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tv   Today  NBC  September 21, 2013 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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>> usually, i'll get together a bunch of fun upbeat songs and warmup i do with everyone and depending what the kids want to do, dance or freestyle or help with music, it's all up to them. i want them to be happy. i have chorive chore oography i and otherwise have fun. >> she hopes to be a role model they can look up to including her little sister. >> not just dancing but íquckel work habits and respect for people. it starts at home. >> kelly is very astute. she's always been sophisticated. we really tried to communicate. as her life has evolved, we have to evolve together. >> as far as her dreams, i think
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she's living them right now and there's a lot more to come. >> you can see kelly every week on disney's lab rats. we can't wait to see what she's going to be up to in the future. >> as far as acting, this is something i would have no problem doing the rest of my life. i want to set a good example for kids and want them to relate to me, whether dancing or acting. i want to show them how great this really is and how you can start from taking a dance class to being on a disney show. that's how i started. if you give 110%, you're bound to go somewhere. it takes hardwork and want kids to know they have the right to dream big and do whatever they want to do. i want to set that example for them.
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i am 11 years old. i have a charity that helps fund kids and research and also helps by having kids helping kids for the future. >> coming up with the idea to start raising money because of what his friend went through. >> my friend's name is alexnd struggled for cancer a come years, definitely my inspiration. >> the money will mean that the it goes to cancer research. >> this is the third year. she doesn't so much need my help with anything he's been doing for a while. g getting sponsorship, but things
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that come up, he may need my help with. >> he also created movie events to prevent cancer his parents could even participate in. >> all the funds go to camp, we'd have it for two years. we have an auction and there are judges and a saddle for a prize. >> one day, he came to the dpit tar center headquarters and asked for some help. in fact, i think the line was, my friend has cancer and i have to have a ring. i'm like, what do you want from us? he said, it would be cool to give prices away. okay. we could do that.
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a flash went out from himself and thwe had done this and play with the kids. it's really to help a kid like him because he goes out of his way to help other people. >> i had dreams. >> at just 11 years old, he is already a highly skilled guitar player and been putting it to him. >> i got in music when i was like 5. i got a guitar for my 7th birthday and it just weren't from there. >> i do like music. i will play like sports with my dad, i will play sports here, at my school.
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i also like to be with my family a lot, too. we usually find out an event they're having and give them a demo of the original songs and just pretty much if you bring enough people, few back, the winning band i worked with, the one spot. >> how does running a nonprofit mean conducting board meetings, planning events, and making a big decision. >> the board is unique of other boards and made primarily up of children. >> he's getting a lot more comfortable communicating with admults and following through on various ideas. >> i feel better about making a
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dpifr difference. it really gives you a good feeling you're on track and making a mark. >> it's clear that she a's beco a true inspiration to the youth of this country. >> good for his kids to play on a stage that their hero has played on. people who never get a chance to play outside their garage are playing where the people that they hook up. fenn if the icons will tell us quietly and calmly and his journey is helping. >> all right. we will continue with -- i can't see in the future. i look up to them. i don't quit. i think they are the reason why
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announcer: they want to help, but don't know how. no! oww. ohh, you guys... announcer: teach your kids how to be more than a bystander. visit welcome back to the young icons. what does volleyball and blankets have in common? a young gal named gabby. we'll explain. 17-year-old gabriella enriquez
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or gabby as her friends call her ma makes blankets for difficult times people are going through. >> lots of love is for children in homeless shelters. >> gabriella credits her tight-knit family and community for teaching her about the power of giving back. >> they say you're getting better every single time. i'm proud of you. >> here's this part of this story. gabby actually creates a legendary project she says to help her own project. >> i would sell it to family members. that helped a lot with the money for the project. >> the salsa and blankets are a success. they have the most important ingredients, gabriel what's love. >> helping others is only one of
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gabby's accomplishments in life, also a standout volleyball player in high school. >> i'm a sports person. the team work. >> gabby is a team player off and on the court but has an mvp to look up to in her mom, rosie. >> i drive all the way down. >> reporter: with fabric in tow, they're ready totl make one-of-a-kind blankets. invite any with a lot of love. >> cut it 4 inches. you cut inch around the blanket. so you can see the prirnted side and this coming up. >> i didn't want to do it at
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fierce but once i came in, it changed my whole point of view of everything. >> team leaders. >> champion salsa maker and comforter to kids in need. gabriella enriquez introduces us ail whether her loving blankets is what life is all about. next, this young icon is stirring up something spicy and sweet. for vo: at meineke we know that oil is the lifeblood of every car. remember to change it on schedule to keep your car healthy. show your car a little love with an oil change starting at $19.95.
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welcome back to the young icons. >> i'm miller and you're watching the young icons. >> i am 14 years old and the founder and owner. >> henry created a new concept for cooking, where the main ingredients is raw honey. that's not all. >> . >> it is spicy honey. raw all natural honey and we mix it with supervises with a unique blend of spice. i talked my mom into giving me a beehive for the surface. >> when henry told me he wanted to get a beehive, i have to say
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i was initially shocked. i had no experience with bees. >> we had so much sweet honey, we didn't know what to do with it. we started mixing supervises with it and came up with spicy honey. >> here we are, going nationwide with other countries. henry got interested in cooking really early. >> it's me, henry miller and i will make some spicy check mix. firstoff, we will add some peanuts. >> he always played around with recipes. >> we will add dry-roasted cashews. mix that up. >> started baking, making cakes when he was little. >> we'll start working on this, first, i will add butter. grumpy grandpa.
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season salt, onion powder. now, we are ready for our sauce. put that over the whole thing. >> we feel the nice thing that's happened with our products is more people are using honey because they're finding new ways to use it. i think henry was brilliant in his whole idea of going in this direction. >> developing a new business doesn't come easily. it kwan be a lot of hits or misses. luckily, henry found his niche by going with the food alternative. >> we started going to natural food expos. these people are looking for
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healthy options. and raw honey, about as natural as you get. >> henry's hum dingers has become quite the family affair. without my parents, i feel like i'd say i would be held down dancing in a bee suit. they help me up when i'm down. >> between henry and his mom, they do a lot of product development. i have always been fascinated with cooking myself and play around with recipes. >> although the company is still so long, henry's parents see big things for the thumb digger's big future. >> i see the country climbing by leaps and bounds, on the east coast, for ren countries are
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interested in importing it. i don't know where it will end. once people start cooking with it, i think it will grow. >> i see his potential as unlimited, what he can do and put his mind to, he doesn't. my goal for the future is basically how to do as much as possible. that's about it. just do everything i feel like doing. i'll always be grateful for thes these. these. >> don and i'm colleen a walmart mom blogger. and i'm going to show becky some delicious breakfast choices that will make her family happy. let's go! ok. so does your family like cereal? they love it! oh, then i got some great news for you! ok! check out walmart's huge selection of cereals. oh, wow! my kids' favorite. and more than 100 of them are under 130 calories or less per serving. really? so you caneel great about serving it to your family for breakfast. nice! walmart has over 100 cereals with
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kids will spend 8 minutes decorating their little brother. brushing for two minutes now, can save your child from severe tooth pain later. two minutes, twice a day. they have the time. five... it's a sure-handed edition of sports stars of tomorrow... we'll introduce you to a record-setting receiver from texas... and a versitale tight-end from colorado. we'll also meet a well-traveled quarterback in ohio... and spend sometime on the hardwood as well... that's all coming up next...
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(show open) hello, everybody. i'm your host, pat summerall. you're tuned in to the show that goes coast to coast highlighting the top prep athletes in america...we'll begin today in the lone star state... -- he state of texas is very proud of its high school football history. any player that sets an all-time record can become a texas high school legend if that record withstands the test of time. record book, it always creates a buzz that can be heard throughout the state. former university of texas wide receiver jordan shipley set ery majo career receiving record when he was at burnet (burn-it) high school: receptions, yard and touchdowns. but 200-pound receiverroke
7:26 am
shipley's state record for career receptions bygrng nb. just glad i can represent my school and my family." the university of texas commit has been a key part of the rangers' offense since his freshman year. his ample playing time is just one reason why he's been able to put up such eye-popping statistics. --brandon hickman-"just consiste --jake-"i just think i'm a smart player. i just understand ga reawell. i up in football family. my dad's been coaching forever.
7:27 am
while shipley's career marks for yardage and touchdowppear to be feinish second on both of those all-time texas lists if he and jesuit finish the season strong... but oliver has his eye on a playofrun more thahe$ does the record book. "i'm not really focuse that. i'm just focused on winning from here on out." receptions mark of 329. oliver has already made his mark in texas high school football history. -- et's head midwest, now to the state of ohio, where national correspondant joe mccann has the story of a well-traveled and talented quarterback. the state of ohio is always proud of its sports, especially the long tradition of great high school football. tra chapman can tell you all about it, because he's moved around the state and seen just about everything. he's made a few stops as
7:28 am
his dad along with his dad, thad jemison, who's a football coach at kent state. --tra-- i started off in cincinnati... my dad... it's called princeton. we went there. he coached there for a while. so it was three different high schools in three years. --joe mccann-- tra chapman really never felt comfortable in his first couple stops in high school football, and actually almost gave up the sport all together. until he came here to kent roosevelt high school, where found the perfect mix of teammates, tradition, and inspiration. --tra-- i never stopped loving the game. it's not something you can stop loving. i fell away from it my tenth grade year, and coming back here last year, i was hungry to have my first varsity start and to lead my very own team. and when tra's new teammates at kent roosevelt saw what he could do, they knew that good things were coming.
7:29 am
--trei thomas-- he got here and we were just like wow... we got a gift from god. he's just amazing. he's a good quarterback. he fit in well with the program. --john nemec-- anybody would have recognized that this young man had a great deal of athleticism. what really got me arristics...en i saw his he joined us his sophomore year second semester. he went into the weight room with our kids, got comfortable with our kids and became a leader there, and it became obvious that he would be a od fit for our offense. --coach-- great leader, has speed. can throw the long ball with great accuracy, and a good runner. he's a good sprint out quarterback. --tra- i think i'm a lot more accurate and i have lot more arm strength than people give me credit for. they like to say i'm a runner first. i don't look at myself like that. i like to stay in the pocket. and even though he can do threat" quartek,'s one thing i .
7:30 am
if you're a quarterback you're everything. they don't labelreluck as a pocr because he runs a 4.6. if you're a quarterback, you're a quarterback. you should be able to do it all. the exceptional skills he showed as a junior got him several scholarship offers, and he's currently committed to the univeristy of pittsburgh. but it hasn't just been the on-field success that has made tra love playing at kent roosevelt... it's been the traditions associated with the program that have inspired him... like the cornerstones that coach nemec preaches to his players: family, team, values... and traditions, like the story of benny cowgill. --coach--benny cowgi was a young man who played for me in the late '90's. he passed away. he was diagnosed with osteogenic sarcoma. bone cancer... he was an 8th grade quarterback. in 9th grade he was diagnosed. he eventually lost his right arm, his throwing arm. and he became our kicker, and became an all-league kicker and became a great job.
7:31 am
--trei thomas--it inspires the team a lot. we go out there... you see the 11 football up there. we touch that every time we go out. we wanna play like benny. and in a case of tragic irony, roosevelt had another player, ryan anderson, diagnosed with the same rare bone cancer last year. despite having his career ended, he was the team captain last season. stories like these have inspired tra to fight through any struggles he faces. --tra--ryan anderson, too. he helped us a lot last year. so you've got two inspirational stories that have helped me a lot since i've been here. now, refocused, inspired and motivated, chapman is ready to make a legacy for himself both in kent, and beyond. --tra-- i love football now, i love the place. it's my team now. i'm the captain. and i feel good about the direction we're going in. in kent, ohio... i'm joe mccann - hank you, joe. it's time for a break...
7:32 am
coming up next, a look at one of the nation's top tight ends. stay with us.
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(break one) - elcome back, let's head northeast and to the basketball court for this week's toyota top five... anthony barber of hampton, virginia, is one of top point guards in the 2013 class... he's a match-up nightmare on either end of the floor because of his great quickness... and he uses that to his advantage as he loves to attack the basket --anthony barber-"attacking the basket, it's what i do best. you see me out there, i take a lot of hits, but it doesn't faze me. i'm just going to keep going." barber led hampton high school to a state championship last season, and was abams press up on me. it's not that easy to create a shot.
7:35 am
some dudes can do it, but for me it's not that easy to create a shot while someone's all up on me. have toy advantage to go right past them and get to the bucket." the talented guard is committed to north carolina state for next season... barber checks in at number three on this week's toyota top five, which highlights the top point guards in the 2013 class... -- et's go to the rocky mountain region to meet one of the top players in colorado. mitch parsons story the tight end position has truly evolved over the years. once thought of primarily as an extra blocker with some pass catching ability, many modern tight ends are valuable weapons today's wide open offenses. l athlete like mitch parsons can be in such high demand on the recruiting trail. the 6-foot-4 senior tight end from chaparral (shap-per-rell) high school in parker,
7:36 am
last ye ly maphysically ithe weight room. - he's been gifted. he has great athletic ability. he has great ball skills, great receiver, and is learning how to become a good blocker. parsons played safety when he was younger, and his tendency to go after the ball in the air has carried over to his new position... --mitch-- my dad always taught me when the ball is in the air, it's my ball. so, they put me at safety when i was younger, because i guess i like to call myself a ball hawk back then. (splice to) when the ball is in the air, i expect to get it. i expect it to be mine. it's my ball. i try to help my quarterbacks out by having a wide range of catching radius i guess you could say.of time in the weight room, especially over the last two years, when he has noticed a big change in his size and strength. --mitch parsons-- i was
7:37 am
looking at my permit and it had me at 6-4, 185... now i'm 235 now, so i guess i filled out a lot. - freshman, sophomore year, you don't really get it, it's more of a hassle to be here. then, i guess i just understood what it does for me. junior year and this summer, worked my butt off in here, all my maxes went way up. i was on a protein shake, like 1300 calories, taking that with ice cream milkshakes, and put on some bad weight, but i cut that out. got me up to 235 - as a high school athlete, mitch has figured out, strength training is a huge piece. the training is an important part of what he does. some of today's top tight ends have basketball backgrounds that have improved their athleticism and foot work... like tony gonzalez... antonio gates... and jimmy graham. and parsons is in that
7:38 am
mold as well.. he starts for the chaparral basketball team, and he put back this game-winning buzzer-beater in last year's playoffs buzzer beater).. .. and the wolverines would go on to win the state championship... and parsons can't wait for a shot at another title as a senior. - if i was better at basketball, i'd try to play basketball. i could have tried to graduate early because i had the grades and stuff, but i didn't want to miss senior season of basketball and i want another championship. parsons has helped chaparral get off to a great start on the foball field, though, as the wolverines are one of the top-ranked teams in colorado.... and if he has his way, he'll graduate with a handful of hardware before heading to college... - i want a championship. i don't like losing. i refuse to lose. i already have one ring. i would love to have two more - football and basketball. i might start swimming to get a handful, i don't know. as he continues to go after championships the way he goes after the football, look for this sure-handed playmaker to catch on quickly at the next level. -- e'll take another break, but when we return, we'll meet another athlete who has experienced success on both the gridiron and the
7:39 am
basketball court... that's next - break three) -get to the game...
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powered by american family insurance... brendan mahon, an offensive guard from randolph, new jersey, is a mammoth physical specimen, something that was a problem early on in his career. --bob mahon- "he was really to play the bulldog program. so he started off playing soccer, basketball, sports like that." --brendan- "i always wanted to play, watched all my friends play, i just never had the opportunity to. --bob-"for him to start playing his freshman year, i think it helped him a lot. i think he appreciated it a little bit more." --brendan- "strap on your helmet, the band starts playing, your heart starts pounding, you're just
7:43 am
ready to play." --joni mahon- "when it clicked for him in middle school, he just went from there." --brendan-"i just kept trying and trying, pushing harder. i wanted to be the best i could be." brendan has overcome a lot of obstacles in pursuit of his dreams, and he knows he has a lot of responsibility." --joe lusardi-"a leader shows by example that he's willing to go the extra mile. and brendan, that's the type of kid that he is." --joe carini- "i think he knows he had a god-given ability. he knows that he's willing to sacrifice to do what he's gotta do to get where he wants to go." --bob-"there are a lot of people that have great dreams, something happens to knock you off course, and it's how you deal with adversity." --joni-"he overcame his weaknesses. he's a fighter" rendan protects his dreams as fiercely as he protects his quarterback. --brendan- "the best way to protect my dream is definitely to be true to myself." --marc coopersmith-"dreams are very important, otherwise we become stale. life is about looking ahead, two steps ahead and
7:44 am
trying to accomplish." --andrew schafer- "who knows, a shot for the stars, a shot for the nfl. that's the american dream." -- et's head out west now to meet a star signal-caller in the state of washington... -- s the game of football has beco more and more global, people from all kinds of backgrounds are playing the game. that includes the tiny territory of american samoa... which is in the south pacific... nearly 5000 miles away from the california coast. there have been several football players at the college and pro level that are of samoan decent... two of the most famous are steelers safety troy polamalu... and the late junior seau. in tacoma, washington, you'll meet a young man with samoan roots, who is hoping to make his own mark in the football world. sefo liufau is the starting quarterback at bellarmine prep.
7:45 am
and he knows about the place football has in samoan culture. --sefo- "football is a very big part. sometimes, that's one way to get off the island. i know that a lots of samoans play football, and it's a pride and passion. they don't only play for themselves but they play for their family and their last name" hen sefo's father was 18, he came to the united states and joined the army. years later, he settled in tacoma and started a family. sefo was born there... and has lived in tacoma for most of his life... when he was in the fifth grade, he began playing football and basketball... by the time he got to bellermine prep, he was polished athlete, and head coach tom larsen saw a lot of great qualities in his six-foot-four signal caller. --coach tom larsen- obviously a strong arm, but also manuverability. you'll see it on the basketball court, too. he has good feet for his size, and he's pretty
7:46 am
doggone quick. his intelligence, in terms of what's happening out there defensively. (splice to) find myself stopping and realizing you don't see many like this. college scouts love his big arm and good decision making. he threw for over 2200 yards and 23 touchdowns as a junior... he earned a scholarship offer from colorado, where he is now verbally committed. and while sefo is happy to impress scouts, he's most proud of the approval he gets from his biggest fans: his family, especially his younger siblings, melia (mel-lee-uh) and saya (say-uh)...who both have special needs. sefo spends a lot of time away from the field with them, and it makes him proud to play well for his brother and sister. --sefo-- "my brother actually didn't like sports until i started in high school, and he started hanging out with the high school kids in the stands.
7:47 am
so it makes me really happy that he likes to come to games now. and my sister has always been in love with coming to my games. so it puts a smile on their faces, which makes me happy also." sefo is proud to be a part of the samoan football tradition, and he's excited to see where it takes him next. --sefo-- i love to play football, the legacy of myself and my family. it's great that i'm trying to uphold the name, but i just take it one day at a time. there's no real pressure or anything. i'm just doing something that i love to do, and it happens to be taking me really far." -- ow let's head southeast to check on a team thaty... oo wiit all in the peachto state this year... the wildcats are led by university of georgi commit brice ramsey at quarterback, but he just
7:48 am
one piece of a very talented squad. camden county has a fast, aggressive defense that hararely been scored upon this year. they went the entire regular season without giving up more than 13 points in a game. unfortunately, camden county was upset in its final regular season game, knocking them out of our top ten. here's a look at our newest rankings...-- e'll take one last break... but be sure to come back for this week's viewer submission and find out how you can be a part of the show...
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-- break t) it's brinyoisk' ew this week, we heard marcus perkins in garland, texas. the junior at naaman (nay-man) forest high school has seen varsityplaying s a freshman. he's only about 5-foot-9, but he has great speed that he puts to good use. if you would like to be on the show, send us your highlight tape. that's all for this week's show. for our entire crew, i'm pat summerall.
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we'll see you ne time. !n]
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♪ theme >> welcome to live life and win. >> we have it you to join us as we explore how to live life and win. >> on each episode of live life
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and win, we'll feature inspirational stories, hard work ethic, discipline, commitment and perseverance can allow teen to say live life and win. [ cheering ] >> we've got lift off! ♪ theme ♪ theme >> this week on live life and win! >> my name is maddy grey, i'm 17 years old and i live life and win! by helping others control their eating. >> inside an emotional meeting, only on live life and win! >> my name is taveon halston, i'm 16 years old and this is how i live life and win. madisen: we begin this week with one teen tackling a taboo topic: eating disorders, and we're taking you inside an emotional meeting where teens speak openly about their problems. check it out.
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>> she's a high school senior and from the look of things, no different from most american teenagers. what sets her apart is where she's been. she was really low and now trying to pull others up by helping them. >> i'm an anorexic and also bulimic. >> she started her first diet when she was six years old. >> i was bullied throughout my life. >> years later, she developed an eating disorder for which she had to get professional help. >> the worst thing said to me is i was fat. i was a little changeupier, overweight kind of, not like obese, but, you know, i was the bigger girl always. the kids decided to rhyme my name and called me fatty mad de. >> first agreed, and it
7:58 am
continued for years. >> it made me feel horrible. i cried, i thought there was something wrong with me. i can remember going on my first diet in first grade, because i thought that's what you're supposed to do. you see on t.v. if you're fat, lose weight. >> the dieting didn't work. that she was six years old, as the bullying continued, home run issues grew. >> i dealt with it by eating more, anxiety, depression, i didn't deal with it well. >> as she became a teenager, it got even worse. she started personal struggles with an rex. anorexia and bloom i can't. >> you restrict your food in take and exercise a lot and lose an excessive amount of weight in a short a.m. of time. bloom i can't nervosa is eating
7:59 am
large amounts of food and then throwing it up. i just thought it was a diet. i thought it was ok. i didn't think i was skinny enough. i thought i was too fat to have an eating disorder. because i had body image issues, i didn't see myself the right way. >> maddy was mad at her parents for saying it was a problem. after years of struggles, she finally broke down. >> the breaking point, i was in the sports medicine program at i eaten in i don't know how long and i fainted, and the ambulance came, and they took my heart rate and said we need to take you to the hospital. i almost died. i was really sick. eating disorders are deadly and i'm just lucky that i'm here today. >> that's the key. she is here today, after months in tatment, she is back with passion. she's telling her story and not


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