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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 3, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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that came last night, overnight and still this morning. joel d smith is live at westminister, megan gilliland is reporting from baltimore county, and jessica starr is here in the city all with the latest of the current conditions out there. we want to keep you up-to-date. said that, we want to keep you up-to-date on the school closings as well. here is a list of the schools that are closed. anna run dell dale, county, ally county, baltimore city, baltimore county, cecil, frederick, harford county, st. mary's and washington county schools are two hours late today. and just remember whenever severe weather hits, tune in to fox 45 news. our morning news ticker will have the latest closings, delays, traffic conditions, that ticker updates automatically and it even runs during commercials. we need to check on the
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roadways, candace dold is here with a look at the traffic edge report. good morning, candace. >> reporter: unfortunately it's going to be all about the dig out this morning. we want to show you, this is what the main lines look like. here is 695 moving at 83. you can see the cars are moving and the roads look pretty clear so no snow there, but then let's check on what it looks like moving at rogers forge this morning, well that, is a different story. we of course, have the snow that is completely packed down. now the slushy conditions so that is on the roads. and look at those cars, they're definitely covered with it, so you will have to spend a little bit of time digging out this morning. now the main lines, though, they're pretty much in the clear. that is just a slick ride from 83 up toward 795, the drivers definitely did a good job, 9 minutes the actual time, traveling at 51 miles per hour. on 795 making the push toward 95, not too much to complain about there, either, just a 12
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minute clip at 53 miles per hour. traveling through baltimore, the same deal. southbound 95 on the fort mchenry tunnel, 8 minutes at 53 miles per hour. now this is for the roads to tell you about the mta. we talked to officials and they said all buses are running on normal schedule, but you need to look for the buses on the main roads. they won't be able to get down the secondaries and with that shot you can see why. that's a look at the morning travels, now let's focus on the weather with meteorologist steve fertig. >> reporter: thank you very much, candace. we're watching the last of this active weather moving off to the east, nevertheless, of course, some of those roads still a problem as candace was telling you. but what we're looking at is diminish snow in the eastern and back to the west snow showers there, it won't accumulate there. it won't amount to a lot of accumulation. here is something not to feel a whole hot about, if you don't like snow. see the gulf moisture that is
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moving toward the east. that is going to be coming up our way for friday night into saturday. that is the next weather maker. we believe that going to be coming up the coast and it's going to resemble the storm of december 19th. remember that one? no, it wasn't that long ago. with this 4-6 inches does it for the snow in baltimore and d.c. 2-3 inches on the eastside the chesapeake bay and even lesser amounts to the east and farther. what we're concerned the storm friday night into saturday. that one could be a bigger, stay tune. look for the skies to clear out, some this afternoon, in fact, we may see sunshine with partly cloudy skies for early this afternoon. northwest winds 5-10 and not a problem. we will have more on that storm to come in just a bit. right now, patrice, back to you. you saw it falling when you went to bed last night and this morning all of that snow is making for a slippery commute if you're heading out anytime soon.
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megan gilliland is live in baltimore county with a look at how things are shaping up in rogers forge. good morning, megan. >> reporter: good morning, patrice. when we went to bed we did see it falling and this is what is left. it's so beautiful when you're looking outside from your inside, but once you're finally out here, as soon as you walk outside your door this morning, you have a lot of work to do. you have shoveling on your sidewalk, the good news it's light fluffy snow easy to shovel of the once you get to your car here this morning, most of the sidewalks here in the neighbors have not yet been shoveled. you got a good 5-4 inches, some places 5 inches that you will need to shovel here as well. once you get to your car here this morning, if you're not tired enough, you got a little bit of brushing off to do on your car here this morning. the good news is we are dealing with fluffy snow here this morning. it's not ice here yet, if you get to your car early this morning and take care of that, you don't need the scraper. you can use your hand here this
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morning. we will show you the roadways, real quick, just what we're dealing with, slushy on the side roads but one of the major roads going through the rogers forge community, just wet roads. these have been well treated this morning. a lot of salt trucks out. not too bad getting out of your neighborhood, just getting out of the neighborhood will be the issue here. we will bring you live updates throughout the morning. megan gilliland, fox 45 early edition. joel d smith is live at westminister this morning to show us how things are looking out there and how is the drive, joel. it wasn't so bad for me coming in this morning but i wasn't in westminister. >> reporter: true and we were not either, until our ride out here. it was an easy ride out here. there was a small section on route 40 that had slush on there. it wasn't very icy and there were really treacherous parts. that is once you get to the main roads.
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this is maryland route 140, baltimore boulevard is what you want to call it, the main way to get out here from the city. you're going around like gangbusters. these are folks that are acting like it just rained or something like that. that is out because they have got out of the way of those side streets that are still covered with, how much snow? well, let's take a look here. it's about ankle deep all way down there, maybe a handful, call it what you want, make 4, maybe 4.5 inches. it's light to the touch, but we talked to a salt truck driver and said it's the heaviest snow so far, rough on the equipment. he he has been out all night. the tow truck drivers -- the plow drivers are happy. it's another snow fall for them. it's another paid day for them and even if they have a second job during the day, like this job does, that's no matter, they're going to be smiling because they know how much money is coming in. there was salt on the road from the weekend. the main roads are taken care
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of. the side streets not too bad. you have to take your time to get out of there. once you hit the main roads, you should be fine, especially out here in westminister. that is where we're live out here, joel d smith, fox 45 early edition. a window washer dangling 12 stories above a busy baltimore industry is rescued by fire officials. it happened around 2:30 afternoon at lancaster street. ostledz say thofficials say thes working outside when the lines to his scaffolding jammed. >> the lines are powered by motor, it malfunctioned and wouldn't alhe lo allow him to g. >> crews were able to get the man inside by swinging the scaffold to an open window. medics took a look at him at the scene and he was not hurt. the stimulus was supposed to
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help. >> we have lost 20 to 30% of business in the last year and a half. >> why this businessman says he can't get the money. and the snow tapering off right now, but what is next? well, it looks like the future scan shows us that we got a white future coming in for friday night into saturday, that is round 2 of round 3. i'm meteorologist jessica starr, i wi
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oh, the snow just won't go away. we continue our snow coverage this morning with meteorologist jessica starr. she is in baltimore city with the current conditions and jess, this doesn't seem to be as bad as it could have been. >> reporter: , yeah, you know, i don't think it's as bad as it could have been but i think they handled the roads very well. i was personally impressed. i live downtown and i saw 3 and 4 salt trucks before i went to bed and i'm sure they came again. here in downtown canton, is a truck that is moving just fine. it's the back roads, though, still that are wet and slushy.
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the snow was a wet kind of snow. you will have to plan for extra time accordingly to getting your car cleaned off with the snow. but let's go ahead and measure how much snow we got in canton downtown. i have a ruler, but around the region everyone saw about four inches, is the average, but some areas got a little bit more and some areas got a little bit less. measuring this in right about now, it's about 5, almost 5.5 inches. downtown in canton. for a look at all of the snow totals on what everyone got. let's get to steve in the sky watch center. >> reporter: it doesn't look like there's much activity right now, nothing falling as we speak. >> yeah, there's nothing coming down. i think the storm system is pulling out. but there's another one that is already starting to organize and you're going to tell us all about that one that is coming for the weekend. >> yes, i am, jessica, everybody is so excited. the snow lovers out there are saying come on bring it on. take a look at the sky hd radar and everyone is thinking thank
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goodness this one is done. it's done as you heard from jessica downtown. dry scan right now. this is going to be the story for the rest of this morning and the rest of today and tomorrow, in fact drier conditions for the central part of the state as we go to the city, you can see there was snow moving through earlier that has now dissipated and moving points east moving off the eastern shore as well. we are seeing improvement. we had a winter storm warning that was supposed to last through 7:00 a.m., and the winter storm advisory for the eastern shore has expired, earlier than expected. can you see the little bit of snow moving out and the little bit of sleet. that is where we saw the heaviest snow, one spot in salisbury, 6.25 inches there. as we head downtown we picked up 4.5 inches around there. this storm behaved just like vytis reed said it would behave.
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3.75 to almost 4.5 and an inch. 3 inches in jarrettsville, also toward the north and east a little bit lesser amounts there. 2.5 or so inches toward northeast in port deposit, and about 2 to 3 inches there. right now looking a whole lot better as you saw. temperature wise we have the temperatures near the freezing mark, 32 for baltimore, the same for d.c. we saw the changeover shortly, just a short time ago. 30 degrees in hagueer hagerstowd 30 degrees in oakland. here is what we're watching with the frontal air behind it. the high pressure dries out the skies but here is what is coming your way. the low pressure center that will be coming up the eastern seaboard and the question is will it take a turn east and head out to sea or will it come up the coast? i if i think the first scenario
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moving out to the west is less favorable than the computer models coming up the coast. when that happens, you know that you get all of the snow toward the biggest part of the cities from boston through philadelphia where we are, of course, down through d.c., too, and cold air in place and a lot of moisture coming our way. that is why we think there could be heavier snow falls total. most hely cloudy witmostly withr wind. turning partly cloudy 35 degrees with a 5-10-mile-an-hour wind. it looks better later in the day than the way things started out earlier this morning. snow showers to the west and tonight 26 degrees, mainly clear skies and look for the temperatures again to get to the high of 39 at about 2:00 this afternoon, probably. 30 for your 6:00 p.m., 35 at noon, we will get to 35 at 2 to 3:00, and then tomorrow night's dry day. clear 41 degrees, a day to kind
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of rest up and get ready because here comes the snow late friday it looks like, high of 30 degrees. and we could be talking about as i said a system that was very much like december 19th. we could be talking 12-18-inch range, not impossible. 31 degrees for sunday, mostly cloudy, 34 and 35 for your monday and tuesday and look at that. tuesday round 3. yep, winter is not over. punxsutawney phil may have sounded like he knew what he was talking about. iradar is available at you can use fox 45 powerful doppler to track incoming storms. go to and click on iradar. candace dold is back with another look at the traffic edge. how are he we looking now, candace. >> reporter: well, steve when you look at and look out your window you you're going to find a slushy mess. we want to show you what it looks like in rogers forge.
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here you can see people getting out and trying to warm up their cars and getting the covet parking spot there. it's going to cost you a little bit of extra time in newer neighborhood -- in your neighborhood. let's check out westminister, we are looking at clear conditions. this is route 40 moving at angler road, it's just a bit slick but no snow, it's actually on the main line. again, just getting into your car going to be the extra annoying factor for you this morning. as for what it looks like on the main lines, well, let's check in on the west side of the beltway, moving right at liberty road. here it is, you can see the cars are zipping along. the favorable conditions, and the crews did a good job with main lines. unfortunately that is going to be good news for the morning commute. as for the top end of the beltway, quiet running through pikesville, a little bit of a slow down near the 83 but then it eases near the towson region.
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695 moving at harford road, and again pretty much the same deal nothing to worry about on the outer loop lanes or the inner loop stretch up toward 95. speaking of 95, let's check in moving through baltimore right now, right near the 395, running reasonably well on the northbound lanes starting to accumulate the volume on the southbound lanes toward the
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it's been nearly a year since the federal government opened its checkbook to the tune of $8 billion. now jeff barns checks on the spending in recalling the recovery. >> reporter: for nearly three decades, richard lively hood has been badges and plus. >> when i started in 'eight '81s all done by hand. >> reporter: richard struggle to stay afloat continues. >> we have lost in the vicinity of 20 to 30% of business in the last year and a half. >> reporter: but with tough fiscal talk coming from washington d.c. >> in we don't move swiftly to put this plan in motion our economic crisis could become an economical catastrophe. >> reporter: with the pass of
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american recovery of reinvestment act. >> when they started talking about stimulus, we got excited. >> reporter: but the excitement turned to anger and frustration once richard contacted his bank. >> the regulations were so misguided that the majority of people that could apply wouldn't apply. >> reporter: he was seeking a 35,000 loan to help extend his line of credit. the money would have come from hundreds of millions of dollars given to the small business admnistration from that recovery act. >> a lot of banks decided the paperwork and the effort to go through it was not worth it. >> reporter: richard's attempts to borrow from america's recovery capital loan program were denied because his bank chose not to participate in the program. >> i can't go to one bank and say i have a line of credit at another bank will you give me a loan so i can payoff that line of contract, so you knocked out 98, 95% of the small businesses that could qualify. >> reporter: richard was
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forced to cut. >> one lady who had worked for us for approximately 19 years had to be let go because we couldn't afford her salary anymore. >> you shouldn't waste a crisis. if it you see the package passed in 2009 that is what the federal government did. >> reporter: he is the chairman and ceo of the sage policy group, a policy and economic consulting group based in the city of baltimore. >> the stimulus package if you look at it, is not a particular good package. it's very expensive. >> reporter: despite the concerns the $4.1 billion piece of the recovery package is being sent across the state. >> but the key is to do everything we can to push all of us out of this recession. >> reporter: data provided by the state indicates 4200 jobs have been directly created and are now supported by recovery dollars. >> it's hard to measure jobs saved. what you're saying but for this money these jobs would have been
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eliminated. >> reporter: 200 jobs were recently announce add the gm whitemarsh transmission plants where they will be building electric motors. >> the reason we're able to do this is because of the stimulus. >> reporter: the project doesn't come cheap with a price tag of more than $1 billion to create each job. >> it doesn't happen overnight, but it is happening. >> reporter: even with billions spent to save and create jobs, unemployment continues to rise. maryland faces a 7.1% unemployment raid. baltimore city averaged 10.4% in 2009. >> the goal of the stimulus package was to help main street not necessarily wall street. and as i say on a per dollar spent basis, it makes to markup the type of support it needed. >> reporter: of the $114 billion set aside for the shovel ready project in
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maryland, just way million dollars have been spent to complete only 14 projects. the state's goal of weatherizing 1300 homes has yet to heat up. data shows only 273 weatherization projects have been completed. >> people will conclude we did not get bang for our many bucks. >> reporter: meantime back on reisterstown road. >> it's one day at a time. >> reporter: it's business as usual as they forge ahead without any help whatsoever from the recovery package. >> if it's a trickle down, it still hasn't trickled yet. later on fox 45 morning news, legalizing medical marijuana in maryland. one state's delegate proposal. but next he led the baltimore stallions to
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here is your guest look at sports. the single most entertainment off field event went on tuesday morning, kind of journalistic mardi gras and it's known as media day. they issued 9,000 credentials to the event which was held inside because of the rain threatening. many asked intelligent pertinent questions especially for the two quarter backs that are looking for one titanic football game.
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>> agree withdrew, this game is about two great teams that have had two outstanding seasons really from the get go. just realizing it's the first time since '93 that the two number one ranked teams are meeting. it's says a lot for both teams. we had both teams have persevered. >> we are playing for much more than than a super bowl for our organization. it's a super bowl for our city and our fans and everything that they have been here through the last years, there's no organization that deserves the championship more than new orleans. >> meanwhile, the biggest story of super bowl, is that he has not practiced since tearing a ligament. he he is officially listed as questionable for sunday's super bowl. the colts stack leader remains optimistic that he will be
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suiting up. >> that going to be a decision that is going to be made later on in the week. like i said, it's kind of early. this just happened last week. you know, we definitely have some recovery to go. it's going to be a decision really by the coach's staff come friday, maybe saturday, you know how much time he may be playing. >> for those of you who remember the late baltimore stallions of the canadian football league. two members of that team have been selected to the hall of fame. quarterback tracy ham. ham played for four teams in his 13 year career. he played in three gray cups, but his only championship came with the baltimore stallions in 1995, he was mvp of that game, by the way. nine local basketball players from five city schools have been nominated for the honor of the being naked the moke donald higmcdonald all-ame.
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s st. francis duante homes and james sparrow seen here both received the nominationtion as did gerard johnson and finally eric a atkis was also nominated, only 24 boys and 24 girls will be selected from the nationwide nominees. the all-american games take lace on january 31st in columbus, ohio. you can see the acc game at the w
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