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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 12, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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"impressed" with the anne report despite the condition it was left in. despite that, it is a new chapter for the county. >> there have been so many challenges. it was important to get a fresh start. >> announcing new beginning for law enforcement in your county, releasing the results of an independent task force formed in may to review allegations of wrongdoing brought on by the past administration appeared to have former executive john leopold resigned in january after being found guilty of two counts of misconduct in dallas -- in office, facing such allegations as forcing officers to change its catheter after surgery. law enforcement god dragged into -- got dragged into the mass and it was not fair.
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made up ofrce is current and retired law- enforcement officials led by the former altar -- baltimore city police commissioner fred bealefeld. it concluded for the most part that the police suburban is working like a well away old machine and that county executive newman would just have to make some tweaks. >> we did not see some problems. we side distraction at the command level that predominated the discussion. i think she has gone a long way to fixing it. >> the report consists of and recommendations, including hiring a permanent chief of police, which the county did with chief davis. reviewing the structure of the apartment, revising officers get paid, and reviewing the internal investigation process, and hiring additional staff. on the issue of the protection unit, which ended up being a want either leopold's
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here,-- on leopold site there need to be changes. >> it had nothing to do with structure crop but people. >> and an executive report said it would be a work in progress. you can see a copy of the report at our website >> take a look now at what tsa officers @ b.w.i. gerberg marshall airport found in one passengers' carry-on bag. a loaded gun the firearm was complete with five rounds of ammunition and an additional magazine. the traveler, a man from pennsylvania, was the originally ticketed a flight to vegas. he is now facing a weapons charge.
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proposed policy does away with mandatory maximum sentences in some cases for drug offenders. it's all an effort to deal with overcrowding. >> this is something that has broad bipartisan support in congress. critics, though, say it sends the wrong message to drug offenders. >> with federal prisons now operating at 40% of capacity, attorney-general eric holder says the most severe penalties for drug offenses should be reserved for the most serious offenders. >> we need to ensure that incarceration is used to punish, the terror, and rehabilitate, but not merely to warehouse and forget. he proposed changing the guidelines for drugs, so that not a fan -- non-violent offenders who have no ties to
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gains, cartels, or other large- scale organizations will no longer face mandatory sentences. >> they will now charge -- be charged with offenses that are better suited to their individual conduct, rather than prison terms for violent criminals or kingpins. >> the 19,000 inmates now in federal prison, 47% are serving time for drug-related crimes. >> sentences can be applied too liberally. >> but critics say that the price of doing business has gone down. >> if the price of doing business goes down, that will provide me with an incentive to do more business. because after all, the legal risks that i was beat -- that i was crise the facing have been tamped down. >> and critics say nonviolent drug offenders can still be
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harmful to society. >> a warm august afternoon all around the of -- the baltimore area. caroline county had 86. frederick at 84. clouds will be moving in tonight. oneuple of weather systems, of the great lakes. some showers and storms heading across the west virginia mountains. a cold front will be coming through with showers and thunderstorms tomorrow. on either side of that front, another bit of good weather comes in for the week. >> it is the day after more than 25,000 fans showed up at a training camp practice.
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this afternoon, the ravens return back to training camp. is there.usky >> back to the grind. of hundred -- a couple hundred fans here at owings mills. the one difference, the return of former and now current wide receiver branden stowevalley. 1989 fourth down -- fourth round draft pick play with guys like ray lewis. the reasons the ravens brought him back, he is a 15-year veteran of 89 career interceptions and 39 touchdowns. they wanted another receiver in the competition makes who has experience and could possibly become a reliable third-down option for joe flacco.
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branden stedwick ahman was played for the indianapolis colts and seattle and of course, the ravens, he said a peace going to come back to the nfl, this would be the place to do it. -- he said if he's going to come back to the nfl, this would be the place to do it. >> to have that opportunity employ jürgen -- plenette -- and to play here again is great. hisallas clark took conditioning test and physical and is expected to join the team on the practice field tomorrow. both played under the current the ravens coordinator, and was peyton manning's quarterback coach. into a system they are very familiar with.
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still ahead, just 10 miles from walt disney world, rock from their beds. >> details of what happened. >> but first, he may be convicted of espionage, but bradley manning and with -- and wiki-leaks could be nominated to receive the nobel peace prize. the argument in his favor when we come back. >> shining a new spotlight on
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>> as defense attorneys make the brenddynts in manning schuring, others are starting a petition in the nobel peace prize. nominatedprizewinner manning back in june, saying that is classified links helped to end the war in iraq because of hastening troop removal.
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there is no question of the firm commitment of bradley manning to human rights and peace. 25-year-old has been convicted of espionage, that, and violation of other regulations -- theft and violation of other regulations. he faces up to 190 years in prison. >> in tonight's medical alert, a new study says babies born by see section could be missing out on some very important bacteria. they were missing a group of that did not develop until they were year old and had a lower -- more susceptibility to allergies.
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it is important to get your eyes checked. i noticedears ago, that my eyes were very irritated, a lot of burning sensations were happening >> mary says she also noticed a lot of redness in her eyes. staring at the computer was a strain, and she had a sensation of having an eyelash in her eye. >> when i came to see the doctor, she had me fehlau 8 questionnaire basically -- she had me fill out a questionnaire. it was asking me if i had godinez in my eyes in the morning. >> it turned down she had dry eye, something that women are more susceptible to. >> we are now addressing not formation in deficiency, but the our actual oil that is produced to prevent
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them from drying out. was given aly, she treatment called in the buffalo. >> basically, i just unclog everything to the way it's supposed to be naturally. >> as you saw with mary, the worked very well and she forgot she have the dry eye. >> the procedure should last about a year or two. she says women need to pay attention to their eyecare as they age and get checked for cataracts and glaucoma. >> humidity in the air, 90 degrees in downtown baltimore. summer is still chugging along. 84 degrees in westminster.
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86 at easton. muggy 88 at salsbury. changes on their way with showers and storms. hd doppler swinging around the baltimore area right now shows nothing going on. there are some showers in the west virginia mountains over toward roanoke and southwest virginia. also, some storms mostly to the east. will trend to the north and east where the baltimore area. chances of rain will increase past midnight. after midnight, the possibility of a shower thunderstorm. firstt is the peak of the me your shower. i get outside. meteor shower.
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get outside. side ofn the warmer this front that is stalling in our area. these are the ones that will bring us showers and storm tomorrow. high pressure is coming out of canada again. it is cool and dry and comfortable behind those fronts. the second half of those -- this week is looking really nice. tomorrow, more clouds and sunshine. thunderstorms are like in the morning until about lunch time. clearingee skies tomorrow night. rightnesday and thursday, now cloud cover. second --, beautiful
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beautiful weather for the second half of the week. tomorrowt 6:18 a.m. and the wind turned from the west at 6-12 miles per hour. fort mchenry and 1133 a and breezy and fall-like on wednesday with a high of 65. out tomorrowclear night and sunshine returns to the shore on wednesday. wednesday andher thursday with highs in the upper 70's. tomorrow at the front makes its way into the area. sunny and breezy and cooler and less humid on wednesday. picture-perfect football weather on thursday. daytime high 78, cooling into
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the 60's in the evening. >> still ahead, the end of the california amber that left three people dead. >> how police rescued 16-year- old hanna andersson from the grown man who claimed he loved her. >> and moments away from taking the first vote on the controversial development project. >> of this building does not look like much now, but it will be transformed
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>> six days after a nationwide amber alert was issued on her, 16-year-old hanna andersson was finally reunited with her father. >> j. gray has the latest on this heroine story. >> after losing his 8-year-old son and wife, brad anderson has now been reunited with his 16- year-old daughter.
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back after the 16-year-old was kidnapped by a family friend accused of killing the mother and little brother. their dies were found in a burned down santiago home last week. the sheriff said she did not know about the murders while she was held under duress and dimaggio was on the run. sawoup of horseback riders the pair in rugged country. >> they did not fit very well. >> later, they say they saw hannah's picture during a televised amber alert. >> we see in the amber alert and i saw the girl's face on television and i told my wife, that is the growth we saw on the mound. we told the idaho state police and -- the girl we saw on the mountain. we told the idaho state police and got the ball rolling.
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>> it took two hours of hiking through rugged richter rain to get to the campsite. >> they made sure that the two were separate and that is when they made their move. >> he made at least one shot at agents. he was killed during the rescue. anderson was not injured during the rescue, but was rushed to a local hospital before being reunited with her father. 8 sinico opens up near disney world. >> experts think it is still growing. >> and it is being shown on the baltimore city convention center.
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concern is mounting tonight over baltimore as the economic future concerning tourism. the convention center downtown is in such bad shape that many say they will take their business elsewhere. >> it has many people questioning whether other big events will follow suit.
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lisa robinson is live with a new look. comes as baltimore is expected to announce that 2014 will be a banner year. however, it still brings up an old subject about this convention center. city ofcked to the baltimore for the japanese can mention. a hat -- convention. it had an impact economically of $10 million. but city organizers announced they were pulling out after 2016. the convention have outgrown baltimore. >> in a few years, there will have 50,000 people. they will have to use the entire convention center to accommodate themselves as well as surrounding hotels base. occupancy and%
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holds 35 citywide conventions each year. our long-term growth strategy? we are doing very well with the product we laugh, but we need to look at how to grow ourselves. >> the greater baltimore committee agrees. signal to prepare for the future as well. >> there are no immediate plans to tear down buildings and start fresh, but what remains on the table is a proposal from years past. >> a couple of years ago, the committee proposed the concept in collaboration with the owner of the sheraton hotel, that the sheraton hotel on the corner of conway and charles would be torn down and a new arena would be constructed at that intersection. a new hotel of 500 rooms would go on top of that arena.
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>> the old portion of the convention center, built in 1979, would be torn down and replaced with a new edition never have multiple stories, -- -- doubling the current size of the convention center. ofre'll be some kind financial concept within the next 30-60 days. >> here is a look at some of the other big stories we're following. baltimore city police are investigating a shooting that took place near an elementary school in west baltimore. it was on lockdown for a brief time around 2:00 p.m. today. the victim was an adult male. at this hour, no word on his condition. of the caselearned against carla porter has gone to the jury. the testimony have included defense experts, who evaluated
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her mental stability, as well as porter herself, who said she suffered a lifetime of physical and mental abuse at the hands of her she is accused of hiring a hit man to kill him in 2012. a small plane made a crash landing at a virginia wawa store. the pilot, 33-year-old jerome orlando, reporting he forgot to fuel the plane before taking off in tampa. when asked why the plane was diverted, he reportedly could not land because of fog and was forced to land in the field. >> many at a resort are lucky to be alive after a sinkhole opened up and swallowed part of the building. that happened about 9 miles west of walt disney world in nearby clermont.
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>> there was very little warning when a huge sinkhole opened out and damaged one of the buildings here. they started hearing popping sounds and one of the buildings yesterday, but had no idea what was going on. by midnight, cracking sounds and windows breaking, and then the building started to sink. >> our floor is 50 feet underground. the whole side of the building where we stayed is gone. >> it is not the way these guests wanted to spend what is supposed to be an enjoyable vacation in florida near disney world. >> nobody would want that. >> an aerial video shows the partially opened sinkhole that is 40 feet wide and 20 feet deep. as soon as they figured out what was happening, a security guard,
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got the guest out. if he had not acted on his own to do what needed to be done, we are confident he saved lives. >> i went from 4 to 4 and knocked on the rooms and got people out, after which * -- after which time, the building did start to sink. there's not much left of it. >> fortunately, none of the guests staying in this building were hurt, since they all got out in time. many of them left behind their personal belongings and are realizing it could have been much worse. 18 have been brought in to tell them what needs to be done to keep it from spreading. -- a team has been brought in to
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tell them what needs to be done to keep it from spreading. over the san francisco giants. >> but the big talk was adam johnson is raising eyebrows. and that -- >> and the trial of whitey bulger. how many murders he is linked to. >> the city council is taking its first vote
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>> an impressive win yesterday for the orioles, crushing the san francisco giants on the road. what everyone is talking about is a possibly racially motivated incident involving all-star adam jones. he's claiming that someone threw a banana at him from the stands. there have been reports of similar incidents targeting african-american players at nhl games and european soccer. he said it happened during the ninth inning. he did not mention it during a
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post-game interviews, but you can see it for yourself. ew cameras at last finds game, but they were unable to identify the first -- last night's game, but they were unable to audit by the person responsible. a depiction of president obama that is being called racist is being banned from the state fair in missouri. whether announcer repeatedly asked the crowd if they wanted to see obama run down by a bull. the crowd say they enthusiastically responded that the clowns played with his lips. effigy at ae in klan rally. to messuld be no reason with his lips if he had been a white president.
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missouri politicians in both parties are condemning the act. contractor responsible for saturday's event, the missouri cowboys association, may see charges. moretti boulder's crimes, many of them, work while he was serving an fbi informant. he could get life in prison. and now to some video just into our newsroom. no, a commercial break and i guess. >> there is a lot of talk about the new iphone set to launch next bob. >> we will tell you what else has been happening with the apple's latest gadget. but first -- >> i wanted to be here today to personally thank all of you and tell all of you out there how much all of your love and
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support hasman toomey over these very past -- over these is very difficult past few weeks. >> heart felt tears to the crowd. showers andsome thunderstorms.
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>> coming up on 11 news at 6:00 carollae trial against porter is wrapping up. and what you're about
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development downtown. -- and what to do about development downtown. these stories and much more when you
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>> very emotional moments last night at the teen choice awards. making her first public appearance since the death of co-star and boyfriend cory monteith. he actually cohoes did the awards in 2010. he and a couple -- he and michelle flav and on-again and
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off-again couple in the show and dated also off of the set. she cheerfully thank the fans. >> for all loved him as much as i did to my promise that with your love we will get through this together. he was very special to me, and also to the world. we were very lucky to witness his incredible talent, his handsome smile, and his beautiful, beautiful heart. found dead was almost exactly a month ago, july 15 in vancouver. he died of an overdose of heroin and alcohol. opening where you might not expected, the grand opening of one of the stations. it is being dedicated to the late baltimore county sheriff. malone a search for more than a
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decade. -- served for more than a decade. >> my father worked for the western maryland railway company. and he also worked when they asnged to the new system manager of personnel services. my father grew up right at the st. inhale port. in hill up the street port. >> the administration has invested more than $500 million in improvements. and ridership has reached an all-time record. >> a 90 degree day at b.w.i. marshall. it is still summertime for sure even with cooler days this time of year than last year.
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a cool 54 was the lower 1968. right now, 90 in the city. temperatures are they kozuira around the suburban areas. 80's around the suburban areas. cover is moving in, keeping the temperatures down a little bit. everybody will see a front moving in tomorrow, which will drop temperatures statewide. popping up storms just yet, so the evening should be fine. showers of north of pittsburgh and a big batch of showers near charleston west virginia. overnight, a better chance of rain after midnight than before.
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at age 05 and the lights out. at 5 miles per hour. 8:05 p.m. and a light wind at 5 miles per hour. nine times will be unseasonably cool. -- night time will be unseasonably cool. through the coastal areas of new jersey maryland and into virginia could have strong to severe storms. baltimore is not included in that. it will likely be east of us. the showers are likely until about midday when the front pushes past two -- past us. the west will turn to and northwest in the afternoon and evening.
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gusty wind shift tomorrow evening and the possibility of some storms. through,front moves sunny, breezy, and beautiful. the insta-weather plus seven-day around baltimore, showers and storms by especially in the morning. ideal conditions in the evening for ravens football. saturday and scattered showers on sunday into monday. a bumpakers pushing for in the minimum wage in maryland. raising the minimum wage is one of the most direct ways to help working families succeed and to improved economy in maryland. currently, maryland's minimum wage is $7.25 per hour.
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there have been efforts that failed to raise the minimum wage to $10. averagemaryland, the for a gallon of maryland -- of regular is $3.58. it is down 6 cents from this like -- this time last week and down 12 cents from its high in july. they expect it to continue to decline, but if a hurricane hits from the gulf coast, i could jump back up. on the back-to- school list. a lot of choices out there, which could lead to a lot of questions. forers are probably better younger students because they are smaller and lighter than laptops. but for older students, experts recommend a whole lap top and especially for those heading off to college.
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pay attention to battery life. >> your child can leave the dorm room, not bring a power adapter, be assured that they can work all day, take notes, make it to the library later. >> and before you buy one for the younger ones, check with your child's school to see if they align themselves with a particular technology device or operating system. one phone maker, blackberry, may soon be up for sale. shares in the company rose on friday on reports that it could warm up to partnerships or other moves. company had seen increased competition in the last few years from apple and android based rivals. apple is about to unveil the new i found -- the new iphone. it will either be called the
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, and their claims it will be available in gold options and a wider camera lens. and get this, a possible center that would take a place -- take the place of a password lock. >> talk about a million dollar makes up, literally. no heil casino owners made an expensive mistake -- and ohio casino owner made an expensive mistake and is now plane -- paying the price. officials awarded kevin lewis is second prize. but during the final verificati check, management discovered a big error. it turns out eighth another cincinnati resident -- it turns out another cincinnati resident
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with the same name was the real winner. management decided to give them both the check because it was the right thing to do. 6:00, a debate is about to be front and center at city hall. we are live with the latest. >> these rundown buildings will soon be part of writer -- revitalization in baltimore.
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>> field pumping station buildings have been neglected r decades. several are now coming together to turn them into an asset once again. kim macey has more. baltimore's old municipal pumping station has seen better days. the three buildings on the 1800 block of oliver street in east baltimore are got to be transformed into the baltimore food out. >> we are -- food hovel. >> we are very excited. >> a group of non product -- nonprofits are behind the change. it will be an urban farm, a community garden, and kitchen instigator. -- a kitchen incubator. >> and we can help people get access to affordable loans, places to sell your products,
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connecting people with an opportunity to sell to large- scale buyers, business counseling. >> as they grow and expand, they will also be creating jobs for people in baltimore. culinaryis a huge industry and hospitality industry that is already looking for training workload. create jobs and train for jobs that are already out there. >> members of the association could not be happier. not only will it bring jobs and revitalize a public eyesore, but also bring a fresh, local food. >> people don't eat right. we do not have restaurants and places we go to. we have options now. tothe project is scheduled begin in the spring or summer
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of 2014 and they expect construction to last about nine months. >> that is a great idea. that is all for us at 5:00. here is what is coming up at 6:00. >> the baltimore city council just took its first vote on the controversial harvard project. -- harbor project. >> what a new report revealed, coming up. now in hand of the jury. the latest on the carla porter murder for hire trial. >> good evening, everyone. the fate of carla porter now rests in hands of the jury. >> she is the woman accused of hiring a hit man to kill her husband back in 2010.
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we are live in towson with the latest. barry? >> the jurors have been deliberating for more than a little bit of an hour and will be back again tomorrow. -- dotorneys do not think not deny her involvement in the murder for hire plot, but that she should be convicted of manslaughter, not first degree murder. the prosecution claims that she put the plan in motion and masterminded the plan. her husband was shot and had as he worked in the gas station he owned. hired walter bishop jr. to killer as financial also involved her sister and nephew.
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the prosecutors argued on what they called carolla porter's progression of lies that they said began with a 911 coll and police interviews as she tried to month -- mislead them with the description of the gun man. >> you said a black male came into the side door. >> this woman cannot and should not be believed, he said. the defense argue self-defense, saying she fits the profile of maryland's of battered spouse syndrome and savard ptsd because of years of physical and psychological abuse from her husband. the defense attorney argued that jurors should consider the charge of voluntary manslaughter, rather than first- degree murder. he said there was no question that she lied, but what led -- but the issue was what led her to take the actions as she took up to that date. this was a woman suffering
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physical and psychological abuse, the actions of a woman at the end of her rope, a woman never allowed to exhale. >> of the jury must consider the charges of first-degree murder, second-degree murder, and voluntary manslaughter. she is also charged with conspiracy and solicitation to commit murder along with a weapons violation. >> a late afternoon shooting near right off the monterey -- baltimore elementary school happened just after 2:00 this afternoon. was along pennsylvania avenue. the building was on lockdown for a brief time. school police were on standby as the children were let out. it was not a child, but an adult male. the search is on for the person who shot a man to death overnight inside a west baltimore restaurant. detectives were called to the 30
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never block of west baltimore street just around 2:00 this ofning -- to the 1300 block west baltimore street just around 2:00 this morning. a man burst in and began shooting. anyone with information should contact police immediately. and a girl was one of two shot in a drive by overnight. it happened in east baltimore orloff hoffman streets. she was playing football with a group of friends when someone drove by and started shooting, striking her in the light. the other victim did not go to the hospital. detectives are looking for a silver vehicle. motive is unclear. today, announcing the results of an internal investigation into the police department. >> it covers the resignation of john leopold and the of women of a new police chief. of a newe appointment police chief. >> according to the


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