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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  January 3, 2010 10:00pm-10:30pm EST

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captions provided by: real-time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning company. congratulations to our guys. it's not easy to make the play-offs. >> the baltimore ravens beat the oakland raiders. how the fans feel about today's victory. somehow we have to find a means to go forward. the american red cross having a very difficult time being able to help those in need. why the disaster-relief organization is needed more at this time of the year and how you can help them out. frigid temperatures in the teens and single digits. how long we'll be in the deep chill in my skywatch forecast. live in high-definition
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from wbff tv in baltimore this, is fox 45 news at 10:00. i'm jeff barnd. ravens' fans, your team is in the play-offs. they defeated the raiders earlier today to advance to the post season. bruce cunningham joining us with the latest on a very exciting story. bruce? >>reporter: for the ravens, their task was cut and dry. that is precisely the way it all worked out. he was the big story today, rushing for a career high 167 yards and three touchdowns. this, the second one, was the game's biggest play. the raiders cut that lead to a single point and the defense took over. a rookie undrafted free agent intercepts the pass, takes it the other way. 28 yards and deep inside raiders' territory. ravens
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take a win to set up a play-off matchup next week against the new england patriots. >> we're looking ford playing the patriots in the play-offs. >> how about that? full highlights and post-game reaction. former raven and a major injury to a key member of next week's opponent. it's coming up on "sports unlimited" after this newscast. ravens' fans are celebrating tonight. some say it was a squeaker anyway. mel and? >>reporter: the ravens have a rough road ahead, but fans are used to a fight following their team on the road through nailbiteers and very close calls. right from the start, ravens' fans were nervous. >> this is the kind of team that is dangerous.
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>>reporter: ravens led by four points at the half. >> i feel we left some points on the field we should have had. >>reporter: the third quarter sums up for fans. >> i was a -- >>reporter: it was a break from tradition for another table who planned to watch at home. >> half-hour or so before the game was to start, the whole block went out, the electricity. >>reporter: when windy weather knocked down power lines, they called (inaudible). a great game, but by no means perfect. despite missed field goals and a few fouled-out plays, ravens' fans are feeling good about the wind. some are cautious about the post-season. >> we need to play really well
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next week, no matter who we play. >>reporter: for now, fans are celebrating and hoping for more wins to come. >> we're going to the play-offs. that's all that matters. >>reporter: some ravens' fans said they wanted to see a much bigger lead against the raiders, but nothing comes easy this late in the season. melinda roeder efox 45 news at 10:00. breaking news tonight out of north baltimore. a city officer is hurt in a crash involving four other vehicles. it happened around 8:00 tonight. police say the officer crashed into a subway restaurant. no word on why. apparently, he suffered leg injuries. four other people were rushed to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. it's been very painful outdoors this weekend with frigid, frigid temperatures. high winds caused major concerns in washington d.c. a huge tree fell on power lines. residents in the area lost power for some time. major
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gusts caused several bge customers to be without power. more than 38,000 customers have been restored so far. there are 39 residents without power tonight, most in baltimore. also in baltimore, the winds had street lights and ravens' flags blowing all over the place. people venturing out, bundled up. many say yeah, it's winter, but come on. >> my ears are cold. they hurt. the wind is just terrible. feels like it's going to blow me away. >> the temperature all day today has been below freezing. will we ever get out of this deep freeze sometime before june? here's vytas reid with a look at the forecast. >> your lips are frozen. >> it was very cold out there. in fact, temperatures having a hard time getting out of the freezing point. you add that wind and that's where it gets
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brutal. mother nature is not being very kind. talk about those cold winds blowing strongly. snow showers to the north. not quite making it here. maybe a flake or two. tomorrow we may see a few snow showers in the morning. winds, 18 miles an hour winds out of the northwest in baltimore. 13 miles an hour winds in d.c. 17 miles an hour in hagerstown. when you factor that in with the temperatures in the mid-20s, 25 in baltimore. 24 in d.c. seven out there in western maryland. here's the wind chill value. 11 below 0 in oakland. feels like 13 in d.c. 12 in baltimore. eight degrees in hagerstown. that's what it feels like00 your skin. tomorrow school beginning with the kids once again, so dress them warmly. it's going to be cold in the morning. feel like in the teens. we may get a few scattered snow showers in the afternoon. we'll talk more about what is coming our way this week and maybe a chance for more snow in my skywatch forecast. >> thanks so much.
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a quick note. due to heating concerns, an elementary school will be closed tomorrow for students and staff. in other news of the day, baltimore city police investigate the first murder of the new year. it happened around 3:30 this afternoon in northeast baltimore. the man was shot in an alley. no suspects or motive tonight. four people, including three children are hospitalized after a blaze in glen burnie. it happened around 10:30 this morning. a two-year old boy suffered serious injuries. officials say the fire was caused, apparently, by cooking. >> damage was limited to smoke damage from the pot of food on the stove. it was minimal. the apartment had been ventilated and i do not believe the residents need to be relocated. >> meantime, a fight also broke out at the very same time. two people were hospitalized for that. that fire is one of several this weekend in this
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region that kept the red cross very busy, putting themselves in a position to call for help. myranda stephens explains. >>reporter: for some families, the new year hasn't gotten off to a great start. >> it's never a good time to be burned out of your house. >>reporter: just before noon yesterday, a fire broke out inside one of the buildings, leaving four families temporarily out in the cold. two of the families that were displaced by the fire received help from the red cross, which so far have responded to six emergencies this weekend alone. >> that's not unusual for this time of year when we see the number of disasters spike. the cold weather and other factors seem to measure in. reporter: from fires to water-main breaks, red cross volunteers stay busy this time of year assisting victims. that's become harder to do during this recession. >> it's a hard time for the red cross like it is for all other non-profits. we're hurting.
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>>reporter: monetary and blood donations were down last year, but they're hopeful the new year will bring better numbers as the economy improves. either way, they say they'll continue to be there for those who need them. >> we're always there. it doesn't matter if there's a recession. zee to be there to help people and somehow we have to find the means to go forward. it's extremely important for people to remember that there are others who are hurting and in need. >>reporter: fox 45 news at 10:00. if you wish to donate to the red cross, go to our website, foxbaltimore.cock/newslinks. one fox 45 viewer took pictures of this house fire today. sarah jones sent in these photos. it started about 11:30 a.m. today. no one was hurt in the blaze, but two dogs died. no word on a cause. see something of interest
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in your community? upload videos or photos to our website. send photos from your cell phone also. a baltimore city man and his girlfriend charged in the death of the man's 20-month-old daughter go to court tomorrow. 24-year old jerome wallace and farmer are charged with murder and child abuse. the couple had the girl the their home on kentucky avenue december 19th. hours later she was not breathing. an autopsy indicates trauma to the infant's face and neck. still no charges in the fatal hit-and-run in anne arundel county last week. it occurred january 1st in annapolis. police say 40-year old bird was struck by a 2001 chevy silverado and died. thomas judge was the driver. two others were passengers. a baltimore city activist dies christmas day. how family
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and friends and loved ones will honor him. some threats from al-qaeda tonight. why the white house is being criticized for how it is handling the war on terror. you're not going to believe this, but there's a bear in the store. >> a bear runs wild in a grocery store. a wild shootout in produce with a 100% guarantee...
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a memorial service will be held to honor baltimore activist robert cough man. he died christmas day. he ran for many political offices and was a civil right's activist and socialist. his health deteriorated quickly after he was beaten by a tenant in 2005. he was 78 years of age. the service will take place at 2:00 p.m. on wednesday on park heights avenue. first the attempted christmas-day bombing of a jetliner. intelligence of an al-qaeda plot involving that compound. all this while critics are pointing the finger at the white house. >> did anything positive result from the terror plot against northwest flight 253, involving a passenger with a bomb in his underwear? one expert says yes. >> this guy, in some respects, probably did us a favor. look.
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we had an administration which was not focused as it should be, on terrorism. >>reporter: the failed plot has left the white house deflecting criticism that it is too distracted to keep americans safe or too weak on national security. the administration says, "trnot true." >>reporter: barack obama said the suspect was kethed to al-qaeda's call in yemen, despite evidence terror organization is getting stronger in that land, some are concerned about more detainees going there. >> i think it would be truly irresponsible for us, america, to send prisoners of war that we hold now back to yemen. >>reporter: the white house says once the facility closes, some yemeny detainees will go
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there. they are working with their government to insure safety for all americans. >> there are about 90 detainees there. a developing story out of new jersey. flights at the international airport have been grounded and several passengers are being rescreened as we speak. these are still photos taken of the scene inside the airport a few hours ago. this was stemmed by a man who walked through a screening checkpoint exit and in to a terminal. he was spotted on airport surveillance camera. all the passengers were asked to go back out and go through security screenings again. concerns tonight for florida oranges. how long i
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good evening, folks. it's call coming to an end, as far as the holiday times and we're back to reality. one of the reality checks is the temperatures. it is just really cold out there and the winds aren't helping by any means. in fact, looking at bwi, this is the temperature. we're looking at a little bit of clouds out there. 23 degrees. winds out of the northwest at 18. humidity levels 52 percent. those winds out of the northwest at 18 miles an hour. making that 23 feel more like 14 to 15 degrees. it's pretty chilly out there on the skin. that's what we're going to be feeling through the overnight. it will still be cold like that in the morning hours. dress the kids warmly as they go back to school. that deep chill is stretching from the central portions of canada all the way over the midwest, the great
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lakes down into the deep south. look at temperature in atlanta. only 24 degrees. miami at 50. talking about 24 in atlanta. we have cold temperatures through the tennessee valley, ohio valley and then in the mid-atlantic. we're seeing that chill in the air. that will be a factor through the night tonight into tomorrow morning. here's what it looks like closer here. 24 degrees in salisbury. 25 in baltimore. 24 in d.c. 22 in hagerstown. seven in oakland. the windchill factor is making it feel like minus 11. it's pretty chilly at this time. clouds will gather as we go through the overnight. a few flakes might work their way into the forecast. tomorrow we may get a few snow showers across the area with cold air in place. we've got this area of low pressure that is bringing down the cold air out of cannad aas well as pafrts the great lakes around cleveland. looking at a
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snowfall in pennsylvania. buffalo, they're always used to that. we may get a few flakes. temperatures across the region, looking at cold temperatures in the north. that will be sustained through the night tonight into tomorrow. futurescan showing not a lot of activity, as far as precipitation over baltimore. like i said, a few snowflakes may squeak their way into the forecast. west of us we'll see more snow showers possibly through the overnight and into tomorrow. here's a look at your seven-day forecast. we are going to ton see a chance for a snowshower or two. a 20 percent chance tomorrow. 32 the temperature. 35 on tuesday. 37 on wednesday. we'll see more sunshine towards the middle of the week. into thursday night, though, watching another potential system that may bring snow showers. maybe accumulating snow in to the afternoon. we see more sunshine on saturday and sunday. fox 45 skywatch weather is at your fingertips. iradar is available at use fox 45's powerful doppler radar to track
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coming storms. the tool let you see when rain or snow will be over your house. go to and click on iradar. if you think it's cold here, the mercurry hits minus 20 in the state of minnesota. doctors say frigid conditions obviously can cause frostbite fast. they say while they are used to these conscience, they're not list susceptible to frostbite. >> whether they're out walking, talking their pets for a walk, out for sporting events, watching or participating. whether they are homeless and spend a lot of time on the streets. >> this frigid weather is expected to continue through the week in the state of minnesota. most parts, anyway. cold temperatures in the state of florida meantime are causing concern for this year's crops. orange grove owners pray the cold front keeps on moving out of there. forecasters are calling for freezing temperatures this evening. the coldest it has been there in decades. farmers say it takes
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four hours of really cold temperatures to ruin the orange crop. it's perhaps the most memorable moment caught on tape in the year 2009. the flash landing on the hudson. see
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an update to our breaking
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news story out of north baltimore. a city officer is injured in a crash involving four other vehicles. this is a live look at scene. the crash occurred around 8:00 tonight. police say the officer crashed into a subway restaurant. that is not the please cruiser. over to the left, you can see clearly that mruz cruiser went into the subway restaurant. no word on why this happened. apparently he suffered leg injuries. as we pan to the left, you will see an suv that flipped. this is the result of that accident. obviously, an investigation is on-going. we're going to have much more tomorrow on fox 45 morning news. meantime, four other people were rushed to sinai hospital, with nonlife-threatening injuries. again, more on this story tomorrow on fox 45 morning news. a kissing bandit, a close-call crash and a major splash landing in the hudson. there were some spectacular moments caught on tape in 2009.
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jonathan hunt reports on the year of surveillance. >>reporter: a shootout at an ohio bar leaves patrons ducking for cover underneath the pool table. one small leap for justice caught on tape as a man tries to rob a bank, taking a stand and flying across the rope line tackling the man to the ground. an angry bull escaped from a nearby livestock pen. >> i couldn't believe my eyes. watch out in aisle two. >> you're not going to believe this, but there's a bear in the store. >> a bear takes a confident stroll around a grocery store. this louisiana woman tucks a case of beer under her house dress as a man tries to block her from the camera. she waddled away, but was nabbed by police. from stealing beer to
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using it as a disguise, a robbery suspect in nebraska gets crafty, wearing an empty beer box on his hand. he demands cash, but settles for nine packs of cigarettes. kansas cops say this guy not only took a grocery store money, but stole a kiz on the way out, holding a knife to the clerk's throat he plants one on her. a close shave in washington state as a toyota camry comes flying into a building, narrowly missing a little girl. the car wound up going airborne, coming inches within a girl. a man drives his car through a set of doors, but forgets to put the vehicle in park. he dashes around the store, looking for a $300 sex toy. his license plate was visible. all across the country, an assault on atm's. in california, they took the whole machine and in texas, a truck is used to pull and bash it and
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perhaps the most memorable caught-on-tape moment of 2009 came in the beginning of the year as u.s. airway flight 1549 splashlanded into new york's hudson river. all of its 150 passengers and five crews were safely rescued. the landing of the airport was quickly preclaimed "the miracle on the hudson." in new york, john thon hunt, fox news. if the ravens win, they're in i'll never doubt you again.


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