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tv   11 News at 6  NBC  October 7, 2013 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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of year. this is not an unusual occurrence for us. we are in a good position. >> so far, no major damage reports because of the storm. we will check in with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. we have been saying for a long time we needed rain. >> temperatures are falling fast and will be back to normal as we go through the rest of this week, with readings that were near 90 over the weekend, now back to near 60 in baltimore county. 60 degrees in downtown baltimore, and already down to 53 degrees around oakland. the rain. again, the welcome rain we had, pushing across the beaches and out to sea. as the night wears on, clearing skies will return. clearing air will filter into our region. we look into a refreshing change and back to normal conditions. wherevern track storms you are with our smartphone app.
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you can also find interactive radar and the most up-to-date forecast on our website. just be sure to click weather. arrested in been connection with the stabbing of two security guards at a comedy club in downtown baltimore. lease a the 21-year-old attacked the men around 8:45 last night at the baltimore comedy factory in the unit block of marketplace. investigators say the incident started as an argument with management over an unpaid bill, and escalated into a stabbing when security tried to escort mr. corporal outside. the guards were not seriously hurt. in anne arundel county, the state trooper injured during a traffic report in pasadena this weekend is listed in critical condition this night. true projects and client is being treated for head injuries, a broken arm, cuts, and contusions after being hit by a vehicle along route 100 early sunday morning. another vehicle came by and hit her.
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that car did stop. no word on any possible charges. >> a school bus driver has been arrested in connection with a number of bank robberies. >> according to court records, the suspect amended money. she threatened a teller. she also told the teller she did not want any $10 bills. she was on unsupervised probation at the time of the bank robberies. twice in september, the bank employees were on alert. descriptions of the female suspect and surveillance photographs have read to the -- led to the arrest of the 47- year-old. both times she robbed a bank, she went to the same teller. >> it was a common nation of what the note said and what she said during the commission of the robberies. threatened, in
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the first two robberies, the female employee. >> she told the teller not to saying, idye pack, know when you come in. i know when you leave. to not draw attention to yourself. >> getting somebody like this off the street is great for us. money can be replaced. lives cannot. branch,e stevenson road employees only got a description of the car, and also a license number. got a description of the car and that led to arrest. click she popped out pretty fast. i do not know if she was trying to get in the closet or jump out of the closet because i was coming back there. >> since october of last year, queen has worked as a school bus
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driver for prince george's county public schools, and had been hired by several different contractors to operate school buses in other areas, including anne arundel county. >> she is addicted to drugs. a 47-year-old female is not your typical bank robbery suspect. is license -- her life probably in some sort of chaos. it is probably in more chaos right now. been 14 bank robberies so far this year in anne arundel county. 13 have been solved. reporting live from millersville, wbal-tv 11 news. >> education nation is under way in new york city. >> it is a summit about key factors for student success. >> a ravens camp in owings mills , john harbaugh had high praise for quarterback joe flacco.
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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ask the education summit has brought together more than 300 leaders in education to talk about critical fact is that impact student chances for success. tim joins us live with the story. this is a story about a
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baltimore city student. caught the attention of a national nonprofit organization, one dedicated to teaching skills to young people. it started as a community project on how to keep the peace between baltimore police and local teenagers. it has become a movement. thans helped to train more four hundred city police officers to relate to teens. grateful for this opportunity. i know it will help some of my peers do great things. >> he has received $50,000 to continue his work promoting peace in baltimore. >> baltimore wants to have young people deal with how we want to police our communities and protect our young people from harassment. ?ow can we help young people they are already critical, but how can we facilitate the process?
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>> he not only wanted to help young people of baltimore understand their experiences with the police. they also want to talk to police officers about their experiences. how would we bring people together? >> they were to spread the message throughout schools in baltimore city. coverage continues tomorrow, as we follow maryland educators through the summit. >> time to check the weather. i guess now we have some cool weather as well as the warm weather. >> refreshing change from the heat and humidity. more typical october weather returns, and with it some much- needed rain. measurable rain we have had here in 16 days.
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pretty goodwith the downpour today, we are quite a since september 1. meteorological fall, if you will -- september, october, november. we are 2.3 inches below normal. we just made it over the 28 inch mark for the year, total precipitation 4.6 inches below normal, even with the decent downpour today. temperatures are cooling off. we are turning back toward normal with the passage of this front. the high today, 75 degrees. he might go below 59 before midnight. temperatures are steadily dropping. 62 at bwi marshall. still some clouds around, but the rain has moved pretty much along the beaches, from coastal new jersey down to ocean city, moving out to sea. will continue to clear from the north and west. about 54 downtown.
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a northwest breeze averaging five mph to 10 mph. tomorrow should be a much different day. cooler, less humid. sunshine returns. a little on the breezy side. small craft advisories may extend into tomorrow. a gust of 20 knots. it could get a little bumpy on the open waters of the day with the two foot chop. we are heading to the mountains to look at some of the fall colors. it will be chilly at night. highs only in the mid to upper 50's. it is more normal for early october. eastern shore locations. sunshine at 68 tomorrow. those clouds may bring some rain onto the beaches. 68, as the clouds increase on wednesday. we are talking rain chances.
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here is the front that brought today's showers. as this low-pressure system tracks, it may form a new storm out on the ocean. these are the remnants of what was once tropical storm karen. the possibility of some rain, primarily wednesday night into thursday. in the meantime, a sprawling area of high pressure building out of the midwest. that should produce a sunny day today. or comfortable overtures, as far as season will -- as far as seasonal conditions go. into thursday, some scattered showers in the area, with cooler temperatures. 68 tomorrow, with sunny skies. 66 on wednesday. upper 60's, with a chance for showers in the area thursday into friday, which will leave us on saturday partly cloudy. cool 50's in the morning. a comfortable 72 in the afternoon. good for football on sunday.
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>> now, 11 sports, with jerry sandusky. >> after a scorching sunday in south florida yesterday, the ravens like the thought of highs in the seven-day's. they are a well conditioned team, as they prove they can stand up to the heat and the dolphins yesterday, with a 26-23 win on the road. justin tucker's field goal proved to be the difference maker. but the little things proved to be the big things. none of those bigger than the toughness of joe flacco, and his ability to stand up to pressure. i am not talking about psychological pressure. i am talking about a 300 pound lineman coming your way. the dolphins sacked flacco twice in the game, but hit him often in the pocket. 19 completions on 32 attempts. 269 yards. no touchdowns. one interception. but john harbaugh saw some extraordinary effort from his quarterback.
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flacco found ways to extend plays. he mostly stood up to a big pass rush on the road. it is a quiet form of leadership, but one that catches a lot of attention in a close game, and a game the ravens found a way to win. that is part of joe's greatness. i think that is what makes joe who he is. andlook around the league, you will see a lot of cornerbacks not standing in their the way he stands in there. he is special that way. we do not win again without his willingness to stand in there and make those throws. >> good news for the ravens. they came out of the win in miami with no significant injuries. say if hisgh did not left tackle would play. harbaugh calls it uncharted territory, having never traded for a player midseason before.
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the rays are continuing to find ways to look at past protection, as well as the one game. the packers, meanwhile, developed a convincing win at home yesterday. now, with both wins at home, both losses on the road. that play very much to the ravens' favor. they have now won eight consecutive home games against nfc opponents. the packers arriving next sunday. a 1:00 kickoff as the ravens look to extend the win streak. looks like moneyball might have the upper hand in the baseball postseason. the detroit tigers looked like, to some people, a possible lock to go to the world series. they are one loss away from the elimination in the division playoff round. the oakland a's now with a 2-1 lead. game five today. rather, game three, best-of- five.
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the fourth.tom of a2 run single to left. attor martinez scores, tied 3-3. brandon moss launches one. solo home run to right field. the a's with the lead, 4-3. seth smith, a two-run shot. this one going to left field. it, 6-3go on to win over the detroit tigers. 2-1. one more win for oakland. the a's would advance to the american league championship series. you see the weather starting to change around town. when we come back, tom tasselmyer with the seven-day forecast.
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quakes here is a look at what we are working on for 11:00.
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tonight, what kind city council members concerned. theave the latest update on glitches behind marilyn's health-care exchange sign up, and newly released numbers on how many people are trying to get enrolled. these stories
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>> i guess expect sweater weather? >> that is coming our way for sure.
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rain is down here. skies will clear overnight. another rain chance late wednesday night into thursday. might linger into friday. it will depend on the remnants of tropical storm carry. rain chances comeback. but i think it is gone. that is in time for the race and the football game.
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. on our broadcast tonight, strike force. inside a pair of daring raids overseas the u.s. catches one of the world's most wanted. how they pulled it off and what to do with him now. the ripple effect. the government shutdown now a week old hitting families and businesses. moment of impact.
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a new view of the crash that's shaken up the world of auto racing and the technology credited with shavi saving live and raising the bar. first in the nation in mast and science. now outperform ing most of the world. tonight an american success story. "nightly news" begins now. good evening. they are known as special operators for good reason. they are the members of the u.s. armed forces who move in the shadows and pull off missions not thought possible this weekend in two missions u.s. special operators target two u.s. overseas operatives, terrorists that the u.s. had been following and targeting for some time. the first raid was in libya. the second was in somalia. the target in the first raid was
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seized by b members of the army's delta force. but something happened in the second military action. something unforeseen and members of the u.s. nay svy s.e.a.l. te6 had to pull out. richard engel is back with us in studio tonight. a busy weekend for special operators. >> it was. two very very important operations. we have new details about one of them. let's start with the raid in libya which was the only operation that actually succeeded in capturing its target. one of america's most wanted terror suspects is now locked in the brig of this warship. the u.s.s. san antonio owe. anas al libi will remain there for weeks. and then brought to the u.s. for trial for his role in the planning of the 1998 bombings of
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the u.s. embassies in kenya and tanzania. it was a bold snatch and grab in this neighborhood. u.s. troops surrounded his car in broad daylight. his son showing where they smashed the car window and dragged him from the vehicle. >> translator: >> reporter: his wife said she watched from her window. >> u.s. officials say the bombings have all the fingerprints of middle east terror. >> reporter: it was al qaeda's first strike against u.s. targets, a wake up call. >> the embassy bombings were al qaeda's coming out party. it was al qaeda saying, we are here. we are targeting you. we are going to kill americans. >> reporter: among more than 200 dead, army sergeant kenneth hobson. his widow debra today. >> it is soothing to know the government is still after them and methodically and deliberately going after them. >> reporter: it's been a long time coming. >> we will use all the means at our disposal to the bring those
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responsible to justice no matter what or how long it takes. >> reporter: like israel after munich the u.s. has hunted down the 22 suspects ini diagnosticed in the embassy bombings. nine are now dead including osama bin laden. four are at large including ay man al zawahiri. an arrest 15 years in the making. that was the operation in libya. almost at the same time there was another raid. this one in somalia. that one targeted al shabaab, the terrorist organization that carried out the attack on the mall in kenya last month. this operation in somalia was even more daring. navy s.e.a.l.s on an attack craft, a small boat did a beach landing under cover of


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