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tv   Early Today  NBC  August 8, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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right decision. putin is acting like a schoolyard pulley, schumer said doesn't deserve the respect of a bilateral summit. and represent ed royce says this should help make clear that the russian government giving edward snowden refugee status is unacceptable. so we have supports on both sides here on capitol hill. >> have we heard any reaction from russia on this? >> they're going to be here in washington tomorrow. they're mooth with secretary of state chuck hagel, secretary of state john kerry. those meetings are still on. russia's minister said he's disappointed that president obama canceled that meeting and that the invitation is still open if he changes his mind and wants to go to moscow. wednesday, president obama alluded to an even bigger international crisis while at
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camp pendleton. the commander in chief arrived to some 3,000 soldiers and sailors. he said sexual assault in the military must end. mr. obama talked about that recent terror threat in the middle east. >> we don't get terrorized. we're going to keep standing up for our interests. we're going to keep standing up for the security of our citizens. and like generations before us, the united states of america is going to remain the greatest force for freedom that the world has ever known. after a two-day swing out west, the president is back in washington today. and as you heard from the president at camp pendleton, he mentioned that terror plot has closed numerous u.s. embassies. this morning, authorities in yemen say they've successfully thwarted a plot aimed at embassies. the plan was to fire missiles inside the embassies and it included attacking naval forces in the red sea.
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the u.s. embassy in yemen remains closed today and on high alert. president obama says the united states wants to help the millions of displayed syrian refugees. so he's pledging an additional $195 million in humanitarian and food aid to the civil war-torn country. that brings the total u.s. aid in syria to $1.2 billion since the two-year war fan. the u.n. said last month nearly 7 million syrians require urgent humanitarian aid. the toll to civil war is taking on aleppo, syria's largest city. these before and after images show damaged or destroyed homes and more than 1,000 roadblocks. flooding since monday in missouri left one child dead and a woman believed to be his mother missing. the governor has dispatched national guard troops to help rescue those trapped in houses, on the rooftops of cars and pinned to trees by the force of that flood.
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now for a look at our national forecast, i'm joined by nbc's bill karins. >> two mornings in a row we had horrible flooding today. so far, so good, but it's not going to stay that way today. they're going to get more rain and the flooding is going to get worse. it's been a rough night in northern oklahoma and kansas. not so much severe weather, but the radar just heavy torrential rains. i-35 is the worst drive around from oklahoma city and soon up to wichita who has avoided the rain at this point. as we shift over a little bit, this area of springfield just to the east of there, that's where we've been dealing with the heavy rain over the last couple of mornings. as of now you're okay. the other story was the heat yesterday in the deep south. 105 in dallas. 104 in san antonio. it's going to be another scorching day in areas of the deep south. heat advisories are up for many spots. once again, 100 to 105.
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that hot forecast, as far as the airports go today, there will be a lot of clouds, showers and thunderstorms around new york city, philly, baltimore and d.c. a lot of big airports are going to have storms. that means a lot of big delays this afternoon. that's a look at your national forecast. now here is a look at the weather outside your window. many days, with that front trying to move through, it's is going to spark showers and storms through ohio and kansas city all the way through areas of the northeast. once again, we're stuck in this pattern. people in the great lakes, northeast wondering where summer went while it's 105 in dallas. >> it's been an odd summer weather, it feels like. >> yes, it's been very extreme. >> extreme weather. thanks, bill. jackie robinson defaced. the ft. hood shooter working towards his own execution. plus, the best and worst performing small cars when it
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comes to crash tests. "early today" is back in two minutes.
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welcome back now to our other stories this morning. the house in cleveland where ariel castro held three women captive for more than ten years was demolished yesterday. this time lapsed video shows workers tearing down that house of horrors. even google did their part by wiping the house off their virtual map. police continue their search for the two california children who have been missing since sunday. amber alerts have been issued in washington and oregon as the search continued for demaggio. he's believed to be headed towards the canadian border in a blue 2013 nissan. the ft. hood trial took a turn before any testimony began. a stand by attorney said he
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believes the defendant is trying to move towards the death penalty. a jackie robinson statue in new york was vandalized. workers began to remove the vandalism as police scanned surveillance cameras for any leads. subway riders in new york discovered a dead four foot long sand shark aboard the "n" train. no one knows where it came from. maybe sci-fi has an idea for a sharknado spin-off. stocks continue their downward slide ending in the red as oil prices rise towards $105 a barrel. first up, sexy lingerie for the 11%. new designs are made with 24 karat gold thread. each weighs between 10 and 20 grams of gold and prices range from $1,600 to 6,000 bucks.
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kylie vesudi left the runway because the runway with her religious believes. now she has a line of clothing called god inspires fashion. fast food workers have been walking off the job to protest their low pay. an editorial points out that the minimum wage of $7.25 an hour makes them the lowest paid in history. toyota is recalling about 432,000 tacoma pickup trucks to fix a seat belt issue. screws can be open over time. no accidents or injuries have been reported. and new crash tests out just this morning by the insurance institute for highway safety
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found the honda civic to be the best performer among small cars and the nissan sentra, kia sol and kia forte to be the worst. my girl beyonce drops a bombshell on instagram. plus, darth vader, and all your sports highlights coming up next with betty nguyen.
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and now let's get the latest in sports from my colleague, betty nguyen. >> good morning, mara. let's start with some baseball. the new york yankees lose a tough one 12 hours after a-rod's appeal is filed by the players association. in chicago, a game winning triple to help rally the sox to a 6-5 whip. the yankees have lost 14 of their last 20 games. jets quarterback can't seem to catch a break. first, coach rex ryan asked fan toes be nicer this week. now he is getting slack because he will be starting on friday against the detroit lions. he is taking the high road after reading this week saying f-u, hope you break youracl on
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friday. andrew mccutchen, not only did his mother sing the national anthem, but he goes his 16th home run of the season. >> must have been mom being there. >> exactly. you know mama looks very proud. >> look how proud she is. i love it. now to big plays in the little league, jacob garza and his team won a spot in the little league world series. garza w pitch perfect and did not give up a single hit during the game. not only that, he hit a home run that gave his team a 6-0 lead over new mexico. that kid is good. and in st. louis, gangham style danceoff that went intergalactic, shall we say. during star wars night fans dressed as darth vader and storm troopers showing the force is very strong with those light sabers.
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did you hear that? check out these rowdy fans of the detroit tigers and cleveland indians games. in a let's go tigers cheer, that could not overcome the chant of detroit bankrupt. that's what we heard there. wow, what a low blow. detroit got the last laugh, winning the game in the 14th inning, 6-5. >> good for them. that will show them. just ahead, gaga let's loose. and one of the original "90210" stars is letting lose about just what went on behind the scenes of that hit show.
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welcome back. no one in texas will be saying we didn't have a summer. right now in dallas, we're on our streak of 100 degree days. we've seen eight in a row. when will it end? over the next five days, looks like we should hit a hundred. it will be close to a hundred all the way into monday of next week. an impressive streak of very hot weather there. the rest of the country, the big story is in kansas and missouri where the flooding continues. we will see numerous showers and storms today. it won't rain all day, but we will see a period of rain just about everywhere. turning now to entertainment news, music superstar usher recently broke his silence following the near drowning of his 5-year-old son. in a statement, he thanks his family, medical staff and the two men he calls heros for
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rescuing his son from the family pool. the singer is in for another rough patch now that his ex-wife, tamika foster has reportedly filed for temporary custody of the former couple's two sons. $1 million is apparently what caused bruce willis to be dropped from the expendable three. willis wanted $4 million to film four days instead of the $3 million that sylvester stallone and producers were offering. beyonce has released a bombshell on instagram. she showed new photos with her sporting those locks. did you say the story? she said mara, called me, we'll do lunch. jason briefly is -- she has a restraining order against me. she knows. regarding the stories behind
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"90210." >> i used to watch that. >> as a kid in the 90s, i want to see that. one of the surviving members of "the wizard of oz" is no longer with us. she played a flower pot munchkin in the classic film. >> you're killing me, smalls. >> tom gerdy, best for the known for his role as the smalls was arrested after tussling with police after united airlines banned him from his flight for intoxication. lady gaga is pushing the envelope again with her latest video. she bears all, wears odd clothing and yells as she performs an exercise to heighten physical and mental awareness called the agramobic method.
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>> makes perfect sense to me. you can follow beyonce and do whatever you want, but i'm on the lady gaga train. >> i put lady gaga in performance artist category. i think of what she does is in performance art in the fabulous diva catgoer. she owns it. i'm mara schiavocampo. this is "early today" and we hope this is your first stop of the day on nbc.
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. good morning.
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the weather today will be similar to yesterday. it will be kind of warm and humid. most of the rain is missing us to the south. 66 in taneytown. variable clouds and warm and humid. for a showerhance or thunderstorm. high-temperature near 84. that is a lot of money but there is still a lot left over. there's still a lot after taxes. win those have to millions first in the parable jackpot. where the winning tickets were sold. is set to take the stand today and why she says the scheme went too far. ♪
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[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 5:00 a.m. we have had businesses that have had to lock their doors because of the large crowds. >> police are stepping up for trolls around a skating rink -- police are stepping up patrols around a skating rink. >> the action of a young lady who was a former marine having been familiar with these kinds of things, she did the very responsible thing and loaded the authorities so we can figure out what was going on. for elijahmorning cummings and his staff after a
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suspicious substance was found outside his office. a cold slip back into war mentality. what i say to them and to president putin is that is the past. >> why the president decided to skip a summit. what is on the table for discussions? how people are reacting to the decision. >> good morning. i'm stan stovall. >> i am jennifer franciotti. >> 5:01. time for traffic and weather together on the 1's. >> it is not going to be a big problem as far as rain goes for the morning commute. gight now, it is mostly fo and sprinkles. the dew point is 71.
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you will feel that humidity when you walk out. andtered showers thunderstorms develop this afternoon. high temperature, 84 degrees. we will come back and check the forecast for the weekend. >> good morning. not a lot happening. volume is on the light side. we have some rain coming down. this is the north side at harford. you can see no delays over towards the 83's. a nice start on the west side. checking the 83's, so far so good, 64 miles per hour. 54 on southbound j.f.x. this is 95 towards the 895 split from the white marsh area. be prepared for those wet roads as we see them on the west side
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at 70. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> is a lot. hopefully i will win. >> she is not the winner of the $425 million. there were three winning tickets. two in new jersey and one in minnesota. there are 34 $1 million winners this morning. one of those tickets was sold somewhere in maryland. we can check those numbers again --5, 25, 30, 58, 59. and the powerball number, 32. you have to match the first five numbers to win the million dollars. increasing their patrols after complaints of destructive teens. >> the


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