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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  August 9, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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we may be always free of sin and safe from all distress as we await the blessed hope and the coming of our savior jesus christ. lord jesus christ who sent his apostle, peace i leave you, my peace i give you. look not on our sins but on the face of your church and graciously grant her peace and unity in accord dance with your will who live and reigned forever and ever. amen. the peace of the lord be with you always. nd with your spirit.
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>> behold the lamb of god. behold him who takes away the sins of the world. blessed are those called to the uffer of the lamb.
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> please join in singing our hymn "on eagles wings" number 443. > ♪
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>> you are watching the funeral mass of a hall of fame arty donovan, passed away on sunday remembered by his
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family and friends. great turnout, the cathedral where we have seen the funeral masses of so many baltimore johnny unitas, and now art donovan. commune cane taking place, and at the end will come the final commendation where the catholic faith, the priest will condemn the soul to heaven. ong those here, former governor, huge fan. andsons of john unitas, joe chad. crowd of hundreds at the cathedral today, remembering a man who brought so much to baltimore. prior to 1958, the greatest game
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ever played as it is known in football lore history, baltimore was not considered a great sports town. it had never placed a world champion on the national stage, art donovan, the 1958 colts helped change that forever. and as part of his career path, 10 years later, would wind up in canton as the first baltimore colt enshrined in the hall of fame. that really did open him to a national stage. that would include the tonight show with john so i carson, late night with david letterman where he would become a regular contributor to that show. friend of david letterman. became a friend of americans who loved the down home whit of art. he did it no matter where you came across him, he could brighten your day with that
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remarkable smile and remarkable sense of humor. baltimore colts lineman in the 1907's delivering the eulogy did a particularly great job of talking about art donovan, with his fans, for those who did not know him but most importantly with his family. with his wife of 57 years, dotty. with his four daughters and his son. and using the words from art onovan's childre painted a picture, his children did refer to him as a bull of a man. certainly history reflects the evidence of that as a young man, he attended notre dame university for one month. withdrew after his first month of college to sign up as a marine and fight in world war ii, and fight he did for four years, including in the battle of iwojima.
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following the conclusion of world war ii, he enrolled in boston college where he had a stellar college career and then was drafted in 1950, and the inaugural season of the baltimore colts. a career that would bring tremendous onfield accomplishments in his 12 years in the nfl, but it was really his off the field presence that made him such an important part of baltimore. he was every man. he was a blue collar icon and he was a man that, as the priest celebrating today's mass, bishop dennis madden pointed out, art donovan was the only person who didn't realize art donovan was a celebrity. he was on the same level as everyone who came up to him, his children, pointed out that art donovan always made sure there was no one still standing in line waiting for an out autograph. he took care of everyone, he opened his heart, his home, his business and he always had time for others.
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though he treasured, as we heard from joe, the relationship he had with his children. as well as a bull of a man, his children gave us a glimpse today of the man outside of the spotlight. a man with a tender heart. a man always willing to give to his family, the great protector they called him. a man remembered by so many in baltimore today for his greatness on the field, for his fun off the field. but we learned a great deal about the private side of arthur donovan jr. today, a man whose family mourns his passing at the age of 89. i had a chance to visit with one of the sisters from the facility where art donovan spent his final days. and she said even in the last days of his life, art donovan had a way to make those around him smile and brighten their presence. that was truly his gift. and now, we take you back inside
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the conclusion of the funeral mass for a man who brought so much to baltimore, a man baltimore will miss. god speed, arthur donovan.
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> let us pray. lord god whose son left us in body, grantt of his and strengthened by it our brother art may come to the eternal table of christ who lives and reigns forever and ever. >> amen.
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>> before we go our separate ways let us take leave our or brother art. may we express our affection for him. may it ease our sadness and strengthen our hope. one day, we shall greet you again.
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even death things, tself. >> our song of final commendation and farewell, number 175 in the red worship hymnal.
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>> in your hands, we commend our brother art in the sure and certain hope that together with all who have died in christ he will rise with him on the last day. we give you thanks for the blessings which we bestowed upon art in this life. there are signs of your goodness and fellowship with the saints and christ. turn to us and listen to our prayers. open the gates of paradise to your servant. and help us who remain to comfort one another with assurances of faith until we all meet in christ. now with you and with our
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brother, forever and ever. amen. >> amen. >> in peace, let us take our rother to his place of rest. >> please join in singing our closing hymn, number 705 in the red worship, "for all the saints."
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, and now the processional presiding priests of today's funeral mass, the casket, the family, out of the cathedral of mary our queen to the awaiting hearst, a gauntlet of former baltimore colts will gather outside of the hearst. and from the cathedral on charles street the procession will continue onto delaney memorial gardens for a private family burial for art donovan. so arthur donovan will be buried in a temporary grave site and moved to a permanent resting place that will reflect his importance to baltimore.
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in a moment we'll hear the bagpipes play as the casket now and the procession begin to make .heir way it will begin from charles street on the relatively short drive to delaney valley gardens. former governor now making his way out of the cathedral. on the top step and one of the priests help catch them. so he didn't have an awkward exit moment, or a more awkward exit moment. art donovan would approve, it is a light moment at the end of the ceremony, 90 minute ceremony, and throughout the entire ceremony that i sat in on most of it, i could not help but think that art donovan would have loved to have someone crack a joke or two if only he were here to do it himself.
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now the bell tolls, crowd estimated at 800. they will file in behind bishop ewman and bishop madden. and now the bagpipes, a fitting tribute for such a fine irish catholic as art donovan. music had elvis, soccer had pele, stars we knew by one name. baltimore had arty. as the former colt players make their way out, they will form a gauntlet, joined by governor 'malley. tom matty coming to the
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curbside. lynnidow of the late tony, hart, two to his left. friends and family, those who loved and knew art donovan, fans, who only knew him from afar. all saying good-bye to a man who is such an important figure in altimore sports history, and a man who transcended sports. art donovan helped put baltimore on the national stage, and he kept baltimore on the national stage every time he showed up on the tonight show, on an espn commercial, on late night with david letterman. and for the many who thought so highly of art donovan, they had to think highly of baltimore too. it was an adopted home, a home he loved. born in brooklyn, but it became a national figure in baltimore. and while he loved his hometown, this truly became his hometown. a funeral service with so many powerful moments.
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one that stood out during the prayer of the faithful, art donovan's 86-year-old sister, her voice crackling as he said good-bye to her older brother, her only brother, the 89-year-old art donovan. the gentleman on the top of the steps wearing the yellow sport coat is lenny moore, former teammate of art donovan with the 1958-1959 baltimore colts. and also his teammate on the team of football i mortals, that is the hall of fame jacket that all of the inductees wear, all 280 of them. you may recall that's the jacket that jonathan ogden donned for the first time since last weekend in canton. ravens president standing at the top of the steps now. bruce laird and former great colt defensive lineman in the tradition of arty donovan on the
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defensive line who delivered donovan's eulogyy today. comprised almost of the words of art donovan's children. his son, his four daughters. the front door of the cathedral, drabed in the american flag, bestowed upon a war veteran. the late art donovan, world war i veteran, fair to say hero. a man who fought bravely in the battle of iwojima, among many other battles he took part of as a u.s. marine. stan white, remember our broadcast team of the ravens, the baltimore colt great linebacker in the 1970's? standing by joe.


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