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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 23, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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restitution. they admitted to shooting christopher kelly and the leg last december, thinking that he was hunting illegally. he was just tracking the deer. >> converging again today, the group is making one last push to change regulations. it takes effect october 1. a $50oncerns are application fee and requiring a social security number on a gun application. they also questioned the need for mandatory live fire and classroom training. and the law has an ambiguous standard for possessing ambiguous and. >> government overreach and overregulation. it is overregulation to the second amendment. it shall not be infringed. we will live and die by that phrase. >> taking aim with lots of fanfare. advocates ultimately missed their target this afternoon. votedislative committee
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nine-six to adopt the firearms regulations without making any changes. the new law will save lives. >> a brazen attack by al qaeda linked terrorists include a woman that graduated from the johns hopkins university international studies group. it begins saturday at an upscale mall in nairobi, kenya. they are in the final push to rescue those. a terrorist group claims responsibility and says the strike was in retribution or kenyan forces at the 2011 push into neighboring somalia. they claim it is an american attacked them all. the militants specifically targeted non-muslims and at least 18 foreigners were among the dead. 200 people were wounded,
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including five americans. people with relatives and spent the lasta few days trying to get in touch with them and say they are still in shock. is the safest place, a mall. it is very safe and incidentally, this is where these people are. morning, families and as you can see, they are tourists. >> they say they have been glued to the television as they await word from family members in nairobi that they are ok. mind of world leaders as they converge for the general assembly of the united nations. also closely being watched is possible direct high-level talks between the u.s. and iran's new
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government. also weighinge is the risks and rewards of an encounter between president barack obama. this could mark the first meeting between the nations leaders in more than 40 years. lax one week and counting is all the time they have to hammer out an agreement before the federal government runs out of money. they will likely meet with congressional leaders but will likely -- but will not specify when. government open but also defines the president's health care law. the majority leader said that measure is dead on arrival. they are universal. a ransom demand for keeping the government open and workable is unrealistic. that it is ourit
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obligation to our constituents to do everything we can to prevent the majority leader from funding obamacare. >>democrats want to strip out send it backon and for consideration. that is when funding is set to expire. not getworkers would paid and benefits like social security checks may be delayed. officials that supervise the unit that targeted conservative groups for several years as retired. saysead of the division that she was placed on paid leave in may after she revealed that the properly targeted tea party groups for extra scrutiny when they applied for tax exempt and 2012.tween 2010 republicans called on them to be fired. the irs declined to comment citing privacy laws.
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>> nothing good happens after midnight, that is what the coach said about the party bus stripper incident. jacoby jones was hit over the head with a champagne bottle. what can you say about something like this? >> i can say that it is 11:10, people should act accordingly. team can obviously do without distractions that showed up on the website. he got hit in the head by a champagne bottle by a stripper named sweet pea oat 3:00 in the morning. nothing in that previous sentence contains something a head coach wants to hear. a birthday party at a nightclub before getting on the party bus. promoting his late nightclub party on instagram.
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police responded to reports of a fight shortly after 3:00 a.m. but no one was arrested and no one sought medical help either. jacoby jones is suffering from a sprained knee after a loss at denver. ,oday at the team's facility the former raven ray lewis said tonight that the off field area is the most important place where leadership has to show up on a football team. he thinks it points to the ravens having to refocus and find some quick leaders in that locker room. celebrating his birthday, he made it clear to jones that mckinney and the entire team doesn't want issues like this in his locker room. he is fine and went through everything. not very impressed, personally. want tot something we be known for. it is not something the guys
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want to be known for. it is nothing to be proud of. >> the orioles have problems of their own of a very different nature. the season ends early, the latest on his injury and the fading playoff hopes a little bit later in sports. >> a little bit of a wrinkle in your commute to baltimore. the ramp will close starting tomorrow and will stay closed for the next six weeks. there will be a detour to the park and ride but officials are warning the plan ahead and expect delays. it will allow crews to safely relocate an underground gas line in preparation for the mta red line project. >> the shutdown of all the electronic devices may no longer be in place your boarding a plane. >> and what you will and won't be able to do after takeoff. >> the words written to you by the father you never met seven
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decades after he wrote them. >> temperatures falling fast and in for a chilly autumn morning. clear skies, temperatures settling back
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>> a man pleads guilty to transporting stolen waste vegetable oil. wvo is used to make biodiesel fuel or processed as an additive. small potatoes? hardly. it received over $98,000 for the
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sale of 94,000 gallons of stolen thee vegetable oil he faces maximum sentence of 10 years behind bars. a shortage of hot dog buns is the key to winning powerball in the jackpot last week. officials say the winner went into a store to buy hot dog buns but the store did not sell them so he bought lottery tickets instead. officials said it was his second time playing the lottery. officials did not say if he took the $233 million cash option. >> the days of turning off all of your electronic devices go the way of a free in-flight meal. the aviation administration says it is expecting to recommend easing restrictions on some of thdevices. e-books ande likely podcasts. calls, itaking phone is expected to remain in place.
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planes are much better protected against interference from signals emitted by electronic devices. they will send recommendations to the fda by the end of the month. soldier's war ii letter to his newborn daughter was finally delivered to her nearly 70 years after it was written. agee eddington smith was presented a letter at a ceremony in nevada on sunday. her father wrote the letter shortly after she was born. and just before he was killed in action in italy. she knew nothing about her dad because her mother was too heartbroken to talk about it. >> 69 years of nothing and all of a sudden, it pops up. it was kind of overwhelming. >> she was presented with her father's purple heart and other metals. a woman named donna gregory had been searching for peggy after
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finding the memorabilia 14 years ago. when the daughter's wedding was canceled at the last minute, the parents of the bride did not wallow in it and they did not let it go to waste. turning right around and donating that wedding reception to the homeless. they teamed up with a local charity and many of them children. >> now, your insta weather plus forecast. over was not very warm this afternoon, it will set up a chilly early morning. the highs today are the coolest we have seen in quite a while, going back to late last spring as far as sunny days with highs in the low 60's out west. 68 in charlottesville, an afternoon high of 59 degrees.
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67 for the high, that is significantly cooler than normal. 75 would be normal. the low so far has been 51 and it will get colder than that as we head toward morning with skies clear. a little bit of cloud cover but that is gone. temperatures are falling fast. on the eastern shore, away from the bay. advisory is up into pennsylvania with freeze warnings. slowly but surely, the chilly canadian air is making progress to the south. 38 in the cooler suburbs, 48 downtown. the wind will remain calm overnight thanks to high pressure. pushing into ontario now, this will continue to push into the mid-atlantic and all the way to the carolinas. weather system in the upper
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midwest, part of that will scoot by to the south. just not enough moisture to produce anything but maybe a few clouds. withfortable afternoon more sunshine as we head into wednesday. the rain stays well to the south and partly cloudy conditions on thursday. the quiet weather pattern and fantastic conditions. 69-74wind tomorrow, degrees. sunrise just four minutes before 7:00 in the morning. 8 in thee at 10:2 morning. at the maryland mountains will be close to freezing in the morning and will rebound nicely to 60. saw, itern shore as we is already in the 40's. sunshine and 73, partly cloudy wednesday. shore, he cann
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probably extend this into thursday and friday as well with some great early fall conditions. not findinganta and any tropical storms or hurricanes. it is all quiet in the gulf and the caribbean. a nice hurricane season so far. cloudy, 73 on wednesday and thursday. lots of sundry friday and saturday. >> it looks like a day to reignite some hope is a painful twist.
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>> 10 nights multi-match jackpot has an estimated annuity of $625,000. 42, 12, six, 27, 17, 20. the multi-match jackpot is $650,000. wbal tv drawing here at 11., let yourself play.
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>> now, 11 sports. >>the orioles season came down to this four-game series with
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tampa, ending with a playoff hope the flailing sweep and a crushing injury that has ended his season. the loss of the postseason chances in need of america will. khris davis seemed to buoy the spirits of buck showalter with this, his 52nd homerun run of the season. giving the orioles a 2-1 lead. one win out of four. adding to the lead, right field and gone. 4-2, orioles. they just need the bullpen to hold it from there. signals to right field, just drop city and after a great effort -- drops it in after a great effort. end to anhe agonizing series.
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the game winner, tampa beat the orioles 5-4 and sleeps the series. only six games left to play. seeging the playoff hopes, it right there. collapsing after crossing first base base when he beat out an infield grounder, had the bag at an awkward angle, clutched his left knee and an obvious and extensive pain. an injury car took him from the field as his teammates watched silently. the team won't know the full extent of the injury until after an mri is taken. he will miss the final six games of the season. it does not look very promising right now. busy arrivals for ravens players, giving birth to a son last sunday. wife gave birth to a little girl earlier today. for daryl 15 hours
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smith, number 51. the inside linebacker with a free agent this season as the team's first interception of the season. the first offensive touchdown and the first game changing play as a raven to give them the lead. they would not relinquish over the houston texans. they did not have time to celebrate over houston. his wife went into labor this morning. >> his wife had a baby, he had a little girl this morning. knew becausedy that is how quiet he is. i was really excited about that. pretty far enough about it. it was a glorious day for the smith family. >> harbaugh also said that ray
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rice might return for this week's game against the bills. i want to see more production out of their running attack. bernard heer said 24 carries for 65 yards. they did not run for a hundred yards against the texans. they did not run for 100 yards yet in any of their three games. john harbaugh wants to see that trend come to an end as soon as this week. >> we have been working on it and we need to make that important. philosophically, we will stick with it. we will be able to run the ball here. it is just part of our dna. >> forecasts are part
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>> room for the days where you daydream in class and doodle on your note book or on your sneaker. hammerson college student doodled on her right thigh, draws on her leg during lectures and posts the pictures online before washing it off and starting all over. that is pretty good. there is also walter white from breaking bad. and a tribute to the artist georgia o'keeffe. the artwork went viral and she has been fielding job offers for logo and design work. she is clearly a real artist.
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>> is she learning anything in class. >> i guess so. skies, 73 cloudy wednesday and thursday. a dry, cool, comfortable whether. quiet -- a very quiet weather pattern.
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>> jay: thank you! welcome to "the tonight show." oh, and happy bisexuality day. did you know that? [ cheers ] today is bisexuality day. in fact, to celebrate, i understand miley cyrus twerked both donny and marie. how about that? [ laughter and applause ] oh, let's see what's going -- vladamir putin lashed out again at the united states. [ audience ohs ] this time for giving an emmy award, to the liberace story, "behind the candelabra." it's got to stop! [ laughter ] congratulations, "breaking bad" won emmy for best drama last night. there you go. [ cheers and applause ] when "breaking bad" won, they thanked their agents, their
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families and of course the makers of sudafed. [ applause ] so, they were very excited about that. nice to see. and in barstow, they celebrated when "breaking bad" won. look what happened. >> and the emmy goes to "breaking bad." [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! [ explosion ] [ laughter and applause ] >> jay: now don't confuse "breaking bad" with the new york giants, that's playing bad. that was totally -- [ laughter and applause ] [ audience ohs ] oh, my gosh. oh my gosh, they lost to the carolina panthers 38-0! [ cheers ] that game was so bad, it was featured in the emmys' in memoriam package last night. eli manning sacked seven times. seven times. [ audience ohs ] he spent more time on his back than the real housewives of beverly hills. it was unbelievable! unbelievable! and the steelers are not having
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a good season either. they are also 0 and 3. and actually the steelers game was on opposite the emmys last night. i kept going back and forth. did you see that one hit on ben roethlisberger? i thought this was really strange. take a look at what happened. >> second and 5. >> jay: now, watch this. >> and the emmy goes to ellen burstyn. "political animals." [ laughter and applause ] >> jay: how does that even happen? [ cheers and applause ] you know, about a month ago, fox football reporter pam oliver was on the sidelines, and she got too close to the action. do you remember this? take a look at what happened. >> well, here it is, backup quarterback, chandler harnish throws, and pam oliver. wham! [ audience ohs ] >> jay: oh, my god. oh, my god. such a pretty girl. did you see what happened to her yesterday? take a look. >> he told me so far nothing is happening other than -- hey, now! [ laughter ] they hope to stay in green bay
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of course, and play with the packers proven way to win. >> jay: oh! [ laughter ] hey, iphone 5 went on sale this week. anybody get one? well, they make it in gold. they now make a gold iphone. it's specially designed to help muggers know who the first one to rob is. [ laughter and applause ] "oh that guy." very helpful. i tell you, the new iphone has some pretty cool features. like you can take photos in black and white. so it looks like you're sending someone a picture of your penis from 1928. [ laughter ] "there's anthony weiner's grandfather. oh no, that's him." [ laughter ] well, the price of gas is reaching record levels in california. it is unbelievable. we have the most expensive gas in the nation, did you know that? in fact, the most popular item last night in the emmy gift bag was the siphon hose. ♪ [ laughter and applause ] gas is so expensive in california, buying a new car


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