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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  February 2, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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>> roads are slippery. but one thing keeps me in business. >> here we go again. another winter blast and how it effects the roads. >> how much snow we will get before it is over. and news about the weekend coming up in the sky watch forecast. >> he window washer hanging on a baltimore high-rise. how he was brought to safety. >> it is very expensive. but not particularly impact full on a perdollar basis. >> stimulus spending. the high cost of government created jobs. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> after a weekend surprise, baltimore despite hit with yet another shot of snow. >> jeez, this is the most snow we have had in a long time. >> crews clear the streets as
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the flakes fall. trying to prevent a messy morning in maryland from tonight's winter blast. >> hello, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is off. maryland is smack-dab in the middle of a winter blast. live team coverage of the storm. chief meteorologist vytas reid is tracking the storm in the sky watch weather center. and he will join us in a few minutes with exactly how much snow we will get. keith daniels, meantime is live in parkville where people want to get supplies. and first jeff abell is live in north baltimore. what are the roads like out there tonight at this hour, jeff? >> well, the roads are becoming snow covered very quickly. and appear to be worsening by the hour. i want to show you what is happening here tonight. at the city salt yard where this has been the scene since 6:00? plows rolling in filling with salt and rolling out and attacking the streets. at this had hour, crews are raising to stay ahead of the storm. >> i love the snow. >> the snow started to fall just
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after dark. putting the brakes on many motorists and creating business for tow he truck driver randall joseph. >> roads will be slippery. but one thing keeps me in business. >> at 6:00, city plows began to load up and heading out. preparing to attack the main roads with salt. >> we're prepared with salt on hand and good snow budget. >> after saturday's storm that delivered far more than many expected. city and state crews taking no chances. deployed every resource and concerned because this snow is falling during the work week. >> even 2 or 3 inches during the week, with rush hour mixed in, could be as problematic as a weekend storm that might bring, six, eight, 10 inches like we had. >> city crews did not presalt the streets because there is salt left on the roadways from the week storm. but with no new snow, crews are plowing them again. >> we saw one early. paving the roads. slushy but good.
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>> back live at the salt yard. where the city has deployed every plow and every resource. it opened a storm center at 6:00 tonight. that's where city leaders are tracking the storms throughout the evening. we will be live later in the newscast. for now, i am jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> talk to you then jeff. >> everybody is taking notice of this snowfall. jodi sent us these pictures. tonight's snow is covering cars and sidewalks. just cleared from the weekend storm. >> when the snow falls, in your neighborhood, you can see it, shoot it, send it. upload photos and videos to our website. on and click on see it, shoot it, send it. you can also send photos directly from drur cell phone to pics, if you would like, at >> before one snow flake began to fall, people rushed to stores for the usual items like milk, bread, snow shovels. keith daniels is live in parkville with how people got prepared tonight. keith, hello. >> jeff, good evening. it is falling. the snow is coming down.
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and this what people are fighting against. gearing up for the battle at stores like this one. we're live at the home depot in parkville. crews have already set up the heavy artillery. these are the the snow blowers, and on this side of the wall, you have all kind of shovels. you have the plastic shovels. and, of course, the aluminum shovels. cheap ones. and some that cost a little bit more than others . and, of course, you have the ice melt. pallets of them. all the stuff they say you need in weather like this. >> it is the kind of forecast that can boost business. >> we're prepared. we have everything that we need. >> shoppers scrambling. >> kind of tough when they say it will be one to 3 and then they say 4 to 6 . >> searching for the necessity. >> when the threat of heavy snow moves.
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at the home depot store in parkville, workers lined an outside wall with dozens of shovels. and ice melt. >> normally when you hear snow, everybody comes at the same time. you know, so they all scramble to come here and hurry up and get everything they need. i guess, they are afraid of things running out. >> no one seems to be taking any chances. they are loading up to clean up. snow left behind. >> bring it on. that's what i say. >> i want to make sure that it is easy to clean. off the driveway. >> i have to get to work tomorrow morning. cannot be stuck at home. wish i could. >> i love the snow. i think it is great. and i don't mind shoveling it, or my neighbors or any of that. >> we are back here live now inside of the store . and, of course, you have the scrapers here for the car windshields. live in parkville. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> okay keith. how much more snow can we be
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expecting tonight? and more importantly tomorrow morning. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with more on tonight's winter blast. vytas? >> well, jeff, once again, we're at it with mother nature giving us r more snow. we are expecting to see this season a snowyer season and we are getting it. our composite shows snow coming down around the city. towson, pair he hall, psychicsville, northern portion of the state. and we will continue to see the activity coming down for the next several hours. down toward dc, annapolis, and crossing the bay in easton. mixed bag there and over toward chestertown. but we can see off off to the western edge. west chester and hagerstown. dry line working in. but several miles of snow to deal with through the overnight. so it looks like several inches continue to come down. that's why westbound under a winter storm warning four central maryland. including baltimore city. stretching down to 95 corridor to d.c.. counties west of the baltimore county area. and frederick county. and also in to harford county. we have win ter weather
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advisories across the bay, including cecil. this is the forecast of what i am expecting. about a three to 6-inch snowfall across i-95 corridor, stretching from dc, including baltimore city. northern portions of baltimore county. 3 to 5 inches. carroll county back to frederick county. 3 to 5 . and then annapolis, 3 to 5 inches. you could be on the lower end or higher end of that, depending on where the snow burst occurs. and also on the eastern shore. you folks out there in kent county, st. mary's county looking at anywhere from 2-to 4-inches stretching south and looking at one to three beyond that. now it looks like that is not the only thing we are worried about. this storm will be pushing through. but we have to keep our eye on the weekend. the next storm. another possibility. tracking our direction for late friday night to saturday. and if you think this is a big one. well do you remember before christmas? what we got? this could be a big doozy in the making. and we have to watch this one closely. it could rival that storm
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previously. i want you to know that. remember it for the weekend. overnight tonight looking at the accumulation. three to 6 inches of snow. for tomorrow morning commute. messy out there. and then it looks like start to see breaks in the clouds late afternoon. i will have a detailed look at the seven-day forecast. and what is coming next in a bit. >> all right vytas. as the snow flies, get your personalize the forecast. i-radar is available at just use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your street. go to >> keeping track of school delays and cancellations for you. u.s. naval academy will have a two-hour delay tomorrow. we will update closing through the newscast, of course. and you can see more closing and cancellations at the ticker on the bottom of the screen. >> and, of course, watch fox 45 morning news, when you wake up, and get the latest weather, traffic, delays and school cancellations, even during the commercials, on the ticker. fox 45 news now starts at 5:00.
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>> breaking news out of arundel county. two people rushed to the hospital after a home invasion. it happened in the 500 block of williamsburg lane tonight. one rushed to shock trauma. the other suffered minor injuries. bring you more information as it becomes available. >> and an intense rescue earlier today when a window washer caught dangling from a high-rise building. in harbor east. we have the amazing video of the rescue. >> the mechanism that allows him to go up and down, to wash windows, is powered by a motor. it malfunctioned and would not allow him to go up. >> no working equipment. this window washer left dangling 12 stories high. special high angle rescue crews rushed to help but time is of the essence. >> after 45 minutes of hanging, things go numb on patients and that becomes a problem also. >> precarious situation, but
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rescue crews were able to secure the man with cables and eventually guide him up to the 13th floor. where after about an hour, they were able to remove a window he and, finally, pull him inside safely. >> stuff that we train for all the time. we don't get to do it all the time. but training for it pays off. >> now, once he was rescued they took him to the hospital. but paramedics say he appeared to be just fine. he speaks very little english. but he and co-worker said they are relieved. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> you can see all the video from this rescue, just go to news. >> new information tonight about the woman that said she was bitten by a cobra in baltimore county. 58-year-old betty night horse said she found the cobra in a parking lot in whitemarsh. police investigated the home and
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found another poisonous snake there. night horse faces two counts of possession is of a vennus you snake. >> teenager that pled he guilty to killing a classmate is sentenced to 20 years. 16-year-old timothy oxendine facing up to 50 years in the death of markel williams. oxendine stabbed him out of lammel middle school in november of 2008. >> a former middle river soccer coach pleads guilty to trying to arrange sexual relations with a girl. 33-year-old charles ferdell sent text messages to the 14-year-old. her parents called police, free dell is sentenced in may. >> doctors from union memorial hospital return from their trip to help earthquake victims in haiti. these are some photographs from their journey. doctors spent time treating patients out of port au prince. >> the big surprise to me, was just the level of equipment and supplies we had to deal with. it was a total miss mash of things.
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some things were sophisticated. some things primitive. it was just trying to make everything work. >> even though we were taking -- >> the doctors spent more than one week helping patients with fractures, amputations and other serious injuries. you can see the stories about the disaster in haiti and how to help, go to and click on the haiti relief link on the left side of the screen. >> harsh words tonight for outgoing mayor sheila dixon. dixon will step-down thursday after her conviction for embezzlement. prosecutor robert rohrbaugh said statements she made since the plea deal are unacceptable in a statement to the court, rohrbaugh writes, ms. dixon has insisted upon bringing further disgrace to herself and by the -- to the city by disclaiming the gifts she received did not amount too much. such an attitude can be only be described as shameful. >> never waste a crisis. >>the the billons spent on the loafer act.
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where did the money go? we will talk to one business owner that tried to get some, later in the cover story. >> a controversial study on vaccinations, retracted. why a medical journal tossed it out. >> people buying houses, signing papers, you know and that's what happens. >> but next. residency questions tonight about the leading candidate for city council president. why he said these questions might be coming up now. >> always keep everybody involved in what you are doing. >> texting and driving. the dangerous loopholes some
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>> annapolis, governor o'malley outlines the priorities for state lawmakers in the state of the state address today.
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the governor's focus is jobs. john rydell has more from the statehouse. >> in his fourth state of the state address, governor o'malley acknowledged the gloomy economy. message to lawmakers is still upbeat. >> this recession is will end. our journey is not over. and our best days are still in front of us. if we make it so. >> but the help accelerate the economy, the governor is urging lawmakers to enact initiatives with one goal in mind. >> creating jobs, saving jobs, and protecting jobs. >> one bill would offer employers who hire laid off workers, a $3000 tax break. another would strengthen he did laws to prevent families from losing their homes through foreclosure. >> we are going to need to continue to make the sometimes tough, but critically important, choices necessary to expand opportunity, and to strengthen families. >> but the governor's address is
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drawing mixed reaction from republicans. who fear that next year's budget is too heavily dependent on federal stimulus dollars. >> he is proposing a $400 million additional baroing from the federal government, for medicaid. and the spending spree continues. >> democrats say the governor is right to focus on job creation. >> we need to increase the level of those that are not working, and increase the level to where they can find work, get jobs. >> but the jobs initiative could cost the state $20 million. difficult choices, as lawmakers still struggle to balance the budget. in annapolis, john rydell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> the governor said maryland will get a big boost with 60,000 new military positions from the base realignment program. >> maryland lawmaker proposes change to state wire tapping law. delegate richard sof fee said this was inspired of course by the acorn scandal where two
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filmmakers claiming to be a prosecute and pimp were caught giving out illegal tax advice. he wants immunity for people that intercept communication that provide evidence of a felony. >> it gives someone a exemption, get out of jail free card, if you will, if they are -- if the taping results in a exposure of criminal activity. >> currently it is illegal to record private conversations without both parties consent. >> the man expected to take over as city council president in baltimore is facing questions tonight for claiming two properties as primary residents. crime and justice reporter joy lepola tells us by law, city council members must live in the city. >> with just days to go, before a vote is taken, to see who will become president of baltimore city council. leading candidate councilman jack young comes under fire. >> i have the votes. >> at issue, young listing two properties as his primary
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residence for nearly 10 years. by law council members must reside in the city. and district they represent. >> i have two primary residents. one was a summer vacation place where we went whenever we have the chance to. and then, you know, sometimes i very seldom got there because i had the work in the city. >> records fox 45 news obtained showed where young sold the property in harford county in 2005. nine years after he gained a seat on city council. young's city address, is along madison street. in east baltimore. >> it was papers i signed, but as you know, people buying houses sign many papers. you know,s that's what happened. >> it left this veteran councilman asking why is this now an issue? coming days before young expects to take over the seat. stephanie rawlings-blake is vacateing. to become the city's next mayor. >> sold it in 2005 and i have had two elections prior to that and if they knew that why did
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they not bring it out then? >> a possible smear campaign said young. some political insiders tell fox 45 news, young is certainly not a yes man. and that could make some in certain political circles nervous. >> joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> young plans to resign from his state position, if he becomes city council president in baltimore. >> funeral arrangements are now made for a frederick u.s. marine killed in combat. 25-year-old sergeant david smith was injured in afghanistan and rushed to a military hospital in germany. that's where he died there last week. on his first tour of duty in iraq, smith met sergeant force. smith introduced forced to his sister and they got married. >> his loss is very heavy. very heavy. deeper than anyone can imagine. there is a bond that most will never know in their life. >> smith and his wife were expecting their second baby. his funeral is planned for
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february 9 at frederick christian fellowship church. and buried with full military honors at arlington national cemetery. >> maryland texting while driving law went into effect four months ago and so far 60 citations issued state wide. kathleen cairns tells us tonight, some lawmakers want to ban reading texts while driving as well. >> at this intersection, by towson university. >> cannot help it sometimes. addicted. >> our cameras capture very busy motorists. and some commuterser students admit they do text. >> especially with a blackberry, keep everybody involved in what you are doing. twitter. good stuff, you know. >> so you do text sometimes? >> yeah. got me. >> writing text has been illegal in maryland since october. now some state lawmakers want to outlaw reading texts too. especially after some accidents on interstate 97. >> three of them admitted they were texting, that's why they
10:22 pm
ran off the road he. >> beefing up texting laws is a top priority for russell and kim hurd since their daughter heather was killed. >> killed instantly. by a tractor trailer driver that hit nine other cars, and heather. they were all stopped at a traffic light. he never stopped. and we found out afterwards he never stopped because he was on a qualcomm device, and his tractor, either receiving or sending a message, texting a message to his company. >> aaa backs tougher texting laws. >> it is dangerous to read anything while you are driving. be it a text. be it a map. be it a newspaper. >> but back in towson, some younger drivers say tougher laws will not help. >> i think kids, they go for an adrenaline rush. if you beef up the fine, they will do it to see if they can get away with it. >> in baltimore county can.
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kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> under current state laws, already illegal for drivers under 18 to use cell phones. unless it is an emergency phone call. >> now, that brings us to the question of the day. should it be against the law to read texts while driving? so far 68 percent say yes. 32 percent say no. r from baltimore writes on our website from my personal experience, it takes, at least five seconds to read even a short text. that is way too long to be distracted from driving. but kim writes oophorus book. if you can eat or drink behind the wheel why not texts? it is the same s either way you are not focused on the road. go to and tell us what you think. sound off through facebook. send us a tweet. or text your answer to 45203, enter fox 45 a for yes. fox 45 b for no. and hear your response tonight on the "late edition", possibly, at 11:00. >> snow is falling on the ground as we speak.
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and our own jeff abell is right in the middle of things. jeff, what is it like out there, dare i ask? >> well, it is wet and snowy right now. so far, we don't have any responses as far as freezing but it could get worse we're told. want to show you what's taking place here at the city's salt yard where we are in a lull. but for most of the night, plows are rolling in here. filling up with salt. and rolling back out. in an all out assault on the streets. the city is using every available resource tonight. said it is fully deployed. opened a storm center where city leaders are tracking the storm. but the big question right now, what are they expecting come rush hour? we will have that in 20 minutes. for now, jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> as you can see the snow coming down out there. we have gotten two to almost 3 inches across the area. winter storm warning for baltimore city, and counties, and dc. looks like we have more snow
10:25 pm
coming, and another storm to talk about. i will tell you ball that in the seven-day forecast. coming up next. >> controversial 10 year study links vaccinations to autisms. why a medical journal tonight is retracting all television now. >> we have lost, probably, in the vicinity of 20-to 30 percent of business the last year and a half. >> and the stimulus was you supposed to help.
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>> it has been nearly a year now since the federal government opened the checkbook to the tune of $800 billion. the american recovery and reinvestment act was meant to
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stimulate the economy. tonight a check up on all the aspending. recalling the recovery. is tonight's cover story. >> for nearly three decades richard leader man's livelihood is badges, buttons and plus. >> i started navy one all by hand. >> family business. and just like other small businesses, richard struggled to stay afloat continues. >> we have lost, probably, in the vicinity of 20-to 30 percent of business the last year and a half. >> but with tough fiscal talk coming from washington d.c. >> if we do not move swiftly to put it in motion. it could be a catastrophe. >> richard was confident hope was on the horizon. especially with last february's passage of the $787 billion american recovery reinvestment act. >> when they talk about stimulus, we got excited. >> but the excitement quickly turned to anger and frustration. once richard contacted his bank.
10:29 pm
>> the regulations were so misguided that the majority of people, probably, that would apply could not apply. >> leader man was seeking a $35,000 loan to help extend his line of credit. the money would have come from hundreds of millions of dollars, given to the small business administration from that recovery act. >> a lot of the banks decided the paperwork, and effort to go through it was not worth it. >> his attempts to borrow from the recovery capital loan program were denied. because the bank chose not to participate in the program. >> i cannot go to one bank and say i have a line of credit at another bank, will i give me a loan to pay off the line of credit? so you basically knocked out 98, 99 percent of the small businesses that could qualify. >> richard was forced to cut. >> one lady that had worked with us for, approximately, 19 years, had had to be let go because we could not afford her salary any more. >> you should never waste a crisis, if you look at the stimulus package passed in 2009.
10:30 pm
that's what the federal government did. >> this is the chairman and ceo of the stage policy group. economic and policy consulting firm based in the city of baltimore. >> this package, really if you look at it was not a particularly good package. very expensive. but not particularly impact full on a perdollar expended basis. >> despite the concerns, maryland's $4.1 billion piece of the recovery package, is being sent across the state. >> the key is to do everything we can, to push all of us out of the recession. >> data provided by the state indicates 4200 jobs have been directly created. and are now supported by recovery dollars. >> it is hard to measure jobs saved. what you are saying but for this money this job would have been eliminated. >> it is hard to know that. >> 200 jobs recently announced at the gm whitemarsh transmission plant where workers will build electric drive motors, thanks in part to tax dollars. >> well, the reason that we're
10:31 pm
able to do this, is because of the stimulus. >> but the project doesn't come cheap. with a price tag of 200ro $44 million. or more than $1 million, to create each job. >> it doesn't happen overnight. but it is happening. >> even with billons spent to save and create jobs, unemployment continues to rise. maryland faces a 7.1 percent unemployment rate. baltimore city averaged 10.4 percent. in 2009. >> the goal of the stimulus package was to help main street. not he necessarily wall street. as i say on a perdollar perspent basis, it did not get the support it needed. >> $413 million set-aside for shovel ready projects in the state of maryland, $28 million has been spent to complete only 14 projects. the state's goal of weather rising 3400 homes, has yet to heat up. data shows only 8 percent, or just 273 weatherization
10:32 pm
projects, have been completed. >> people will conclude we did not get enough bang for the buck. >> meantime back on reisterstown road. >> one day at a time. >> business as usual. >>as the leader mans forge ahead without any help whatsoever, from the recovery package. >> if it is a trickle down, it has not trickleed yet. >> as of december of 2009, the federal government has invested 141 incidents of wrongdoing, associated with recovery funds. >> i think it is really interesting experiment. >> reality show about a very hot topic causing controversy. show you what is causing such a stir, coming up in tonight's "word on the web." >> it is that time of the year again. where a rat, i am sorry, a ground hog, predicts when winter ends. what punxsutawney phil had to say about when spring will show up this year, if at all,
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>> it looks like seeing is the snow coming down around the central portion of the state. inner harbour shows decent snowfall right now. several inches expected tonight. show you details forecast on where it is coming down and who
10:34 pm
10:35 pm
>> good evening folks. snow is coming down at a good pace.
10:36 pm
here is a look live at the salt trucks and salt barn, working hard out there to get the salt on the ground. you have to be careful driving. there can be slippery spots. because we are freezing. 32 degrees out there. overpasses especially could be slick. and even if it is salted you have to give it time to work. but they are working hard out there. getting a jump on the storm. be patient. because there is a lot of roadways out there to cover. looking at the hd skycam inner harbour. snow is coming down at a good pace. continue to see it for the next several hours. this is not going to be wrapping up until probably after two to 5:00. that's about the time frame it ends here. 30 degrees downtown baltimore. winds out of the north-northeast at three. humidity levels 100 percent. as we see the precipitation coming down. and as our temperatures show, you can see the cold air is in the mix right now. 32 out at the airport. 32 -- 30 downtown. 29 harrisburg. 30 pittsburg. and the cold air is supplying what is needed for the moisture to come in and drive into the cold air. so we have two lows, that are
10:37 pm
working in tandem. one over parts of indiana and ohio. bringing in that moisture. and then that cold air. and then another low over the atlantic bringing in the atlantic moisture. and as it meets over land here. we are seeing that in the form of snow. see the tail end of the snow west of us. but we have several hours to go before it kind of fizzles out. as far as the winter storm warning in effect. until 7 a.m. tomorrow. over central maryland, including baltimore city, baltimore county. dc and all the surrounding counties. again, this is until 7:00 tomorrow morning. as we see the snow coming down. northern counties, virginia and central virginia. and winter weather advisories across the border in pennsylvania. eastern shore. delaware and parts of western maryland will continue to see that. southern tip of maryland as well. this winter weather advisory until 7 a.m. with lighter precipitation. time line of the future scan. shows the snow coming down. still coming down at midnight. you see the time line there. 6:00. rush hour beginning with snow
10:38 pm
coming down potentially. then it starts to depart the area. we get a break as we get into thursday. looks like we will get plenty of sunshine. and temperatures warming a bit to give us melting. then the next clouds are leading in. of the next to remember storm to watch for. it could be a big one. show you in a moment. but totals, 4 to 6 from baltimore area down to d.c.. some areas maybe more. maybe about 7 inches in some spots. 3 to 5 surrounding outlying area of the metropolitan area. 3 to 5 , including annapolis and westminster. two to four on the eastern shore. and then back toward parts of western maryland, hagerstown. but this is the possibility of what we can see. we have already got 3 inches on the ground out there right now. storm departs. watching the next one on the way. get a break with high pressure for thursday. but then this storm is potentially a big storm. kinds of like what we saw back before christmas. it could be a big snow maker. so we have to watch this one very he closely. as we get into friday night. and then into saturday.
10:39 pm
but tonight looking at snow coming down at a good pace. 31 degrees. and then on five-day forecast. shows the snow leaving mid-morning, afternoon. clear skies thursday. 41. 35 friday night. we have to watch this next storm coming in. possibly a big storm. with a high of 33 on saturday. and then it will get out of here sunday. keep you posted on that potential next big one. back to you. >> all right. thank you. >> keeping track of all the school delays and cancellations. so far right now. u.s. naval academy will be delayed two hours tomorrow. of course we will update school closing through the newscast as we possibly hear them. also during the "late edition" at 11:00. all the way to 11:30. and see more closing and cancellations at the ticker on the bottom of the screen. >> of course, watch fox 45 morning news, when you wake up. getting latest, weather, traffic delays, and school cancel islations on the morning news, at 5 a.m.
10:40 pm
>> as the sky shines bright above me. my shadow i see beside me. six more weeks of winter. it will be. >> punxsutawney phil makes his annual prediction, and he saw something he did not like. during the annual event in gobbleers knob pa, he saw his shadow. meaning six more weeks of winter weather. >> from american idol to jersey shore reality shows are arage. now a show about pregnancy is causing rage and praise from both sides of the abortion issue. judy kurtz has more in tonight's "word on the web". judy? >> katy's dream of being a mother is finally coming true. but her husband, is deployed in iraq and she cannot imagine carrying for a child on her own. >> maybe in a adifferent circumstance, i would be excited about having a baby, yeah. >> should she keep the baby? that's what viewers of a new online show must decide.
10:41 pm
it is called "bump" stiring the debate over abortion. series about unintended pregnancy debuted on bump the all the stories and characters are fictional. the women in the show are actors. and are not actually pregnant. viewers can comment on the stories. support isers of bump have called it compelling, and say it makes people think. but critics call the show offensive and say it is a pro abortion show in disguise. the creators say they produced it as an experiment. read the tech news and more on my blog. go to fox"word on the web". i am judy kurtz and that's had tonight's "word on the web". >> the study that links a vaccine to autism. why it is being retracted now after a decaderight after the
10:42 pm
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>> back now to the top story, of course. tonight's winter blast is expected to drop several inches of snow as crot area. road crews are working hard as we speak to keep the streets clear. jeff abell live in north baltimore with more on the effort to get ready for the morning rush. jeff? >> i have to tell you, the roads are becoming snow covered, worsening every 30 minutes or so. even our live truck on the way down to the salt yard was
10:45 pm
sliding. but i want to show you live pictures right now. downtown. of interstate 395 and 95. where traffic is moving very slowly. it is very light. but moving slowly at this hour. we want to show you back here at the salt yard where plows all night are hauling salt. rolling into the yard here. and rolling out. attacking the roads with a vengeance, with salt. the city has deployed every single resource, it tells us. attacking the primary roads first, and foremost. and then get to the secondary roads. we will stay with it through the evening. for now, back to you in the studio. >> jeff, i hate to do this. but lets not leave you just yet. we have had a lot of snow this season. any word on the snow budgets you and how they are holding up? we understand baltimore county is in trouble with their budget? >> we talked to the city and state earlier and both said they are well stocked with salt, and stilwell within their budgets.
10:46 pm
even with the predicted snow this coming weekend. but, of course, as you know this winter is far from over. >> all right. jeff abell reporting live from north baltimore. thank you for the update. get dry now. >> in tonight's can he can health check. medical journal retracts a controversial study. lan sit said study with measle mumps and rubella to autism is incorrect and ethics codes were violated during the study. many parents refused in the past to vaccinate children because of the original study results. >> the colts and saints caught in the circuit known as superbowl media day. hear from the two starting
10:47 pm
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
>> once again, look at the forecast for tomorrow. remaining snow showers. under a winter storm warning overnight tonight through tomorrow morning until 7 a.m. drive carefully on the morning commute. seven-day forecast. shows the snow showers coming to an end. mid-morning, afternoon. high of 39. 41 thursday. plenty of sunshine. and then on friday, partly cloudy. with a high of 35. then snow showers move in late friday night, saturday. good potential that we could see another big storm in the loom. and it is going to be a big one, i think. so watch that track. 33 degrees are. and th


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