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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  February 10, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EST

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>> we have never seen a point in our state's recent history where every single county was lit up "today show" we are under blizzard conditions for the entire state. >> a storm that makes the winter of 20101 for the record books. big problem created by the latest winter blast. >> the brutal storm may finally been winding down overnight, what we can expect for the rest of the week in the sky watch forecast. >> you got stuck, how did it happen? >> trying to make a turn here. over here on st. john's. spined around as we came glander treacherous travel. nightmares faced by motorists that drove during the particular storm. >> completely demolished. it looks like a explosion happened here. >> and a fire station goes up in flames. the big price tag on a disastrous fire in dundalk. >> live in high definition.
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from wbff of this in baltimore, this is fox 45 news at 10:00. >> snow and wind creating whiteout. >> forceful winter blast takes over the city of baltimore. virtually closing down the city. in the middle of the week. >> i will tell you, it is treacherous, if you don't have to be out. you don't want to be. >> a look at what happened today. and how maryland will recover from this big winter blast. >> hello, i am jennifer gilbert. >> and i am jeff barnd. we watched snow and sleet fall since yesterday afternoon. >> this storm added wind and more snow to neighborhoods already blocked in by piles of snow. >> the problem is very bad in some parts of the city. keith daniels live in medfield. keith what is happening there? >> snow pushed people inside. it is a virtual ghost town. neighborhood streets virtually abandoned. only thing outside now the snow
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covered cars, and streets, both untouched waiting for relief. >> in medfield more misery. >> this is absolutely crazy. >> it is a neighborhood like many others across the city, taking a beating. with so much snow. >> i cannot believe it is happening again. seems like it happened two days ago. >> this storm is different than the one over the weekend. it is loaded with high winds. examine throwing snows, at times creating whiteout conditions. no visibility. >> i am sick of the snow. >> a neighborhood under siege. with side streets under snow. there have been no plow trucks, no salt. tuesday, streets were somewhat passable. a steady flow of passing cars pressed snow enough to at least make the street drivable w new snowfall, no vehicles can pass through without great difficulty. street conditions, more than
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treacherous. with neighbors. >> you can only stay inside so long. >> anxious for mobility. by car or-foot. >> we're baking. so we need something. i mean it is getting boring. nothing else to do. >> and we are back here live. city officials say neighborhood streets could look like this for several days. again, plow trucks are focused on keeping those primary roads packable. live in medfield. keith daniels, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right, keith thank you. rodgers forge, baltimore county situation was not better. jeff abell is there to tell us why. jeff? >> the problem here, is not so much the falling snow but the drifting snow. the winds have picked up here tonight. the snow is piling up. look at the streets over here in rodgers forge. they are all snow covered tonight. some knee deep in snow. tonight many residents are trying to figure out how to dig the way out. >> it is the snow that simply would not stop.
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but even with high winds and heavy snow, some residents in rodgers forge refused to be stranded. >> air on the face. i love it. >> but the snow that once measured in inches blew into feet. piling on to roads and giving pedestrians little place to go. >> if a car comes you have to jump on the sidewalk, where there is like lots of feet of snow. and then it is kind of hard. >> spend sore ford dug out in the height of the storm. as manager of the baltimore bay hawk he is he is used to a workout but not this much snow. >> so much of everything. by the time you are out here, first 10 minutes hands hurt, arms hurt. leggs hurt. hard to keep pace and stay ahead of the game. >> staying ahead of the game could take awhile n rodgers forge, the big dig is on. >> now, already ice and snow are weighing downed power lines and big trees in this neighborhood. and tonight, there are real concerns about possible power outages. we're live in the forge.
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jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you jeff. >> the further north you go in the state. the more snow you will see from latest storm. joy lepola is streaming from hampsted in carroll county. >> we are out here in carroll county tonight. where the wind continues to howl at this hour. blowing snow with it. take a look at this street behind me. believe it or not, this is a street. there are huge snow drifts that the wind has created out here. in this area. of the county. i am being told that some drifts are anywhere between 3 and 6 feet this evening. again, if you do go out on these area roads, the real danger they pose is that the road can literally, with how the conditions, disappear, before your very eyes. and if for some reason you need to get out of the car and start to walk to safety. it is very easily -- or very
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easy for you in these conditions to become disoriented. you think you know where you are. but believe me, out here, mail box that you might see one minute can, again, easily disappear because of the huge snow drifts. again, out here, in carroll county. the snow plows have been pulled off the street until the without conditions discontinue. and neighborhoods like this, roads will not be touched, probably, until the morning. reporting from carroll county tonight. joy lepola, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you, joy. >> well, the second storm added to the already incredible amounts of snow that we had on the ground already across the region. >> yeah, that and strong winds created a dangerous situation, all day long. chief meteorologist vytas reid joins us with a closer look at this winter blast. vytas? >> we had the blizzard warning until 10:00. and winds gusting. but good news, as we look at radar, storm is starting to wrap out. light snow showers kind of remaining over toward an police,
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snow shower activity there. easton and chestertown, and it looks like we will continue to see the storm push off to the east. now, talking about the totals. seasonal snowfall of 1995 to 1996, 62.5 inches was the previous record. look what we have currently. 83.9 inches of snowfall. that is a lot of snow. we are totally not done with the winter season either. look at the numbers around the area. arundel, bwi thurgood marshall airport got 19.5. green haven, 17 1/2. south gate 16.2. crofton 12.8. baltimore county, 22 inches in glyndon. free land at 21. parkland 21. parkville 18.8. baltimore city, arlington reporting 20.9. glen oak -- gwynn oak pimlico 13. and eldersburg and
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>>ther areas, anywhere from about 14 to 20 inches across the area. i will have a closer look at the storm and what's next in the forecast. >> all right, vytas, thank you. >> you can be in charge of your own personalized weather forecast. i-radar is available at just use the interactive tools to track coming storms down to your neighborhood. go to >> of course, there are a lot of closing. >> public schools and nearly every county will be closed tomorrow. a lot of places, are making decisions about friday already as well. >> for a complete list go to
10:09 pm closing. >> baltimore city police are doing everything they can to keep people safe. police commissioner fred bealefield said officers are targeting problem areas. bealefield is concerned over the city's face three snow emergency plan put into effect earlier today. but officers say they will use discretion. >> we really are on rare ground. you know, phase 3, you know, when is the last time the city has been in phase 3? so it has to be done the right way. >> bealefield said police are using cameras as well to keep an eye on things city wide tonight. >> well, salt supplies are slowly coming in. but getting the salt where it needs to be, is an even bigger problem tonight. karen parks live in north baltimore to explain. karen in. >>well, jennifer, that's right. the state has received more than 40,000 tons of salt from mexico. but here is the problem. take a look at this. mounds and mounds of snow. here in baltimore city.
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and around the state. snow piled on top of snow. workers are running out of places to dump it. which makes laying down salt challenging. crews are, of course, doing what they can to remove snow off the roads. but officials say there is no more room to push the snow to the side of the street. officials also say moving cars, as well as stranded vehicles, are also making salt distribution difficult. but warn, they will shut down roadways completely, if disabled or moving vehicles continue to impede snow removal, and salting. >> the good news is that there were a couple of shipments of salt that came into the port of baltimore over the last 48 hours. so our supply is good. the difficulty is that the distribution of that supply is not good. because so many of the private contractors that would be used to haul the salt are employed by county governments doing plowing. so we have to readjust and deploy to get the salt out
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there. >> governor said that the national guard has deployed a convoy of dump trucks to transport salt from the port of baltimore to counties that are in need. >> counties and cities that are in need. live here in north baltimore. karen parks fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right karen. all the snow is really causing serious damage to area homes. >> and sometimes you are in the best position to see it first. maya sent us this picture. of three houses along frederick avenue. as you can see the awning over the porch is completely gave way because of the weight of the snow. >> and even the tow trucks are getting stuck. owens from brooklyn sent us this photo. said this truck was stuck at 7 a.m. this morning. and it has been there ever since. and well it needs a tow truck now. >> and, of course, getting to cars was impossible in reisterstown. so michele white and her friends, used the next best thing. some horsepower to get around. >> makes sense.
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>> do you see something stormy? upload photos and videos to our website go to and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. and send photos from your cell phone to '56 at >> and stay with fox 45 news for the latest on the winter blast. we will have much more right here on fox 45 news at 10:00 and explains edition at 10:00. and fox 45 morning news, now starting at 5 a.m. >> i didn't expect it to be this bad. >> one thing people were not doing. flying. later on fox 45 news at 10:00. how people were surviving at bwi. >> i don't know what we will do now. >> next. fire station has a fire in the middle of the winter blast. a look at the losses on the
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more very satisfied customers than comcast. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities
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at 800-974-6006 tty/v.
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>> this storm is making emergency situations even worse. baltimore city firefighters responded to a two alarm blaze on the dell terrace at south afel avenue. they had a tough timing for to the blaze because the road is not clear. no one was hurt. >> crews also had their hands full fighting a blaze at arundel county today. a viewer sent us this photo of the scene at the 7800 block of clark road in hanover. the blaze caused major damage to the home and minor injuries to, at least, one resident there. again, if you see news occurring in your community. upload photos and videos to our website. go to and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. you can also send photos from your cell phone to '56 at >> in howard county the snow and
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wind created low visibility most of the day. it was a nightmare for drivers anywhere in the region. melinda roeder is live in ellicott city with the latest on conditions out there in howard county. hello melinda. >> well not only is the wind contributing to very large snow drifts but causing some serious conditions, as mentioned. not every day you zeroed signs like this get blown down. and while we're all waiting for the winter weather to turn. it is best to take cover from the wind. >> it hurts your eyes. >> in howard county, flags flap, snow drifts, and folks are feeling the freeze. >> at first it hurt. painful. >> it actually stings your eyes. >> been out here long enough you cannot feel anything much. >> after about 20 minutes, you are not sore any more because your face is froze. >> numbing feeling from mother nature's own snow blower. wind has a way of smacking you in the face, and anyone that
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ventured out tonight felt the blow. >> trying to get food. low on everything right now. >> but the blustery gusts made driving nearly impossible. >> the whiteout conditions are bad. >> crazy driving through and then when it white outs you cannot see anything. >> somebody could be standing in the road in front of you and you will not see them. >> that's why it is best to stay off the roads. on a night like this. >> nobody should be on roads unless you have to be. >> now, tonight, the traffic lights are blowing around here behind me. as proof that visibility could still be an issue. and we could still see whiteout conditions tonight. and you really don't want to go outside if you can avoid it. i can tell you the wind, particularly facing toward it. it really sort of cuts right through you. and really does start to feel numb and painful after awhile. so stay inside if you possibly can. live tonight in howard county. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> well, police officer is hit
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by a car after trying to stop two armed robbery suspects in towson. it started around 2:00 this afternoon. or this morning rather. 2:00 this morning. in the 100 block of york road. and investors say two suspects robbed a cvs store. then jumped into a car and got on delaney valley road. during the pursuit suspects opened fire and tried to run down an officer. the officer was alert when he was taken to the hospital. both suspects were arrested. >> fire strikes at a baltimore county fire station early this morning. destroying trucks, and a national guard humvee. at dundalk station six along dunmanway. michael buczyner has more on the very expensive damage. >> dundalk fire station. baltimore county. >> like an explosion happened here. >> a fire fixture in this
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dundalk neighborhood. >> something that you don't see every day. >> is no more. >> looks pretty bad. >> it is completely demolished. >> after flames ripped through it thursday morning. >> i don't know what we will do now. >> fire does not discriminate. it affects the citizens and firefighters as well. >> i will come down for periodic checks to use it for a command center. >> investigators believe the blaze broke out in the engine bay of the station. >> a loss. a plain loss. everything is destroyed. >> oh, my gosh. >> dozen firefighters and members of the maryland national guard, were asleep inside of the firehouse, when smoke alarms sounded. >> they went into the engine bay area. encountered smoke and flames. >> efforts to extinguish the fire failed. roof collapsed complicating the situation. >> i am glad we did not have no injuries. and that from the looks of this building. >> lost in the two alarm blaze, two ambulances.
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a brush truck, national guard humvee and 2 fire engines. one of the engines was brand new. >> it was about a week old. $600,000. >> firefighters were actually able to pull this engine out of the firehouse before the fire was too intense. you can see damage to the taillights here, from the intensity of the fire. >> while the cause of the fire remains under investigation, the loss is already felt throughout the community. >> without them i don't know what we will do? >> in dundalk. >> it is sad. you know, i think. >> michael buczyner. >> we never had nothing like this. >> fox 45 news. >> people were very busy all day today at mema headquarters. richard joins us on the phone. >> good evening richard. >> hello jeff. >> thanks for joining us. we have talk to you all day today. folks are getting cabin fever richard. i am sure you know. they want to be out, shop, play
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with the kids. what advice do you have for them? >> we would ask, through, at least, tomorrow, that they hold back and stay at home one more day. i just have a feeling it will be treacherous out there tomorrow. especially with the high winds and drifting snow tonight. and tomorrow. so if we can give it one more day, i think, we can get a handle on it. and then maybe friday it will be safe to head out a bit. >> now, what is mema's plan of attack for the next few days, for the end of the week? >> sure. you know our main role, of course is to coordinate the state's efforts primarily for public safety reasons. so we will, you know, will be coordinating with agencies as they go out. and a lot that we will do, once we are over the worst part of the storm. is start damage assessments across the state. to see what's out there. what may be eligible. you ran the story with the firehouse and that equipment. and we have had businesses with roof damages and stuff. so we will be going into
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assessment mode for the next week or so. >> with the magnitude of the two major winter blasts, there are relatively few power outages across the state of maryland. but we seem to have gotten a major break in that regard. >> i agree. i am not sure we should be talking about t it may be bad luck. but staff were talking about the low numbers. i don't think we're out of the woods yet. again the winds will be high tonight and tomorrow. and, i think,, possibly that the snow was not as heavy as originally predicted. but, we are blessed. no doubt about that. >> well, hats off to you folks at mema and we have been talking to you since about 5 a.m. this morning. get some sleep richard. >> will do. thank you. have a good evening. >> goodnight. >> for matter where you are riding out the storm. in some cases it could be isolating. kathleen cairns found one community in northeastern howard county, where residents are trying to be patient. as they battle the second wave of this snow.
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>> extremely dangerous winter weather conditions this morning for baltimore-washington region. life threatening conditions developed. >> it is a furry of flurries in ellicott city. >> kind of worried for my dad. >> but with snow piled high, he may be more than just late. he is not getting too far. >> with wild wind gusts. and wicked winter whiteout conditions. trying to clear a path in this tundra is an uphill battle. >> it is rough. only problem. trying to fine a place to put the snow. >> determined residents do what they can to brave the elements. even use ski goggles. >> i am glad i have them. with the wind it is so much worse. >> difficult to measure the snow accumulation from the storm, with the extreme wind conditions, everything is swirling around. and there are snow drifts everywhere. and it is difficult to say where
10:24 pm
the first snow storm ends and the second snow storm accumulation begins. >> some residents smartly choose to stay indoors. >> i am really inside watching tv. on the computer. >> i am not going anywhere. you know, if it is cleared tomorrow, i probably still won't go anywhere. >> residents on this snow covered road give us a global perspective. >> i am from ukraine, but, yeah, this type of weather is not good for even ukraine. >> i am from south america, and yeah, when i call my friends over there. they are going to the beach. and now we are here. >> historical moment. >> very, very crazy. unusual for maryland weather. for sure. >> braving the second blizzard. >> like snow. >> of 2010. >> i guess everybody is praying for a little bit more sunshine at this point. >> in ellicott city. kathleen cairns, fox 45 news at 10:00
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>> it looks like the last bit of snow is heading out as we go through the overnight. winds are a factor but it looks like winds will die down a bit. but we have a lot of cleaning up to do. look at the snow totals and what the next storm will be. coming up in the forecast. >> i didn't expect it to be this bad. >> next on fox 45 news at 10:00. stuck at the airport. what some people are doing and when they may be able to leave. that's next on fox 45 news at 10:00. >> this snow storm has caused thousands and thousands of power outages and [ yawns ] having sweet dreams about the mouthwatering taste of chocolate? then hurry into dunkin' donuts and let those chocolate cravings just melt away with our delicious new white chocolate lattes or triple chocolate muffins and donuts. enjoy rich chocolate flavor at a value that's downright sweet. but you'd better hurry, because these chocolate favorites won't last forever. america runs on dunkin'. get any small latte, including our new white chocolate latte, for only 99 cents.
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>> we heard from mema a few
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minutes ago and they said that power, we have been relatively lucky when it comes to power. but we are not out of the woods yet according to richard from mema. another big concern this evening is indeed power. some people are, during the storm, as we speak without t karen parks is live in north baltimore with a closer look at how bge is dealing with the concern. karen? >>well, jeff, as mentioned, we are not having as many problems with the power lines as expected. but as this winter storm continues. they are telling us that we could have many more problems with power outages. but right now, it is not so much fixing the power lines. the problem is, look at the streets. the power is getting to them. now, right now, there are more than 12,000 bge customers without power. wind gusts are expected to go up to 50 miles per hour, even overnight. which will undoubtly cause more outages through the evening. the restoration process during winter storms is a lot harder.
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and takes more time. crews are asking customers just to be patient. >> some of the county crews, and the state crews, may have to be diverted from clearing the highways, and the roads, to instead clearing paths for the pepco, bge, allegany crews in order to get at the source of the power outage. so most likely it will hamper and impede the speed at which we will make the roads passable. >> if you are experiencing a power outage you are asked to call (877)778-2222. in the meantime make sure you keep a flashlight and fresh batteries on hand. reporting live here in north baltimore, karen parks fox 45 news at 10:00. >> all right karen. the snow caused cancellation phos thousands of flights. understandably. judy kurtz has been tracking the nearly desserted bwi thurgood marshall airport. >> i knew the airport was
10:30 pm
closed. trying to reschedule my flight to get out tomorrow. >> it is not looking good for russ swaine, he snagged tickets to the olympics in vancouver. now if he could just get there. >> i didn't expect it to be this bad. i thought they would clear it up and get out of here. >> tim fisher is trying to fly out. supposed to be blizzard free in florida. >> meeting my wife down there for -- with two other couples, and we are going to celebrate valentine's day. >> but the ocean city resident is getting no love from mother nature. tonight he is turning an airport bench into a bed. >> this is it. gave me a blanket and pill. >> fisher will get peace and quiet. >> with no commercial flights in or out of bwi thurgood marshall airport. the terminals are completely empty. virtually no lines, but simply nobody. >> no flights, no problems for scott. taking orders at dueclaws restaurant at bwi. his customers are airport and snow plow workers.
10:31 pm
>> 48 hours ago, we were completely full from noon until 9:00 at night. and then to come in and have nobody in here. and it is kind of -- when you walk through terminal e and come back around, there is nobody there. nobody to be seen except employees. >> executive director said check the airport and airlines's websites before heading to your flight. and if you are able to make the snowy journey to bwi. >> we are suggesting use the daily garages, get undercover. you do not have to deal with the snow issues that way. get into the terminal without the snow. >> at bwi thurgood marshall airport, judy kurtz fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and for latest information on all flights. there is a link to bwi's website on ours, go to links. >> in the storm a lot of people are getting creative to get through it. >> like tc cameer and his buddies, hoping by pretending they are on a beach, the sun may come out. lets hope so for their sake. >> and melt away some of the snow.
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>> okay. well, the snow may be keeping you inside. but jeffrey david hill was coming out into the world regardless. blizzard or not. what a cutie. congratulations to the parents, kevin and cathy on the new arrival on this snowy day. >> do you see something stormy nur neighborhood? upload photos and videos to our website. go to and click on the see it, shoot it, send it icon. and also send photos from your cell phone. as we have said. to '56 at >> stay with fox 45 news for the latest on the winter blast. have more right here on fox 45 news at 10:00. the "late edition" at 11:00. and fox 45 news morning news now at 5 a.m. >> we have been out here all morning since 4 a.m. not one plow truck has gone through. >> one baltimore county community goes from bad to worse. see how rodgers forge looks
10:33 pm
after the second winter blast in one week. after the break. >> lots of snow here in howard county. but the big problem tonight is the wind. we're live with an update on conditions. coming up. >> it looks like we still have to deal with some of the wind. and the blowing and drifting on the back edge of the storm. but the snow is tapering off. big dig ah
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>>well, good evening folks. what a crazy day today. and night all the snow. and just a very active weather pattern that has been set up over the region. right now hd skycam breezy. winds out of the west-northwest at 17. few light snow showers going on at the airport. temperatures at 26. and 84 percent humidity levels. and we're talking about record breaking numbers here. looking at the seasonal snowfall. largest record before was 1995. to 1996. winter season. 62.5 inches of snow. so far this season, for the 2009-2010 season, 83.9 inches. 83.9. that's a lot of snow folks. and it looks like we are not done with the winter season. we could add to that before we get to spring. talking about the snowfall reports around the area. baltimore county, arlington,
10:37 pm
20.9. queen >> now you see the storm is leaving us. we're getting breaks from the precipitation still few remaining snow showers. continue to see the clouds breaking. but winds are a factor. 17 miles per hour winds in baltimore. 25 in d.c. but looks like the blizzard warning has expired but you have
10:38 pm
to be careful. winds are out there. temperatures are cold. 28 degrees. 27 in d.c. 28 in hagerstown. what we will see happen, the storm will continue to roll off to the east. breaks in the clouds through the day tomorrow. and it looks like a relatively quiet first part of the weekend. good news. high pressure comes in and keeps moisture off to the west and south of us. there is a weak clipper over chicago, they may get snow. but it looks like right now watching the next storm to the south. good news is that it is tracking south. and affecting folks in the south. getting snow potentially. and next storm we will see is coming down out of the canada. alberta clipper. looks like monday, tuesday for the next chance for snow showers across the eastern seaboard. so tonight looking at 18 degrees. cold. few snow showers coming to an en. blustery at 15 to 25 out of the northwest. and then tomorrow. mixture of sun and clouds. but windy. winds out of the northwest at 15 to 20. five-day forecast shows friday, saturday, sunday sunshine. and monday chance for a few
10:39 pm
scattered snow showers working in with the next system. fox 45 news sky watch weather at your finger timms. i-radar is available at use fox 45 powerful doppler radar to track storms. interactive tool lets you see when rain or snow is over your house. go to >> thank you, vytas. >> gusty winds created furious concerns for drivers today. in some cases visibility was near zero. >> it was indeed treacherous. melinda roeder live along route 40 in howard county. melinda, how are things tonight? >> very, very windy. there were times today and certain places where the wind whipped around the snow. so forcefully it not only created huge snow drifts but made it nearly impossible for drivers to see. the whiteout conditions are part of the problem. that's why safety officials really wanted to keep cars off the roads. they also worried, of course, about snow plows and emergency vehicles being able to get
10:40 pm
through. which is why they ordered everyone to stay home and unless you had to go out. the few exceptions, volunteers who helped transport hospital staff today. >> we got taking doctors and nurses to work, and take people home after the shift. >> if you have the type of job in the medical field that requires you to get out, or 1 responder, make sure you have an appropriate vehicle or someone gives you a ride with a appropriate vehicle. four-wheel drive, high clearance. >> the wind tonight blowing the snow around here in my hand as you can see. not as forceful as it was, probably, an hour ago. but still very much a concern. another warning tonight. about driving. keep in mind that if you do try to get out. and you are stuck somewhere. there is no telling how long it might take for help to reach you. so it really is best to stay inside. live mont howard county. melinda roeder, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> thank you melinda. >> the rodgers forge neighborhood in baltimore county
10:41 pm
has had lots of trouble since the weekend storm. >> many roads there were not plowed at all. megan gilliland spent the day showing us the hazardous conditions there. >> i will tell you what, these conditions just continually -- continue to get worse as the morning continues. blustery snow continuing to fall. this was the sidewalk that we were walking on earlier this morning. now covered with up to 7 inches of snow some parts nine, where the wind has thrown around. and of course it is one thing for me to tell you it is windy. best way to show you is the umbrella out here. we have tried to put it up before. whether it will go up at point. not a good idea. my boss will be upset i just broke fox 45 news umbrella. but an example of the gusts out here. and road conditions. my goodness, if you don't have to go outside, it is probably not the best situation. getting to the road, difficult task. and daunting and tiring. we have been out of breath all morning trying to get to the roadways to show you what they look like. we have been out here all
10:42 pm
morning, since 4 a.m. not one plow has gone through. dealing with several inches of snow. ice under it. no salt trucks at this point. they are passable. one jeep, resident that lived down the street here. that did make it through. he said it was icy out here though. sliding all over. big issue is just visibility. i mean very hard to see the cars coming behind you. if you are choosing to walk on the roads instead of the sidewalks. my goodness be watching what's going on behind you. you cannot hear the cars coming up. because of the wind. really, pushing at your head here. all over the place. watch my photographer here in the icy conditions. and really, if you can. stay inside. serious conditions at this point. back to you. >> still ahead on the news at 10:00. what happened to one driver that didn't listen to the warnings. to stay off the roads. >> i am keith
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>> as we have been saying all night tonight. phase 3 snow emergency is in place. in the city of baltimore. >> that means only emergency vehicles should be on the road. keith daniels live in north baltimore with a look at conditions out there right now. keith? >>well, jennifer, we have learned we go back to phase 2, at about 5:00 tomorrow morning. phase 2 means non-emergency vehicles can go back on the roads. but again for now, we are at phase 3. which means only emergency
10:46 pm
vehicles are allowed. now bge crews are allowed to be on the road. of course, the road crews are allowed to be on the road. they are busy making the primary roads passable. secondary streets and neighborhood streets, like this one, are simply not the focus. live here on these side streets, like many across the city. piled high with snow. untouched by plow trucks and salt. and they will stay that way for several days before crews can get to them. city crews struggling with snow removal, and neighbors are anxious for mobility by car or-foot. >> you can only stay inside for so demonstrating i am sick of the snow. >> we're baking. so we need something, i mean it is getting working, nothing else to do. >> now, again, we have learned we go back to phase 2 at 5:00 tomorrow morning. non-emergency vehicles allowed to get back on the road. we're live in medfield.
10:47 pm
>> thank you, keith. >> as richard said earlier, it doesn't mean the conditions will be favorable to be out on the roads. >> we are not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination. also forks the next few days. you can shovel some of the snow, but with the heavy winds and high winds, it will be very tough. so not only do you have to wait for the winds or the snow stoto stop. but obviously the winds to die down so when you move the snow it stays there and doesn't blow back to where you shoveled. >> unfortunately it is the opposite right now. winds are picking up in baltimore county. >> lets return now to jeff abell in rodgers forge, how are the conditions out there at this hour, jeff? >>well you are talking about winds. and they do seem to be picking up here in the county. and the snow just keeps piling up. look at the roads here in rodgers forge. this is dunbarton. been a long time since we have seen a car successfully try to get down the street. about 4:00, we did see a county truck plow dunbarton. but none of the other streets,
10:48 pm
have we seen plowed here tonight. it is snow that is knee deep on many of the streets. and they are simply impassable. tonight, residents in this community are simply trying to find a way to dig out. >> so much. so much of everything. you know, by the time you get out here, first 10 minutes you are dead. hands hurt. arms hurt. leggs hurt. hard to keep pace, and you know stay ahead of the game. >> now the community has been fortunate. there was very few if any power outages around here. but some of the old trees and power lines, have a lot of ice and snow weighing on them tonight. and that is a huge concern among some of the residents. live in rodgers forge. jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> and you can tell how cold it is by looking at the lens. thank you jeff abell. stay with us for the latest on the second winter blast in five days. we will have much more right here on fox 45 news at 10:00. the "late edition" beginning at 11:00, and, of course, morning
10:49 pm
news that now starts at 5 a.m. >> trying to make it around here. over here on st. john's. spinned around as we came around. >> next on fox 45 news at 10:00. liquid a hand in a tough i love winter. with my subaru forester and its all-wheel drive... ... handling even the toughest conditions... is just another day at the beach.


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