what i'm supposed to do. am i supposed to just walk away from gabi at this time? >> jennifer: no, no, i didn't say that. i just think that you need to realize, at the very least, you are getting into a very complicated situation. >> nick: and you think that i can't handle it? >> jennifer: no, no, i didn't say that either. i just think your thoughts right now are so--so black and white after everything that's happened. and i was talking to julie the other day, and she told me about what happened to you in jail. that you were attacked a year ago. and nick, i know that you have to be so strong and so single-minded to even push
2:47 am
through something like that-- >> nick: okay, just--just, okay, just don't tell gabi about that. >> jennifer: what? >> nick: gabi doesn't need to know that i was attacked in prison, all right? she has enough to worry about without having to think about that. and--and she doesn't have to, because that part of my life is over, all right? it's just--it's--it's over. >> gabi: rafe, look, everything is going smoothly. the three of us are working things out. >> rafe: good. >> gabi: so, now, maybe it's time for you to work things out with sami. >> rafe: yeah. it's never gonna happen. >> ej: you were right. working with samantha was the way to go. >> kristen: uh-huh. and now you know i'm right about everything. >> ej: hmm, yes, that would be a little bit easier to believe were it not for your ongoing little dalliance with brady. >> kristen: oh, don't, please. we're having such a nice chat. and speaking of nice chats, have you told father about samantha?
2:48 am
>> ej: no, we have decided not to let the world in on our love just yet. >> kristen: that's very smart, because i don't think he's recovered from finding out about brady and me. [laughter] >> ej: no, i'm sure he has not. speaking of which, how are things going with brady and you? >> kristen: oh, on course. >> ej: "on course." my goodness... >> kristen: yes. >> ej: you make it sound like a business arrangement. how incredibly romantic of you. as long as you're happy, i suppose. >> kristen: mm, i'm very happy. >> ej: good. >> kristen: and guess what? someday soon, i'm going to be even happier. >> brady: you're kidding me, right? everyone's bashing me about sleeping with the woman that tried to kill my stepmother, and here you are sleeping with the guy that you tried to kill yourself! >> sami: every relationship has its ups and downs. >> brady: yeah, like your relationship with rafe, which was actually a hell of a lot more healthy. >> sami: oh, you wouldn't know anything about a healthy relationship. you're the one who's sleeping with your former stepmother. >> brady: okay, no, no, no, no. >> sami: "no, no," what? >> brady: no, no, she was never my stepmother.
2:49 am
remember, wedding interruptus? she and dad actually started the trend. >> sami: oh, that's right, you got me on a technicality. they didn't actually tie the knot. but if you think that sleeping with kristen isn't a grimm fairy tale, you're wrong. it's disgusting, by the way. >> brady: oh, okay, you want to talk about "grim"? let's talk about grim. you're with the guy that kidnapped your baby and also replaced your husband with an impostor. >> sami: yeah, yeah, i remember that, okay? >> brady: are you kidding me? >> sami: the path has been troubled, i get it. but we're not talking about me. my relationship isn't what caused my mother and your father's marriage to be destroyed--yours is! >> brady: all right, hold on. i don't feel good about that. but it's not my fault, it's not kristen's fault, either. >> sami: [scoffs] can you spell "delusional"? >> brady: sami, they're adults. they have to be responsible for their own decisions and their own behavior. >> sami: oh, stop it right now! you really believe that? you're more selfish than i am. dare to whisper. whisper new color whisper lip color from maybelline new york. now, sexy sheer color with a whisper soft feel.
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2:53 am
>> gabi: look, this is not making me happy, rafe. i don't want to be responsible for you losing sami. >> rafe: okay, one, you are not responsible. and two, i could never be with a woman who treated you like that. >> gabi: okay, fine. yes, i admit, it was very hard on me, okay? but you have to understand also where she's coming from. i-i've been lying to her for months about her very own grandchild. >> rafe: hmm. it's ironic, isn't it? sami being so sensitive to someone lying. >> gabi: look, i-i know how she feels about will. rafe, just--just give her a chance, you know? give her a break. >> rafe: i am not gonna give her a chance.
2:54 am
besides, she's the one who broke it off when she went back to-- >> gabi: went back to where? >> rafe: went back to being a woman i know i could never be with. >> gabi: oh, that doesn't even make sense. >> rafe: well, actually, you know, it kind of does. but, uh, i gotta get going, all right? >> gabi: [singsong] coward. >> rafe: what? >> gabi: mm-mm. >> rafe: listen, you just take care of yourself and my little niece in there, okay? >> gabi: okay. >> ej: it's funny if you think about it, isn't it? i mean, you have the dimera siblings and they're both dating brady/black siblings. >> kristen: [laughs] [whispering] it's strange. >> ej: strange. >> kristen: you know, father's gonna freak out. >> ej: he's going to have a cow, as they say. >> kristen: mm-hmm. >> ej: although i'm really not looking forward to seeing marlena, either. >> kristen: it's not gonna be anything compared to how she reacted to brady and me, believe me. >> ej: i suppose i'm very glad samantha and i decided to keep it mum.
2:55 am
we've got a little bit of time to enjoy ourselves before the whole thing hits the fan. >> kristen: right. okay. >> ej: thank you again for your help. >> kristen: mm-hmm. get some sleep. hmm. i might have to adjust things slightly with brady to make sure i get what i want. and thank you, marlena. i think i now know how to do that. >> brady: finally, you admit that you're selfish. >> sami: okay, well, you can... >> brady: it's a breakthrough. >> sami: keep laughing later, all right? you don't like that i'm with ej, i don't like that you're with kristen. we will agree to disagree until you realize that i am right and you are wrong. >> brady: of course, fine. sami, see you later. >> sami: wait, brady? >> brady: what? >> sami: i have to ask you for a favor. >> brady: well, no wonder you've been so sweet to me this morning. >> sami: this is serious. look, please don't tell my mom or eric about me and ej, okay? i-i'll tell them, i will. i just have to do it myself, you
2:56 am
know? >> brady: [sighs] okay. it's not like i talk to either one of them anyway. >> sami: i know, it's crazy. i thought i was the only one who could alienate our family. good luck. >> brady: [grunts] >> sami: see ya, bro. >> brady: see ya. [phone ringing] [whistles] [ virginia ] i do have a healthy diet, but there are foods that i had no idea had so much acid in them. my dentist said that the acid in fruit, or fruit juice or fruit teas softens the enamel so that then it can potentially erode. once that enamel is gone, it's gone. my dentist recommended that i use pronamel to help harden that enamel so that it's not brushed away. pronamel protects your teeth from the effects of acid erosion. i don't have to cut out the things that i love in my diet. i can have the best of both worlds with pronamel.
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