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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  September 27, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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this is the first conversation between the nations to leaders in about 30 years. the president says he believes the comprehensive solution can be reached when it comes to iran's nuclear program. theew details tonight about pursuit by city police that ended in a fiery crash tuesday morning. police superiors made multiple attempts to get the officers to call off their pursuit. the reason those officers initially tried to stop the honda is because they smelled marijuana. stop thee attempts to pursuit, the questions become, did the officers hear them and how did they respond? three people died when the speeding honda slammed into a jeep. the driver of the jeep was critically injured. >> three months after he was convicted of second-degree murder, a maryland man is sentenced to 30 years in prison. the 47-year-old killed the man
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back in february during a fight over a foot wall that -- football bet. fire investigators are trying to figure out why a three-story building went up in flames overnight. crews were called around 1:45 this morning. one firefighter was sent to the hospital. no other injuries have been reported. >> a new program is offering some relief to maryland families facing foreclosure. a reduced more affordable mortgage to struggling homeowners. homeownership, community building, and investment in both . the major theme of the governor's housing conference in downtown baltimore.
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>> they can protect their families, put a roof over their children's heads. >> it is vital to discuss all aspects of housing. >> everything from new opportunities, affordable rental housing, even foreclosures. >> in some areas, housing prices are on the rebound. >> that is one reason why boston is seeking total help maryland homeowners who are facing foreclosure. neighborhoods, housing prices have not come back. >> under the stabilizing urban neighborhoods initiative, homes in foreclosure are purchased at their market prices and sold back to the homeowners, who
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receive a reduced or gauge. they must -- reduced mortgage. they must prove that hardship caused their mortgage. aboutnd, it is not only retaining homes, but preserving neighborhoods. start of the other homes dropping. >> homeowners can get more information throughout maryland. >> family and friends are saying goodbye to the carroll county man who was killed in the navy yard shooting. a viewing will continue for richard. the 52-year-old father of three served time overseas with the military.
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fan.s also a huge ravens he was working as a security guard the day of the shooting. a funeral is set for tomorrow. makes ayland family plea to the community to help them find their missing pet. >> a way to get rid of your old prescription drugs and help curb the overdose problem here in baltimore county. team will beof orioles be? see if this nice weather continues throughout the upcoming weekend.
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>> if you look in your medicine cabinet, you will probably find some expired prescriptions. how do you get rid of those things? dropboxials installed is all around the county. overdose deaths concerning prescription drugs have become such a problem in baltimore
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county, officials are introducing these prescription drugs drop boxes. bring youryou can used prescription drugs to these boxes, even your illegal drugs and drop them off, no questions asked. >> any one of our loved ones is from indulging in prescribed or illicit drugs. >> she highlighted the fact that in the past five years, baltimore county has lost almost 500 lives and had thousands of near misses due to prescription and illegal drug overdoses. as part of a two-year plan to help cut overdoses in the county by 20%, baltimore county has installed these drug drop boxes at each of the police precinct. grant paid for the reinforced boxes that cost $3000 apiece. >> this is the right thing to do
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to help reduce injury and death associated with taking these substances. >> citizens can bring their used or expired description drugs and deposit them in the boxes. he was the first to use this box. he became concerned after his five-year-old grandson started finding pills around the house. >> he will be walking around the kitchen and he will find a pill that i have dropped. the boxes will follow a no questions asked policy, it even if people want to dispose of illegal drugs, that is fine. >> i simply have no need to follow those up. we put nothing in place to track who puts medication in those boxes. >> for a full list of where you can find these rob boxes, --
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dropbox is, we provided it on our website, a pet search is on for tortoise weighing more than 100 pounds. he is a 20-year-old african tortoise. a homebeen missing from where he has lived his whole life. when the roosevelts got home from vacation, he was missing. they have not been able to track him down. alexandra says it is possible that he got out to a fence in their backyard. he has always been found quickly. >> he is very strange to see. he does not hide. and he comesu, right up to you. >> he will not be able to survive the winter out in the
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wild. it is also possible that someone took him. agency orlocal animal contact alexandra directly on her facebook page. >> your insta weather plus forecast with tom tasselmyer. >> temperatures right around the normal levels for this time of year. a milder morning at 55 degrees. the afternoon with a little sunshine. record highs still way up there at 95. currently, temperatures in the upper 60's and low 70's all around the beltway. 61 in frostburg. a wider temperature range in the mountains. the clouds just west of
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hagerstown. in those locations where the sky is clear, temperatures will be cooler tonight. we're picking up the cloud cover because of this wind. flow produces the cloud cover and a little fog. like last night, we may even see some drizzle around the bay. lows from the upper 40's west of town. high pressure is holding strong. it pushes all the way back towards the gulf of mexico. it will provide us with the same basic weather pattern. this storm gets strong over the ocean. it will develop and stay way out over the ocean. we will see it on the computer models to the east of us. the front out west is having a hard time pushing into the high- pressure cell.
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morning clouds, afternoon sunshine, saturday and sunday and probably monday as well. atlantic.n over the off to the west of us, a weak front trying to get to the mountains by monday afternoon. we are still in between these two systems. 69-74 degrees on saturday. we will see lots of sunshine. breeze and waves are around the foot. the mountain forecast is the best weather in the state because of lots of sunshine. eastern shore, a few hours of morning clouds and fog. .t turns sunny in the afternoon same thing at the coast, including ocean city. if you are making the trek toward upstate and western new york, orchard park, you will have some nice fall weather.
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sunny skies and temperatures in the low 70's. 73 tomorrow and 74 on sunday. on chance of a few sprinkles monday. dry weather continues into the middle of next week. i next friday, a better chance for a few showers -- by next friday, a better chance for a few showers. >> coming to you live from oriole park. for the orioles, it is their final series of the season. the red sox still have a few games to play. orioles could have had a better team this year than last. they took the series from boston about 10 days ago. red sox, they have a two-game lead. if the orioles should sweep the red sox.
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still something a little bit on the line. jones is interested in what might happen next year. if they can put all of the talented pieces together at the same time. >> one thing we wish we had a lot more of was the hitting and the pitching combined. at times we pitched for a really good stretch. we never had that stretch where it was combined. that is why you go out and play and you grind it out. >> three more games left in the season. ravens, the injury report, ray rice listed as questionable. he did not play last week, but he is feeling good enough, he will be ready to go probably. the ravens had been spectacular at home.
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baltimore enters its trip to orchard park as favorites, but they have never won on the road in baltimore -- in buffalo. the atmosphere is better than most. that is just fine with joe flacco. >> it is always fun. beating a team, not beating a team, it is fun. it is funny to hear the things that the crazy people say, man. why is our sport the way it is? you have all of those people. i do not mean crazy in a bad way. you have all of these people, 70,000 of them. be a good fan, i would be sitting there watching the game. these guys are going nuts. >> indeed, they are going nuts. who will win sunday?
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ravens.the you can continue to vote. dale earnhardt jr. has one in dover. that is it for now.
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time sincefirst 1979, an american president has spoken with the president of iran. about -- new snide questions tonight about the pursuit from police that ended with a fiery crash. the stories and much more coming up tonight at
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>> the weekend is looking really good. after some early morning fog, we will get some sunshine in the afternoon. monday, a chance for rain is only 20%. we are back to a slightly warmer weather pattern next week. >> buffa, a warm day. we like it. that is it for our news. nbc nightly
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on our broadcast tonight, making history. the surprise phone call between the american president and the president of iran, the first time since the '70s. tonight what we know about how it happened and what they talked
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about. the deadline now three days until the government shutdown that would have real life consequences for millions of american families. can washington agr on anything? in-flight emergency. a united airlines captain suffers a heart attack in the cockpit. the crew and passengers try desperately to save him. and the closer. a final farewell for one of the greatest of all time. and even in the toughest town there is, there wasn't a dry eye in the house. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. the last time the leaders of the united states and iran spoke to each other directly half of the current population of this country had not yet been born. it's been a long time indeed. there's been a long history in between, but today president obama and rouhani of iran made
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it known they indeed spoke by telephone. this is all part of a new leadership effort by iran suddenly claiming they don't want nuclear weapons. what they want now is talks and transparency and goodwill. and while that would be enough to define a whole new era, skepticism is high and there's a good reason for it. we begin our coverage of all of this tonight with nbc's chuck todd at the white house. >> reporter: it's an encounter that the white house was trying to orchestrate all week long. but instead of a hand shake in new york, the president had to settle for a phone call initiating the first contact between these two leaders of these two countries in over 30 years. the president called up his iranian counterpart. speaking through translators, the call lasted 15 minutes. >> we discussed our ongoing efforts to reach an agreement over iran's nuclear program. i reiterated to president rouhani what i said in new york, while there will most surely be
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important obstacles to moving forward and success is by no means guaranteed, i believe we can reach a comprehensive solution. >> reporter: according to white house aides the call came to fruition after what they described as productive meeting thursday between secretary of state john kerry and iran's foreign minister. ruiny actually scooped the president's announcement of the phone call tweeting news of it just minutes before mr. obama spoke to reporters. rouhani has spent much of his week at the united nations trying to dazzle the west with a new diplomat tone including at today's closing press conference. >> translator: as a first step we can stop further escalations of tensions, then reduce tensions then move to understand each other. >> reporter: it's been more than 30 years since the leaders have spoken. at that time jimmy carter was president and it took place just before the country's islamic revolution.
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this kind of outreach to an international foe is something candidate obama promise d. >> and i have disagreed with senator clinton for example on meeting with iran. >> reporter: the president never did reach out to rouhani predecessor, mahmoud ahmadinejad, but it was rouhani's new tone that changed mr. obama's calculus. >> we have a unique opportunity to make progress with the new leadership in tearen. >> reporter: the biggest skeptic is america's number one ally in the middle east, israel. prime minister benjamin netanyahu comes to the white house on monday. brian, i'm already told the white house has briefed israel on all parts of the conversation that took place. >> chuck todd at the white house, which brings us right here to this very studio. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell is here, also nbc's ann curry who interviewed the iranian president in


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