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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  August 20, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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him? >> no, she didn't do it to him. an accident. >> thank you. this is yasiel puig sucking hard as the dodgers got crushed crappy marlins monday night probably because he was out partying hours before the game. magic johnson's going to be pissed. >> no, no, they're fine. place.n first >> or totally cool with it? >> we have magic johnson at crustacean. so we asked him about the in miami anding then losing that same day. on, you're missing the point. it's not just losing, it's losing to the marlins. you ever eaten a marlin? >> ok, now we're definitely factng the point but the is these dodgers sucked bad,
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especially the players that the nightth lebron before. >> puig was 0-5, carson kresley kresley -- carl crawford was 1-4. >> was this a result of their hard partying ways? >> we can't say that. we got to come back and win tomorrow. they're grown men, they can hang can party. they're glen and we're having a great season so one game is not going to hurt them. don't like that philosophy at all. >> this guy bleeds blue, it's a rare medical condition, and he's also a huge dodgers fan. >> i was on the phone last night somebody high up in the dodgers organization who said hey, they do this all the time. they said it's no big deal. >> it's true. wells threw a perfect game half drunk, ellis pitched babe ruth.s.d. and was like that his whole career.
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dodgers,artying, nothing bad's going to happen. right, '86 mets? don't forget strawberry and dykstrand dykstra and and dykstra. >> we did it, people! marino, the comic, he's got this series called "burning got an emmy's nomination and he's outside of the paramount building where the is for his emmy sign dancing. >> in the street! and no shirtoutfit on. >> i'll probably go out and get like 24-6-365, one like the lord. he's screaming at everyone. me!onsider i love you. >> do people recognize him?
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no. >> it's just an honor to be nominated. >> kanye. god, it's kanye west and this photog's going to talk it's time foreans who wants to get screamed at/kicked in the face by kanye west? >> kanye west, he's going to his his he's got a phone to head. >> this photog should back away slow like because remember what happened before. >> don't talk. i don't want to hear paparazzi talk to me. great kanyeas the west "don't even think about talking" edict of 2013. >> everybody never talk. don't talk to themselves, don't talk ever againiment and he meant business because the next kanye smashed! but fast forward to monday and photog dared to open his his almightyt of
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yeezus. >> give kim our best. trackshe stops in his and there's that glar like i'm going to snap on you. we all know what comes next. cue the blood bath! and kanye turns that frown smile!down into a you're the man. >> he goes from this mad dog glare to a little smile, a little giggle. day, hissmiling this like is growing just congenitaln with a heart defect. >> he smiled. >> that's the softer side? soft as we're going to get. thanks for the smile, kanye, say hi to kim. >> never talk. right. sorry. what's funny? her best jessica alba
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pose on a boat on the south of france. well.on is there, as >> that back is too skimpy to be on a boat with a kid, man. >> no way! i thought you were the one who a problem with someone not wearing a top with her baby around. >> that's nature. at the ass? >> i'm looking at how nice it must be being there. you don't get to do this. we get to do this. can do that. you could quit right now and do life.or the rest of your >> i care about you guys -- >> awwww! could afford for all of us to be living in st. tropez. coming up -- >> miami-dade police department, into thetigation lebron james private escort to the jay z-justin timberlake concert. they finally fessed up to it. with basketball
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players. >> bryan cranston. >> we have this picture of him school and he was on the chemistry club. unbelievable.t >> he was on the meth club, too. >> tmz brought to you by office depot. >> coming up -- >> gottfried at equinox. >> talk about your favorite subject, bro, black people. >>
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>> it's "tmz's" yearly yearbooks of yesterday. take you to canoga park high school in the early 1970's bunchat a fine looking of -- wait a moment. this young man there, is that? say my name. >> bryan cranston? >> you're damn right. inyeah and bryan was engaged extracurricular activities like the school newspaper and -- >> the chemistry club. oh! chemistry club. there he is, awesome and he was chemistry teacher on "breaking bad" which is more awesomer. cranston may be his method acting. >> method acting, get it, the show he -- you get it. >> what loser joins the chemistry club? tread lightly. >> you know what, that's a crappy thing for you to say? what the hell do you do in chemistry club? do you talk about how you're not getting laid? i thought the same thing but you look next to him, there's a cute chick, dude. looking at you, d.
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lauden. there's all kinds of stuff you can do in chemistry club. like -- we don't know. >> were you in chemistry club in high school? i was too interested in being cool to do it but looking back, i wish i had. what would that have added to your life? like $100 million if i genome. the human >> bryan cranston was in the chemistry club. >> and he's an actor. well done, canoga park and !hank you >> godfrey at equinox. we get to talk about your subject, bro, black people. >> you don't understand my connection. >> i don't. so we go -- >> do you have a theory as to rarely see black people go to rehab?
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show we're want to weak. >> it's considered weak? >> black community, we don't need rehab because we got jesus. >> you told me once i wish i was atheist so i could be a better liberal like you. freeing because i feel like you could do anything. i woulde legit atheist, do whatever the [beep] -- >> that is ridiculous. the only thing stoppingdoing baf your belief in god? the reason i've made decisions not to do certain is because ilife walk with jesus christ. >> you're a bad person. >> i really appreciate it, brother. >> startling new evidence has light regarding lebron james' unprecedented police concert. the jay z >> they thought they were doing
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the right thing by ushering him concert? >> how so? >> because thousands were held hostage by a mad man. not bane. he was strong. we mean this mad man. turns out jay z said that he concert until his lebron james arrived. >> yes. lockdownthe stadium on until the cops hand delivered his boy to the show. basically stopped traffic, they let him go the wrong way on a street to get to a concert. >> correct. their excuse is going to be they didn't want to start a riot. riots, traffic, can you imagine the hell these motorists went through! there may be somebody who needed to get to an appointment it because of lebron james. >> who has an appointment at 10:00 p.m. on a saturday. the 10:00 to 10:30 miami-dade the dialysis clinic.
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crowd wentu the crazy and clapped. >> it's wrong. >> yes, despite what these no-good kids think but one it doesn't sure, suck to be lebron james. >> holler. >> holler, indeed. thanks pretty lights. mercury mark. he was a full running back for finns, -- dolphin s, the nfl team that went undefeated. >> what are you looking forward to at white house? good time. >> the 1972 dolphine finally get their whitevisit. they're making up for it. >> if you could bri t you would do it. -- never goes to the white
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house. he makes a point. >> you don't even play the day.s you talk crap on all >> our sports are sports, not lieber activities. ultimateys are the champions. >> thank you, man. >> all right. >> coming up -- romeo in calabasas. we say, happy birthday. for yourou want birthday? he says i want a hot date with selena gomez which i find because he's bieber's friend. >> i thought he's still with selena gomez. when did that happen? >> did you get the news letter?
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>> "tmz" online and on your phone 24/7. and now, hey, isn't that bieber's piece? starring the celebrity who's trying to steal selena gomez from justin if they're even still together. he's still with selena gomez. when did that happen? >> who cares. gunning formeone is selena and that person is. >> happy birthday, bro. 24. lil romeo? >> i did not see that coming! romeo in calabasas. >> romeio was celebrating the
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big 24 with a lat at a when he asked -- >> what do you want for your birthday? >> a hot date with selena gomez. >> romeo is officially after bieber's kicks and that's interesting because -- he's bieber's really good friend. >> that is interesting that he said that. like the girl version of me, man. she's amazing. amazing?d, she's she said that. >> that breaks the bro code. you can't have sex with the you're friends with. mac. works for fleetwood >> she should go out with you. it would be perfect. two star-crossed lovers, just like romeo and juliet only alive and not white and you're both children. thanks, chick stealer. good birthday. >> coming up -- >> we have mason plumly, a basketball player. >> what happened to your dog? i know.
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i'm so sad about it. >> i think it was disturbing. going to stab that dog.
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>> closed captioning and other consideration for "tmz" provided by --
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>> mason plumlee is a basketball player, just drafted, going to brooklyn. we go -- >> the owner of your team said that he was going to crush mark cuban in the kickboxing competition. >> prokhorov is the russian guy. cuband he would get mark in the ring, kick his ass. >> what happened to your dog? i'm so sad about it. >> his name was ralph. peace, ralph. >> i think it was disturbing. day you were out, i was going to stab the [beep] out of that dog. we were throwing things at it. >> why? >> it's stupid! human guys are horrible beings. >> you can't defend that doll over there moving all the time. it! it, kill kill him!
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oz to the extra" dr. rescue. how he saved a tourist mowed down by a runaway new york taxi. >> literally 30 feet from the accident. >> kim kardashian and baby northwest out of hiding. is kim quitting her reality show? >> is there any truth to that? >> kris jener is here answering every kardashian rumor. the calling's lead singer abducted andeld at gunpoint. >> did you think they were going to kill you? >> and kim k's friend beaten over his half million dollar watch. >> dick van dyke's miracle escape from a car crash. how he survived.
6:28 pm
a headline news anchor targeted with death threats. her scary brush with a crazed jodi arias fan. was lindsey ratings gold or poison for oprah? >> i am my own worst enemy. >> and chicago fire's secrets and spoilers. >> they call me the new george clooney. >> hey everyone, welcome to "extra" here at the grove, i am mario lopez. >> i am maria menounos. three stars attacked and all are lucky to be alive today. >> first, you want to talk about luck, a tourist is alive in big part due to dr. oz. >> a new york cab jumped a curb and plowed into a crowd. >> horror on a manhattan sidewalk. a runaway taxi plowing through
6:29 pm
a crowd near rockefeller plaza. dr. oz racing into the scene, jumping into the middle of it. this cab jumped a curb and hit several people, including a british tourist whose foot was severed. dr. oz heard the commotion and rushed in to help a plumber who was using a belt on the woman's leg. >> we all ran down together. >> his car a burning wreck. dick van dyke slumped over the wheel. tmz with the unbelievable scene. the legendary actor escaping after his car caught fire on a l.a. freeway. he was pulled from the car by a passing motorist. this video posted by dick's wife. >> lindsay lohan ratings juggernaut for oprah delivering double own's normal


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