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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 23, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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>> obviously your parents don't put a foot in your butt enough. >> we would be fired on the spot. >> confident skateboarder. why the boy's mother said the legal battle may not be over. >> i made those mistakes. >> dropping out again. what a candidate for mayor of annapolis told reporters tonight. >> may befall but feels like summer for at least another day. hd radar shows changes on the way. what will happen at the end of the week in the sky watch forecast. >> and back on their feet. the way running on helping the homeless. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. >> and i am jennifer gilbert. told you last night
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beaconfrontation between a police officer and a teenage skateboarder that triggered a lawsuit. >> a judge has thrown out the case, but tonight the boy's mother said the legal battle is not over. keith daniels live at the inner harbour with the latest on the story tonight. keith what can you tell us? >> skateboarders name z is eric bush, 14 at the time of the incident. and his friends were here at the inner harbour that day to record skateboard stunts. and they caught more than that on tape when bush was confronted by a baltimore city police officer. >> eric bush is 16, and avid skateboarder still baffled over the confrontation with the baltimore city police officer. >> were you angry with the cop? >> yeah i was upset ask scared. >> shut your mouth i am talking. >> happened in the summer of 2007. officer rivera confronted bush, then 14, for illegally skateboarding at the inner
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harbour. >> when i am talking to you you shut your mouth. >> the en council on ter captured on on video. >> sit down i am not a dude. >> it shows rivera putting bush in a head lock. pushing him in the ground and angrily scolding bush for calling him "dude." . >> i didn't do anything. >> you called me dude. one more time. >> bush said he did not see the officer approach. now the demand about the skateboard. >> he asked me if i heard him and i told him i had my ipod in, and he said don't get an attitude with me. and then that's where he went off. >> i mean, that's outrageous what he did. attacking a child like that. >> peggy miller is bush's mother. the family filed a civil lawsuit against the officer. after the department cleared him of criminal wrongdoing. but a and judge has thrown out
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the civil case, a week before the trial was set to begin. >> i was so upset. >> but bush's mother said the court fight is not over yet. >> she has 30 days to appeal. >> son, what is your problem? >> i cannot let this stop. for eric, you know, insane that people let people getaway with this. >> well, the judge threw out the case because miller failed to notify the city of an intent to sue within the required allotted time under the law. >> again, miller was saying she will appeal. live at the inner harbour, keith daniels fox 45 news at 10:00. >> baltimore city police shoot a man they claimed came at them with a weapon. and turns out the weapon was a spatula. at 6:00 this morning in the 2400 block of bridge hampden drive in baltimore. he called 911 and said he wanted to die and did not know how. and he approached them in the
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parking lot with what appeared to be a weapon. >> knife like object above the head and gave warnings to stop. he did not stop. and officers fired multiple shots, later was discovered that the weapon was a kitchen spatula. >> the man is at sinai in critical condition. two officers involved are on administrative leave and both on the force for less than two years. >> anne arundel county police charge a woman with kidnapping a 4-year-old boy. waiting for a school bus when leslie offit picked him up and walked away the. the child demanded to be to be released and she let go and fled. >> the mother was in close proximity, the child did the right thing by yelling for the woman to put them down. alert somebody nearby. >> police found offit at the home following a tip. >> baltimore city announces furloughs and layoffs but will they impact public safety? >> any furlough plan would
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simply result in fewer police officers and firefighters on the street. >> but there are questions tonight about other city spending travel you are paying for the not worth $12,000 while people are facing layoffs. >> tonight a closer look at city cuts and city spending. >> city leaders have approved another round of budget cuts. they include furloughs and layoffs. john rydell tells us how deep those cuts will be, and whose fighting them. >> furloughs is a tool for reducing costs during difficult budget times. >> baltimore's finance director delivers the grim news. 27 city employees are being laid off. latest casualties of the city's budget crisis. the vast majority of other workers will be furloughed for up to 10 days. those earning less than $50,000 must take five days off without pay. those who make between 50000 and $100,000 will have to take eight furlough days. and those earning more than $100,000 must take 10 furlough
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days. >> if we do not do the furloughs, it could mean up to 400 people being laid off. the city government. 400. >> but the union representing many city employees is upset. their leaders say most cannot afford what really amounts to a pay cut between 2 and 3 percent. >> these workers live in the city of baltimore. they pay the difficult taxes every day. and they do not mind doing t they do not mind the work. but they want to be treated fairly. >> but police officers and firefighters are exempt from the furlough plan. >> any furlough plan would simply result in fewer police officers and firefighters on the street. and paramedic. that compromises public safety. >> no, they cannot do furlough days. but there are some things that they can give back equivalent to. >> and the city is also trying to find ways to cut $4 million in overtime for police officers. not for patrolling the streets but for just appearing in court for trials. >> if we can, you know, work something out with the city that we can give our officers compensatory time, in lieu of
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that, and let them take it down the road, that's money they do not have to pay out right now. >> with overall revenue still down. mayor sheila dixon said the city budget woes are far from over. in baltimore, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> five of the furlough days will coincide with city holidays, the first one is friday oc nine. >> meanwhile city leaders trying to close the massive deficit. and learned that city workers continue to travel on your dime. city you are seeing first on fox 45 news. >> tough talk as city leaders toughen the belt. furloughs and layoffs approved by the board of estimates of the also approved at the same meeting $12,000 worth of city funded travel. >> i am saying, it is not worth $12,000 while people are facing layoffs. >> $1500 spent by the health department. for a trip to atlanta.
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$2100 for the department of transportation to attend a three day conference in allentown pennsylvania. and more than $8400 for four public works employees to travel to orlando florida. >> it is just one of those obvious things that you cut when you are trying to save money. >> and while city lawmakers were cutting, on the road was rosalind spencer. the executive director of baltimore's employee retirement system. we have learned she is spending, at least, two days in san diego at the four seasons resort. for an investment summit, where she was invited to speak. >> the city did not pay for it. >> we questioned city comptroller and pension board chairman joan pratt about spencer's travel but she refused to tell us who paid for the trip. >> from my understanding, the board did not pay for that. >> and an attorney for the pension system, refused to release board minutes, without a
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freedom of information request. those documents would reveal how spencer paid for the trip. >> the city is laying off people, and the fact that one of the employees is going on this great trip to san diego, for, you know, for a pension conference that has not proven to city baltimore city pensions in the past. is outrageous. >> these are fairly desperate times. so it requires extreme measures. >> joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> we tried calling spencer for comment, messages left at her hotel room, were not returned. >> well, it was a long time coming but a license for slot machines in maryland has finally won approval. the city commission has approved the first license for slots at the ocean downs race track near ocean city. the track's owner said 800 machines could be ready to go by memorial day of next year. and the chairman of the slots commission said decisions on other slots locations could come before the end of this year. >> in the meantime, we want to
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moved forward as quickly as we can. and make sure that we are doing so thoroughly carrying out what the statute intended. i think from the time line, we have said from the beginning, that we hope to make our decisions in the fall of this year. >> other sites still waiting for final approval are in baltimore city, anne arundel and cecil counties. >> more troubles this evening for first mariner bank. foreclosure process has begun on the first mariner tower at canyon crossing, days after first mariner bank received a cease and desist order from the federal government. still chairman ed hail said he is optimistic the bank will indeed be saved. >> it is not going to be easy. it will be tough. it is a function of raising capital and getting to the point where the value of the real estate that we hold in the bank here, doesn't continue to depreciate. and we think we're close to that now. >> experts however say the odds are against hail. keeping the building. because the commercial real estate lending market is currently enemic.
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>> a government agency is cutting ties with acorn, this time the irs. decision comes after employees were caught on tape giving tax advice to a couple posing as a prostitute and a pimp. the irs said it will no longer include acorn in its volunteer tax assistance program. in previous years, acorn officess nationwide helped about 25,000 low income families with their tax returns. >> and acorn has filed meanwhile a multi-million dollar lawsuit against the filmmakers that captured the video in baltimore, and similar videos at four other acorn offices around the country a corner said the filmmakers got the video illegally because maryland requires two party consent to record audio. >> montgomery county teenager arrested for allegedly arranging drug deals. 18-year-old was trying to sell pot near walter johnson high school in bethesda.
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charged with possession, with intent to distribute. >> weather wise, the clouds are rolling in. >> felt like summer today. even though it is fall. >> chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to tell us what's going on. >> can you believe we have summer like thunderstorms off to the west. >> i believe it. >> well, you know, good news is that the rain held off all day. potential for showers, but it waited until evening time to enjoy the nice conditions out there through much of the afternoon. with temperatures in the 80s. but as we look at hd radar, off to the northwest. we have a line of showers and a few rumbles of thunder, west of westminster. taneytown, getting heavy rain, and it looks like, showers will continue to move into carroll county. not moving very fast. but you may get heavy downpour. and also see a flash of lightning. looking at the hd lightning data. in of the last hour, 258 strikes. and continue to see that move toward the baltimore metro area over the course of the next, about, hour or so. expect to see the showers and thunderstorms make the way to the east. zoom out the picture here. you can see the line of
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thunderstorms stretching up to pennsylvania, lancaster, up to york, so it looks like we will continue to see the temperatures on the mild side of things. right now 77 in both dc and baltimore. as the warm air comes up out of the south. so overnight tonight, showers push to the east. and we may see sun and clouds tomorrow. with 20 percent chance of a stray shower. great weekend forecast coming up. >> be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to >> and if you got something happening in your neighborhood. you can share it with baltimore. upload your pictures, your videos, even stories that you write, to neighborhood news. go to take. and you can also send pictures, and videos directly from your cell phone, through . >> a child wandering along a sidewalk, see the horrific crash
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that she survived later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> when you keep running in front of the other, amazing how far you get. >> also ahead. the challenge of beating the streets. how running creates a new road to success. that is in the cover story tonight. >> wakes me up in the middle night. makes me not eat. >> battling back pain. new device could bring relief in tonight's health check. >>. >> i respect her courtesy. still hine her 100 percent. >> but next, the wild swings in the race for mayor of annapolis,
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. >> last week's watermain break in dundalk is raising new concerns about the state of baltimore's infrastructure. now a call for help from dc. jeff abell explains. >> in dundalk, the past five days have been a real drain. on city pipes. city crews. city residents. >> for those two days it was frustrating. >> wednesday afternoon, crews rolled into the area and began to shore up the hole created by friday's massive watermain break. it is a repair job all too familiar for city workers. >> like a river. >> in may, this watermain break flooded lombard street. another one broke in halethorpe. 5000 according to the city in
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four years. the system is too old city leaders say and too costly to maintain. >> the money we have allows us to do a small amount of that every year. so basically what we're doing is we're chasing down the watermain breaks, and that's a serious problem. >> this situation has prompted senator ben cardin to call on washington to pump more than $35 billion into improving the country's infrastructure. a situation he says is in dire straits. >> federal dollars, according to the city, are critical in maintaining crumbling pipes. >> we have a aging infrastructure, you know, the mandate in upgrading that, came from the federal government, without any financing and money. so it is really important that we get support from the federal government. >> for now, the city is in repair mode. and promising to perform what maintenance it can with what little money is left. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the city said it could very well cost more than $2 billion
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to make necessary repairs. >> meantime, maryland gets millions of dollars to fight terror. homeland security chief janet napolitano was downtown to announce grant money. that money comes from the federal stimulus plan. $150 million goes toward port security. >> it is designed to help protect critical port infrastructure. to combat embo advices devices and mwd threats, and assist with the implementation of the transportation worker identification credential. >> $166 million used to build new fire stations or upgrade existing ones. $72 million will go toward improving tunnels and bridges. >> the democratic candidate for mayor of annapolis has dropped out of the race again. zenia pierre made the announcement today among controversy and questioning about financing.
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we have more on the story. melinda what's the latest? >> when she won the democrat primary she earned a shot at becoming the first african american female to serve as mayor. and then on friday a campaign representative said she was dropping out of the race. and overtime weekend she said it was a mistake and still in the running. today she officially called it quits. >> yes, i made those mistakes. >> zenia pierre admits finances are not in perfect order. >> have i ever had a judgment of unpaid bills? yes. i did. was i ever late with my mortgage payment? yes, i was. >> but she denies her home is in foreclosure. although court records show otherwise. in fact, there are several court cases against her or her business, many of them related to money. but pierre refuses to comment. >> to the reporters and bloggers, no questions. >> there was speculation that she doesn't live in annapolis, court records show she has a
10:21 pm
property in prince george county and now she said the media pressure is too much of a distraction to stay in the race. >> so i regret that i will respectfully step-down. and out of this race and will now put this distraction behind me. >> the announcement comes as a surprise to supporters. >> i respect her decision. still hine her 100 percent. >> i was hopeful that she would continue on. it was a great night the other night when she won. but obviously she has to make the right decision for her. >> i am disappointed because we worked hard. and 1431 people spoke, and that's what counts. >> when pierre won the democratic nomination many hoped she would become the first african american female mayor. >> i know my campaign in the historic nature of this election is bigger than me. >> now the democratic party must choose a new nominee, but some want a new vote. >> i think democrats have to rerun the primary.
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because who knows who would have voted if she hadn't been running, that's 1400 people that you don't know who they would have voted for. >> now, zenia pierre was a white house aide under president clinton and today she said she intends to remain active in her community. and active in politics. live tonight in annapolis, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> one question tonight in the health care debate. who is going to replace the late senator kennedy. massachusetts lawmakers approve a bill allowing the governor to appoint a replacement. governor duval patrick must write a letter to the secretary of state in massachusettss to bypass the mandatory 90 days waiting period. kennedy frame family supports the appointment of paul kirk, a long time family friend. an election to permanently fill the seat is in february. >> health care bill takes longer
10:23 pm
than expected to get out of committee. considering 500 amendments. tonight they stop three republican amendments with tort reform. and then a memo to seniors. humana sent a letter about cuts and they warn insurance firms against sending these letters to customers. republicans calling it a gag order but they say it prevents the companies from scaring seniors. what do you think about health care reform. their contact information is on our website voice and there is more information about health care reform on our website. click on the cure for health care icon. . >> flags in bad shape, flying on capitol hill. the washington times is working on a story about how one of the reporters discovered tattered flags, throughout the capital complex. >> at least, three flags over the house office buildings, rayburn, long worth and cannon,
10:24 pm
were in terrible shape. until the washington times called and the capital police replaced them. >> also in the times. the white house effort to get support for possible sanctions against iran. and why the senate is telling the obama administration to stop on spending some of the stimulus money. for more on these stories go to and click on the washington times icon. >> well, you versus the ravens. >> without getting hurt. >> the new game that lets you play against the professionals in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> it may be hard to keep football lovers away from their cell phones. with the launch of nfl 20202010. the new application has ray lou's seal of approval. the linebacker on hand to debut the new gadget. it lets you take on real nfl players and teams on the virtual field of course. >> great video game. you know that you can get on any kind of mobile textnology or
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definitely on the i-phone, different aps. >> nfl 2010 costs under $3 at the i-phone aps store and while tackling opponents and throwing touchdowns on the i-phone, get breaking news on it with mobile news. sign up today for news, traffic updates and severe weather alerts and straight to your phone. go to or text wbff to 445203. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". >> it is book festival time for the city. >> this year he's festival includes top publishers authors, and celebrities around t kicks off in mount vernon friday at noon and runs through sunday. >>. >> the festival is a great way to entertain. you can buy books here, and we have a book swamp. if you do not want to buy one you can bring 1 and get a free book. >> for a list of the events, go to our website /news links.
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. >> on on hd radar, tracking storms that are makeup the way into carroll county. folks in westminster about to get heavy rainfall. and lightning. associated with the system. not fast-moving but moving into baltimore in the next hour. i will have a closer look at how long they will stick around and where they are going coming up in a bit. >> i am ready to get the pain over with. and have a life. >> later on fox 45 news at 10:00. how doctors are working with spinal cords tor relieve all the back pain. >> who did you most out run down here in this area of the city? >> but next, battling the streets, by pounding the pavement? how running is providing a new path for some people. and it is our cover story when we come back. $5 for the sub, huh?
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. >> before most people even hear the morning alarm, a group of dedicated people gathers in a rough part of south baltimore. >> new friends began to get together back in march. but what they have already accomplished, will last them a lifetime. kathleen cairns has tonight's cover story. back on my feet.
10:30 pm
>> before sunrise, in federal hill. >> 5 a.m. we're out. we do most of our running down here in this area of the city. >> and an aaron is never alone. >> i know you are not running in that jacket this morning. >> how is it going? >> going all right. >> people converge on west street from all directions. >> man, where are we running from where to where? >> and prepare to pound the pavement. >> go anywhere from one for 4 miles. >> nearly three dozen gather. and while other city residents sleep. inspiration before perspiration. >> let's go. >> some runners are mentors that come to help newcomers that could barely walk a mile on day
10:31 pm
one. aaron's progress in just a few months makes him the poster child. >> homeless people that we do pass. i sympathize because i have been there, where they are at. >> aaron teams up with pat hiben today. >> how long have you been running? >> seven months. >> in the shadows of a church. aaron pauses for a full confession. >> i live in a homeless shelter, which helps me with my drug addiction. >> half the runners here are homeless. they live in the baltimore station. a homeless shelter. where a morning run has become part of their recovery. >> i know i made a lot of bad choices. i cannot change that. only thing i can change is now. the people i run with, they got my back.
10:32 pm
>> they stay on south charles. >> i wish i could run it. >> while other early risers watch with admiration. >> that's the best thing to happen to a human body. >> as more runners pass by. >> my running days are over. i run all my life. >> lamont taylor asks us for 50 cents. >> i am homeless. >> the irony is not lost. in the shadows of this city. two homeless men with very different visions of the future. >> i need some change. in order for me to get better i have to change. >> meanwhile, aaron has his sight set on one goal now. a marathon. >> 26 miles. got energy to do it. >> from those with nothing, they create their own positive something. >> circumstances should not stop you from caring about your health. >> as the sun comes up, the run
10:33 pm
winds down. another victory. >> when you keep putting 1 foot in front of the other, amazing how far you get. >> another step for aaron. >> started seven months ago and to have him here running 5 miles like it is no problem. big deal. >> back on his feet again. >> my goal next monday is to complete the marathon. the baltimore run. >> in south baltimore, kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> runners can support the program by joining in the morning jog. >> well money is also needed to help buy sneakers for the homeless men and women trying to get their lives back on track. >> for more information on baltimore's back on my feet program. log onto links. >> wakes me up in the middle of
10:34 pm
the night. makes me not eat. >> a device that could bring relief to thousands that suffer from constant back pain. details ahead in the health check. >> and an out-of-control car almost crushes a kid. how the child survived coming up after the break. . >> looking at decent rain throug
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that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway.
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>> good evening folks. talking about rain making the way into the baltimore area. it took all day to get here. i am not complaining. because we saw a lovely day out there. with temperatures in the mid 80s. looking at some sun and clouds. now the clouds have thickened up a bit. and we have a line of showers back to the westover parts of carroll county. starting to make the way over to baltimore county. northern baltimore county. and they are seeing lightning and thunder associated with it
10:37 pm
as well. zoom in closer. westminster getting rainfall. steady. through carroll county. moving into baltimore county. so reisterstown and owings mills will start to get rain and north of cockeysville, probably next half hour to 40 minutes. not a fast-moving line of showers. but definitely there is some lightning associated with it as well. as we have instability out there. in the last hour, looking at the lightning count, 385 strikes. so nice aggressive line. but nothing severe. just average garden variety thunderstorm making watt through the area. timing this, we can look at the composite view here. showing the motion of the storm as it continues to move along the frontal boundary that will continue to push through. stretching anywhere from harrisburg on down. up toward allentown pennsylvania still looking at that rain that will continue to push across pennsylvania. and through maryland. back to the west still remaining showers. so not totally out of the thick of things as we go through late overnight, so do not be surprised to hear rain on the
10:38 pm
roof. one or 2:00 hour. hd skycam downtown. dry conditions right now. clouds thickening up. winds out of the south at five. keeps us on the warm track of things. right now 74 degrees. that humidity level goes up a bit as the moisture builds in with the shower activity off to the west. and we will continue to see the southerly flow again tomorrow. and until the front pushes through late afternoon. and once it pushes through, it will drop our temperatures a bit. as cooler air moves in from the northwest. you can see the front here associated with the system. as it continues to push across the area that systems brings us the showers through the night tonight. and then by tomorrow, maybe a slight chance for a shower. there it is right there. that cell that continues to push off through. and that will continue to give us that chance for a little bit of rumbling of turn and rain over the next hour, hour and a half. as we time this out. future scan shows that activity pushing off to the east. tomorrow, sun and clouds with a chance for maybe a pop-up shower. 20 percent chance. as we get through the afternoon. but, i think, things start to clear up as you can see on the
10:39 pm
model data. clouds thin out later in the day. and i think shape up to be a pretty nice start to the weekend. as we start to get through the next couple of days here. so here is what it looks like for eastern shore. slight chance for a shower. temperatures at 84 degrees. and then for the central portion of the state. temperatures right around 80. and then it looks like only a 20 percent chance for a shower as the front continues to move from the north bringing our temperatures down a bit toward the weekend. and then also start to try out toward saturday. so going with mostly partly to cloudy skies tomorrow. and temperatures around 83 degrees. maybe a brief shower in the mid-morning, to afternoon. and, i think, it will be widely scattered if we get anything. and five-day forecast shows more sunshine on friday. temperatures at 72 degrees. and 68. slightly cooler there as we get on saturday afternoon. with sun and clouds maybe 30 percent chance of a shower. and sunday about 40 percent chance for some showers as well. fox 45 news sky watch weather at your fingertips. i-radar available at
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you can use the doppler radar to track coming storms. interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow is over your house. go to >> talk about a close call. 4-year-old girl was leaving a market with her mom and dad saturday night. and she started to lag behind and look what happened next. >> that car out on of nowhere. in reverse. very fast. slamming into the side of the building. amazingly ended up on top of the metal poles there to sort of protect the building. and apparently that is what saved little jasmine. she was not even hurt. the woman driving the car has been charged with reckless driving and driving on a suspended license. >> i am ready to get the pain over with. and have a life.
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10:43 pm
. >> imagine living with constant back pain. many people do. but a new medical device may help patients manage the pain. get around better. and improve their quality of life. >> my granddaughter is six years old and she wonders why i cannot be with her much. >> daryl is a proud grandfather but he cannot spend as much time
10:44 pm
as he wanted to with his granddaughter. >> wakes me up in the middle of the night. makes me not eat. >> after suffering a heart attack in 2001. he was left with intense pain. >> so a lot of sharp pain that goes from the front of my chest to the back. >> he tried everything, from medicationss to injections to even surgery, but nothing seems to help. >> i am ready to get the pain over with. and have a life. >> after taking part in a week long trial at good samaritan hospital. prayers answered. the stimulator eliminate most of the pain. >> he said he was more functional. he was better than he felt in years. >> in fact, it worked so well daryl decided to have dr. freedman implant the device permanently. >> requires a small lamb neck tomorrow shave off part of the bone and slip this under the bone so it sits against the spinal cord it can sit anywhere against the spinal cord. >> it transmits tiny electrical
10:45 pm
impulses to the spinal cord, blocking pain signals before they reach the brain. >> you still make sense that it is there. but you feel a vibration or tingling and massage instead of the pain. >> the device contains a battery that is most commonly insert into the glute tee yell area. and it can be activate by the patients with a touch of a button. >> i can do more stuff that i have not been doing. >> clamp it on. >> with a six to eight week recovery time, doctors say the surgery comes with little risk. and for most patients, life changing rewards. >> it makes a huge difference. changes people's lives. >> most patients that have the device implanted see the pain cut, at least in half. to learn about the surgery go to and click on the health check icon, in the fox 45 features section. >> ravens play the first
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shipping! (announcer) store to home. there's more ways to shop your way at sears. life. well spent. >> well, we have seen great weather out there on the seven-day forecast. another great day possibly with temperatures around in the mid 80s. 83 degrees. slight chance for a stray shower. 20 percent chance. but i think we will get sun poking through the clouds. friday 72 degrees. front pushes through to make it cooler. with plenty of sun. saturday looking at sun and
10:49 pm
clouds. 30 percent for showers possible. but only a high of 68. 71 on sunday. now if you are going to the game, it looks like this is going to be a potential that we may need a little bit of potential to see umbrella or two. because of a shower in the area. so temperatures around 71 degrees. not too bad of a day if you are going to the game. on monday, looking at 73 degrees, and then temperatures in the upper 60s for tuesday and wednesday. with more sunshine. back to you guys. >> personally i don't like an umbrella at a football game. especially in front of me. if the water is on you you cannot see. >> it is not good. >> wear a trash bag. >> pays to be friends with fox 45 news. facebook contest is ongoing. >> be the first to post the top story on our facebook and you can be a winner. become a friend. winner qualifies for the grand prize as a $250 gift


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