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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  September 30, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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maryland even if a shutdown happens. >> the affordable care act has become the centerpiece of the government shutdown showdown in washington. but shut down or not maryland's form of healthcare will go on. starting tomorrow the 400,000 marylanders eligible for the exchange will still be able to sign up for coverage on the website peter runs one of the options on the exchange. because maryland is one of 17 states where the state truns exchange, federal money is not needed to allow people to sign up for benefits that would begin january 1. >> that federal money comes after january 1 when whoever has signed up starts to get covered and if they are of a certain income level, they will get a federal subsidy to help cover the cost of their insurance, that might be questionable if the shutdown continues for three
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months. >> maryland is not i mune to the shutdown affects. federal parks like fort mchenry would shut down. >> we're making phone calls to any groups that might have reservations throughout the week to let them know we might be closed. >> the social security administration would furlough employees, so would nasa but travel letters would still see t.s.a. workers doing security at b.w.i. >> tonight we learned that fort need will stay open at least partially. there will be limited services there. hundreds of civilians that work for the base will be furloughed but military personnel will report and they will be paid regardless of a shutdown or not. and we've been told by state officials that each day of a shutdown the state loses $5 illion in revenue and jumps to
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$15 million over all for businesses in maryland. >> the last government shutdown lasted for 21 days back in 1995. we take a closer look at the top 1 impacts of a real shutdown and explain how a shutdown takes place on and our mobile app. >> the nation's new healthcare law kicks in tomorrow regardless of a government shutdown. >> that's because as president obama said funding for the affordable care act is already in place. open enrollment starts tomorrow for coverage beginning on january 1. enrollment ends on march 31. there are three ways to sign up, online, by mail or in person. for information on coverage, ans or cost you can call 1-800-318-2596. >> there are several new law that is take effect tomorrow in maryland that you need to know
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about if you drive including cell phone use and buck thaling seatbelt. >> -- buckling that seatbelt. >> i still see plenty of motorist with that cell phone pressed to their ear. >> so do police and they are planning on stepping up enforcement erts because they know there are so many drivers hands off keep their the phone when they are behind the wheel. >> if passengers are caught riding without a seatbelt they will face a fine along with the person behind the wheel. >> starting on october 1 police can pull you over if they spot you using a cell phone behind the wheel. >> as a primary offense once we see you using the cell phone that is grounds for to us stop you and that's what will happen. >> and the the first oh tense comes with a $75 fine.
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the second $150 and repeat offenders will pay $175 a pop plus court cost. >> nearly 60% of crash that is happened in the state of maryland were caused by distracted drivers. we're hoping this strengthening of the existing cell phone law bill will make people think twice. >> regina lob bid for the cell phone bill. he's also applauding another new law that requires anyone in a car to have a seatbelt. >> each passenger who breaks the w and the driver will oh $50 except for in the case of kids under 16 and then the driver will be responsible for the $50 fine. >> this is to make you safer and as well. ers safe
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>> they point to a set of staths from the c.d.c. >> people who do not wear a seatbelt are 30 times more likely to be ejected from a crash and three out of four will die. >> senate bill 281 becomes law tomorrow. maryland's sweeping new gun restrictions. call it unconstitutional a group of gun rights activist filed a suit on friday. they want to stop the law from going into effect. >> maryland attorney general filed a counter argument to those claims. it bans the sale of 45 style assault rifles and requires fingerprints and a license to buy a handgun. >> a court hearing regarding the temporary restraining order is scheduled for tomorrow. >> among the hundreds of new
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laws taking effect tomorrow is banning the sale and consumption of synthetic mayor marijuana and by cyber bullying law that makes it a crime to bully through media. >> and employees will be given leave from work on the day an immediate family member in the military leaves for or returns from active duty overseas. employers cannot require please use sick time, or vacation time for that day. >> officers responded to reports of shots fired around 6030 tonight where the victim who had been shot in the head was pronounced dead at the scene. the commissioner said he just beefed up police presence in that area. >> we had a shooting that took place here about seven days ago on the street a couple of blocks
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away. because of that we have flooded the area with resources, even this afternoon we had two or three units working this area specific clifment i was out here this weekend because of the tension making sure our deployment was strong. >> so far police have made no arrest in the case. >> police have a person of interest in custody linked to a stabbing in west baltimore. officers found a man suffering from serious stab wounds on benson avenue around 6:00 tonight. the victim died at the scene. no word on a possible motive. >> coming up next we'll tell you why it was ladies night at the stadium. >> plus where in the world is tortley? an update on a huge mystery. >> and want to take your work chair out for a spin? a race all office workers just might enjoy. >> we're in for a warm start to october. details in the forecast coming details in the forecast coming up next.
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pumpkin's back at dunkin'? now you tell me. try the new pumpkin pie donut or any of our other many pumpkin treats today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> talk about an awkward entrance, city police are searchering for a suspect who stole a car and crashed into a home in west baltimore. the driver of the car which was reported stolen lost control and smashed into a home then bailed out of the vehicle. no one was injured. >> and what started a fire on the bay bridge backing up traffic for miles? officials with the maryland transportation authority and the state mire marshalls office are trying to figure that one out. this video captured the smoke and flames under the bridge last night. the fire forced officials to
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close the westbound lanes for about two hours. investigators have ruled out any generator problems. >> even after a tough defeat like sunday's lost to the bills ravens fans always rally especially the ladies. hundreds of lady ravens gathered for a purple evening. they shipe a spotlight on female ravens fans who get to enjoy on field activities including a locker room tour. >> everything i can do, everything. i already fell. i already kicked and now i'm getting in line. >> you get autographs. you get to toss the football. meet the clear leaders, locker room. >> the girls night out culminated with appearances from the ravens players. >> tonight the question remains where in the world in baltimore is tortley? we told you about tortley the missing tortoise on friday.
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since then the owner has received lots of phone calls and e mails from folks on the lookout. but still no tortley. if you happen to see something like this weighing about 100 pounds through your neighborhood you're asked to call alexander or asked to contact her on her facebook page. >> let us introduce you to this gim from north carolina. they took advantage of the zip line course andshipped to the alter. they ran into a hitch. they had to pull themselves along the final few feet. >> and ever race a co-worker down the office hallway in your chair? in japan they challenge each other outdoors n. this race participants are required to keep their chair in motion for two hours. the wheels on this man's chair broke then it broke again. some participants actually
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finish the race without any wheels at all. >> one participant feared he might not be able to walk the next day. >> might not be able to do a lot of things. serious injuries coming up there in some serious places. >> 76 degrees today at b.w.i. that's a couple of degrees warmer than the average. thankfully we were not anywhere near records. the r the record low, 92 record high. around 62 at the naval academy. a little cooler here and georgetown they are dropping to the low 50's. but it will be a milder night
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tonight. we are finishing up a dry month of september. presentation one. five days in september. there is a big ocean storm trying to get rain on to cape cod but tall quiet in the baltimore area. partly cloudy skies. temperatures holding in the 50's and low 60's. that front that is fall ago part will don't dispate tomorrow while the ocean storm moves away which leaves us with another area of high pressure producing more dry conditions this week and warm. the tps in the low 80's for a good part of this week. you can see no big storms coming this way with any significant rain threat through the upcoming
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week. there are a few clouds passing through from time to time. high tomorrow 76-81. sunrise tuesday morning 7.03. the bay forecast is waves around a foot. the mountains will be warmer than normal getting back into the 70's for the middle part of the week. on the eastern shore it's a summer like feel because the humidity lelves are up too. coastal areas you get the benefit of the cooler ocean but still approaching 80 degree mark. we are continuing to monitor the tropics and this is tropical storm jerry. this is the 10th named storm of the season and like most it is not expected to get strong. it's expected to stay right in the middle of the atlantic for the next five days going nowhere. 79 degrees and partly cloudy tomorrow. 82 wednesday and thursday.
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still in the 80's friday and saturday. maybe a little rain late in the weekend. >> it's not time to go to bed yet. >> fun show tonight. mack i can johnson on the program tonight and mar ji johnson here. >> kevin is here and chris cornell tonight on late night after jalen know. themselves in nd a spot after getting upset in buffalo and that puts more tension on the tight end position and we'll tell you why next in sports.
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technology that lets you play with the big boys. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities that's powerful. at 800-974-6006 tty/v. >> the nfl losses mag any fy problems. the ravens have not run the ball well this season but buffalo more tension to that source of frustration. the same goes for the tight end position. the first five interceptions
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bounced right off the hands of ed bixexooned into the hands of the safety. it mag any fide the need for thoim make plays this season. he has had four drops in the first four games. he only has three catch this is season. cksen had 54 catches two seasons ago. they don't have time for that. they need production, not problems. >> >> he's not the same player right now he was then obvious. ed just needs to go catch the football, put it away and get up field. that's all he needs to do. if he's thinking about anything besides that he's doing himself a disservice. if he's lack confidence that's on him. when you got that kind of talent go play ball. go show everybody what you are capable of doing and that's what
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i expect to see from ed. >> simple, strong and direct. on a different note what one of the ravens players that went through with a shock on his face. tori smith and his wife posted this shot on instagram. next to the label on the pasta see we're.ou that's how they announced they are expecting their first child. >> the first day of the off season brought good news for the orioles. manny machado won't need surgery on his left knee. he injured a ligament in his left knee on the final road trip of the season. it's not that serious after all. second opinion of dr. james andrews drew the same conclusion that no surgery for machado just rest and rehab.
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they anticipate he will trourn full speed prior to the start of next year's spring training. >> the texas rangers collapse now complete. after holding a lead in the wild car race they drop 13-16 to start september. now tampa won the game that decides who gets the second spot. the rays eliminate texas in game 163 today. evan longoria right center field and it is gone. two-run shot. 3-0 tampa. on to the third. one out. ian kinsler with an r.b.i. single. the rays lead cut to 3-1. rangers alex rios at the plate. good contact, drills one off the wall in left center field. elvis andrus comes around the
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score. texas gets no more runs, the rangers come up short. rays win it. david price goes the distance. tampa will face the indians in cleveland in the one game series wild card on wednesday. > stick around
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>> it's 11:30, do you know what your senators and congress are doing? >> the senate has voted once
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again to reject a resolution by house republicans that would fund the government but delay the implementation of the affordable care act. during shutdown federal employees are expected to report to work but face delay pay. health secretary said shutdown or 2340 shutdown we are ready to go. >> we're going to check out on what kind of weather we can expect. >> it's going to feel like summertime in october. 80 tomorrow wednesday, thursday and friday. dry weather continues. that's a holdover from september. we will see shower chances increase late sunday, into monday of next week. but for the next few weeks keep the shorts and flip flops handy. >> good idea. and you know i always keep them handy. >> we are going to have more on the government shutdown tomorrow
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morning they'll cover the latest. it looks from whoo wha i'm reading it's going to happen according to the washington post. they are quoting two gop advisors saying house republicans saying they would not attempt to pass anymore bills that would set in motion that shutdown so tick tock. >> that's our news. thanks for
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>> jay: thank you very much! welcome to "the tonight show." [ cheers and applause ] thank you. thank you very much! [ cheers and applause ] nice to have everybody here. well, last night we got to see how "breaking bad" ended, and tonight we get to see how the federal government ends. so yeah, that will be exciting! [ laughter ] hey, did you watch the series finale of "breaking bad?" how many watched it? wasn't it great? [ cheers ] yeah! now, if you're like me and you're bummed out it is over, here's what i do. this works. i watch all the episodes in reverse order. [ light laughter ] this way walter gets healthier, has a loving family and enjoys teaching. see, it has a happy ending. it's happier.
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[ applause ] well, you know, since we tape earlier, we don't know if there was any kind of last minute deal before the government shut down. but, both sides are blaming each other. the republicans are pointing their fingers at democrats. democrats are pointing their fingers at the republicans. and americans are pointing the middle finger at both of them. so that's pretty much -- [ laughter ] that's pretty much exact -- see, they're both -- really, you know! [ applause ] at the time of our taping earlier tonight, there was no deal yet. this whole thing comes down to who will blink first. well, we know it won't be nancy pelosi. we know that for sure. [ laughter ] because she hasn't blinked since the last shut down 17 years ago. [ cheers and applause ] so we don't know. we don't know. but if the government does shut down, nonessential white house employees will be sent home without pay. so more bad news for joe biden. guy can't catch a break. [ laughter ] you know, we put together --
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a lot of people don't really understand this. i'm one of them. so we put together a video metaphor to maybe explain what's happening. take a look. >> the following is a video metaphor for how the federal government got into this mess. for government to work properly, it takes people from different political backgrounds to work together. and all it takes is one tea party member to pick a fight to screw it up for the rest of us. [ light laughter ] this has been a video metaphor for how the federal government got into this mess. [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: you know, since 1976, there have been 17 government shutdowns. the longest was during the four years that jimmy carter was president. that was the longest one. [ laughter ] the longest one. well, let's see what else is going on. senator ted cruz's 21-hour talkathon has skyrocketed him into the presidential race. as far as conservatives go, he leads the field. well, there were questions if he could run because he was born in canada. see, that sums up the american dream right there. when a latino born in canada,
11:34 pm
can come to america. and by attacking the money we borrowed from china, can become a front-runner of a party who believes the president was born in kenya. do you follow me on -- do you follow how this works? exactly. [ applause ] well, mitt romney has broken his silence. mitt romney said it's time to stop obamacare because it's a a bad law that will hurt the country. well, he should know. he invented it. so there you have it right there. no, that's what romney said. he said we must stop obamacare now. and then, the kid behind the counter at mcdonald's said, "do you want the large drink or not?" [ light laughter ] well, this is pretty scary. if obamacare doesn't go through, they will then have to take the new york giants off of life support. did you know that? [ laughter ] yeah, that's it. giants lost again! they lost again. the giants lost to the kansas city chiefs yesterday. the score was 31-7. they lost 31-7. of course, the big mystery, how do the giants score se


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