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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  September 24, 2009 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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. >> shocking charges against a baltimore police officer. why federal agents raided his home. >> a baltimore middle school student in the hospital with the swine flu. we will tell you about her condition tonight. >> well, pretty much this is an environmental disaster. >> and fighting back against gag gels of geese, how one man turned it into a full-time job. >> live in high definition from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. baltimore police officer is facing federal charges. >> authorities say he stole property from crime scenes and took kickbacks on reward money from informants.
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melinda roeder live tonight at city police headquarters with the more on the story. melinda? >> these are pretty serious charges if convicted. detective mark lunsford could face up to 20 years necessity a federal prison, and already suspended from the city police force. >> the commissioner has made it very clear that he will hold his officers be accountable. >> baltimore police officials say they are disappointed in the allegations again one of their own. detective mark lunsford a cop more than 15 years and until recently assigned to a special drug force task that worked with federal agents. but a few months ago he became a suspect himself. >> the investigation began in june of this year when a confidential source came to the fbi and reported alleged corruption by detective lunsford. >> he is accused of stealing reward money intended to be paid out for information leading to the arrest of drug dealers. >> the allegation is that the scheme was essentially that detective lunsford would put in a claim, claiming that the
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source had provided information to dea and was due a reward. and that the detective lunsford then split the money with the source. >> also facing charges of threat. he is accused of stealing watches, clothing and play stations from crime scenes, or searchers. and agents they search for in his own home. case that is concerning for police and prosecutors. >> the allegations represent a egregious violation. >> lunsford is now on home detention as he awaits trial. and city officials say he is off the job. >> because he was charged, his police powers suspended and he will go through a suspension hearing and be suspended without pay most likely given the charges. >> now, since the investigation is ongoing, it is possible even more charges could be brought up against lunsford. meantime city police are conducting their own internal affairs investigation. live tonight from baltimore
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police headquarters, melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> off duty baltimore county police officer is killed in a traffic accident today t happened in the 3500 block of black rock road in reisterstown at 1:40 p.m. 32-year-old jason simons on the way to work when he lost control of the pickup. hit a guardrail trapping him. >> this is a double loss in the sense that he is the stepson of lieutenant mike howl who died in the line of duty last year in august. >> officer howl died of a stroke after returning from a murder-suicide scene. simons was a seven year veteran of the police force. >> another terror arrest tonight. this one in dallas. police arrested a 9-year-old from jordan. investigators say he planned to bomb a sky scraper in downtown dallas. he was arrested after he placed a fake bomb at the fountain place office tower. decoy given to him by fbi
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undercover agent. investigators say this case has no connection to the investigations going on in colorado and new york. >> and now the latest on that investigation. federal grand jury indicts one of three men at the center of an alleged terror plot that may have included blowing up subway trains in new york. 24-year-old najibullah zazi was originally charged with lying to investigators in denver. and he now faces more serious charge in new york, conspiracy to detonate bombs. >> authorities believe najibullah zazi was plotting for more than a year to he detonate homemade explosives. and say he recently bought bomb making ingredients from beauty supply stores. >> republicans in the senate finance committee have serious questions about how acorn spends its money. acorn was caught on tape in five cities, you recall, giving tax advice. to people posing as a pimp and prostitute. the staff said acorn appears to be collecting money and using it for political gain. meantime irs agreed for review
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over sight of acorn and other non-profits and irs severed advertise with them wednesday. >> acorn is suing the filmmakers joy lepola has the latest on that side of the story. >> the court is always a mind fill. >> the legal arguments surrounding acorners lawsuit are expected to be explosive. >> any time you file suit, any time you go into a courtroom, anything can happen. >> acorn, and 2 of its former workers, here in baltimore, have filed suit. they have taken aim at the people who created this video and the company that posted it online. big dwight pettit is representing sherrill williams one of the two women fired. >> she has a reputation that has been damaged. and injured. she has a job that she has lost. and, you know, this is about the damages to her. >> besides seeking more than $5 million in damages. plaintiffs also want to stop the
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distribution of the footage. from new york to baltimore, a team of attorneys is in place. >> acorn is going to pursue this case on the nickel of the defendants. >> legal analyst and baltimore attorney steve allen said it won't be difficult to prove the women were illegally recorded. in maryland, recording a person's audio without them knowing is against the law. allen said there is a good chance this legal battle will ultimately be a true test of maryland's law and how it fairs against the first amendment. joy lepola fox 45 news at 10:00. >> it is expected more lawsuits will be filed in the future. >> now that brings us to the question of the day. do you think acorn should sue the people involved in the undercover investigation? so far 10 percent say yes. 90 percent no. mary from westminster writes, the people from acorn clearly knew what they were doing was wrong and because they were caught they want to get rich. more of your responses tonight on the "late edition" beginning
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at 11:00. >> a pasadena man under arrest tonight facing child porn charges. kevin ferguson turned himself into state police. caught with dozens of videos and pictures of child porn on his computer. if he is convicted, ferguson could get up to 73 years in prison. and face $170,000 in fines. >> baltimore county police need your help finding a missing girl. 14-year-old monica moose disappeared from her home in the 8200 block of jeff fercircle in towson three days ago. police say she might be a man named jay and might be in danger. if you have any information call baltimore county police. >> baltimore city school officials have their first confirmed case of swine flu tonight in class. a student at mont bellow elementary jr. academy has the h1n1 virus. apparently in critical condition tonight at the university of maryland medical center. students, family say they are very concerned tonight.
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of. >> you know, we just have to take precaution and do everything we have to do to make it safe for my nephew. and you know, the rest of the children that go to the school. all of them. >> the city health department said the school will be thoroughly cleaned. >> one hospital is taking no chances with the vaccine delivered to the emergency crew at gbmc. all employees at the hospital required to get the snot this year. >> the importance is we want our employees to be safe. our employees to be able to be protected and they want to be able to protect patients. we do not want influ wen asa to be spread to care givers and from care givers to patients. >> this is also part of a mock flu disaster drill to see how fast the hospital can distribute the vaccination in case of an emergency. >> the tradition of civility in the u.s. senate seems to be breaking down when it comes to health care reform.
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>> >> i am not delaying i am making an important point. >> it is important but you are delaying. >> it is courteous if you don't bankrupt someone in the middle of the sentence they are making. >> lawmakers on both sides complain they are not getting answer from the non-partisan congressional budget office about the cost of their health care proposals. virtually every republican amendment has been defeated including one putting into the law the president's pledge that no one will be forced to change their coverage. >> this is one of the major points that the president has made, over and over and over. i think, we ought to at least try to help live up to that, if we can. >> lawmakers plan to keep working until 2:00. hear more about what happened in the senate tonight. on the "late edition" at 11:00. >> and you can tell lawmakers what you think about health care reform. their contact information is on our website voice. >> there is also more information about health care
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reform on our website, click on cure for health care. >> well, another muggy fall day. >> yeah, what's in store for the weekend and all important game between the ravens and the browns, vytas reid with the sky watch forecast? >> talk about the game. you may need to wear your rain coats because sloppy field out there. chance for rain building in over the weekend. we saw some sun and clouds out there today. decent day. with the temperatures in the mid 80s. and it looks like the cooler air is on the way coming from the north. we will see the temperatures dropping through parts of the week. also rain off to the west. did not make it here. just a few drops. looking at the radar. not much out there. putting in motion. most of the activity out to virginia and winchester and western portions of maryland getting a few showers. zooming out. you can see some of the heavier rain south and west of us. but running into dry air, so having a hard time to get here. get the better chance for some of this rain, and further to the south, where the actual front is
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coming up. we will see that start to build in by saturday, late afternoon and through saturday night and then into sunday. given us the chance for rain. once again, high today of 84. nice day. trace of precipitation the out at the airport. temperatures in the upper 70s. 78 in baltimore. and 78 in d.c. overnight, clouds still in place overnight but start to see sun by the afternoon tomorrow. temperatures in the mid 70s. show you when the rain will get here and hout weekend shapes upcoming up in a bit. >> vytas thank you. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized forecast. i-radar is available at use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to >> if you have a story to tell us, upload pictures, video and written stories, simply by going to you can also send photos directly from your cell phone to >> well, a lot of people have been worried about swine flu. now dogs and their owners have to worry about a dog flu. >> yeah it has canine owners
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concerned tonight. kathleen cairns has the latest. >> a stone's throw from camden yards. it is where king is king of the hill. and tennis ball. but two weeks ago king gave rocky a big scare simply knew it was serious. >> king developed a deep cough, fever and lethargic, rocky was not sure king would make it. >> i have a lot of love for him. when he was sick that day, i felt i was sick as well. >> the diagnosis. >> the flu. canine flu. >> it is now going up the eastcoast, as far as california. >> dr. slaughter said dog owners should watch for symptoms. >> it could lead to, without treatment, severe napolitano moneyya, this is why it is real important to come and see your veterinarian as soon as possible. >> we started antibiotics immediately. initially it was an injection.
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>> the dog flu, h 1 n 8 is spread the same way as h1n1 for humans. >> spread by phomytes. touching sha saliva. >> king shares tennis balls, statistic, you dogs, you know, they interact with each other. >> a vaccine is available for about $25. >> i do recommend it for dogs, who are in dog parks, boarding facilities. >> for king, two antibiotics and a little tlc got him back on his paws again. >> he is my best friend. >> in the house. cool. good boy. >> in downtown baltimore. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> that is a cool looking dog on. so far area veterinarians and shelters have not reported major problems. >> they are monitoring the spread of the illness. >> definitely is a lot. my son's shoes are normally
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covered in it. >> one unique way of getting rid of the problem, our cover story later on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> no full-time jobs they are taken. >> also ahead. how some people are retraining into what could be reception proof jobs. . >> but next, why s
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. >> breaking news to report out of northwest baltimore. off-duty police officer has been shot. it happened in the 6000 block of high gate drive. there are reports at this hour that the officer has been shot in the stomach. we have a crew on the way to the scene. and we will bring you more information as it becomes available. >> in other news tonight. ntsb wants baltimore subway system checked for a similar problem that may have caused a metro crash in d.c. mta engineers will inspect the subway's train control system. believed that a glitch in the dc metro control system was the cause of the crash back in june that killed nine people. mta officials say its system is manufactured by a different company. they have checked it before, and
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did not find any problems. >> details of release and how much it could cost you to drive on the intercounty connector. 25 to 35 cents a mile. during rush hour. that will drop to between 20 and 30 cents at other times. when it is finished icc connects interstate 270 in montgomery county with i-95 in pge county. information on the tolls are scheduled for next month. >> last month we saw disaster in dundalk on, today baltimore county prepared in case disaster strikes again. emergency management team held a emergency management exercise. and volunteers played victims and drove through a post relief center to pick up basic supplies. >> what this is is three station set up. serve 5000 cars a day. 5000 families. let's say it was a hurricane or tropical storm. we would be giving water, foo food, tarps, clean up kits. >> drill held at a wal-mart. wal-mart works with the state to provide locations, storage
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trailers and supplies, in the event of a disaster. >> the owner of a small baltimore technical company is taking on the social networking giant facebook tonight. filed a lawsuit in federal court claiming facebook violated his own patent. john rydell explains. >> jason hardebeck office should not fool you. this is no start up company. it sells and maintains software for non-profits. long before social networking sites became fashionable hardebeck said he had been developing similar technology. back in 2001 his firm applied for a patent. it is a system that facilitates communications between members of online networks. it is imp sis is on protecting privacy. but hardebeck claims that facebook has infringed on that patent so filed suit against networking site. >> we spent a lot of blood, sweat, tears and $ over the last
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eight, nine years building the company and patent is a big part of that. we want the day in court. and we want to be competented fairly. >> legal experts say patent lawsuits are complex and oft costly. but university of baltmore law professor said hardebeck's case will ultimately be decided by a judge or a jury. >> his patent covers the way in which people become members of facebook. and without that, do you still have the same product? >> hardebeck that is a naval academy graduate admits his battle with facebook could be equated to david versus goliath. >> but to him it is all about fairness. >> you know, we believe that this is something that is rightfully, you know, we have rights to. and we will not give up without a fight. >> even if that means taking on facebook. in canton, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> meantime facebook said the
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case has absolutely no merit. >> is washington falling short on help for veterans. washington times working on a story about how only a small percentage of veterans from iraq and afghanistan are getting college aid on time this year. >> tens of thousands of veterans that serve in iraq and afghanistan have not gotten their gi benefits that will pay for tuition to go to college. and it is almost october. now, officials tell the washington times it could be as late as november before they get the checks to pay for books, housing and tuition. >> also in the times, the obama administration fight against iran's nuclear threat and why senior citizens have become so popular on capitol hill these days. for more on these stories go to and click on the washington times icon. >> a federal appeals court tosses out a $5 million verdict against anti-war protestors. a baltimore jury awarded albert schneider at first damages for
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emotional strasand invasion of privacy after his son's military funeral was picketed by radical members of the west bureau baptist church. three judge paneled ruled the protestors are protected by the first amendment of the constitution. >> some parents in new jersey are upset after a class of young children learns songs like this. . >> this is video posted on "youtube" of grade school children singing songs praising president obama chanting his name and repeating campaign slogans. part of a lesson during black history month. parents complained, fearing their children were being indoctrinenated with political views. examine and in a statement the superintendent said the taping of the song was out of order but failed to say if the lesson was approved. the principal has received death
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threats. >> cooler temperatures and a chance for more rain. what hd radar showing in the forecast coming up. >> later in fox 45 news at 10:00. a vaccine that could prevent hiv. tell you how effective it has been in tests. >> there is a lot of shoes. and my sons shoes are covered in it. >> one unique way of getting rid of the problem. it is the cover story on the other side of the break. stay with us.
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>> well these days it seems everybody is going green. >> yeah, but sometimes when one part of the environment gets too much of a good thing, it can turn brown. >> in tonight's cover story. kathleen cairns shows us one community's unique solution to a bird battle. >> this is carroll county. >> as morning commuters battle traffic. >> this road is busy all day. >> dan finds his own way. to fly through the mess.
10:28 pm
>> i have got 2 or 3 ways to get around traffic now. especially around hancock. >> this is mostly what my commute is like. mostly back roads. >> he considers this his mobile office. >> i have spent a lot of time in here. >> his destination today, the westminster community pond. it is here in this peaceful place. >> it is a beautiful pond. >> he begins his paperwork. >> i actually put it into excel spread sheet. competition would like to have the information. >> he scans the surrounding serenity. and counts the culprits. >> there is about two that we need to have move on. >> it is the same flock that brought bill frock. >> i come here, and just to watch the ducks, and relax.
10:29 pm
>> it also lets the young like braden. >> my son absolutely loves coming here. he loves to play with the ducks. that's all he talks about is duck pond. >> but as the numbers add up. dan gets on with his mission. and gets his business partner. >> ready to go to work? >> meet zip. >> look at the eyes. >> boarder collies are known as obsessive exulssives of the dog world. boarder collies herd geese off the property. >> they get rid of them? i came up here for the birds. >> zip scares them away. he doesn't hurt them. >> funny thing all this is is hurting. >> zip watches the enemy pass. a natural herding insinc. he is uncomfortable right now, because they are over there.
10:30 pm
>> web friends to some. >> we love the duck pond. >> we love the duck pond. >> worst enemies to other. >> it produces a pound and a half of feces a day. >> lots of poop. my son's shoes are covered in it. >> it is an ago dismiss a year ago, nearly 400 canada geese called this pond home. >> actually, when i started this, everything in this park, up to there, was covered in goose feces. you could not step anywhere without stepping in it. >> after all it happens. >> it is full of canada geese, feces, and probably a lot of bacteria. >> mary hoy uses this ecosystem for outdoor education classes. as an example of what iss wrong. >> pretty much this is a environmental disaster. >> they carry about 600 different diseases. >> so zip is now the police. for the geese. >> this is goose heaven.
10:31 pm
>> zip's chagrin, there is william. >> guy here yesterday feeding them french fries, mcdonald's. >> most people bring feed to them. >> marlene plans to pied them. >> that's why i have the bag. >> bread can actually kill them. gives them a disease called tip wing disease. >> and they can from go from feathers to feast. >> nature takes over and they become lunch for a fox. >> and dan has another weapon to battle the birds. >> with the noise in the water. and zip by the shore. the geese have just one option. >> up and away. >> i don't like that. >> everybody thinks it is funny. >> never. >> i do to. especially when i cash the check. >> zip has been able to reduce the geese population here by 95 percent. and visitors say it is still a
10:32 pm
fun place to visit. >> they have a great time. that's all that matters. >> super, no poop. >> in carroll county. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> who would have thought, right? >> that lady with the bag is disappointed. >> well, for more information about goose herding log onto we have it all there. go to news links. >>. >> later on the news at 10:00. show you one way to get a job that may be recession proof. >> why one amusement park was forced to take down its halloween display. after the break.
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>> well looking at a pretty decent day out there today. sun and clouds. temperatures on the warm side of things. in the mid 80s. and we saw a few drops of rain come down here and there.
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but no heavy downpours by any means. heavy rain down in parts of central virginia. also west of us, heavier showers. but right now downtown, sitting fine. 73 degrees on the mild side of things. mostly cloudy skies. to cloudy skies. winds calm. and humidity levels are at 70 percent. so it looks like we are going to continue to see the temperatures, actually change up a bit. as we see a cold front build in from the west. over the weekend that gives us a chance for showers, and a little bit of instability in the atmosphere. maybe thunderstorms as we get toward sunday. but you can see the change in temperatures. 78 degrees. holding in baltimore. 72 in richmond. slightly cooler to the northwest. 67 in pittsburg. 65 in cleveland. and speaking of cleveland, well, we will see the game coming up sunday. and unfortunately it looks like it will be rain out there. watch out for that. here is what's happening on radar right now. heavy showers in southern highway ohio. and west virginia. this activity continues to sink southwest of us. it breaks up. more intense earlier today.
10:36 pm
but dry air here thwarting the progress east. and more down southwest that will continue to ride along the front that pushes in by saturday afternoon. saturday night. into sunday. so that's where our activity will be coming in from. here is what it looks like closer here. you can see high clouds across the area. heavier showers and thunderstorms. lightning bolts down there, southwest of the dc area. north of richmond. back in west virginia. shower activity. and we will continue to see those steering winds coming down from the northwest. so that is another indication of some cooling out there. that will take place over the next 24 hours, to 2006 hours. here is hass happening future scan. rain stays south. sunshine through the afternoon into the evening tomorrow. then we will see the next system push in by late saturday. so you see by 6:00, 8:00, it is just hitting the western portion of the of the state. so most of saturday, out with the dry conditions. but we will see this system bring in more moisture on the
10:37 pm
bigger picture. into saturday night to sunday. riding along the front. a lot of moisture to work w so probably good thunder boomers toward late saturday and into sunday. here is the forecast tomorrow. looking at sun and clouds. temperatures at 75. beautiful day. kicking off the weekend. if you are going to the game see the temperatures right around 76 degrees. with a chance of -- 70 percent chance of showers and thunderstorms. and then it looks like five-day forecast cools down to 68 saturday. and 10 sunday, 76 with the rain showers. and then on monday, tuesday, things clear up a bit. fox 45 news sky watch weather is at your finger stipulates. i-radar available at you can use doppler radar to track coming storms. interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow will be over your house. go to . >> a ohio theme park's plan to include a celebrity graveyard in its halloween attraction, did not go over so well.
10:38 pm
kings island original cemetery of fright was slated to include things like michael jackson, heath ledger, fair faux faucet and senator kennedy, but the idea was scraped soon after advertised. the park said it was not intending to be distasteful and apologized to anyone that was offended. >> video game companies battling for bucks. slow sales have led to price cuts. >> judy kurtz reveals the latest gaming system that is getting cheaper to buy-in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> it is a video game showdown as more and more companies try to boost sales by cutting the cost of consoles. latest system to slash the prices is wii. nintendo announced cutting the price by $50. starting this sunday, wii runs under $200. just last month, microsoft dut the price of x-box three sick elite console by $100. sony's playstation 3 saw a boost in sales after the company reduced the price of the system,
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by $100. facing a slumping economy, gaming industry sales are down 14 percent of the this year. you can have free fun by friend upping us on facebook. check out status updates and follow our tweets on twitter. go to and click on find us on facebook and twitter under the community features section. i am judy kurtz and that's tonight's "word on the web". . >> called a medical break-thru. a possible hiv vaccine, the result are of the trial trial coming up in health check. >> full-time jobs are taken. frustrating. >> it is tough out there.
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that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway.
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what i didn't expect... was the fun. the all-new subaru legacy. feel the love.
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the all-new subaru legacy. . >> all right. we have more information on that breaking story out of northwest baltimore at this hour. off-duty police officer has been shot. it happened in the 6000 block of high gate drive before 10:00 tonight. there are reports the officer was shot in the stomach. and was rushed to sinai. we have a crew at the scene. and bring you more information, of course, as it becomes available. >> in health check tonight. promising news in the fight against hiv. worlds largest hiv vaccine trial to date shows an experimental vaccine cuts the risk of infection by nearly a third. the u.s. army led the study in thailand of the first time an
10:43 pm
experimental shot effectively prevented infection. >> so it is of course encouraging also, the global community, with the results. and gives us hope for a future vaccine development against hiv. >> more research is needed before the vaccine can be considered for fda approval here in the u.s. >> surprising job news tonight. first time unemployment claims if fell for the third straight week now. there were 500 -- 530,000 new claims, however and for those people during these tough times, joel d. smith reports there is indeed a solution, and it is the latest way of getting you ready for fox 45 news job boot camp. >> listen, both the questions we are looking for. looking for number one. >> how many switches, reseptember kels and wires. >> technically he is studying to be an electrician. >> it is something that you should know offhand. >> but really it is a crash course on surviving the
10:44 pm
recession. >> i have a daughter and she is three. wife. new mortgage. it is tough. >> after losing his job in the telecommunications industry. romero started to send out resume. >> nobody wants full-time. full-time jobs are taken. frustrating. >> like other frustrated job seekers, romero is turning to a tech school. >> we're career focused outcomes based education is what we're about. >> they prefer the term career college over technical or vocational school. >> not because it is political correct but because that's the goal. get students to work as quick as possible. >> they want to get in, and get out and get employed. >> the career college association said enrollment at career colleges is up 290 percent, over the last 10 years. >> i think, in the last year, in particular, you know, we have really worked harder, starting out the job leads and working strategically to return those
10:45 pm
job openings into placements for our grads. >> romero graduates in november with a career that he thinks is as recession proof as it gets. >> electrician always has a job, people go, oh, my life is busted, oh, call somebody. >> now that can be him. joel d. smith fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and so, fox 45 is hosting the ultimate job fair. it is the fox 45 job fair boot camp. the best place for employers and workers to meet. and for job seekers to get help with job hunting skills. the job fair boot camp is 11 to four, october 14 at the fairgrounds in timonium. for more information and to register, go to >> the ravens will be looking to remain undefeated sunday when they face the first
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10:48 pm
. >> final look at the seven-day forecast. looking into the weekend. start out tomorrow with probably sun and clouds. temperatures around 75. i think the showers will start to move in on saturday evening. so, i think, for the most part stay dry through the bulk of the weekend. but it looks like saturday night, that rain moves in. 68. and then sunday, 70 percent chance for shower activity. and maybe some thunderstorms through the mid-morning and afternoon k can during the game, take the rain coats with you, you will need them. 77 monday. showers end. and tuesday, wednesday,
10:49 pm
thursday, sunshine and cooler temperatures for next week. back to you. >> vytas, thank you very much. pays to be friends with fox 45 news, friend us on facebook contest continues. >> be the first person to post the topic of the lead story on our facebook. and win a prize. go to to become a friend. roco is the winner tonight. qualifies for a $250 gift card. >> the countdown to kick off underway for the ravens. >> bruce cunningham has a preview of sunday's games in "sports unlimited". >> our secret is out. coming up on "sports unlimited". ravens play the first game in the afc against the browns. beginning inspiration off the field kristen berset has the story. >> this morning, news, >> i will speak with rookie tackle mich


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