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tv   11 News Today  NBC  July 10, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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day in baltimore city with two separate shootings involving six victims. sarah sampson is live at police headquarters. what happened? >> the four victims were rushed to hospitals after the shootings. police are saying they are expected to survive their injuries.investigators saythey were gunned down on carrollton avenue yesterday afternoon. the shootings happened near bennett place, where police have shut down part of the street and twoted an officer all day. people were killed there last month. police are comparing this shooting to other shootings as part of their investigation. >> there are a lot of clues that we are not getting at this point. we are making great progress. right now we're asking for the community to step up. >> police were planning a
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meeting to discuss strategies. in this case they are looking for possibly two suspects. sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11 news. police are looking for a suspect in a deadly double shooting early tuesday morning. eastody shot two people on lanvale street. a woman and her husband face charges in a deadly weekend stabbing. shelbie mech is charged with murder in the death of john bowman. there was a fight inside the fish head cantina on sunday morning. ,er husband, michael singer also faces accessory after the fact charges in that stabbing.
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>> the death of a man is a case of hit and run. areinjuries to mark grubbs consistent with being hit by a vehicle. police found his body on connolly go road --conneaut road.wingo a wrongful death lawsuit filed by the lawyer of a woman. allegedly left her poodles in a hot car while she slept in a hotel room. one of those dogs died. the medicine she took for a liver condition made her extremely ill. that caused her to pass out in her room. she stayed in jail for three days. the medical staff did not treat her liver condition.
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>> to allow her to fester, that is what led to her death. >> after she was released, she died of cirrhosis of the liver. police have a lead on a rash a more than 20 burglaries in just the last month and the canton area. the crimes were happening on kenwood avenue. there was a victim which identified a 16-year-old. there is a warrant out for that teenager who was seen in that area on tuesday. he managed to get away. university makes its interim president president. was namedeufville to head the university.
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he played a critical role to help graduation rates at coppin. 12,000 students are on a waiting list for public charter schools. more than half of maryland's 46 public charter schools are in baltimore city. one great way to have a public school and the kids deserve many options. i have three schools in northeast baltimore. schools basedmore on our waitlist. >> teachers and staff in one county are taking gun training courses to keep their schools safe. they got free training from the sheriff's office. the district wanted to be
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proactive. teachers will not be carrying guns in the district but will have those guns locked away. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. would you support teachers and staff members in your school district taking gun-training courses and guns being on site locked up? you can share your response on our facebook page, on twitter, or send us an e-mail to >> 6:08. 77 degrees at the airport. finding out what happened on the san francisco runway. >> who or what is to blame in crash?ana 214 >> change is coming to a classic quick fix dinner helper. cantor.arie live in we will be making some cool
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treats as we get ready for the concert
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>> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> good morning. overall very nice. we are up to speed on 95 in the area of white marsh. 65 at white marsh boulevard.
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onwill take about 11 minutes the topside of the the beltway. 12 minutes down the west side outer loop. 70 and 29 is looking great. this is eastbound traffic coming towards the beltway. this is 83 at worton road -- warren road, where we are looking good. no delays just yet. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. ava marie is live in canton this morning. are you making snow cones? >> we are about to. we are joined by cold stone. we are in the 70's mo 80's already. it will feel more humid into the afternoon. we are talking about a summer series happening in canton every
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thursday night starting tomorrow. i understand you guys make shaved ice. >> we started to make shaved ice. right now i'm going to make a rainbow. we shaved the ice and we add the flavoring. us making thists up for me. >> piña colada. then watermelon. looks like a i rainbow. >> then you do something special to it. mix-ins we can put on top.
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there are gummy bears mixed in. >> this will be happening every thursday night in canton. lots of different companies getting involved. we'll talk to more of the band when we come back. let's get a check the seven- day forecast. i have the ice cream on my brain. you can get these traits on thursday night at this event -- you can get these treats on thursday night. the sharp flavor on top of the ice. >> how could you keep track? love it. up.e us a thumbs- a lot of fun stuff happening in
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canton and all the great restaurants and ice cream. you need something like that to start the day today. dew points in the low 70's. we will make it into the upper 80's this afternoon. the average high is 88. the dew points are in the low 70's. we have some better news for the weekend. we are watching this disturbance coming from the ohio valley. scattered light rain showers ahead of it. these archer thing to the east. these are drifting to the east. a better chance for rain this afternoon. a very comfortable airmass across the midwest. that nice humid air will be
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moving eastbound. a mix of clouds and some sun. warm and humid. maybe some thunderstorms this afternoon. high temperatures in the upper 80's. a front will go through thursday night. into friday and saturday, it will turn a lot less humid. high temperatures in the mid- 80's. then the heat and humidity comes back early next week. >> we are learning more about what happened inside the cockpit moments before it crashed. was there an equipment malfunction or did someone make a mistake? hallie jackson has a look at this morning's top stories. >> here in washington, investigators have the cockpit voice recordings. they are listening for any clues
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about what might have happened. the pilots thought the throttle was on autopilot but that was not the case. investigators are talking about how that plane was designed. they are finishing a fourth interview with the final pilot. the airline polyps association d foraming the ntsb hea son.ling too much too the investigation is not complete. >> a new report about the economic impact of the senate migration reform. bille new report says the
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boost the economy and strengthens social security i adding billions of dollars to the trust fund. the senate plan will probably not be matched by house republicans, who are meeting behind closed doors. congressional democrats will not back anything, a demand several house republicans may result in no bill at all. >> the white house played house to the countries top young chefs. >> this was yesterday at lunch time. 54 winners of a special competition for healthy delicious recipes came to the white house. the winner from maryland had a winning recipe of a chicken marsala dish with a yogurt sauce and fresh mango slices. she is so impressive. this girl really rocked it.
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the first lady says this is what needs to be done. take a listen. the first lady was talking about these kids coming up but healthy recipes. well later inemma her life. she isust a kid but making better recipes that i make at home. >> i can say the same thing. hallie jackson, thank you. getting ateeter is new owner. kroger has agreed to buy harris teeter for about $2.4 billion in cash.
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34y will go from 31 to states. staple onhelper is a many american dinner tables but now it is getting a makeover. live with ours us bloomberg business report. good morning. >> hi, stan. workers at the irs already has last friday off because of mandatory furloughs. the irs has stopped giving bonuses to managers. they are considering canceling all bonuses. workers could get paid for those days and the agency would be open to the public. a final decision with the
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employees union. a union president doesn't think it is necessary for the irs to cancel employee bonuses. futures this morning are flat today. markets up now for days in a row -- four days in a row. general mills dropping the word "hamburger" from hamburger helper. that is because chicken is getting popularity as beef prices rise. the main focus is to appeal to more millennials, especially young men. previously it was focusing on working moms. the logo will still remain a mascot.
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at the new york stock exchange, i'm jane king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. good to see left he still has a job. we have a few scattered light rain showers. nothing of any consequence. you could see a sprinkle in your neighborhood this morning. we are shooting for a high of 89. a few scattered thunderstorms are possible this afternoon. >> good morning. a quiet morning on the road so far. 95 northbound, about 10 minutes. southbound looking good, too. 97 and 32.r hour at the harrisburg expressway is looking good. 55 along the topside of the beltway.
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too. 100 looking good, that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. 6:22. the struggle continues at camden yards. >> keith mills has more on what went wrong in sports. here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. [ female announcer ] at your local subway,
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>> good morning. the orioles and rangers play game three of the series tonight at camden yards. wei-yin chen will make the start. rangers pound the birds again last night. it was nate mclouth t-shirt light last night -- t-shirt night last night. this ties the game at 1. the orioles led a game early but were unable to hold it. this is manny machado giving the orioles a lead again. his seventh home run of the year. again the pitching staff cannot hold it. zach britton to adrian beltre.
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a three-run shot. this was a big blast. 5-2 texas. again the orioles battle back. j.j. hardy scores make markakis --nick markakis. 8-4, texas wins. the red sox beat seattle. a wild game. all kinds of home runs. in the third inning. 8-7. hits one of five boston home runs. they lead the orioles by five and half games as we inch closer to the all-star break. the gold cup is coming to
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baltimore. the ravens will host the quarterfinals on sunday, july 21. the united states played last night in portland. they won big against belize. game. minutes into the there was an assist from kyle beckerman of anne arundel county. ns., the u.s. wi they will play sunday against cuba. >> thank you, keith. we will be right
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wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... ♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm mindy basara. >> i'm stan stovall. thank you for joining us this morning. >> a criminal investigation
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involving the deadly train derailment an explosion in québec. fire officials put out a blaze on the same train the night of the accident. >> medstar franklin square medical center has installed some new flashing lights warning drivers to slow down. the major thruway pose a safety concern. >> school principals will help build an exclusive playground in southeast baltimore. oforrow marks the beginning a conference for elementary school principals here in baltimore. >> 6;31. time for tffic and weather together on the 1's. starting off hot and steamy. >> dew points in the low 70's. we are shooting for a high
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around 89. we have some sprinkles on hd doppler. though sprinkles will head towards baltimore within the next 30 or 45 minutes. scattered thunderstorms this afternoon with high temperatures in the upper 80's. we have that are news in the seven-day forecast. >> good morning. looking very good on the roads so far. we start with the west side at the beltway. it might be developing a delay but nothing major as far as delays are concerned. 65 on 95 that white marsh. the outer loop west side is looking good. 12 minutes down to 95. 52 miles per hour in both directions there. this is 95 in howard county.
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looking very light. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> two more shooting investigations involving a total of six victims. early one shot two men tuesday morning. joins us liveon with details. >> good morning. the four victims were rushed to hospitals after the shootings. police are saying they are expected to survive. investigators are looking at a possible connection between that case and other cases. >> i was upstairs putting my clothes in the wash when i heard the shots. i thought there was a firecracker. >> four victims were gunned down witnesseslton avenue.
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report hearing the shots and seeing people running. >> it is crazy. you do not know what is going to happen. >> the shooting happened a few blocks from bennett place, where police have posted an officer all day every day after two people were killed there last month. there was a public safety walk. detectives are comparing this shooting to others and called the violence frustrating. >> there are a lot of clues that we are not getting at this point. we are making great progress. right now we're asking for the community to step up. >> neighbors talked about a gang problem.and they can homeless anddrug activity -- homes and drug
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activity. >> they need to clean up all this trash and stuff that is being left. it is just a lot that still needs to be done. >> police met for a planning meeting before the shooting to discuss crime-fighting strategies. they are looking for possibly two suspects. sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11 news. will put onroup businesses and commercial property owners. pat mcdonough is the chair of the group that opposes the so- called rain tax. local business owners agreed saying the tax adds significant cost to the operating cost. >> this is a huge amount of money and is not a designated fund and is not a trust fund. this means the governor and politicians are going to have access to this money. that is like an the keys to the vault to bank robbers.
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>> the tax help fund projects from keeping water runoff from polluting the bay. 6:35. 77 degrees at the airport. >> we are joined by ava. >> can you hear the music? we are jamming out here at the chesapeake wine company. thursday and tomorrow is the first event. we have a band performing behind us. you have a chance to see them live. they are performing one of my favorite songs. they are just jamming out this morning. you get to see the live music and the atmosphere and all the
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food as well. let's listen in to the music. ♪ i love that. let's get a check of the seven- day forecast. you have to watch out for showers and storms with temperatures in the mid to upper 80's. [indiscernible] i do not think i want to go back. i want to stay here all morning long. >> they sound great. >> nothing like live entertainment. 6:37. exercise does not always get the job done.
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>> a preview of a special medical alert airing later tonight. >> we are still taking your answers to our water cooler question of the day. would you support teachers and staff members in your school district taking gun-training courses and guns on site being locked up? you can share your response on our facebook page, on twitter, or send us an e-mail to
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>> sometimes working out and watching what you eat my not be enough to take care of some stubborn trouble spots. >> some people are going to the doctor to freeze it off. >> she works out five days a week to feel her best. she could not smooth out her stomach after she had her son. >> i was not feeling very sexy or comfortable in my jeans or any of my clothes. >> she decided to try a procedure. doctors say the procedure is not some doctors say it
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is better than lightless section posection. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> good morning. we have no problem spots to report. looking good at owings mills boulevard. this is the west side of the beltway. traffic is increasing in volume. 70 eastbound looking good at 65 miles per hour. the j.f.x. looking good heading into the city at northern parkway. this is 95 near white marsh. looking good southbound as you head towards the city. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> it will be a warm and steamy day today. we will top out at 89 this
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afternoon. scattered thunderstorms are possible this afternoon. if you take the boat out today, to twoights 12one feet. we will check the seven-day focast in just a few minutes. >> 76 degrees at the airport. >> do not go away.
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>> good morning. looking very nice. this is the west side of the beltway. we are starting to see the normal delays down to edmondson avenue. at 54.00 is looking good at warren road, 64 miles per hour heading south towards the beltway. things are looking good on 95 that white marsh. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> good morning. we have typically hit the hottest part of the year in
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baltimore. it is 88 degrees and it stays that way through august 17. 107 back in 1936. you'll notice the humidity. 76 at the airport. the dew points are in the low 70's. there are some showers and thunderstorms on hd doppler. just some light rain showers and sprinkles around baltimore. it probably will not affect the traffic. the chance for rain will go up 1:00 or 2:00. the good stuff is going to slide to the east.
6:44 am
we do have some good news in the seven-day forecast. warm and sticky. high temperature in the upper 80's but it will feel warmer than that. maybe some thunderstorms this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms will be likely again tomorrow. a cold front will go through tomorrow night. the overnight lows will dip into the 60's. the heat and humidity will come back early next week. that is a pretty good stretch going into the weekend. we will say good morning to ava marie. she is talking about a summer concert series in canton. what is going on? >> i am still finishing my treat. we have the band performing behind me. they will be performing tomorrow
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night. part of that is the music and the fun food. we are here at the chesapeake wine company and you are serving up sangria. what is better than that? >> not very much. this is our cocktail for tomorrow night. fresh local blackberries and peaches. we have the rose and the usual sangria. >> serve that up real quick. we have some other ideas of the drinks they will be serving. this is a pale ale. this is something they invented here. tell us about the other drinks. >> we are also doing beer specials.
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we have the iconic natty bo. ine, as have a rose w well. >> ok. up the fruitd this from a local farmers market. ♪♪ tell my story this out can check every thursday running through the end of august. the music will be outside. hopefully we will keep those thunderstorms away. ava marie live in canton, wbal- tv 11 news. >> police are investigating two more shootings. someone shot two men in east baltimore. is live with this morning's big story. good morning.
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>> good morning. police say the four victims were rushed to hospitals after the shootings. police are saying they are expected to survive their injuries. investigators say they were gunned down on carrollton avenue yesterday afternoon. the shootings happened near 900 bennett place, where police have shut down part of the street and posted an officer all day. two people were killed there last month.the mayor led a public safety walk less than a mile from that location. possiblye looking for two suspects for the shooting. sarah sampson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you very much. dzhokhar tsarnaev will appear in public for the first time today for an arraignment in federal court. he faces 30 counts.
6:48 am
three people were killed and more than 200 others were heard in the april bombings including a teacher from the towson area. would boost the u.s. economy and strengthen social security. the house most likely will not match that plan. house lawmakers will figure out their next steps on immigration. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> good morning. we have no problem spots to report. we have some normal delays around the area. 33 miles per hour on the west side of the beltway. you will see that from 795 down to about edmondson avenue. the topside of of the beltway is looking good, it 11 minutes.
6:49 am
97 is looking good. 32.iles per hour at 95 at white marsh is looking light. no delays heading down to the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> so far so good. a mix of clouds and some sun early this morning. uggy. going to be m i high temperature near 89. there could be a few flight delays anywhere along the east coast this afternoon. a beautiful day in chicago. it will be hot in dallas, 102. stay with us.
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>> time to get to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. this morning we asked, would you support teachers and staff members in your school district taking gun-training courses and ins on site being locked up
6:53 am
case of an emergency? >> we want to thank everyone for sending in their responses this morning. here are some stories you'll find at 7:00 a.m. on wbal plus. not many trips to the dentist are pain-free, especially when getting a crown. >> the power of a robbery. one boy fuels his victory against cancer. join us on wbal plus. delays on the west side. >> not much else going on.
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delays on the west side are pretty typical for this time of the morning. this is just north of security boulevard. the topside is looking good. 12 minutes across the 83's. no problems near white marsh. >> a couple of days of hot and steamy. >> today will be uncomfortable with high temperatures in the upper 80's. just a few scattered showers this morning. there could be some heavy amounts of rain this afternoon. same thing tomorrow. temperatures drop into the mid- 80's this weekend. eat. is a tr it could be 100 degrees. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> have a good one.
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good morning. all eyes on chantal, the tropical storm on a path to bring heavy rain and dangerous flooding to the southern u.s. this morning, the timing and impact of that storm. dangerous decisions. startling photos of passengers that stopped to grab carry on luggage, even duty-free items as they escaped the flames of asiana flight 214 and the pilots reveal new details about what
6:58 am
was going on in the cockpit seconds before the crash. >> and the final four, the beloved bill cosby with an online competition to pick the best or some might say the ugliest sweater from his years on tv. he's with us live. you can help pick the winner today, wednesday, july 10th, 2013. from nbc news, this is today with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. >> when i said ugly sweater i meant that in the best possible way. >> too late. >> welcome to today on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> i'm savannah guthrie along side natalie morales. he is not wearing a sweater. he's wearing a t-shirt. not to play favorites. right now parts of pure toe rico
6:59 am
and the dominican republic are feeling chantal. >> they're telling people in low lying areas to evacuate. we'll get to mike bettis from the weather channel this morning. good morning to you. >> we're looking at a system weakening a little bit. having said that we still have tropical storm warnings for dominican republic and haiti. flash flooding is a concern in these locations when you consider the hilly terrain. also we track this up toward the bahamas and it could get close to the united states. 45 miles per hour winds. that's weaker than yesterday at this point and it's gone past puerto rico. forward speed is around 29 miles per hour which is a quick moving storm and for that reason it hasn't gained a lot of strength. here's the projected path. past haiti, potentially hit them this afternoon. potentially weakening more but notice this by friday early


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