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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 18, 2009 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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they will not let me. >> chaotic moments in dundalk after a massive watermain break. how a community is trying to cope at this hour. >> political bomb shell. why the winner of the democratic primary for mayor of annapolis is already bowing out of the race. >> and fighting fat. the controversial food ban that went into effect in baltimore city today. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> >> hello, i am jeff barnd. lets talk about what happened in dundalk earlier today. it happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. near dunhaven and broening. you saw the video. it started there but spread over a large, large area. we have team coverage tonight from dundalk. keith daniels is talking
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families about how they are coping, but begin first with myranda stephens with what happened. >> well, jeff, i am here along dundalk avenue, about 100 yards away from where this watermain broke earlier today. and as you can see behind me, it is still a very busy scene out here. crews have blocked off parts of the road here. so they can try to clean up from this mess and repair the damage from the watermain break. no all of this happened just before 4:00 this afternoon. when authorities say a 72-inch watermain broke, here along dundalk avenue near dunhaven road. turning area roadways into rivers. streets were blocked off for several blocks. and many residents had to be evacuated from their homes. now crews were finally able to gain control about 2 1/2 hours later. and finally shut that main off. >> now, we have to clean up. and repair. but that's property stuff. we can handle property stuff. we handle property stuff with
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isabel. and handle property stuff in this community with this watermain break. >> and preliminary reports show that aging infrastructure may to blame for this massive watermain break. of course it will be a very long night out here for residents. and officials as they try to recover from this massive watermain break. we are live here in dundalk, myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". >> hundreds of residents chose to stay inside their homes despite the rising waters. police went door-to-door to check on homeowners. rescue boats patrolled the newly formed rivers. some residents found other ways to get around. >> it is pretty bad with when you get around certain streets, the water is moving so swift you cannot paddle back up. >> until they say it is clear to walk or send a boat. we will be here. >> i guess we know what katrina people felt like. >> neighbors helped neighbors ride out the waters by sharing supplies. >> the water we're told is receding but it is already left the mark, of course. big difficult one for residents.
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keith daniels continues our team coverage from dundalk, keith how are folks handling this at this hour. it is quite dark behind you. so appears as though a lot of power is still out down there. >> jeff, that power is still out. and as you can imagine, many of them are frustrated. homes without power. they want the power turned on, in homes, that have been flooded. they want the water pumped out. now we sent a significant amount of time in the 3400 block of mcshane way today. like so many homes on that block, water flooded the corbett's place. >> flooded my backyard, where the kids played. their toys are turned over. my shed is gone. entire alley, as you can see, the entire alley is probably 4 feet high. >> pretty bad. i mean, there is 5 feet of water in the basement. i mean, it is crazy. >> we are back here live, again, the water has receded. all that is left now is the wet muddy streets, and, again, bge
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crews are here. but no word on when the power might be restored. >> we're live now in dundalk, keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> if you have photos or video of this watermain break, send them to us at you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to >> other breaking news to report to you tonight. the woman that could have been annapolis's first african american mayor dropped out of the race tonight. zenia pierre won the primary but with questions about personal finances she decided to call it quits. her spokesperson has not commented any further. but according to court documents, bank of america began foreclosure proceedings in february on her home in buoy. other documents reveal a string of liens, and debts. >> baltimore county police arrest five has mook players for
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assault and attempted murder. and a mother was the ringleader. >> she organized this group to go attack maloy. drove some of them to the scene. and then as a group they attacked him and his friends. >> we're told the attack was in retaliation for an incident a week ago. >> clouds cleared this afternoon, will it continue, however, for tomorrow, and, of course, the weekend? jessica starr joins us with the first look at the sky watch forecast. hello jessica. >> hi, jeff. headed for a beautiful week. ample amount of sunshine. and cooler temperatures as well. 71 degrees currently at bwi thurgood marshall airport. 63 degrees in harrisburg. and chilly 54 degrees in albany. upstate new york. waive cold front pushing through. overnight tonight which is allowing for the clearing of the skies. and cooler temperatures to really move in here. so your next day planner, waking up tomorrow. ample amount of sunshine in the day. 58 at 6 a.m. warming up to 71 at noon. pleasant conditions. but there is some chilly air. temperatures in the upper 40s
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for lows. break it all down coming up in a few minutes. . >> recap of our top on story tonight. 6'water pain broke in dundalk before 4:00 this afternoon. water gushed from the ground and quickly flooded the streets. and homes, roads impassable by cars and many residents had to be rescued by boat. city officials did not get the water turned off for two hours. the water is receding tonight we're told. but it already forced many families out of their homes. >> video of acorn workers helping people cheat on taxes. what the federal government is doing now to punishments group. >> the clean up con
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>> it was a sight like none
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other today. a watermain break sent water gushing from the ground filling the streets of dundalk. myranda stephens joins us live. and myranda the water is off now. but there are a lot of questions at this hour. left to be answered. of course, and what's going to happen in the days ahead. >> definitely jeff. i think i heard you right. it is definitely still a very active scene out here. i am on dundalk avenue where the watermain break occurred earlier today. as you can see, it is still very busy out here. as crews are working to repair the road that was damaged from this watermain break. and to try to also clean up from the huge mess that it has caused. of course, all of this started just before 4:00 this afternoon. when authorities say a 72-inch watermain broke here along dundalk avenue. turning area roadways into rivers. streets were blocked off for several blocks. and many residents had to be evacuated from their homes.
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and crews were finally able to gain control and shut the main off. about 2 1/2 hours later. now, earlier we spoke with elise, spokesperson with the baltimore county fire and management. this is what she had to say about the work they have been doing since all of this happened. >> it was unclear in the beginning, how many, whether there was a lot of basement flooding or whether it was mostly street flooding. we are finding quite a lot of homes that have suffered flooding. rough estimate, right now, would be about 100. >> and elise did give us an update that a shelter they had open for residents is now closed. appears that residents have gone back to their homes. but to talk about what is the cause of this huge main break. preliminary reports show that aging infrastructure may to be blame for all of this. but, again it will be a long night for officials. and residents. many residents still without power. and it will be a long night.
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and possibly the days to come. as they try to clean up from this massive break here. live here in dundalk, myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". . >> with acorn under attack of late, politicians are now trying to pull federal funding for the organization. and state lawmakers are following suit. members of the senate republican caucus called on martin o'malley to get involved. senator allen kit tell man had a letter hand delivered to governor o'malley. meantime, senator pat mcdonogh wants to make sure that no state funding is funneled into acorn, or any of its affiliates. >> this is a corrupt organization. but what we have seen on film in front of us eyes, is that they are advising to people to break the law. and why should the taxpayers be subsidizing criminal activities? >> the republican caucus wants the state to investigate acorn on the grounds of criminal activity. >> on sunday, that city wide transfat ban goes into effect.
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but critics are not pleased. carl's pastry shop is legendary for canoli. and now they have a new ingredient since vegetable oil cannot be used. some folks say the government should not be in their food. >> yeah, it does sort of make me upset. because i don't think the product is the same. when you change the transfat content. i know it is healthy, but i don't think the taste is there. and i don't think the product tastes as well. >> montgomery county is the only other jurisdiction in maryland with a ban on transfat. >> now that brings us to the question of the day. should the city decide whether restaurants can cook with transfats? so far 27 percent say yes. 73 percent say no. stephen from parkville said. if res are astronauts want to cook with oil with transfats, they should be able to do it. as always, thank you very much for writing in to fox 45 news "late edition". >> the last official weekend of summer. will it be a warm sunny one?
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lets hope so. jessica starr now in the hot seat with a complete sky watch forecast. jessica? >> hi, jeff. sunny one, but it will be on the cool side. we had a gloomy work week and things ended on the sunny he side. sun came out this afternoon. thanks to a cold front and high pressure system building in. we are getting a dry sweep across the sky watch hd regional radar from maryland up to pennsylvania and new york. and things stay clear and nice through the weekend though. right now, at bwi thurgood marshall airport checking in at 66 degrees. and under mostly cloudy skies. winds calm at this hour. and humidity is still up. 93 percent. we could see patchy fog as well overnight before the winds shift to the northwest. allowing for cooler dryer air to move in to our area. state temperatures right now. 70 in d.c. 71 degrees in baltimore. 65 in dover. but a chilly 55 degrees in oakland. and temperatures will be dropping down tomorrow. start to feel the cooler chilly
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air move in to our area saturday to sunday morning. and we will feel temperatures in the upper 40s. so high pressure system sits on top of us, and builds in nicely. so if you have out plans this weekend. plan saturday and sunday, you are in luck. tomorrow future scan model at 1:00. beautiful sunny day in store for us. nice conditions. dry conditions. and comfortable as well that sticks with us for 48 hours. and sunday, 11 a.m. plans to head to church sunday, great day for brunch outside. but there is a low pressure system organizing itself, in the ohio valley. and it will move into our area, and stick with us monday evening and stick with us through the work week. until then, we have the beautiful weather. for this weekend. for just ample amount of sunshine. forecast eastern shore. 71 degrees tomorrow. with the winds out of the northwest at five to 10 miles an hour. head haded over to salisbury, ocean city, great day. beautiful day. blue skies, puffy cumulus clouds in the inner harbour tomorrow. 73 degrees with the winds out of the northwest. and tomorrow evening, orioles,
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if you want to head down, first pitch 7:05 against the red sox. 70 degrees. partly sunny skies. and nice. and pack a jacket. because once the sun goes down it will be on the cool side. five-day forecast. 73 degrees for a high temperature for tomorrow. and then look at that low temperature. that is saturday night to sunday morning. 49 degrees. chilly. turn off the air conditioning and open up the windows. get fresh air. 75 sunday. and then monday, tuesday, wednesday. next system pushes in here and it will stick around with us, giving us a chance for rain showers, pretty much every day. not going to be a complete washout but the chance there. better chance tuesday and wednesday. and temperatures 75 tuesday and 80 wednesday. that's a look at the five-day forecast. i will have a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. . >> will tomlinson be on the field for sunday's match up against the ravens? find out next in "sports unlimited".
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. >> the waters turned off and draining away, but the aftermath remains. keith daniels has been in dundalk all day. where residents have a long weekend ahead of them. keith? >> that's right jeff. live in the 3400 block of court way. the flood waters may have receded but there is still trouble on this block. especially here at this home. libby is now here to tell us what's going on at her home. >> the water is bad but main electric box was so hot they had to turn off the electric. and now they have turned off my gas. >> was the water effecting your electric box or something? your basement flooded? >> they are saying there must be water in the electric in the
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basement. my home could go on fire at any time. so they turned off my electric and the gas. >> okay. well, at least, how did you guys find out about that? how were you alerted by this. >> checking to make sure that with all the water in the basement, that all the electric down there was turned off. and my son in law, touched the box, and said it is like it is on fire. it is so hot. and i called the fire department. and they sent people out here. and said they cannot clean out the basement right now. but they would have to turn off the electric and turn off the gas. >> okay. at least, that's a safety precaution, at least, that's a good thing? >> certainly is. everyone has done everything they can for the amount of work they have had to do. it amazed me, what the fire department, police department, what they have all done. >> good. in the meantime, no power. are you saying staying here or with family. >> staying here tonight. because the fire department said they would be back, if they can to empty out my basement, with almost 5 feet of water. >> good. that's all you are dealing with, not just all, but 5 feet of
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water in the basement. your power is off. anything else? >> no that about does it. >> that's enough though, isn't it? >> it is. it has been a day. >> it has been a day. thank you very much. for joining us. another story here had, with trouble with the flood water in dundalk, live in dundalk, back to you in the studio. . >> one week after the ravens opened up at home, against the team that only won two games last year and had starting quarterback sidelined, they go out west to take on the defending champs with a pro bowler under center. phillip rivers one of the better qbs in the league and if he plays like he did the last time the ravens were in san diego it will be a long day for the purple and black. >> in 2007 rivers scorched the ravens for 249 yards. and three scores. the defense was unable to get to rivers, the entire game. ray lewis knows that if they want to leave with a win they have to pressure the quarterback.
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>> he spreads the ball around well. and he loves sitting in the pocket. so hopefully we do not let him sit there too long. >> he has a big arm. he throws the ball well. and has a lot of target. you know, to really, you know, throw the ball to. that's a great credit to him. >> but the ravens have several offensive targets as well. and that was evident sunday against the chiefs when joe flacco connected with seven different guys, during the game. this ravens' offense last year was known for the running game more than anything else. but now, joe flacco is showing he is a strong enough quarterback, and receiver mason said they need to keep the passing game going, if they have any chance of winning. >> we want to try to keep this, you know, offense as balanced as possible. and try to make sure that everyone stays in the game. if we continue to distribute the ball the way we did the first game. this offense will score. >> one factor on. playing in the ravens favor is that a key part of the chargers offense will not be on the field. running back tomlinson will not
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play sunday afternoon. he sprained his ankle during monday night's win over the raiders. this is the second game that lt has missed in his entire career. darin sprawls and michael keri will split the carries. >> now o's are shutting down another rookie. left fielder noland reimold placed on the 15 day dl earlier today w left achilles tendonitis. reimold one of the biggest surprises this year, in a 104 game season, he has batted 279 with 15 home runs, and 45 rbi. reimold will have surgery next week, but it is not expected to affect his status for next year. >> standing 8 feet in 1 inch tall, he is the tallest man. get this. as you can imagine, being that tall makes every day life
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challenging. duck under doorways, trouble riding in a car and has to get his clothes especially made. >> high school freshman made the football team in jacksonville florida despite limitation. he had both legs amputated when he was just one year old. because of a birth defect. but this team has not let that stop the desire to play football. he played in the first two games of the season inspiring fans and his teammates with his determination. >> kindergarten teachers at a school in pittsburg seeing double and triple. there must be something in the water because this year's kindergarten class at a south allegany school has six sets of twins and two sets of triplets, imagine having to tell all the kids apart. megan gilliland, fox 45 news "late edition". >> coming up on the "late edition". recap of our top story. a giant watermain bursts, what is happening there at this hour? (announcer) let's say it's guy's weekend,
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. >> a recap of the top story. a 6'watermain broke in dundalk just before 4:00 this afternoon. water gushed from the ground and quickly flooded the streets and homes. roads were impassable and some residents rescued by boat. city officials did not get the water turned off for two hours. the water, we're told, is receding as we speak. and only a few families were forced to evacuate their homes. >> if you have photos or video of this watermain break, please, send them to us at you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to and thank goodness for rain in dundalk for the next few days. they will need it for the clean up efforts down there. jessica starr is here with the final look at the weather forecast. jessica, what can you tell us? >> headed for a beautiful weekend. fall week. and temperatures in the low 70s, 73 degrees for saturday.
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75 degrees on sunday. and beautiful, beautiful weekend. on monday, another system pushes in here. sticking with us, for the middle of the work week. and conditions stay unsettled and fall arrives tuesday. and temperatures climb back up to the low 80s. 80 wednesday. 81 on thursday. and drying out by next friday with a temperature around 77 degrees. that's the seven-day forecast. back to you. >> all right. thank you so much. you can be in charge of your own on personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. >> that will do it for the "late edition". thanks so much for joining us all day today on the breaking and developing story. i am jeff barnd, join us tomorrow night at 10:00. take care. >> real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning the new mcdonald's bacon and cheese angus third pounder.
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