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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  July 9, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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first-degree murder. i witness overheard her say " just stabbed this guy up. we have to get out of here. ." witness reports indicate that he was about to get off a barstool when security personnel detained him. >> he was being restrained when she came up and stabbed him. the bar,. mech left mr. singer became involved. he approached a security guard and intervenes so she was able to escape the bar after the murder. >> police do not know what led to the fight. >> we know there was a large fight. the big m and the female -- the victim in this case and the female involved were both involved in the fight. several people were involved in
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this event. >> shelbie mech is being held without bail. , ishusband, michael singer being held on one million wbal- tv 11 news dollars bail. barry simms wbal-tv 11 news,. that a body found last week was the result of a hit and run. he was found early in the morning at sweeny's bar. it is the result of the autopsy and the result of evidence. at the moment, they do not have a good description of those who were involved. shouldwith information call police. and the investigation of an apparent drowning in caroline county. two-year-old xavier dawson was found unresponsive in a paul. pool. pronounced -- in a
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he was pronounced dead at the hospital. no word on any charges. >> a southwest airlines flight out of baltimore was forced to land in kansas city when an oil leak was reported in one of its engines. it was added for las vegas when it was diverted. safely landed in kansas city just before 9:00 local time. a passenger from baltimore said he and his wife did not suspect anything was wrong. .> we did not know they shut the engine down and we landed. >> the passengers were eventually put on another flight to las vegas. at this point, no more information is being released on the status of the grounded plane. ntsb investigators are searching -- are questioning eyelets on the asiana flight that crashed in
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san francisco. >> donna, investigators are searching -- are questioning the pilots and control of the lane. the dumb's family -- victims' families want to know what happened. he landed in san francisco against the wreckage of one of the fleet. earlier, the airline president issued apologies to the parents of the two girls killed in last week's crash. the girls who died were part of a middle school trip. these survivors are being united with their children. ntsb investigators are interviewing cabin crew about the chaos that followed the crash landing. >> as soon as i heard emergency escape, i inducted the
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evacuation. >> there are two interviews with information from the cockpit data recorder. >> the pilots are providing great information in terms of what was going on. isthe pilot at the controls being debriefed today. the question of failure to communicate based on deference to seniority may play a role. >> we certainly see an authority gradient. you may have people that are unwilling to speak up. >> were the pilots well rested? and how to did they allow the plane to slow down to 103 not seconds before it crashed? the answers will emerge from the interviews and the analysis of the wreckage. tells uschairwoman the salvage crew is working
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quickly to get the runway cleared and get operations back up to 100%. in san francisco, wbal-tv 11 news. , a group known as stop the rain tax outline the burden of the new tax for businesses and commercial property owners today. they said that the tax creates a negative impact on the economy, jobs, and rentals. local business folders -- local business owners said there is a cost to their business operations. >> this is a huge amount of money coming into state government and it's not even a designated fund or a trust fund. this means a governor and the politicians are going to have access to this money, and that is like giving the keys to the ball to bank robbers. tax,e so-called rain actually known as the storm water management fee, was put in place to pay for objects to keep toxic runoff from polluting
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the chesapeake bay. >> widespread showers, a few thunderstorms covering the mid- atlantic region. back in the ohio valley and on into new england, not everyone getting wet at the same time, but you can see that there is a few showers. that is working into our direction. in the meantime, we have a few light rain showers across the region. the clouds and the showers have kept temperatures down. we have hit the hardest -- the hottest time of the year. temperatures are in the 70's and low 80's across the northern suburbs and only made 80's in downtown baltimore. -- only mid 80's in downtown baltimore. the insta weather plus forecast coming up. click see you then, tom. three young women who were held risen are in a cleveland on for a decade finally spoke up quickly. >> they posted a video on
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youtube to say thank you. >> the video of the three legal and kidnapping survivors was posted online, each woman appearing separately starting with amanda berry. >> i want to thank everyone who helped me and my family. >> recorded july 2 at a law office in cleveland, the three decided to speak publicly for the first time since their rescue three months ago. >> i'm getting stronger each day and my privacy has helped immensely. >> they made the video to say thanks to those who prayed for them for the decade of captivity. >> thank you for support. >> i may have been to hell and back, but i am strong enough to walk through hell with a smile on my face. and with my head held high. >> they're accused captor, our ariel castro, remains locked up,
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,harged with kidnapping, rape and murder. his trial is scheduled to begin august 5, but his defense team has entered a plea deal because prosecutors may seek the death penalty. >> i do not want to be consumed by hatred. that being said, we need to take a leap of faith and know that god is in control. a psychiatrist and today contributor describe the timing of the video as very smart and said it the curious at eight. >> we gravitate to this disturbing story and they have made it less disturbing. no trial, this may be the only time they speak quickly about their ordeal. wbal-tv 11 news. >> it's amazing. they all look and sound really good. >> they really do.
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>> could the date of a baby's conception have a connection to their health? >> we will explain in tonight's medical alert. but first -- ofnew information in a case a woman charged with leaving to talks in a hot car last month. one of those dogs died. we will explain. >> charter schools getting a lot of attention. i'm tim tooten. new at 5:30
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>> tonight a very strange twist to an animal cruelty case in baltimore city. >> you probably remember the woman who was charged with leaving her dogs and a hot car. she died herself -- leaving her dogs in a hot car. she died herself two weeks later. now her lawyer plans to file a wrongful death lawsuit. >> it is a death that her lawyer says could have been prevented by baltimore police and the city jail. >> this was a woman in desperate need of hospitalization. instead of hospitalization she received incarceration.
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>> mulcahey was charged with seven counts of animal cruelty for allegedly leaving her to pujols in a hot car -- her two poodles in a hot car while she slept in a best western hotel room. at one of those dogs died. her liver condition made her extremely ill and caused her to pass out in a room of the hotel with the dogs in the car. a critics she was crying. she did not -- >> she was crying. she did not even know. >> she could not afford bail so she was in the city jail court three days. her attorney says that they did not treat her liver condition at the jail. >> she could not explain to police how sick she was. >> relatives did not know how
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sick she was. >> we thought maybe she had cancer and she was not telling us about it. >> she was so sick and incoherent her attorney says that police and jail officials should have realized she needed hospitalization. >> to allow her to fester in a baltimore city jail instead of getting the care she needed, that is what led to her death. >> she was released on her own recall peasants at her bail hearing. her cause of death is listed as cirrhosis. wbal-tv 11 news. >> now you are -->> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasslemyer. only had light rain showers across the baltimore area. we do have a flood watch in effect for kerry county, maryland and that extends into parts of southwestern pennsylvania and virginia. when you look across the mountains into ohio, numerous heavy showers and thunderstorms
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tracking south and east will likely reach the garrett county area later tonight. showers and tennessee have weakened quite a bit and here we have not had a lot of measurable precipitation, just a few light rain showers. looks like a slightly heavier shower in the northern part of dorchester county and a pretty good cell and virginia. for the baltimore area, mostly scattered them a light rain showers. not a lot to worry about as far as flooding or under showers. looks like we may scoot through another evening without having to worry about that. temperatures are nowhere near we would expect as part of july. only 79 in parkton. 81 in hagerstown. only low 70's in the western part of the state. tonight in baltimore, yeah, a few showers possible. cloudy sky otherwise. numeral 8:35.
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the bermuda high is still sitting there. this is a slightly strong goal -- stronger front. 98 in kansas city. only 84 in rapid city. so, this front as it makes its way south and east will likely generate more showers and storms tomorrow and thursday, but once again pass, and we do think it will be able to get just passed us, we think we should get some of that less humid air going into friday and the weekend. we will continue to watch chantal as well. it is getting a little stronger and more organized this afternoon. the national weather service found that the winds are at 65 miles per hour and it is moving .ast to the west which means it will make a beeline to his manual lot, perhaps into the dominican islands and haiti.
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then thursday up into the bahamas and east of florida, friday, saturday. certainly worth watching. fairly compact and small and not all that strong, but it does have a lot of rain with it. it will make for a rough surf and higher tides along the path of that storm. it will be warm, right around the 90 degree mark tomorrow. small craft advisory. waves of two to three feet. seven-day forecast -- we warm up a couple of degrees with a shower and thunderstorm. showers ending on thursday. cooler and less humid for friday. highs in the 80's with partly cloudy skies over the weekend. >> all right, tom. for those of you who suffer from sinus infections, you know how miserable they can get. >> certainly no fun. plus -- >> of forensic scientist and gunshot expert testifies in the
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george zimmerman trial.
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>> the hospital with the busiest er in maryland unveiled new security precautions designed to keep hospital workers safe. flashing traffic lights like the way for motorists warning them to keep an i out and slow down. originally the thruway posed -- to keep an eye out and slow down. personally the thruway posed concerns because of speeding drivers. >> we put this forward in 2010, and we did it. it we did it. >> those solar lights are placed at hospital entrances. you cannot miss them. on construction is starting a modern-day interpretation of shakespeare's globe theater. the 200 the-seat venue will located at building
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south calvert street at redwood street. it began in 2002 and is made up of more than 50 artists. it will open next year after the renovation is complete. a >> in tonight's medical alert, more than 300,000 americans undergo sinus surgery every year and now a new treatment can help patients with chronic sinus infections breathe easier with less risk than surgery. sinuplasty is when doctors insert a small balloon into the sinuses right in the office. it pushes aside the thin eggshell like bones there. it has a 90% success rate, helping people to throw away antibiotics and nasal sprays. and a large review of studies finds that cholesterol drugs are
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safe and effective. overall, statins are affected with few side effects. they did see a slight increase in diabetes risk and the chance that the drugs could increase liver enzymes, but researchers say the benefits far outweigh risks.ll there was no drug company funding for this story, by the way. and we all know that smoking while you are pregnant is bad for the baby, but now researchers are adding hearing loss as the problems your child could suffer later in life. kids exposed to cigarette smoke in the womb were three times more likely to experience hearing loss as teens. even mom to quit in the first trimester expose their children to negative developmental effects. at princeton, researchers found the month in which you conceive your baby could predict their
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help at birth. i found that infants conceived in may were more likely to be preterm. if you conceive during summer months, they found that babies weighed more because mothers gained more weight during the pregnancies. >> very interesting. an expert on gunshot wounds to the stand for the defense at the george zimmerman murder trial. what he had to say about the byal injuries sustained trayvon martin. >> and something found in martin's system. why it was not admitted in court and what legal experts say, straight ahead. keeping charter schools at bay? i'm tim tooten live in the newsroom. [ female announcer ] at your local subway,
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summer flavors are served up fresh. like the crisp, delicious orchard chicken salad. you loved it so much, we brought it back as a five dollar footlong and now as a five dollar chopped salad! hurry in today. subway. eat fresh.
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11, this is tv breaking news. >> we are following breaking news from harford county. an accident with entrapment. let's send it up to captain roy taylor. >> this is medical school road. a crash here in howard county. three people are injured. one person's injuries are severe enough they have requested a transport to shock trauma. they are still trying to extricate the individual in the pickup truck and howard county police has blocked off penndel
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school road, northbound and southbound from this location. .'m captain roy taylor >> all right, roy, thank you. in the george zimmerman trial, a forensic expert testified for the defense. 11 news reporter jay gray is in sanford, florida with details on today's proceedings. >> good evening. the defense strategy shifted today, turning to a review of the details, which their expert testified supported zimmerman's testimony of self-defense. way to veryy gave technical analysis in the courtroom today. wrecks more specifically talk about the gunshot itself -- >> more specifically talk about the gunshot itself and the mechanics involved in that. >> dr. vincent di maio walked
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methodically through his review of the evidence. he said the gun was pressed against his close the night the teenager was killed and was conscious for 10 to 15 seconds after the fatal shot. in the face of the contact of the clothing indicates that this is consistent with mr. zimmerman's account that mr. , leanings over him forward at the time of the shots. >> at times using a photo of a bloodied george zimmerman, he told the jury that his wounds were consistent with being punched. zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to second-degree murder and told police he killed martin in self-defense. >> are his injuries consistent with mr. zimmerman's head making contact with the sidewalk westmark >> yes. >> the prosecution was quick.
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they made the point that he only relied on mr. zimmerman's account and is ago evidence to form his opinions. >> i'm seeing the physical evidence is consistent with mr. martin being over mr. zimmerman. >> is it not also consistent with mr. martin pulling away from zimmerman on the ground, and at the same angle he is pulling away and zimmerman is shooting? >> yes. >> the jury will have to decide which version the evidence supports. deliberations could begin at the end of this week. >> they could introduce evidence that trace amounts of thc was found in trayvon martin's system at his death. it was not part of the testimony today, but could the before the end of the trial. jay gray, wbal-tv 11 news.
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>> as jay gray just reported the evidence the trayvon martin had thc in his system was not brought up in court today. it is unknown whether the defense will or will not use that evidence. lowell melser folk with attorneys and drug experts to find out why. >> legal experts tell us here at 11 news well this is a big victory for the defense, it does not mean the state's case is done by any means. substance abuse experts feel that the case has the potential to take a rather interesting turn now. >> i think it is the most important evidence because in minds, it creates a doubt of who trayvon martin was. evidences that if the against trayvon martin is presented in court, a jury could look at him differently. >> if it comes out he had drugs
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in his system, the jury will begin saying, if he was smoking pot, maybe he was doing something out. >> peter mcdowell agrees to appoint. he told 11 news the ruling is good for zimmerman for two reasons. one, it boosters is credibility and plants the seed of reasonable doubt. 's it supports mr. zimmerman contention that trayvon began to engage in a fight and was an aggressor. if the jury employs that reasoning, it would raise reasonable doubt. mcdowell flipside, says it is not enough to decide the case as a drug expert will most likely point out that thc can stay in your system up to 30 days. that justld argue because you have some amount of thc in your blood does not mean necessarily you were high at the time that the confrontation occurred. at
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thisc news is reporting evening that the defense may not do as the evidence, but it is still a major victory that they have the opportunity to present it in the first place. live in the studio, lowell melser, wbal-tv 11 news. ofthis is becoming a crisis sorts. a long list of students waiting to enroll in charter schools. >> it is estimated one million students nationwide are waiting and it is a local and sign for charter school operators. tim tooten joins us live in the newsroom with that story. sam? >> the charter schools have taken off in the last decade or so and half of the 46 charter schools in the state are right here in baltimore city. >> what is your question? more thane awaiting 12,000 students hoping to find seats, even though a handful of schools are set to open in the
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fall, they will not be able to handle the growing backlog of applications. these baltimore city charter school operators meet once a month to compare notes on topics like the waiting list. >> we have close to 190 weeklies, but for spanish immersion, we have over 100 students. >> body mcdowell knows why the numbers are going up. >> the kids deserve many different options and parents want that. at my school -- three schools in northeast baltimore, we could open for more schools this fall based on our waitlist. >> a rule supporting public schools of choice is trying to a operators find a solution. >> the baltimore school district has embraced the idea of having a portfolio of options, which means a variety of schools for all different
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needs. kids that are on the verge of dropping out, kids that are very young. >> show your work. >> schools have been able to balance enrollment. >> we are almost at capacity. we anticipate over the next year or two, as we get a reputation for doing good work with shogren and families are happy, our waiting list will expand. >> and that may happen sooner rather than later. two of the new charter public schools will be opening in baltimore city this fall. a third and prince george's county. to learn more about maryland charter log onto our website, and click on education alert. live in the 11 newsroom, tim tooten, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. the murder trial of the man accused of killing 13 people in fort hood, texas began today. >> also, the attempted alleged kidnapping in ohio this weekend.
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how the incident was foiled at a midwestern amusement arc. >> and why you may want to log on before filling up.
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>> covering the nation tonight, in ohio and is facing gun and drug the session charges, but lawmakers say that broadening christian should the facing grisham shouldey be facing charges of kidnapping. a father says that he tried to pick up his son and put his sunglasses on the child. prosecutors confirm that those sunglasses had a camera and the lens. the boy's cousin foiled his attempt to abduct the child. wrecks and jury selection in the murder trial of the army psychiatrist accused of opening fire at war could nearly four years ago.
5:39 pm
ofor nidal hasan is accused going on the rampage that killed 13 and injured nearly three dozen others. the trial is expected to last at least a month. if convicted, the 42-year-old could face execution or life without parole. and the captain accused of running the costa concordia of ground in italy is facing charges of manslaughter and abandoning ship. he took his place as the defendant in a trial that was expected to take months to resolve but a lawyer's strike is delaying the proceedings. 32 people died when that cruiser liner ran aground and tipped over. >> wow. still ahead tonight, more on the much-anticipated return of the 20. >> when you will be able to reunite with your beloved snack cake. >> i'm rob roblin.
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how has the weather been for crops the summer? that story coming up. some school libraries are a popular place to be. i'm kim. i'll explain, coming up. at >> a few showers approaching from the west. the forecast coming up. hazy sunshine across baltimore now. temperatures not too bad for july. 81 down at bwi marshall and 86
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>> good afternoon. i'm rod daniels live in the 11 newsroom. here is is a look at what we're working on at 6:00. four men were shot in baltimore this afternoon. the latest on their conditions.
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plus the circumstances that led up to the shootings. and the diversion that passengers did not want to make when heading
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>> this is the time of year where the weather makes a huge difference in home-grown vegetables. >> it certainly does. rob roblin spent much of the day with farmer tom. beenm reynolds has growing for the investor bull son his farm here in baltimore county since he was a kid. over the years, when it comes to the weather, he has seen it all. athasbro to stand, tom -- his produce stand, tom sell vegetables and fruits he grows on his farm.
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172 acres. as you see this year, the corn crop is looking good. >> for some farmers it has been very good. for others it has been very trying to deal with getting your crops not only in, but out. if you look at this corn right here, the corn farmers are loving it this year. it is a great, great year to grow corn. >> there has been too much rain in some parts of the state. >> i know some boys down on the shore, they have had to read plants. dorchester got seven or nine inches in a week. it drowned some crops out. they have had to replant. it has been good for some. not so good for others. >> much of it has been in the form of isolated thunderstorms. >> july has been hit or miss. >> we had one come through the other evening. it split the farm. that half of the farm, it was
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pouring. this half, we were just sitting at the house watching it rain on the other side of the farm. that is how isolated it can be. >> for farmer tom, he would rather have too much rain then too little rain. when you are a farmer, no matter the weather, you have learned to adjust. >> i will always take the rain. you will never hear me whine about rain. if it rains we get something. if it does not rain, we get nothing. something is always better than nothing. >> rob roblin, wbal-tv 11 news. >> now your 11 insta-weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasslemyer. something over nothing anytime. that is for sure. is a little shower at the video. not much here, although some activity in western maryland. ew i've marshall -- five degrees cooler than normal and we will take it. -- bwi marshall, five degrees cooler than normal and we will take it. it will stay this way
5:46 pm
for the next nine days. the normal high is 88 and it will tail off a little bit as we get out of the hottest part of the year. look at the record i. 103103 degrees on this day in 1936. onh will are -- 103 degrees this day in 1936. much cooler than that today. upper 70's near the pennsylvania line and northern baltimore county. 82 in cambridge. the ninth day of july, that is pretty good. 85 at ocean city at this hour. we have a flood watch for garrett county because heavy showers are approaching out of eastern ohio. they may will make it into the western maryland mountains later tonight. the potential for heavy downpours has prompted the weather service to issue a flood watch for garrett county. here as you can see, only light way down. baltimore,
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in the bay, somerset county, arts of southern maryland. maybe apache sprinkle. otherwise, partly cloudy. patchy sprinkle. i pressure, the bermuda high is still there. a significant front moving through the northwest. if it can see -- if it can keep chugging, we make it into slightly less humid air friday and the weekend. that will be nice. down in the tropics, we have tropical storm chantal which got a little stronger today. the forecast track takes it going up to hispaniola. a tropical storm saturday with 50 mile an hour winds. we will see if it holds together. as it crosses these land areas, it could well fall apart. it looks like it will bring some rough surf just east of florida
5:48 pm
over the weekend. 92.s of 87 and wins eventually gusting --winds gusting to 20 knots. on 80's with showers ending thursday as that front moves through. should clear us out and drop the humidity for riding with a high of 84 and a nice-looking weekend. partly cloudy with highs in the 80's. >> tonight's consumer alert, credit card holders are more responsible paying their bills than they have been in 22 years. that is according to an american bankers association reports. 2.4% innt fees fell to the first quarter of 2013, the lowest level since 1990. the report also said the leak win season other lending
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categories, ranging from car loans to personal lows -- personal loans, also fell. it shows that consumers are struggling to keep debt at a manageable level after learning hard lessons during the worst of the recession. from the department of energy can direct consumers to the best place to get gas. click on save money and fuel been cast prices than local prices, then pick the state and city to find your station for the cheapest prices. speaking of fuel, fuel for the soul, twinkies are hitting the shelves next week. when they come back on july 15, hostess says the yellowcake will have a shelflife of 4045 days. that is almost read weeks longer -- three weeks longer. that decision was made by the previous owner, but the company went bankrupt before the longer- lasting takes debuted.
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hostess is taking steps to longerthe lifespan even with plans to deliver them to stores frozen, donna. 45 days. >> 45 days. you can enjoy the sounds and smells of the second annual caribbean festival this weekend. makes you want to dance, doesn't it? the festival teachers i went culture, handcrafted costumes, and wonderful treats. it is not just about the caribbean, it also baltimore city. >> i think it is important we have the community behind us. >> it's a great time. it takes place this saturday and sunday. coming up at 6:00, breaking news out of baltimore city. three tuple were shot and --
5:51 pm
four people were shot in west baltimore. but first -- >> students in baltimore county can still check out books even though it is
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
>> summer vacation does not mean that students have to stop reading and learning. several schools are opening the doors to the library so students can borrow oak street read over the summer months. 11 news reporter kim dacey has details. >> looking at the library, you
5:54 pm
would never know that school is out for the summer. they and other schools in baltimore county are open on select days for students to check out books to read. >> there is this terrible thing all the summer slide. the students have these wonderful skills my colleagues and i have been teaching and all of a sudden that is lost because they stopped reading and stopped interacting and making important connections. >> the summer eating program is designed to stop the summer slide. drop in atelcome to any of the locations. you do not have to be a student at the school. at this location it has been going on for several years. it aies have made tradition. >> we have a busy summer. a priority to come down here. it gives them a chance to read and it helps them. it prepares them for the next grade level they are going to.
5:55 pm
>> and it seems to be working. the students love checking out and reading books of their choosing over the summer. >> it is fun to read. you get to see books you never saw. like sports or map. -- math. >> it is wonderful to get books. >> the long-term goal is to foster a love of reading and learning that will last a lifetime. >> the students will have the skills they need to meet the challenges of the future. wrecks this program is happening in school libraries -- >> this program is happening in schools all across baltimore county. in middle river, kim dacey, wbal-tv 11 news. >> reading is fun. that is all for us at 5:00. here is a look at what is coming up at 6:00. >> i'm jayne miller. four men shot in west baltimore
5:56 pm
while adding on the steps. >> a bar fight in's in murder -- ends in murder. i'm barry simms. that story is coming up. >> i'm sally kidd in washington. a congressional committee looks at how emergency managers are incorporating social media into disaster response. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11 news. live, local, latebreaking. this is wbal-tv 11 news at 6:00 p.m. >> good evening, everyone. bullets were once again flying in an area that that has seen its share of violent encounters. >> more than its share. four men were shot. jayne miller is live at the scene with latebreaking details. >> donna, the four men were shot while sitting on the steps. we are right off edmondson avenue.
5:57 pm
the injuries are non-life- threatening. there have been several other shootings in recent weeks in the very same area. not far from here, the whole block, the 900 block of granite place, has been shut down because two men were shot and killed two weeks apart. police are comparing this case with the one that happened midafternoon today. >> it seems like fire practice to me. >> outside? >> i don't know. and myy, i did peek out neighbor across the street said "were those firecrackers?" and i said i don't think so. >> we were doing a crime strategy meeting to discuss moving forward. >> police are really frustrated. >> absolutely. absolutely.
5:58 pm
a lot of people want to be in the city because of the transportation and living by downtown. that is why i love this area. i can hop on the bus, two minutes from downtown. however, it is crazy. the street is that this is literally a gang war going on. a lot of tension between gangs responsible for much of the violence. the mayor is planning on doing one of those public safety walks. the violence is not letting up. no word on a suspect. to date the city is up 12 homicides the same time last year. again, this shooting was nonfatal. i'm jayne miller, wbal-tv 11 news. >> a baltimore woman and her husband are charged with the fatal stabbing. shelbie mech is charged with murder. her husband, michael singer, is charged with being an accessory after the fact.
5:59 pm
latest ons has the this investigation. >> rod, the 22 big them john victim john -- bowman was stabbed multiple times. we have learned a lot more about the police investigation. a bar fight escalated inside the fish head cantina on the 4800 block of benson avenue. when police got there around 1:25 sunday morning, they found one victim, john bowman. >> he was a good kid. he never hurt nobody. >> his uncle tells us what he knows about his death. >> i know he was stabbed. the perpetrator, it looked like she was punching him and she was stabbing him. >> shelbie mech is charged with first-degree murder. a witness overheard her saying "i just stabbed this guy up


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