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tv   Today  NBC  August 24, 2013 7:00am-8:30am EDT

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the work to ride program has afforded them scholarships to a very prestigious high school. >> i realize polo is very important to me, but if i want to succeed in life and do anything great, i have to be a great student. se mour this is his second year he's offered a scholarship as well. >> we never had opportunities to a prestigious military academy not just this program. >> not just a matter of getting the grades. also a matter of trying to get the kids on a path to college. >> the boys take pride in what they have accomplished so far. and they plan on helping other kids in the program achieve their dreams as well. >> i am sort of a role model now to the upcoming children here in the program because when i was younger i looked up to all the other guys and i wanted to be just as good as they were. >> message for any kids was to stay in school. try to get into something positive. >> you're a role model. and the fact that they are such
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a good talented group of young men, they provide a lot of quality maybe other kids might want to emulate. >> allows them to have a bright future ahead of them. a future they never dreamed possible when they were growing up in the inner city. >> national championship series it's one of my goal to cornell for as long as i'm thinking about college. >> i knew what i would be doing. always have polo in mind. >> going to play polo the rest of my life. >> my goal is definitely to get back to where i came from. i've never got what's given to me and this whole opportunity came about. >> i think when you find something you like doing in like that you really have a passion for, it totally changes who you are and helps you become who you want to be and the fact they're the only african-americans
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playing polo in the country, i think that helps it out some. kind of special. >> message is to not ever give up. the sky's the limit. i think that's true. whatever you put your mind to, you can do. >> coming up, she's tumbling her way to the top. way to the top. and wherever your summer takes you... twist the ride. with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. it also repels most ticks before they can attach. the leading brand kills, but doesn't repel. a tick that isn't repelled or killed may attach and make a meal of u get veterinarian recommended k9 advantix ii! more than 50 times a day? so brighten your smile a healthy way
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welcome back to "the young icons". >> i'm a world champion power tumbler and a national competitive cheer leader. >> wasn't even two years old when she and her parents realized she had a natural born talent. >> when she was growing up, she just was tumbling. we go down the street. instead of walking she would be doing cart wheels or a hand stand. figured out early on she was pretty athletic. >> i was 18 months old when i started gymnastics. i have always been a tumbler. i've tried a lot of different sports but gymnastics and cheer are my favorite. >> it's a challenge to do two sports at the same time. >> i think people have come to realize that gymnastics and support but cheers people can just high school cheer are going
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to be pep pi. it's not like that anymore. we come in the gym hours a week and we practice and go to florida and dallas even for competition. and we work really, really hard. and people don't realize that. >> her coach realizes what an asset she's been to the cheer leading team. >> when she first gets here, she's obviously already talented aside from the gymnastics and the stunting and dancing, she really applies herself in all aspects and make tumbling the focus. she wants to be a good all around athlete and accelerate in cheer leading. >> we all have really great relationships. i've been fortunate enough to have great coaches. when i come into the gym, it's really fun. i mean, we work hard, obviously. but have a good time. >> she's a young icon because she is an exceptional athlete. she's well-talented. she's humble and that's the best
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attribute about her. >> becoming a nationally ranked power tumbler and competitive cheer leader takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice. it's her parents that have stood by her side every step of the way. >> there's a lot going on. a lot of different activities as well as school. which is very demanding. i believe that as a family we really try to manage her time and get her to be able to do things and do extracurricular things with her friends as well as achieving the things she has in life such as winning championships in russia, france and canada. i mean, for a parent to see that, you see your child succeed at high levels, it's great. >> and with all of these extracurricular activities, she can't forget about her school work. >> education is always important. i do know that i need to do good in school. >> she sees herself as a role model to other young kids. even with her busy schedule, she makes sure to give them a portion of her time as well.
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>> i find time to give back to kids that look up to me. i answer e-mails and return phone calls. it's important for me to give back to other people because i know that they need positive feedback and i want to be just as nice to them and tell them thank you. they help me get better. >> she has so much going on every day and at just 15 years old, it's amazing that this young icon isn't busy yet. >> i think for the most part she's very humble. and she's at that level. >> we would like to see her go off to college and achieve dreams in cheer leading or power tumble or anything she wants. >> the most important thing is i try to stay humble with all the awards i win. and i try to inspire kids
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through my sport. >> surfing and skating, searching the competition by sea and by land. >> i'm only 11 years old, but when i compete. [ inaudible ] >> not morning for two or three hours and then i go, come home and do what i do for that day and then i go skate. when i started putting more focus and serious with it, doing
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flips and 11 now. >> like many kids in southern california, he caught the waves early. he's doing something special. >> skating he was 4 years old. i remember him doing his first contest when he was 4 years old. didn't make the finals, but to myself i thought, you know what, he's going to take it when he's 5. and he did the next year. when i used to surf growing up it was all about surfing and skating. because you surfed, you skated. and that's kind of where it started anyway. not quite like that but i figured for my kid it's going to be. >> and just 11 she's competing in two sports. and thanks to his big time sponsors, he has a closet full of clothes and equipment to show for it. but all the fame make change.
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>> it's a lot better just to have fun doing what i love to do. you have to not just stay running you have to keep on trying until you get it and not just give up. so you definitely have to work hard. >> who's keeping him so grounded? his family of course. and the family that surfs together, skates together too. he also goes by coach. >> only 11 years old and competed like twice a week.
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>> and makes sure his feet are firmly planted on the ground. >> if you start contest you can have fun and not worry about winning and stuff. >> so with children like this, dad knows too well his future is ready to soar. >> got the surfing and the skate industry willing to stand behind him because they know that he's a young icon. and their plans are to have an adult icon. >> some day i would like to be a pro surfer and skater and have fun and do better each contest. >> this young icon isn't waiting. and the competition better keep
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practicing. next, from high school to a college scholarship, he's heading to oklahoma to make a name for herself. name fo[ female announcer ] allergy congestion? allegra-d d-congests, d-pressurizes so you can breathe. a fast, non-drowsy antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. allegra-d. d-fense against allergy congestion.
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welcome back to the young
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icons. >> hey guys, i'm 17 years old and i play softball. >> when she was a little girl just starting out in softball, she probably never dreamed that a full college scholarship could be in her future. >> i've been playing softball since about 8 years old. i started with soccer. and then picked up a ball. made the all star team and just took off from there. i was a tomboy when i was younger. i always wanted to compete with the guys. i was always playing dodge ball or kick ball. i really found a sport that almost is identical to baseball, but i wanted to show the guys i can do this. what i love about softball is a chance to be on the field with my teammates. it's very challenging. it brings out the best in me. you make great friendships that you carry on throughout your life. i love everything about softball. >> she's a very energetic very happy kid. she was always happy when she was on the ball field. >> a constant perseverance,
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lauren has become an all-star student and athlete. now she wants to become a mentor for other up and coming young softball players. >> there's a lot of pressure to constantly perform. >> she broke records year after year. we would like to help her with her homework. we like to feel she understands she's studying. we'll go and take a look at the chapter she's reviewing. >> i think education is important for any athlete. athletics is a short-term career. for any athlete retirement with an injury alone. i think it's important to have an education to take advantage of the opportunities that come from athletics. >> time management is huge. you know when you need to get your studying done and when i can hang out with my friends. right now school comes first. family and school first. top priority. and then softball and friends. it's something i've done a pretty good job of balancing my whole life. my family keeps me very level
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headed. reminding me you can be at your best one day and then the next day at your very worst. but you have to keep a balance to your life. been extremely supportive of everything i do, but when you get caught up in the accolades and stuff like that, they definitely bring me down to earth. a lot of people pump me up. >> lauren has proven herself to be an exceptional player and team member. something her coaches will always remember her by. >> she stands out because she has unique qualities such as very passionate and very unszing. she embraces that. four different tournament championship but it's also been exciting to see her win a spot on the junior world national team. >> i've traveled many places with my teams. we've been to oklahoma, texas for nationals. recently i went for the all-america game. after that we went to bogota,
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columbia, and we won our gold medal there. >> as she winds down her high school career, lauren is ready for the next chapter of her life which will play out in oklahoma. >> i will be attending university of oklahoma. i got a full ride there. i'm looking to go into broadcast journalism. i'm so excited for it. it's going to be a lot different than orange county, california, but i'm ready for that change. >> i think that lauren is a young icon because of her success so far. she's a great example. and i think that if any young person could be in her shoes, they would absolutely know where they're at. >> i would say i'm a role model basically because of the way i carry myself. i am respectful. i am proactive about life. i want to get the best out of life and myself. i push other people to be their best. >> i think the thing that makes me proud of lauren as a person is her ability at a young age to handle all the pressure and attention.
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- we found evidence of monsters you can see... - and monsters you can't. - i'm on the trail of something straight out of a nightmare. but i didn't dream this. - it was a tall creature. - his eyes were just as red as fire. - is there a half man, half lizard in the swamps of south carolina? if there is, i'm gonna find him. - and i'm on the hunt for monsters that are so tiny they're invisible. - are you ready to see what's been living in your headquarters? - and doubting dave uncovers a secret about another famous monster. - it's alive! [ laughing ] - this is mystery hunters!
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swamps near bishopville, south carolina. this is where one of the strangest cases involving a swamp creature ever took place. it happened over 20 years ago, but some people remember it as if it happened yesterday. liston truesdale was the sheriff of lee county for over 19 years. he was the man in charge of the investigation when the lizard man first appeared. - something had really chewed up an '85 ford. - around the same time, reports started to come in of a tall, terrifying creature with red eyes lurking near scape ore swamp. - immediately, we started looking for this creature. and if there was something like that in the neighbourhood, we certainly wanted to know what it was and put a stop to it.
7:30 am
- one of the most convincing reports was given by 17-year-old chris davis who said he encountered the lizard man one night on his way home from work. - we recorded everything he said. - "i was driving late that night "coming home from work when i "saw it, a huge lizard creature that walked upright like a man." - [truesdale]: what colour was it? - "black, green." - can you describe his face? - "eyes, red eyes." - what else can you tell me about what you saw? - "huge clawed hands, like 7-feet tall!" - and i have the original drawing right here that he drew. - mm-hmm. after chris's confession, more and more people came forward with their stories. frank mitchell is a pilot. he was taking off one day, when he saw something amazing. - it was a tall creature, and it just simply walked across the runway with, kind of, a lump. and i never have seen it again. however, i can still hear strange sounds in these woods at night. - so, george, can you tell me what you saw? george plyler was in his car
7:31 am
when he saw something peek out from behind a tree. - it was peeping out from behind tree at me, eyes bright, red as fire. it was like red-hot fire coals. - "eyes, red eyes." just like chris davis said. - three pronged toes. - and he says 3 fingers, just like in chris's drawing. - i never saw anything like that before in my life. - this is where chris davis first saw the lizard man. could there be a clue to this mystery here? - something had really chewed up the car. - "i was driving late that "night coming home from work when i saw it." - it turned its head and looked right at the airplane coming as if to say: "what are you doing?" - hmm, a lot of these stories about the lizard man involve vehicles like cars or a plane. is there something about them that gets him angry? breaking news! look, i just got a call from sheriff truesdale. he said another car has been
7:32 am
attacked. looks like the lizard man's back! - i'm on the trail of monsters. no, not big ones. today, i'm looking for monsters that are so tiny you can't even see them. that's right, micro-monsters! could they be all around us right now? this ancient japanese book is called the harikikigaki. the book describes these microscopic monsters that are all around us, even in our bodies. according to the book, each monster has its own special power. this one is the kanshaku, the angry-faced bug. it lives in the liver. this is the jinshaku, a ferocious creature that can make us sick.
7:33 am
in fact, the book says there are 63 different kinds of monsters and they live all around us, including in our bodies. could this be true? if it is, the book also shows us a way of how to control them. but could it be a little painful? i have a meeting with dr. kokubo. he practices a form of asian medicine called acupuncte, and he knows all about harikikigaki. - hello, christina. - oh, hey! can you tell me a little bit about acupuncture? - well, instead of giving you medication, i can help you by sticking needles all over your body. - whoa! ok! if there are tiny monsters in my body, i hope this doesn't make them angry. - just because you can't see micro-monsters, doesn't mean you can't teach them tricks.
7:34 am
all right, roll it back. come on! so i'm gonna show you 2 tricks you can teach them yourself-- up! --to start your own micro-monster circrc. trick #1: micro-monster on a can. ask an adult to make a small hole in the top and bottom of an empty coffee can. cut a thick rubber band open and thread a heavy nut onto it. then, tie the rubber band back together. poke one end of the rubber band through the bottom of the can and slide a paper clip under the exposed loop to keep it from slipping back in. do the same on the other side, and you're ready to perform the micro-monster on a can. with a pair of tweezers, pretend to pick up a micro-monster, but don't really pick up anything. put your imaginary micro-monster on the can, then roll the can away from you. the heavy nut
7:35 am
inside will made the rubber band wind up, and when the can stops, the band will unwind. the can will roll backwards, and will look just like your micro- monster made it happen. trick #2: micro-monster body builder. find a micro-monster that's super strong. get one of your parents to give you a small vase and drop the micro- monster into it. now find a piece of rope... then lower one end of it into the vase and command the micro- monster to hang on. the micro- monster should keep a firm grip, and if he's really strong, you might even have trouble getting your rope back. wow! you don't actually need a micro- monster for this, but you do need a small rubber ball. secretly keep the ball in your vase, and when you want to perform this, lower one end of the rope in the vase. then, slowly turn the vase and the rope upside down. when the vase is just past horizontal, the ball will roll towards its mouth
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and get wedged in against the rope. turn the vase upside down and the rope will stay stuck inside. in fact, it's so stuck, you can even hang the vase from the rope. so there you have it, 2 great tricks to help you start your own micro-monster circus. tricks to help you start your own micro-monster circus. and who knows, once the word
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- i'm investigating the lizard man, a terrifying creature that first showed up 20 years ago. it seems like every time someone sees him there's a car in the picture. look, i just got a call from sheriff truesdale. he said another car has been attacked. could the lizard man be back? it looks like this monster's got a thing for cars. look. what kind of animal could have done that? this car is pretty badly damaged by what looks like bite marks. and there are a lot of scratches here, too. and they found traces of blood. - hi! - hi, dixie. dixie rawson is the owner of the car. could she have seen the lizard man at work? do you have any idea who, or what, might have done this? - you know, i don't, but i've got 2 cats, blinky and jake. i believe they do. - what do you mean? - well, i had a lot of cats. i had about 19-20 cats. i think some got up underneath the car,
7:40 am
and whatever came here was after the cats. whether he got 'em or not, i don't know, but they're gone. we called the sheriffs, they came, they took blood samples, and they said they'll let us know if they can find out what did it. - ok, lizard man, this is getting personal. if the monster is back, well, maybe i can catch him... at least on camera. so i decided to put an ad out in the local paper: "anyone with information, please come forward." and they did. ok, first one. what information do you have about the lizard man, nicole? - he likes butter beans. - butter beans? - we found a lot of dead snakes on the side of the road. you know, a snake is close to a lizard, which is also a reptile. i don't think he likes seeing dead snakes. - lizard man likes shiny things, you know, like a crow. - my garden is very often rifled through. and yet, i have
7:41 am
kitties, so i know it's not the rabbits. - do you have any advice for any travelers in terms of the lizard man? - stay away from the swamp. [ chuckling ] that's my best advice. - it looks like the lizard man may still be around, and i just picked up a few tips on how to catch him. - lizard man likes shiny things. - [christina]: this ancient japanese book says there are tiny monsters living inside our bodies, but it also says that they don't like needles. - a bit nervous? - i am a bit nervous. if there are any in my body, i'm gonna try and get their attention. here we go. - how do you feel? - oh, it's nothing. - nothing, right? yeah. - acupuncture isn't as bad as i imagined. - so when the needle goes in,
7:42 am
quite often you feel the muscle twitching. - oh yeah! ah! and i'm keeping on the lookout for any microscopic- monster activity. you feel, like, your muscles inside acting so weird. - twitching, right? - yeah. could that be the micro-monsters acting up? i feel like my back is so warm. dr. kokubo, in the harikikigaki it says that there's monsters that are living inside of us. is that true? - this text book was written over 400 years ago. - dr. kokubo tells me the ancient japanese had observed that very big illnesses often came from very small things. - they could imagine the so-called monsters. - the ancients could only imagine the micro-monsters, but today we can see them. and i'm on my way to do just that. this is dr. needham. he's a microscopic explorer.
7:43 am
hey, dr. glen. - hey, christina, did you bring what i asked for? - right here. - great. - is this all right? - yeah, now we can see what's living in your headquarters. - ok. is it possible that there were tiny monsters all around me and i didn't even know it? ok. no way! - the lizard man isn't the only half man, half animal people say they've seen. just ask 10-year-old dennis kane of eugene, oregon. he might have heard the call of the wolf man. it's alive! [ laughing ] take a look on the--
7:44 am
take a look on the mystery illustrator. dear doubting dave: sometimes when i go camping, i hear howling in the woods and i wonder if it could be a werewolf. do werewolves exist? and if i was bitten by a regular wolf, would i become a werewolf, too? well, dennis, i have good news and bad news. the bad news is werewolves definitely exist. - huh? - the good news is they only exist in books and movies. [ howling ] oh, and on television. thanks. - [man]: you're welcome. - but how can you be sure? science! every animal on earth has its own dna. that's a code inside all of us that makes us what we are. and, just like you can't mix a can of soup with a bag of cookies... you can't mix one animal's
7:45 am
dna with another, especially by biting. if you could, mailmen would become dog men, campers would become mosquito men, and big brothers would become little- sister men. so, dennis... you don't have to worry about getting turned into a werewolf. ow! a wolf bite can't make you a wolf man anymore than a lizard bite can make you a lizard man, but thanks for the great email. - lizard man was spotted in the swamps of south carolina some 20 years ago. could he be back? i got a few suggestions from the people who live around here about how to catch the lizard man. now, some of them are a bit strange, but you never know. - he likes butter beans.
7:46 am
- hmm, buttery! - we found a lot of dead snakes on the side of the road. i don't think he likes seeing dead snakes. - oh! - lizard man likes shiny things. - all right, i gotta try something else. chris gentile knows a lot about monster reptiles. well, i'm investigating a creature that eye witnesses say is 7-feet tall with glowing red eyes. could something like that really exist? - there's a lot of things that could fit that description.. we're looking at american alligators here, and it's amazing at night when you shine light in their eyes, they actually do glow red.
7:47 am
- "eyes, red eyes." could the red eyes have been reflections from the headlights of a car? well, people say that it stands on its feet. do you think that could be it? - well, you know, it's interesting. alligators don't walk on 2 feet, obviously, but sometimes when they're lurching at animals like birds or animals that might be low in trees, you'll see alligators come out of the water and give an appearance like they're kind of standing up on their back legs. - it was peeping out from behind a tree at me. - could that be what some people saw? an alligator lurching for a bird? - you gotta remember too, araya, that sometimes people at night if they're driving in their car and maybe they're tired and they hear all these stories about lizard men, sometimes their eyes might play tricks on them. - "i was driving late that night "coming home from work when i saw it." i guess sleepiness could explain some cases. but what about the damage on dixie's car? that was undoubtedly real! this is sheriff f lvin. he's now in charge of the lizard man investigation. - we approach the case like any other criminal case. the first thing we did, we took a report. we went to the house and looked for tracksksanything we
7:48 am
could find. - they took blood samples. - well, dixie rawson told me that that you had blood samples taken. - yeah, we did. - and what did they find? - it came back to a canine. - a canine? that means a dog! do you think a dog did this? - i wouldn't think a dog would have done this, a coyote or a wolf, yes. - interesting, because chris gentnte also told me that wild animals do sometimes attack cars, especially if there's food inside... or maybe cats underneath? so then, lizard man had nothing to do with this? - from my point of view, the lizard man case is closed. - it looks like the latest sighting of the lizard man was probably a wolf, a coyote or even a big dog. but what about what all those people saw 20 years ago? is lizard man real, or is he just something folks around here like to talk about?
7:49 am
i guess the answer is somewhere out there. - this ancient japanese book says there are tiny monsters that are all around us and make us sick. could they haha been onto something? the answer might be hiding on my pillow. check that out! there's actually, like, a lot of little things in here. it looks like dust right now. - so are you ready to see what's been living in your headquarters? - ok. [ christina laughs ] no way! that is in there? - right. - is there any way that i can get a closer look? - yeah. - what are they? - those are house dust mites. - dust mites are insects related to spiders that are so small they can't be seen without a microscope, but they live in our houses and feed on our skin. - that's what they prefer, but they don't eat skin while it's on us. they wait till it falls off and then they eat it.
7:50 am
- and that's why they're in our pillows or in our beds. - right. - and could these mites make us sick? - they certainly can. for most people they don't, but for a certain percentage of the population who are allergic to dust, they can have a runny nose and itchy eyes or maybe as severe as an asthma attack. - and how do we get rid of these? - there are various ways to approach the problem, but one is to get rid of your pillow. get a new one maybe every year. another way to go about it is to vacuum real thoroughly. - i see. you know, the monsters described in the harikikigaki were just a way for people of the time to explain what caused disease. but, you know, they really weren't that far off. today, scientists know that a lot of illnesses are caused by bacteria and viruses. and they don't look all that different from the little creatures in the harikikigaki.
7:51 am
and as for the dust mites, i've got the cure right here. and there's nothing they can do about it. no way.
7:52 am
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[♪ music ] >> welcome to "live life and win." >> i'm madisen hill. an we invite to you join us on our great lived a venture as we explore how to live life an win. >> and i'm eric keyes where we feature inspirational stories demonstrating ho how the combination of hard work ethic, perseverance can help teens live life and win. >> we have lift off. [♪ music ] ♪ extraordinary ♪ you got to ♪ live life and win
7:57 am
>> this week on "live life and win." >> my name is mitchell anka, i live life and win by doing flips and other kinds of tricks. >> i'm zach selby, i'm 18-year-old ohs and i "live life and win" by picking fruit and donating it to those who need it. >> i'm jordan romero. i'm 15 years old, and i "live life and win" by going places where no one my age has gone before. >> we again this week with one teen's journey to make a name for himself in a new sport. he's trying to be the best at parkour. he has the moves of a ninja and the skills of "spider-man," but it's mitchell anka practicing parkour. you can call him spider weapo "" without the web. parkour is a training discipline that started out as a military obstacle course in france.
7:58 am
it involves jumping, climbing and running it doesn't have set movements or rules. >> it was something that no one knew about. i was cast aside in other sports in baseball, football, soccer, i never really found my place in those sports. when i saw something that was physically active, i saw people doing flips. i was young and very kind of amazed by these things that human beings can do these things. >> but mitchell also needed parkour. >> at the time it was very, i was really at a disadvantage. i was actually severely overweight. at 15 i was 300 pounds. >> being overweight was challenging to mitchell in different ways. >> when you're obese everything is a little harder. just moving around, and just trying to get yourself around is a little difficult, and it's a little strenuous. it's not the funnest thing. people have this opinion of you automatically. if you're extremely overweight
7:59 am
as i was. when i first started parkour people were skeptical and i got a lot of criticism. it was difficult to keep going because i did realize the challenges that faced me. the end result what i wanted was far from me and very distant. i was ridiculed a little bit, but i took that in stride and i used that to keep me going and keep me motivated. >> mitchell anka is no quitter. >> i stuck to it because it was something that just felt right to me. i felt like in time i would be able to achieve the movement that i had been striving for, that i had been trying to accomplish. and it was really difficult at first, but every time i came out there and i came across a jump that i was unable to do i started to condition and work out my body, and as time kept going i kept progressing, and i started to notice some weight loss as well. >> nothing motivates like success. >> i guess what i was pulling my
8:00 am
motivation from was the progression i was seeing. after staying with it i started seeing changes in my body. weight loss and that kind of motivated me. it kept me going at a it was possible and actually happening. >> today mitchell has important reasons why he enjoys parkour so much. >> i like that it allows me to be who i am. it allows me to express myself. it allows me to--there are no rules. no standards of doing things. just you and the world, the obstacle around you, the walls, the ground. so it really let's me be who i want to be when i'm out there and i'm training. i do it for myself, and it's always pushing my boundaries, pushing my distances and trying to become more precise, and pushing my strength more as well. >> and this is what it means to his life. >> parkour is my discipline and also my freedom. it allows me to express myself
8:01 am
physically, and it also allows me to discipline myself as well. to live a lifestyle that suits what i'm doing. >> mitch settle now taking parkour to a new level, as a career. >> i teach parkour as well. i work at gyms, and i go around and i have different programs running in different gyms in this area. >> but it doesn't stop there. >> i started teaching, and i started instructing. then i started branching out and making more videos of myself and putting myself out there and doing stunt work as well. >> mitchell uses parkour in his stunt work, but he doesn't call himself a stuntman. >> i'm a professional athlete. i get a lot of stunt work repliers doing things i'm incapable of doing, lighting buildings on fire, but acrobatic movements is something that i'm capable of doing. >> mitchell continues learning
8:02 am
lessons from his sport. >> if you feel that something is right for you, and it's achievable despite the odds and the ridicules. >> if you're in a position where you're un' for yourself that's always changeable. nothing is permanent. being overweight and having discouragement from that, it's difficult, but you have to stay persistent. >> mitchell has so much passion and determination. there is no doubt that he'll continue to be successful. >> i'm zach selby, i'm 18 years old, i live live by picking fruit and donating it to those who need it. >> i'm jordan romero b i "live life and win" by going where no one my age has gone before. ♪ you have to "live life and win" ♪ >> "live life and win." >> to become the first blind golfer to enter into the pga tour. >> and meeting teens who are
8:03 am
living their dreams beating the odds and "live life and win."
8:04 am
8:05 am
♪ live your life ♪ and live your life and win teens who are giving back. not your ordinary teens and trying to affect change. >> feeding the less fortunate is noble but can be a costly project. but not for zach selby. he not only knows what he wants to do but how to do it.
8:06 am
>> he works hard year round. sometimes in the hot sun. other times when it's cold outside. sometimes it's lonely but mostly it's fulfilling. one thing we do know, 18-year-old zach selby always shows up and helps out others by picking fruit. >> if there is one thing to know about zach is that he's dedicated. if there were two things to know about him, is that he's dedicated and tireless. tireless in his bowl t goal to p others. he picks this fruit year round, and he doesn't get a dime for his hard work, not one. >> some people are less fortunate than others and those less fortunate sometimes just need a helping hand. >> zach has who hands and passion. >> if you can spend a little bit of your time just to do a good thing and giving is so simple as fresh fruit, it's a good thing.
8:07 am
>> about six years ago he was looking for a way to give back to his community. from that his idea for non-profit called fruit for all began. >> we find homeowners with excess of fruit. we go to their house, pick the fruit and donate it to a local food bank or community center. our region is such a prolific place there is fruit everywhere, and it seemed like a good idea. just driving around your house. you can just see trees dropping hundreds of pounds of fruit on the ground all year wrong, and the fruit is going to waste. it should be put to good use. >> and pick he does. he doesn't pick a handful. he picks by the truckload. >> the average pick is 300 pounds of fruit. >> and in 2010 he officially formed his organization, and so far he has picked more than 40,000 pounds of fruit. it's a big number and hadn't been easy.
8:08 am
>> the biggest obstacle was finding homeowners to donate the fruit. >> the early days were tough. they would knock on people's doors, an they got rejected time after time, but they didn't give up. >> we got one person to call us back out of a hundred people that we talked to, and so that was kind of the start of it, but we didn't care because we got one person. >> what a great idea. i'm going to see if i can help. >> you must be zach? >> i am. >> eric, nice to meet you, jackson. what are we doing here? >> we're picking this tree. not all of these oranges are ripe. these smaller ones won't be ripe for a few months. but the bigger ones, they are more orange and the they are the sweeter ones that we are going to be picking today. let's unload the truck. >> fantastic. >> here you go.
8:09 am
>> okay, so these are the fruit pickers that we're going to be using. if you see the prongs, you want to get the fruit in between the prongs. these extend so we can get to the higher fruit. you go up, hook it, and then just pull down. >> sounds easy enough. >> why don't you give it a try with this one. >> i'm trying to figure ou out--it's a lot tougher than it looks. >> you just kind of walk around the tree. get at a different angle that way the tree branch that was blocking is out of the way. >> works like a charm. [♪ music ] >> so what do you think about this, eric? is it easy, hard? are you learning? >> i think i'm learning a lot. it's not too difficult. how long do you usually do this
8:10 am
for? we're only ten minutes in and my shoulders are starting to kill me. >> your arms do generally get tired. my arms still get tired after using the picker for an extended period. >> how good do you feel helping out so many people. >> it's a great feeling knowing that the hard work right now is being put to a good cause and people who use it with are getting fresh fruit. >> we've done it. we've picked until my arms and shoulders hurt, but i got a lot out of today, and i appreciate what zach does for others. >> all right. well, this is such a great experience, you've got a really great cause going on here. i have so much fun today. this is a very big learning experience. >> thanks a lot, eric. we pick year round. we're trying to spread the word and get fresh fruit to people. thanks for coming out. it was nice to meet you. >> for his effort zach has received awards for his time and contribution. >> i was given the unsong heroes
8:11 am
award by the california community foundation and the eisener foundation that rewards people who have done philanthropy in their community. it's tough to start a grassroots organization and build it into something that is big. but you got to have a goal, stay focused and know that helping other people is going to get you to where you want to be. scenario zach said one tree can feed dozens of family. don't touch that remote. we have just shown you one teen giving back, and another who is not your ordinary teen. >> coming up you'll se one teen's journey that is nearly out of this world. next on "live life and win."
8:12 am
♪ live your life ♪ and live your life ♪ and win welcome back to "live life and win." >> the teen you're about to meet has done the unthinkable. jordan romero has climbed mt. everest, the highest mountain in the world, at just 13. [♪ music ] >> i'm just a regular kid who is a sophomore in high school who just loves to play in the mountains, loves the cold, and loves to mountain climb. >> that just might be the understatement of a lifetime. jordan romero has not only broken a barrier, he made history. jordan is already in the record books. he's the youngest person to climb mountes mt. everest.
8:13 am
he climbed the highest mount in the world by the age of 13. >> the challenge, the feeling of being outside. >> he must love the challenge. he's got quite a resumé for a 16-year-old. >> i kilimanjaro in africa, in australia, and europe, and south america, mount mckinley in north america. indonesia, and mt. everes in arabia. >> onasia. >> one of the most impressive things, most teens, you can even add adults to the list, have ever heard of those places. he's a youngest in the community. >> i said mom, it's your son calling from the top of the world. she was going crazy on the other side of the line. >> he has formed a non-profit
8:14 am
and leads kids on hikes. >> it's something that i've always been concerned about, helping them realize how great the outdoors it is, and good it is to get off the couch, set goals in life, get outdoors and if they are physically challenged, nothing is impossible. >> he's not too young to realize what he has built. >> i climbed mt. everest but i don't have my drivers permit yet. >> how did he do it? i spent the day with him to see how he does it. >> hey. >> how are you? >> great. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to see you. are you ready to take me on a hike and teach me your secret ways? >> let's go. >> this is where you got your start t hiking. >> this is the exact hike that i started training for kilimanja kilimanjaro. >> how old were you? >> i was about nine. by training i was able to climb
8:15 am
some of the highest mountains in the world. >> we've only gone 100 feet and i'm already tired. how do you go so long? >> just--just years of training. i didn't like hiking at first at all. but then i grew a love for it. >> it's getting harder as we go uphill. >> yep. >> got it. we're good. solid. >> all right, we're there. woo! we mastered it. >> good job. >> thanks for all your help. >> you're welcome. >> here i am, completely out of breath but you're not even close. how do you do it without getting out of breath. >> well, i do get out of breath, honestly. i remember being exactly you. probably even more out of breath. imagine this ten times more intense about how much you are out of breath, and just how your
8:16 am
whole body feels in general. up on everest at that altitude it's tough. once you're up, you're moving about ten breaths per step. it's hard. >> on mt. everest were there straight up and down hills? i mean like this one right here. >> thereas stuff like this right here. >> so if i asked to you climb this one right here, could you do it? >> i'll give it a shot. >> all right, let's see it. >> the tree counts. >> pretty impressive if you ask me. you're cheating using the tree. >> you can use it. >> wahoo! >> now it's your turn. >> if i can use the tree maybe. >> go for it. i used it. >> gosh, oka. i'm not going to run. i'm just going to go for it. >> i'll give you a hand. >> one step at a time.
8:17 am
>> wahoo! >> all right. yeah. >> woo! got it! great we finally made it up. now comes the careful steps to get down. >> how is it to climb up to get down. >> 50 days up, three days down. >> not for me. an amazing feet for jordan romero. he is just a teen with a dream. >> so how hear was it for you. >> it wasn't too bad. i think it could be worse. i was expecting worse, which is good, i guess. thank you for your help. especially up there at the top with the tree. it made it easier. >> you're welcome. >> thank you so much. >> you're welcome. >> jordan also climbed mount vinson massif. he's now the youngest person to climb to the summit of the seven
8:18 am
tallest mountains on the earth's
8:19 am
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>> "live life and win." >> join madisen hill an eric keyes as they show you how to make a move of your game and get into the groove. it's an all new way to look at your world. >> become the first blind golfer to enter into the pga tour. >> and meet amazing teens who are living their dreams. >> beat the odds, "live life and win." >> i'm swinging for the borders. >> to live. >> life. >> and win. >> "live life and win." >> madisen: weather pursuing their dreams or serving their communities. >> eric: with passion and determination extraordinary teens can make a difference. >> madisen: i'm madisen hill, >> madisen: i'm madisen hill, thank you for joining us
8:24 am
pick your [bleep] up. you're not [bleep] sittin' here. yes, i am. [laughter] move. move. [laughter/indistinct chatter] bully: give it to him hard. no, no, no, oww. announcer: every day, kids witness bullying... boy: why are you stabbing me with it? no! announcer: they want to help, but don't know how. no! oww. ohh, you guys... announcer: teach your kids how to be more than a bystander. visit
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8:26 am
that features the entire world of anima. i'm mariette hartley. and this is "wild about animals." today's show features never before seen video of the florida fish and wildlife panther capture team in action. an amazing new treatment for diabetes is explored. >> we learn about the latest technology. and i thought, wow. i mean, i had no idea that this was possible. >> finally, man and crocodile come face-to-face in costa rica. you'll see all this and more on "wild about animals."
8:27 am
florida panthers. they're some of the most mysterious animals in the world. they're also some of the most endangered animals in the world. since the 1970's, the state of florida has desperately been trying to save them from extinction. december, 2009. the big cyprus national preserve in south florida. -- cypress national preserve in south florida. >> a rare florida panther has been spotted up in a tree. >> stay! stay! >> the panther has been
8:28 am
captured. but not harmed. standing beside him is not a group of hunters or poachers but rather a panther research team operated by the florida fish and wildlife conservation commission. >> frequency. 150979. yeah. >> they've been doing this sort of thing nor 30 years now. and many believe that their work has saved the species from extinction. most scientists believe that florida panthers have been around for about three million years. descending from primative carnivores called maisinths, records indicate thousands of them roamed freely throughout the southeastern united states. feasting on deer and wild pigs. what happened to them? >> back when the southeast was being colinized, they're viewed as competitors. they're viewed as ferocious so they were persecuted and hunted. and that in combination with
8:29 am
habitat loss led to the decline of panthers. >> the decline was rapid. >> we started research back in the early 1980's. we were estimating the population around 20 to 30. however, there's been recent studies now to suggest that the effective number of panthers reproducing was one pair. >> today, the conservation effort has pushed the panther population up to about 160. a staggeringly low number. but a major improvement over past years. many believe the key to the resurgence has been a genetic restoration program started back in 1995. >> panthers were having a lot of health problems due to inbreeding. so we just brought in a few number of females from


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