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tv   Today  NBC  September 19, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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>> endangering my kid. the prosecutor wanted me to get six or nine months of probation because i did not do that. i never would do that she is a child and a red head and double boot she is a little kidment a little kid. i never did it and i -- >> kirk: andou did take a lie detector test so we will reveal. basically what you are guilty of is not putting sun block on your child. >> it went through a grand jury. >> kirk: and you should put sun block on a red head? >> and any child. even myself, i do now. sometimes i do forget i'm not perfect. i'm running all over the place all the time. all the kids i have a big house and it is a lot of work. so anyway, went to the grand jury and i could have went to jail for five or 10 years and i did not care because i did not do it and i won. >> kirk: are you still tanning? >> no.
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no. [applause] >> kirk: congratulations for that victory. we'll find out today if in fact you really passed that test. >> ok. >> kirk: it is a miracle patricia made it to the show today. during her first attempt to fly to los angeles she missed four flights despite being a the airport. once she made it on a plane the drama continued after landing in her connecting city she was detained and r restrained in the minneapolis airport by police. yelling at authorities and ignoring producers patricia was in a detox center and held for 36 hours. what happened? tell me about this day. >> my oldest daughter is and my son got up in 4 in the morning and got everything ready for everyone. and then so we go to the airport. anand ashley is in love and decides she cannot go. >> kirk: you cannot fly when you
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are in love. >> no, it's too much. i'm in love. so anyway, we got into an argument and this is how it all started. i missed by five minutes the first flight and i am not the most patient person. i am a homebody. when you put me in these crazy situations ok now we are waiting for the second flight which took hours. finally we are on the stupid plane. >> kirk: why was the airport a crazy situation? >> now we are in minneapolis. and then the flight was not for like five or six hours. i'm like oh, my god. we went out to eat twice at this point. and then i smoke. >> kirk: were you drinking at well? >> yeah, i had a couple of drinks and i smoke i have to go all the way through security again three times. so i really now i get i have a very loud, stern big mouth and now i'm...
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i'm tired and i'm aggravated and i've had a few drinks. >> kirk: long story short you got thrown in detox. >> right. >> kirk: they wouldn't let you fly? >> they wouldn't let me go back on the plane. you have to go to detox. >> kirk: and your 16-year-old son was left you alone. they do not throw you in detox unless are you drunk. >> jail or detox. i would rather go there, you know. that is what happened. >> kirk: so your son was so concerned he sent e-mails to our producers. >> he was upset. >> kirk: worried about mom. here is the first e-mail. this is from your son to our producers, thursday at 11:5 2:00 a.m.. she is really expressing me out -- stressing me out continually drinking hard alcohol we split up. please call her and persuade her to stop drinking by any means necessary.
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>> he never told me that. >> kirk: he was concerned about his mother. >> i know he was concerned. >> kirk: he says you were drinking hard. >> because i do not drink hard. and i did because i was exhausted and... and i made a mistake. i've made several mistakes like the club incident. >> kirk: you were drinking excessively that day? >> not excessively. here and there. i was more exhausted. >> kirk: he says you drank hard that day. >> what do you mean? >> kirk: you said -- >> a couple because i did not eat when we went out to eat. >> kirk: so you went to two meals but did not eat, just drank ? >> i ate a little bit. >> kirk: i'm with you. second e-mail thursday 12:3pm. i found her she is inco her rent and intoxicated they informed me
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we cannot leave together that day. >> if it was true -- >> kirk: he sent it. >> i don't know. >> kirk: are you saying your 16-year-old son is a liar? >> no. >> kirk: so it is true. >> he would have told me when i came back because we talked about the whole thing. >> kirk: he sent the e-mails. >> i will get on my son after the show and talk to him. he would have told me he did that. he was upset. i was upset. the whole thing was happening. >> kirk: maybe he was atrade to tell you. >> i immediate to talk to him. >> maybe he was afraid to tell you. >> i need to talk to him. because of the instances and stress and what they did to me and my family i have made bad choices. >> kirk: did you make bad choices with cocktails that day. >> i did not belong in the nightclub. >> the airport is not a nightclub. >> i do not like being around
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all this. i get nervous. i'm used to being at home. this is way a lot. >> kirk: you were drinking a lot that day? >> yes. >> kirk: let's talk about your second time coming here. which was yesterday. how did that go? >> everything was fine. i was taking care of my friend adam who is here. and it was a spoof about this stupid tanning song. and then, yeah, i took care of him on the plane. >> kirk: you were drunk again yesterday they put you on a no fly list. were you falling down yesterday? >> no, i did not drink, no. no. >> kirk: ok. >> falling down? you heard wrong that is not true. i say it's not true. >> kirk: your friend is here who was with you yesterday. and maybe he will explain that. maybe i won't look so wrong. despite the e-mails from your son we decided to give patricia
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a chance to try and prove she was not too drunk to depart and patricia agreed to take a lie detector test. and we were shocked by the results. we will talk about that when we come back. you don't want to miss this. [applause] next on "the test". >> she was crashing. >> she was drinking yesterday at the airport? >> one of our producers said you had wine in your coffee mug? >> i do drink sometimes to forget all my pain. i will drink to forget it. >> kirk: and later, did you put your five-year-old daughter in a tanning booth?
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do you think your girlfriend got pregnant on purpose to trap you? do you believe she lied about being on birth control? if so put it to "the test" and call... [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to "the test" i'm kirk fox. today i'm talking to tan mom. she has been grilled on everything from allowing her daughter to go into a tanning bed and now we are talking about
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her most recent escapade when she was thrown into a 36-hour hold after being accused of being drunk in an airport many she swears she wasn't and agreed to take a lie detector test to prove her innocence. i want to add one more player. you may recognize him from the tan mom's video called tan writer, adam is a top 20 billboard artist and on mtv and is one of patricia's closest friends and also stars in the video. please welcome adam barta. [applause] hey, adam. welcome. so, adam, were you traveling with patricia yesterday? >> yes. >> kirk: how did that go. tell me about that. >> the thing about patricia is her personality is over the top when she is sober and not drinking and i was saying this morning she is vibrant and very pushy sometimes with people.
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and she admits that. sometimes when you mix alcohol into that normal person may be can have one or two glasses of wine. >> kirk: was she pushy at the airport yesterday? >> she was a little nervous and she was a little i want to use the word sloppy. like you were kind of walking around and crashing into things. >> kirk: was she drinking yesterday at the airport. >> no, completely exhausted. >> kirk: you were sloppy? >> i was beside myself. i work seven days. three days four days here. i was not -- >> kirk: one of our producers said you had wine in your coffee mug. did you have wine in your coffee mug? >> no. >> i think she did have a drink at the airport she did not drink. i did not see her drink but i think -- >> i had a glass of wine. >> kirk: that is drinking. >> yeah. >> kirk: in the morning? so you are drinking wine in the
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morning? >> let's go to the next question. >> kirk: no. i mean, you just you weren't drinking and said well, wine. >> because you do not understand me. >> kirk: no, i got to be honest with you that is why we are here because we want to understand you. that is what is great about the test, no one wants to attack. this is a good venue for you to just clean the slate. >> ok. if you start understand me about a lot of things i've been through and we don't have all day. >> kirk: i do. >> i don't. [laughter] >> kirk: ok. >> enough of this. i have played all in my head. i had my head opened up three times and reconstruction and i was pregnant and almost died twice. i have head traumas and a problem and a lot of times when i'm loud and obnoxious and i am on medication, i will say it. i will say how it is drinking or not drinking. and yes, alcohol does bring the
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wildcat out in me. >> kirk: you have plates in your head. >> even when i'm walking sober with my feet on i fall. that is who i am. >> kirk: you have plates in your head. and you combine them with cups. >> and i had my jaw broken and three disks out of my back and i've had a lot of problems with other issues that i do not want to get further with. >> kirk: so that explains why sometimes you drink in the morning? >> and i do drink sometimes to forget all my pain. i have a lot of tramatizing -- please don't start crying -- things that happened to me sometimes i will drink to forget it. >> kirk: ok. >> that's the truth. >> kirk: well, we're here today to get to the truth. this is your day to get things out. because you have said that the media doesn't know you. so maybe this is a chance for you to clean the slate.
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>> they just like people do anyway in general they pick the bad out of people without getting to know them i've learned over the years as i've gotten older make a judgment call about somebody and i used to do that myself a longtime ago. but with age and what people have done to me. >> kirk: and sometimes maybe the drinking has given them ammo. >> that is you. >> kirk: maybe there's times that you gave them somethi to pick on. >> when you keep getting in my face i will get in-your-face and i'm polish. so i will get in-your-face. >> kirk: when did you meet? >> we met we share the same manager and publicist and she was the one that suggested maybe patricia should do a funny song and get out there. her goals she said she wanted her own special on comedy central. she wants to be a comedian. she is good at making people
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laugh. and she wants people to laugh with her instead of at her. and that is what we are trying to do. and she succeeded. >> kirk: i will say this because i do have a special on comedy central. and it takes a lot of work. you know, you will need more than one video. >> i no, no, no, my life is a joke. >> kirk: let's talk about how adam and patricia met. i want to show everyone a clip from the making of patricia's video. >> you have to laugh this is a spoof ♪a message for you from the sun ♪ha, ha, ha, ♪the tanning booth and the booth and a booth again♪ ♪i choose to not do that at all because you all are losers and here's my score♪ ♪my name is tan mom, tanning is
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the bomb♪ ♪you spf for a handful of sun [applause] >> now, let's look at the finished product. i have to see this. ♪it's tan mom ... ♪are you ready? ♪it's patricia here i come. i got a message to use protection from the sun♪ ♪ha, ha, ha, ha ♪i want to get, get my tan on ♪they are all are losers ♪the teen's mom i am cool ♪i'm the cool one ♪i'm hotter than the october tow mom♪ ♪the world can judge me now ♪i want you to back away, getaway from me everyday♪
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♪my name is tan mom ♪tanning is the bomb ♪i'm be in the tanning booth with the burns♪ ♪no that doesn't work. forget the birds. >> cut ♪tan mom. [applause] >> kirk: i got to tell you it's not bad. [laughter] we're going to go to break and i want to talk about that. tell me patricia denies being an alcoholic. when we come back we will see videos that make it look like she is not telling the truth. [applause] next on "the test" tell me what is going right here? is it windy? [laughter] >> i was eating hard drinks.
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>> kirk: the problem is you should not eat your alcohol. [laughter]
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all new on "the test" tomorrow, i do turns to i don't. >> i know you cheated on me. >> you pawned the ring, you know i love you. >> how many women have you been with? and can the test get this couple living happily ever after.
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have you ever had sexual intercourse with anyone other than jasmine? and is her sister budding in on the relationship? that is tomorrow. >> kirk: today we are talking to tan mom patricia krentcil about whether she is an alcoholic and joining us is her friend singer and top 20 billboard artist adam barta. patricia has denied being drunk at public events despite videos and photos proving the contrary. a video of august of 2012 at a new york city drag show event and while it's playing i want patricia to explain what is happenin tell me what is going on here? is it windy? [laughter] what caused that. >> what was what? i messed up.
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>> kirk: you were drink or high or something? >> no. i was eating hard drinks. >> kirk: first of all, the problem is you should not eat your alcohol. [laughter] >> i know. >> kirk: you were drinking hard alcohol. >> it never agrees with me. >> it agrees with the press. you see why they attack? >> of course. you got to love that one. [laughter] >> kirk: adam says he has seen patricia tipsy plenty of times. here is what happened the first night when they went out to dinner. >> oh,... [inaudible]
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>> kirk: it looked like you were hungry for cheek. [laughter] explain that video. >> how do you want me to explain it? >> kirk: explain what was going on. is that a new friend? is that a boyfriend? or just a guy who was there? >> that my friend. >> she knows i'm gay i am an openly gay artist. >> kirk: you decided you were trying to change his way? >> again, here is my humor. you know. i was toasted again. >> kirk: did it work? >> no. >> i mean. >> kirk: did she flip you? >> she managed to become one of my good friends she succeeded in that. [applause] there you go. >> kirk: patricia you do have five children? so i mean -- >> and each one of these occasions is when i'm out. i don't do that. >> kirk: but they see these.
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>> they don't see the other half of me working and taking care of my kids and i am a great mother. everything is homemade. i am a great cook. my home is impeccable we read books and go to the park. normal. [applause] i decorate every single holiday. you know, we do homework together. >> kirk: how are your children at school? are they getting picked on? >> that was a while ago. and i hate rehashing those things because that is not who i am. that is the wild he me. >> kirk: and the wild you was yesterday and at the airport it's still part of you. >> it is a part of me. and that is why i'm getting help. because it's not just the liquor it's like i've been to a lot of doctors throughout the years and trying a new aspect. and hoping this time it works. i am older now, too and i don't want that. so that is why i will try. all i can do. >> kirk: you never drink at home? >> no.
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no. no. this is all going out when i'm nervous. >> kirk: adam does she drink at home. >> there are times that we've been on the phone and she has been tipsy. it's happened a couple of times. >> kirk: do you think she has a problem with alcohol? >> i think she does in the fact that she needs to completely eliminate it. that is the healthiest thing for her and her kids. [applause] and you know, i'm not an expert in psychology i'm not an expert in addiction i am an expert in entertainment and i can speak to that. if she is going to continue -- >> kirk: you do not have to be an expert in anything except watching someone tip over at parties, or get thrown into detox at airports, i mean, the video were you drunk in that video a little? >> which one. >> kirk: the music video. was there drinking there as well? >> um, yeah, i had a couple glasses of wine.
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no, that was -- >> she has -- had the wine. ism it was a cocktail party. >> kirk: a bottle or a glass. >> it was a bottle. and i think alcoholism is not only sitting home at home and having five glasses of wine by yourself but it's using it to cope. and it's still a problem and addiction and that is why it's going to help. >> kirk: exactly. [applause] but it's also a stress that you might be able to deal with easier if you were sober. you know. >> i am better that way. [applause] >> kirk: coming up i have one more question on everyone's mind that we need answered before we leave here today. i will get to that when we come back. [applause] [♪] next on "the test" did you know you are an alcoholic, right? >> yes. >> you do know that? >> yes. [applause]
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that is who i am. >> kirk: who are you? >> a wonderful lady. a great mom. >> kirk: are you at rock bottom?
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does your child have more than two potential fathers? are you desperate to get to the truth with dna? if you want to put all the potential fathers to the test call... [applause] >> kirk: today we've been talking to tan mom to find out if she is a true train wreck or is rarely misunderstood. let's check in with our polygraph administrator joe
9:32 am
dalia. hi. tell me about her lie detector test. >> well, first time i met her was last night where she came in. and i attempted to do a polygraph on her. and i had to terminate the test because she had no sleep. nothing to eat. and she had been drinking. and i asked her i said let's come back tomorrow and do a fresh start. and she came back this morning. >> kirk: how did that go today? >> what happened when i initiated the test, i noticed that there was very low skin response and her cardio was flat-lined which means that she is is using some type of medication, drugs or alcohol. and i asked her, i said did you use any type of medication? and she said she did. and i asked her to come back and two, three hours, and we would try it again. and she came back, and i ran
9:33 am
another chart and it was the same way. she was untestable. >> kirk: you think because of drugs and alcohol? >> yes. >> kirk: patricia is that true? >> no, alcohol i take medications through my doctors prescribed. it's not like -- >> kirk: do your doctors know that sometimes you combine alcohol with the medications? >> yes. >> kirk: and they are ok with that? >> no. >> kirk: they know it can kill you? >> yes. that is why i'm trying not to drink. >> kirk: tell me what is going on in your life? >> i'm going to a place for a month in west beach it is a celebrity rehab and they deal more with your inner self and why you would do things. [applause] >> kirk: so they deal with what is making you want to drink? >> maybe i could get off the medicines maybe i can get off of them all.
9:34 am
you meditate and you eat well. you are healthy and you talk and maybe this time -- >> kirk: because you know you e an alcoholic right? >> yes,. >> kirk: you do know that? >> yes. [applause] i like to party but i cannot handle it. >> kirk: you have got to stop drinking. >> i have, i have done it before. >> kirk: wherever you are going you are already candy coating it. >> i'm not trying to candy coat it. >> kirk: just you got to kick this in the butt. have you tried before? >> yes. but i guess you have to get to -- i don't know. that is not who i am. i don't want to be that way. >> kirk: are you at your rock bottom? >> yes. yes. but it's been horrific experience for my whole family and me. i want to be well. >> kirk: we all want you to be well. >> i want my mind and move on. [applause] you know. instead of like killing the
9:35 am
pain, really find out like -- >> kirk: and the first step is you are going to have to be honest with yourself. when i asked you about drinking -- >> i don't like talking about it. i feel like talk to people. >> kirk: i am a drunk and i need help. and this is the first step. from here you are going straight to rehab. i want to make sure of that. >> yes, right. >> kirk: ok. [applause] i mean why are you sad right now? right this moment why is there sadness? >> because that is not who i am. >> kirk: who are you? >> a wonderful lady and a great mom. >> kirk: and you are. and i believe that. [applause] and as a great mom, you owe it to your children to be sober. >> it's ok. it's ok. >> all right. we're done. >> kirk: we are done in a moment and part of that is you menon
9:36 am
your children and you have to know that it was wrong what you put your 16-year-old boy in this week. you know. you have to say, i shouldn't have done that and -- >> and i never want to do anything like that again. >> kirk: you never want them to see you that way. because he loves you. and those e-mails they happened. they were real. so know that he loves you and cares about you. >> all my kids care about me and they are my life. >> kirk: they love the fact that you are going to get clean and sober. they love that. you are starting your fight today. today it's started and we all wish that you kick this alcohol and... because you need to. >> thank you. [applause] >> kirk: we will be right back. [applause] next on "the test" patricia made the decision to enter a treatment facility. she is back with us today after finishing the 30-day program.
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>> i was self medicating
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[applause] >> kirk: do you like action? do you want to witness shocking results? if you are in the la area would like to be in the studio audience for a taping of the test test, go to
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[applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the test test. when we spoke a month ago patricia admitted her days of drinking to cope with stress were catching up on her. she made a decision to enter a treatment facility to deal with her demons. she is back with us today after finishing the 30-day program and to hopefully get the test results that we all want to know the answers to. please welcome back tan mom, patricia krentcil. [applause] welcome back. [applause] how are you feeling? >> i feel great. >> kirk: you look a little more rested than you did last time. [applause] >> kirk: how was treatment? >> treatment was excellent. i was there for 30 days.
9:41 am
and i grasped what i needed to grasp. and it stemmed from there and it went on abusive from my ex-husband horrifically and just horrible things that happened to me that you don't know. so many things. >> kirk: were you in a dark place by the time you came to the show. i mean to the point where we couldn't test you. last time you were on the show you had trouble getting here. you were detained at the airport for going intoxicated. take a look. >> we cannot allow you to fly. >> all right. >> kirk: i mean how does it feel to see that video because you are a different person today? you look a lot different than that? how does it feel to see that? >> it doesn't really do much to
9:42 am
me. to be honest. no. because i was self-medicating myself to forget what happened to me. and i'm finally rid of that. [applause] >> kirk: listen you were in a dark place. and we are all very happy -- we wanted you to get help and we are all happy that you did because you were in a dark place. >> yes. >> kirk: i want to talk a little bit about the treatment because you have been there the last 30 days and you had a seizure while you were there? can you tell us about that? >> it was scary. don't read or listen to anything that you read in the papers it's hoopla. what happens was we live in a house and go to the institute and it happened in the car not at the house. so anyway, on the way there, i started like going like this and i fell back. and they are like i was tweaking. you know i was out there. and my legs would not move and i didn't know where i was.
9:43 am
>> kirk: have you had seizures in the past? >> i had one. so what happened then, they rushed me to one place and no, go to the hospital. i went to the hospital and i was like who am i where are we? it was i was there but it was like black around me. and in a sense. i saw faces and then once they calmed me down. >> kirk: you were seeing faces but you were not high? >> i was in a black you know, i was out. out but there. >> kirk: ok. you are at the biggest moment of clarify for you in 2 clarity in 20 years. >> i feel so happy and i'm not self medicating myself and i'm not going back. i'm not going back because i am so happy. [applause] my family is, too. >> kirk: that is all any of us wanted. we just wanted the best for you. next, did patricia allow her daughter to go into a tanning bed? has she had anything to drink since leaving treatment.
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we will find out the results of the test when we come back. [applause] next on "the test" did you put your five-year-old daughter in a tanning booth? your answer? >> no. crisp, fall rocky mountain air
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>> kirk: welcome back. we are here with tan mom patricia joining us for a second time to prove she has righted her wrongs and gotten her life back on track. i got to tell you, you seem a lot better. >> thank you. >> kirk: from my pob and i'm happy for you. you had been a lot in the pain and a lot you say it was a fact that the media accused you you f putting your daughter in a tanning bed and that is one of the questions we asked you. >> yes,. >> kirk: anything you want to say before i read this. >> i never did it. they wanted me to go to probation and i was like no, i did not do this. and my attorney said you are looking at jail time. and i said i don't care.
9:48 am
i'm not going to own up to something that i did not do. and the grand jury found me innocent. >> kirk: and we'll find out now if you got off on something. did you put your five-year-old daughter in a tanning booth? your answer? >> no. >> kirk: she passed. [applause] i mean -- >> told you. >> kirk: so you have been telling the truth for all these years. and you got to clear your name and i'm glad we could help. we wanted to help you a month ago but you weren't ready. >> no, i wasn't well. >> kirk: not only did we help with you that we helped you get in a treatment facility. so that is two wins for "the test". [applause] all right. next question patricia. have you had any alcohol to drink since leaving treatment?
9:49 am
your answer? >> no. >> kirk: she passed that as well. [applause] [cheering] listen i'm very proud of you. i was a little surprised about that one. i just know that you have been self-medicating for so long. it's good. hopefully you are on the right path now. >> i am. i have it right here. dr. kelly. [applause] >> kirk: don't go away more with tan mom when we return. [applause] [♪] lh
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[applause] [♪] >> kirk: check out what is happening next time on "the test". >> coming up tomorrow... new on "the test" i do turns to
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i don't. >> i know you cheated on me. >> kirk: how many women have you been with? >> can the test get this couple living happily ever after. >> i don't mean nothing to you at all. >> all new on "the test". that is tomorrow. all right. patricia, listen, i'm happy we cleared your name. that was something that you needed to do. for you for the world. it's now fact. you did not put your daughter in a tanning bed. and i got to tell you, i'm happy for your sobriety. you look great. your eyes are clear. and just stay on that path. listen we all want the best for you. all right, i want to thank patricia for being here and her friend adam for being here. if you think someone in your life is not being truthful it's time to give them the test. go to our website and tell us your story.
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thank you for being here. good-bye. [applause] [♪]
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going to do about this love life of yours? you have been played again! and adam levine's new girlfriend has a past she wants to hide, only we are going to dig it up and expose it for you. let's talk about it and more. it's time for "hot topics." [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: it is teatime. maybe for the next season we need to pass out tea to the whole audience so we can all have our tea together. a shout-out to everybody
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watching at home. thank you so much. i also want to shout out to the baylor fashion studio from waco, texas, and they are in our audience. hi, girls! welcome to w york. and our show. so did you watch "the voice" last night? listen, first of all, shakira looked absolutely smashing. i thought that, you know what? this picture doesn't even do it justice, even though she looks great there. she looked smashing. almost like she acknowledged christina's coming in to take her old "voice" chair back and perhaps shakira would like to battle it out with christina next season for that chair, i don't know. i'm just saying, a girl from new york, sasha allen, she was one of the standouts last night. sasha is 31 years old. she ripped her dress open to reveal one of those rompers that
9:59 am
i love so much. she's got her sparkly romper, she's singing, good hair. she's a standout. also, usher's contestant, shanelle, she sang a song "trouble" and he surprised her by having taylor show up. there she is with her keds and red shorts. in case you are wondering how tall taylor is, she's 5'11". we are the same height. someone is going home tonight on "the voice" tonight at 8:00 on a nbc. so let's wch together. inhe meantime, adam pñlevine from "the voice" has a hot new girlfriend, and she is, say it with me, a model. in my head i heard you. that's all he dates.


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