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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  September 24, 2009 5:30pm-6:00pm EDT

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. >> fbi searches the home of baltimore police officer. what he is accused of doing at crime scenes. we have canine flu. swine flu. is there anything else out there that i don't know about. >> trouble for the dog world. find out how close dog flu is to baltimore. we were distraught. to said least. >> woman expecting a baby finds out it is not hers. what went wrong? >> another warm autumn day but change is on the way. cooler day ahead in my sky watch
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forecast. good evening. >> baltimore police officer is arrested on federal charges. he's accused of stealing reward money and property seized during searches. >> we are live outside the federal courthouse tonight with the story. melinda? >>reporter: well, detective mark lunsford is a baltimore city police officer who was assigned with a special drug task force. so he often worked with federal agents to try and catch suspected drug dealers. but few months ago he became a suspect himself after the feds got a tip regarding corruption. lunsford was accused of stealing expensive jewelry during some searches including a diamond watch. so federal agents conducted a raid of his home to search for the items. perhaps even bigger concern is that lunsford was also allegedly working within form antis to steal reward money on some cases. >> the scheme was essentially
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that detective lunsford would put in a claim, claiming the source had provided information to dea and was due a reward and detective lunsford split the money with the source. >>reporter: now if convicted on all charges lunsford could face up to 20 years in a federal prison. in the mean time he's been placed on a home monitoring system and he has been suspended which the baltimore city police department. they will be conducting their own internal affairs investigation. live from the federal courthouse in baltimore, fox 45 news at 5:30. pasadena man arrested on child pornography charges. 30-year-old scott ferguson turned himself in to state police. caught with dozens of video and pictures of children on his computer. if convicted ferguson could very well get up to 73 years behind bars and 170,000 dollars in fines. >> baltimore county police need your help tonight finding missing girl. 14-year-old monica must went missing from her house in the 8200 block of
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jefferson circle and towns he said three days achlingt she was with a man named jay whom she may know. nib anyone with information should call baltimore county police at this number on the screen. attorneys for acorn fear back. civil lawsuit has been filed in certificate court comes after workers in acorn baltimore office were secretly record the. joy has the story tonight. >>reporter: 3 people named in the lawsuit. independent filmmaker, woman who posed as prostitute and the company that posted the footage from baltimore and 4 other offices on line. attorney petit is representing share a williams, one of the women who was caught on tape giving advice on how to avoid taxes. in maryland it is against the law to secretly record someone's voice. petit is one of several lawyers who make up
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acorn legal team. >> obviously political. and obviously the result of this there has been a loss of financing and so forth so i think all litigation has degree of importance but i think here not just looking at local issue but a national issue which might have some interesting results in terms of 10 asian of the type of services that acorn has offered. >>reporter: acorn and 2 workers fired are looking for more than 5 million dollars in damages. this its is fox 45 news at 5:30. that brings us to our question of the day. do you think acorn should sue the people involved in the undercover investigation? go to our web site and tell us what you think. response could air tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> federal grand jury indiets one of 3 men at the center of alleged terrorist plot.
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24-year-old zazi first charged back in denver and faces conspiracy charges to detonate explosives. authorities say zazi was plotting for more than a year to detonate explosives possibly on new york city subway. also say he recently bought bomb making materials from beauty supply stores. last week we saw real disaster in dunn dock. baltimore county prepared in case it strikes again. county emergency management team held a disaster recovery exercise today. volunteers played victims and had a post relief distribution center to pick up basic supplies e.right now what this is is 3 stations set up. we can serve 5000 cars a day or 5000 family. let's say it was a hurricane or tropical storm we would be giving water water, food, tarp, even clean up kits. >>reporter: the drill was held at wal-mart on north point boulevard. wal-mart work was the state to provide locations, storage trailers and supplies in the event of a disaster.
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how are the roads looking tonight? lauren has the traffic edge report now. hello lauren. >> hi jeff. we are dealing with several accidents but let's look at the average speed. looking at 64 miles per hour northeast corridor of 95. 48 traveling on the jfx and 86 heading up to baltimore county. we make our way to the west situated of the belt way looking at 44 miles per hour but does peck up to 51 on the south side of howard county. road closure in kateville shut down at wilkins avenue with falling power lines and heavy delay on the south west portion of the belt way on the outer loop lanes due to earlier accident. as we make our way to the tunnel expect heavy ride traveling south bound through the fort mchenry tunnel and push up to 95 live look in white marsh you will see volume starting to pick up in the south bound liens and that congestion will continue as we hop on to the belt way. slow up to
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parkville and towns he said to the 83. that is a lock at the evening travels. now back to you. >> all right thanks so much. >> humans worry about swine flu. dog and owner have to worry about a dog flu. >>reporter: it is actually called the h1n1 and spread from dog to dog through sniffing coughing or sharing toys that's where is a leave a can be left behind. the dog flu started in florida. it has been spreading up the east coast. symptoms include deep cough. fever being lethargic. rocky noticed his dog had a cough two weeks ago. within 12 hours rocky wasn't sure king would make it through the night. >> king and i have been together for 5 and a half years. ever since he was a puppy. that is very difficult. he's my best friend. i'm actually getting a little bit emotional now but i had never experienced anything like this before. he's never been sick. >>reporter: king recovered after getting some antibiotics
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from the vet. dog flu vaccine is also available for canine that spend a lot of time in dog park or in kennel. we have a lot more on the story and what you can do to help your pooch tonight at 10:00. this is fox 45 news at 5:30. it is fall but sure doesn't feel like it. >> when will cooler temperatures come back. that's next on the sky watch forecast. >> being called a medical breakthrough. possible hiv vaccine. results of trial coming up in health check. >> baltimore man files suit against face book. we'll tell you why coming up. hey! i've been paused for 20 minutes.
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om the family of the most dependable, longest lasting full size pickups on the road. just announced, it's chevy truck month. get $4000 total cash back on select '09 silverado models. or choose 0% apr plus $500 purchase bonus cash on any silverado. . >> any type of loan program gets under way in baltimore to encourage low income resident to borrow responsibly. boro and save program offers low
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interest loans to be repaid over the course of a year and during the year the program will also offer classes teaching financial responsibility to the borrower. >> this program is exciting because several banks here in baltimore community base bank have performed a loan school from which they will offer alternatives to high cost small dollar lending. alternative to high cost payday loan and the leak. >>reporter: boro and save program loans will have lower interest rates than the payday loans that experts say can often send people deeper into debt. more information on the loan program log on to our web site and news link. >> owner of small baltimore tech company taking on the social networking giant face book. he filed suit in federal court claiming they violated his own patent. john joins us to explain. john? >>reporter: jason hardwick says long before face become was even created he had already developed technology that is now being utilized by
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the social networking site. part of the software company in canton is too glue and has patent for a program that handles communication between users on line network. back 2001 he first applied for the patent. 3 yourself before face book was created. part of the company actually received the patent two years ago. he admits taking on face book might be similar to david versus goliath. he says it's all about fairness. >> we want our day in court and the ability to be compensated fairly for what we spend a lot of blood sweat tears and dollars over the last 8 or nine years building the company and patent is a big part of that. >>reporter: well spokeswoman for face book says the lawsuit has no merit. company plans to vigorously fight it in court. this is news at 5:30. in health check tonight. promising news in the fight against hiv. the world largest hiv vaccine trial to
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date shows experimental vaccine cuts the risk of infection by almost a third. u.s. army city in thailand first time an experimental shows effectively prevented infection. >> so it is of course very encouraging also global community with the results gives us hope for future vaccine development against our fight against hiv. >>reporter: more research needed before the vacation can be considered. for fda approval here in the u.s. area hospital taking no chances this flu season. flu vaccine was delivered this afternoon to the emergency crew at gbmc. all employee at the hospital are required to get the shot this year. >> importance is we really want our employees to be safe. want our employees to be able to be protected and we want them to be able to protect their parents. we don't want flu to be spread to our care gives and from our care gives to our patients. >>reporter: this is also part
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of a mock flu disaster drill to see how fast the hospital crew can distribute the vaccination in case of an emergency. another warm day in baltimore. we have a look at the sky watch forecast. vyta vytas. >>reporter: warm and also nice because we saw a little bit of break of sunshine through the afternoon. few clouds scattered in the area with a few drops. really no heavy downpours by any means. looks like right now on hd radar scanning the sky, no activity as far as any rain fall. we still have a little bit of sun and clouds out there. most of the heaviest rain over the midwest and looks like over the next couple days we have to keep an eye out for that. we have potential for the rain working into our forecast as we get down the road. in fact heavy showers over much of ohio but for us you can see mainly clear conditions early today just a few little spots of showers lightly scattered across the area but heaviest rain over parts of indiana. southern indiana to evansville west of lieuville, kentucky. heavy thunderstorm activity up
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to columbus and cincinnati. date on good rain and manufacture through the midwest. that frontal boundary joining us as we get into the late afternoon by sat saturday, sunday and looks like there is more activity down to the south this is converging with to give us a chance for some rain. here's what it looks like temperature wyles. we saw the 80's big difference across the state. 82 degrees in baltimore right now. 83 in dc. down in fredericksburg 86 the warm spot and mountains 66 throughout in oakland. cool air there. looks like most part most of everyone in the central portion is facing nice warm day. seeing the changes from the northwest we see a front pushing through by friday afternoon that looks like that will drop our temperatures down as we have a northwest wind pretty much through the weekend and even see temperatures in the 60's asset kind of cools off for the weekend. tonight partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies. temperatures right around 72 degrees. that north wind at 5 to 10. closer look at the 7 day forecast and weekend outlook when the rain will
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come here and stick around coming up in a little bit. we were distraught. to say the least. >> woman expecting her fourth child finds out it is not hers. how something so shocking could happen next. teeth. check. bottom. needs work. sorry, son. [ female announcer ] you can't pass inspection with pieces left behind. introducing new charmin ultra strong.
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>> shocking story out of ohio. woman pregnant with her fourth child finds out the baby is not hers. she and her husband went to fertility clinic to get pregnant using invitro fertilization but there was a mix up. clinic implanted an egg belonging to another couple. >> we were distraught. to say the least. and just kind of reeling at that moment. it will never it will never leave my memory. >>reporter: the savages are going forward with the pregnancy and plan to give the baby to the biological parents in michigan and the couple has hired a lawyer. first time in 50 years the most famous gem stone in the world is on display in the natural state. visitors are gawking at the hope diamond. all 45 and a half carat of it at the smithsonian in dc. first owned by louie the 14 and stolen during the french revolution. eventually sold
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to washington socialite who suffered greatly throughout the entire life time leading some to believe the hope diamond is really cursed. >> this is an epic hollywood style story. all the ingredient. cutting edge, edge, tragedy larger than life character and it has a. >>reporter: cutting edge. you get it. smithsonian asked the public to vote on the new setting for the hope diamond. winner is called embracing hope. diamond on display through next spring. well it happens with play station 3. x box 2 and now the nintendo wee is getting a price cut. they announced slashing the price of the wee gaming system by 50 dollars to 199 dollars. >> by going to 199 we will reach millions of consumers who say that they are interested in video games but are looking for a little bit more incentive. a little bit more of a push. >>reporter: this is the first wee price cut since it came out back in 2006. ravens and browns renew
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rivalry this sunday here in baltimore. you might be able to see the game in eastern about. big details coming up next in .
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>> welcome back. i'm bruce cunningham. one of the people who never get ravens detectives you want to listen up. browns returned about 300 for sunday. go to ticket right now. don't wait. sunday marks return of one of the raven more interesting rivalry. no secret they hate the ravens in cleveland for obvious reasons. is the reverse true? do the players even care? todd provides the answer to that one. >> obviously not a lot of people in cleveland that like us. i think it's vice versus. over the years it has been a
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rivalry as of late the cleveland hasn't always been the play off team but they play us tough. >>reporter: seems entire country is buzzing about the ravens offense. joe flacco and company had the unit second in the league in touch down 64 behind the high scoring saints against the chargers scored every time in the red zone. far cry from year past and major reason for the success thus far. >> we have a couple ways we can beat you. offense he have line doing a great job. pass protection and run blocking for the back. so any time offensive line playing the way they are it allows you to free up time back there for me to find receiver and allow the back to run through open hole and touch down e.we have to make the most of our opportunity in the red zone. last 2 game i think we have done a good job. not great job because there's still some opportunity we had the fears game we didn't capitalize on and some opportunities we could have had in the last game that we didn't capitalize on but right
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now we are doing a good job. >>reporter: much more on sunday game and i'll talk with ravens in um 1 draft pick orr and latest installment of the spotlight. all coming up tonight on 10:if i on sports unlimited. >> thanks so much bruce. >> what's the weather looking like the next 24, 48 hours. >> is the heat wave continuing. vytas. >>reporter: looks pretty niece out there. we saw the temperatures in the 80's today. a little bit of sun clouds feeling more like summer versus fall. nice day all in all. few drops came down in the afternoon but widely scattered. no heavy rain fall. looking at the hd cam downtown you see inner harbor sun clouds we will continue to see chance for some showers building in as we get into the weekend but right now partly to mostly cloudy. temperatures still at 80 degrees so still nice and warm with winds variable at 3. humidity levels at 60 percent so looking at pretty decent evening all in all. there is some rain off to the west that we are kind of keeping an eye on here. see the rain moving in from parts of ohio west virginia right now looks like
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most of the activity will 10 to go to the south and dryer air off to the east and should hold it off for the evening hours. should get clouds and cooler air up to the north and west. to the south pretty warm. richmond brushing 90 degrees. can you believe that. 87 right now. 82 in baltimore. 83 in hagerstown. 78 up in harris burg so we look at warm temperatures because of the flow of the air coming up out of the south. now cold front coming in from the west. as the front pushes through by tomorrow we'll see the changes with the temperatures going down so we see only high probably in the upper 60's as we get towards the weekend. looking at the showers pushing to the south model data showing rain to the south until we get to saturday late afternoon evening we could see some heavy rain fall building up south south and carry from saturday night through sunday morning and through sunday morning and more rain
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