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tv   11 News at 5  NBC  September 20, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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enquirer." but i have to tell you, don't bite the hand that feeds you, girl. number one, those weekly magazines are exactly who made you. then the fans are the ones that watched you fr the beginning. you can't deprive the fans of baby north because some of the rabid fans don't understand that now all of a sudden you want to be highbrow and keep them out, you know. when you let them in like that, it's hard for them to understand when you want to keep them -- that mother. [ laughter ] >> wendy: here's the thing. here's the thing -- i feel -- take this in the best way -- i just don't feel like kim is an independent thinker. in spite of -- you know, everything that she says, i think that she's probably kind of weak in herwn decisionmaking. like i think that kim right now, even a grown woman being a mother, is trapped between what her mother want for her and what her baby's father wants for her. and i don't think kim has the backbone to say what she wants for herself, put her fist down, and be damned both of them and see what happens. the only way you can test how
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somebody's going to react to your gangsta mode is if you give it to them, you know, and you're committed to what you say. then if they don't want to be part of it, then don't. kanye's still going to want you if he loves you amuch as you sahe does. and your mother will always be your mother. that mother's not going anywhere, girl. [ applause ] >> wendy: does it matter to you one way or another by a poll of clapping or hand raising, what do we do? i forget. clap if you want baby north -- if you really do want baby north to be part of the next season. [ applause ] >> wendy: clap if you don't care because you don't watch "kardashians" anymore. [ applause ] >> wendy: clap if you think kim and kanye will get married. you keep holding out for that love, girl. you keep holding out.
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[ laughter ] >> wendy: well, kim, there you have it. [ laughter ] >> wendy: anyway, let's move on to "real housewives of atlanta." i'm exciting. they're gearing up for another season. [ applause ] >> wendy: i am really excited about that. from kenya's eviction to pors e porsche's divorce -- notice the tons of hair. it looks gorgeous. i'm about to show a clip. we finally get to see the stories behind the headlines. bravo sent a sneak peek. our "hot clip of the day." take a look. [ applause ] >> i don't know where things arted to change between you and my mom. >> you got to stop being scared. >> my crazy landlord, she's filed for an eviction. this crazy woman called the cops on me. >> i can't take anymore. >> there's nothing great about us. >> he was the wrong [ bleep ] one. >> coell didn't want me physically, and that made me
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wonder what does he want. >> no [ bleep ] will never tell me who i can and cannot talk to -- >> i'm not saying that. >> she must not know who the hell i am. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> wendy: to me, that was a good clip. good job, atlanta girls. every storyline looked great. i loved todd and candy. it looked like you lost weight or something. she moved the mother into the mansion next door. that's a problem. that's a good storyline. the woman telly portia you didn't pick the right one and she said, "why didn't he want me?" if you listen to the streets -- [ laughter ] >> wendy: and then the hair. look at portia. who else's storyline was there -- oh nene versus kenya. now see, those are two
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tough-talking women. you can't even call it directly as to who would win that fight, you know. argument, that is. and then our girl cynthia is back to cryin and doing the cynthia russia that shethat she, she and peter were in love, and she was strong and beautiful. those tears, she's back to crying. so okay, good. we'll be watching "real housewives of atlanta," returns november 3rd on bravo. okay. speaking of bravo, there's another housewife getting a spinoff show. caroline manzo from jersey. do you like that ide >> no! >> wendy: okay, wait. let's do a poll. we'll do a poll at the end, okay? i like polls. okay. look, according to, caroline's shooting a pilot called ""manzod with children," like "married with children." about her husband and kooky
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aunt. she raises pigs and stuff. only that storyline is not that interesting. caroline, in the name of decency -- because you all are a decent faly -- your spinoff is going to offer nothing that we watch reality tv for. you guys are too decent and normal. take this in the best way. the two brothers are just absolutely -- any mother's dream in terms of sons. you know, nobody wants to see them living over in hoboken, though, with that business. it's too normal. then the daughter, didn't she lose her weight nicely? gorgeous and nice. she's too normal and nice. she respects her mother and father. where is the housewife drama? then caroline, it ain like she's cheating on albert. they love each other. and albert is handsome as i don't know what. he's lost that weight. we don't want you on reality to have -- no, i won't speak for everybody. i don't want you to reality tv because you are a decent, normal family with nothing to offer us when we want to escape and watch drama. now i'm going to take a poll. clap if you like the idea of
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"manzod with children." [ o clap ] >> wendy: you're not even clapping high. you're clapping low. put your hand up then and clap and support your girl. there. [ laughter ] >> wendy: clap if you agree that they're just too normal, and normal is good. [ applause ] >> wendy: sorry, it's my duty to take polls and try to help out. you know i love bravo. anyway, teresa is allegedly jealous of caroline's spinoff. according to "life and style" magazine, teresa's wanted a spinoff of her own for years and isn't happy for her frenemy caroli caroline. coming up "the real housewives of new jersey." you're the star. without that show, it doesn't exist. you have your own show, right?
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[ applause ] >> wendy: a birdie told me the spinoff is the one she wanted to be cooking. nobody cares about that, although i do love when the family gets together in the dungeon and make sausage. do you ever see them make sausage and sauce, and that do the casing and everything. that's fun to see. i know, it's nasty, but it's fun. sausage is one of those things, you don't want to see how it's made. you just love how it tastes. we rarely talk about nick carter from backstreet boys. 's 33 years old and has a book about his life a decades' long struggle with alcohol and drugs. you can tell it was a struggle because he's only 33. drugs, you know, sometimes they take a toll on you. the young man is the first one to admit, you know, that the drugs were the absolute demon. thank god he's sober. now he's admitting that at the peak of his addiction, he used cocaine and drank a large bottle of vodka every night. but --h but his biggest drug regret is taking ecstasy because
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-- on ecstasy, it left him with permanent dage up he causing bouts of depression. they say that about ecstasy, though. it can happen either the first time you take it or eventually, you know, eating out a part of your brain that leaves with permanent depression. i didn't know that. anyway, he also blames his ex-girlfriend, paris hilton. now see -- druggies, you don't blame anybody but you, you know. you shouldn't have done that part, nick. i'm going to tell you what he writes about paris. and then we're going to talk. nick writes, "paris was the worst person in the world for me to hook up with. she fed my worst impulses as far as partying." oh, hash tag, is paris getting it in? listen, you know, nick, you can't blame people that you hung out with. drugs are wrong, but you know, if you're that one person in the drug crowd what can't handle your drugs, that was me, by the
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way, you know. you know, people could get high, i was the one who spun out of control. i wouldn't dare blame somebody else on my coke problem which has been kicked. don't blame paris because paris apparently knows how to handle her partying. paris apparently is also one of those girls who -- see, i lake paris hilton. i'm going -- i like paris hilton. i'm going to tell you why. i like and respect her. she could have been a lazy, spoiled, rich girl laying back her family's money. instead -- i don't know whether you know this because she's not so big in the u.s. as far as her product. but paris is a billionaire. now, when you go to like the raceway mall in new jersey, you're not going to see the paris hilton boutique. you'd have to squint to even find paris hilton perfume. in tokyo, japan, all places around the world, paris is huge. people still pass out when they see her. this girl's got hair extensions. she's constantly taking business meetings and promoting, promoting, promoting. i mean, she's got silent money that people don't even know because she's big everywhere
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except for maybe here in our country, you know. so you know, good for you, nick, for writing this book and coming clean. [ applause ] >> wendy: and paris -- paris, you keep making that money, girl. [ laughter ] >> wendy: there are lots of juicy stories in "october" magazine. it's time for "wendy's got you covered." hit it. [ applause ] >> wendy: okay. first one is about our girl, sandra bullock. she's 49. and -- excuse me. excuse me. i had a liver worst omelet for breakfast. do you know that when i order my omelet from, there was no -- mind you, they make sandwiches at lunchtime, too. they don't sell liverwurst? when did liverwurst go out of style? we have to go to a grocery store to get a quarter pound of lirwurst. then i h to open the omelet, put it in there, put the omelet
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in the microwave and eat it. i love liverwurst. my mother used to give me liverwurst sandwiches at day camp. all the kids would move away from me and call me smelly. it's okay. i'm on tv now. still eating liverwurst. [ applause ] >> wendy: okay, sandra bullock is 49 years old and on the cover of the october magazine. while sandra is a beautiful woman and definitely to me represents our age group very well, i am not a fan of the hairstyle. i -- i can't figure out why -- you know, maybe the height or just the style. i can't figure it out. but gorgeous woman. just, you know, the hair. anyway, in the magazine, sandra opens up about her son, louis, who she adopted back in 2010. he's now 3 years old. isn't he a cute little boy? she says that she would quit hollywood if louis was affected in any negative way.
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i think that's terrific. [ applause ] >> wendy: i think that -- you know, i think that when -- when you become a parent, you know, no matter how much you might love your career or some of the things that were going on in your life prior to having kids, if something's going on that's affeing it in a bad way, it's great to thr it down and say "i leave life." it means having a king's ransom in the bank, you know. but she says she would move as far as alaska, you know. and so good for her. she also touches upon life after divorce from jesse james, who's 44. i can't believe we're still dealing with the jesse james thing. i swear to you, and i'm not lying -- and you know i love to talk -- if sandra bullock withowalked out and sat on the couch for an interview, the o thing i wouldn't ask about is jee jam james. i feel like we beat that horse. i can't believe she's still talking about. thanks for sharing. here's her quote -- here's her quote -- "nobody can prepare --
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"nobody can be prepared for anything if you end up in a place where you can look back and go "it happened, but i'm so lucky to be sitting where i am sitting." okay. nice. [ applause ] >> wendy: i don't know that she has a current boyfriend. it's -- her and louis a her career. but you can read more for years, the october issue of "vogue" vogue hits newsstands on september 24th. [ applause ] >> wendy: and so jennifer aniston and her fiance recently moved into their new mansion. you know, they had been refurbishing this mansion since forever. justin spoke to the october issue of "g.q." magazine where he's also the cover boy. right? thatrched eyebrow. mm. anyway, in there he says that there's some items that he owns that jen won't allow him to move into their home. part of his collection includes a collection of bizarre wax sculptures from the 1800s.
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they're of human mouths depicting different stages of stds. my thought is, while, ew, no girl wants that in her house, their mansion is b enoughor him to have an area. he can have an area in the mansion where he can put his stuff. i mean, even if it's not in the main part, maybe he can have this area like right over here, you know. because this is where -- look, you can put a door here, and his boys can come in. they don't even have to bother you. you know sometime your husband's smelly friends come over and you don't want to be bothered with them. they need to enter another way. you don't need to see them. you even buy a college refrigerator to put in the are it has all the cold drinks. they don't have to bother -- the mansion's big enough where he could have his collection. i guess jen told him, no, not in this house. he keeps themtored now in his office, someplace in hollywood. and we're still waiting for you guys to get married. but that's "wendy's got you
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covered." thank you. [ applause ] >> wendy: that's it? oh, my gosh. we have a great show for you. the always enjoyable terry crews is here. [ wild cheering ] >> wendy: he starsn the new x show "brooklyn 99" which people have been calling tv's best new comedy. up next, chef george duran, celebrity chef. he's going to show the mouth-watering recipes in time for the weekend. he's coming up later. up next, "people" magazine's going to join us with the reveal of the best and worst dressed celebs in hollywood. [ applause ] say so long to touch-ups.
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this jolly rancher.s for untamed fruit flavor. natural colors and flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. ♪ >> wendy: here at "wendy" we love celebrity fashions. people people people ju-- and " just released their best and worst in hollywood. here is style and beautyóe edi pamela edwards chris-tiani.
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good to have you back. pamela, how do you guys at "people" decide who makes the list? >> it's quite a process. takes about nine months basically. we look at celebrities day after day after day. consistency counts, wendy. that's what matters. >> oh. >> the editor in addition to fashion insiders like bloggers and models and photographers, we pick different people each year. we all weigh in with this nine months of research. that how we come up with the winner -- >> wendy: nine months? >> yeah. it's not one day. you've got to be consistent. >> wendy: oh, my god. >> yes. >> wendy: kerry washington was named best dressed woman in the world. [ applause ] >> wendy: tell why. >> we couldn't find a bad picture. and i get pictures every day of celebrities from the night before. couldn't find a bad red carpet picture. don't get her a lot in -- >> wendy: regular -- >> we don't see tha a lot. >> wendy: all the looks of kerry, they're all red carpet, or she's done to go out. do you ever get pictures of her
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with jeans? >> not a lot. she says she doesn't like to be over exposed either in her fashion or life. >> wendy: remember she fell in love and got married under the radar. that's right. congratulations, kerry. we look forward to the new season of "scandal," too. jessica chastain has been named the best red carpet style. even here on our show, we do "red carpet roundup," jessica chastain is always on our list. why is she on yours? >> elegant. every dress is elegant. couldn't you see elizabeth taylor or sophia lauren in one of these outfits? she's a younger woman but channels the older woman. when the clothes don't weary, it looks like that's an extension -- s carrying an academy award in every picture. i feel like she's a serious, talented actress. there's a killer body under there. >> wendy: yes, you can see. >> she doesn't show too much, but the red hair makes her stand out. >> wendy: uh-huh.
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okay. let's talk about solange knowles, beyonce's younger sister, known as best risk-taking style. so agree. >> that is difficult to wear tricky trends. she is not afraid. i remember -- her mother told me years ago that this of the kid that would pull out the purple and yellow tight and -- she always had fun with fashion. >> wendy: i can imagine. >> i think she does this well. she mixes and matches like no other. >> wendy: you know, she doesn't just put on clothes, she looks like she was born in them. >> that's right. >> wendy: so very comfortable. congratulations to her. also we have the list of worst -- the top five worst trends of the year. let's talk about them. >> okay, let's talk abouthem. >> wendy: okay. >> we don't like seeing a lot of butt cheek basically. you know, one of the things we don't like is overexposure. hare we go again. with miley, a little of the back -- with kesha, too much of a side situation. >> wendy: side butt. the black dress.
5:21 pm
>> too much going on there. the drop crotch, it's not that -- it's just hard to look at a drop crotch. >> wendy: they know -- >> these are things that generally don't look good on people. there you go. i love the way kourtney dresses. >> wendy: is that kourtney? kardashian? >> up -- the bottom. sorry. with the gladiator. >> wendy: hold on. >> right there. >> wendy: oh -- oh, my gosh! please, gladiator, thank you. oh, my gosh. hated -- i can't figure out how you wear a gladiator, and why do people buy them? >> i don't know. but she looks fine. she's a cute dresser. >> wendy: no, it's not her. it's the trend. >> it's going to go away. >> wendy: what's the bra trend that you want to go away? >> look, you have 100 women, two people can do it right. it looks like -- you didn't finish getting dressed. >> wendy: yeah. >> it looks unfinished. i n't know what else to say. >> wendy: those are theorst trends. this is one of my favorite issues every year with "people"
5:22 pm
magazine. thank you very much. pamela edwards chris-tiani, everybody. you can pick up the new copy of "people" on newsstands now. up next from the new show, "brooklyn 99," it's terry crews! [ applause ] ♪
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>> wendy: welcome back. our next guest is one of my favorite people. he also happens to be starring in what people are calling the best new comedy. it's called "brooklyn 99." take a look. >> meanwhile, i'll be waiting in an undercover vehicle. >> you already tagged three vehicles. you should take my minivan. >> a minivan? >>ll got a problem with my minivan? [ laughter ] >> my wife doesn't like it either. she likes the suv. but those things roll, man. they roll. >> good idea, sergeant. we'll take the van. >> wendy: please welcome the extremely likeable terry crews. [ wild cheering ] >> ohh ohhh! yo, what's up? what's up? ♪ >> wendy: terry! >> everybody!
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yo! feels good! wow! what's up, y'all? [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: you know what? if youut your feet in front of the camera, show us some sock. we want to give -- no, no. down. down. >> here? >> wendy: yes. >> your shoe cam. >> wendy: yes! >> i'm going back -- >> wendy: gosh, i love the detail on -- >> did you see the pants? uh-huh. making money! [ applause ] >> my kids and my wife, they got it all. >> wendy: i love you. >> thank you. >> wendy: you really are one of my favorite people. you and your wife and your cute family. you know he's got five kids. >> and a grandbaby. >> wendy: and grandbabies and the whole bit. i know. i'll start here. when i hugged you, i felt a very, very well-made suit. i see at the bottom -- you're a man of a particular size. is this custom made?
5:27 pm
>> always, always. i cannot go into a departnt store and pick anything off the rack. when i go to the shoe store, i literally say, okay, bring me every 14 you have. they bring out two things. and then that's it. you know. i am -- with clothes, i'm glad i got some money. i thank god. >> wendy: it gets expensive -- >> listen, i have to keep working to keep dressed. >> wendy: everything is custom made. >> i love clothes so much. you get hooked them. it's like an addiction. i might go broke buying clothes, but i'll be the best looking homeless brother walking around. can i get $5? [ applause ] >> wendy: i don't want to remind you of this, but i must. when i hugged you, i didn't detect any spanx this time. >> no, do i look like a need spanx? >> no, but remember -- remember one of the last times that you were here -- i forget whether it was the last time or time before, you had on man spanx. you shared it which i thought was awesome.
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>> it feels good to be tight, compressed a little bit, you know what i'm saying? sometimes you need that. >> wendy: yes, yes. terry, you know, was a professional football player, nfl player. what teams did you play for? >> rams, packers, chargers, redskins, eagles. [ applause ] >> wendy: okay. >> seven years. >> wendy: seven years you did that. >> seven years. yep. >> wendy: does your body physically -- do u suffer -- do you have a crooked knee? >> no, i'm 100% healthy. you know what happened with me -- i keep working out. i kept working out. a lot of times athletes are like, i'm done -- i kept working out, working my brain. it's hard -- the transition is -- when you're done being an athlete, guys sit around, they don't do anything. almost like going to a retirement home. but me, i -- i worked on my brain and my body. >> wendy: how did that acti transition happen for you, do you think? >> for me -- do you know what, this is the thing -- a lot of times as an athlete, a lot of athletes try to get into acting, and they have a hard time
5:29 pm
because people only think you should have one dream. they only allow you to have one dream. like mike strahan, shaq, they're great, but they go, you know, you already got a super bowl. you already got a laker championship. >> wendy: they don want to spread the love. if brad pitt hit the powerball -- i'll kill him. i need to kill him. >> wendy: he already has money. >> we're all ingrained like that. do you know what i mean? >> wendy: even though you played for seven years, largely a lot of people didn't know who you were. >> exactly. >> wendy: your under-the-radar football playing helped you become an over-the-radar actor. >> exactly. no one knew i was a ball player. i snuck in. you know, i snuc in. by the time was acting, they were like, wait a minute, he played in the nfl -- but it's too late. you saw white chicks. too late. it's too late. [ applause ] >> you already saw everybody. >> wendy: yes. >> nfl player, you know. >> wendy: yes. okay. so congratulations on -- congratulations on "brooklyn
5:30 pm
99." >> yeah. [ applause ] >> wendy: it's getting great reviews. i've personally been watching it. the only thing that i need on the show because i'm so busy during the day, i need a laugh track. like i -- i miss sitcoms with laugh tracks. and you know, don't tell me when to clap and laugh because i've been working all day. i want you to like -- you laugh, and then i'll laugh. that's what i'm trying to say. it's a very funny show. it reminds me of -- i grew up with "barney miller." it reminds me of "barney miller" except modern day. >> that's right. that's exactly what it feels like. it's "the wire" with jokes. that's what it is. >> wendy: right. right. >> it's not done like a spoof. not done like "police squad" or something crazy. it's done realistic. we deal with murders, robberies. >> wendy: can i tell the character? terry's character is a cop who's scared to be a cop now. that's why he drives the minivan. he's scared to go out and hold the gun. i'll tell you why -- becauseis wife just gave birth to twins. now he want to live for his
5:31 pm
daughters. so he's like a coward cop. >> my little twins, cagney and lacy. >> wendy: that's their names. so funny. you also are in a new animated movie. talk about it. >> yes, yes. "cloudy with a chance of meatballs 2." it's so huge. i always wanted to do animation. i'm animated anyway. this is the way i do it. i feel like i'm a live claymation. wendy: yes. >> for me to do this movie and get into this thing, i dreamed about it. i was a big fan of the first movie and ended up in the second. >> wendy: yes, mr. t. played the role you're playing now. did he get fire department? >> no. for some -- fired? >> no, for some reason he didn't want to come back. i enjoyed the first so much. >> wendy: yeah. >> literally, i got the call from sony like, yo, we would like you to take the place of mr. t. i'm like, man, you think i've got the juice? i hadhe mr. t. cereal. i watched "rocky 3" three times in the theater. for me to take that role and
5:32 pm
they thought i had the juice to do, it i love it. >> wendy: didn't he send a telegram? >> if twittfrom twitter, he sai, i'm so happy it's you. god bless you. if anybody, it's you. you're the man." i was like, mr. t.! >> wendy: say hello to your beautiful wife for m you' one of my famies. i le the way you all operate. good luck with everything. it's terry crews, everybody. and his new show is "brooklyn 99," airing tuesdays at 8:30 on fox. then "cloudy with a chance of meatballs" hits theaters tuesday, september 27th. up next, chef george duran with mouth-watering recipes in time for the weekend. ♪ [ applause ]
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[ applause ] >> wendy: thank you. okay. our next guest is the author of the cookbook "take this dish and twist it." today highways goi-- today he's going to show how to keep our grills fired up all the way into fall. welcome back celebrity chef george duran. [ applause ] >> wendy: nice to see you again. >> thank you. >> wendy: okay. i see shrimp, i see chorizo, i see corn. let's get started. >> you said at the beginning of the show, you didn't grill enough this summer. >> wendy: no. >> for me, summer grilling go all the way until theend of fall. even in the winter, you can grill for as long as you want. >> wendy: yeah. >> there's lots of ingredients
5:37 pm
still in season right now as fall begins. >> wendy: okay. let's get started. >> we'll do first of all shrimp with chorizo. what's good about chorizo, it's spicy, smoky, it's hot. like you a little bit, of course. >> wendy: thank you. what an interesting combination. >> yeah. you put the shrimp -- it's simple. get skewers, a lot of people burn them. i take the boiling water, it infuses them and never actually burns on the grill. >> wendy: good idea because i'm a skewer burner. >> there you go. take the skewer, put it through one half of the shrimp. grab the coin of chorizo, you can grab it in almost every supermarket. put that in, itties in else like a coin. you push through the other side. isn't that beautiful? absolutely gorgeous. >> wendy: okay. >> so i went ahead and grilled some of those. i'm going to put it on the plate. you serve it up. again, a lot of flavors, spices. we're going to add an extra level of spice and flavors in there. i made something called a
5:38 pm
chimichurri. usually you roll your rs. it's partially garlic, cilantro, onions, and lots of lime. >> wendy: the lime is going to be delicious. >> squeeze it over. you can vrcolors and flavors -- >> wendy: you know i'm an eater, so i'm ready to throw down. but it just came off the grill. i don't want to burn my tongue. >> i cooled it for you. the chimichurri, has lime flavors, that's good, isn't it? >> wendy: mm, mm. wow! >> right? [ applause ] >> wendy: good. okay. >> corn, a lot of people think corn is just for the summer. at the end of the summer, that's when real harvesting begins with corn. >>endy: really? >>orn is very good now. my trick to grilling corn is to leave the husk on and char it from the outside. that's going to steam it on the inside and not overcook it. >> wendy: how do you check for worms? >> i don't. >> wendy: you don't? >> i check.
5:39 pm
if there's worms when i open it, throw it away. corn is cheap. you put a lot on there. i never have seen worms in corn, have you? >> wendy: yes! >> where do you buy your corn? >> wendy: jersey. [ applause ] >> something going on in jersey. very simple. i take the corn off the grill, once it's a little cooled down. to remove the husk, i pull from the s ilk. i zipper it off removing it from the husk at the same time. an easy way to serve corn. here's the twist of it all. this is called buffalo-style corn. >> wendy: what do we do? >> we take some of that hot sauce that you like. >> wendy: oh, wow. >> butter in there, too. and i slather it on t corn like that. >> wendy: you are lying. >> wait a minute. here we go. celery salt because you need a little absentee ballot there, too. on top, you add a little crumbled blue cheese like that. >> wendy: not blue cheese. >> yeah, like you do with buffalo wings. oh, yeah.
5:40 pm
yeah. >> wendy: okay. >> here we go. here we go. >> wendy: you know at home i would normally remove -- i don't cook with my hair on because i like to -- i like to throw down. wait. i don't -- i don't want to block my microphone. can you just hold myair back? [ laughter ] >> sure. of course, absolutely. >> wendy: do you remember when you underage drank before which is so uncool and your best girlfriend would hold your hair back when you throw up? [ laughter ] >> wendy: ridiculous being young. >> that was actually last night. there we go. there we go. what do you think? right, right? >> wendy: wow. >> let me get that. oh, yeah. oh, yeah. [ applause ] >> wendy: okay. i'm doing that. >> good. for dessert, i make a stovetop crisp. i don'do it in the oven. i put it in, brown sugar, maple syrup, with the apples and pecans and oats. i make this, it's orange and bright and beautiful. and then the creme de la creme -- grab the chocolate. not ordinary chocolate. we're talking about a chocolate
5:41 pm
drizzle that is made with ancho chile and cinnamon. it's a spicy, chocolate -- >> wendy: mm. good. [ laughter ] >> yeah. drizzle like that. >> wendy: this is very good. you wouldn't think that something spicy with chocolate would work. >> spices and chocolate works. with this beautiful apple crisp, beautiful -- >> wendy: they're telling us to hurry up. oh, it's done. >> dig directly in. why not? try -- >> wendy: lake in your real house, you know, you eat out of the pot, right? >> sure. why not? >> wendy: thank you, george, for being here. everything on this table is delicious. [ applause ] >> wendy: more information on these delicious dishes, go to for the recipes. everything is good. hey, let me ask you a question -- what uld you do if your ex wanted to know who you're dating? we'll talk because "ask wendy" is next. [ applause ] ♪ you like to keep your family healthy and fit. and now there's a new way to do the same for your dog.
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part of live studio audienc vit to request free tickets today. make sure you dress to impress. i can't wait to see you. >> wendy: welcome back, everybody. it's time for "ask wendy." how you doing? >> how you doing? >> wendy: very well. how can i help? >> my name's nicole. my ex-boyfriend and i have been
5:45 pm
broken up for a year. we dated for three years. we have a 16-month-old dghter together. he cas every day asking me who i'm dating, what i'm up to. i don't want to rekindle the relationship because he's selfish and immature. how do i get him to stop asking questions with everything that's going on? >> wendy: oh, god. >> it's on my nerves. >> wendy: you can't avoid it because you got the 16-month-old. >> i know. >> wendy: he's going to have to talk to you about something, and he's always going to slide in questions about your personal life. all you simply can do is cut him off there and tell him he's selfish a immaturend that's why you aren't tether. that will cause a fight regarding custody. and -- you're kind of stuck with these questions. my answer would have been totally different if they didn't have a child together, you know. because you have a child together, no matter how you talk to him, your still going to have to talk to him the next day and the day after and the day after. wait until you really start dating somebody. then he's going to ask to be nosey, but also it will be his right because his daughter is
5:46 pm
with you and needing the w man. oh, in other words, nicole, you're stuck. you're stuck. maybe he won't be selfish and immature. would there be a chance of you getting back together? >> i don't think so. >> wendy: how old are you, honey? >> 26. >> wendy: you know what you're talking about. you made your bed. now you got to lie in it. with him. >> i know. >> wendy: all right. everybody, up next, we're going to take a classic look from a to[ female announcer ] hurry in to the jcpenney fall sale. doorbusters this friday 3:00 p.m. to saturday 1:00 p.m. get 50% off worthington and 60% off stafford dress shirts. plus, for 4 days only, starting friday, get $10, $15, or $20 off with your coupon. jcpenney. it's not a candy bar. 130 calories 7 grams of protein the fiber one caramel nut protein bar.
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♪ >> wendy: well, well, well. all season what we're doing is we're going to take a look back at some of our favorite moments from the last five years of "wendy." you know, the show started out as a six-week sneak peek, n only four cities in the country. i'm going to show something from our six-week sneak peek. in other words, the test show. with vivica fox, and a girl who says it like i mean it. and i love it because so is she. take a look. now look, i just -- i'm reviewing because our age group, it's good to be us.
5:50 pm
who's us in this -- around, within a five-year mark? see, there are a few of us. do you guys have this -- i have this. you don't have this. >> oh, no. no. no. i -- i do these way too much. >> wendy: you do? >> no, no. you have to do these. some chair dips. >> wendy: okay. >> wow. wow. >> wendy: okay, okay. >> that will get that. right. but i'm -- >> wendy: i'm thinking it's too far gone. >> then get it. fix it. >> wendy: okay. first of all, i still have this. [ laughter ] >> wendy: look, but more importantly, didou see the decollatage? that was one of my favorite nicole miller dresses and i wear it with no bra. it's so low, i couldn't dress like that now. i had to understand the parameters of daytime and cover it up if you want to stay here. we'll be right back. don't move. ♪ who likes waking up with raccoon eyes?
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>> wendy: monday, actor zachary levi comes, plus carson kressley breaks down ey fashions. i love you for watching today.
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
jake, time to go. get your stuff together. after you drop him off, you want to see a movie? sure, that sounds good. cool. enjoy. why don't you just tell me you've got a girl coming over? i didn't want to rub your nose in it. thanks. she's gorgeous, by the way. wonderful. why are you putting jake's stuff all over the house? because i want this girl to see i'm not just another jerk trying to get her into bed. i'm a loving uncle. who's trying to get her into bed. that's the loving part. oh, this is the book i read to him at bedtime.
5:56 pm
you don't read to jake. that's why you're going to the movies. okay, ready to go. is your skateboard still outside by the front door? oh, sorry. i'll bring it in. no, no, leave it there. see, i do this thing where i kind of trip over it, then i bitch a little bit. you know, i'm harried, but lovable. you got everything? what about your schoolbooks? oh, right. so, what time are you expecting little red riding hood? oh, and i'm the big bad wolf. very clever, and not a bad game to play later. a little huffing and puffing and blowing... that's "the three little pigs." same wolf though, right? i got my schoolbooks. and your homework? oh. you know, charlie, if you took half the energy you put into manipulating casual sexual encounters and used it to actually build a relationship, you'd be a lot happier.
5:57 pm
hard to imagine. are you saying you never want to settle down? you mean get married? let me tell you something, bunky. if you've got someone to clean your house and do your shopping, and you're getting some action on a regular basis, the only reason you need a wife is if you have some sick compulsion to give away half your stuff. what about kids? i already got one. and the best part is he leaves before we get sick of each other, right, dude? right, dude. okay, let's go. bye, uncle charlie. see you next week. where are your shoes? oh, right. i've been so depressed since the divorce, i've gained eight pounds, and not one ounce went to my boobs. honey, you're still better off without the rat bastard. but i miss the rat bastard. listen to me, kathleen. i thought i missed my husband too, but it turned out to be just a little prescription mix-up. hi, mom. there's my big boy. don't i get a hug? nope. got to drain the lizard.
5:58 pm
boys. hey. oh, hi, alan. he left his homework in the car. oh, thank you. hang on. i have some bills you need to pay. great. hope they're really big ones. hi. alan. so, you, uh, you must be judith's support group. it's funny 'cause, uh, i'm kind of supporting her, too. it's not funny ha-ha so much as... not funny. ooh, cookies. maybe this'll take the taste of foot out of my mouth. so, uh, who's the little baker among us? mmm... foot. can i have a cookie? sure, sweetie.
5:59 pm
you are so cute. i know. you have a girlfriend yet? no, i'm a bachelor like my uncle charlie. so, you're never going to get married? no, as long as i got someone to clean my house, and some action on a regular basis, i don't need a wife. excuse me? i don't want to give anybody half my stuff. okay, bye-bye. ♪ men, men, men, men, manly men, men, men ♪ ♪ men... ♪ ♪ ♪ i'm watching you tonight. ♪ it's in those blue eyes. ♪ sweet surprise. ♪ that everything feels right. ♪ tonight. ♪ oooooooo.


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