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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  February 3, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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staying on the job while serving time for sex assault. the action now being taken after a story you saw first on fox. i refuse to read anything negative. >> arrogant, unrepent enter and in denial. all words used to describe mayor sheila dixon. the surprising source of the harsh criticism. the big storm up on the way from the gulf coast. when it will arrive and how much snow we could get in my skywatch forecast. hello, i'm pwarp pwarp. >> and i'm jennifer gilbert. a man convicted for sex assault may have continued to earn a paycheck if the city while he was behind bars. tonight it's getting the
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attention of a city council member. >> karen parks at city hall where a story you saw first on fox is bringing a lot of change. >> reporter: council woman holton submitted a resolution today to make sure there were policies in place to keep this from happening again. 37-year-old dennis mclaughlin who is behind bars and works for the department of public works as a utility repairman was also charged with sexual assault and impersonating a police officer. he served ten months in 2008 for sexually assaulting a minor. now there are allegations that mclaughlin used sick time, barroed from the city's sick bank to cover if his of time while in jail. >> did the investigation begin before fox broke the story? i don't know. there are employees in the department of public works that knew that this employee was incarcerated, that knew that this employee had someone submitting sick leave slips so that this employee could be paid
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while they were incarcerated. >> reporter: we've also learned that look laughlin's mother also works as an administrative assistant within the department. we'll have much more coming up on the news at 10. reporting live here at city hall, karen parks, fox 25 news at 5:30. today is sheila dixon's last full day as mayor of the city of baltimore. she had a message for her staff. >> and i leave this office as mayor as i began, with full optimism and hope for baltimore city. i love this city and i leave city hall after 23 years of public service secure in the knowledge that baltimore's best days are ahead. >> dixon will be officially sentenced tomorrow as part of a plea agreement. you can hear more of mayor dixon's final words at today's meeting simply by logging on to
5:33 pm slash newslink. the state prosecutor lashing out at mayor dixon in a scathing memo. joy lepola tells us he does not mince words. >> reporter: the three-page memo was written in support of a plea deal which will lead to dixon's resignation thursday. prosecutor labels the mayor as unrepent enter and in a state of total denial, even describing her behavior as laughable. at one point the state prosecutor responds to a comment the mayor made saying quote, she it didn't amount to much. such an arrogant attitude could only be described as shameful. when asked today about the memo, mayor dixon declined to comment. >> i refuse to read anything negative from the prosecutor. i'm sorry. >> she ought to be repent enter at what she did and he's offended she's not repent enter. >> reporter: keeping her pension as part of a plea agreement was difficult for the prosecution to
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swallow but the alternative he says could have been continued costly litigation for taxpayers. mayor dixon's sentencing is at 9:00 tomorrow morning. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 5:30. a man is shot several times and killed in west baltimore. it happened this morning in the 2100 block of edmonson avenue. two are rushed to the hospital after a home a*eupb invasion. police were called just before 9:00 last night. police say two men forced their way into the home, overpowered april elderly man and then shot a 24 yearly man. a woman also suffered injuries from blunt force trauma. both suspects got away. no word on a motive. the 24-year-old man remains in critical condition tonight. a winter blast blankets the region. >> you know, when it comes, you just got it deal with it.
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>> people spent this morning clearing the snow. >> tonight how much snow we got, the cost of cleaning up and a look ahead to another round of snow coming this weekend. the storm left up to 7 inches of snow in some places. >> tonight most people are all shoveled out from this one. as megan dillon tells us, they are bracing for yet another storm that could be headed our way this weekend. >> six more weeks of winter. >> doesn't he always say that? >> apparently that's how it is in baltimore. >> that ground hog might be on to something. >> two inches on. winds are a little iced up. >> another winter blast leaves folks across our region digging out again. in baltimore county. >> a lot more than expected. >> sometimes i chose to ride the bus and today is one of those days. >> i had to shovel the sidewalks just to get to the car. >> reporter: but we've seen worse here in baltimore and over the years we've learned a few
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tricks to outsmart mother nature. >> just a small bit of ice, i just take the credit card out and scrape it off. >> the hard work is done for today, but might not stay clear for long. threats of a major winter weather event is looming. >> we'll see what happens. >> they said it might miss us. if it comes, you just go to deal with it. >> megan dillon, fox 45 news at 5:30. our viewers were very busy taking photographs of this latest winter blast. this picture of the snow coming down late last night, from the cars to the streets, everything was offered in snow. and rebecca thomas of catonsville sent us this photograph. she grew up in sweden and it's a tradition to illuminate the snow just like this. very pretty. you can see it, shoot it, send it, upload photos and videos to our website, go to our website and click on the see it, shoot it, send it
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icon. these big storms are burying local budgets with road crews working overtime, spreading salt and clearing streets. jurisdictions are already finding they are burning through the allocations for snow removal. $20 million in the red. >> going into yesterday's storm the state highway administration has spent about $46 million. no one needs to worry really about the budget. there are things we can defer like maybe some mowing or signs that can go up in the next fiscal year. >> battle city allocated $3.5 million for snow removal. we'll have much more on this story coming up tonight on fox 45 news at 10 and our coverage of the winter blast continues. vytas reid will join us in just a few minutes with snow totals and details on that possible big storm coming this weekend.
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>> we look forward to that. how are the roads looking at this hour. lauren cook has our traffic report. >> we are dealing with slick roadways but fortunately our speeds are holding their own. we're looking at 55 miles per hour on the west side of the belt way, 58 on the jfqx. do expect delays on the south side of 95 all due to an earlier crash on the southbound lanes just as you pass the harvard tunnel through-way. this is going to be deputy at martin luther king boulevard. if you're traveling on interstate 70 tonight, no accidents to tell you about but we're dealing with some congesting. here's a live look here at the belt way. you will see a little bit of buildup along those inner loop lanes. as you make the push to pikesville, watch out for disabled cars. fortunately it's confined to the shoulder at this time so it shouldn't cause too much trouble
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for you tonight. we do have an accident in towson involving a pedestrian at fair mount avenue that you do want it look out for. that's a look at your evening travels. let's send it back to you. >> thank you, lauren. your taxpayer dollars paying for a very expensive super bowl ad. >> the government-run organization that's spending your money next. more bonuses for employees at aig. how much the company is shelling out now. >> reporter: and toyota is ready to make repairs, but there's a new warning tonight about the recalled cars. the details coming up.
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the u.s. census bureau is hoping to score big during this sunday' super bowl. the bureau spent $2.5 million on a 30 second ad that will run during the super bowl. recalls say the ad will encourage people to participate in the 2010 census which of course is an official count of the country's popping. critics, however, argue the ad
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is a big waste of taxpayers' dollars. that brings us to our question of the day. should the census bureau spend $2.5 million on one super bowl ad? go to and let us know what you think. you can sound off through facebook. you can send us a tweet at fox baltimore, you is can text us. your response could air tonight on fox 45 news at 10. aig is giving out $100 million in bonus money. the money is going to employees of the financial products unit. they agreed to give the company a 10% discount in exchange for getting their money six weeks early. bonus paid to the same department last year caused major backlash from the public and lawmakers in washington, d.c. republicans say the white house should demand an immediate explanation. the government owns 80% of aig. back here at home five baltimore city workers will be losing their jobs now thought public works museum is closing.
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it's located at the eastern avenue pumping stations. this is part of the budget cuts to close the structural deficit for the next fiscal year 2011. a new report indicates a key part of the federal health reform legislation isn't needed here in maryland. insurance exchanges would give the uninsured the option of shopping around for coverage. a report from the national association of independence and phenomenon advisers says maryland's private sector can help the uninsured on its own without a federal exchange. >> there isn't any government entity that i'm aware of that can train the people the way they are trained in this community, in this state. we're all licensed. we all have to go through continuing education. every year have to stay on top of that. a government bureaucracy is not going to do that. >> state lawmakers say they don't plan to enact any major health bills in congress until they see what the president does
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the with the health care reform bill. a new warning tonight about midnight recalled bills. federal safety amists say don't drive them until repairs are made but how soon will that be. melinda roeder has some of the answers. >> reporter: when the recall was first announced, toyota didn't even know how long it would take them to come up with a fix. now they say they have a solution. the fix is a tiny metal rod that would be installed behind the gas pedal. they are also now taking payments to make repairs. some are even keeping their service departments open late to handle the demand. in the mean time toyota has been suggesting if the accelerator sticks, you should shift the car into neutral and then use the brakes. but now federal safety analysts say you shouldn't even be driving the car. >> if anybody owns one of these vehicles, stop driving it, take it to the toyota deeper because they believe they have the fix for it. >> reporter: we're told it would take a half hour to make repairs
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on each vehicle. but you're told to make an appointment right away because there's bound to be a backlog. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 5:30. several inches of snow fall overnight and now we have another winter blast. >> we saw complete of snowfall coming down if last night's storm that went through the area. average across the area was anywhere from four, four and a half inches to seven in pockets out there. this is totals from the radar-indicated snowfall. around baltimore downtown five inches of snow. glen burnie five inches around laurel. five and a quarter down towards columbia. rikerstown about five inches. i measured on my deck in pikesville about six inches and that was after the snow had fallen, pretty much wrapping up around 2, 3:00 in the morning.
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definitely we got to see our share of snowfall across the area. sun came out today and allowed for that to melt off which is good news. out there looking at a few clouds. zooming out the bigger picture here. just northwestern portions of carol county into frederick county, there are a few light showers and a few clouds out there towards hagerstown. nonetheless we're really concerned about the next storm. winter storm watch already in place for friday night in through ska morning -- saturday morning into saturday evening. we're looking at several inches of snow possible. how much are we talking about? early it's saying this is going to bring complete of moisture, and it's going to run over cold air sitting over our portion of the state and that potential is to see maybe 14 to 18 inches of snowfall around the baltimore area down through d.c., north virginia. this is possible totals now. we could see a little bit more,
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anywhere from 20 to 22 inches if the storm hangs around a little longer. across the bay about five to ten inches stretching up to cecil county. this is the potential totals as this storm moves our direction. i'm going it take another closer look at this storm in detail coming up. michael jackson's doctor could be heading to prison. the possible charges conrad murray faces in connection with the king of pop's death next. ♪ call the radio if you just can't be without me baby ♪ >> and the "american idol" auditions roll on. seat unforgettable hi, anne. how are you doing? hi, evelyn. i know it's been a difficult time since your mom passed away. yeah. i miss her a lot, but i'm okay. wow. that was fast. this is the check i've been waiting for. mom had a guaranteed acceptance life insurance policy through the colonial penn program, and this will really help with the cost of her final expenses.
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michael jackson's doctor could soon be facing charges in the king of pop's death. the los angeles district attorney's office might charge dr. conrad murray with involuntary manslaughter. the las vegas-based cardiologist was jackson's doctor in june. murray maintains his innocence. the search for the next american idol is on in denver, colorado. montgomery bikini girl last year? you new this year there would be
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a bikini boy. you can tell my arms to go back ♪ >> bikini boy -- >> don't move your hips like that, honey. it's not a good look. >> well, as can you see, the judges didn't bother to stick around long enough it weigh in on his performance. >> can i get a hug? i'm coming back, right? >> we -- well, bikini boy. >> okay, he was. what -- what -- >> what just happened? >> what does one say to something like that? >> there's not a lot you can say. >> when you pin on the number -- i want to know who pinned on his number for him. >> it sure isn't bikini girl. she could sing. >> yes, she could. >> you can catch more of "american idol" tonight at 9 right here on fox 45. >> oh, my god.
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how do you follow that? what do the ravens' front office think of the teams' performance and the year in review press conference next in sports. and we have a major storm potentially on the way
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