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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 16, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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[ male announcer ] lunch combos at applebee's starting at just $6.99. [police radio chatter] (yaro) dr. adlai s. copeland, age 38. copeland, the historian. no, he's history, now. his kid called 911 when he ran out of food and he couldn't get his mom to open the bedroom door. uh, no forced entry. no sign of foul play. just foul odor. how long's he been in here? (goren) judging by the temperature and decomposition, i'd say two or three days. and get this: she was in bed with him the whole time. weird, huh? yeah, it's interesting. did she tell you that? (yaro) she's in shock. ems sedated her. you checked for a suicide note? we found a pretty long to-do list. some book galleys in his study, but no note. i'll go talk to their boy. (eames) henry was just telling me that mommy wasn't home when daddy went to sleep. she came home saturday afternoon, and went in the bedroom. you know, you were very smart calling 911.
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did you make all this food? yeah? you didn't like the smoothie? it's daddy's stinky milk shake. is daddy awake, now? (rodgers) well aside from being dead, he's in perfect health. his stomach contained wheat germ, kelp, flax seed, kefir. sounds like a stinky milk shake. it could be, if the recipe includes a lethal dose of organophosphate toxins. nerve gas. it falls under that category. so do insecticides. we're still checking. well, they found him in his bedroom. these toxins, slow-acting? they could take several hours to kick in. it's a nasty way to go. you ever seen this in a suicide? in rural third world countries, not in riverdale. you know, copeland was a meticulous historian,
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with a-- a great moral compass. he wouldn't kill himself and not leave a note. or leave his boy unattended. that shake. pretty lucky it's the only thing their boy didn't eat. i'll call csu and have them bag all the kitchen trash. see what turns up. you know, if someone did poison him, they would know his routine. they'd have access to their home. sounds like somebody who might show up at his funeral. (ted) dad, why are you letting her get to you? it's disrespectful, that's why. dad, no. please, i'll go talk to them. (lena) no, don't. let's not make a scene. please. for adlai's sake. you're right, as always, lena. ooh... (jules) adlai was remarkable. at 35 a tenured professor.
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renowned historian and author. his winter of the patriarchs, i thought it was exceptional. do you hear that, ted? even the detective knows your brother. thank you. sorry, he doesn't mean to patronize. we're all very proud of adlai. their son, he's staying with you? for now. charlene is going through a lot, and henry and our son are close. so, ted, we should be going. we're having a few people over. your sister-in-law is going as well? probably not. i believe that, uh, mr. ferrero will be consoling her tonight. he's been charlene's gardener for about a year. before she met him, she didn't want to water the lawn-- ted. your father's waiting. [car door clicking open]
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(lena) thank you, max. (max) sure thing, mrs. c. [car door slams shut] you know him? i think he worked the 4-0 with my dad. he was kind of a third responder. yeah, if mr. ferrero is her gardener, he'd have access to their house. yeah, and insecticides. the wife. she really slept with his corpse? then she brought gus ferrero, her gardener, to his funeral. the family thinks they're having an affair. that's their take, what's yours? they could be good for it. she's got a small rap sheet. forged checks, shoplifting, former pageant runner-up. former pharmaceutical rep. she broke up a doctor's marriage, and then left him for the shy historian on the bestsellers list. classy. how does a man of dr. copeland's stature end up being married to a future guest of jerry springer? [cell phone rings] eames. when empires fall.
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i think this is my favorite. i prefer winter of the patriarchs. (eames) i hate to interrupt the book club, but that was the lab. they found the toxin fenthion in his kefir bottle. that's how it got in the shake. dr. copeland was wealthy. when you bring mr. ferrero in, you might ask him if mrs. copeland ever mentioned how much easier life would be if the doctor weren't around. last week i was working at a house out in the hamptons, planting late summer flowers. is that what you call it? what can i say, sweetheart? when your tool belt's as impressive as mine... (goren) was the lady of the house home? no, uh, these people come out on weekends. want everything in bloom. nice house. i've seen better. like charlene copeland's, up in riverdale? i've seen better than that too. well, now that the husband is gone, it's all hers. her next husband's gonna be very comfortable. [sprays] jesus!
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uh, easy, easy. uh, yeah well, i'm not looking to be a stepfather, if that's what you're getting at. my life is more than comfortable right now. do you know what you use this for? yeah, it's to keep the plants healthy. it also kills insects. do you know what makes it do that? fenthion. it's very dangerous stuff. gus. would you drink that? i wouldn't. but you can go ahead. (eames) no, see, the thing is adlai copeland did drink it, because someone who had access to his house spiked his morning shake. well, yeah, that wasn't me, all right? and i gotta get back to the island. tell her you're going to be late. sweetheart. geez, how late?
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10 to 15 years, if you're lucky. this is mr. ferrero's attorney. must be mr. ferrero's late-summer flower. your dance, detective. ma'am? hi. i'm detective goren. i'm working on the ferraro case. you are? mrs. lila gibbs. mm-hmm. mr. ferrero is my landscaper. he does your garden? well, thi--this garden that he, uh, tends for you, is it in the city? no, wainscott. that's the hamptons, right? yes. has he been there recently? all last week. he left just before my husband came out on saturday morning. he didn't tell you?
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no. i would've remembered if he had. well, that's just like him. he knows my circle, and he doesn't want to give people the wrong impression. [ross knocking on door] good-looking alibi. they're lining up for him. i brought my lawyer for gus. don planko. he's invoking, and i'd like to see-- somebody beat you to it. but i told him i was bringing him one. mrs. copeland, here. just come to my desk, we can have-- not a chance, detective. just right here. (planko) mrs. copeland is still under doctor's care. oh, hi. (charlene) gus. well, this is awkward. uh, i'm going to call you in a few hours, okay? a few hours. why? because gus has an important job he has to finish.
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[clears throat] come on, come on! hey, no running in the halls. both of you. [knocking on door] charlene. gus, please pick up. please. i need you. (lena) charlene. you need to be strong, now. i'm sorry, lena. i can't. mommy? [sighing heavily] not now, baby. mommy's busy. (lena, voice echoing) charlene. charlene!
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(lena) charlene came to visit her son henry,
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and then took a handful of pills. (ted) she'll be fine. she's done this before. every time adlai was about to get an award or travel for work, she'd pull some stunt. you said her son saw her? heard her fall. not that she cared. ted! she cares. she's just-- [cell phone ringing] wait, i wanna get this real quick. we told henry mommy wasn't feeling well. he was fine. adlai warned me that gus was insubstantial. your husband knew about your affair? but he forgave me. that sounds like he loved you very much. mrs. copeland, henry told us that you didn't come home friday night. adlai told me that he needed to focus on his galleys, so i left. you left? just--what, you ran away, by yourself?
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i took a train. to the spa. "melon" something. "melon" something. in rhode island. thursday. and you were hoping that your husband would come for you. no. gus, actually. but he told me he was working. so i came home. and that's-- that's when i saw adlai. and where was he when you came in? um, he was in the bed. napping...i thought. then he just wouldn't wake up. and i just can't believe he left me. charlene. oh, charlene. are you okay? my sister-in-law needs to rest, now. shh, shh. charlene is a full-on borderline.
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the more drama that she creates outside herself, the calmer that she gets. plotting with gus to kill her husband, that would create drama. they both have alibis. and all that couple-drama. she was insecure about adlai. maybe--maybe she was testing him to see if he loved her. [car honks] her affair with gus, maybe somebody set the two of them up. adlai's father and brother, they don't seem too fond of her. when gods fail... from mao to mugabe. these are the galleys of my son's last book. sir, you said that-- that ted and lena, they were with you at the family compound last week. the whole week. if adlai had only come up, he'd... uh, these are adlai's family trust statements. we couldn't find them at the house. he was going over them one day
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and she felt ignored, and the next day she ransacked his papers. it must've been hard for you to see your son in a difficult marriage. [scoffing] she'd never take care of the home, the child. (goren) but adlai could. maybe you felt that she needed him. he could never turn his back on her. once adlai committed to anything, he was absolutely loyal. well, he was certainly very generous to the charities he supported. always. my graduation gift to each of my sons was a summer to do anything they wanted. adlai went to a reservation. taught cherokee children to read. that's impressive. and ted? [laughs] the french riviera. gambling, women. he blew through his trust by the time he was 25. i--i'm seeing several checks adlai wrote to ted over the last two years. against my advice, adlai pitched in
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on a few of ted's real estate schemes. small bets. well, this one's not small. it's $3 million. written out to a central park west co-op. ted's name is in the memo. central park west, that's where ted and lena used to live. he was on the board. sorry, i just became treasurer of the co-op this spring. really? okay, so who was treasurer when this was written? that would've been mr. copeland. ted copeland. he was treasurer, and you don't know why his brother wrote a check for the building for $3 million dollars? like i said, i don't have immediate access to those records. i could write a letter to the management-- don't bother. we'll have the subpoena by the end of the day. detectives, wait. the board did nothing wrong. this is a murder investigation, mr. fellows. we don't have time for games. murder? is that what this is about? adlai, he was helping his brother out here. why?
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the building was going through renovations. refinancing. long story short, ted embezzled. $3 million dollars? two. the brother stepped in and paid restitution, plus a little extra. which is why you didn't prosecute. we dropped it because adlai made sure that ted and his family moved out. ted got caught embezzling, and he wanted to stay here? hmm. his poor wife was mortified. she'd sneak out through the basement with her son, to avoid running into anyone. but ted was shameless. (ted) dad, we just-- [exhales heavily] you're not supposed to use those in here. this wing is a meditative retreat. dad, it--it's no big deal. just to get us through refinancing. listen, uh-- i gotta run. i'm--i'm going into a tunnel. yeah.
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how are we doing? these forms. they all seem to need notaries. well, i--i can get 'em notarized at work. we--we just want you to focus on, uh, on getting better. i am getting better. that shrink wants to discharge me. but i'm not ready to go home yet. i keep thinking of adlai. of course not. we can all go up to dad's this weekend, and afterwards you'll come home with us. lena. i, uh, i can't go this weekend. your father doesn't want me there. he's always so tense around me. it's not fair. fine, then you stay here till monday. i'll take care of henry. ted will be in town. all weekend. okay? when i get back, we'll sort it all out.
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(simmons) ted was taking out second, third, even fourth mortgages on properties that hadn't even been paid off once. it's no wonder he got whacked. actually, this mr. copeland is alive and well. uh, not for long. i mean, not if he keeps taking new mortgages to pay off his investors. and then adding new investors to pay off the mortgages. it's a ponzi scheme. that's huge. okay, i got four states, four banks, and one notary. what-- there, see? let's see, mr. j.t. eshleman, of poughkeepsie, new york. he got a stamp. banks didn't notice. that's an awesome catch, detective. okay, do you have any idea how much he owes? uh, well, in a month he's got a balloon payment coming due it's worth more than everything put together. (ross) is there a family trust that reverts to him upon his brother's death? (goren) they each had their own. ted's is gone and adlai's is quite substantial.
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the brother was an easy mark. you'd think he'd want him alive. maybe not. this is an e-mail from adlai to ted sent this past january. "i don't want to start the year with debt between us. "let's wipe the slate clean. "you don't owe me a dime, but i can't invest any more money in your ventures." who's handling adlai's finances now? his estate went to his wife. except for henry's sizeable trust and as his mom, she administers that too. ted might have thought he'd have better luck with her than with his brother. you have enough to hold him on embezzlement? uh, look, nobody actually understand any of this. it would take awhile to sort it out. well, uh, notary fraud... that totally works. i could try to-- okay. down, boy. uh, let's bring ted in. i don't want him running before we can make our case.
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mr. copeland? police. hello? ted? (eames) central, we need csu and a bus. 113 east 71st. probable doa. it's an opportunitye to stop and savor, the unmistakable taste that reminds us that life is delicious.
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ted went from suspect to victim in record time. could be a coincidence: two brothers dying within ten days of each other. could mean we missed something. (ross) two shots? yeah, that's a .22. looks like the killer came in, first shot missed entirely. it was long distance. second shot, i guess ted was moving forward. it was close range. grazed his temple. landed there. no powder burns, but-- some stippling. all right, missed a clean shot at three feet. not a marksman. it was probably enough to stun ted. he fellack-- killer grabbed the scissors and stabbed him. he landed here. he tried to crawl. the killer grabbed the statue from there. (ross) and domed him. well,o points for form, but a ten for stick-to-it-iveness. the office, burglarized.


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