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tv   11 News at 11  NBC  October 3, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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message that make home some fears. click is appears to be an isolated, singular matter. at this point, no nexus to terrorism. >> on twitter tonight, a congressman said, i want to express my thanks to you as first response or -- first responders. grateful for your service. live in washington. >> thank you. that shooting happened on day three of the government shutdown. compromise to end the budget impact. after the shooting lockdown, the house reconvened with republicans, sending measures to restore parts of the government to the senate. it adjourned until 10:30 tomorrow morning. within the last hour, the white house announced president obama has canceled a trip. the stalemate also created concern over the debt ceiling
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debate. the deadlock on raising the debt limit could touch off a new reception -- recession. >> the government shutdown could affect flu season. quest that has officially arrived. >> state health care officials say it came two weeks earlier than last year. >> it seems early weeks have seen the first during the flu season. >> just as the flu season started, the cdc stopped trapping -- tracking influences cases. the flu surveillance homepage says it all. no one here is watching where it is moving or if a pandemic is emerging. no one to sound the alarm. >> i am very concerned for the experts we had here. what is it that might be happening? >> maryland and other states will continue and tracking and
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testing locally. without the feds, there is no one linking across state lines. >> it helps us all keeping a picture of what is going on from a national standpoint. quest there are no cdc researchers analyzing this year's viruses to come up with a recipe next year's vaccine. the shutdown could make you sick in other ways, too. the cdc also had to stop outbreaks of food poisoning and measles. future medical researchers may also be in trouble. the nih won't be given new studies or chris -- clinical trials. >> when you are given a criminal diagnosis, each month counts. >> life-saving work on hold, which could add up for a major impact on patient care. in baltimore. >> complete government shutdown on our website coverage. see who actually gets paid during a shutdown. just click a link on top of our home page.
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marketplace for health insurance have been bound. mostly. a few hours after improvements for which -- were made, 1000 -- still delays. health officials say the plan -- there are plenty -- there is plenty of time to apply. if you try to apply at night from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., expect certain parts of the website to be no-fly zones during the month of october. >> small-business owners who provide health care for their workers. the credit is worth up to 35% and that goes to 50% next year. 25 or fewer employees who make less than $50,000 a year.
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he says the credit has allowed him to offer health care to his workers. >> we did not have coverage. we were having an issue with having coverage. we have the affordable care act now. coverage. >> maryland small business owners can get as much as $847 in credits per employee. teamed up with maryland health care for all to get the workout. he hopes to take his matches statewide. >> new details about the double shooting that we first told you about last night. according to baltimore county police, the victims, 27-year-old brad and his father, a 66-year- old, were both shot. it happened around 4:45 wednesday afternoon in the 2100 block of south -- road. one of the victims was in a wheelchair. they also believe the men were targeted and are expected to recover. police have made no arrests so far.
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in ay has convicted a man shooting in ellicott city last year. found guilty of attempted murder and other charges in the shooting of his estranged girlfriend and her male friend, in july of last year. it happened inside the spot where she works. .e faces life in prison >> no charges will be filed in the case of a deadly -- deadly fourth of july accident that claimed the life of a seven- year-old boy. carl died after he fell off a in -- an independence day parade float. it was being driven by his grandfather. state prosecutors determined he was not aware of the boy falling off the float and could do nothing to stop, which essentially closes the case. about 80als say people have been displaced after an electrical fire. it happened around 4:00 this afternoon at the catholic charity senior housing department in the 3000 block of st. clair drive. investigators say hi -- eight
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power outage was triggered and a buses -- buses came to temporarily house residents while power was work to be restored. the district court in essex is expected to be back tomorrow morning following a messy, not to ellie, situation in baltimore county. a sewage backup costs go home this afternoon. connection became blocked inside the building and sewage poured. nice. all cases from noon on were postponed. feelease do not make me you will take my money to put them out of business that affects the community that i have lived in for the last 40 years. i just find it very disrespectful. is stating hert feelings loud and clear about an abundance of liquor stores in her neighborhood.
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it happened tonight at the city council committee hearing on conference of zoning legislation that could force almost -- other liquor stores in the city to stop selling alcohol or relocate in two years. this comes after a study last year that showed neighborhoods with a high density of liquor stores had significantly more crime. -- feeltore owners fear they are being unfairly targeted. >> maryland the first nation to -- first state in the nation to team up with facebook. also, cyber bullying. >> why a high school student is finding herself at a busy intersection holding a sign telling the world she is in the trouble. -- big trouble.
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>> you may be encouraged by tonight's educational or. facebook agreed to help maryland schools head off cyber bullying. facebook says it will work directly with school administrators in getting bullying posts taken off the internet. tim has the story. thanme experts say more one million children have been bullied over the internet. a 15-year-old howard county teenager took her own life after she was cyber bullied into thousand 12. her tragedy led to a new cyber bullying law in maryland. there ise reasons why a new partnership with facebook request when a student feels he or she is the victim of cyber
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bullying, they will bring that to the attention of somebody in their school and they will -- there will be a direct connection to facebook. >> facebook called the new effort the education channel. >> we will be able to ask facebook to take down postings and hopefully cut it off at the roots. a perpetual circle of more postings and more postings in response to something that should not be there. i've maryland parents are convinced the new effort will help you out of online. >> that is a great idea. so much can happen whether parents are watching or not online. andink it is a great idea it holds facebook more accountable for what is put up in what is not. >> parents say it is a start but will not stop the largest us are -- cyber bullying issue. >> we should address the
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culture, the bigger culture, that makes this bullying possible. to me, that is the big issue. >> the attorney general hopes to form partnerships with other media companies. >> the mother of the maryland teenager victimized by bullying says she is pleased the discussion is being held over and up orton topic. her daughter was cyber bullied over twitter and not facebook. >> when it comes to disciplining your child, how do you get through to them? ground them? one teenager in virginia whose parents were sick of her cursing got to choose her own punishment. instead of losing privileges and freedoms, the high school student chose to stand at a busy intersection holding a sign that read, "i disrespect my parents and am ashamed of myself. mom and dad, please forgive me." for what she did
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or she will suffer the consequence. >> she has four more days of holding the sign for 30 minutes each day. maybe she has learned her lesson. no more swearing. the only thing she is saying now is "sorry, mom." >> calling furloughed workers back to work. tropical storm karen is forming in the gulf of mexico. with the national weather service have issued a hurricane watch. under the government shutdown, 83% of the workforce have been furloughed. whodirector says workers cover the gulf coast are being recalled in anticipation of the storm for -- storm threat. >> now, your forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. the update from the hurricane center has given us lately better news with karen. a weaker forecast as it moves to the north. we will detail that in a second. check out the numbers on bwi
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marshall today. 12 degrees warmer than normal. our high has looked back to 71. we hit 83 degrees at the airport. unseasonably warm october day. 77 degrees in downtown baltimore right now. still in the upper 60's to low 70's in baltimore. cloud coverage will keep the temperature, -- up. during the day tomorrow, we may see a few of the spotty, isolated showers tracking through parts of central eastern maryland. the weather pattern against a subtle change tomorrow and throughout the weekend. one thing that will not change our the warm temperatures eared 60's for lows tonight. nearly calm winds and a few clouds in the area. a slight risk of an isolated shower. monkey and high.
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-- muggy and high. waves around one foot. 629 -- 6:29 in the morning, high tide. friday and the weekend, scattered showers. just a 20% chance. temperatures mild in the 70's. eastern shore locations will be muggy like summertime up in the mid-80's that are day. the coast, including oceans the, partly cloudy and warm highs each day in the low 80's. rain chances will go up and potentially some sickness and and even beneficial range from our dry conditions when the thisure combines with front. the front is producing severe thunderstorms and possible commit -- tornadoes. behind it, a blizzard warning has been issued. winter there, springlike temperatures along the front and a tropical system along the gulf of mexico, a weather pattern. this will stay as a tropical system. wind blowing the storms off the center of the tropical system.
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now it is forecast to remain a strong tropical storm, making landfall between new orleans and panama city saturday. winds could be up to 70 miles an hour. healthy storm. for us, it will weaken considerably as it moves inland but bring all the tropical moisture north. the potential is there for several inches of rain, especially in the central appellations, 3-5 inches forecast there. we may get a couple of inches of rain in parts of maryland by monday night into tuesday morning. that is what we will be monitoring in the next two days. 83 tomorrow. showers possible. rain chances go up again sunday night. especially monday. temperatures dropping back into the 70's next week. >> the ravens tackle arrived. when will he arrive at the starting lineup? a few thoughts on that next.
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pumpkin's back at dunkin'? now you tell me. try the new pumpkin pie donut or any of our other many pumpkin treats today. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> now, 11 sports. becomesext question how quickly to get eugene monroe to play in games. will wear number 60 with the ravens.
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he wore 75 with the jaguars. jonathan not getting that. impact his physical and the parts in meetings. whodiately push number 78, has not played at a consistently high level. until monroe and get a handle on the new office, the ravens do not want a rush into the starting lineup eared as soon as he can show he can help, the ravens will get him on the field. they need improved play on offense of line, period. it is up to eugene monroe to get ready and give ravens options. i i can always play because can only push myself as high as i can. behind me, whatever. his play or what he has done, should not affect. that is the mindset i have very >> the best start since 1986
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this weekend, with the tigers that go after measured prevents. -- home game,rted 5-0. ranked third in the country. last year, the tigers trounced new hampshire on the road. the conference still awarded the new hampshire. it did not make any sense. they want to eliminate any confusion on which school has the better football team. >> if you forget where you came from, you do not learn anything. experience is supposed to be the greatest teacher. we will not hang on lester too much. winning two conference titles in a row or having a share in a lot room. nobody cares. they have goals. we were kept from our goals and do everything in our power to make sure no one can keep us from our goals.
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>> it took 20 years to get back to the playoffs. pittsburgh got off to a rough start in the division series. 9-1, pounded. ray lewis took out the pirates with a crowd losing inning, the third inning. bottom of the third, no score until this. a three-run home run. just getting started. still in the bottom of the third, a four -- up 4-0, a fair ball into right field. dries in a pair with a grounder. -- it cost another run. a seven-run inning for st. louis. . st.ez, not nearly enough louis takes a lead in the best- of-five series. 9-1. it is fun to see a city. in pittsburgh, the staff dressed every newborn in pirates year -- gear.- dear --
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it keeps the babies from wearing steelers onesies. [laughter] , to hit the on switch and take over a game. he did it tonight and help the caps grabbed the first win of the season. up to a 3-0 deficit. a 20 foot slap shot past. up 3-0. out of the third series, following a pair of goals, nicholas, a long-range wrister. 4es the game at four piece -- ---- 4-4. . sweet move winning the game. finishes with three goals and the caps get the first win of the season, 5-4. stick around.
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>> topical storm karen. [indiscernible] [laughter] [indiscernible] , especiallyappear monday into tuesday of next week with a few inches of rain. tomorrow, spotty showers, warm and muggy. rain chances spike up sunday night into monday. that is when the moisture could be here. [indiscernible]
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[laughter] [indiscernible] >> that is all.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes julianne moore. from "mike and molly," billy gardell. the music of stone temple pilots with chester bennington. and "ask jay anything." and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> jay: thank you very much. welcome to "the tonight show." thank you. here's a -- here's a -- here's a story i read today. according to a report, experts in pakistan say $25 million in cash is smuggled out of pakistan every day. listen to this. less than one-half of 1% of pakistanis pay any income tax at all. here's the amazing part. somehow their government hasn't shut down but ours has. [ laughter ] how does that work? how does that work? [ cheers and applause ] it is day three of the shutdown, and right now 33% of the government is doing
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absolutely nothing. which is not bad considering before the shutdown 80% wasn't doing anything. [ laughter ] so that's actually not bad at all. [ applause ] actually, some good news. apparently obamacare does cover carpal tunnel syndrome. the result of pressing a a computer trying to get through to stupid obamacare. [ laughter ] trying to get through. [ applause ] you know what's interesting, regarding the problems of starting up obamacare, president obama said -- he talked about it. he made this analogy. he said, "hey, apple had some glitches with the iphone but then they fixed them." technically the president is correct. but you got to remember, apple has geniuses working there. [ laughter and applause ] this -- this is washington. they don't have any geniuses. [ light laughter ] one of the concerns about obamacare is privacy. people don't feel comfortable putting their personal information on the internet.
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so we put together this video metaphor to better explain how internet privacy works. take a look. ♪ >> the following is a video metaphor for how privacy has changed since the creation of the internet. the trash can in the middle represents our privacy before the internet was created. your personal information is put away neatly and securely. nobody sees it. the blue trash can represents your privacy now on the internet. [ laughter ] this has been a video metaphor for how privacy has changed since the invention of the internet. [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: and you know -- you see the effects of the shutdown all over washington. even the lincoln monument. you know where it says, "government of the people by the people for the people," that's gone. now it says, "government screw the people." totally different. [ laughter and applause ] yesterday, yesterday we started a movement here called fire useless politicians.
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and we encouraged people to go to my facebook page and download that slogan and hang it in their cars. here it is right here. see, it says fire useless -- can you see, fire useless politicians. [ cheers and applause ] well, today, we got some complaints from people upset. they thought because this was offensive. they thought it was offensive. not the fu part, politicians. they find that very offensive. [ light laughter ] actually, you know, politics comes from the greek word "poli" which means many and tics, which means blood-sucking insects. [ laughter ] that's sort of how it works. [ applause ] i tell you, you know who i feel sorry for? the astronauts in the international space station. today they called houston and got voice mail. ♪ i tell you, the shutdown is hurting everybody. today michelle obama told fat kids, "you're on your own. eat a damn happy meal. i don't care."


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