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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 23, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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police officer received a ten- year sentence but a judge says and that all but one year. richard heyman must serve the takeon home detention and anger management courses and pay restitution. he admitted to a 2012 shooting. kinney, was hit in the leg. it happened off staples church road. he claims he was trying to hunt illegally and fired because he taught his life was in danger. he tried to leave when he was confronted by heyman. >> the investigation continues into what caused a four alarm fire. 3100 block of the frederick avenue in southwest baltimore. lowell melser is there with the latest. is veryinvestigation
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much in its beginning stages. as we speak, atf agents are assisting the baltimore city fire department in this investigation, trying to figure out whether the fire was deliberately set or accidental. >> is something this see comingd did not and the aftermath for many is devastating. >> i am really hard road and. this has been here since i was a little girl and i'm 49 years old now. the barbershop, laundromat an internet café caught on fire. the fire was not rot under control until almost 5:00 , destroying a stapled many in the neighborhood have used. it is is is the only one you
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can get to when it snows. it is heartbreaking. >> more than 30 atf agents on the scene were coming to the wreckage. the assistant special agent in charge told 11 news that baltimore fire investigators sought or assistance. >> the reason we are at this specifically is because of it size and the damage caused and the businesses there and what they mean to the community. >> the national response team was rot in which includes agents from all over the country. >> they have expertise, chemists and engineers. thisview fires of magnitude all the time. >> they would not comment there was a criminal investigation going on but did say all angles includinglooked into, interviewing firefighters and first responders to determine if there is any felt late. >> we will ask them what they saw. things that will help our
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investigators better determine what might have been the fuel behind it. the atf expects its investigation to last about three days. there are still a lot of debris to go through it that building. if it is determined arson is the case of the fire, the person they think is a suspect before it could be brought up on federal charges. hostage standoff in nairobi kenya is in its third day. a somali terrorist group is claiming responsibility. dozens were injured, including five americans. >> president obama made his first comment on the attack. president obama spoke with president of kenya today to express condolences and offer assistance. -- in ans at nairobi
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nairobi ball followed by gunfire. the standoff between canyon police and the terrorist group al shabaab moved into its third day. operations occurred and we will provide them with whatever assistance is necessary. >> the siege began on saturday when extremist stormed the ball. witnesses say they targeted non- muslims with grenades and gunfire. canyon officials say at least three attackers have been killed. but it wasn't clear how many hostages, if any remained inside the mall. i am in full control of this situation and we maintain the fire will beut out trade >> al shabaab announced its alliance with al qaeda last year. the attack appears to be retaliation for kenya positive intervention in the somali civil war two years ago. >> they are trying to say you
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we uset of it grade military force as a punishment >> al shabaab claims to have americans among its ranks. a white house spokesman says the u.s. has been monitoring the group's recruiting efforts. >> stay tuned for nbc daily news with ryan williams for more on the canyon hostage crisis. >> jacoby jones reportedly had a run-in with a stripper. the story was first reported by tmz. jerry sandusky joins us live and has the latest for us. the ravens head coach is discussing this incident and fatherd to a line his
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told him. nothing good happens after mid- night. tmz reporting jacoby jones was struck by a stripper name sweet the. in head with a champagne bottle at a party bus around 3:30 this morning. the -- it was bryant birthday party. there were no arrests and no charges filed and no one sought nickel attention. jones and mckinney to heart in practice eating today. john harbaugh says jones is fine and did not have to miss any part of the schedule worked out. it comes down to questionable decision-making. >> he went through everything
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today he was supposed to go through. he didn't miss anything. not very impressed personally with the report. it is not something we want to be known for. i would like to think it's not something those guys want to be known for. it is nothing to be proud of. i'm kind of disappointed in that sense. rex john harbaugh celebrated his 31st birthday today and another ravens player celebrated his birthday yesterday but he did it in a far different style. >> the clock is ticking and washington as we await the possibility of a government shutdown. >> what could need for you, next. >> we are keeping an eye on some very early fog. clear skies now and temperatures settling back into the main -- into the 60s.
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>> a big chunk of the government to be forced to shut down. >> the current spending plan expires on september 30. the house expanded -- passed an extension butt defense of the president's health care reform plans and senate democrats say no way. >> this has nothing to do with outtakes. this has something to do with trying to shut the government down and trying to hold both artie's hostages.
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>> they should stand united to stop harry reid from changing the house bill. -- if a a decision decision cannot be reached in time, many workers would not get paid and benefits like social security checks would be delayed. but mail delivery would continue. >> now, your 11 insta weather plus forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> 67 degrees. downtown baltimore hit only 69. only doesn that not the calendar tell us it is fall, the weather is certainly telling us that as well. a record high today up in the upper 90s. we will stay on the cool side of things for the next double plays. 68 at the inner harbor. rising sun about 64 degrees. western maryland act 248 degrees.
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are expecting some frosty conditions in garrett county tonight with clouds clearing out and clear skies and light wind, it will be a chilly one. upper 30s tomorrow morning. light breezes and sunset coming up at 7:00. freeze warnings for northwestern until then you. not quite that cold tonight but a little on the chilly side. all the way down into the carolinas with the cool dry air. not much in the way of shower activity, just some widely scattered sprinkles. dry and little cloud cover passing through with a weather disturbance to the
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south. most of this week will feature sunny skies, low humidity and very nice weather. 69 to 74 tomorrow. light wind on the bay kee being things about one or two feet trade a frost advisory tonight. and harley cloudy on wednesday. picture-perfect weather on the eastern shore tuesday and wednesday. cloudy and very nice. low 70s were highs. it looks like for at least the next five or six days into the weekend anonly a 20% chance of showers with a high of 78. >> now, 11 sports with 11 sports director jerry sandusky. andthe ravens are now two
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one. feeling good after the strongest performance of the year. a victory over the houston texans. point lead in one calendar year. first quarter of setting the tone. three sacks on the game and dead even eager night. the interception returned for a touchdown. there erred -- early this morning, his wife gave her to a little girl. returnting with a punt with ray lewis. 17-nine lead at halftime. the ravens now at two and one. happened to see him blow out the texans on his birthday. that's nice to see the kind
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of day he had just personally. i have always been a believer in him. i've always felt like he has what it takes. i was interested by his comments yesterday. to see it pay off for him, it's a nice lesson for everybody. us to our ravens next question of the day. we asked who is your m.v.p. -- daryl smith, camden dos were bernard pierce. most of you say tandon doss area -- tandon doss. --e now for the orioles seven games left to play. the wildcard wrapping up their four-game stint in tampa traded the orioles right now in the lead.
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if the lead don't start to get strung together two wins thomas they are up one to nothing. chris davis and his 52nd home run of the season. that gives the orioles 8221 lead. orioles 221 lead. a solo homerun putting the orioles up area but they have bad news. manny machado running out a ground ball, suffering a knee injury and had to be carted off the field. will have enough it on his status tonight at 11:00. stay with us. tom tasselmyer is back with a last look at the weather as false starts to settle them.
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a five-month-old baby died inside a home? latebreaking details on that investigation. father arrested after an encounter with a baltimore county police officer. why the charges were just dismissed.
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>> looks like we are in for a
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tremendous stretch of weather. it looksghs come a really fantastic. it's great to be outdoors. a slight chance for showers, but that doesn't arrive until monday of next week. >> we were talking about how hard it rain on saturday night three >> over an inch in any areas. you for joining us. >> nbc nightly news with brian williams is next.
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on our broadcast tonight, under siege. a major assault to end the mall massacre in kea, now in its third day. dozens are dead and tonight the fbi is looking into these reports that americans are among
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the attackers. also tonight, beating cancer, and confirmation that a team effort work it is best. the doctors say it is almost as important as the medicine itself. also, cleared for takeoff. big changes are coming in terms of the devices we are allowed to use while in the air. kwo "nightly news" begins now. good evening. it's been hard to know what exactly has been happening inside an upscale shopping mall in nairobi, kenya. we know a terrorist attack has been unfolding for three days now, unspeakable systematic killing. and while forces say they are in control of the mall and combing it floor by floor for remaining gunminnesot d
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gunmen, the death toll is 62 with more than 175 injured with all the hostages believed to now be re-elireleased. it raises questions about a terrorist group that's new to most people and questions about public safety. we begin our coverage with ron allen in nairobi. good evening. >> reporter: they believe all the hostages have been released. for the past couple of days we have been told there are ten hos tanl -- hostages remaining and ten gunmen holding them. it's been a day of violence here. a day of loud, powerful explosions and sustained military attack. early this morning black smoke pours from the shopping mall, the start of another day of violence. soldiers surrounding the mall opened fire from multiple
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positions. firefights so intense journalists and on-lookers hundreds of yards away ducked for cover. today, kenya's leaders claim the situation is under control. but an audio message from the militants threatened more bloodshed saying we have given orders to our fighters that they are free to kill the hostages. claiming to be behind the attack, al shabaab, a group linked to al qaeda. it is at war with somalia's government which is backed by kenya. the onslaughter began saturday just after noon. the up scale westgate mall, crowded with families enjoying an afternoon out. these pictures show the first moments of terror. heavily armed masked gunmen killed dozens of men, women and children. >> bullets were over my head but god protected me . >> reporter: this picture
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purports to show two of the young men. among the dead an 8-months pregnant woman. balita who moved here from north carolina said she hid for four hours before escaping. >> you could hear -- we were back there. they were going store to store, talking to people. asking questions, shooting, screams and then it would stop for a while. they would go to another store. >> reporter: others hit wherever they could, even in the air ducts. the gunmen reportedly singled out nonmuslims by testing their knowledge of the koran. >> if they didn't know the words they were the ones who got shot. in that five hours we tried to memorize words of the koran. >> reporter: government oh officials said during the course of the ordeal they have confirmed that three of the gunmen were killed. again, wite don't know how many there were to begin with.


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