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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 19, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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interview with barack obama in o monday. we made our own. don't forget, set your tivos and recorders, don't miss it. good night. don't miss the show on monday. don't miss it all week. from new york, good night. captioned by, closed captioning services, inc. acorn has a line that they won't cross. >> this will be 13 coming into town and they are young and we don't want to put them on the concourse. >> please tell me 13 under aged salvadorian sex slaves is the line. >> are you [ bleep ] kidding me! >> live and at long, hi, geraldo rivera.geraldo at
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after being producted relentlessly by some colleagues here at fox news, principally sean hannity and glenn beck, even liberals in congress finally got on the antiacorn express. vote fog defund the controversial community group long suspected by conservatives of committing and encouraging voter fraud. >> with acorn. >> i mean the two filmmakers went to the office posing as a pimp and prostitute saying they wanted to buy a house and run it as a brothel. >> when i ran for office in nevada, i found myself 50,000 votes behind in the polls acorn helped me get the extra votes i needed. thanks acorn. >> i'm professional. in my line of work it doesn't come easy. sometimes it takes like 45
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minutes so like my customers, i want to get the most bank to my buck. acorn showed me how to save the most at tax time. thank you, acorn, i owe you one, call me. >> the hidden videos reveal what appears outrageous conduct including employees con doaning child abuse, sex slavery and one shows a california woman braging that she murdered her former husband. >> i mean my husband, you know, just beat the hell out of me, you know, too many times. >> gerald >> geraldo: it turns out she was just pulling their legs and never killed her husband. a legal review of at least the
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tapes already broadcast shows no basis for criminal prosecution of the employees involved. some have justly been fired. others surely will be. but, however, sleazy they do not provide a legal basis for crimes to be charged. moreover, several of the video stings were carried out in states that specifically prohibit hidden camera reporting. california and maryland are among 12 states that make it illegal to tape someone without their consent. to whether you consider enterprising hannah gilles and james o'keefe heros, they need a criminal lawyer. as for the move by congress to defund acorn -- >> they abused taxpayer dollars and the public trust and we need to stop giving more money to acorn and we need to do it immediately. >> geraldo: they voted overwhelmingly to defund the organization. while it as more victory for
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conservatives it is probably unconstitutional. article one section objection nine prohibits legislative acts which inflicts punishment without a finding of guilt. in other words, congress can punish acorn and similar groups but not until a determination that they broke the rules. who better to ask than the former governor, the man who just won the presidential straw poll for the 2012 elections by more than 2-1, mike huckabee. congratulations. 28.5, mitt romney 12.4. >> it was flattering. i mean obviously when you are in front of people that you share core values and principles with and they give you that kind of affirmation it is wonderful. it is so far out before the election and frankly long before i will make any decision on the future because i'm having way too much fun at fox news channel right now.
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>> geraldo: beating sarah palin by 2-1. mitt romney, toml tom pawlentyd newt gingrich. impressive. >> it is flattering, but to say that is the sign from heaven, i need to act upon it would be pretty absurd. people know where i stand. i take positions that are pretty clear and that bothers some people but it also i think kind of comforts others. >> geraldo: what would president huckabee do about a group that was created in your home state of arkansas? >> we need to have a full on investigation. it is widespread, it is not localized. i knew about acorn from the early '70s when they were the arkansas community for government reform. i found it interesting they would show up with a couple of
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buses of people and if i ever got a chance to ask the individuals, why did you come today, what issue is really on fire for you? truth is they didn't know. they were a rent a mob. they would be paid 10 bucks or 15 bucks and get a sign and get a lunch and come and be told what to shout. i think acorn rather than helping poor people exploits poor people and that is what i find so offensive about them. >> geraldo: are they for the democratic party? >> they need to do everything they cannot only to run from them but the democrats are in a position where it is in their best interest to lead the investigation on acorn and root them out because if they don't the republicans will have one heck of a weapon in the 2010 congressional elections. >> geraldo: as an attorney i must say i believe that the laws just -- the bills passed by the house and the united states senate are unconstitutional on their face.
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a violation of article one section nine. >> could be, but being unconstitutional has never stopped congress before. let's look at all the ways in which they practice completely unconstitutional things. but they had to take that action because the public was growing with the discontent. jon stewart of the comedy channel, comedy central, even he was blasting the mainstream media for not getting on the acorn story until they didn't have any choice. they were brought into it kicking and screaming. >> independent office, who did we ask of performing art. >> -- you are performing artists which you are. let's see. you would be that. >> or you could refer to yourself as a toll booth operator.
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genital contractor. used vagina salesman. >> and it was a couple of 20-year-old you tubers, college kids, for heaven sakes. it still has to be an embarrassment to the whole realm of journalism that you have students who are scooping the stories and the new york times and washington post and the big mainstream networks are sitting there with their arms closed saying we see nothing, we hear nothing, we do nothing. >> geraldo: agreed and they have done a very enterprising job. however, they have, it seems violated the federal laws against eavesdropping in several states. >> it would be crazy, though, if someone the offense of taping these people admiting that they are going to help them commit criminal fraud and tax evasion, that the people who exposed them would be in more trouble than the crimes
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they exposed. it is almost like i'm sorry, you really weren't using your own cell phone when you dialed 911 and reported that burglary or the armed robbery going down so we are not going to go after the armed robber, we will go after the person who had an unauthorized use of the cell phone. come on, that would make the real people of this country crazy if that happened. >> geraldo: i appreciate it. again, congratulations on the straw poll. >> good to be here. >> geraldo: while the embattled president has not yet addressed the burchening acorn scandal, he has moved to defuse another thing this week started by bill cosby and jimmy carter who both concluded to the opposition to the various of the president's initiatives is based at least in part on race iism. president obama disagreed.
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>> i think that race is such a volatile issue in this society, always has been, that it becomes hard for people to separate out race being sort of a part of the backdrop of american society versus race being a predominant factor in any given debate. are there some people who don't like me because of my race? i'm sure there are. the overwhelming part of the american population i think is right now following this debate and trying to figure out who is going to help me, is healthcare going to make me better off. >> geraldo: he made more or less the same point. he did five sunday talk show appearances, excluding fox news. he is boycotting us i guess or at least chose not to put us in this rotation. and the white house has said
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that having made his important speech on race during the presidential campaign, mr. obama will not be making another one. but should he? here to talk about everything from race to acorn to healthcare ann coulter, syndicated columnist and constitutional law attorney and mark lamont hill. gentlemen first in this case, you know, on acorn, mark. i want to feel story for them. i love that they are doing the hard work of community organizing. i come from the streets and i know how difficult it is. either they are thinking corrupt or dumbasses. >> who knows. they are so dysfunctional and have to little control over what goes on in the individual branches they need to be torn apart. i defend a lot of stuff on the left but it is indefensible. child prostitution, the whole
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performing arts. i disagree with the governor on this. we are nation of laws and if nothing has been done that is illegal based on the procedures we can't just defund them but we need an investigation and obama and pelosi need to be leading the prosecution. >> what about article one section nine. >> i'm so happy you are interested in looking at the constitution now and there is nothing in the constitution that allows congress to fund acorn. so let's start with that one. >> that enable them, there is plenty. >> no, no, no, you have already thrown the constitution out. it is not punishment not to get a contract from the federal government. >> geraldo: this is funding. >> when the government isn't giving me anything. >> geraldo: humor me for a second. the bills are unconstitutional. should they have passed them anyway and the president signed
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it anyway? >> but the bill i'm talking about being unconstitutional is the one that takes my money and sends it to acorn. >> geraldo: remember when dick cheney was asked whether he supported even the acts by the cia that went beyond the spinach imperative and he said, yes. >> i'm saying the original act of funding acorn is unconstitutional and even if acorn were involved in interstate commerce or, i don't know, the post office or something and there were some constitutional basis for funding acorn to defund it when congress finds out it is corrupt isn't punishment. >> geraldo: i think it is unconstitutional but i agree with professor hill that acorn is dysfunctional and must be miss mantled. we have a vivid political debate coming up. plus, crime time in prime time,
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all of us, all at once together are going to yell, you lie! you all -- it's going to be funny. >> mcconnell, what the heck! we were all going to do it. and then you didn't do it.
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>> i know, i'm sorry about that, joe. we foregot you went to the bathroom. >> it was all a plot and joe wilson got hung out to dry. anyway, continuing with mark and ann, professor lamont hill and ann coulter. in the issue of race, let's talk about race now. carter, who has said some things that are very controversial including the comparing israel to apartheid but he has not been that vocal on many, many issues. bill cosby is the darling of the conservatives in many ways and now they say that institutionalized racism is factor in the huge upswell against popular barack obama. what do you say? >> the headlines i saw in what cosby say, maybe you can play the tape. it was nothing close to what jimmy carter said so let's
10:19 pm
concentrate on jimmy carter because i think we can't talk about him enough. he is getting to be like elizabeth taylor. too big to ignore but just embarrassed watching him. nobody hears him say something and says, oh, jimmy carter is taking a morally self-righteous pose? he never says that. he does it every six minutes. the very same way he is accusing joe wilson of racism, osama bin laden releases a tape recommending two of jimmy carter's books. >> i think he was courageous for this and stood up and did the exact right thing. bill cosby was something else. he sees racism in obama and not for black poor people. my biggest issue. >> geraldo: coming up right after this short message. >> is institutionalized racism. coming up, nancy pelosi
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i have concerns about some of the language that has been used because i saw -- i saw this myself in the late '70s in san francisco, this kind of rhetoric and it was very frightening. >> geraldo: she is talking about the murder of george musconi the mayor and the supervisor by the nut job in san francisco. is it fair to bring up that craziness? professor mark lamont hill was saying about jimmy carter's support for the thesis that
10:24 pm
barack obama's problems are based on race. >> i think he is right. not that everybody disagrees with obama -- there are plenty of reasons that disagree that don't make you a racist. even watching wilson going from a political third stringer, it is suggesting there is something going on here. there is a question of is it politically wise. something racial happens. if he called kanye west a jackass, i can't imagine what he called jimmy carter the other night. >> geraldo: he was a jackass. >> whenever people remember that he is black the polls go down and the ratings go down and he is on the defensive. >> every time i remember i'm latino they bring up some kid waiting across the rio grande river. she brings up musconi's assassination. let me make this point before
10:25 pm
you have a reaction. i believe it is malignantly irresponsible to allow armed people even if the local ordinance permits anywhere near the president of the united states. i think they are slandering the second amendment to the constitution. >> basically harvey mills was killed by a democrat. political violence is committed by the left in this country and so you want the tea parties to be as safe as post offices and public schools where people aren't allowed to be armed. that is a different argument, geraldo. >> geraldo: are you saying you do not oppose people carrying weapons win range of the president? >> as john waite has proved over and over again, more guns, less crime. >> geraldo: so you believe people should carry long guns with telescopic sights within the range of the president of the united states? >> they are never within the range of the united states.
10:26 pm
you said tea parties and then switched it to you are standing next to obama. >> geraldo: people stand outside the president's speeches. >> the tea party was in the same town. >> geraldo: i think that people that bring guns around the president of the united states should be arrested. >> and we can't have it both ways and support the constitution if it fits what we want. >> geraldo: if it is not ilie, it should be. >> people aren't allowed to bring guns in. i'm more likely to be shot than the president. there is one person allowed to bring a gun to my speeches, my body guard. >> if the black pan sherrs showed up at a bush speech they would not be allowed to stand there even with a cap gun. this is not about the constitution. >> we are talking about town halls in places where people are allowed to carry guns. >> geraldo: i think it is in'
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you're watching america's news headquarters. i'm lauren sivan. word coming from the white house today that president obama will host a meeting with israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu. it will take place tuesday. the face to tase talks said to be an effort to lay the ground work for renewed mid east peace negotiations. mexico city boosting subway security after two fatal shootings caught on tape. a man writing an antigovernment statement on a wall friday opened fire after a police officer approached him.
10:31 pm
the officer was killed, a passenger also shot dead trying to stop the gunman. the shooter taken into custody and is now undergoing a psychological examination. i'm lauren sivan in new york. we head back to "geraldo at large." all the latest headlines can be found at our website. check out fox we did learn that there was an anomaly note in the same general area where the cadaver dogs hit yesterday. that is of interest to us. but it could be nothing. there is a lot of things that it possibly could be. >> geraldo: this is a crime time in prime time alert. welcome back live. they have found an anomaly, that something strange, dense in the ground with the ground radar they are using out there in antioch, california. may be a body, who knows what it is. they have been digging for four straight days and authorities have been discovering little bones and other pieces of what may be buried clues near the
10:32 pm
california home in which jaycee dugard was imprisoned for 18 long years. craig is on the case. >> the one thing that investigate ers from police departments in neighboring areas are hoping is that the jaycee dugard case will help clear up a couple of missing persons cases. i'm with the lieutenant from the dublin police department and lieutenant from the hayward police department. tell us about the girls that are missing from your area. >> my kayla was abducted on november 18th, 1988. saturday morning, broad daylight. her and a young friend went to a local north get candy. she was grabbed and thrown into a car and driven which aby a suspect, never to be seen again. >> and then the case of alien. >> on january 30th, 1989.
10:33 pm
eileen had left school at 2:30 in the afternoon, walking home where she was scheduled to be picked up by the ice skating coach. apparently she never made it to her house. >> both girls lived within an hour drive to this house of horrors where jaycee was held captive for 18 years. >> phil garrido got out in august of '88 and they are all within months of each other. >> are looking for any clues to link garrido to the girls. >> one of the things you would look forward to would be statements coming from jaycee dugard to help. >> there is the hope that she can provide some information that may connect the garridos to eileen and mickala's diseye
10:34 pm
disappearance. neighbors say the 58-year-old raise the suspicions but they were hesitant to do anything. >> he was so out there. >> geraldo: the cops frustration when a convicted felon out on the street after he was supposed to be in jail for 50 years. >> it is heart wrenching to see that someone is out there committing the kind of offenses that he commits but we also understand that that is the reality of the world we live in. >> that reality, imagine how garrido's original victim feels about his being paroled only to do it again as it became clear when jaycee was rescued. he just served 20% of the 50 year sentence he served for raping katie co calloway hall o joins us from las vegas. is that the word as soon as he got out he did it again and
10:35 pm
maybe again and again and again? >> it is horrible. i just -- i can't -- i'm just reeling from everything they find out every day about the more possibilities, the more crimes he has committed. it just sends me reeling. >> geraldo: what was your reaction when jaycee was rescued. >> well, i mean it was so many emotions for me. i had been following the story like everyone else and the first thing i heard was garrido's name. nancy and phillip garrido from contra costa county and when i heard his name, i went oh, my god, that is the man who kidnapped me. oh, my god, look what he has done to this little girl. so many feelings all at once. and then i just started shaking. >> geraldo: when you see the pictures of the new nine-year-old mickala garrett, your response?
10:36 pm
>> she looks like jaycee. she is a pretty girl and definitely looks like somebody he would be looking for. i hope she didn't fall prey to him. >> geraldo: did you fear for your life? i mean you must have? >> absolutely. oh, absolutely. i feared for my life when had me and i feared for my life ever since he has been pa roald, i fear for my life. >> stand by. judge janine peer row. it is outrageous. >> it is. >> it is outrageous that he was out. instead of serving 50 years he serves ten years. outrageous that the parole board approved his release. what could he have done to convince them that he should be out? it is outrageous that they were monitoring for 20 or 30 years and didn't even go into the backyard. and outrageous that a police officer gets a call that he is
10:37 pm
a registered sex offender and there were children in the backyard. >> geraldo: is it twisted priorities in the system? what is it. >> one screaming and hollering that we are harassing the convicted sex offenders. oddly enough in this case, it is exactly the opposite. anybody they should have been harassing from moment one is this guy. the truth in sentencing laws should have taken care of you don't do ten years on a 50 year sentence. this gives us all a black law. >> california has a civil confinement law where when they come out of prison they have a demonstrated propensity to go after young girls, they are recidivists and they will repeat their crimes. put them in civil confinement and take them away from future victims. why wasn't that done? >> that is not the judge or the prosecutors. it is the corrections people who let them out. >> the parole board let him out
10:38 pm
but there is a mechanism for the courts to bring him back in because he is a recidivist and he will repeat his crime. >> geraldo: what is the worst of it? >> i tried to tell them that this man is dangerous. he had them convinced that he was wrongly accused with me. he said i was a girlfriend that cried rape. he saids wrongly accused and wrongly convicted and wrongly imprisoned. he had them convinced. i tried to tell them that he is lying and they didn't list. >> why do you figure nancy garrido hooked up with him when was in prison? >> i have no idea. come on, what kind of woman does hook up with someone in prison in the first place and then stays with him for seven
10:39 pm
years. the parole officer told me, when told me he got married in prison. he said he has been married seven years and it has not been consummated, things will get interesting now. and look what happened. >> thank you. we love you, thank you very much for being with us. coming up, we will take you inside a mother's desperate search for her missing child as jaycee dugard's rescue awakens interest in her daughter's did kidnapping. ú?ú?ú?ú?ccú?÷y÷y gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir?
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>> geraldo: back live. as authorities resume their big dig behind phillip garrido's house, let's find out how cops are conducting their intensive search right now. an at large csi. here is craig and dr. michael baden. >> geraldo, today, a methodical search being conducted with ground penetrating radar. i'm with dr. michael baden and the property that is just adjoining the property where jaycee was found to be living for the past 18 years. doctor, tell me about what is going on here today? >> it looks like they have anthropologists who is pacing off a good pattern so they would be able to cover each
10:44 pm
area with ground radar. >> forensic archaeologists were called in when k- units alerted to an area where human remains were found. >> they would be looking for the bone remains and if they find bone remains they have to determine is it human or animal. >> bill silva and his team made a grid pattern on the property next to phil and nancy garrido's home to look for other areas to excavate in hopes of finding new clues. >> a match to the data base of all missing children and parents of missing children and they would know right away whether it matches any of the people they are suspicious about. >> even bones that have been under the ground for 20 years they will still be able to determine the sex, the dna of that person? >> if they have a complete bone
10:45 pm
they will be able to tell age, sex, race, depending which bones they have but dna now makes it even better because by doing dna on the bones they can determine who -- who it is. this is the kind of soil that we looked at right next door and as we dig into it, it is very dry soil, it is like sand and this is perfect soil for preserving bones. >> once they locate if they are able to locate some of these bones they can quickly analyze them and determine what exactly they are? >> they, these bones have dna and even after 28 -- even after 200 years these bones, from the war down south, some of them were dried out like this in the ground and they can still find dna.
10:46 pm
>> what is the buzz? are the bones human? have they made a determination yet? >> well, the sheriff believes that they are human bones. but they really won't know until they can get to the dna. that is why they are conducting the extensive search of the garrido's property and the neighbors. they do have a bone that they believe to be a human bone but they want to continue to search. the property was such a wreck, it was such a mess. there was so much stuff and filth strewn all over that they have to clear it out before they can do a good search. >> geraldo: thank dr. baden for me, thanks, greg. meet the mother of mickala garrett who was kidnapped back in 1988. snatched by a man who witnesses describe as looking very much like garrido did back then. the perpetrator pulled her into his car, same m.o. as in jaycee
10:47 pm
dugard. sharon joins us. her daughter joins us via skype from texas there. mom, you first. your reaction? must be kind of a conflict. you want to have closure and yet if they find closure in the backyard you know the worse is the true. >> this is true, geraldo. i try not to think too much about the bones and what they are digging up out there. i have heard some things in the case that have given me hope that mickala might be alive still. some of the witness tomorrow that there were five girls in the back yard. >> sharon, you believe it is possible that he kidnapped but did not kill michaela? >> i think it is possible. as horrible as he is, so far,
10:48 pm
he hasn't been tried to any deaths. i know that there are a lot of indian remains that are found out in that area so we'll just have to wait and see what the evidence is and in the meantime i'm still hoping that michaela will break out of where she is or that somebody will come forward with information to tell us where she is. >> geraldo: sharon, i wish whatever you hope in this case. i want to go to katrina now, the girlfriend who witnessed the crime. she is joining us via skype. when you look at garrido's picture, do you think you recognize that guy? >> he had an uncanncanny resem resemblance to the man i remember. >> do you think he is the man ha snatched michaela? >> i think he looks remarkably
10:49 pm
like michaela's kidnapper, more so than any one else i have seen. >> that must creep you out. >> absolutely. i never had this feeling before. there were all these feelings. >> katrina, rodriguez, thank you. sharp ron, thansharon, i want s well. now, to the yale killing of annie le. did clark kill her out of concern for the way she was treating the lab rats at yale? the real motive, next.


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