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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 15, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> this is real life. you have to protect yourself. >> johns hopkins student turns the tables on an intruder. the unusual weapon he used to protect himself. the controversy continues. tonight why the group probably should have shut the doors years ago, acorn. >> another beautiful warm day. big changes for tomorrow. who will most likely see showers in my sky watch forecast. and swine flu might be more contagious than originally thought. >> hello. student armed with
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a samurai sword strikes and kills an intruder. >> happened at a home at johns hopkins university and tonight the investigation is on. >> jeff live along university parkway tonight with the very latest on the story. jeff what can you tell us? >>reporter: well burglars had already hit the home once last night so when another intruder showed up a little later, one of the students who lived here came armed with a sword. police say the johns hopkins student found the intruder inside the garage of the home and that is where the student struck and killed the man with his samurai sword. the intruder now has a long record of burglarizing homes and was just released from jail on saturday. as for the student, his friends say he was simply acting in self-defense. >> he said that the guy lunged at him even when he had the sword. obviously wasn't coming quietly there. i think he probably just lost control a bit. i can't really blame
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him. he already had two things stolen that day. >>reporter: police have spent much of the take questioning the student. so far there has been no decision on whether he will be criminally charged. we are live in oak shaw. that brings us to our question of the day. should charges be filed against the student who used a samurai sword to kill an intruder? go to our web site and tell us what you think. response could air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. annapolis prosecutors urge law make investigators toughen laws against gangs. baltimore state attorney says mandatory consecutive sentences for criminals are critical. >> what we want to do is to make sure that both individuals who are stealing and robbing our youth of their future are the ones that we use this statute with and that we put them away for as long as possible. >>reporter: but the aclu says young people should not be prosecuted for being associated simply with gangs. >> teenager charged with
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raping a 7-year-old girl in crofton back in march will be tried as an adult. andarundle county judge said part of the decision came from the fact that 17-year-old davis admitted his action were his wrong. several experts testified that he has an autism related disorder and learning disabilities. he is facing 19 charges and scheduled to go on trial at the end of the month. senate votes to halt funding to acorn days after controversial video surfacing showing them giving tax advice for illegal activity. house leader sent letters encouraging them to cut funding as well. he says acorn is incapable of using federal funds in a manner consistent with federal law. the bureau terminated the contract with acorn last week you may recall. >> first video released from right in the city of baltimore. we learn the organization is potentially operating illegally right here in the state of maryland. keith live with the latest on
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this story. the story doesn't end. >>reporter: doesn't end. we are live now outside of the acorn local office here on west 25th street. bottom line tonight, acorn housing has forfeited its corporate charter and in maryland that is against the law. now the organization again has come under scrutiny after questionable activity surfaced after undercover investigation in several acorn offices. workers in baltimore were accused of giving tax evasion tips. now we have learned baltimore acorn housing organization forfeited the charter in november 2006. when the group failed to file property tax information which means they are essentially operating illegally. >> well they are not meeting the requirements of the law which says you are supposed to wind down operation after you are forfeited. the problem becomes is that often non-profit organizations they think that they are immune from doing annual filings. they think because they are
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non-profit they don't have to do an annual filing the way a for profit business does. >>reporter: acorn is not alon tonight. state officials say quite a few non-profit are forfeited every year. mean time there's no comment from acorn on these latest allegations. we are live now in lawrence, fox 45 news at 5:30. maryland high scores will hear new argument in lawsuit over a former baltimore city police commissioner. court of appeals agreed to review a lower court ruling that threw out the wrongful termination suit of kevin clark. clark was fired in 2004 by then marrow mally who said domestic dispute between clark and his girlfriend was distraction to the city's crime fighting effort. truck plows into a carol county home. it happened before noon in the 2700 block of cedar hurst road. witnesses say the truck hit at least 2 other cars before slamming into the house.
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>> i was sleeping. my family was in the living room right there playing and i guess the guy hit a couple cars up there and i men when he come there, i heard the boom. you know what i mean. i heard it loud. >>reporter: the driver of the truck was rushed to the hospital. his jersey tonight are not believed to be life threatening. the cause of the accident is still under investigation. and woman injured after her car slams into a school this afternoon in northwest baltimore. it happened around 1:30 at rod well elementary school along liberty heights avenue. witnesses say the woman was trapped in her car for a short time. no word tonight on the accident of her injuries. how are the roads tonight. lauren cook has the traffic edge report. lauren. >> thank you jennifer. as we take a look at the average speeds the road are in pretty bad shape tonight. northeast corridor of 95 we look at 63 miles per hour. 54 on 83 there in baltimore county. slow 29 if you are using the jfx. moving west to belt way taking a look there 37 miles per hour and 46 in the south
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side of 95 in howard county. we do have an accident reported on wilkins avenue. this is going to be on the south bound liens right at 69 695. as we make our way to 8 95 expect delay in the northbound liens. all due to some emergency construction. making our way up to the northeast corridor of 95 want to be aware that the northbound lanes are really going to be stacked and packed and do expect delays from townsend down to parkville if traveling on the belt washington i this morning. that is a look at the evening travels. lets send it back to you. thank you. ravens star linebacker ray lewis going from the football field to the bowling lanes. lewis along with several baltimore county leaders broke ground today on his newest venture known as mvp entertainment. it's dining entertainment complex located at the old wal-mart site in the hunt valley town center. complex features all kind of entertainment including up scale bowling, restaurants and sports bar. >> we leave a legacy of
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helping people. creating job jobs. finding a different way to help our community better. that's what this project is for. [applause]. >>reporter: mvp is scheduled to open some time early next year. watching the creatures in baltimore will cost you more weekday adult ticket prices at the maryland zoo in baltimore are going up to 13 dollars. that's 2 dollar hike. seniors will also pay more. administrators say the price increases help pay for budget cut in recent months and drop in contributions. children, weekend and on line ticket prices will all remain the same. increases go into effect on monday. if you have something happening in your community you can share it with the city of baltimore. up load photo oshtion video or written stories to neighborhood news. go to our web site and slash your take. also send photo and video directly from the cell phone through pick at fox another picture perfect september day here in baltimore. but that is all about to change.
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>> nice while it lasted. still ahead at 5:30. vytas will tell us when things will cool down and then get wet. >> the gang is hammering out health care reform. coming up what the version includes instead of a public option and why critics say it just won't work. >> and the latest on the murder investigation of a yale graduate student. why we have to wait for some time to find to wait for some time to find out exactly ( music, words in reverse )
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[ steam hisses ] why use more when you can use less? bring it. with bounty. the thick quicker picker-upper. and try bounty napkins. now with new prints. >> we should know tomorrow what the gang of 6 so-called will do with health care reform. group met today. the plan will likely make health insurance mappedtory with those in certain income bracket with tax credit and private plan and take the place of the public option. >> i think a growing sense that it will pass. >>reporter: critic of the idea of mandatory private insurance say it will hurt the middle class costing some families up to 13 percent of the income just for insurance premiums. >> meanwhile house speaker
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pelosi spent today promising health care reform won't force anyone to change the doctor or insurance plan. speaker gave her support again for the public option. >> morale responsibility to pass health insurance reform and we will do so this year. it is a morale imperative. health issue. it is an economic issue. >>reporter: she has been one of the most out spoken proponent of the public option. meanwhile senator ben card entakes time to meet with doctors and nurses to hear their concerns about the proposed changes to health care. event was a far cry from the rallied -- rowdy town hall meetings we saw lately. the medical professionals told the senator what they leak in the health care plan and what they think still needs work. >> you see a lot of patients that come in and they are basically at the end date of the illness because they haven't been able to get the proper health care because of
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the uninsured. >>reporter: senator thinks president obama did a good job last week calming many fears about health care. and says he committed to making reform happen in a physically responsible way. you can tell senator and other lawmakers what you think about health care reform. contact information is on our web site go to fox slash your voice. >> if you want more information on health care reform, log on to our web site and click on the cure for health care icon. police in new haven, connecticut now have a person of interest in a murder of yale med student. body of 24-year-old anne lee found behind a wall at yale university laboratory building. she disappeared last week and medical exercise will not release information on exactly how she died because it might interfere with the investigation. meanwhile the investigation of the death raises awareness and concerns about campus security nationwide. camera captured images of her entering a
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campus building but never exiting. at the university of maryland college park meanwhile there are 300 security camera that store image for 3 weeks. >> success stories are endless. we solve carjackings. we solve arson and armed robbery, multiple felony theft. very, very successful. >>reporter: in addition police say the camera help cut the crime rate on campus to 10 year low. lots of sun again today but that's all about to change. >> yes. vytas is here now with a look at the forecast. vytas. >>reporter: yes. looking at some changes out there right now. cloudy skies. even showers. we started out the day pretty nice. plenty of sunshine. warm temperatures in the mid 80's but you can see pop up showers down around the belt way of dc over to prince george county and a little bit of rain at silver springs and college park and a little bit of rain then as you go on i 70 westbound frederick a little bit of rain back there and that will 10 to be
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the case a little bit of pop up shower activity zooming out picture you can see not a lot of activity just agent bit in the neighborhood. continue to see this line push on to the south but still a little bit more up to the north and slit chance of getting a little shower in the forecast in the overnight tonight. main brunt of the rain down to the south of us and few showers moving out of the great lakes so we get a little squeeze play in the next couple days for chance in our forecast. looking at the temperatures at 78 degrees in baltimore. 81 in dc. 83 newspaper hagerstown. tonight cloudy skies with chance for stray shower. temperatures at 70. winds out of the south at 5. i have a closer look at how the rain is moving long it will stick around coming up in my 7 day forecast. >> okay vytas. you of course can be in charge of your own personalize weather forecast. radar now available at fox use the interactive tools to track coming storms to your streechlt go to our web site
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slash i radar. day or a week. still ahead in the news at 5:30. why experts are split on how long you should stay home if you get the swine flu. >> obviously very excited about ellen. and i think it's a great season. >>reporter: kara is excited about her new co-judge.
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>> fda gives green light to the swine flu vaccine. that means approval now for mass production of the vaccination. health human services secretary kathleen silver is very confident there is enough of the vaccine for everyone. children and pregnant women necessitated to get top priority. mixed information tonight about just how long someone is con table us if they have the swine flu. studies show people money able to spread the virus for a week after symptoms first appear. health officials have been telling people to stay home for just one day. after the fever subsides. mean time the university of maryland says 5 06 students are reporting flu like symptoms on the college park campus. most students have already recovered. out burst now seen round the world. >> taylor i'm really happy 4.i'll let you finish. but beyonce had one of the best videos of all time. >>reporter: kanye west is
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apologizing again for taking the stage after taylor swift won an award on the video music awards. west appeared on the jay leno show last night and says he needs to take some time off to analyze how he can improve himself. >> hollywood remembering the life of patrick swayzee. 57 year old star died yesterday of pancreatic cancer. he was best known for his role in dirty dancing and ghost. ghost co-star demi moore 20th erred that his life will shine on. "american idol" judge weighs in on the newest edition now to the exclusive judge club. the she said she's very excited to have ellen 0on the show and thinks ellen and simon might have lively debate if they don't hear ear to ear. >> they are both strong personalities and state what they believe in. that's what ultimately makes the show so freight. everybody has a strong opinion. >>reporter: ellen is replacing judge paula abdul of course who quit. you can see
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them all when season then kicks off. all the fun begins in january of course right here on fox 45. ravens prepare to head west and battle the chargers this sunday. hear from whatever because on the challenge that presents next coming up in sports.
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>> welcome back. i'm bruce cunningham. ravens face san diego this sunday the chargers could be without 2 starting line men. center hardwick and guard vasquez were injured in last night victory over buffalo. even given that the chargers still present a formidable challenge this sunday with refers at quarterback and tomlinson running the ball. even on a bad ankle chargers have the
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best offense and defense isn't bad either to say the least. they go in bursting with respect. >> one of the premier team in the nfl. explosive in all 3 phase. i know ron really well and what kind of defense they put out there. attacking so cause a lot of problems. offensively turner saw him all the years in washington to be. we have our hands full against premier football team. >> i think it's always important to make sure you stay honor on a similar schedule so i think it will be a good for to us get out early and other than that i don't think it changes too much. the game starts the guys are ready inform go. >>reporter: and remember tonight marks return of fox 45 play book.i'll be joined by my co-host ron and mark at the espn zone at 7:00 o'clock. at the inner harbor tonight be part of this year fears edition of play book. ravens signed tight end to the
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practice squad and more on the ravens chargers game. orioles and ray highlights and prep player of the week award returning for the 19th season. that tonight. >> back to you. thanks so much. >> sun was here for few days. has to make an exit. >> hopefully not too long before it is back. vytas now with a lock at the 7 day forecast. >>reporter: locks like it has made the exit you lock out doors. look at the sky. pretty gloomy compared to what we have seen with all the clear sunshine and all the nice conditions. now cloudy and few rain drops coming down here and there. right now looking at mostly cloudy and humidity level at 62 percent. looks like we will continue to see chances for rain increase no the forecast over the next several days. keep the umbrella with you and scattered showers as they 10 to develop across the area. looking at the hd radar as cold front extends from the north and pop up showers along that and moisture that will ride along that frontal boundary building up out of the south that will continue
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to retract through the area to retract through the area through the next
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