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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  September 26, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EDT

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sale will benefit public safety. the wholesaler could not down to the weapons would only land in the hands of other police officers or security personnel and not go to criminals. president obama is in maryland this afternoon speaking to the largo community about the affordable health care act. the president is delivered a speech on the legislation at prince george's county community college. it is meant to encourage younger generations to prepare for the new policy set to rollout on tuesday. we will have have more on the debate surrounding that rollout later in the show. we are monitoring closures along north avenue and harford road. public works crews are on the scenes trying to repair a water main break. the water started spilling onto the street about 45 minutes ago. so far, there is no damage to the roadway. good afternoon, a few clouds are lingering around thanks to a
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disturbance to our self but the weather is still very pleasant. he can see the clouds across the region right now. temperatures out there or reaching about 70 at the airport. temperatures are around 70 two in ocean city. temperatures) 71, expect a high of around 76 degrees with partly cloudy skies and we will see that easterly wind up to eight miles per hour. i will tell you why that will be important coming up. are behind bars, arrested in connection with the homicide in northeast cecil county. sheriff's death he say the four suspects here and one other person went into an apartment armed with shotguns. the man wrestled the gun away from a suspect but was fatally shot. by a second suspect. scary fine wednesday at the airport when a tsa officer discovered a pair of rusty razor blades hidden inside the shoes of a passenger.
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you can see the blades in the lower left-hand corner of the picture. the officer said he noticed the blades in a passengers carry on blaze but maryland transportation authority's believe that the blades were manufactured into the shoe soles and allow the passenger to catch his flight. of interest is being questioned following a string of six arsons in california. police are saying the suspect was burning something. is coming faste and lawmakers on capitol hill are no closer to approving a budget. on monday at midnight, are we looking at a government shutdown?
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with the lapd are questioning a person of interest have to rescue crews had to battle at least six arsons this morning. the fires started popping up in trash cans along venture a boulevard. 830 wednesday night pacific time is when they started. one spread to a business causing $20,000 in damage. during thels made mass shooting at sandy hook elementary school could soon be available to the public. the connecticut freedom of information commission has voted
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unanimously that the recordings are public information that cannot be withheld by police. challenged investigators that said they would not release the tape because it was an ongoing investigation and could include information related to the shooter's family. newtown officials have 45 days to file an appeal. about therning more potential motive behind last week's mass shooting at the navy yard in washington, dc believed he was being controlled by extremely low frequency waves. in this newly released surveillance video, you can see him running through the hallways of building 197 armed with a shotgun. the fbi believes his delusions led him to open fire, killing 12 people. investigators say the attack does not seem to be linked to any kind of workplace conflict. divers believe they may have found the remains of the last two people missing from the costa concordia disaster. divers spotted bodies near the
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central part of the ship where survivors said the missing passenger and waiter were last seen before the accident. the discovery comes about a week after the concorde it was flipped upright and its captain stands trial for manslaughter. 32 people died when the ship ran aground. if convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison. still to come -- i will talk to atemckinnan and kate moynahan about the upcoming season of " saturday night live turcotte ." >> pleasant weather is ahead and we may see some clouds in the week ahead but we will talk about that coming up. right now, partly sunny skies with a live look down town, at the airport, 74 at the harbor.
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has wrappedt obama up a speech in prince george's county community college. he talked about the approaching implementation of the affordable health care act. open enrollment begins tuesday. the nation is also quickly approaching another deadline, we are now just four days away from it enteral government shutdown. and thereapitol hill has been little progress made. stalemate, four days before the deadline for the shutdown. there was a lot of talk from republican ted cruz all day and all night and all day again and it did not stop the boat and after that vote, democrats and republicans are still far apart. cruz finally sat down after 21 hours. >> this was all about elevating
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the debate in the public. >> it has been a big waste of time. >> the senate is on track to pass a budget that will likely include money for the affordable care act. that is sure to go nowhere in the house. emma kratz said it will fight for it. >> anything that diminishes the affordable care act is not something we will support. >> we cannot rely on the commander-in-chief to negotiate. >> republicans will counter with a budget that includes more things democrats don't like like tax reform, the controversial keystone pipeline, or changes in medicare and social security. >> this attitude of my way or the highway does not get it. >> i don't think it will be pretty. >> we don't know if they will agree on a budget before tuesday and then open roman for the new health insurance exchanges will happen. president obama talked about that at a community college in maryland today. republicans may shelve the debate over funding health care until next month during the debt
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ceiling debate. >> thank you. week of premieres is leading up to perhaps the most highly anticipated of all "saturday night live, the kickoff to a new season of." china may like to talk more about the season are cast members. pleasure to have you with us. >> hello. >> this is so exciting. we mentioned the 39th season premiere coming up this saturday. tina fey returns along with musical guest arcade fire. does every show seem like a premier to you guys? >> yes. >> it does. >> to me, everything is different every week. it's always what's going to happen and it turns out rate and that is exciting. >> this is my first show back which is my 110th episode. there is no difference.
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it's a different show every week. it's a blast. >> what a great show it is. ableoth of you, is being to do impressions kind of a prerequisite as a cast member? what are your favorites you have done? >> i don't like doing impressions. i will be honest. bubbly gives me the most nerves out of everything. is a good thing to do and you are amazing at impressions. >> oh. >> this is an impression of an awesome lady. it's perfect. i love doing impersonations. my favorite to do is penelope cruz. i only got to do that on the show once. i hope she says something in the news so i can do her again. >> she just parachuted off the empire state building this morning. you will see her come down in a
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moment. >> you guys have been so much fun and i appreciate you taking the time to chat with us. >> thank you for having us. >> you can catch the season premiere saturday night live, this saturday, september 20eight at 11:30 p.m. and tina fey will be the host. >> now, your insta weather plus forecast. good afternoon, we have seen a few clouds today but it is still a pleasant afternoon as far as temperatures and we see the clouds because because of a disturbance to our south. it is between virginia and north carolina. the disturbance is clapped her -- is counterclockwise. there is a little bit of troughing offshore. we don't have to worry about the rain chance for a few days and it is 73 right now and downtown baltimore and 70 at the airport and annapolis is 66 degrees.
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in ocean city, 72 degrees. comingds right now are in from the east at about eight miles per hour. that easterly wind will be very important in the next few days. over the weekend, it could contribute to seeing low clouds and fog early in the morning saturday and sunday. we are keeping an eye on that. the dew point will be in the 40s and 50s. it is not terribly humid. 71-76gh will be's between degrees and the sunset is 6:57 p.m. and the easter will -- easterly winds will be 3-8 miles per hour. 74 degrees by 4:00. those clouds are hanging around a bit. weather over the next few days and a near average temperatures of that will feel pleasant. the next rain chance will not be until monday. there will be a weak front that will push through. pretty cool tonight with temperatures 49-52 degrees.
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beautyorrow, another with temperatures between 71-75 and we will keep the northeast wind. let's take a look at how the models paint this. we are showing some clouds coming across the region through friday and into saturday morning. at 5 a.m., some of the clouds we can see and some of it may be odd. -- maybe fog. for the rest of the day, partly sunny and we can see the clouds continuing to build by saturday afternoon. sunday is when we anticipate more clouds and the potential for showers will be monday. 74 today, 70 five friday, 70 two saturday, 75 degree sunday and monday around 75 with a 20% chance of showers and 74 degrees tuesday and around 76 wednesday with overnight lows in the lower to mid 50's.
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dr. tim hammond is here to answer your pet questions with max. >> he is two months old. >> did he bring his own water bottle? >> this is the latest and water bottles from our company called bottles up and it's for humans and dogs. it's beautiful. there is a natural expo going on in baltimore and these glass bottles are not like the old glass bottles. they don't break. watch. they are the greatest. better than that crummy plastic so i use this all the time. they come with nice holders. this is not an advertisement. there are greener ways to walk your dog these days and drink. go online and you will find it. >> how about a few questions?
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can pets be impacted by carbon monoxide poisoning? >> oh my gosh, absolutely, and they die. short and simple and you will never know it. it is a silent killer. everything alive dies because you take the oxygen out of the environment. >> get a detective. my cats are indoor and they have fleas. what's the best way to get rid of them? >> there is no possible way in indoor cat can have fleas unless someone is bringing them in the house. youtimes you have a cat -- have a friend who has fleas on their dog -- under close. get up -- on their close. clothes. frontline will send an exterminator if you're their product does not work. i like a different product. >> thanks so much. lottery your maryland midday pick three and pick four numbers and another check of the weather.
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first, a look at how wall street is performing at this hour.
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>> time for your maryland lottery midday pick three and pick four numbers. ♪ let yourself play i am from the maryland
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lottery with your midday numbers. let's play pick three -- 1-8 418.makes pick three get maryland rewards from the maryland lottery. no to the website. ready for yours pick four numbers and they are -- another4-9-as printed on the ball-and seven maryland pick 44497. >> we have a check of the forecast. >> it looks good so far and
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maybe some clouds but pleasant temperatures and we will be in the low to mid 70's over the weekend. our next rain chance will not be until monday. the highs be around 75. >> it would be nice if it stayed like this and did not get cold in the winter months. thanks. thank you for joining us for 11 news at noon. >> be sure to watch tonight at 5:00.
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> oh! hey! what's up? [speaking indistinctly] hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello, hello.
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how you doing? >> good. thank you. [cheers and applause] all right! >> yeah. yeah. hello, and welcome to millionaire. in the last week, today's first contestant has gotten married, moved across the country, started a new job. could $1 million be next? [cheers and applause] from seattle, washington, give it up for james batey. what up, dog? how are you? [cheers and applause] >> a lot. >> that's a lot of stuff going on, man. >> lot of stuff happening. >> man, if you won that kind of money, you got, like, specific plans for what you would do? >> yeah, i definitely have an idea. i would--i want to buy an old van. >> yeah. >> pretty nice old van. >> nice, though, but old in theory. >> yeah, you know. throw my new wife in the back and drive to south america. just take the year. take some time. surf, bike, kayak. >> drive to south america. >> yeah, all the way down. >> yeah, why would you throw her in the back? you don't want to-- >> yeah, ask her if she wants to come.
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politely, i would say-- >> it's like luggage and-- >> yeah. >> "hey, honey, throw me up a cooler or something. you're, like, in the back." you know, i looked up that route to drive to south america. that is gangster, brother. that is, like-- >> it's tough. >> that's like mexico, honduras, nicaragua. you're, like--you're, like, driving through rebels and stuff like that. all right, man. we want you to win the money. we're all excited for you, brother. [cheers and applause] there you go. let's see all the money we got for you in round 1, james. you got--all that money's up there. we're gonna have the computer randomize all the money, all of the questions, scramble it all up. just all-- all right, are you ready, james? >> i'm ready. >> audience, are you ready? [cheers and applause] let's play millionaire. [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ wikipedia defines little bunny foo foo as "a children's poem involving a rabbit harassing a population of" what?
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>> little bunny foo foo. "little bunny foo foo runnin' through the forest, pickin' up the field mice and throwin' 'em into the shed"? something like that? >> you know the poem. >> i think so. >> that was interesting. you just kind of went to it. i was like-- >> that's, like, somewhere-- that's, like, deep. >> yeah, yeah, it just came out. like, you was like just kind of like, "little bunny foo foo." >> that was like a spoken word. >> people are just kind of jumping in with you. "went through the forest." >> i'm gonna say "c," final answer. >> james, you're right. that is so correct. >> there we go. >> the poem was in your head. field mice was the correct answer. let's show 'em some money, man. $5,000. >> yeah! all right! >> yeah. up to $5,000. yeah, you're getting started
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right now. that van is still very old at this point. >> exactly, yeah. >> all right, here we go. next question. despite making tv history with an all-latino cast, what show produced by eva longoria faced backlash for perpetuating a stereotype? >> all-latino cast. >> yeah. >> you know, i've never heard of any of these four shows, so i'm actually gonna ask the audience to help me out on this question. >> all right, there it is. audience, james needs your help right now. go to your keypads and vote. [percussive music] ♪ >> come on. >> let's see what the audience has to say. 92% of 'em went with devious maids. >> i like that. i like the confidence. >> yeah, they were in it. they didn't like flaming cooks. that was a different-- totally different show right there. >> yeah.


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