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tv   Today  NBC  September 20, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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don't want me. >> kirk: hang on it's not often on national tv we have someone professing his love for you. we got to hear him out and we will hear you out as well. let's go on stage and do this out there. ok? and get to the truth. all right. thank you. [applause] >> kirk: we're just going to talk about this and find out what is going on. clearly you are upset about something. and you are furious about the ring she pawned. >> yes, i am. >> kirk: because you worked hard for that and you want to marry this woman. >> yes, i do. >> kirk: jasmine your cousin is here, too and says jasmine is the one with something to hide not aaron. please welcome her to the show. [applause] >> are you serious? you supposed to be on my side.
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you my cousin. >> i'm your cousin but this man don't do nothing. >> so you stay with us now? >> y'all called me. y'all called me. >> you know -- >> who called the phone you called who? >> i don't have -- >> she knows. she knows. [all talking at once] >> you talk to her, too? >> no, you talk to her. don't worry about it. >> it was not no call. it was not. >> kirk: wait. wait. >> it wasn't -- >> hang on. hang on. you are saying she has something to hide. >> yes, she do. she do. [all talking at once] >> why do you think she is cheating? >> i know she is cheating. i know she is. >> aaron -- >> in the house. all the people in the house. >> kirk: let's back this up. you are saying she kicked him
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out so that someone could move in? >> yes,. >> kirk: is that what happened? >> no, that is not what happened. >> yes, it is. >> no, it's not. >> kirk: and you heard her on the phone talking to a co-worker. >> she answered the phone and said, hey, boo, tell aaron i say, hey. and she said this is not aaron. >> who was it. >> and the co-worker -- >> kirk: jasmine is that why you are ausing him? >> no. >> when aaron is out and i call him he never answers the phone. [applause] >> kirk: have you cheated on him? >> no. >> while me and aaron was together i never cheated on him. >> i think she accuse me because she is covering up she is the one. >> and you don't answer your phone and as soon always walk through the door and you are like hello you called me?
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you know i called you don't act like a... folk. >> kirk: now that you are broken up you are with somebody else now? >> you with somebody else? >> whatever if you were so much of a friend you is you would have told him i been with somebody else. whatever. whatever. whatever. and you my cousin. you my cousin. but it's ok. you can kiss my... and whatever. whatever. whatever. >> i want to marry you but you ruined this for us. you ruined this for us. >> it don't matter. >> kirk: jasmine is there anyway that you can get back together or is it done? >> i feel like it. it depends i don't know. >> man -- >> kirk: let me ask you about this. qwit says you kicked him out of the house for another man? >> no, that is not true she is full of...
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>> everytime i call her phone when she kick him out of the house i don't get no --. i know she is. i know she is. >> kirk: do you have feelings for aaron? >> no, it's like my brother not at all at all. >> kirk: what is this going on here? >> i think she is hiding stuff. honestly. i think that is what she is doing hiding stuff because her own family sees it. her cousin. you know what i'm saying. she ain't tell me but yes you do talk to me about things and she tell me all the time certain stuff she be doing. >> and you would be with me. >> what do i do? >> i love you. i love you. but when you keep doing it and doing it, you are going to ruin it for both of us. you trying to push me away? >> yes, that is what you are trying to do. >> kirk: you pawned the ring. >> i pawned the ring because i love him but -- >> you pawned the ring, why?
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that was my promise to you. >> i asked you who you be out with who is texting your phone, i miss you baby. >> and i tell you all the time it's my sisters. >> i miss you baby? i'm about to get up and punch you in the damn face. that don't make no sense. >> kirk: aaron make it make sense because i don't know if i can stop her. i can try. i have sharp edges i don't want anybody punching anybody. are you cheating? >> i'm not cheating. i have not cheated on jasmine. >> 3:00 in the morning and then as soon as you walk through the door you called me? where have you been? >> kirk: where had you been? you are out to two or three in the morning? >> i get off work at one, 1:30. >> everytime i call. he answer for you and i'm his lady and he don't answer for me? that don't make sense that ain't adding up.
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it's nothing like that. >> this is my family like my sister. this is my her cousin. >> and you answer the phone for her but you don't answer for me. >> because you don't want to listen to me. when i try to talk to you here is what you do talk, talk, talk, all the time. i can't speak. >> what you got to say? >> i can't say you still talking. >> kirk: listen, aaron, when we come back from break i'm going to let you speak and she will let you speak. all right? when we come back we'll hear from aaron's aunt she never met jasmine but she has strong advice for this couple. we will be right back. [applause] [♪] next on "the test". >> hurt me you need to grow up. [all talking at once] calm down and listen. you don't know so you can sit down. >> kirk: and later... >> my next guest says her
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sister's big booty is coming between her and her man. what have you done? >> what the hell is that?
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[applause] >> welcome back to "the test". jasmine and aaron were engaged to be married until jasmine's accusations threw a wrench in their wedding plans. aaron aunt's says the kids have to grow up if they want to live as man and wife. welcome aunt debra to the show. >> all you kids need to grow up. that is one thing. >> hi, debra. >> why you always accusing him of cheating? >> get up in my damn face and... [all talking at once] >> listen to her [all talking at once] >> i don't talk to her. >> you hurt me and i need somebody to talk to. they answer the phone and they talk to me. >> the plan is about your relationship. you need to grow up if -- if you want to be in a relationship
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with somebody, you need to know who this is. and she need to get -- and understand you need to calm down and listen. and why are you always accuse him of cheating? he loves you. he cares about you. >> you don't know so you can sit down. >> you always accuse him of cheating and throwing him out. you cannot get mad at somebody and throw them out and throw them out and fight with somebody and pawn a ring. marriage is a serious step. if you want to marry somebody you have to work together to buildup a relationship. >> all right. debra, thank you. >> she needs to understand it. [applause] >> 3:00 in the morning where he be? since you know? >> i don't know all this. he tell you he loves you. he tells you -- >> does he show it? you don't know. >> you need to listen sometimes. >> kirk: all right debra have a seat. listen... debra do you think that they should even be together?
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do you think there's hope here? >> it ain't her business. >> it is my business when he calls me. >> i talk to her about what we are going through because you don't want to listen what i have to say at all. >> kirk: jasmine, i mean, you sit here and you are smug. do you want to be with him? >> i don't know. >> what do you know? tell me -- >> do you want to be with the other dude you had at the house or something? [all talking at once] >> i'm the one that cares for you the way that people care for you. >> you know what? things changed when he just started being distant from me. because we always used to be together do everything together. >> kirk: listen aaron have you gotten distant? >> yes, i have. >> kirk: why is that? >> because i'm t type of person that i like to be held we don't do things we did.
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she don't hold me. she don't sit down and eat at the table with me. i enjoy stuff like that that makes me feel like a man. [applause] >> kirk: all right. >> you know what? >> i mean -- >> kirk: are you not cuddling him the way you used to? >> no. >> kirk: but why? this guy, i got to be honest with you. very sensitive young man pouring it out here. nothing wrong with that. he loves you. you've hurt him you pawned that ring. but now i'm finding out that you are not even holding him? >> because that is when he -- [laughter] ok. look, that is when he is seriously, seriously. >> kirk: sometimes you need a squeeze. >> like seriously that is when he starts -- [applause] >> kirk: thank you. thank you. >> ok. so 2 or 3:00 in the morning who
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is he squeezing because it ain't me. >> kirk: are you not holding him because he comes home so late. >> he comes home and takes a shower and leave. >> kirk: why are you sneaking out again? >> sometimes i have stuff that i got to do. >> at two or three in the morning? >> you lie. you lying. >> kirk: all right jasmine. let's check out the results. [applause] our lie detector administrator asked jasmine the following question: while in a relationship with aaron, have you had sexual intercourse with anyone else? your answer? >> no. >> kirk: you failed that.
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>> what? >> i knew i was right. i told you. >> are you serious? >> kirk: aaron sit down and listen. we are going to hear this. i don't need anything physical. tell him who you cheated with. this guy loves you. he deserves to know the truth. time for you to get honest. you are so tough and cool but it's time for you to just be truthful to yourself. >> right now. right now. right now. be truthful. [applause] >> kirk: this is your day, pour it out. look at him, not me. >> right now be truthful. >> that dude i was talking with for a year. >> kirk: was it your co-worker? >> no. >> kirk: it was somebody else? >> yes,. >> kirk: and you have been in a year relationship with him? >> no, we have just been talking for like a year. as soon as me and aaron broke up, it just --
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>> kirk: in the la last few weeks is when this started? >> we've been broken up for two months now. >> kirk: this says while in a relationship with aaron. and you just broke up two months ago. so this is while you were in a relationship, you were still having sex with somebody. and that is what you need to be honest about. don't look for a loophole. >> i don't understand. >> kirk: now i know why you were so in a hurry to leave. >> you know i love you. you know i do. i want to be with you. and i want to marry you. and i still want to have kids like we talked. but all the... has to stop. all the... has to stop. >> kirk: the mean the -- the fact that -- >> basically you seen signs and see that i don't feel the same about you anymore. >> why keep leading me on? >> i don't. >> why talk to me everyday on
9:17 am
the phone. >> you call and sometimes i answer and sometimes i don't. >> kirk: do you want to be done? are you done with this man? is that what you want? if you are done you got to tell him. >> a lot of this comes from accusing me of cheating. >> kirk: before you break up we are going to do the lie detector. we found out that jasmine is cheating on aaron and now it's his turn for the test when we come back. [applause] next on "the test" how many women have you been with? >> listen... >> kirk: have you ever had sexual intercourse with anyone other than jasmine?
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we are talking to the most controversial teen mom to hit tv. >> i was like omigod, neighboring he hadness is normal. >> i'm smart when it comes to having sex. >> she may know how to have it but she is not having it. has farah turned the child of a porn star. >> some things were out of my control. >> the moment has come to find out. that is monday on "the test". [applause] >> welcome back. we found out that jasmine failed her lie detector test. and it's aaron's turn. all right.
9:21 am
found out that you were cheating. now it's time to find out if someone else was holding you close and keeping you safe and cuddley. the test everything was ok in there? >> yes,. >> kirk: did anything happen that you did not know about? was it a smooth test? >> i know i passed i have not cheated on her since i have been in a relationship with her. >> kirk: our lie detector administrator asked aaron the following question: aaron, nice in here, isn't it? [laughter] while in a relationship with jasmine, have you ever had sexual intercourse with anyone other than jasmine? your answer? >> never.
9:22 am
>> kirk: you failed. >> that test lying. i haven't done nothing since i been with jasmine. >> kirk: i just asked you something you said it was fine. the test does not lie, you do. all right. >> i ain't lie. that test is lying. >> kirk: the fact that you were so willing to forgive her for cheating made me suspect that you might also have been cheating. and it's true. so get honest with her. tell her the truth. >> but i know i was right. >> kirk: tell her the truth and let him talk. >> babe, i love you. we all make mistakes. [laughter] we all make mistakes. but we need both of us have to be wrong now we need to let it go and move forward. let the past be the past. >> why you didn't tell me the truth from the beginning?
9:23 am
>> i have been telling you the truth. >> kirk: you weren't telling her the truth because she just found out that you were cheating. you just said the test was a lie and now the test is not a lie. >> i have not been doing nothing since i was in a relationship with jasmine. i have not. >> kirk: you just said we both made mistakes. be honest with her. it all starts fresh today. >> i don't want them, i want you. >> who was it? >> i want you. listen to me. listen to me. let's do this the right way. the right way. >> the right way is break up. >> break up? no, please. we both made mistakes. >> no, but both of us are unhappy. both of us are unhappy. >> kirk: she is unhappy are you unhappy? >> you had to be unhappy because you cheated, right? >> no. >> kirk: but aaron and i will also tell you this you also said
9:24 am
them. how many women have you been with? >> listen,... [laughter] i said it's one than one female out there. it's i don't want what is out there. i want what is next to me right here. and be next to me. let's do this. please. >> no. i'm unhappy. you got to be unhappy, right you cheated on me, right? >> we need to change in some ways both of us. >> i'm not happy. so -- >> kirk: let me tell you something you want to change but you are saying let's change and go back to the way it was. but the truth is you got to grow. >> i'm saying let's change for the best and not the worse. let's start over. >> kirk: but changing for the best might be not being
9:25 am
together. did you say you hate him? >> i feel like that. >> kirk: listen that is a strong word. if you hate him, you deserve to let him go. you shouldn't be with anyone would hates you. aaron you can be with someone -- >> see what i do to make her hate me. i don't understand. >> kirk: could it be sleeping with them? [applause] all right. you're done. i mean, right? you want to be done with it? i'm done. >> kirk: so there's nothing you can do. you have to find someone who loves you. >> we have not been doing anything in seven months altogether. >> we made mistakes. she did hers and i did mine. why can't we let the past go and go on. >> kirk: because she doesn't want to. i'm sorry for that because you seem like a great guy but this is a girl that pawned your ring and has been on the phone with a guy for a year and she is
9:26 am
sleeping with him and said she hated you. i mean -- [laughter] that adds up. we'll be right back. [applause] next on "the test". >> live with your mom or live with that... or that... >> because me is pregnant she is extra emotional. >> kirk: did you ever have sexual contact with tiani? is this the bacon and cheese diet?
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[applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the test test. my next guest says her sister's big booty is coming between her and her man. you heard me. britney's boyfriend cannot stop talking about it and her sister flaunts the junk in her trunk right in front of him. what makes matters worse, britney is six months pregnant with his baby and cannot trust her own boyfriend around her big-bootied sister. welcome britney. >> hello, everybody. [applause] >> kirk: what is going on? >> well, i've been with this guy for kevin for three years i've known him for seven since high school. and he is a little loose with my favorite sister. and i don't like it at all. >> kirk: and by loose you mean? >> very english theycious, sexually only. >> kirk: does she respond? >> she loves it.
9:31 am
they play into each other and it's ridiculous and embarrassing and people are asking me are you fine with that? hell no i'm not fine with that. >> kirk: and what does kevin have to say? >> he loves it something when she calls him daddy. come on now. would you guys like that. >> kirk: give me an example? >> for instance earlier today she tried on a new outfit and came into my room and was like hey do you like this and dropped it on his lap and asked him how he liked it. i swear. and he said. >> kirk: did he like it. >> he said your outfit is pretty but he was looking and loving it. >> kirk: what does this day mean to you? >> today, actually it is a make or break situation with me actually because if the man i loved forever and known forever is doing me wrong with my family member or any girl in general it's not going to be ok. >> kirk: you think there might be other women as well? >> if he is going to talk to my sister why wouldn't he talk to
9:32 am
other women, right? >> kirk: well, i need to meet his home wrecking rump shaker. welcome tiani. >> look at her. look at her. >> nice to meet you. >> you, too. >> she put that on my man. >> you're tripping. you know i don't want kevin. i cannot help that i dress like this. >> you don't dress like that with the twins boyfriends. >> kirk: you say you cannot help that you dress like that. are you forced to dress like that? >> i am. >> i look wonderful, too. six months pregnant. and hold on. i don't do that to nobody's man. i'm respectful in what i do. thank you. [applause] >> kirk: tiani are you putting the moves on her boyfriend? >> i mean maybe. but not like that. i mean not like that. i think you need to calm down.
9:33 am
>> kirk: what does maybe mean? you are maybe putting the moves on? >> we have a english theycious relationship. we have a flirt theycious relationship. >> you are my big sister and i love you to death. >> it is just a joke. >> kirk: it may be a joke but your sister is not laughing. [applause] >> not anymore. >> she needs to know that i love her. you are my baby sister. i would never do nothing like that to you. >> kirk: you said you are. >> i mean, are we haven't done what you think we done or anything like that. he has never seen me. >> kirk: what have you done? >> what the hell is that tiani? that is the stuff that i'm talking about. you do that stuff and you think it's funny and it is not funny to me. you need to calm it down. >> it's funny. >> oh, it's all a big joke. >> because me is pregnant and
9:34 am
just extra emotional. >> kirk: are you extra emotional because you are pregnant? >> yes, you are. >> isn't everybody? i mean like, yeah. just a little bit. [applause] but it's my sister and if she -- if you are not doing the wrong thing you will be exonerated? >> what. >> if you are doing the right thing -- too big of a word? >> spell it out. >> if you are doing the right thing -- >> is it really that serious to you. >> it is. i love him and want to get married to him one day soon. >> kirk: do you not trust him? >> i trust him but who jokes with somebody's sibling like that all the time? and i don't know it's too much for me. it's definitely wrong. >> kirk: all right. when we come back, we'll meet kevin or daddy as tiani calls him. find out if he is more interested in britney or cys's booty when we reveal the results
9:35 am
of the lie detector test. [applause] next on "the test". >> you brought that donk you don't have to put it on people. >> you have to think of the mother that is carrying your child
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>> kirk: do i like action? >> do you want to witness shocking results? if you are in the la area and would like to be in the studio
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audience for a taping of the test, go to [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to "the test". before the break, we talked to britney who is six months pregnant and worried her man, kevin, is cheating on her with someone. maybe her own sister tiani. britney says tiani flaunts her assets in front of kevin and calls him daddy. i want to meet big daddy. come on out, kevin. [applause] >> nice to meet you. how you doing? >> hey, kevin, have a seat. >> you're crazy. just because look at her sister. come on. no. >> she is gorgeous. >> kirk: do you have a flirt
9:39 am
theycious relationship with her sister? >> i do it to get a rise out of her. >> kirk: do you think that is right she is six months pregna pregnant. >> it might not be right. i've been called a smart ass. look at her. >> that what i'm talking about that is part of the joking and it really hurts me. >> kirk: clearly it is not funny to her. >> it is. it is. i mean, when she has the baby she will be like i was overreacting i'm sorry. so -- why stop what i'm doing because me is pregnant for eight months. >> kirk: are you jealous that me is pregnant with his baby? >> did you say what i think you said. am i jealous that she is pregnant with his baby? no. i don't want kevin. we are good friends and we have a level of friendship where we are comfortable we do whatever. i don't flaunt my... on him. >> when you got that donk and
9:40 am
you put it on people. >> kirk: she is not comfortable with it. he cheated on his last girlfriend with you. so maybe that is why you don't trust him. >> absolutely. >> kirk: are you also upset because he works with all women? >> all women. that is crazy. that is so funny to everybody. >> it is, yeah. >> kirk: where do you work? >> i work in a call center and we call and do phone interviews for a research firm. >> kirk: and it's all women. do you have a problem with that? >> yes, i do. >> you need to worry about them women not me. i am your sister. >> excuse me. >> it's just a joke we are joking. >> i have my own situation i don't want yours. >> kirk: we are not done yet. when we come back it's time for the test results. [applause] next on "the test" did you have
9:41 am
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[applause] >> kirk: welcome back to "the test". all right. so listen, what is going to happen if you find out he is cheating with your sister? >> you can go live with your mom or that... straight up.
9:44 am
[applause] >> kirk: and if you find out that is not cheating? if he passes the test? what then? >> we are going to live that fairy tale we talk about all the time and you have to stop joking around baby and are you a wonderful man, i love you so much. but this has to stop. it makes me uncomfortable and it stresses me out big sister. >> all right. >> kirk: and you don't want to stress someone out she is pregnant and she is sensitive maybe that is why you should be extra careful. >> why don't you accommodate that? >> i can do that for you. i love you britney. she is crying and stuff. i guess it is getting serious. >> kirk: if she is crying that is serious. >> thank you. >> kirk: and kevin you have to step up also. you got to back it up also. >> man up! man up! >> i probably need to stop the flirting and i found out she was
9:45 am
pregnant i got a job door-to-door and got another job and i can't wait to meet my son. i love her to death. >> he loves you. >> kirk: you might not meet your son if you keep flirting with tiani. >> no way i ain't meeting my son. >> kirk: think of the mother that is carrying your child and be a little more respectful. all right. we all know the truth has to come out sometime. let's get to it. is kevin cheating on his pregnant girlfriend with her sister? all right. our lie detector administrator asked kevin the following questions. here is the first one: did you ever have sexual contact with tiani? and what was your answer? >> no. >> it better be. >> kirk: passed. [applause]
9:46 am
>> i love you. >> kirk: and we have another question. >> don't get happy yet. >> what? way to mess up something wonderful. >> kirk: all right. question number two. did you have sexual contact with any other women besides britney since she has been pregnant? your answer? >> no. >> kirk: he passed that as well. [applause] >> can we switch where we are sitting. switch seats then. [applause] [laughter] >> kirk: what do y have to say to each other? >> i think she has something to say to me. the test proves that you are like a little crazy. >> kirk: but you are also a little troublemaker and you know that.
9:47 am
[applause] >> that is a little about her. >> kirk: you know. he might be weak and you might be the whole instigator in provoking him. he might not have the strength to resist that butt. >> yeah. >> he is a strong man. >> kirk: we proved today he has the willpower. [applause] kevin what do you want to say? >> i will do better to stay away from her assets. >> kirk: all right. we'll be right back with more of the test test. of "the test". next on "the test" kevin is there anything else you would like to say? there anything else you would like to say? >> oh, my god. all across america, people are using lysol in hundreds of ways. what's christine's story? i started using lysol disinfectant spray, gosh,
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[applause] >> kirk: check out what is happening next time on "the test". >> monday on "the test". >> i have to take the blame for a lot of stuff. >> kirk: the most controversial teen mom to hit tv. >> let's act like oh, my god, neighboring he hadness is -- neighboring kedness is horrible. >> she knows how to have safe sex. >> things were out of my control. >> that is monday on "the test". >> it looks like it's almost a happy family. kevin anything you would like to say or anything you would like to do while you have the floor here? >> yeah, i know i've been talking a lot lately about -- about doing this. i figure what better place than la, right? take that. >> oh, my god. >> will you marry me? >> you know i will marry you,
9:51 am
baby. [cheering] [applause] [laughter] >> kirk: and listen, just because are you married doesn't mean you can flirt with her now? >> i know. >> i'm very happy for you. >> kirk: and you are very happy. >> i'm very happiment he took it to another level and to me that is considered disrespectful. that is her husband. you know, i won't go there no more. [applause] >> kirk: now you won't go there
9:52 am
you need to make sure that your booty doesn't either. [laughter] do you want to give a test to someone in your life log on to thank you for watching. see you next time. good-bye. [applause] congratulations.
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williams show," grammy winner kely rowland opens up about "x factor" and beyonce. plus kelly performs her sexy new hit single. and wendy has the latest in the paula deen controversy. here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: ooh! shout it out. thank you. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you, studio audience. i appreciate you coming.
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better today than last week. we have a terrific show for you. kim and kanye reveal the baby name. i have my opinion more. and there was a showdown last night on the "the housewives of new jersey" and paula deen's hot controversy. let's talk about it and more. it's time for "hot topics." [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: thank you, everybody. have a seat. so i hope you had terrific weekend. mine was the best weekend in a few weekends because it was the first weekend i was able to sleep through the night and stop coughing. do you remember the cold from last week? do you remember the cold from the week before? >> yes.
9:58 am
you. >> cough for five days, fine. you cough for seven days, people start looking at you like you're crazy. by last week i was going on eight, nine days of coughing. i had my tea mug in the audience to help squelch the cough. so i went to the doctor and she sticks the tube down my throat and another through my nostril. that one made me cry. i cried like kim when she was laying on her back with the baby thing. but here's what my brilliant ear, nose and throat specialist found. a cole was no longer a cold. it had turned into something really nasty, funky, discolored and, yes, other worldly. so she gave me a fistful of pills. i started feeling better in about six hours. now, look, i have got a course of medicine to take for ten days. so unfortunately my broadway
9:59 am
debut, which was supposed to be tomorrow as matron mama morton in chicago has been put off until friday. i was disappointed also, because because i'm ready to go out there and zoo it! [ applause ] >> wendy: but it is very disrespectful when you cough while you sing and act and even more disrespectful while roxy and them are trying to deliver their lines. i'm the queen of turning lemons in lemonade. i've rationalized it that friday might be a better debut day for a foodie like me anyway. if i debuted on tuesday, i wouldn't get out of the play until 10:00 at night and i would have to wake up first thing in the morning to come here to do the talk show. and this friday there's no matinee which means after the show we can


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