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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  August 16, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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meryl streep, four times. [ applause ] four times. now she got me wanting to count on sunday night. but my favorite part, like i was telling you, the red carpet, what people are wearing. i'm having a twitter party. you can join me and my glam squad as we dish on red carpet fashions, you tweet us back. it starts at 8:30 p.m. eastern time. it's fun. and -- what, 6:30? 6:30. sorry. 6:30 eastern time. and use hash tag wendy red carpet and join the conversation. it's a lot of fun. [ cheers and applause ] and then on monday you'll want to tune into our show because we'll have our special red carpet fashion panel to break down the hits and the misses and what were they thinking. i know. so, you know, here on the show i like to think we all have a special place in our heart for
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fantasia barino. so fantasia is furious with jet magazine and she wants them to apologize to her. you see, fantasia is the latest cover girl on "jet" magazine, and that's the cover. that picture is not a recent picture. that's not the one she wanted on the cover. so she got on instagram and wrote "false" all over the cover. i know. i know. i know. with "jet", i know, household name. here's what she said. she said, this saddens me. it is clear that this picture is ten years old and "jet" magazine put it's on the cover after i send them the new look and direction. sad. i want a public apology from "jet." so that picture does look old, and i've seen recent pictures of fantasia. she's done this whole makeover thing. so i was siding with fan tase
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kwa. but i wanted to do my investigative reporting, so what i report is as accurate as it possibly can be. so, ring, hello, jet? it's wendy. and they told me, from jet, our goal was not to embarrass fantasia. our goal was to show fantasia in the most positive light possible. yes it is an older picture, but we were looking for a cover photo of fantasia that people can root for. after looking at the images fantasia's publicist provided, we didn't feel it fit the image of the cover story. it's disappointing she went about it this way. so, upon further investigation, i said, well, telegram me the pictures. i want to see for myself. and i have them for you.
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so you saw the picture that "jet" ended up using from ten years ago, but here are the three pictures that fantasia's$ publicist provided them. and i don't know much about magazine covers. i can tell you right now all that background -- no, they want a clean picture with just -- even you know this. people in the audience -- oh, fantasia! you have been famous long enough to understand none of those -- they're all beautiful pictures of you, but none of them are cover worthy for any magazine. and as far as your publicist, i'm sorry to say, they did use the ten-year-old picture, but it sounds to me like -z"r"jet" wan to cooperate with you and you're just jumping up and down. the person you should be mad at is your publicist. [ pplause ] hey, fanny, we haven't seen you in a while, and i hear you have a new album coming out in march. so come holler at your girl. i like her.
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so ashlee simpson has had a really rough time lately, you know. she split from her boyfriend vincent piazza. they were together when he came to our show. now they're not. and had her pareer parents are through a scandalous divorce and her father is going through his thing. according to "star" magazine, though, ashlee is now spiraling out of control. well, she comes from a place of spiralization. you'll recall in the past she's spiralled, but recently she spiralled at this place in l.a. called pink taco. she was throwing back the cocktails and then she got so drunk that she started grinding on random men, and she allegedly was so drunk that they had to escort her hout. we've got the picture of the escort out. it looks like he's got her by the scruff of the neck.
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ashlee, i'm sorry to hear you're having a really rough time right now. you know, her son bronx -- they're not from new york -- is now 4 years old with her ex-husband pete flynn. you know -- by the way, isn't the surgery like one of the best things she could have ever done? remember what had sshe looked l before? can we talk? she's so pretty, but it's got to be tough to be sisters with jessica simpson. and then there was ashlee. i mean, just -- that's a really beautiful family. but, you know, ashlee and jessica, in my opinion, are now older. because she's got the responsibility of not just being an adult and figuring out what she's going to do for her career because as far as i'm concerned right now i don't know that she does anything, but she's got a 4-year-old so she owes it to herself and her son to get herself together. and grown parents -- i have the luxury that my parents have been
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together for 55 years so i don't know what the divorce thing is. but i think about it because it's a reality this our lives. i think once we get grown and have our own families, we need our parents but we don't necessarily need them in the household in the same bed. you know, we just need everybody to kind of get along so thanksgiving and christmas we can get together. ashlee, if your parents and you1 simpson household has you spiraling out of control, maybe you need to search from within and figure out how to get along. because the divorce is going through, you know, and your father is special. and your sister will always be the prettiest. yes, joe. jessica will always be a billionaire on account of everybody loves jessica simpson's stuff, right? so just figure it out, ashlee, and get it together. by the way, ashlee, i remember an incident spiraling many years ago. do you remember she went to a mcdonald's and she was publicly
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drunk, and she jumped on the counter and started screaming at the workers? oh, yes. it's not her first time spiraling. get it together, girl, we're all watching. [ applause ] and rooting. you know, i must be honest with you. this story with denzel washington is just -- just really caught my eye. and i mean in a good way. well, because i'm creepy like that, too. i'll tell you what it is. denzel has co-starred, as we all know, with some of the biggest names in hollywood, but he's not friends with these people. i mean, he's cordial. they do a movie. and then he moves on with his life. you know his wife. his wife has been here before, a really regular girl. he's been with her since fref. well, here's what denzel said when he was asked does he keep in touch with other actors. he said, maybe i'm not a butt
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kisser, maybe i'm not a schmoozer. i'm not about to go to a party to try 0 to get a job. and then when you have children the other friends become other parents. we'd coach baseball or basketball. my wife and i were raised right. i don't want to movie star friends. it's not saying -- he's not saying there's anything wrong with them because that's not what i mean in my heart of hearts. but since we've had this talk show, my life has changed a awhole lot. i'm 48, and i get invited with friends a lot of places but i don't go to everything. and honest to god when i tell you my favorite place to be is at my house in jersey with my kevins sewing a wig or -- no, honest honestly. sewing a wig or like -- i used to think it was really, really weird wand i was kind of embarrassed to share it and say it, but you know it works for me and i've met some really
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wonderful people in this business. but my kid is in the other room and and i'm going home, and that's the weekend. denzel, i like your style. by the way, everybody, denzel is nominated for best actor oscar this sunday for "flight." [ applause sfxt [ . >> wendy: so good luck. good luck. i don't have such good news regarding demi lovato. i'm now scared for her. well, she's back with her ex wilmer vladrama. if you know anything about wilmer, first of all, they've been linked on and off since 2010. she's now living in a sober house totally lly soebler. she's only 20 years old. wilmer is 33 and all kind of
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trouble, in my mind. only because, oh, he never dates girls his own age. he always dates these young girls. look, if he looked at you when you're 20 years old, don't you just, i'll do whatorcé you want. he's gorgeous. but really short, like 3'5". but gorgeous. and according to "us weekly" they were spotted in l.a. having sushi on valentine's day, reportedly they ordered like almost everything on the menu but didn't touch the food for at least an hour because they were busy staring into each other's eyes. see? my thing is that she is too young for him. she is trying to stay sober and keep it good. and i just -- one thing i do have to say about wilmer because he doesn't act in anything since 'that 70s show" that i know of. but he's invested well and he's
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still got cash money. so you can picture him rolling around hollywood with a string of candy to pick up young girls. well, let me tell you -- [ applause ] -- he's dated mandy moore, like a lot of these young girls. just be careful, demi, and, wilmer, wilmer -- anyway, we all find i think the way rhianna dresses interesting the very least. depending on your age, you love it or admire it or wish you could do it. but the thing about rhianna is now she's a fashion designer. i know. and she showed her first collection with the british retailer river island during londoni infashion week. well, it turns out her line is typical of her wardrobe. bell wiy chains, see-through me
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slits up to there. yes, the usual after-midnight wardrobe. [ applause ] so the critics weren't kind to her. they it called her clothing line porny, hideous and unsurprisingly slutty. another group of critics said the clothes are great and they remind her of norma kamali in the '80s. no, i don't think so. there is one thing in this line that i really like or maybe i'll try to effect myself when i'm spring cleaning and find jeans and stuff. you see these jeans right here? it ace double jeans, big jeans with little jeans sewn in the waist. they're like hot and edgy. but everything else, like what the heck? but rhianna was spotted modeling one of the outfits from her line while celebrating her 25th birthday in hawaii with that
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man. there's the model with it on, and there's rhianna with it on. excuse me, that looks great. don't hate! it looks great if they're on the beach and that's a bathing suit. but even girls rhianna's age don't want to dress like that in their minds because rhianna is a young girl. if you're a young girl and you're smart, you're straightening yourself up to get a job and be respectful and even when the sun goes down and you go to the nightclub you don't want guys to think of you in a seedy, tawdry way. so you might dress provocatively but not slutty. anyway, rhianna, good luck with your line. everybody, okay, michelle williams, not the cool white one that lives in brooklyn, i'm talking about the clumsy one from destiny's child. oh, you know she's clumsy. michelle williams is getting her
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own reality show. that's what i said. oh, i got a headache. i said the same thing. no. say it like you mean it. i like michelle. i like destiny's child. i met her and that whole bit. but according to the hollywood reporter it's going to follow michelle and her sisters and it's -- i don't know who the sisters are -- going to be called "my oiz ." it will focus on michelle making a new gospel album. no word on when they'll shoot and what network it will be on. i think she's just putting it out in the universe and she's waiting for someone to bite. michelle, there was not one person on my entire producers' hot topics staff that said they would watch. we all agree that kelly would be more washable, and we wouldn't even watch that show.
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sorry, michelle. hey, listen, we have a great show. one lucky wendy watcher is getting a "live like a star" makeover, she wants to look like her favorite celebrity katie holmes. but up next, the very enjoyable joan and melissa rivers are here. what are real moms saying
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new dove daily moisture. we've just topped our quarter pounder with even more bold new taste. you love bacon. we added thick-cut, applewood bacon to our new quarter pounder blt. now more than ever, there's something for everyone to love at mcdonald's. >> wendy: okay, so tomorrow night the third season of "joan and melissa: joan knows best" on we-tv. and this season joan makes a new friend. or is she more than a friend? take a look. >> is everything okay? >> it's what happened with shirl. i went out to dinner with her last night and some friends. >> yeah. >> anyhow, i kissed her. >> wait, wait, wait. >> i know. don't. >> you kissed shirl?
5:18 pm
>> yes. it was the moment. i like her very much. it's like the katy perry song "i kissed a girl." and i don't know if i liked it or i didn't like it. i woke up this morning with an incredible urge to play golf. >> wendy: please welcome "jocom and melissa rivers. [ cheers and applause ] hi, joan! melis melissa! i love it. love it. have a seat. >> i always bring out my favorite for you. >> wendy: it's more than the dress, which by the way is fabulous. >> i cut all my hair off. >> wendy: p me lmelissa, it loo really good. >> it was down to midback. >> wendy: you were always the
5:19 pm
bangs girl, the classic haircut, which i love also. how long have you had this? >> two weeks. >> wendy: do you love this? >> i didn't think i was going to, and i think she looks fabulous. >> wendy: yeah. you do! [ applause ] >> it's weird in the shower. >> the nice thing is she doesn need botox because it covers up. saves us money. >> wendy: so what's the deal in the clip? we say how you doin', joan? >> well, you know, why not try everything maybe? a lot of my friends -- [ cheers and applause ] at this age, and a lot of my friends are gay, and i thought, let's see what happens. also if i was with a woman, i suddenly figured out i could double my wardrobe immediately. >> your face is unbelievable. how do you think i felt? >> wendy: your mother is
5:20 pm
special! >> yeah. >> wendy: but you're special with her. i love your guys' relationship. melissa, what do you think about her kissing a woman? >> what am i going to do? >> wendy: exactly. >> first i find out after the fact and then it's like -- what do you say?li i don't want two moms. and cooper, that poor child i've got to explain enough to him. now i've got to deal with this? they already think i'm crazy at the school. >> wendy: cooler's 12 now. >> the women are starting to call him in hollywood. demi moore. hi, what are you wearing? and he says, a onesie. >> yeah, i now have, i like to say, two tweens, two people showing bad judgment. >> wendy: now your mother. >> yeah. >> wendy: so what i heard about this new season is that you are involving your ex, which cooper
5:21 pm
is the product of a marriage, melissa and what's his name? >> john. >> wendy: a horse trainer. >> yes. >> wendy: and after you guys got divorced it was kind of messed up. >> kind of? >> wendy: i'm trying to be soft. this is what i always say on hot topics. i say, it takes a moment, maybe three years -- >> ten. >> wendy: ten years. >> honestly, we split up when cooper was two years old. >> wendy: this is where boys really need their father. so john is part of the show? >> yes. >> they became friends. >> we remember why we liked each other. i don't want to live with him. he came and stayed with us for a little while and i remembered immediately why we can't live under the same roof. >> wendy: can you have the sex and then he leaves? >> i was hoping. >> no! >> wendy: it's familiar. >> no. >> you'd have another child that looks like cooper. >> we remembered why we were friends and why we were together in the first place. but i think at the end he was
5:22 pm
ready to leave and i was ready for him to leave. >> wendy: joan, how do you get along with john? >> i adore him. >> ten years. >> everybody just know out there everything mellows out. i love john. >> wendy: nice, nice. >> he's a great dad. >> wendy: we were talking about prenups on the show the other day. well, when you were married to john, did you have a prenup? >> oh, yes, i did. >> get ready to bleep. [ bleep ] right she did. absolutely! >> wendy: so you believe in prenups, joan. wow, interesting. she had a prenup, but you said, joan, you don't believe in prenups. >> but she yelled at merried wi one. >> in theory, no. in theory it says it isn't going to last. isn't that what a prenup says? >> wendy: yes. >> that's what you said to me, at least you'll work it out while you still like each other, before you hate each other.
5:23 pm
>> it's tough. marriage these days is just so tough. >> wendy: it's a crap shoot. >> oh, 50%? i just did a gay -- i'm now officiating preston and his boyfriend theo got married. can i tell one thing? they were at the empire state building at midnight on valentine's day, which is where "sleepless in seattle" and for a souvenir everybody got as a parting gift a piece of meg ryan's old face. it was so great! [ applause ] >> wendy: both of you -- >> she can do baptisms and christenin christenings. >> wendy: i love that. well, you love to work so to be out and be relevant, i know you'll be part of "celebrity apprenti apprentice." we'll get back to that. i want to talk about fashion. you're not only the fashion police, but you're a very
5:24 pm
fashionable mother and daughter. i love these two together. [ applause ] and do you borrow each other's clothes ever? >> my -- i can't fit into my mother's shoes, my feet are bigger, but i can borrow her jackets. but my mom -- my mom, though, borrows my shoes and my purses and stuff like that because i can't fit into her stuff. other than the jackets and coats. >> my breasts have dropped so much that i wear an uggs brassiere. it's like, she looks good and mine is tucked in down there. >> wendy: up next, everybody, joan and melissa, we're going to get their thoughts on the season's red carpet fashions, what we can expect at the oscars, and just more chitchat with the gi
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>> wendy: joan and melissa rivers are still here, and both of you were -- speaking of a man who's older and kissing same sex, he was on the show here the other day. he's gay now. >> yes, he's gay now. >> wendy: i know clive is your friend. >> dear friend. >> wendy: you were at the grammy party. how was it? >> oh, we had the best time. there we are. there's clive. >> and ryan and randy. >> wendy: sierra?
5:28 pm
really? where have you been? hi, ryan seacrest. >> he's just an amazing man, and the party was so great. >> wendy: hi,/ >> i love randy. >> wendy: i know, in a "hey randy" kind of way. i hear you saw ryan lochte there? >> the big story was colin k kaeperni kaepernick, the quarterback for the 49ers. that was like a bit deal. then ryan lochte was there. there's colin. they were -- >> johnny depp was lining up to take pictures of him. >> that was the biggest star in the room that night. >> then ryan lochte came over. he's like my vagina. boring when dry. >> wendy: when had you girls go to stuff like that, do you go together, or do you go separately? >> we went together. >> wendy: i like that. do you drink? oh, great! and melissa, you drink. >> not when -- someone's got to -- i'm like the adult. i'm the designated driver.
5:29 pm
i'm the one that makes sure when it's time to go. at one point she had two glasses of wine and she was sitting like this with her eyes shut. >> enjoying the music. >> wendy: enjoying the music, she said. >> mommy, got to keep your eyes open. >> wendy: that's good. i love y'all's relationship. let's talk about the oscars and some of the it girls. i care about the fashions like you do. >> it's been is up a weekend. saturday night is the premiere of "joan and melissa" on we. then monday night the fashion police special. >> a 90-minute special on the oscars. >> wendy: 90 minutes! i love that. do you prefer to be behind the scenes on fashion police. >> yes. >> wendy: you like being the boss. >> it gives me one hour a week i get to pretend to be in charge. she doesn't completely ignore it. >> wendy: we love fashion police. so let's talk about some of the biggies who will be on the red carpet. >> you've been on with us.
5:30 pm
>> wendy: and i watch every weekend. please. i laugh and i cringe because sometimes the jokes are so mean. >> not mean. >> no. truth. edgy. it's what you say to friends. >> wendy: tomato, tomato. let's talk about those who will be on the red carpet. jennifer lawrence. >> she's one of the it girls this year. she's sort of 1 and 1 going into this, one win, one loss. s.a.g. awards -- no, golden globes, horrible. >> with the breasts pointed down. this is where we're going to go. it was just, what is she doing? >> wendy: i didn't mind that dress. >> but the breasts. you're a young girl. it will happen soon enough, for god's sakes. >> then at the s.a.g. awards, amazing. she's 1 and 1. >> wendy: where's that picture? >> isn't that beautiful? and she had pneumonia and looks that good. >> wendy: do we have the picture of the woman i can't pronounce
5:31 pm
her name? jessica chastain? >> wendy: no. marion cotillard. i don't like this dress. do you? >> from the back it was slit like this. >> wendy: there it is. what is that? >> it looked like she had a fight with a midget, like a knife fight with a midget. >> wendy: who is she wearing? who is that? >> i believe that is dior at the baftas. >> jennifer lawrence and jessica chastain are both 1 and 1 going into sunday. >> she bent over and you could swipe your card. never saw anything like it. >> wendy: as usual, you girls delivered the goods. we laugh, we cry. we'll be watching. it's the third season of "joan and melissa: joan knows best." it premieres tomorrow on we-tv. up next, it's time for our "live
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>> wendy: welcome back. okay, it's time for "live like a star "audience giveaway. audience, i've got something for you! [ applause ] we have a special guest for today's giveaway, his name is michael mazzella. come on out, michael. hi, michael. >> hi, wendy. how are you doing? >> wendy: welcome to our show. audience, it's very important you listen to everything michael says. first of all, tell everyone who you a. >> well, i work at gkg productions, we produce gifting lounges surrounding the emmys, golden globes and the oscars this very weekend. i know, right? basically, the way it works is we invite the top hollywood
5:37 pm
stars to come. while they're there, we give them their own personal escort, they're brought to each table where they get the most amazing products. >> freebies, great stuff. not just anything is thrown in these. >> no. everything is divine, the best. >> wendy: so what's today's giveaway? >> we do invite everybody from fergie who's pregers now, as you know, and queen latifah. >> wendy: there she is at the gifting suite. who else is there? within queen latifah, kristin chenoweth who is amazing. >> wendy: those pictures are actually taken at the gifting suite. who's so special about today's giveaway? >> your audience will get a sneak peek at some of the products the actors will get this weekend at the oscars lounge. and your fabulous audience will actually go home with these products before the celebrities
5:38 pm
do. >> wendy: let's take the cover off, michael. [ cheers and applause ] >> p so the first thing we haves the -- oh, my. >> wendy: tell us about it. >> the first thing we have is the jose eber hair dryer. it's infrared, for $150. the next product is the breadbasket truffles. it's totally worth being fat for. love them. then we have -- now, if your eyebrows are ratchet, these will fix it up. then we have the artisan group which provides accessories, jewelry, stationery. then after that milena's candles that smell divine. >> wendy: divine. >> then finally we have the
5:39 pm
viavo avocado body polish. it's ferg-a-licious. this is part of the artisan group, all one-of-a-kind, stationery, jewelry, you got it. >> wendy: studio audience, you're going home with everything in michael's arms. viewing audience, go to my facebook page to try to be a winner. still to come, our look like a still to come, our look like a star color that's vibrant. the one and only feria by l'oreal. multi-faceted color that transforms you. triple highlights that shimmer from every angle. never dull, never flat. feria. by l'oreal paris. say "yes".
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>> wendy: time for "ask wendy." how you doin'? >> how you doin'? >> wendy: i like your mint green. >> thank you. >> wendy: how can i help you? >> i'm sarena. i have a friend, high school sweetheart, that is just recently married. i know that he still has feelings for me, but i want to date his best friend. am i obligated to tell him i want to date his best friend? >> wendy: you realize that either his wife is watching this or one of his wife's friends, and when the wife finds out, you're not -- you're going to be dead to both of then. like, you are obligated to tell the best friend, but you realize
5:43 pm
that you're playing with fire. you're still crushing him. he's still crushing you. and you want to get closer to him by dating the best friend. i know people like you, serea r. it's barking up the wrong -- date him on the other side of town. just leave him alone. >> okay, wendy. >> wendy: when his wife finds out you're crushing on her husband, you're going to have to explain it, too. >> he has to explain it, not me. >> wendy: very true. well, he's in trouble! everybody, coming up next, one lucky "wendy" watcher was given the opportunity of a lifetime to get in the morning, i give my kids carnation breakfast essentials. bye, mom! ♪ with 21 vitamins and minerals, it helps prepare them for the day ahead. it has protein and calcium to help build strong muscles and healthy bones. and kids who eat breakfast tend to make better food choices all day long.
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i can't control what happens out there, but i can help prepare them for it with carnation breakfast essentials. good nutrition from the start.
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saving time by booking an appointment online, even smarter. online scheduling. available now at >> wendy: hi! now, all month long we've been showing you how to live like a star, and today one lucky "wendy" viewer named julie is getting a makeover to 0 look like one of her favorite celebrities katie holmes. let's take a look 0 at her video. >> hi, wendy, how you doin'?
5:47 pm
i'm julie, i'm 40 years old, i'm a dental hygienist. my husband is from new york and his friends like to call me the country bum kin because i'm from iowa. we he have a big wedding coming up and i'd like to shienl and show them i'm not the country bumkin they think i am. i like katie holmes' look, i like the grace of her look. and i could maintain that after the show. thank you. >> wendy: i think that's reasonable. >> yes. >> wendy: okay, we have some people here to share the rules and the rule results from, we have fashion expert chassie post. she's been here before. and we have a new friend loreal paris celebrity hairstylist johnny lavoy. thank you, johnny. chassis, what's the key to getting katie holmes' look. i think she's gorgeous in a really peaches and cream kind of way. >> so gorgeous. katie is taking control of had her life and ashe's taking control of had her liook.
5:48 pm
she knows what works and we don't see her stray from the formula. when it comes to katie, you think chic, sophisticated, sleek. >> wendy: hair? >> johnny's got the hair covered, but it's not big and bold. it's really subtle, sophisticated, and elegant. >> wendy: streamlined. johnny, the hair. her hair always looks pretty, healthy. >> absolutely. the thing is, wendy, whenever you're going to replicate a celebrity's look you really have to commit to it and not be afraid of change. katie is not afraid of change. she's worn many different styles. currently it's longer. and the trick if you're going to wear long hair is to not go marcia brady. you want a little more sex appeal and movement. >> wendy: you like the movement, little bit of wave in it. >> yes, just like yours. >> wendy: thank you. well, julie's husband david is in the audience. hi, david. >> hello. how are you? >> wendy: are you excited to see the results of your beautiful wife?
5:49 pm
>> absolutely. as long as she's happy and excited, that makes me happy. >> wendy: well, it's time for the big reveal, everybody. please welcome dental hygienist julie. she wants to replace her country bumkin look with sleek new york city swag, just like katie holmes. come on outme. let's take a look. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: i love this. julie! julie, you look fabulous. how do you feel? >> i feel gorgeous. thank you. thank you. >> wendy: are you going to be able to do this look yourself when you get back home? >> yes. they made sure that i would know how to keep up with this look. >> wendy: very good. chass chassie, tell us about this outfit. >> good-bye, scrubs. she has such an amazing body underneath those scrubs. >> wendy: you really do, julie. >> yes! so here she's really showing it
5:50 pm
off. just as katie holmes wears really tailored looks, she looks sexy without showing too much skin. >> wendy: and the dress looks like it was made for you. it fits perfectly. >> doesn't it? katie wears a lot of dresses that may look a little plain, but if you look closely, they have great seaming, great deta. this pop of color, katie doesn't wear aa lot of color, but this pop is great to work something other than black. she's gorgeous! >> wendy: just beautiful. johnny, the hair is gorgeous. >> thank you. >> wendy: very simple. >> simple, exactly. julie is a simple girl so i wanted to give her a look that -- >> wendy: aww, not in a country bumkin way. >> no. the first thing i did was wash away mother nature's highlights. i went in with a color that was going to give her a healthy look and high-gloss, something she can do at home, easy maintenance. then i went in to give long layers to give the movement and sex appeal she needed it, curled
5:51 pm
it with the big iron to create a sexy wave. now she's red carpet ready. >> wendy: julie, you look terrific. jul julie, we have a surprise for you and your husband. thanks to our friends at regia limousine and travel, we're giving you a super-stretch limo for eight passengers to take you and your family so you arrive at the wedding in style and looking stylish. >> oh, thank you! >> wendy: have fun. >> thank you>kz much within thank you, chassie and johnny thank you, chassie and johnny for the baby's in there?
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
yep. how'd that happen? um... [ female announcer ] some things are hard for kids to digest. rice krispies are easy. because they're made of rice, which is gentle on tummies. it's simple as... ♪ snap! crackle! pop! ♪ rice krispies! am i tough? sporty? edgy? i get to be everyone i want to be because i went to jcpenney. what's your first-day look? [ female announcer ] this weekend, get $10 off when you spend $25. come find your first-day look at jcpenney.
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[captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> today on "tmz" -- so you can learn a lesson from chris brown because what chris brown says is when a is good to you -- if you were good to us.
5:56 pm
justin bieber posted a picture on his instagram of him, kevin durr apt. >> they went to his house? to justinldn't go bieber's house if you were invited? >> why? michael vick paid $111,000 to company, an elite crisis management team. playbook for his success to come back. to what specific as that intense training involves? himohn stamos, we asked what's the secret to looking so great? i'm friends with harvey. >> you could be friends with someone who looks like john stamos? absolutely. >> let's go in the jacuzzi. the hot tub is getting pretty --, the shorts are shaving chafing me. bieber, shirt search
5:57 pm
2013. there's j.b., perhaps his good friend lil tyson chandler and lil kevin durant can -- bieber posted a picture on his instagram yesterday of him, tyson kevin durant and some other random dude hanging in the backyard. it appears random nba superstars are dropping by biebs. why is kevin durant? >> wait a minute, justin bieber goes to basketball games. >> you get a bobblehead, not actual players. >> hello, tyson, how are you? you, justinure of bieber and kevin durant. how did that happen? friend of mine, i went over to his house and had a with him. justin's doing great. he's just living, 19-year-old
5:58 pm
young man. check the website. anothere there was reason the guys stopped by. >> can we state the obvious, how they look? >> what is the probability that two basketball players go to justin bieber's house and high?e not >> kevin durant is not a smoker. >> i take it back. yeah, yeah. playingess, if you were the feud, what would you do with justin bieber's house, i would the board.ld be on good answer!r, now we need a couple of others. off andustin's shirt who's this guy? photo,white guy in the he's a -- he has a shirt on. oh, my god! >> what's up. >> we have brian cowell,
5:59 pm
comedian who was in the "hangover." there's a company in honduras. >> they made their workers wear diapers to keep productivity up. >> so they didn't have to take bathroom breaks? >> harvey was like, what, ding. good idea.uch a now i know what to do. open my shop i'll productivity! my no bathroom breaks for you kids! my >> we say, are you married? go back and do anything different with your wedding, what would you do different? >> yes, i'd have that man with wedding, he'd follow me everywhere. overd these three kids run and he's dancing in front of them. playsen he, like, composure and


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