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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 15, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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ain what i saw. yes. but before you do, there's a formality we need to go through, and the sooner we get through it, the faster we can focus on the manhunt. it's all that stuff you've heard all before, you know, about the right to remain silent, the right to an attorney. you're mirandizing me? it's just boiler plate. it's stuff that -- why the hell are you wasting your time telling me my rights?! i told you, i had nothing to do with this! mr. price, our very best officers are searching the streets for your wife's killer, but they need your help. now, i'm not allowed to take your whole statement unless we get -- chief, there's something you got to hear. one minute, detective. if you honestly want to help us find your wife's killer -- chief. seriously. excuse me, mr. price. i'll be right back. this had better be good, detective.
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it is. 911 operator: 911, what's your emergency? woman: you need to send somebody right away! there's a man in our backyard trying to break in! hurry! please calm down, ma'am. can you describe the intruder to me? i don't know! he's -- he's 6 feet tall! he's wearing -- it's like a halloween costume! he's -- he's all in black! please! send somebody! sanchez: that was 40 minutes before lisa price was stabbed, 4 miles east of the price house. okay, and the caller later told police that she saw the guy's car, a classic red mustang with temporary dealer tags that had "mejores motors" on it. now, we checked online. there's only one mejores motors in the u.s. it's in el paso, texas. okay, sergeant, would you please get someone from el paso p.d. on the line? maybe they can send someone over to that dealership. thank you. ...the second the lawyer... tao... hmm? what do you know about ninjas? what? i'm asian-american. i'm supposed to be an expert on ninjas? uh, yeah. okay, in japanese lore, the ninja is a warrior trained in unconventional martial arts.
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weapons include the throwing star, the ninjaken -- a short sword. chief? chief, i got texas on the line. oh, thank you, sergeant. put them on speakerphone, please. detective curt landry, el paso, p.d. to whom am i speaking? detective landry, this is deputy chief brenda leigh johnson, l.a.p.d. major crimes. sorry to bother y'all so early in the morning. i imagine it's an earlier morning where you are, ma'am. what can i do for you? uh, detective, we are investigating a murder, and it seems that the car our suspect used may have been purchased in el paso. is that so? what's this homicide about? a young woman was stabbed between 25 and 30 times last evening around midnight. we haven't ruled out the husband yet as a suspect, but -- this killer -- was he left-handed? uh, actually, sir, we believe he was. any chance he was dressed all in black like one of them ninja fellas?
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he may have been, yes. is the sun up where you are, ma'am? it's just rising now, sir. well, then the good citizens of los angeles will be safe until nightfall. i'll be there with you in four hours for a full briefing. oh, detective landry, you don't need to come all the way out here, sir. i'm afraid i do, ma'am. i'll see you in a bit. uh, detective landry, wait. hello? hello? hello? hello? hello? about huggies slip-on diapers' outstanding fit? they have these stretchy sides that move with him. these fit really good. to get it off is so easy. huggies slip-on diapers. an outstanding fit for your standing baby. with an ultra-thin coating and fast absorbing advil ion core™ technology, it stops pain before it gets worse. nothing works faster. new fast acting advil. look for it in the white box.
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but honestly... it's not that hard. old el paso. when you gotta have mexican. oh! i'm sorry! i'm sorry! i'm sorry! i'm sorry! i stood 40 minutes on the curb at the airport waiting for you. well, daddy! i called you half a dozen times on your cellphone. why didn't you pick up? well, how was i to know you were gonna call me? they make you turn off your cellphone when you get on the airplane. you know what? it's okay. we both know i'm not gonna be around too much longer,
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so you might as well get a jump on it by starting to fort me now. grandpa, you have no idea what aunt brenda does or how hard she works or how serious it all is. well, thank you, charlie, but people don't need to know that. first, i do know! second, her name is not charlie. it's charlene, after my mother, not charlie! what is it about l.a. that when somebody comes here, they're encouraged to be somebody else? oh, thank you, honey, but i-i'm not staying. i-i'm just taking a quick shower and heading back to work. what? i just got here! now you're turning around and leaving? really? daddy, i have a murder! now where are you going? charlie, it was sweet of you to stick up for me, but -- i'm not ready to go home yet. well, i guess i'm just a chauffeur, come here to take charlene home. charlie, you can't stay here. your parents -- no, my parents don't understand me at all.
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my dad thinks i'm still 8, and my mom -- they just -- they don't know me anymore, at least not the way you and uncle fritz do. i-i feel like i'm a different person here than i am at home. look, honey, i understand what you're going through. one second. give me one second. i-i did some things when i first got here, and i'm really sorry for that, but i feel like, especially in this past week, we've become so much closer. we have, haven't we? i might be closer to you and uncle fritz than i am to anyone else in the whole world. please don't make me go home yet. [ sighs ] look, charlie, before we even talk about your staying here, you're gonna have to convince grandpa to leave you behind. i can do that. well, you manage that, and we'll... see what we can do. hey. fritzi, i didn't know you were back. hey, uncle fritz. thank you. [ sighing ]
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when i said i wanted kids, i didn't mean other people's. oh, don't worry about that. daddy's never gonna let her stay here in a million years. [ sighs ] although, i do wish she lived nearer, don't you? not in the next bedroom. do you have my vicap results? as a matter of fact, i do. using strict parameters -- home invasion, after-dark, stabbing, left-hander, no sexual component -- i found 85 murders resembling your killing. 85? and my old buddy tom welch -- you remember him? he just got assigned to the juarez task force in el paso. he's drying by mejores motors to check on your suspect's mustang. oh, thank you, fritzi! brenda? what? charlie is going. yes, yes, yes. i know. i know. clay: if i wanted to be ignored by my family, i could have stayed home.
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[ sighs ] chief johnson. i believe you've already spoken with detective landry. so nice to meet you, chief. very glad to get your call this morning. that's the truth. and so kind of you to fly all this way just to brief me, detective. now, as i seem to be joining y'all a bit late, um, maybe yocould catch me up. ma'am. thank you. well, since detective landry has been kind enough to share his concerns with me, i will now share mine with you. before we alert the people of los angeles that there is a ninja on the loose, i'd like to be dead sure we're talking about the same person. i have some questions about that myself. these are the young women who were murdered in el paso who i imagine you think were killed by the same person who murdered my victim last night. now, while i do see similarities, nowhere in these articles does it mention that the attacker was a ninja.
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well, i was afraid that if we released that particular detail to the press, the next time the killer struck, he'd likely be dressed as a rodeo clown or perhaps a nun. was there anything else that you withheld from the press? that does seem like a fair place to begin. fine. how about i tell you what i believe and what i don't believe. i believe, four months ago, your killer stabbed to death joann hosey, living on the west side of el paso, taking care of a father with terminal cancer, and then, two months later, the same man cut up juanita jimenez, a young mother of three, slicing her face up so bad, i had to roll her prints to get an i.d. on her. that's what i believe. and now i'll tell you what i don't believe. and i realize that y'all probably see all manner of weird killers out this way, but i don't put a lot of stock in ninjas, and i feel fairly certain, when we find this boy, he'll be a white male, 25 to 40,
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with self-esteem issues he richly deserves. now, i'd like to help you grab this guy and take him back to texas, where we can try him and fry him, or, as we might say in this day and age, "collect him and inject him," which i imagine is about as close as we're gonna get to a happy ending here. as i see it, sir, the problem with your happy ending is it leaves too many unanswered questions for the relatives of other victims he seems to have left scattered across several states. well, that's fair enough. suppose we try this. assuming we catch this little bastard, whichever of us ends up with the better evidence gets to take this guy to trial. detective, if you want to make a deal, why don't you start by telling us something we can't get from vicap? okay. how about this... you said your fellow was driving a car from el paso? mm-hmm. well, in el paso, our man was driving a car from california.
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well, you guys did a great job on this. fast, too. may i give you a little hint? he never killed in holbrook. gallup, new mexico -- that was a domestic thing. terrible stabbing in sonora, but he's on death row. bowie, arizona -- remember that town. if you like tex-mex, there is no place better. used to be an outback. guy that took it over did a bang-up job. here, you want to see what connects them all? of course. los angeles to phoenix, tucson to el paso, up to houston. flynn: it's the i-10. he's getting off the highway to find his victims. bingo. do you have any dna matches? [ telephone rings ] no law-enforcement agency's entered any dna into the national database on this guy. chief? agent howard. oh. thank you. pardon me. here she is. thanks. hey.
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you ready for more info on your el paso car? oh, fritzi, how can i thank you? wait until your dad and charlie leave, and i'll come up with something wholly inappropriate. mejores motors only sold one vintage red mustang in the last two years to a jeffrey webb of el paso who recently relocated to los angeles. faxing everything over to you right now. oh, fritzi, thank you so much. i'll see you tonight. tao: besides the mustang, dmv records show that jeffrey webb has six cars registered to him, all purchased in texas. he's also been having serious marital issues -- multiple restraining orders. wife describes a volatile temper and physical abuse. chief, webb's definitely not inside. we're rinsing the drains for blood now. we checked the garbage and the hamper. so far, nothing. well, the car itself is spotless, but we did find this souvenir lighter from lake havasu with a great big thumbprint on it. hey, chief, that's him. that's webb. hey! excuse me, sir. what the hell's going on here? mr. webb. that's my car! that's exactly what we wanted to hear.
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are you jeffrey webb? what? did that bitch tell you i raped her? look, it's all lies. whoa, whoa. why don't you take a breath, son? no. no way i'm going back to texas! hey! hey! hey! hey! [ groans ] [ both grunting ] give me your hands! give me your hands! webb: okay! okay! turn around! hands behind your head! behind your head! where you running to, boy? i never touched her. the only reason she's doing all this is 'cause i wanted the divorce! mr. webb, i don't know to what you are referring, but we have reason to believe that your car was used in the commission of a homicide. what are you, nuts? where were you last night? i was here, inside my house. excuse me! i'm asking the questions here! he's not your guy. what about your car? was that here, too? i have no idea where my car was. i only picked it up this morning at a depot near the airport. before then, it could have been anywhere between here and el paso.
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look! i have a receipt! let me see. [ breathing heavily ] here. check with the shipping office and find out... chief, i don't understand. if webb is telling the truth and someone from the depot had the car and killed the price woman... it wouldn't explain the killings out of state. well, the killer wasn't from the depot. he was the person transporting the cars, using them for the murders. i'm assuming that's what you got your man tao working on now, trying to find the name of the driver. nice to have your own people about. chief. hmm? auto shipper says the car was delivered this morning off a rig out of houston. driver's name is jesse ray moore. an hour ago, he loaded up with another shipment bound for texas. sergeant gabriel, detective sanchez, would y'all get on the 10 and start heading east? lieutenant tao, let's put a want out for jesse ray moore and get pictures to every agency between here and houston. tao: chief, you realize it's possible
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the first place they're gonna stop moore is the scales across the arizona border, in which case -- he'll be coming back to texas with me. unless -- unless one of the cars mr. moore's shipping has one of those vehicle-locator thingamajigs. lojack. let me get on that, chief. detective landry, you don't need to come -- don't you worry. i won't let you lose me. [ siren chirps ] your car carrier's still at the truck stop. gabriel: roger that, air 19. you got any sign of the driver? i have negative visual on your driver, guys. suspect is not seen at this time. use caution. [ tires screech ] green crown vic, your truck right in front of you now. that's your suspect vehicle. there's the truck.
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it's locked! all right, all right! you check the restaurant. i'll check the convenience store. [ bells jingle ] iseñora! ¿hay alquien más aquí? just one. [ gasps ] he's not in there! not inside. [ gears grind, tires screech ] hey! hold it! stop! pull over! stop the vehicle! pull over! sanchez! pilot: control, i got an officer on the vehicle. code three. code three. officer needs help. [ police siren wails ] brenda: air 19, this is chief brenda leigh johnson. i'll be there in two minutes. yeah, roger. advised. en route, two-minute e.t.a. control, be advised. we need ghb units here now. [ tires screech ]
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pull over! pull over or i'm gonna blow your head off! [ tires screech ] [ grunting ] [ grunting ] pilot: we got an officer hanging out of the side of the big rig. we're coming up on a blue flatbed truck. we are proceeding westbound -- red valley road. [ horn honking ] [ sanchez grunting ] oh! moved out of the way. got right out of the way. [ both grunting ] [ horn honking ]
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[ horn honking ] [ siren wailing ] lieutenant tao? you son of a bitch! lieutenant tao! air 19, where's my backup? pilot: yeah, roger that. hey, control, if you've got the sheriffs on board, get the sheriffs. they're closer. we need somebody here now. all right, coming to a construction site now, guys. i don't know where he's gonna go on this one. [ brakes screech ]
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[ grunting ] detective sanchez, that's enough! julio! i think he broke my arm! take it easy! i know my rights! i'm not saying nothing without a lawyer! oh, that's a good catch. i don't think we're tossing this one back. get up! stand up! look what you did to my car! gabriel: so, we found no blood or weapons in jesse ray moore's truck. why do they always have three names? okay, gentlemen, let me be clear. at the moment, we can only prosecute mr. moore
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for assault on a police officer and reckless driving. i'm looking for evidence of murder. tao: chief, for what it's worth, we found this collection of random items in his lockbox, 16 in all, including an ashtray, though, the only fingerprints on them belong to jesse ray moore. that's it? mm. well, keep looking. he's got to have those knives somewhere and call the print shed. tell them to take that 18-wheeler down to the very -- landry: no, don't bother with that, ma'am. i wasn't gonna trouble y'all with it before, but mr. moore has some scratches on his neck that go a long way to closing my case. scratches? mm. how did you know those scratches were gonna be there? juanita jimenez, the little latina lady that we talked about, before she died, she put up a pretty good fight and got a little skin and blood under her nails. since our killer was dressed in black and wore a mask, i figured the neck was the only place it could have come from. you have dna! when i asked you if you had a match -- and i told you truthfully that no law-enforcement agency had entered his dna into the national database. because you withheld it!
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i didn't withhold anything. i just don't have the staff you've got. it takes a while to get all this done. but i think you've done exceptional work. and now if you could just turn mr. moore over to me. we agreed that whoever had the best evidence would retain custody. that we did, and, frankly, ma'am, there is no conceivable universe wherein you have better evidence than i do. not at the moment, maybe, but right now, my detectives are looking through every single car mr. moore delivered over the past two years. and good luck with that. in the meantime, i'm gonna get a nice little extradition order for you. have a pleasant evening, ma'am.
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