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tv   Today  NBC  September 23, 2013 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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town and when she came home i said, hey i want to know what is going on. because i have people talking to me. right? and i want to be able to know what the scoop is. she said i am not going to talk about it in front of sophia. >> kirk: one day she might have to. >> she might. >> kirk: why does she think she is pregnant now? >> i guess you know -- this is the first i've heard of it. >> kirk: from me? >> no, no, no, not from you but over the internet. that was the first i even thought there was athing going on. i did not have any idea. >> kirk: did you think there was a possibility she is pregnant by james dean? >> here is what i want to say as a mom. i want to say i know my daughter. i think my daughter uses good judgment. not all the time but and when it comes to safe sex. >> kirk: can you describe the good judgment? i don't think anyone --
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[applause] i don't think anyone has seen it yet. >> well, i know that she knows how to have safe sex. i do know that. i don't believe. >> kirk: she may know how to have it but she is not having it. >> i will say i do not believe she is pregnant. >> if she is pregnant what would you do? another reality show? >> no, no, no. i think the reality show changed our lives. and hurt our family. yeah. i know a lot of people think hey -- >> do you get along with farah now? >> farah and i have our challenges now. >> kirk: what is the main challenge? >> i think she thinks i'm the enemy and i'm not. i love her. i want to have an awesome relationship with her but i just don't right now. >> kirk: we've talked about her long enough now it's time to meet the teen mom who might be pregnant again. welcome farah. [applause]
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[♪] >> kirk: hi. how are you? >> i mean to be honest i'm not happy how people make things out to be negative when i'm just living my life and learning from it. and i understand some things can be sensationalized and misunderstood because you are not living my lifement but there are challenges. >> kirk: what is misunderstood? about you? >> i didn't intentionally bring my family's life into a show to ruin it. i am very smart when it comes to having sex. and using birth control things do happen. like my first daughter i was on birth control as well as her. i still got pregnant. and these are things that are just real and those things happen. i don'tty you should -- i don't think you should tear a woman down because unexpected things
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can happen. >> who is tearing you down? the world? >> the negatives i think that is not a positive. >> maybe they want you to own up to things. >> i do own up to my things and i do take care of my responsibilities and consequences. i live my life. nobody else is paying my bills or parenting for me, nobody else is being there. so, yes, i do that very well. >> kirk: so the sex tape helped pay the bills? [laughter] >> you know, in light of it, no that didn't help pay the bills. >> kirk: a million dollars in bills. are your bills more than that? >> you don't know how much the settlement was. it helped me move forward with my restaurant plans and business endeavors. and that is not a bad thing. >> hopefully some will go to sophia's college fund. >> her college is already paid for. [applause] >> kirk: that's good. >> that is the best and the brightest universities.
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hopefully now i can pay for the car and the house and every other thing. >> kirk: i think america was a little upset that you made it seem like the porn tape was an accident. like, hey -- >> it's not an accident. i wanted to make my own video. it is my own personal right to do what i want with my own sexuality and to be happy for myselfch in the light the partners i chose who i did know and we had an understanding and those things should remain private, he had -- a little bit of a jealousy in some way and something happened. it is a private video. and i did and i now did sell it and now it's out there. >> kirk: did you ever intend to sell it? >> no, i did not intend it to be public or anyone to know about it. so -- you know what? i am moving on with my life. i have said my peace. and you can feel how you like. you can feel how you wish.
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i've said my peace. >> kirk: i'm just asking simple questions that i think america is asking. you came here and said -- >> i did 100 interviews for america to now. >> kirk: now you can do one for me tonight. >> good. >> kirk: how would you feel if your mother was in a sex tape? >> how do i feel about hearing that my dad cheats on my mother? how do i feel like -- that's real. i know that that happens. i don't like it. but i also am not going to treat it the same way that i heard about things from my parents. who is right and who is wrong? we know my parents handled it the best way they could. and i've learned from that and i will handle it the best way i can when i'm there. that is the best you can do. >> kirk: we are going to go to break is this teen mom pregnant with baby number two. today farah will take pregnancy tests to find out.
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[applause] [♪] >> next on "the test" a new spin on the mother-daughter relationship. >> grabbed me by the hair. i had a bloody face. >> i need the officers. >> in walks this police officer, got his weapon pointing at my forehead. >> kirk: and later the moment has come to find out. the pregnancy test. >> is a negative. >> oh, my god. ♪
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are you worried your daughter is having sex for money? does she have unexplained cash? if you want to get the truth put her to the test. call... [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to the test. we are talking to farah abraham the former reality star who sex video received more than two million visitners 12 hours. breaking kim kardashian's record. but did she get pregnant while shooting the flick? i am no doctor but it might be difficult with a title like "back door."
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we will find out. first farah and her mom's relationship reached a low when the cops were called over a mother-daughter dispute. >> we were arguing, coming back home. maybe from church. she started accusing me of opening up her mail. i lost control, i wanted to hit my mother, wanted to kill her. >> she grabbed me by the hair and pounding on me. >> i was all like tangled up with ripping out her hair and trying to hurt her. >> i took my hand and went up, i guess hit her on the lip. >> i look in the mirror and i have like a bloody face. so i called the police because i was like upset and over it. >> what is the address of the emergency? >> my mom i need officers. >> what is your name? >> i was there chopping up my onions and in walks this police officer got a decimal 9 millimeter weapon with a red dot pointing at my forehead.
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>> and the police officer had a gun pointed to her head like wanting to shoot her in her head and kill her. >> so i set my knives down on the floor and i said i'm cooking chili. to this day, she felt like that fight was my fault. >> when i was in the jail and i cried, please forgive her, jesus because she doesn't know what she is doing. >> kirk: well, ladies, have either of you made attempts to apologize for that? >> no. >> kirk: debra? >> it's very hard. so. >> do you not take into consideration why somebody got that upset at you? >> i'm going to say this it's all over america where you see children getting so upset and there's anger and violence.
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>> no excuse! no excuse. >> i don't care what they have to say. if i cannot talk, i will get up and live my own life. i don't need to hear no excuse. there are reasons why things get out of control. >> kirk: there are reasons to hit your mom? >> no there are no excuses. >> kirk: imagine being the man between these two. we will meet michael, farah's father. farah does not like what is going on between her parents right now and she is ready to tell them why. and that is next. next on "the test" a father's feelings about his daughter. and per sex tape. how did you feel when that sex tape came out? >> if i haveo take the blame for a lot of... then i do. >> and later is she pregnant? the pregnancy test. >> it a negative. roger that negative.
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>> do you think you are a mind reader. >> oh, my god.
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coming up this week on "the test" her ex traded her in for a newer model. then it is a love triangle. >> i wake up in the middle of the night when she is crying where is my daddy. >> the man in the middle. >> plus, did her bff steal her money?
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>> just us three it had to be her boyfriend. >> i know you took it, boy. >> it's all this week on "the test". [applause] >> i think television hurt my marriage and hurt our family. >> michael and i are officially divorced. we have been trying to put our relationship back together. >> my parents getting back together. i don't approve. >> i really love him i will always love him and i will never stop loving him. >> i know it's not the healthiest thing for them to be together. >> welcome back to the test. teen mom farah's pretty pout got poutier on top of the tabloid trouble her parents say they are getting back together. most daughters would be happy about but not farah. why are you not happy about that? >> when you see that your parents have fought the whole time growing up and had a divorce after i had my daughter,
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i think that was for a reason. and if you cannot go to counseling and improve your relationship while you are married. >> kirk: maybe they want to give it another chance maybe they are still in love. and as a daughter maybe you should support that and listen we all make mistakes. maybe you can make it work this time. >> sure, then go ahead. >> kirk: what es that mean go ahead? i'm curious. >> you can make me out to be a bad person. but how i justify how i feel is by seeing them always fighting always not getting along for what what was it? 18 years. >> i can see your position. if you saw your parents fighting. >> and you move out and have your own place. my mother gotten gauged to somebody else. other things just keep progressing in the life that they should not be together. you know some people cannot be together even though they may love each other and have had a history together and accepted
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what they have done wrong but still maybe it may not be right and that is the light i'm looking at it as. [applause] >> kirk: what do you think, debra? does that make sense to you? do you think it's worth giving it another shot? >> i absolutely believe that. only we know what we feel. and only we know what the problems were. and -- >> kirk: you were married for 25 years? >> yes. and we've known each other 27 years. >> kirk: now is time to meet the man in the middle. welcome farah's father, michael. [applause] [♪] >> you don't wear your glasses? >> no, i can't see nothing. >> kirk: i wear mine so i can see everything. [laughter] i'm curious how did you feel when that sex tape came out -- >> we get it all everyday
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every night on the web. people beating up on my daughter especially women. if you are a single woman everybody knows one, a single parents. she works her... off ok. so you want to judge us. go for it. but i tell you what. everyone of us has somebody that has been in her position and she works extremely hard. take your shot. i'm thick-skinned i can take everything. i love these two women and am proud of these two women and no here what i hear or ask is going to change that. [applause] >> kirk: they are strong women. but you are not proud of the sex tape? >> correct. well, like most parents -- >> like it's not anything to be proud of. >> i'm not proud of some things, the title. those things.
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and some things were out of my control. >> kirk: wait. here -- i'm going to tell you if i can -- >> i'm sick and. >> kirk: well, you look great. here is what i think. i want to say one thing. because you are smart and you are beautiful you are a family and you seem to fight for each other. i really think the only problem that america and most people have with you is sometimes you just don't own up to why you are doing things. i think they turned on you for the porn thing because you said listen i was going in to make a fun thing just for me. when it looks to everybody and it may not, you might be able to convince us all, but we all think that you were going to make a porn and that you were paid in advance. vivid came and said let's you want to make a porn we'll give you $1 million and you said let's do it.
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>> but that is not what its. >> kirk: i know you say it's not but you wonder why everyone attacks you. >> no, i don't wonder. i understand that they don't know. and there's also things that i can't like -- >> kirk: at some point you need to own up and be honest. >> that is owning up to something that is not what happened. so it's like what i am saying as much as i can say legally then that is all i can say. like i said if i have to take the blame for a lot of... that i do because i know i made the right choice in the end. i know that i can't like put everyone under the bridge because of like i'm so upset but i came out ahead because of my attorney. whatever if i have to be the bad person. >> kirk: you are not a bad person. >> but i had to go through a lot of crap because i was secure enough moving forward in my life. because other things -- >> kirk: i'm with you. i'm just saying at some
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point just say all right i made a porn big deal. i did it. [applause] and then everyone will be like -- >> i mean, i really don't care. >> kirk: but you do care because it upsets you. >> i don't care about hurtful things that are false and you should not be saying about somebody. >> kirk: they are saying it because you are denying the fact why you did the porn. >> i agree even though that is not what it is. >> let's make a porn and i will pretend it was an accident and home movie because i wanted to celebrate how hot i was because i can show people in 30 years how great i look. you could have had a photograph taken. here is what i think a watershed moment. a moment that can change everything. you said i've done 100 interviews i'm telling everyone the exact same thing. but the exact same thing but you know why? because you are defending it like it was an accident.
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like i -- >> because that is what it is. i accidentally have to go through all this and i'm going through it. >> kirk: but it is not an accident you did something you shot a porn you said it was for you but you hired vivid. >> no, i didn't. >> kirk: they hired you. >> no, they didn't. >> kirk: they give you $1 million. >> no, there's three companies adult entertainment companies who came to me to my attorney and we had to say farah now do you want to move forward? and i did. i was like this is a smarter way to move forward and i can separate myself. and i d i don't care if people see naked people. nakedness is horrible. >> i believe that three companies came to you. >> what i'm say something i am happier. i'm moving forward and if you want to harp on what is and i've already said harp on it until you die. i'm moving on. see you later. >> kirk: i'm harping on
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it because you have not come clean about it yet. >> yes, i have. >> you are denying you made a porn because you wanted to get paid and make a porn. >> if you want to be right today. be right today. >> kirk: i know i'm right today and it's important. [applause] next on "the test". >> act like i am a horrible person? >> it is your choice to be upset interest and my choice to separate myself so i do not get to that point. >> kirk: and later. are you ready, farah? find out if there's going to be a little james dean running around? after 19 years of pro ball, i know pain.
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do you think your spouse is cheating on you? have you found evidence but your spouse denies having an affair. if you want to get the truth with a lie detector and put your spouse to the test. call...
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>> at "the test" we are just here to help. >> you know everyone tries to help but what is wrong with your help. my counselor helps me at home. really is real. i just don't get that sense. i'm not like going to take on that. >> give her a chance. >> do your thing, whatever. >> kirk: i don't have a thing. i'm just here... in life if you are host out of the gate, no one will ever judge you. because you are being honest. you can't fail: i think you can do anything you set your mind to. you know. [applause] >> thanks. >> kirk: i really do. you know, i mean your parents love you and you know, they are
9:29 am
trying to get back together. and this can be a great family again. you know it would be nice if the world sees you and says listen they have had obstacles but, man, sophia is wonderful little girl many surrounded by love. i mean at the end of the day, that is all that really matters. [applause] right? i mean she -- no one is going to deny that you are a great mom. [applause] >> trying to find my own way, too. >> kirk: you had a child at 16. that is hard to do anyway let alone have it filmed everyday. i mean -- >> also just losing my boyfriend i think like was really hard at that time. >> kirk: and that was two months before sophia was born, right? >> right. >> kirk: when we come back the
9:30 am
results of farah's pregnancy tests. is it possible she is having another baby? we will find out when we come back. [applause] [♪] >> next on "the test" farah's potential baby daddy and porn star james dean has thought budget cuts rumors. so say that you are potentially pregnant is not something t joke about. using pregnancy to get attention in media is not cool. zñ
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>> kirk: do you like action? do you want to witness shocking results? >> what? no way. >> kirk: if you are in the la area and would like to be in the study crow audience for a taping of the test, go to the [applause] >> kirk: welcome back to "the test". teen mom farah is here with her parents. pregnant she doesn't want her mom and dad getting back together and she doesn't want her daughter hanging out with grandma. >> right now sophia and i are apart and that doesn'take her happy or me happy. >> i would not not to be around issue.her and she has a mental
9:34 am
>> sophia needs love and we were going to plant a garden together. we started and planted flowers. >> i just want her to know right from wrong. and i feel like my mother is in the wrong a lot. and it just leads my daughter down the wrong road with her and i am not ok with that. >> kirk: are you not spending enough time? >> no. also i moved so my mother lives where she lives and i live where i live. >> i don't get to talk to sophia. >> like we know what the situation is and how it is. and then it's because a lot of boundaries i feel were i guess certain touchy topics that make me sad and make me get upset regardless of parenting or when i need to get in touch with my daughter. and when i am around my mother or she is in my mother's care it seems that communication is off.
9:35 am
things are done not properly for like development of sophia. and i just i guess when you get upset it's like ok you need to retract a little so that you cannot be frustrated. and you cannot be mad all the time. >> kirk: so her parenting skills are different than your approach? >> they are different and my mother doesn't listen me when i say and voice things. >> you don't listen? >> yes, i listen. >> you can listen but if you don't act on what you are hearing and just accept it, i mean, then there's no differences it's the same aggravation. >> i respect what you say to me. and then i try to talk to you and you get upset at me. and i want to have a good relationship. i want to have -- a good communication. >> but i'm just living it and we've said this before. and i just keep reliving like
9:36 am
the horrible pattern of i say something and you will do the opposite. that is why i get upset. for instance, i've said this before but when we were at the airport together i don'tnow what we were flying out for, i went to go call sophia and the line was busy at grandmother's house and you are talking to my daughter? and i got upset at the airport? >> you asked me to talk to her and i said ok. >> i was upset that you did not let me knowing you were calling her. >> you were busy working on something and i didn't want to bother you. >> me is my daughter i will call sophia i want to talk to her, is that ok? >> you were busy working and did not think about that. so please forgive me. i just wanted to tell her good-bye. >> i'm saying certain things like that are not ok. >> i don't know unless you talk to me. >> i'm said these things. and now where i am in life is so now where i am is you have to
9:37 am
call me now to notify me if you want to call sophia if me is with my grandpa or another place to talk to her. because i don't like not knowing when my daughter is talking to somebody or who is calling or those things. >> i text you. i call you. and you don't respond back for weeks or days. >> sometimes i won't because i don't feel like talking. that is my right. if i feel that way, then i can do that. >> i have the right to communicate with the rest of the family if you don't want to talk to me. >> you can communicate. that is fine. but if i don't feel comfortable with talking with somebody and i feel like my daughter should not talk to them that is how i feel. can you not respect that and act like i am a horrible person. >> i don't think you are a horrible person. no. it's your choice to be upset. that is right. >> i did not try to upset you. >> and i try to separate myself
9:38 am
so i do not get to that point. >> i'm sorry about that. i am. because that detracts from our whole family. a family is there to support each other. >> you are right, yeah, you are right. [applause] all right. >> i support you farah. i love you. i want the very best for her. and i want her to look me in the eye while i say this. >> mom, you have said it. >> i always, always, always, support you. i just want you to make good, strong right choices. >> well, i feel like i've made the good, strong right choices with the stuff i have to deal with. >> is that the only thing the phone calls to sophia or other? >> just certain things that get out of control. >> kirk: what does she bring up that is inappropriate for sophia? >> we shouldn't bring up like my
9:39 am
sexual business. or we probably shouldn't bring up things that would cause arguments and fights because no child likes to be around that. >> kirk: i think no child wants to see their mother in a sex tape, either. >> i agree. i agree. i agree. so maybe i should -- i agree and that is why i don't have my daughter seeing the sex tape and i don't know why anyone would think that would be ok to show a four-year-old. why do we keep bringing it up? when she is a teenager and we are going through the birds and the bees, of course, we are going to get to that point. do i act like -- i was a teenager i know how that is. >> kirk: is there another baby on the way. the test results coming up. [applause] [♪] next on "the test"... is farah pregnant?
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it's time to find out. >> what if it's negative or if it's positive? >> if it's positive you are probably going to have a baby. [ female announcer ] why do we clean?
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9:43 am
you don't want to have a baby with someone who you do not like. i do not want to date a porn star or get married to a porn star i deserve to have a better man in my life. >> kirk: welcome back to the test test. is farah pregnant? it's time to find out. days after her sex tape being released farah abraham was caught buying a pregnancy test. is she pregnant? here is what her porn star costar said about the rumors. to say that you are potentially are pregnant is not something to joke about. a child is not something to be taken lightly. this is the type of publicity i do not agree with and i do not want to participate in. joking or lies or using pregnancy to get attention in media is not cool. what is your reaction to that from james? >> i really don't take into
9:44 am
consideration anything he says. and i'm not the one worried about publicity stunts, med and attention. also, i don't ever joke about or anything around children or my daughter or pregnancy. because that is -- because i have a daughter and he doesn't. i know what real-life is. what i'm going to have to do when i have a child. that is why i have not taken the pregnancy test. because i do know it is a financial thing. there is also maybe i can't do -- >> so you bought the test but you -- >> because i like really -- like i'm like going t have a hard time even hearing from you. maybe i should say it like this. if i am pregnant no matter what i will take care of everything that i need to. i will love another child like i
9:45 am
love my daughter. and i'm not going to be happy that it's with somebody who is completely in denial and has his own issues. and that is going to be separate. >> kirk: wouldn't he be involved? >> i would rather raise a child by myself. and i think since i have done that with sophia i know it's really difficult. >> kirk: but if he wants to be in the child's life you will have to allow that? >> no, i don't think i need to allow that. >> kirk: i think so. >> no, i don't care. you don't know the person who i had sex with so you obviously should side with me and just be like oh, that media attention whatever else. but i feel that. i don't want somebody like that in my life who has done what they have done to my life around my child. so that is how i feel. and i can raise a child on my own. >> kirk: so james dean has done this tower life?
9:46 am
>> obviously i let -- i should take the blame for it. why would i even i will take all the blame. it is ok. >> kirk: just take half. just half. [applause] that is all. with regards to the porn take half the responsibility. you were there. >> i am present. >> kirk: all right. the moment has come to find out. >> just keep the paper in there. >> kirk: are you ready, farah? >> i'm going -- >> kirk: to find out there's going to be another james dean running around. >> oh, my god. it should be a girl. but -- >> kirk: i'm curious. >> just what if it's negative, what if it's positive what is going to happen? i don't know. >> kirk: listen if it's positive you are probably going to have a baby. [laughter] like i say, i don't know much
9:47 am
but i know certain things. where is the champagne to celebrate? i don't know what is going on. oh, my god. >> kirk: all right. >> negative. >> kirk: the pregnancy test. >> is a negative. rodgers on negative. >> kirk: do you think you are a mind reader? are you trying to use -- >> i'm trying to be positive. >> y stay out of this mom. >> kirk: the test was negative. farah you are not pregnant. [applause] >> thank god. the end of the sweat over here. >> kirk: you are not pregnant. no more porn. >> come home and not ever have sex again, right? >> kirk: i think now you have one child to focus on. >> and that is great.
9:48 am
i'm happy. >> kirk: and that's the issue here. and also if your parents want to give it a shot, let them. i mean who are we to judge anyone? you know? >> all right. >> kirk: your dad is all love. >> we're all love. my dad say happy person. all right. >> kirk: they love you. >> look i'm not pregnant we should not be crying we should be happy. >> kirk: i think he is happy because you are all here together trying. >> amen. amen. [applause] >> here's here because we love farah. we do. [applause] >> kirk: and the truth is listen, i think a lot of america loves farah. [cheering] listen, we will be right back.
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[applause] [♪] >> kirk: check out what is happening tomorrow on "the test". >> told me he cheated. >> you got a man that is willing to be honest with you. >> come on. >> then... >> my girlfriend is lying to me she told me she was going to work but went to a hotel room. >> is the proof in the panties? that is tomorrow on "the test". hopefully this family can find
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peace outside of the limelight. let's bring out the one thing they all agree on. the love of their life, miso fee yeah. miss sophia. [applause] >> kirk: hi. can you say kirk fox? your mom didn't like me at first. [laughter] i need a rabies shot. all right. thank you for coming on. hopefully -- [laughter] if you have somebody in your life that you don't trust or you want to put to the test go to thanks for watching. see you next time. [applause] [cheering] [♪]
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wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> announcer: and now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> yeah. whoa! welcome studio audience. thank you for watching. thank you for waiting. it's been a long dry summer. i'm so glad you're here. thank youery much. i've got one queion four. how you doin? better than i deserve. thank you so much.
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[ cheers and applause ] today is the kick-off. i'm so excited about season 5. what an exciting milestone for me as the host and thank you so much as the watchers. welcome to our show. [ cheers and applause ] you know, if you're a new viewer, then welcome to you. if y've been here all along, then if you'll notice over my shoulder we have a brand new studio enhancements. [ cheers and applause ] i know. it's called a media wall. and the reason it's good we can show you all the latest hot topics tos and videos and bigger and better an more descriptive than ever. we have an entire hour of hot topics today. [ cheers and applause ] people are like wendy, who is going to be on the first show.
9:59 am
all i kept saying is the first show will be exactly what wendy watchers love most. hot topics. lindsay lohan's mom dina was arrested for dui the other day and we have the latest scoop on what's going on between lamar and khloe. something happened with beyonce last ght in brazil. we have the dramatic footage. let's talk about it. it's time for hot topics. [ cheers and applause ] >> i have to tell you something, you know when we did that thing where we showed me coming out


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