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tv   11 News Today  NBC  September 26, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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>> i understand i am not giving you everything. i need you to understand the impact that providing some of that information to potential witnesses and individuals, that we cannot do it. we cannot release the information now. >> angel's sister is speaking out about her sister's death. she clearly blames police. we'll hear from her at 6:30 and also the heartbreaking event that happened hours after her sisters death. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> police are searching for whoever shot two men wednesday night. a man walked into a hospital suffering a gunshot wound to the stomach. there were shots fired wednesday night. >> the mayor and governor are
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not seeing eye to eye on the statistics. the governor said the city needs to make more arrests each year. the mayor says more arrests might not be the answer. this chart was put out by the mayor's office showing a steady decline in crime since 2006. she says arrests make some communities uneasy. >> there is an anxiety that is building in some of our communities that we are going back to a time when communities felt like their kids were under siege. thender the arrest policy city's arrest strike was one in six. the governor's office released this chart. the decline has led to the recent uptick in violent crime.
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guns out steps to keep of the hands of criminals. they are buying more than 9200 new service weapons. the department plans to sell the older guns to other law enforcement agencies. wholesalers would not guarantee the guns would go to security personnel. >> we do not know where those guns are likely to wind up. >> the new service weapons will cost $977,000. the trade in plan would have included in several hundred thousand dollar credit. masked robbers robbed a bank on sunday afternoon and made off with an undisclosed
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amount of cash. police say nobody was hurt. sheriff's deputies arrested this twofor his involvement in bank robberies. he wrapped a bank on tuesday morning and was a getaway driver at the same bank last week. police are looking for a woman known as deanna. >> five people are charged in the death of a north east man. they broke into the apartment looking for drugs and money. four people were inside at the time. curry managed to get a gun away from one of the suspects and shoot him. >> 6:08. 55 degrees at the airport. >> the shutdown countdown is
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still on. i am hallie jackson in washington with what it means for the health-care law and what it means for you. fansen the biggest ravens might miss a game every now and then. >> ava marie live by the harbor joined by a bunch of yogis. you have a chance to do yoga outside.
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>> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> good morning. let's give you an update on the west side. we now have the accident off to the side. 23 miles per hour. becauseis still snarled all of the volume on the west side. this is what it looks like it frederick road. all traffic it's by at wilkins avenue. this is what it looks like coming off the rams from southbound 795. that is where the delay start to build back to. route 77, two separate accidents at this location. a crash at 214 and solomon islands road. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. ava marie is joining us from canton this morning. >> it is pretty interesting.
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we have some yogis here at this morning. it does not feel that bad out here. temperatures in the upper 50's. made 50's in the suburbs. i think i went overboard this morning with this jacket. we are here talking about bliss on the bay. gunpowder falls state park. you are the president of ultimate water sports. yoga. neat take on how do you balance? >> we teach hundreds and hundreds of people on stand up paddle board throughout the summer. the perception by most people is it is hard enough to stand on a board. stand up paddling is much easier
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than people perceived. once you have a few minutes on the board, it is not difficult to get them into yoga poses. >> interesting. this is on the land first. what do they have to do differently on the board? >> these are very specific which havega poses been adapted or left alone so they can be done on a, board. some poses are trickier than others. these are manageable for the average person who perhaps has had no experience on a paddle board. >> this you sent is coming up on saturday -- this event is coming up on saturday. >> the online registration is
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cut off at noon today. you can show up the morning of and we can take your registration in person. this has never been done before. >> part of the proceeds will be going back to the cancer research. we will go back to tony in the weather center. i have enough problems getting in those yoga poses on my own. >> i am trying to comprehend this. they take the board out on the water. they do yoga on the board on the water. >> sounds intriguing. >> i hope there are no big waves. >> check out the water temperatures for me. >> 73 at the inner harbor. it is not terrible.
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thank you. very interesting stuff. the water is pretty flat this morning. we have a little bit of rain down in virginia. we could use some of that rain around baltimore. this is near richmond and will travel to the east and offshore. we are getting some cloud cover out of that. clouds help keep the temperatures up a little bit. 50 in westminster and parkton. 56 in chestertown. we should make it up close to 74 this afternoon. high pressure will be the dominating factor in our weather story. there could be some fog and low clouds in the morning. stay dry thisl
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weekend with little chance for rain. a mix of clouds and sun. high temperature between 71 and 76. sunrise at 6:58. high temperatures in the low 70's. there could be some low clouds or fog in the morning. weak frontt -- a comes through monday and tuesday. >> thank you. time for a look at this morning's top stories. the fbi releases its funding into the motive of last week's navy yard shooting last week. hallie jackson joins us. >> the fbi said aaron alexis believed he was being targeted by extremely low frequency waves.
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these are usually used by summary communications. you can see him darting through the hallways carrying a shotgun. he opened fire at the navy yard and killed 12 people. investigators say the attack was random. they did find indications a alexis was-- prepared to die. "elf" was carved into his shotgun. >> let's turn our attention to the looming shutdown of the government. that is not the only thing lawmakers have to worry about. >> there was a senate vote yesterday. house republicans are looking at how to negotiate on the next fiscal fight, this one over the
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debt ceiling. the agency will run out of ways to borrow money. they could default for the first time ever. to avoid that, many republicans want budget cuts and the delay of the health-care law for a year. a major part of the law goes into effect on tuesday. coverage begins january 1. the administration says the rollout when not be affected. >> the president trying to highlight health-care this week and pushing for people to enroll . he will be in maryland later this week. >> in prince george's county. he is trying to push how the health-care law has strengthened insurance benefits for people who already get insurance
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benefits through their work. expect him to go through a lot of the details about how you can sign up. >> we all need a better understanding of how it works. hallie jackson, thank you. >> starbucks might be looking to add a little fizz to your drinks. jane king joins us live with the mornings bloomberg business report. good morning, jane. seewitter users will soon video clips of nfl highlights on the site. twitter has been striking deals to attract more users and to raise money through ad revenue. they have a target in raising $1 billion in sales next year. stocks have been lower all week.
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we are looking at a little bit of a read group this morning. yesterday inching down again i continued concern of budget concern in washington. starbucks may be known for a lot of things. they filed a trademark on fizzio. milkshakes,e coffee, tea, and fruit juices. let's talk about nissan. you can buy just about anything on amazon. nissan is giving $1000 gift cards to the first $100 who buy the car through the amazon link. three of the first 100 buyers will get their car package in a giant box. that is a really big box. anything't really buy
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on amazon. thank you so much. time to check on the weather. >> a little giftwrapped on that one. things are pretty quiet this morning. we are in the 50's. 55 at the airport and white marsh. maybe a light jacket or sweater for the kids at the bus stop this morning. we expect a mix of clouds and sun. i think you will call a nice day. high temperature of 74. good news is the accident has been cleared just prior to wilkins avenue. all lanes are getting by. we are still dealing with delays. 17 miles per hour approaching the accident scene.
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this is a live look at frederick. it will take 26 minutes to get you through the west side in the outer loop. this is what it looks like at greenspring. traffic up to speed at the j.f.x. at myght find some delays human street because of an accident. a crash at 214. a crash near 194. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. 55 degrees at the airport. >> we have some good news this morning about the orioles. the latest team to be eliminated from the postseason. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. hope you have them.
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when you're struggling with your mortgage, your home feels like a burden.
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>> good morning. the orioles wrap up their series with the blue jays tonight. they beat the jays 9-5 last night. the orioles with a good foundation heading into next year. you want to finish strong. had a start last
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night. manny machado was hurt. dugout.manny in the jonathan schoop with his first major-league hit in the third and his first home run and the sixth. they were teammates throughout the minors. ryan flowery to the opposite field -- ryan flaherty. they are tied to the yankees with third place in the american league east. the yankees lost last night to the rays. andy pettitte pitching his last game in new york. the yankees are also eliminated. longoria. by evan 8-3, the rays win.
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the yankees were eliminated at home. that absolutely breaks your heart. ravens and bengals tied for first. the ravens are shuffling off to buffalo. it looks like ray rice will play. he returned to practice yesterday, as did chris canty. the ravens have struggled to run the ball. kickoff is sunday at 1;05. we are going to hear quite a bit about jonathan schoop. build for next year. >>
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>> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. welcome back to 11 news today. i'm stan stovall. >> i'm mindy basara.
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thank you for joining us this morning. >> a judge will sentence a man on a second-degree murder conviction. he was found guilty with stabbing another man with a sword. police say the attack stemmed fr a fight over a football bet. >> construction continues on the new horror show casino. -- construction continues on the new horseshoe casino. it is expected to open in the fall of next year. >> tonight will be a fan appreciation night for the orioles. the first 10,000 fans will get a shirt. >> i like that shirt. 6:31. >> i'm glad you explained that.
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it was like santa it was an o's fan. it will be another quiet day today. to date we are mostly in the 50's -- today we are mostly in the 50's. 55 at the airport. a mix of clouds and sun. no precipitation. a high of 74 around baltimore. we will do the seven-day forecast in about three minutes. >> good morning. we have better news on the west side. we have a new accident southbound on 795 just past the owings mills exit. this is a live picture just beyond the accident scene. it looks good here. watch for delays from franklin
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boulevard down to owings mills. still recovering on the west side at wilkins avenue. it will take about 24 minutes to travel the west side. north side in pretty good shape. we are tracking an accident at monument street. 77, two two -- route separate accidents. >> new questions surrounding a deadly car crash in north baltimore. withfer franciotti is live our big story. what are police saying? >> we know that one person was in a jeep on related to a police investigation. angel chiwengo was killed while she was riding in a jeep. now her sister is angry and
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demanding answers. >> i think the police killed my sister. they were chasing people. i think she would be alive today. >> she she wants answers after three people were dead in a fiery crash on northern parkway at york road this week. police say lane closed officers tried to question two men in a honda for alleged drug activity. that honda took off. about four miles later, police say the honda slammed into this suv, killing angel. the suspects in the honda were also killed. at a news conference, police did not answer if this was a chase. they did say the police vehicle had emergency equipment available. they would not say what that equipment was. police are investigating whether the actions of the officer fell under the accepted parameters
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for a police pursuit. for hair family, there is no scenario that should have left her dead. >> one not get the tag and look not get thewhy tag and look for them? innocent people did not do nothing. angel moved here a year ago and was living with her daughter. her daughter gave birth hours after angel was killed. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> the baltimore city school systems agrees to extend its current contract with the teachers union. >> that means teachers will continue to earn more money. the contracts remain a work in
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progress. >> a long-term conruction plan was improve which includes a new elementary school in the cherry hill community. they will help fund 15. new schools the general assembly approved the plan this year. the board of public works still must sign off on the agreement. >> the best high schools in the nation. winston churchill high is the top high school in maryland. and the george washington carver center for arts and technology. you can see the complete list on our website, 6:36. time to take another look at the weather with ava marie. >> she is joining us from canton. >> good morning.
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we are seeing another beautiful sunrise behind us. we have an outdoor yoga class going on. what a spectacular way to work out. it is very comfortable outside with temperatures in the 50 's. this is to preview bliss on the bay. you can do yoga on the water. have you seen stand up paddling? you can do yoga on that. we're learning more about that. forre seeing dry weather the next couple of days. temperatures stay comfortable in the afternoon in the low to mid 70's. we're leaning towards a gyre pattern. -- we are leaning towards a
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dryer pattern. saturday looks great. we will push those rain chances off to monday and tuesday. we will come back and put these guys out on the water. >> that should be good. yoga is harder than it looks. 6:37. a new place you can get a cup of starbucks with minnie and mickey. >> we have seen it before. what one canadian town is using to try to fix a problem.
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>> do you have a problem with geese flocking around your house? officials are hoping this gadget will help keep geese and their droppings away from parks. they are testing it all week to see if he keeps the birds away. >> i wonder why he chose that design. >> i am not sure. >> as you go through your morning routine, coffee might be
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included. there is a new magical place you can get your favorite drink. disney open their first starbucks location. this is the third disney park to have a starbucks. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> sounds good. there are a few clouds hanging around this morning. those clouds help to keep the temperature a touch warmer than yesterday. 55 at the airport. we should make it up to 74 later today. if you take the boat out today, wave heights near one foot. eight minutes at after 12:00 this afternoon at fort mchenry. >> we are dealing with a problem
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southbound on 795 just prior to the beltway. there is a crash that is taking up the left lane. at a standstill at mcdonough. we will keep you posted on this. you may want to consider 140 as your alternate. starting to thin out near wilkins avenue after an early morning accident. getill take 19 minutes to you through that stretch on the west side. monument at north haven, watch for a crash. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. back to you. >> a lot of brake lights this morning. >> 55 degrees at the
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>> good morning once again. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. southbound 795 is where we have a problem at the moment. police have gone through that area. that backup extends back to owings mills. it is barely moving at the scene
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of this crash. 17 minutes on the west side stretch. traffic is moving at frederick road. we're seeing some delays on eastbound i-70. andave a crash at 214 solomon islands road. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. tony has a check on your forecast. >> we are watching some rain to parts of virginia and back into the mountains. just northwest of richmond. we are not going to get any rain at of this. we have some high, thin cloud cover this morning. these are the kind of clouds that add a lot of color on the horizon. ava was talking about that a few
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minutes ago. you get the clouds and you get a nice sunrise. 56 in chestertown. we should make it up to about 74 this afternoon. this high pressure will be the dominating factor this weekend. it will set up an east northeast wind and that could create some fog and night and maybe some low clouds early onset are day and sunday. a mix of clouds and sun. pleasant temperatures this afternoon between 71 and 76. the average high is 74. it should be mostly sunny tomorrow. maybe some clouds or fog in the morning on saturday with temperatures in the low 70's. our next chance for rain will be monday and tuesday, only 30%. the best chance will be the
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end of next week. ava marie is doing yoga on the bay. >> i am letting the experts do it. i could scare people from coming out to the event. isn't that beautiful? they are doing yoga on the water. stand up paddling. yoga is a whole new transition. i am here with the president of altman water sports. you guys are posting this on saturday -- ultimate water sports. >> is a great combination of fun on and off the water. we are combining the great sport of stand up paddling and yoga. we are helping people with no exposure to it and all the people that are yoga enthusiasts
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come out to check out the different activities from races to clinics to demonstrations to get involved with an exciting event. >> the forecast on saturday looks pretty good. tell us what they have to do. >> they are doing standard yoga poss. es. the key is to be relaxed enough. most powerful boards look like they cannot handle yoga. it is not that much different from doing yoga on a mat. it happens very smoothly. i was shocked the first time that i saw it happen. then we started doing these classes and i was more shocked. i did not think we would see the kind of success we have seen. you can come out and try this out and be surprised yourself. >> it does benefit a good cause.
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it is happening this saturday at gunpowder state falls. we will post this on later today. amazing sites as the sun is coming up in canton. ava marie, wbal-tv 11 news. >> new questions surrounding this week's deadly crash in north baltimore, like whether police were actually pursuing any suspects. we're also learning more about the victims. >> that is right. three people were killed on tuesday. we know police were following a car that contained two suspects. that car slammed into a jeep, killing angel chiwengo. she was a custodial worker. she was on her way home from work. she was german that night by a coworker. he has been identified as andrew baker junior. he was critically injured in
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that crash. police say they were trying to question two men in a honda for alleged drug activity. the suspects took off. that honda plowed into a jeep, creating a fiery explosion. the suspects were killed. in a news conference on wednesday, police provided some details of the incident. they declined information about whether the vehicle had lights or siren capabilities. they are trying to figure out if this situation did apply. reporting live, jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. president obama will be in maryland today. he will visit prince george's community college where he will talk about health care reform. if you have health insurance, you are considered cover under the affordable care act.
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you can make a weekend trip to washington, d.c., on a marc train starting december 7. the penn line will make six trips on sunday between penn station and union station. >> now weather and traffic on the 1's. >> good morning to you. we have an accident still clearing on 795 on the southbound side just prior to the beltway. leadingis just a mess up to the accident scene. take 140 as your alternate. 17 minutes on the west side. here is what it looks like at frederick. eastbound 70 seeing delays into the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> good morning.
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we do have a little bit of cloud cover to start the day. more clouds than yesterday. we will start in the 50's and make it up to 74 degrees. it should be mostly quiet in the great lakes. 70 in new york. a nice day in denver. stay with us.
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>> welcome back. one more look at the seven-day forecast. temperatures in the low to mid 70's. >> we have an accident southbound 795 with major backups. >> do not go there. >> thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> we will be back with a live update at 7:25. >> have a good day.
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>> this is a wbal-tv 11 editorial with president and general manager dan joerres. >> after two tumultuous years of investigations, former anne arundel county executive john leopold was convicted on two counts of misdemeanor criminal misconduct. the last time we saw him, his head was bowed and hands cuffed behind his back as he was led from the court room to the county jail. now he wants to run for public office again. he was sentenced to two years but served 30 days in jail and 30 days of house arrest, and is now serving five years of probation. although he resigned his post in february, he is appealing his case, which is scheduled to be heard next january. his lawyer has filed a 90-page brief with the maryland court of special appeals, arguing that leopold should have the right to run for public office.
6:53 am
the brief says the court lacked the authority to ban him from running for office and the ban should be stricken as a condition of his sentence. many anne arundel county residents breathed a collective sigh of relief after his conviction and resignation. now, images of new york's disgraced politicians re- emerging, and the ugly scenario that followed could be the scene in annapolis. some supporters say leopold's punishment was harsh. others say violation of the public trust deserved even a stiffer sentence. leopold was elected county executive after serving in the house of delegates for 18 years, but while the court's response will be legal, the public response will be emotional, as they remember two years of embarrassment they have already experienced. for more on the case, go to
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>> good morning. d.c. dysfunction. just five days left for the two
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sides to strike a budget deal and avoid a government shutdown. is the threat real or another manufactured crisis? standing her ground, george zimmerman's wife speaks out since in her first public interview since that estranged incident with her husband. this morning, what really happened and why she didn't press charges. and comeback kids in a thrilling finish. team usa keeps america's cup right where it belongs. and the winning team is celebrating with us today, thursday, september 26, 2013. >> from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live from studio 1-a in
6:57 am
rockefeller plaza. >> good morning, everyone, welcome to "today" i'm savannah guthrie. >> i'm matt lauer, i don't care if you know nothing about sailing, this was cool stuff. all you need to know is this team came back from a 8-1 deficit. they retain america's cup. it is cool. >> they are live. i hear they are going to play pittsburgh next. anthony behind camera, whatever there. i have nothing to say about sailing. i love learning about this people will be excited when they hear how they pulled this off. >> we want to begin with today's top story. that is this looming shutdown, peter alexander is in washington. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. simply put, everyone is looming in on next thursday. if congress doesn't reach a bug dell by then, federal agencies close. it is also the first day when
6:58 am
uninsured americans can sign up for the president's health care law. with the clock ticking, here is where things stand. it's getting down to the wire. lawmakers have barely 100 hours to agree how to keep the government funded or shut it down tuesday. republicans remain deeply divided. senator cruz's 100 hour talk-a-thon, quickly dismissed by john mccain, which insisted it is not worth shutting the government down over opposition to obamacare. >> but we not as hard as we could in a fair honest manner and we lost. >> reporter: in northern virginia, people are being more contemplative about it. people will say they will think before they boy a volvo. >> reporter: a shutdown could mean furloughs, tense of thousands of workers have to settle for ious instead of paychecks. the national museums and even
6:59 am
the national zoo all closed. bad news for tourist, also for hotel, restaurants and travel companies that serve them. if you are headed overseas, you better already have your passport. those applications will stall. as for the president's health care law the white house has plenty of explaining to do. three out of four americans told nbc news they don't understand the law. beginning tuesday, october 1st, anyone who doesn't have insurance can sign up on an online marketplace called an exchange. >> people will shop an compare and make the decision that's best for them and their family. >> reporter: they offer four levels of coverage, from bronze to platinum. a fam ply in texas it would pay $28 after a tax credit. the president will head to maryland to push the uninsured to sign up. >> that first day is october 1st. it's really a


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