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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 19, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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> joey chestnut came in at 251 gyoza, matt stoney, the 21-year-old kid, 268. >> he killed him. >> i didn't find my rhythm. he came out hungry. >> god, he has humility and probably blocked arteries and blownout kolon. what is next for champ mean matt stonie? >> it's competitive eating. >> he is going to pooh a lot. and for joey, the eating legend says defeat has made him hungrier than ever. >> i'll come back next year, i'll win. >> nothing can stop him except a stroke or massive coronary or losing a leg to diabetes. competitive eating, it will probably make you die. better luck next year, joey. >> next year i'll work hard. >> absolutely hard.
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>> last week we were asking where michelle williams was, the third destiny's child member, remember the big conversation obviously? >> i think i was having diarrhea. >> oh, my god. >> diarrhea. >> was that my diarrhea day? i was thinking it was friday. >> that is so gross. i have got michelle, she is out in her convertible b.m.w., still doing awesome. she is driving behind the "tmz" tour bus. >> wow! i was in destiny's child, too! right here. don't worry, i'm not wearing a ra either! >> well, i guess congratulations are in order because -- >> he had lena gretzky got
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engaged. >> yay. >> wayne gretzky's pride and joy is engaged to pro golfer dustin johnson. >> instagram with a big fat diamond ring on. they have never been happier. >> forgive us if we're not excited, the question going round the office is -- >> doesn't it affect her instagram. >> like when she posts stuff like this and this and this. >> as a married woman it will be harder to be -- >> sexy, slutty. >> a fondling look back. a fond look back. ♪ ♪ >> sad day, sad day. not for you, dusty. well done. now golf back to the golf course and work on your putts. >> we all will. >> i got ben mclemore.
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making money now, do you have to shop at thrift stores? >> absolutely. >> i go, i bring up a question, it's kind of weird. how long do you brush your teeth for? is there an average? >> i have white teeth. >> very good teeth. >> two minutes. >> i wish i had the patience to do that. >> how long are you supposed to brush your teeth for? >> i could do better. maybe 45 to a minute and a half. >> i tell him, i used to date a girl, when she was done brushing her teeth, she would gag on it. that's how you knew she was, like, done. he goes i do the same thing. [laughter] >> she had a clean mouth. that's all i care about. [laughter] >> hey, buddy. thanks. >> good seeing you. >> hi, how are you? you're beautiful. >> regina hall at l.a.x.
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she is from "law-abiding citizen" a "scary movie." we asked her if you were dying at 12, what would you be doing at 11:45? >> [beep]. >> that sucks if you're a guy you like, you would die on him. >> you would finish before. >> 15-minute sex? that's it? >> 125 minutes. -- 15 minutes. 15 minutes is a misnomer of the decade. >> thank you. >> take care. >> coming up -- >> toni braxton at a concert, she gave the crowd a little more than they pd for. as she was performing -- i don't know what song it was exactly. >> "break my heart." >> yeah. >> dodgers superstars, yasiel
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puig, matt kemp and carl crawford went to miami after they lost and partied their faces off with lebron james. >> they're plang on monday night. >> they're going to destroy them. >> as long as they stop drinking like right now, they'll be ok. >> "tmz" brought to you by j.c. penneys. >> coming up -- >> going to get grounded because he hasold everyby that j.lo
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♪ ♪ >> hey, it's toni braxton in new jersey singing a song? >> is it "unbreak my heart." >> trying to "break my heart." >> who cares, this video is getting more exciting than tony broxton concert where she is singing one song we know. ready and boom! toni contractionton. >> what happened? glittery a loose gown. right in the middle of her performing, the whole back end of it falls off. >> maybe it was part of the performance? >> definitely not. everybody goes nuts when she turns around and you see her whole butt exposed. i think she is thinking they're o into the song.
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finally she goes to like pat her butt and she realizes what is going on. >> then the cover-up begins. she tries to pull it up. someone tries to fix it. she puts on some guys jacket and then the final solution, the nonholocausty one. she got naked! awesome! >> she has a full body suit on. >> it doesn't count. if she has a body suit on, that's like clothes. >> less awesome. lose the box. >> it's sheer. >> you can't see through it, right? >> it's sheer, that's what sheer means. >> i thought you said cher. >> snap out of it! >> oh, cher, gay men of a certain age love you. back to tony braxton. >> she has a great body. >> yes, she does. thanks, toni braxton, for going
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broke so you can only afford cheaply made clothing. >> robin, how are you? >> we got robin thicke at l.a.x. he is there with his son julian who is super duper cute. little blond towhead kid. >> if you had 30 seconds to say anything to the world, what would you say? >> robin thicke is one bad ass dad. he has a black jacket, he is smoking a cigarette. >> that is bad ass. >> he is absolutely careless. he is careless. >> wait a minute, he is careless? >> you mean carefree? >> no, i like careless. >> all right, plan, appreciate it. >> today on "tmz" sports, startling new evidence that superstar athletes have better lives than you. "tmz" sports, "tmz" sports. >> so the dodgers got derailed they were on a 10-game streak and got beat by the phillies. >> the kind of question that makes dodgers like yasiel puig,
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carl crawford and matt kemp take sides and fly to miami to party after midnight with lebron james until 1:00 in the morning. yep, and the dodgers are probably at the bar because -- > this spent $20,000 on vodka, petron, grey goose and champagne. >> do they have stupid on their forehead? >> they got all stupid sunday night, yo! >> they're playing on monday night. >> they're playing the miami marlins. >> that's why they went partying. >> it doesn't matter, as long as they stop drinking right now, they'll be ok. >> the marlins suck. what doesn't suck is the way lebron got to the jay-z justin timberlake concert a couple days earlier. >> the police escort on the wrong side of the street, heading to the big concert, holla. >> he is going to holler. >> hold on, hold the phone, this is wrong. >> getting a police escort to
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the concert was wrong. lebron said traffic was nuts. >> it's terrible that the police did it. it's terrible that he is bragging about it. >> oh, harve, you know rules don't apply to the rich and famous. >> it's really terrible. i mean, that's why people, that's why celebrities -- it's like at a point, come on, guys. >> celebrities, i mean, come on guys. thanks, special people. "tmz" sports. >> casper smart is going to get grounded because he told everybody that j.lo is coming back to "idol." something tells me he didn't get information to say that. >> there is supposed to be a big announcement. >> someone asked him. at least he is honest. >> i mean, can i just say is it really worth it? let's get real. >> to get j.lo back on "idol"? >> probably. >> $15 million, really? >> harvey, do you know how much er makeup and hair is a day? $35,000. > $35,000?
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[laughter] >> coming up -- >> lindsay lohan first started saying she did cocaine three or four times. now it's 10 or 15 times. she did it like for six months straight and that counts for once.
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>> i want to tell taylor swift that the bikini bottoms aren't attractive? >> they're so
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>> "tmz" online and on your phone 24/7. >> get on the "tmz" hollywood tour. our state-of-the-art bus takes you to celeb hot spots like hollywood, the sunset strip, and beverly hills. >> somebody spotted ouren the "tmz" tour. >> see where the stars hang out, where they booze, where they shop. the "tmz" hollywood tour, we show you the real hollywood. >> and now cocaine confessions with lindsay lohan. so remember when lindsay said she only blew coke three or four times. it turns out she was lying! take it away, oprah! >> so what is the truth? >> i have done it 10, 15 times. >> this interview is amazing. i have done cocaine 10 or 15 times. who counts, a, b, when you get to four or five, you start
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counting. >> exactly. >> yes, it was all part of oprah's big lindsay lohan and save the o network at the same interview. let's talk about coke. >> it's like a party thing. people would have it and i would do it. >> those 10 to 15 parties must have been epic. >> how do you know you did coke 10 times? that was number 12. >> that's why phone numbers are only 10 digits, that's as far as you can remember. >> we'll get right on that. all kidding inside, lindsay is over 100 days sober and swears she is finally headed in the right direction. >> what are you on now? >> vitamins. >> you're on just vitamins. >> yes. >> you're not on any prescription drug? >> no, no, no. i take nexium for acid reflux. >> probably from all of the cocaine. thanks, you will keep charlie
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sheen away. >> melissa mccarthy at the gym. >> when did he get so buff? >> whoa! >> he is going to kill all the jews himself! his veins are just like popping out of his arm. >> maybe that's a sign that he is living like healthy. >> or not healthy. >> i have had so many people come up to my gym saying they saw this show and they saw you guys say that people -- >> you're totally right. not everyone does it. >> yeah. they were like really offended. >> because you go to a gym where everyone is on drugs. >> no. >> coming up -- >> we got blair hamilton. >> we need to go to new york for a second. >> stop right there. >> oh, my god. [laughter]
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>> we got blair hamilton, the b.y. surfer. >> kelly slater is one of the most dominant figures in sports history. is he more dominant demand muhammad alley possibly? >> i'm dying to know what he says. >> boxing and surfing is hard to compare. kelly is as good as anybody that has ever been good as they do. >> kelly slater one more in the sport. the >> we need to go to new york for a second. >> look right there. >> oh, my god. >> harvey! >> look right there. cheers and applause] >> shaquille o'neal!
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cheers and applause] >> i'm a lawyer! [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution]
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lindsay "extra" -- comes clean.
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>> are you an addict? >> yeah. >> the drugs, the money she flushed away, the promise she made to oprah. >> do you think you can turn it around? >> yes. >> i truly believe that she believes that she is now ready. >> can she do it? dr. drew analyzes lohan's mea culpa for "extra." >> she understands this is a serious illness and she needs to do something about it. >> plus, oprah reveals her own addiction. lady gaga versus perez hilton. >> this is a crazy story. gaga says he's stalking you. >> now perez and his baby are getting desperate. >> true true-crime mysteries. a suicide atlivia newton-john's, and why this "rizzoli & isles" star took his own life. the new diana murder theory. plus, prince william breaks his silence today about baby george. >> he's a little bit of a rascal, let's put it that way. >> new pics. madonna dressed up as marie
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antoinette for her 55th birthday. "extra's" g.p.s. tracking the stars around the globe. plus trueblood's full frontal shocker. is one of the stars leaving the show? [captioning made possible by warner bros. domestic television distribution] >> welcome to extra here at the grove, i'm mario lopez. >> i'm maria menounos. coming up, two shocking suicide headlines. one involving a 29-year-old star of "rizzoli & isles," and the other involving olivia newton-john. we have all the details. >> wow. but first, lindsay lohan's oprah tell-all. i saw it and i thought lindsay looked healthy, she was forthcoming. >> oprah made a big confession too,. here's jerry. >> truthful. >> are you an addict? >> yeah. >> hopeful. >> do you think you can turn it around? >> yeah. >> remorseful. >> i have to regain the trust of people in my career. >> will lindsay's gut-spilling post-rehab interview rehab her image? >> i'm my own worst enknee, and
6:29 pm
i know that. >> no topic off-limits. >> i don't think you held anything back. >> i don't hold anything back. >> what is your drug of choice? >> alcohol. that in the past was a gateway to other things. i tried cocaine with alcohol. >> lindsay also revealing she was hooked on the adhd drug adderall. >> what are you on now? >> advice minutes. >> you're -- vitamins. >> you're not on any prescription drugs. >> no. >> no holds barred for oprah. even she's making confessions. >> i have a food addiction. >> lindsay on what it was like having millions as a teenager. like a kid in a candy store. but no one to say when to stop smacking. >> i wasted so much money. >> if i, at 19 years old, had been given $7 million, i would have completely come unglued and destroyed myself. the perception in the public is that your p


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