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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  September 14, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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and.ú >> and now baltimore countyú of the precincts reporting. kevin kamenetz in the lead with 56 percent of the vote. with bartenfelder's 41 percent. now we just went to melinda roeder at bartenfelder headquarters and they had him3 winning, and hopefully we can get to blair lee and ask him a can you hear uss >> no. not yet. >> i can hear you now. but i cannot see you. >> i have to tell you something blair. you type like me. i appreciate you joining u, with juss a few mmnutes left in the 10:00 show. first oo all regarding the baltimooe county executive race. we have said that kevin ameeetz is in the lead. bartenfelder headquarters said he is in the lead. what does this race come down to, as far as the various areas in baltimore county voting? >> this is east side versus westside, classic baatimore county election. you have a farmer versus a
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lawyer. you have aablue collar guy versus a more upscale westside ú%y. it depends where he votes were seen right now are coming from. if those are east side votes,3 then bartennelder is in trouble. if those votes are coming from the westside, then it is a pretty even race. >> all right. bllir lee, thank you for brinning us up-to-date on that situation. right now move to the "late edition" aad it starts right now. >> key races to decide but -oters do not rush to the polls. >> turnout is light. >> we are focused like a laser beam seven weekk from now. >> candidates look ahead as the votes are still being counted.3 the winnerssand looers on primary eleetion night in maryland. >> we're tracking two hurricanes in the atlantic. wwo could see the impact of aa3 categooy 2, and wwen it may hit >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition".
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>> and welccme back. i am jeff barnd..3 >> and i am jennifer gilbert. we continue our vote 2010 ú%verage tonight. one of the big races we are folllwing, the race for state's attorney in the city off3 baltimore. here is a look at the numbers. paaricia jessamy gettingy, 49 percent of the vote. beenstein at 47 percent. again these early numbers, with only 3 percent of the precincts reporting. now patricia jessamy has been the state's attorney for 15 years now. %-south bbltimore, where patrica jessamy has been watching the numbers come in tonight. joy? >>well, jennifer, we're here at3 the rowing club in south where, as you can see, supporters are gathered, for -atricia jessamy to watch these results come in. she arrived hereeabout an hour ago. let me tell you this crowd went absolutely wild. stanniig up. chanting her name. cheering her on. we had a chance to speak with her shortly after that.
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here is what she had to say to us. >> well, we don't know the totals yet, but, i mean, we're confident that tte voters,úelec. so we wwll await the returns. >> now despite how close this race is, at this point, patricia jessamy remains optimistic. that she will walk away tonight, with a victory. and i asked her, will she continue to work with, say, ú%lice commissioner bealefield that came out in upport of her opponent. she said yes, she hassno problem working with someone, as long as thee have a vision for thee3 future, aad she plans to continue herrhard work. should she win tonight. as the city's top prosecutor. reporting live in south tow leo owe south baltimore, excuse me, joy lepola,,fox 45 news "late edition". >> all right joy thank you. >> all rrght. jeff abell joins us live from canton where challenger
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ú%enstein is watching the ú%mbers. just as ccosely. jeff? say hi, and thank everyone so mmch for helping. i can tell you that it looks like it is going to be very and it is very early. -ery early. it s impossible right now to %-except to say that it coulddba so i juut wanted to say hello to everybody. and i don't know how long i will -ang around. ú%know a ot f you have been here a long time. nobody leaves. >>well, i don't know what time the bar closes. that's how late it could be. >> i jjst want to thank everybody, from the bottom of my heart. it has been a really long day. i kkow for many, many of you. so long day for me. but it has been exciting, and3 all i can say, is from all the polling places, that we went to,
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throughout the day, we got the same level oo ennhusiasm and excitement that we have gotten throughout the campaign, ver the last 2 and a half months, as we have gone through neighborhoods across the ciiy. and we are confideet. we think we are going to win..3 we think weewill win mostly not only because of the voters, but because of the work you all have done. and sherrill and i cannot thank you enough. so enjoy your night. >> and hopefulll, we will all wake up tomorrow mornnng and you will have a new state's attorney. >> mr. bernsteen, how optimistic optimistic?is it too early to be you what i have been saying all along. the enthusiasm that we have, and
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gotten, still exists today. gone to all the so we aae confident. we think we will prevaill -utti think it will be a long night. >> was the turnout today, any indicator one way or annther for your campaign? >> as i have tolddyou jeff, i am a political neo-fight, i leave that to the pundits to figure out. we expected a low turnout. thousand that translates into who is going to win this election? i cannot say. >> well stick -- we will stick it out with yoo tonight. see you after awhile. live from canton, jeff abell, fox 45 news at 10:00. >> live with candidate tate's attorney bernsttin. executive. kevin kamenetz out spent challeeger barttnfelder on tv ads. campaignnsigns.r spent more on kevin kamenetz in the lead with 56 percent of the vote. over bartenfelder with 41 percent. and that is now with 12 percent of the precinnts reporting.
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melindaaroeder joins us live from parkville with how the campaign is feeling at this hour. hello melinda. >> welll this is certainny shaping up to be a very close race, and potentially a very long night for everyone here. at the joe bartenfelder camp. hundreds of supporters anxiously awaiting the results as they come in. and they are coming in lowly, -rom theeelection office. however, they have got team of voluntters thaa have been out working the precincts, all night. and they have been calling in the results of. in the individual precincts throughhut the evening. at last count their numbers here, show that bartenfelderr is ahead by a good solid 4000 votes. thht's with roughly 123 precincts reporting so far. now, 4000 votes is a pretty significant lead when you coonider low voter turnout. but again those numbers are unofficial. they are based on hat the poll workers here with the bartenfelder camp are finding.3 and, of course, his challenger
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is getting different results over there. but needless to say, optimistic tonight. and no ooeeis ready to admit defeat or victory. no sign of bartenfelder yet. we are hearing that he should arrive shortly. we're hoping that he arrives herr before 11:30. a lot of the workers are -xhausted and they ould likeett live in parkville, melinda melia >> that's right malind d a long day, a long summer for these candidates. kevin kamenetz, has run a high profile campaign.3 for weeks now. keith daniels joins us live from pikesville with the situation at the kevin kamenetz campaign headquarters. keith how does it look there? expected to come downstairs, come down here and greet hese troops, in about two minutes. his supporters and fund raisers are hhre. standing bb. waiting to hear from their candidate. now, they are release what i think they call unofficial numbers. -hese are campaiin numbers from the campaign.
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they say with 133 precincts reporting out of more than 200, kevin kamenetz has gathered 60 percent of the vote. so, as far as they are concerned, thhre is cerrainly reason to e optimistic. -gain, you have fund raisers here, supporters here, they have the balloons here, they are waiting for their ccndidate to come down. at last check, two minutes. i know kevin kameeetz was waiting until he received more definitive numberr. i thought i saw him coming through the doors.3 anyway, moreedefinitive numbers before he speaks. again, the energy now is up. the mood upbbat. and, of course, optimistic. two minutes they say. that's the countdown. they are at the podiuu now. they are clapping but we don't see him yet. lets see if he walks in.
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>> wait one second jennifer and jeff. i don't see he hii yet. here is the campaign manager through the door. >> no he is not here. he is not here. that's his campaign worker at the podium now. it looks like an introduction. there is kevin kamenetz over there. he is at the ddoo. over there. here he is. walking up now. to approach the troops. we will listen. it looos like councilman -- i am sorry that's congressman elijah killings, and he is in the background there waiting. letsslisten in.
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>> what a greet crowd here. you are really enthousandsed and to be enthousandsed this late at night is incredible. after i madd everyone of you start at seven a.m. so more red bull for the crowd, okay? opportunity let everyoneebe recognized here. we do have some special guests3 behind me. but the real special guests arr the ones out here. you all haae been great. just really fantastic.
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folks, i want to tell you, i feel great. and the voters of baltimore county are making me feel great. all of our signs are positive. we are rrnning better than expected. in almost every part of the county. so it is really great. >> it is not me, it is this crowd here. you people, every one of you, are the ones that are making this effort work. okay? i just really want to thank you. folks, unfortunately, it is not for me to declare victory at this point. i just want to tell you, we feel very confiddnt, based upon what we have seen so far.
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today. lot f women come up to me. sorry jill. i had lot of women come up to me and grab my hand and say, kevin i have a good feeling tonight okay? feeling. all right? soohang tight a little longer. just keep the party going. and we are going o come backk3 down shortly when we have real final results. okay. thank you. >> and that was kevin kamenetz, candidate for baltimore county addressing his supporters inn3 pikesviile on the right-hand side of the screen.
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visit today. >> i am chief meteorologist vytas reid. looking at a beautiful day today. sunshine. llwer 800. and we will stay in that range for a fewwdays here. with clearing out there. baltimore.a comfortable 59 in 69 in d.c. 71 in hagerstown. warmer spot there. across the mountains in western maryland. 59. eastern shore. bigger picture here shows mainly clear conditions aaross the midwest. into the mid-atlantic. few high thin clouds over upstate new york, thunderstorms showers over eastern kentucky. but for the most part we are sitting nice and clear thanks to high pressurr that will be in place for the next couple of days, allowing for us to stay dry and cllar.
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lookkng back to the west. out of the dakotas, will drag across minnesota, wisconsin and then by thursday, looking at heavy showers over preety much most of michigan. but this front moves ourrway. you see a warm front aheed of t boosts our temperatures a tad bit before the front movess3ú through. next chance for rain is arriving late thurs night. chance or a trailing shower, maybe to friday morning. behind that, looking at clearing conddtions, that take into the weekend. but head out to the atlantic. tropics are heating up. hurricane igor, category 4 storm. well defined eye. dangerous storm with winds aa3 155. and gusting to 190. strongest storm so far, with a a tightty packed storm andre atú dangerous storm. ú%most brushing a category 5 ssorm. ss we have to watch it closely over the next few days it looks like ii will track the hurricane path poteetially.3 bermuda takes a caaegory 3
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potential landffll on the stroog side of the storm. so watch it closely. as of right now it looks like it will stay off the coast of the -tlantic. and mid-atlantic right now. and second hhrricane, julia, cattgory 2 strength right now. winds at 104, and gusting to 127. we have to watch the track of this storm. ú%king it across the atlantic. but it looks like it will make a right turn east of bermuda. good news forrthem..3 because they will still be cleaning uppfrom the previous storm. in the tropics, also, we have %-this storm is going to contine to stay as a tropicaa storm moving across the yucatan peninsula, back to the gulf of mexiio and make landfall n mexico. for the most part, ice conditions for the next couple of days. lower 80s. into the 70s for the weekend w more sunshine. looks like a great weekend ahead. back to you. >> and we are going to check
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back on our vote coverage right now. looking at the numbers for race for county executive, with 12 percent of the precincts, kevin kamenetz has 56 percent..3 and bartenfelder at 41 percent. >> go live to melinda roeder standing by live at bartenfelder headquarters in parkville. with the candidate himself. melindaa definitely excited now. because mr. bartenfelder showed up here a few minutes ago. we have been getting poll results as they come in. how do you feel about the numbers so far? of them, northwest section oft the county, fourth district. once we have those numbers we will know where we are. >> so far your numbers are showing a pretty significantlea. about 4000 votes ahead with 123 precincts in. with voter turnout being so low, i think, any lead is significant today. >> anything significant, but, yyu know, i am not ready to declare anything on thaa, precincts out ttere to come in. and see what the numbers are.
11:20 pm
but you decided to come out. i have seen you ssaping hands. supporters tonight? >> absolutely. ttey worked their hearts out. during this campaign. and as i told them from the beginning, right on through, political supporters are greaa. but friends are even better. of people that are friends, and that's what counts. >> a lot of firefighters, police officers here tonight. i know their endorsements were special to you? >> those endorsemmnts were important. -nn special. and most speciil endorsement of all is the vote endorsement from people in baltimore county. and the support that yoo feel in this room tonight. ú% did you have any idea this night would be going on this long? >> i was actually hoping it would be over earlier, one way or the other. >> such as politics, and you are used to it. you have been in politics for a3 long time now. >> that's right. -> thank you so much. good luck this evening. we will talk with you later on
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throughout the evening. of course, everyone is excited we have hundreds of people here. they have been here for hours. many of them standing by checking their cell phones, calling friends. trying to get uudates on3 precincttnumbers as they have been coming in any way that they can. and it is shaping up to be a pretty close race, and a very long night. we will have the latest for you later on in the newscast. reporting live in parkville. meliidd roeder, ox 45 news aa 10:00. county executive just toooclose to call right no. >> stay with us. right here. for maryland's primary election ccverage. right here on fox 5 news..3 we will be back on the other side of the break. side of the break. as you look my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it
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neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress.
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>> and we continue to follow a couple of high profile, and very tight races that remain undecided on thhs primary night. race for baltimore county %-the precincts reportinn. of kevin kamenetz, at 56 percent. bartenfelder, so far 41 percent of the vote. >> let's go to kevin kamenetz headquarters now.
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keith daniels ii standing by. >> the candidate is tank. he said it ii too early to declare victory but he is talking. to his troopers -- troops. and kevin kamenetz -- kevin you are optimistic, where does it come frrm?3 >> we have grrat numbers that have come in. we are waiting for somm precincts bothhon the east side and westssde. to confirm where we are so the trend is good. i am optimistic and hopeeully know something short. >>i what do you think resonate sod well with the voters? >>well, we have been working hard to get out our message that we want to promote safe neighborhoodss strong schools, and a modern and eeficient government thattwill lead baltimore ccunty into the future. people have been great about it. that message has resonatee east ú%de, westside and north ccunty, everrone has been great. ú%d we're upbeat. >> riggt. reporters have been waiting for some time onight. decided to come down not to
11:26 pm
declare victoryybut say it looks good. are the results coming in slower than you anticipated? >>well it is not a matter of slow. we have a certain number of precincts that we want to comeú in, so we have a confirmation in our own numbers. iidon't want o be premature in anything we. do but nce we are certain with our numbers, we will come downstairs and i, optimistic. >> nd really quickly here, you have yyur wife standing next to you. jill, is standing next to you. >> i do. abouu thh women were doing what >> i should not have gotten myself in trouble with my wife today. but as i was campaigning througgout the county, a lot of women came up to me and held my hand and let me know that they knew i was going to win. and that gave e a lot of confidence, a boost. and maybe they know things we don't know right now. and i am going to trust in theer shoulder and for now, no victory speech yet? >> we're rehearsing. >> great. thank you very much. kevvn kamenetz, very optimistic.
11:27 pm
for a wii. back to you in the sttdios. >> helping him dig out of the hole there. >> dig out, yeah. city state's attorney. for tte this is a razor thin race. number wise anyway..3ú greg beerstein with 8 percent of the vote. tied with incumbent patricia jessamy with 48 percent. that's only, however, and we ú%ould caution you, with 7 percent of the precincts reporting. however, this may take a long time to fiiure this out. >> well, it is a dead heat in thattrace for state's attorney. our pooltical analyst blair lee is standing by tt provide incite for us. blair what is the race coming down to? >> we should be honest, this race is not about conviction rates, it is not about competenne, this race is about race. you have the white establishment of backing greg bernstein, ou have the black establishment ii the ciiy,,backing patriiia jes
11:28 pm
me. %-union, senator dilla all3lice enddrsed bernstein. blackkministers and black establishment all eedorsed jes this is basically aaout a dividdd attitude toward law and order. the white establishmmnt wants law and rder. lock them up. aad african-americans in the city, view the police, sometimes, as harassiig, and as city. it is a racial divide attitudinal diiide and cultural divide, and that's the ffull line along w which the election falls. >> how about poor voter turnout in the city. would that benefit bernstein in your opinion? >> absolutely. benefits bernntein because low turnout means that the more organized election, especially wwth thh public employee unions, are behind somebody, ppovides the turnout you need, low
11:29 pm
turnout definitely is hurting patricia jessamy.ú >> and blair, know other real races of interest, in baltimore city, that would draw people out for this election? >> that's right. this is a one act play in baltimore city today. low turnout helped bernstein. i think he is more organized. had a lot of money. sunnendorsement. but racial divide. if obama was at the top of thh ticket this race is ooer. patricia jessamy would be a shoo-in. but that didn'tthappen. thank you foo joinnng maybe together in the near ffture we can type ttgether and make a lot of noise on the keyboard. thank you o much. and talk to you in a few


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