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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  February 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> the caps go for number 14 sunday against the pinguins. here is jeff barnd and karen parks with the "late edition". >> a storm that could make history moves into maryland. we will show what you it looks like in neighborhoods around balance more. >> this storm will get more intense overnight. tell you what it will look like on my sky watch forecast. >> also give you a live look at the streets surrounding the state. and what is being done to clear them. >> and it is a great great time to walk around and see the neighborhood with the lights and snow. >> see some of the people that are actually enjoying this weather. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> heavy snow, strong winds, and a push for safety. >> if you don't have to go out, do not go out in this. >> maryland buckles down. bracing for the worst.
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from tonight's winter blast. >> hello again i am karen parks. >> and i am jeff barnd. our reporters and meteorologists tracking the storm. >> keith daniels is live in rogers forge where the snow is getting deeper and deeper. >> snow keeps piling up in canton as well. that's where myranda stephens will be joining us live momentarily. >> and just how deep is that snow now? meteorologist jessica starr will join us from the sky watch weather center. >> but first, how much snow will we get and who will get hit the hardest? chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a look. >> wow, out front, and i got the measuring stick out. and we're talking about several inches of snow coming down quickly on hd radar. you can see behind us. lots of snowfall. went out and measured four, 4 1/2 inches. right about here. and remember folks, we're talking about 20-to 30 inches. that takes the amount possibly that we could get as much as this. substantial. and that will slow things down
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quite a bit if we are trying to get out and about on sunday to monday. takes a long time to dig out. hd radar. we are looking at heavy amounts of snow still coming down across baltimore. on 95, in fact, showed you this about half an hour ago. 15 minutes ago. car that slid off the highway up there in harford county. so if you don't have to venture out, don't. it is dangerous. and storm is working with a lot of moisture out of the south. and secondary low further off to the west. as we continue to see these systems wrapping into the cold air. all the moisture, plenty of moisture with the storm to work with. stretches back to indiana. the secondary low will be converging with this low pushing up from the south. over the eastern shore. so it looks like we will continue to deal with heavy snowfall tonight, into tomorrow morning. and blizzard like conditions that are setting up through the overnight. in fact, the winds are vigorous out there. at this time. with the latest with the warnings out there, and the snow totals that are potential that we could see across the area. here is meteorologist jessica
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starr. >> thank you, vytas. >> we have a blizzard warning in effect for most of the areas. right now get right to it to show you where they are. harford county, baltimore city in the blizzard warning, that went into effect at 10:00. pg, arundel, dc and counties eastern shore, this will take place and in fact, until 10:00 tomorrow. what is a blizzard? you might ask that. number one you have to have visibility 1/4th or a mile. winds greater than 35 miles per hour. that's what vytas said. winds will start to pick up. and we will have blowing snow. and this -- both of them need to last for three hours or longer. here is the potential of the snowfall totals that we could see when the system is all said and done. history breaking record, breaking snow system is in the area right now. we could see 20-to 30 inches of snow, that's almost 3 feet of snow, when all said and done,. and we have already had four to 5 inches out there. as vytas reported. and get you more of the totals
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coming up in a few minutes. >> all right. thanks jes. >> and we have a live look now at some of the roads. just to give you some sort of idea as to what blizzard conditions like. live look at 95 and route 152 in harford county. from the cameras. the road is hardly visible. and moments ago a driver slid off the road there. as you can see. and here is a live look at 95 and 395 in baltimore. snow and wind are pelting the area. making travel in the high bridges, extremely, hazardous. and it is a steady snowfall, and piling up. keith daniels is live in rogers forge where neighbors are in the middle of the big storm. keith? well,, karen, live in the 200 block of dunbarton road. yes, this snow is coming down. as vytas and jessica said earlier. at least 2 inches of snow have already fallen in this area now. and you can see how it is piling up on the car. and more is expected to come. some people in the neighborhood say bring it on.
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we caught up with a couple tonight, walking their dogs. now they have lived in nebraska before and they say weather like this doesn't necessarily keep them inside. >> it is a great time to walk around and see the neighborhood, with the lights and the snow. and if it turns into a blizzard tomorrow, we will hunker down with a big breakfast and sit and watch it come by. >> now, we are back here live. you can see how the streets are now. we have been on them. and it is slow going. slippery in some spots. sluggish in other areas. now for the most part, this street is passable. but again, remember, officials say if you don't have to get out, don't get out. but if you must, for emergency sake, in that kind of thing, remember to take it slow. drive safely. use patience. we're live now in rogers forge. keith daniels, fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right, keith thank you. the storm is hitting every neighborhood, as you can well
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imagine. you can think. myranda stephens has been watching the streets in baltimore city. she joins us live from canton. myranda what is going on down there? well,, jeff, i am here along boston street in canton. where you can see the road is covered in snow. we saw a snow plow plow go through here about 10 minutes ago. so the roads are actually still passable throughout the area here in canton. but boston street is like a lot of streets across the city, that are considered snow emergency routes. earlier today, the city officials announced that all vehicles need to be removed from any snow emergency route, so that snow plows can get through the streets and remove the snow. but plows are not the only thing that are going to be out on the road. the national guard actually will have their humvees out to help fire, city fire, and police, respond to any emergencies. >> we cannot moo new years eve
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around in the cars or trucks we have, so officers are out on foot wherever they can. >> and going back to those snow emergency routes. if your car is parked along one of the routes, it is at-risk of being ticketed or towed. the city has set up areas where you can take your car, to park it free of charge. and those include some parking lots, school parking lots and city garages. so if you want to check out that complete list you can go to our website. go to links. we're live in canton, myranda stephens, fox 45 news "late edition". >> thank you. >> joining us via phone is mel blizzard from the emergency management agency. thank you for being with us. we talked to you earlier. >> good evening everyone. >> we had a larger accumulation in the last few minutes. what are the biggest concerns right now? >> biggest concerns right now are the safety of our citizens. and visitors. to the state of maryland.
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we're also concerned about the increasing weight. it is a heavy snow, and the weight of the accumulating snow. we're concerned about keeping the roadways open and ensuring that any assistance requested by local jurisdictions throughout the state, are handled swiftly. and with the increasing winds and heavy snow, we're concerned about downed wires or trees. >> what are the troubled areas right now? we hear that possibly 200 residents in arundel county, mostly arundel county are without power. what are your main concerns for the next, let's say, eight hours? >> for the next eight hours, again, is the -- we will be from now, until, probably, 7:00 in the morning, according to the national weather service, involved in the height, or heat of the storm. so our concern is as the snow mounts up rapidly with up to 1-to 2-inches an hour, that we
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will -- we just need to make sure that we can keep the roadways clear. keep any -- if there is any damage to any structures, or anything, from the weight, we need to make sure that we can handle that. and get that cleared as quickly as possible. we're alsotively engaged in working with the national guard. working side-by-side with them. to ensure that humvees are displaced, throughout the state. to ensure that law enforcement, and fire, and ems personnel, can handle any emergencies. >> all right. mel blizzard, i am sure you have had a busy day and about to have a busy weekend undoubtedly. thanks for your time on the phone tonight sir. >> thank you. >> hospital workers have to answer the call of duty. even during winter weather. some hospitals are hoping you will help their employees get there. harford county is asking anyone with four-wheel drive vehicles
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to volunteers. b gmc said it is important to get in touch with the hospital before you head out. >> we would rather not have anybody on the roads that don't need to be. or anybody coming to the hospital that doesn't need to be. >> if you live in harford county and would like to volunteer you are asked to call. >> there are a lot of closing over the week. keep your eye on the ticker at the bottom of the screen. for the very latest in cancellations and delays. you can also go to for a complete list. >> and join us tomorrow morning for a special edition of fox 45 morning news. we will go on the air, at 6:00. and stay with you until 1:00 saturday afternoon. you will get the latest forecast. road conditions. and closing and delays. >> this storm is going to drop a lot of snow on maryland. >> clearly. and you may have the big view of what is going on in your neighborhood.
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rich, took this picture of the governor schaefer statue at the inner harbour. looks like he loves this snow. at least this version of the former governor. >> but this dog here. this is my favorite. this dog really likes the snow. charity from catonsville sent us this picture. and told us that her little girl likes to try to catch flakes on her tongue. looks like that will be fun. >> that's like lucy from peanut she liked february snow. send us your snow pictures. upload photos and videos on and click on see it, shoot it, send it. you can send photos directly from your cell phone to >> next on the "late edition". show you some of the unique problems this storm is causing. >> and here is a live look at canton. where the snow is steadily coming down. the storm is obviously causing co
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>> governor o'malley already declared a state of emergency. maryland's national guard has been activated to help paramedics and fire departments. the guard has more than 100 humvees ready to respond if needed. emergency workers are also watching conditions, on the eastern shore, where snow is not the only problem. >> we're on guard and highly
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sensitive, to the potential of coastal flooding, because this is a nor'easter and also because of the winds on the eastern shore. far more likely to encounter blizzard conditions. >> the governor said they budgeted $60 million for snow clean up this year. 50 million has already been spent. that does not include this storm. >> meantime, bge predicting several power outages from the winter blast. the company's warehouse in woodlawn today, crews were stocking trucks with transformers and materials to be ready to restore power. bge officials say the storm will be very similar to the monster storm four years ago, when 100,000 bge customers lost power. >> you have heavy wet snow, combined with high winds. whenever you have that combination, that heavy wet snow weighs down tree limbs and trees, that ultimately fall onto the power lines and cause outages. so that is what makes this storm so similar to the one that we had four years ago.
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and why we anticipate we will have significant outages. >> meantime, as we speak, crews from other states are expected to arrive here tomorrow. to help restore power. >> most people are not on the roads tonight. if your plans include flying any time soon, forget it. the snow has essentially put the airport in a standstill. hundreds of flights already cancelled. leaving hundreds of passengers stranded at bwi thurgood marshall airport. wondering how and when they can take off. the last southwest flight to depart was at 2:00 this afternoon. hundreds of crease crews are expected to work around the clock here. to keep the airport open. >> flights may resume sunday. to check there is a link on our website at links. >> bread and milk are not the only hot commodities. >> play it again sports. sleds sliding off the shelves. in fact, the store sold nearly
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40 sleds in five hours. the store is sold out. and the phones will not stop ringing. >> call in, and you know, stop, they were yeah, holding them. putting them on the register. hold i will be up in 20 minutes. >> managers are racing to get more on the shelves asap. that is a cash cow. our meteorologist, of course, are watching go the storm. >> jessica starr has a look at the snow totals so far. but first, chief meteorologist vytas reid has a look at where the storm is right now. hi vytas. >> well directly right over us. continue to see the heavy precipitation coming down. mainly in the form of snow. heavy wet snow. average of anywhere from one to 3 inches an hour. looking along the 95 corridor. stretching up 32 wilmington, philadelphia, north as new york city. getting heavy snowfall. points west as well, heavy amounts of snowfall. folks in pittsburg, columbus. zooming out the picture. you can see the rain/snow line around richmond where they saw
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more rain. in fact, the heavy snow amounts solicited to the north, where northern virginia and sterling and ruston. germantown and back through western portions of maryland, including baltimore city to d.c.. so a lot of heavy snow wrapping in with the system. and looking at the bigger picture. the storm is stretching back over the midwest. and involving folks back there in ohio. as well as indiana. double o wrap through the area bringing the moisture into cold air. and we could get rumbles of thunder tonight. do not be surprised. with heavy snow. we could have lightning in the clouds. and we will continue to see that one to 3-inch an hour, as we go through the overnight. not only dealing with that. but heavy gusty winds. looking at winds right now at 24 miles per hour in baltimore. 22 dc. dover at 21. gusting in the 30s. that's why we have blizzard like conditions out there right now. i tell you, do not go out there if you don't have to. with the latest watches and warnings. here is meteorologist jessica starr. >> thank you, vytas. >>well, this is a dangerous storm.
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that's why we have blizzard warnings in effect right now for baltimore city, and dc. pg county. arundel county, harford county and counties on the eastern shore. so we also have the winter storm warning, both of the warnings are in effect until 10:00 tomorrow. so we have to deal with the system overnight. and for the daytime for tomorrow. so how much snow can we see from the system? well here is what we are going to shoot for. 20-to 30 inches is what we could expect to see. that's almost 3 feet of snow. for most of the state of maryland. for central maryland, down through dc and northern virginia. eight to 14 inches for the oakland maryland. and southern tip of the dell mall marva, 12 to 18. so we have seen -- this is radar cade snowfall totals. snow started to fall today. right around noon. and takes time for the air to be saturated. but really the snow intensity has picked up here in the past couple of hours. so around 3 1/2 inches in baltimore. and again, this is just radar
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indicated. so you could add an inch onto the total right here. 4 inches to woodlawn and 3 1/2 inches toward towson. so lots of snow with this system. so next five days look like this. 29 for a high temperature tomorrow. and again we could see up to 3 feet of snow from this system. then on sunday. cold day. dry day. 27 degrees for a high temperature. 31 degrees on monday. and already looking toward tuesday and wednesday. when another system presses in here. not going to be as big as the one we are experiencing right now. but it could drop significant snowfall on late tuesday to early wednesday morning. have a look at the seven-day forecast coming up in a few minutes. >> nfl is facing a lock out,
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>> we are just two days away from superbowl xliv. but during the nfl off season, the biggest topic of conversation is usually the free agency, and trades. and the teams front offices are hard at work trying to find the best fit for the team. however the possibility of an uncaped season is causing
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challenges. if the owners and players cannot has she out a collective bargaining agreement by march 5, 2010 season will be uncaped. which means a whole slew of new rules for teams on how they can acquire players. nfl commissioner roger goodell recognizes the deadline is quickly approaching and they are working hard to come to an agreement. >> we want an agreement that is fair, to the game, to the players. and will allow us to continue to invest in the game. the ideas that ownership would be anxious for a work stoppage is absolutely false. you don't make money by shutting down your business. it is a bad scenario for everybody. and i can assure you the ownership, and i believe the players, in talking to individual players, want to get an agreement. and want to work to do that. and we are determined and committed to do that. i am right there at the forefront. >> now, to college football. and maryland. the gridiron terps were dismal last season going 2-10 with one
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win in acc play. next season turtles take on the state's best team in the first week. maryland opens up against navy at m&t bank stadium september 6. only the second time since 1965, that maryland and navy have played each other. in 2005, the terps beat the midshipmen 23-20. following the navy game, maryland will host morgan state on september 11. this marks the first time the two schools will meet on the gridiron. >> the terps basketball and senior guard vasquez, named one of the 11 finalist for the bob doozy award. recognizing the nation's to point guards. vasquez is averaging 17 points seven points. six assists and 4 1/2 ree bounds per game. winner of the doozy award is april 5 in indianapolis at the final four. >> the terps currently sit in 2nd place in the acc at 5 and 2.
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>>well, you have to get up early. i wonder what it will look like? >> probably dark. chief meteorologist vytas reid is back with a last look at the forecast. >> lots of snow on the ground. looking at several inches. 20-to 30 potentially with the
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storm. major winter storm. through the morning, afternoon. blizzard like conditions. clear off by sunday. monday, tuesday looks like better. buzz tuesday another storm tuesday night to wednesday life, accumulation potentially over the region. and then clear back out thursday, and friday. this could be a record breaker out there. folks. be careful and safe. back to you. >> all right. vytas, thank you. >> wake up tomorrow with a special edition of morning news. >> we will go on the air at 6 a.m. and stay with us until 1 p.m. saturday afternoon. >> that will do it for the "late editio
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