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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  February 10, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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welcome back to the special edition of fox 45 morning news. you are taking a look at rogers forge where the snow is coming down fast and furious. let's go down to north baltimore where it's still -- it doesn't seem to be coming down. it seems to be more sleet right here. it's amazing how regions change but we're expecting the worst to come in the next few hours. and on the major roadways, this is 695 at pulaski highway,
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and the roads are still down to the pavement in a lot of areas, but as the snow continues to move, we are seeing a dusting out there, but more importantly we are seeing it very slick and slippery out there so you need to use caution. >> it's a lot like saturday snow, wet and dense. it's not as much so far, but wet and dense. >> all the more reason people are warned again to say off the roadways if you can. good morning, i'm patrice harris. i'm jeff barns. good to join you on another winter blast morning. becoming habitual. >> like groundhog's day. we have school closings to tell you. >> list number one county public schools that are closed. algainy, caroline, carroll, cecil, dorchester, garrett and harford county. queen ann's st. mary's, somerset, talbot, wacomico and
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worcester county schools closed today. public schools that will be closed all week long, through friday, anne arundel county, baltimore city schools and frederick county. you can can hear the students cheering. along with howard county, montgomery county and prince george's county schools will be closed all week long. whenever severe weather hits in to fox 45 morning news, our morning ticker will have the latest traffic conditions and closings. >> the ticker updates automatic hecally and eveautomatically ans during commercial breaks. the weather meteorologist jessica has weather warnings and the snow totals. >> and we are talking to meteorologist steve fertig and we were talking about the thunderstorm event that we heard last saturday it hasn't occurred as of yet. as of yet. take a look at the sky watch hd radar. we are seeing a change from one
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moment to the next, take a look at the scan pink is indicating sleet. we are seeing sleet in the baltimore city area through bel air. we get closer and you can plainly see around cockeysville a dividing line, of 83 are you see a sharp line of sleet versus the snow. a line creating sleet and the division is very sharp. we're going to see a difference this time around with more banding of snow in terms of snow fall totals later through the day as opposed to the last storm we had over the weekend when we had a lot more snow, too. if we get more sleet we decrease the totals as far as the snow totals. by mount airy and up toward westminister you're seeing the division also with the sleet to the south and to the north of i-70 and westminister and carroll county in general seeing the snow. we got 7 inches of snow in some places, one of the hardest hit areas last night.
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we go to the eastern shore, you're seeing just rain there. so quite a difference from one place to the next. we continue to watch these areas as we get closer into the later part of the are morning when the winds will add to the mix and we get drifting snow. you can see obviously the sleet on an image moving north than earlier expected. again, maybe lesser amounts of snow which is something you may welcome but it will make for icy conditions which is not welcomed. obviously the winds pick up as you can see from around the low. the low blows up further north. as it does it brings heavier snow into the big cities, philadelphia and new york and we get maybe a little less than what we got over the weekend. still some significant inches of snow. i mean thinking we got on top of what we got is significant. these winds picking up to 50 miles per hour as far as gusts are concerned later in the day. that is not good news. let's see what is happening in the sky watch weather center with jessica starr, our meteorologist who is taking a look at other things as far as the morning show. >> reporter: let's give you a
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little bit of an outlet if you're trying to plan your day a little bit. seeing 6-10 inches of snow today, but that is going to depend on the sleet layer, if it transfers to snow, we will see the high-end, if it stays as sleet, we will see the lower end of that. the winds are going to be the story later today. 25-35 miles per hour gusting up to 50 and snow showers this evening. we could see a total accumulation between 12-18 inches. here is a regard with interesting things, we have a winter storm warning in effect until 10:00 a.m. that actually expires because from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. we have a blizzard warning that goes into effect for most of the state of maryland to the delmarva peninsula because of the strong gusty winds that is going to alhe low for white out conditions and limited visabilities out there. we will get updated on the
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totals around the region in a few minutes. breaking news out of dundalk this morning. >> a two-alarm fire broke out at a fire station in dundalk. it happened at station 6 in the 2800 block of salars point. part of the building collapsed. a fire spokesman is on the way to the scene but he says he bleebelieves a new $500,000 truk was destroyed. a police officer is struck by a car after trying to stop two armed robbery suspects. two suspects robbed a cvs store and jumped in a car and got on dulaney valley road. during the pursuit the suspects opened fire according to police and tried to run the officer down. the officer was alert when he was rushed to the hospital. both suspects were immediately arrested. many neighbors were just starting to see the light of day when it comes to digging out. now they will have to start that
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process all over again. >> unbelievable. megan gilliland is live at rogers forge with a look at conditions. wwe were talking to you on saturday and we started getting names but at 5:00 in the morning it's too early to get them out. >> reporter: we have seen the sleet and the snow. and if you're peeking out from your window, when you look at the roads it may not look so bad. it's very slick out here. a lot of slush. this was plowed overnight. wwe're looking at the pavement but the real issue this morning is the ice we have been talking about. i want to show you how thick the ice is. we saw this car completely uncovered and to the bare bone and now we're talking about not just snow but really ice. if you can hear the layers of ice underneath the car here and if it's on here, that means it's on the roadways as well. when you're out there thinking it looks much better, we're
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talking about the ice layer on top of it. if we're looking at more snow where jess and steve are saying. then the next issue becomes where we put it all. we are dealing with mounds of snow here at rogers forge digging out your car as you know has been a real feat. if we are looking at more snow, that is where the roads can become more narrow. it could be interestings as this day continues and the snow continues to fall here at rogers forge, an. back to you. the some the roads were down to the pavement. >> but this new coating of the snow is giving the residents a serious case of day gentleman >> deja vu is right, but this time we do no did not have the k condition back on saturday. it was all snow. we have a snow-sleet mix right
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now. you can see it right here. this has been shoveled for a while ask then there was the glossy coat of ice over it. and now we have just a little bit of snow and sleet mixing in together. then you have the hard packed area that you have to get through and then you get to the old stuff that packs real through. if you can cut through that layer, then there's still snow men left. i got to give the city credit on clearing out the snow. a couple of days we were out here, this road was completely untouched. the only thing that was getting the snow out of way, was people driving. it's now down to the pavement. we have heard the general, beep, beep, that is of course the vehicles backing up. we saw front end loaders moving the snow around. that has been the big concern. where are you going to put all of this snow so far he they have found enough space for it. this place looks more passable than it did two days ago. all of this stuff has turned to slush. so far the new snow fall has not
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impacted the road too much itself. some the roads that are still untouched are but those that were treated are doing well. >> that was a great imitation of a truck, can you do it one more time. >> beep, beep. >> good for you. we will talk to you in a few minutes. coming up, there's a new snow record. >> how much your city got. >> and middle warm layers is
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you know what, it's not that cold, either in the mid layers of the atmosphere, it's mid
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layer warmth that is producing sleet out there and more of it than the earlier spots. that could keep some the snow totals down a little bit as we zoom in our sky watch hd radar. you see the purple area indicating sleet into the northern part of the 695 and also up the i-83 corridor toward bel air, seeing also as you get closer the delniation as you look at the west side of the cockeysville, on 695 toward pikesville it changes over to plain snow and a sharp line it is. we have been seeing that sharp line no matter where the division is. there's a battle going on between the mid layer to the south and the cold air to the north. you can see from mount airy, seeing sleet there in mount airy and to the north, plain snow. we have seen the most snow in carroll county where we have 7 1/2 inches of snow in some locations overnight. check out to the south and east,
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only seeing plain rain toward the east and st. michael's. that is the area that has had it warmer. this is similar to the set up over the weekend. there's differences, the low pressure center and the to the west will dive in and support the coastal low and help it strengthen but further points north. see the areas of blue that could mean cold air still if the cold air wins out. the middle layers pushing north and we get lesser amounts. that low will bring stronger winds as it strengthens and high pressure builds in behind it. we could have wind gusts upward of 15-20 miles per hour, of course that is going to present roams out there -- problems out there in addition to the icy roads. he we have a low pressure center to the north. if this isn't enough, we have another one coming. this one is a clipper, not coming off the nor'easter. this one will bring us a few itches of snow for sunday into
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monday. this snow is not going to come our way. that is the good news if we have good news to sure what you. wind at 4 to 5 miles per hour out of the northwest. we are going see the winds pick up. right now it's not such a bad scene, obviously, but when it gets into the afternoon, and the winds pick up 15-20 to 50 miles per hour we are talking about windy conditions. and the temperatures at the surface below freezing it's not going to help the snow melt at all, but what we are going to talk about are the middle layer temperatures, they are warmer. this is deceiving that, is what is helping to produce some the sleet. we have changing conditions out there and updated warning to tell you about. meteorologist jessica starr is here to tell you about it. jessica. >> reporter: yeah, steve, we're not the only ones dealing with this system. it's a large powerful system. look at all of the watches and warnings, pretty much the state of michigan covered and the ohio
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valley they're still dealing with the watches and warnings and we're under a winter storm warning. you can see the area of red zooming a little bit closer, that is because we have going to have blizzard warnings. we will start off with the winter storm warning this is still in place until 10:00 a.m., but then that actually expires and then we're going to go into a blizzard warning that is going to take place from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. look at that the northern tier of maryland, the northern portions of the delmarva peninsula and the new jersey coast lines will experience blizzard like conditions later today. we will see 6-10 inches on the high for snow accumulation if the colder air makes it in here and we will see the snowier side and the main concern will be the strong gusty winds. blizzard like conditions later today. we could see powerful winds, white out conditions, severe drifting on the roads and a loss of power is going to be the other concern. is what we're thinking, if it does stay on the solder side how
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much snow to expect. last night bwi thurgood marshal airport reported 8 inches of snow. we could see less toward the southern tier of the delmarva pepeninsula. we beat the record the 1995, '96 that was 6 52.5. we going to continue to he see 6 to 10 inches of snow. 29 degrees, temperatures aren't going to climb at all. breezy conditions are going to pick up later today and through the evening hours and blowing know and blizzard conditions are going to be the main concern. the next 7 days, 29 degrees for today and look at that, we're going to get a stretch of dry weather. 35 degrees on thursday and 37 on friday. 35 on saturday, we're going to stay breezy but temperatures above freezing will allow for melting and flooding and sunday into monday, there's the clipper system that could bring us 1-2 inches. that is going to be nothing compared to what we have been
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experiencing the past couple of days topping on at 35 on thursday. back to you guys. can't wait to see the sun after today. >> the snow is not all gloom and doom. these guys in fulton took advantage of the high snow drift to build a snow tunnel. >> that's pretty cool. it looks like they're having fun. as the snow falls in your neighborhood, see it, shoot it send it, up load the pictures, and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can send photos directly from your cell phone at pics at go to baltimore. we would like to hear from you. the emergency management is monitoring this system. john rye del is live, good morning, john. >> reporter: for the first time in three months the emergency operation center has been activated and folks from different state agencies have been here all a night monitoring
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conditions. we're join by erin halloway, she is with the emergency agency, good morning, erin. >> good morning. >>bring us up-to-date on the conditions overnight. what are we looking at? >> the snow has been steadily falling overnight. our biggest concern is the snow on the rooftops and structures that is getting a little heavy. we have the potential for roof claps. we have had some collapses throughout the state sporadic, not localized to one area, but we have had that in some situations. >> it's really is problematic, because this is a very heavy snow and it's going to intensify throughout the day? >> yes, definitely. the blizzard warnings have been going out. visibility is going to be restricted throughout the day. we are asking people to please stay home, stay off the roads, be safe. if you don't have to be somewhere, just try to stay home. erin halloway, thank you for that advice. >> governor h o'malley was up he
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to get an update and we hope to talk to him today. thank you with the update of what is going to be going on weather wise. we were taking taking a a t what is coming down. we will continue to follow it right there. that is i-north of i-95. that looks it could make for tricky driving. >> you snow is kicking up. it makes driving hazardous. if you have to go out, do it and be with fios you have instant access
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to news, traffic and weather without changing the channel. i will be ready for whatever the day throws at me. uh, looks like torrential rain, bumper to bumper traffic and some kind of weird smell downtown. i will be working from home today. my sister's coming. i can make it. i'm sure she's lovely. [ male announcer ] instant weather and traffic without changing the channel and 3 times more very satisfied customers than comcast. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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>>welcome back to the special edition of fox 45 morning news. we are taking a look at the conditions all across our region and we want to show you some differences, because the snow isn't falling the same in all areas. if you take a look at the shot here on the left that, is right outside of our studios, north baltimore on television hill. it's a light, fluffy, it's kind of pretty snow out there. i mean that is the kind of snow you want, you can sit back and watch it come down. >> it looks rather placid but let's take a look at the other shot, the i-95 shot, the snow is coming from left to right as you can see. the wind is picking up and that doesn't look too pretty all the cars budged together, too close.
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just take it slow and you will get there safe. >> that is much more of a sleet mixture in there. that's very tricky. let's see what is happening in howard county. that is where candace dold is. when we saw her earlier it looked like a sleet mixture earlier, but what is it, candace, is that snow. >> reporter: it's turning into a slushy mess. we have drivers that are coming by right now. can you start to see what it is like out there. i mean, you can really -- you can just hear that mess as they go down the road and basically, this is kind of an interesting situation we have. what we're dealing with is pretty much a little bit of a layer of ice on the bottom. i decided to fill up a cup and here is the ice on the bottom. now here is the actual snow that is on top. i had this cup out for about an hour or so, and so i decided to see how much accumulation we have gotten already and i can show you. well, we're up to about a good
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inch. so you know, it's really starting to fall down here. when i first got here, this isn't much, but it really, truly is. we're seeing the crunchy stuff. i can pick up the little pieces here of hard-packed snow with a little bit of ice mixed in. it's becoming quite a dangerous situation. i've only seen plow drivers out on the roads which is good news, of course, but they do have a lot of work to do once again. patrice, and jeff. the snow is going to be tough to shovel, obviously given the snow that fell on saturday, but it looks a heavy, wet snow again. >> reporter: sometimes, i think it's pretty when you look at it in the distance, but then you get to the road and start crunching through it as you're walking. this is just a mess. i'm sick of this stuff and that's how i'm feeling out here. >> we understand. you have give cud does on the plow drivers. they have been at it since friday morning.
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our fox morning special edition continues. we will get an update of power outages occu
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are joined on the phone by linda foy, good morning,
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linda. >> good morning, patrice. >> what is the stay status in ts of outages. >> right now we are looking at 5800 customers out of service. we restored service to 1300 customers. when you look at that as well as the numbers restored from the storm that started on friday, we're talking about more than 98 customers whose service had been restored, but dealing with 500 or so that are out right now. we certainly do expect that number to climb as long as this current storm continues to affect central maryland. >> your main concern now has to be weight, sheer weight on the tree branches and the wires especially with another round. in the last 90 hours we have seen two storms, now very wet, dense snow. >> absolutely. it's the heavy, wet snow that tends to affect the electric system. when you combine that with wind and because this snow was on top of snow that has already fallen, a lot of those limbs on trees
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are going to come down on the power lines. complicating matters further is the ability of our crews to get to the areas where they need to do the work. sometimes they're able to get close, and even that takes them a long time, because the road conditions, but once they get close, they have to get out of their trucks and actually walk the rest of the way just to access the equipment that needs to be repaired. >> all right, linda, foy with bge. thank you for checking in with us this morning. we will continue to talk with you throughout the morning and yet the bge workers, we have to give them kuddos as well, they're out in the storm and with the sleet as well trying to get the power restored.
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