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tv   NBC Nightly News  NBC  August 22, 2013 6:30pm-7:00pm EDT

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>> the blue is for ethan and the pink's for my mom. interview shedding light the manelationship with who killed them. family friend james dimaggio and why she texted him the day he abducted her. him the address so he knew where he could get me. thank everyone who helped find me that. >> had my home town of san diego country,d, the whole for that matter. >> we are hours away from the tv of kim and kanye's baby north. are you surprised they're doing on kris' show? >> absolutely not. wanted to go out with a bang and this will get a lot of attention and hopefully viewers a sneak peek for you at kanye's new interview. timeirst words in a long that haven't ended with him punching a cameraman. kim. west melting over >> i just dreamed about being ixt to her and any time could. >> smiling about his girl and gushing about their baby daughter. my joy and she brought
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my new joy into the world and just try to get home early to be around my family. jenner's talkis show couch going the about all the k-dash chaos. knows you don't like paparazzi, why would you be with this person and i'm saying i'm because i this person love this person and she's worth to me. >> but is it worth a lawsuit? >> come on, kanye, be cool, man. >> for the first time, we're daniel ramosdeo shot during the infamous airport decidedwn, authorities not to prosecute bue -- but the filed these papers claiming assault and battery. >> i felt he was going to attack me. kris defending kanye. >> he is such a great guy and great member of my family. our first look at the new member of the family. >> i don't want to start jumping here. down on the couch >> we'll have it tomorrow on "extra." school tomth the old
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cruise reference right there. all right. it was fight night on "america's stern and" as howard howie mandel got into it a little bit. >> you know howard's never to say what he thinks and the tension may have started at a dinner party howard threw at his house. tony dovolani got the full story backstage after the show. sure, america's got talent but the juds? >> you guys disagree a lot. ever haveuld never, said that. >> it's not about me, it's about them. gloves come out and fists come out. >> howard getting tough with with his lovie dovie wife, beth. >> she's been here every single week. >> she's incredibly hot and i love her. who knew howard was such a romantic. >> every holiday you make cards for me. >> yes, always do. and he takes pictures and prints them out and pastes them. seene thing you'll never him scribable in those cards. poetry. not into >> which she watches "the bachelor" and one of those guys reading poetry.
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>> don't ever write me a poem. keep peace on to the panel, inviting the judges over to dinner. >> do you think the supreme court gets together and parties? >> what happened at howard's party? >> heidi and mel, an hour and 15 minutes late. were late. you >> i know. it wasn't my fault, though. >> that is the end of any more my place. >> you'll get over it. >> howard happy with the acts moving on to next week's semifinals. >> i'm america's judge. i know how america thinks. of america's judges, including our favorite video bomber back in action tuesday on nbc. >> don't call him r.patz anymore. robert pattinson says he's not a fan of his famous nickname. >> i get it. nicknames,se sometimes they're cool, sometimes they're not but they come with the territory. thing i'm pretty sure robert like is his new gig and we've got the pictures to prove it. one down and dirty
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makeout session for a movie. and mia wasikowska filming a movie, "mapsir new betterstars," and they be on the lookout for hate mail from crazy "twilight" fans. from material girl to golden girl. madonna rocking a gold grill in where she stopped by to hard candy fitness center. three words. beyonce, brazil, bikini. gigupcoming latin american on the upcoming mrs. carter tour. and alec and hilaria baldwin time with this bundle of joy before hilaria gives birth.
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a.j. calloway with the couple baby.heir new hilaria is ready for baby baldwin to be born. come to >> any day now, hilaria. >> in just three days, moving's hottest stars invading. katy perry, j.t.e and miley and gaga performing. she's so ready to blast off. >> lady g always brings a shock show. when she sits down, she'll be sitting next to katy, selena with divist -- taylor swift for and everyoneout waiting for these guys. >> it's the v.m.a.'s. rumoredcers keeping the reunion hush, hush but at planetkeep fans
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hollywood resort and casino quiet about it. >> i want you out that door, baby, bye bye bye. >> it all goes down this sunday on mtv. new video inside tina turner's top secret swiss wedding and the bombshell tina dropped on oprah. >> be careful how i say this. robin williams crazy interview about his tv return and why you'll never see him wearing google glasses. hers jackson's new name, new life revealed. >> "extra" brought to you by sargento natural cheese.
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>> coming up, robin williams teams up with buffy. endedw interview that with what might be the best sales pitc >> time to test someone in our crowd here. the subject, music. the question is, which singer holds the all-time record for a soloncert tickets as
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performer? >> genie is going to play with us today. madonna, michael jackson, or tina turner? jackson.l >> i would think the same thing. it's actually tina turner. >> crazy, right? tina's been around since the 1960's. she's doing a rare interview oprah, talking all about her recent wedding. and erwin bach's interview. >> i saw you talking about the old days with ike, is it hard for you to hear? touching on the years of by ike and grilling turner on whether the queen of rock and roll truly is retired. how hard was that to hang up the shoes? >> i have to be careful how i say this. tina open, as always. she's never hid from her story. withhe walked out on ike just 36 cents and a gas card in 1978 and never looked back.
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now, an unbelievable 73, tina fortune,lion dollar those legs and the one thing oprah never thought she'd have again, a new husband. >> i literally went, what? >> tina and erwin had been yearsy unmarried for 27 like oprah and stedman. tina's wedding, big, beautiful in the reason o was switzerland when she got the pretty woman treatment from the ignorant shop keep. a great time in switzerland other than that moment and i went next door and bought another bag. oprah's a great support, a great friend, now. what can one want from a person that does as much as she does. >> how about your very own interview. watch tina sunday night on o. >> from a singing legend to comedy legend. this fall, robin williams returns to prime time tv more than 30 years after "mork and mindy" ended. interview is any indication, get ready to laugh. hen mork left earth for ork,
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left tv. >> it's been 32 years since i'vee been on a television series. >> robin williams making his tv "the crazy ones." me.e, me, >> it's a dream gig for co-star williams fan sarah gellar. a chicago ad man and his daughter. >> my name is on the door now. >> they're at a crucial point potentially losing a major client. >> robin hoping future story features tech products. >> like google glasses. it will be when you have google glasses, hi, hold on text.nt, just getting a >> you ok? >> everything's great. of "the crazy
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ones." >> please watch it. >> she's got children. >> so does he. i've got bills. >> mortgage. >> alimony. calldon't know what you it, it's more like making payments and stuff. please help. >> watch. >> coming up, jane have a less takes on the crime time headlines. from pretty little killer josey arias to the real inmates of new jersey. >> if she goes to jail she'll lose her tan. >> michael jackson's kids today. >> next. now, an "extra" exclusive, your first look at carly rae jepsen's new music video, "part of your world." the full video is up at >> "extra's" like no other show on television. >> we've got all the moments. >> all the action on the red
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6:44 pm "extra," the world premiere of kim and
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>> get ready to shake your head if you sawon't know this, mario, convicted killer jodi arias has started a book club from behind bars. >> look out, oprah. i tell you what, she has a lot of time on her hands to be reading. going to check's out the new book written by one outspoken critics, hln's jane valez jane valez mit. she stared evil in the face and asked how does this happen. >> nobody comes out of the womb evil and the question i ask is evilid she become in sick killer? >> jane valez mitchell taking on today's headlines. >> if she goes to jail, she'll lose her tan. her sights, joe and teresa giudice. >> the problem with these thinky tv stars is they they're working with play money. are don't understand there
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consequences to their wild overspending. hernandez facing consequences, indicted today for murdering their friend. who has such a fabulous life can destroy it with violence like this, why? jane saving her biggest shocker for last, oscar pistorius, the blade gunner. she thinks he may walk. >> when i look at that story, will justicerried, be served? will his fame overshadow everything else and make the powers that be look the other way. >> another person jane has been talking about a lot recently, jackson. >> yeah, she has. today we are learning more about paris' secret new life. life, new name, say hello to frankie. now a the alias paris, redhead, is reportedly using at therapeutic boarding school in utah. her brother, prince, keeping quiet. reports are she's doing well in
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intensive therapy 78 days after her suicide attempt. >> overdose. >> someone at the $14,000-per-month school leaked new pics of paris. we've chosen not to show them. rowe, threatening to sue whoever sold out her daughter. with paris wasd tragic. it was a cry for help. jackson family therney weighing in on jackson family drama. >> debbie rowe, does she have an to adopt paris? >> that would be the wrong way to go. if she has a relationship with forward, it will be good for paris. >> are you keeping up with the a.e.g. case? i'm believing she'll walk away with a lot of money. shakedown.s like a >> no, i don't agree with you. a higher duty to look behind the screen and say who is tosuy and what is he
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michael? >> new details on the billion michael? >> new details on the billion dollar
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this is the moment i knew... ...his future had no boundaries.
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sheldon, you're wrong. wolverine was not born with bone claws. howard, you know me to be a very smart man. don't you think if i were wrong, i'd know it? okay, first of all... give it up, dude. you're arguing with a crazy person. i'm not crazy. my mother had me tested. hey, guys. what are you doing here? what do you mean? it's new comic book night. yeah, but since you and penny finally hooked up, we thought you two would be having bouncy naked yum-yum night. there's more to life than sex, raj. okay, who had "leonard flames out with penny in less than 24 hours"? i did. nothing flamed out. we don't have to have sex every night, you know. you don't have to, but it's highly recommended. yeah, take advantage of that window of opportunity
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before it slams shut on your little dinky. it's not a matter of opportunity. we're getting to know each other. there's a learning curve. what's there to learn? you get naked, do nasty things to each other, then somebody makes scrambled eggs and salami. easy peasy. perhaps what leonard is obliquely referring to is the occurrence of some sort of sexual dysfunction. okay, who had "leonard gets a floppy disk"? oh, a clever-- albeit obsolete-- euphemism for insufficient blood flow to the male sex organ. (singsongy chuckle) nothing like that happened, all right? the sex was... just fine. just fine? oh, dude, the fourth harry potter movie was "just fine." i'm not saying it was bad. i'm just saying it... wasn't great. okay, when you say "it wasn't great," do you mean for both of you? because we can totally see it not being great for her. am i right? oh, yeah. to tell you the truth, i think we were both a little-- i don't know... disappointed? let down? ashamed? horrified? repulsed? all i know is, it wasn't the way i dreamed it would be.
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