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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 16, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> we have to figure out ways to hold violent criminals accountable. and keep them in jail. >> the samaurai sword death of a suspected burglar. the intruder's criminal record. and the unusual reason he avoided a felony gun case. >> a student beating caught on tape. why the bus driver may face disciplinary action. >> a taste of fall today with little or no rain. the big story tomorrow is even colder temperatures. how low they will go in the sky watch forecast. >> and waiting for slot machines. the reasons behind the long list of delays. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. we are learning more tonight about the criminal past of the
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intruder that was killed by the sword waving hopkins student. >> keith daniels is live at the scene with the latest on the story tonight. keith? >> well, jeff, live in the 300 block of east university parkway. the incident happened behind that gate and tonight we know it involved a man whose latest suspected crime may have cost him his life. >> police say john pon allele o the hopkins student heard a noise in the garage and looked inside and found donald rice a man with a incredibly lengthy record. >> we have many repeat offenders in the city. >> he told police rice lunged at him. it was a the fatal confrontation, early tuesday morning. the student struck rice with a sword. cutoff his hand and slashed his upper body. rice died later. city prosecutors say the intruder was a 49-year-old man with 29 prior con on convictions. for crimes like breaking an
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entering. several convictions with some of them resulting from the same incident. most of them misdemeanors. with the exception of one gun case, in 2007. >> in that felony, gun case, it did turnout the case was dismissed because the police officer that was a necessary witness failed to appear as a result of a deployment to iraq. >> prosecutors say rice was a chronic repeat offender, although a non-violent one. but a repeat offender. part of a group that commissioner bealefield said is one of the city's biggest problems. >> if we are going to make the city safe, and achieve substantial decreases in violence, especially, we have to figure out ways to hold violent criminals accountable. and keep them in jail. >> well, baltimore county police had just released rice from jail saturday. he was serving time for stealing a car in baltimore city last
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year. >> live in north baltimore, keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and we have breaking news out of northeast baltimore tonight. police are on the scene of a shooting in the 3400 block of cliff mont avenue. shooting happened at 8:40 this evening. it appears one man was killed. more information when it becomes available. >> drug arrests in southeast baltimore turn deadly. two cops in the 2800 block of orleans street at 12:30 this morning. when they tried to arrest two men on drug charges. one suspect then stabbed a police officer. police then opened fire. the suspect that tried to stab the police officer died later on at the hospital. the other suspect is in custody at this hour. >> a teen is arrested for a deadly shooting at a bus stop in northeast baltimore. 18-year-old daryl lisbon arrested and charge with murder. he shot and killed trenton marshal at a bus stop 4:00 friday. lisbon shot marshal in the head. >> as baltimore city struggles
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to reduce the projected $60 million deficit. the police department is cutting its own budget. commissioner bealefield is taking away 30 take home cars for lieutenants and sergeants. and the department is considering reducing overtime pay. but the commissioner said he is trying to minimize the impact on the public. >> my job, and all the police officers of this city's job is to make sure that we're investigating crime and doing our darnest to keep people safe. >> but the union representing police officers said it opposes any layoffs or furloughs and that city cannot furlough cops without approval from the union. >> two major parades in baltimore city succumb to the recession. thanksgiving parade and columbus day parade are cancelled this year. saving tens of thousands of dollars for the city of baltimore. but other on events are still on the schedule. >> most people tend to come out in the spring, and for certain events and we want to build on those as well. and maybe do something in the inner harbour to celebrate
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thanksgiving to get people out into the communities. >> but the mayor's christmas parade in hampden will be held this december. good communities may face more cuts. revenue forecasts are coming out tomorrow. and they are expecting to be down. governor o'malley said he may order three hundred million dollars in budget cuts. state already made more than $700 million worth of cuts. . >> president obama made a campaign stop in pennsylvania yesterday. to help senator arlen specter's reelection, but debate over health care followed him. >> dozens of protestors showed up outside of the closed door fund raiser, both supporting and opposing health care reform. the crowd left. shortly after the president did. >> the long awaited health care reform bill headed to the senate finance committee is finally released. the draft is now being picked
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apart by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle. >> senator max baucus, chair of the senate finance committee said the price tag of his health care reform bill is about $856 billion. the democratic senator is presenting his plan alone, despite working for months with bipartisan lawmakers. >> no republican has offered his or her support at this moment. but by the time we get the file passage in this committee you will find republican support. >> baucus plan is the only one without the so-called public option. instead, it calls for non-profit cooperatetives to compete with private insurers. >> even without a government plan, these health care proposals would impose new taxes on small businesses, and on individuals. >> the cost of the plan is covered by $500 billion in cuts to government health programs. and about $350 billion in new taxes on insurance companies and
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drug makers. along with taxes on high-end insurance plans. it also requires individuals to purchase insurance or pay a penalty. >> it means if you are earning over $66,000 a year, and you don't have health insurance, you will get penalized $3800. >> the plan bars insurance companies from denying coverage because of preexisting conditions. and caps yearly health care costs. the white house said it is a good starting point. some democrats say the bill doesn't stand a chance without a public option. >> the senate proposal simply will not pass mustard in the house of representatives. >> the baucus plan could be voted on in the senate finance committee as early as next week. setting up an eventual battle between house and senate versions. tonight on fox 45 news at 5:30. we asked you if there should be a law requiring americans to carry health insurance? most of you said no. 80 percent to 20 percent.
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tony from pasadena writes. the government needs to keep their nose out of our business. >> you will hear more responses coming up tonight on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> you can tell lawmakers what you think. their contact information is our website. go to links. and for more information on health care reform. log onto and click on the cure for health care icon. >> well, rain is on the way. it might already be here. >> when will it get here? chief meteorologist vytas reid has a look at the forecast. i saw keith with an umbrella a few minutes ago. >> it was coming down pretty good over the station few minutes ago. and wave making the way through northern baltimore city, into baltimore county right now. and look downtown. and actually delayed the o's game as they had to pull on out the tarps it was raining at the stadium. look like we will continue to see the showers taper off a bit as the heaviest rain is moving north. pikesville heavy rain. and up to towson, rain coming down over to belvedere square.
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and continue to see the off-and-on showers over in reister -- randallstown right now. and looking at decent shower activity as we head through the next half hour or hour. and pop up showers across the central portion of the state. that's the next couple of hours and overnight. and shower activity we will have to deal with for the next couple of days. winds out of the east five to 10 to 12 miles an hour and causes a coastal flood advisory for the chesapeake. and minor flooding, foot above the flood stage -- or through the overnight, during the high tide. as we head through the overnight. so looking at the temperatures cooling off tonight. and we will see cool temperatures for tomorrow. only temperatures in the mid to upper 60s. as we get through the day for the next day planner. keep the umbrellas nearby. and get the coat ready. show you how long it will stick around coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the tools to track storms down to your street. go to
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>> and if you have have a story to tell us, upload pictures, and video and stories by going to you can send photos directly from your cell phone to >> new developments in the acorn scandal. white house is distancing itself from the non-profit. acorn itself is now changing the tune. >> based on the money for campaign one day. >> video of a california acorn worker giving tax advice to a couple posing as a pimp and prostitute. and tonight new video of a san diego acorn worker giving advice on how to smuggle underage girls across the u.s. and mexican border. latest in several undercover videos, after first calling the videos an unfair attack. acorn ceo said this. as a result of the indefensive action of a handful of employees, i am communicating with acorn's executive committee. immediately ordering a halt to any new intakes to the programs, until completing an independent
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review. >> meanwhile, tonight. federal lawmakers are calling for an investigation now. here is melinda roeder with the latest. >> i believe there is pattern of corruption all throughout acorn. >> alabama senator richard shelby is demanding a full senate and criminal investigation of the group acorn. he believes the corruption goes far beyond these recently released videos. >> child porn, and other things, income tax deals. we need a thorough investigation by the inspector general at the housing department and also need a hearing and investigation by the committee that banking housing committee that i sit on. >> republican congressman king from iowa has introduced legislation to cut acorn's funding seven times. but blames top democrats from maryland for blocking his efforts. >> when nancy pelosi controls the agenda, and hoyer controls the agenda, if they decide there will not be a debate there won't
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be. >> meanwhile in baltimore, questions remain over the videotape that included audio of an acorn worker. in maryland it is, it is illegal to record a verbal conversation without their consent. but fox 45 also discovered recently acorn has been illegally operating this office without a corporate charter since november of 2006. the group apparently failed to file annual personal property returns with the state. and forfeiting a charter comes with serious implication the. >> you become forfeited you are denied access to maryland court so if you want to file suit against someone it is brought to the attention of the court you have been forfeited and they will dismiss your case. >> and that could hurt their case if acorn tried to sue the people that made the video. plus, losing a charter means the organization is not in good standing with the state. >> she can perform tricks in the house. >> yes. >> melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> former maryland lieutenant
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governor kathleen kennedy towson is part of the council, and she is in the statement saying we will take the necessary steps to ensure that acorn functions with the highest levels of ethical standards and competenttence. >> quiet teenager beaten on a bus, later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the acts that may have started the attack. >> certainly the longer days it takes to build, the more the state loses in revenue. >> voters approve them. but slots are no where to be had. later, a look at the setbacks and when we may start to see money from slots. >> buses carrying children, without insurance. it is a story you will see first on fox tonight.
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>> animal abuse has received a lot of attention in the city of baltimore with recent cases of animals tortured and even killed. >> a task force wants to hear from you, on how to solve this growing problem. the first meeting was held tonight at baltimore poly technical institute. karen parks was there and joins us with more. karen? >> jennifer, it is an issue here in baltimore that some say has shocked the conscience of the country. and it is time to do something about it now. before it gets worse. >> like many others here, my pets are my family. >> pet owners and other concerned residents gather tonight to discuss a growing problem. >> the shock and awe of animal abuse has brought us here. >> a task force of city leaders, law enforcement and members of the faith-based community listen to concerns. the mayor convened this group.
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in july, after a dog named phoenix was doused with gasoline and set on fire. >> since then, dozens of animal abuse cases right here in baltimore city. including gabriel, tortured, burned and tied to a fence post. >> baltimore has received a wide spread national attention for our animal abuse. >> and so many cases either ignored or unnoticed. >> i called the police when i have dog fights and what i get is, they breakup the dog fight and they send people home. it is the same people with the same dogs. >> so what can be done? many came with answers in hand. hoping the task force will take heed. >> i am really hoping that as part of the initiative you will make recommendations for police training. >> i think it is extremely important that the churches, and the schools, can get involved in
10:18 pm
teaching empathy. >> it is a problem here in the city. usually involving teens. that's obviously getting out of hand. >> animal abuse is certainly a red flag for youth. and what's to come if they don't care for life or animals, they are going to also be left not to care about other individuals. >> the task force hopes to have a report for the mayor within a year. reporting live here in north baltimore. karen parks fox 45 news at 10:00. >> november 10th that's the execution date set for the master mind of the 2002 sniper attacks in the washington d.c. area. a judge in virginia set the date today for convicted sniper john allen mohammed. he was sentenced to death for the killing of dean myers, one of 10 killed during the 2002 rampage that terrorized the region. lawyers for him said he would appeal to the u.s. supreme court and ask the governor for clemency. >> new developments at this hour, in the criminal cases against baltimore's mayor and a city council member.
10:19 pm
crime and justice reporter joy lepola was in court today. >> a legal victory for baltimore mayor sheila dixon defense team. >> we got them. got what we were asking for is all the grand jury subpoenas that were issued. there were 4 and turned them over to us. so we are pleased with the result. >> state prosecutors argued against turning over the subpoenas. saying at some point, we need to draw a line. as for why dixon's attorneys wanted the discovery. >> it commons that the state recognizes that there are hole in the case and needed to fill the holes with documents and witnesses that they did not have. and so that's why they issued the subpoenas to these people to begin with. so we think that the fact that the state views it that way will be something that we can use in our defense. >> dixon has been accused of failing to disclose gifts on her city's ethics forms. and stealing gift cards intended for needy families. >> for months the mayor's lawyers have argued the state has improperly used the grand jury to prepare for trial.
10:20 pm
state prosecutors deny the accusations. saying it is much adieux about nothing. they did not talk following the court proceeding. but we caught up with robert rohrbaugh last month, following a similar court proceeding. >> i fully anticipate that the defense will bring up any motion they can. it is not surprising. >> do you remain optimistic? >> absolutely. absolutely. that's why i think the grand jury returned the indictments again. i don't think there is any problem. >> mayor sheila dixon's trial is scheduled for november. in downtown baltimore. joy lepola fox 45 news at 10:00. >> also this week. attorneys for helen holton filed a motion to have one of two counts dismissed. holtton stands trial this december. >> baltimore county judge upholds the decision to make exxon mobile pay almost $150 million to about 90 baltimore county homeowners. a judge reduced some of the damage payments slightly because of diminished home values. but the judge also threw out a
10:21 pm
motion from exxon seeking to throw out $14 million in medical damages. money awarded to residents in jacksonville after a gas leak contaminated their wells. . >> tonight first on fox. maryland's motor vehicle administration is investigating a baltimore city bus company for transporting students without insurance. it is a fox 45 investigative voice investigation. jeff abell reports on a possible breakdown in state enforcement. >> it is the end of the school day at baltimore freedom academy. and as students leave class some walk home. but others climb on board these buses. owned and operated by just for you transit. they are buses according to the state that were operating for months without any insurance. >> based on inquiries, there has been a complaint filed open. >> maryland's motor vehicle administration tells us it is
10:22 pm
now investigating and has filed an uninsured motorist complaint against the company. after the state was unavailable to verify it had insurance. fox 45 obtained these documents, from the maryland automobile association insurance fund. sent to the bus company. notifying it that its insurance policy was cancelled. effective june 25. 2009. >> there is actually some information that said that some of the cars that were in question, that there has been a cancellation. >> but the problem goes far beyond buses. right now the the mva is probing more than 100,000 other cases of uninsured drives in the state. maryland public service commission that oversees public transportation companies is investigating just for you transit as well. we obtained a copy of this e-mail sent from the psc to the bus company. asking just for you transit for a current up to date certificate of insurance. but according to the psc a copy of the insurance was never provided. until fox 45 questioned the bus company. as a result, the company is now
10:23 pm
under investigation by the public service commission. and we're told a citation will probably issued for an insurance violation. but the investigation has not stopped the buses from transporting the children. we the went to just for you transit seeking answers and were directed to the owner's attorney that toll us that the bus company is now insured and that a copy of the insurance is sent to the psc this past monday. >> make sure that we verify whether or not these individuals do have the insurance. >> jeff abell, fox 45 news. >> well, yeah we asked but the bus company would not provide us weigh valid company of the insurance. and psc and mva continue to investigate. to read more about the story. click on the investigative voice logo on >> iran's president may not get the welcome wagon this time when he comes to the u.s. next week to speak to the un. washington times is working on a
10:24 pm
story about why mahmoud ahmadinejad may have lost support about how he handled the june elections in iran. >> the show trials, and crackdown, that has happened since then, has been a major point of alarm for many in the human rights community. and as a result, very few people will likely show up to an official dinner to honor mahmoud ahmadinejad at a scheduled date of september 24. >> also in the times. the president of the u.s. refuses to weigh-in on allegations from former president jimmy carter that many of obama's opponents are racist. and questions about a deal to sell nuclear know how to united arab emerates. for more go to and click on the washington times icon. >> and looking at sky watch hd radar at this time. at showers in randallstown, lutherville, as well as towson. these showers will continue to push to the north. i will show you where the rain
10:25 pm
is going, and cooler temperatures coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> an attack on on a school bus. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. the act that may have starteded the file fight. >> certainly the longer they take to build. the more that they lose in revenue. >> next, voters approve them. but slots are nowhere to be found. a look at the setbacks and when a look at the setbacks and when we may start to see money from now you can save more every time that you shop, with thousands of items at prices that pop. now double the number of deals through the store, with your new card, you can't help but save more. it's specials each week on the things that you use, and real deal savings, now how can you lose? low prices every day in every aisle, top off the savings, so go ahead, smile. more and more reasons to fill up your cart, it's good for your wallet, your family, your heart. isn't it nice to know that you're shopping smart? more savings every time you shop, only with your giant card.
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the all-new subaru legacy. . >> for several months state officials have tried to push forward with your slot machines. but since then, there have been several setbacks. a lot of people think that is cut caning into maryland's bottom line. >> melinda roeder takes a closer look at the setbacks for slots. it is the topic of the cover story tonight. >> it has been nearly a year since voters approved slot machines for maryland. but casinos are still causing controversy. >> certainly the longer they take to build, the more the state loses in revenue. >> james carmel is an author and gaming consultant that is advising state officials, trying to determine maryland's best bet for making money. >> right now the state has an obligation to the voters to see this through. so the revenue can start to come in. >> but the process so far has
10:29 pm
been far from perfect. beginning with the referendum. because voters approved slots not the legislature, any changes to the original plan would probably have to go back to the people. >> and that's difficult in an industry that needs to be flexible that needs to be adaptable to maintain a competitive advantage. look what is happening around us, in pennsylvania and delaware. west virginia. >> restrictions are just one problem. the recession is another. >> the economy cannot blame the state on that. i mean that was sort of bush administration bad timing. >> bad timing may have hurt the bidding process. fewer developers had the money to invest when the time came. another deterrent is the tax rate. set at 67 percent, it is one of the highest in the nation. >> that makes it harder for the operators to reinvest in the properties. >> and then there is location. when the state first started to talk about slots, many assumed they would go to the horse tracks, but the tracks owner, magna entertainment did not have the money to submit a bid.
10:30 pm
>> magna was -- has been weak financially for some time. and it is unfortunate that magna controlled the maryland thoroughbred racing because it has hurt the industry in that way. >> now magna would like to enter the race but it may be too late. and deadlines cannot be extended under state guidelines. >> this is a problem in maryland. because of the statute, and the referendum. >> at the proposed site in baltimore, there is threat of a lawsuit from magna, or another developer that claims they did not know the lot off russell street was an option until the city recently said so. but the steepens any misrepresentation. >> that site was clearly an option. nothing was done behind the scenes. everything was on the up and up. >> meanwhile in anne arundel county, neighbors are outraged about a plan to put a casino in the parking lot of anne arundel mills mall. the protesting could on prove a setback. >> strong and vocal and organized. >> and it is part of the reason the county council has yet to approve sonic for the proposed slots parlor. much to the governor's dismay.
10:31 pm
>> right now, we have that indecision kind of guming up the works and keeping that largest number of slots licenses from moving forward. >> the anne arundel mills mall is expect to generate $400 million a year for maryland. the state's location commission is supposed to grant gaming licenses this fall, but a lot could postpone plans. >> it is certainly not uncommon to see lawsuits, in other states, so you certainly hope that doesn't occur. >> legal action has side tracked slots in other states. >> in philadelphia, where two casinos were approved years ago, over three-years ago, they are still not being built because mainly of local opposition movements and the success they have had. >> delays would certainly mean less money for maryland. but the developer is not anxious about angry residents. >> we're really not concerned about any litigation. >> in fact, many of the neighbors now opposed to slots are the same who voted for them less than a year ago.
10:32 pm
not knowing they would hit so close to home. >> and to say that it is okay to go to someone else's neighborhood, and not in a commercial regional destination, to me, seems hypocritical. >> even after plans are approved, construction for each casino could take more than a year. and if the economy does not pick up. slots probably won't be the windfall lawmakers once banked on any time sign soon. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> still no word tonight on when the county council will vote on zoning for the proposed casino at arundel mills. >> lung cancer is a death sentence right now. >> but hopefully not for long. can coming up on the news at 10:00. the new test being used to detect lung cancer earlier than ever before. >> clearly it was wrong. i don't condone it. but i don't feel that he should be suspended. >> a brutal bus beating caught on tape. coming up. why some students that did not throw the punches are being
10:33 pm
punished anyway. . >> if you live in lutherville or timonium or owings mills looking at decent rain coming down right now on hd
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10:35 pm
>> good evening folks. looking at should showers making the way through central maryland. around baltimore city right now. outskirts of beltway on the northwest corner of the city. owings mills getting showers. pikeville, rain. and lutherville and timonium up to cockeysville getting decent rain. towson you are getting showers, up in hampden and carney and parkville. as you head east on the beltway you will see showers. also in essex, middle river and rosedale, whitemarsh showers. and continue to see this off-and-on scattered showers through the overnight. and then into tomorrow. so keep the umbrella nearby. as we have the easterly flow
10:36 pm
firing up rain showers across the area and that may be a brief heavy downpours. even in the city. rooftop here. coming down at a good pace 20 minutes ago. bigger picture, you can see the activity scattered across the central portion of the state. western maryland no rain yet. mostly cloudy skies out there. we will continue to see that the case through the next several hours. so looking at the downtown. you can see the roads are wet right now. from the rain that pushed through. in fact, o's game delayed there because of some of the heavy showers downtown on. cloudy skies, and rain tapered off downtown in the city. 64 degrees. winds out of the east-northeast at 10. and humidity levels 93 percent. the showers will continue to build up across the region. and see the off-and-on through the day tomorrow. clearing off to the northwest. and cooler air just north of us. 59 degrees in harrisburg. 65 in baltimore. and 63 in pittsburg. that cooler air settling over the region. so tomorrow get the jackets reid. put them on and keep the umbrellas nearby.
10:37 pm
because it will be cloudy and cool. bundle up the kids at the bus stop tomorrow morning. as far as the showers. across the area here. central portion of the state. continue to see that the case. as we go through the next couple of hours, off-and-on. future scan shows that potential rain sticking around through overnight. and then tomorrow, once again, maybe a chance for some scattered showers. mostly cloudy skies. about it looks like start to see breaks in the clouds potentially into friday. but a slight chance for a stray shower with the instability out there in the atmosphere. so going with mostly cloudy skies on the eastern shore. 70 degrees. with a chance for that rain. and out there in easton and denton. and then it looks like around the central portion of the state. chance of showers. high of 69. so cool day out there. and what's causing is that we have the stationary front south of us. high pressure to the north. that is trying to suppress some of the moisture. so we may get a poke of some sunshine. trying to get through. but for the most part, we will see some pop up showers here and there. and then a cold front that is following that. and we will see the temperatures again stay stabilized on the
10:38 pm
cool side of things through the weekend. so off-and-on possible showers tomorrow. 69 degrees. and then for the five-day forecast. it looks like the showers start to taper off by friday. warm up a bit. 79. and then the cooler air will continue to push down from the north. 71 on saturday. with sunshine. sunday looking at 73. and decent day. and then monday looking mostly cloudy skies. with temperatures at 76 degrees. remember fox 45 sky watch you weather is at your fingertips. it looks like your fingertips, i-radar is at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track coming storms. interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow is over your house. go to . >> a vicious beating on a school bus in bellville illinois. a 17-year-old that was described as a quiet kid, was beaten, while other kids watched and laughed. two students that did the beating may be expelled.
10:39 pm
other kids that did not throw a punch are being suspended for laughing about what was going on. >> why did you laugh? >> every kid laughed in high school. if you see a fight. every kid las. >> the kid was suspended for five days for laughing. his mom said she does not condone what he did but she doesn't think he should be suspended. and plenty of questions about why the bus driver never pulled over, even though etbeatings went on for four minutes. police backed off the theory that the beating was racially motivated. witnesses say it may have started when one student pushed another student's backpack to the ground. >> facebook reaches a milestone. >> judy kurtz reveals the staggering number of people using soot site in tonight's "word on the web". >> facebook versus united states. which has more people? well, the u.s. wins that one, but maybe not for much longer. facebook announcing today it has crossed the 300 million user mark. compared to 307 million people
10:40 pm
in america. and some more good news for facebook. it is finally making some cold hard cash. it may be hard to believe but up until now the world most popular social networking website was not turning a profit. creator said today that the company was out of the red last quarter. meantime "word on the web" calculateed and with 300 million current users facebook has 6.5 billion to go, in order to achieve world domination. and while you are helping facebook reach that goal. friend us, fox 45 is on facebook and twitter. check out our status updates and follow our tweets. go to and click on find us on facebook and twitter under the community features section. i am judy kurtz, and that's tonight's "word on the web". . >> still ahead in the news at
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10:44 pm
smokers or ex-smokers, so if you look at 50 to 70 million people in the united states that could benefit from having this test done, on a regular basis, that gives you some scope of the possibility that we have just in the united states just for lung cancer. >> test costs about $200, and health insurance will not cover it. >> a broken heart can be more than just emotionally taxing. a new study out of australia said people mourning the loss of a loved one are six times more likely to suffer a heart attack. researchers looked at 100 be 60 people that recently lost a partner or a child. they found study participants had higher blood pressure, and suffered with more blood clots. researchers think the differences could be connected to a sudden surge in stress hormones. >> former nfl star receiver key shon johnson rips the ravens receiving core and wait until
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. >> final look at the seven-day forecast. it looks like we will need the umbrellas possibly for about another day and a half. chance for the lingering showers tomorrow. so keep the umbrellas nearby. high of 69. so need a jacket. warming to 78 or 79 on friday. showers possible in the morning, afternoon. clearing out later in the day.
10:48 pm
with more sunshine on saturday. 71. and 73 on sunday. with mostly sunny skies. mostly cloudy monday. with highs of 76 degrees. 77 on tuesday, wednesday 75 degrees. so temperatures will start to warm. next chance for decent rainfall next week. but decent weekend all and all. back to you guys. >> thank you so much. >> being a fox 45 news viewer can pay off big dividends. it is our friend us on facebook. >> be the first to post the lead topic of the story on facebook. go to to be a friend. carroll qualifies for the grand prize of a $250 gift card. congratulations carroll. >> yeah. thanks so much. >> finally tonight as you may know. fox 45 news is the most decorated television news organization in the city of baltimore. >> we have won 28 emmy awards in the past two years. we have won 10 ap awards this
10:49 pm
year, including best news operation. but the latest accolade hits close to home for our very own jeff barnd. jeff has been named best news anchor by the baltimore city paper. >> thank you very much. thank you very much. >> check it out there. >> and you know what, you can see my acceptance speech. i did make one. just go to baltimore. and i thank the city paper. very nice. >> very humble. >> how does it look at the end of the show. >> looks good. you are in good shape. >> high on on top. >> it is puffy. >> you know what, they are just jealous. >> anasty war of words between a raven and a former nfl star. >> bruce cunningham, who sports quite a head of hair himself. check it out. joins us with "sports unlimited". look at that head of hair, ladies and gentlemen.


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