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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 12, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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most reliable network to make a more powerful you. rule the air. verizon. right now, you can get a new samsung fascinate for $199.99 after mail-in rebate. only at verizon. welcome back to fox 45 early edition. 5:30 is the time. i'm patrice harris. it's friday, and that means it's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about anything you want. people have already started weighing in and what they're talking about is the ravens.3
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let us know what is your mind and your response could air in our facebook feedback segment. go to and become a fan. meteorologist steve fertig is here. >> that was a tough loss. p> tough loss. >>on to the next one. >> you know it's not going to matter in the big scheme of things, i ddn't think. on to game 10, i guess it would be, right? >> against carolina. >> there you go. take a look at sky conditions, 48 degrees for the temperature in baltimore. that is in the downtown area bit harbor but the surrounding areas, 33 degrees in hagerstown and in salisbury 36. there's definite leely cooler an we see plenty of sunshine on the way. you're looking at sky hd radar which is not showing a whole lot, that means clear skies.
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40 degrees at the bus stop today and look for the temperatures to climb nicely. about 54 at noon, we should top out around 61 degrees at about 3:00 in the afternoon and then drop back to 66 at 6:00 p.m. the question is how much longer can we enjoy the nice temperatures. take a look at the seven-day forecast. for right now let's turn it over to candace dold who has the traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: good morning, steve and good morning, everyone. we do have aa accident in baltimore county. it's involving a car that went in front of the 7-eleven store. we do have a crew on the way to the scene and we will continue to update you as soon as weeget more information into our newsroom. as for 95, that is in the green scooting through the area. things are looking good on the beltway as well. let's take a look at 695 traveling harford road. you can see light activity, inner and outer loop lanes, that's what you will find from 95 toward 83. we're in the green, 11 minutes at 55 miles per hhur. 54 miles per hour with an 8-minute drive from 83 to 795.
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and nothing to annoy you from 795 to 95, 11 minutes at 54 miles per hour there. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, over to you. thank you, candace. 5:32 on fox 45 early edition. a drunk driving crash kills a young woman on the eastern shore. her parents say she was under the influence of for lock owe fo known as blackout in a can. megan gilliland with a possible ban on the drink. >> reporrer: this is a can of four loko. it's a mix of cafffine and alcohol with a punch of nearly 5, 12 howns beers all i 12-ounc. maryland state troopers say her %-hit two utility polls and then flipped over several times. courtney was killed. a tragic loss. her parents blame on four loko.
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after hearing the story their llcal market pulled the drink off of shore shelves. >> we felt that was the best thing to do for our community. if it saves ooe life, then we have done our life. >> this is what i'm trying to did. i'm trying to save another ccild's life. >> reporter: they are trying to get that drink banned here in maryland. far, michigan and washington state have pulled it it off the state. megan gilliland. fox 45 morning news. a teenager is taken to shock trauma after being shot in northwest balttmore. it happened at 10:15 at the wachovia bank at wabash avenue. the victim who is 14 years old told police he was robbee at the atm. he is being treated for gunshot wound to the back. there's no word on his condition or a suspect. it seems these don't care who they target. overnight on wednesday, the mayor's husband had his car broken into. it happened while theecar was parked at the mayor's house. police say someone broke intt
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kent blake's car and stole the satellite radio. there were no signs of forced entry. >> pretty much the entire citt, we have been trying to raise awareness on not leaving items in vehhcles and things like that. they're easy targets and especially during the winter months, things like coats and hats can be taken out of vehicles. >> the mayor's security team was stationed outside, but apparently the vehicle was parked out of their view. a requeet to postpone the trial of a baltimore police officer accused in the deadly shooting of an unarmed man has been approved. officer ta ham bay is facing first-degree murder charges. his case was expected to start today, but they requested more time. prosecutors say that he was off-duty when he fired 13 shots at brown outside of a city nightclub. it happened after brown groped a
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woman who was with t the office. school officials suspect former students could be to blame because he thieves seem to know exactly where the most valuable items were during the break-ins. 17 new desk top computers and sound equipment were stolen from focus christian arts academy. a man will be deported to mex owe aftemexico after servins prison term. he plead guilty in september to sexually abusing a 9-year-old girl. what starts as a nice night quickly turned into a terrifying experience. a driver in ohio pulls up to a woman in a parking lot asking for directions. when she approaches the car, the driver grabdz he grabs her purs. the woman was relentless, she would not let go of the purse. that is when the driver hit the
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gas dragging the woman along for the ride. police say she suffered a few bumps and bruises and is expected to be okay. the purse snatcher is still on the loose. a female transit worker in boston is fired after attacking a passenger while on the job. this video shows the uniformed employee in the background punching and kicking a man. and even though several people stopped to watch no one jumped in to help him. the worker reportedly launched assault after the man complained that she had earlier given him bad directions that took him an hour and a half out of his way. they expected a first class -acation, but what they got wasn't pleasant. beeause of an engine problem, cruisers on a carnival ship ate cold food and took cold showers and then received a ree trip. everyone is finally back on dry land. >> reporter: the ordeal of the carnival splendor is over. some called it a cruise from
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hell. no power on board, meant though telephone, no toilets, laundry or ac. >> a lot of toilets weren't working the entire cruise. the whole food area smelled lick vomit. >> reporter: and the food choices were far from 5 star. conditions were really horrible. the food was really gross. >> we are glad to have warm food. everything else there was cold. having a warm meal and showers, too. sunday night and by 6 monday morning, passengers knew something was wrong. an engiie fire knocked out power. for passengers it was a practice in patience. >> it was all right, i mean, we were bored, a few days, just doing nothing.ú >> we were all very calm. we stuck together. we tried to make the best of it3 >> reporter: it took hours for thely 4500 passengers and crew to disembark in san diego. this honey mooner was still
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wearing her veil. carnival as offered a free trip to anyone on board. some saad they couldn't face another cruise, but others said likely they couldn't have dealt another one again. >> we absolutely will be back. they gaae us a free one. what are the chances this would happen twice for the same person. i'm going with the odds, we're coming back. >> reporter: the cruise was never a spamcation. spam was never served to passengers or crews on board the ship. here in maryland people are choosing to relax with staycations trip advisoo found that most baltimoreans areú deciding to vacation close to home. for those who want to get away, the top two choices were vegas and miami. most people said that their decisions were impacted by bed bag priccs, bed bug worries and
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carrieterror concerns. it's beginning to look a lot like tryst mass. christmas. the rockefeller tree has bben chosen. it was donated by 9/11 first responder who worked for new york city's fire department. the tree will be raised today at rockefeller center. take place on november 30th. a veteran turning down money being offered by the government. >> the reasons many aren't taking the cash. and a bit breezy the bay today, but everywhere else, not much of a wind as temperatures climb to the same ñññ
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you might have noticed that joel d smith isn't isn't here this morning. but there's a good reason for that. joel's wife gave birth to baby last night. everyone is doing great and we want to welcome her to the fox 45 family. let's check in with meteorologist steve fertig. people don't applaud us when we come to work. >> i'm even giving joel and kaitlyn a standing ovation. let's take a look at what we have out there. congratulations to the family. here is what we got as far as radar is concerned. clear skies. we're looking at sunshine today and very sunny in the smith household this morning. here is what we got, 48 degrees, and looking at the clear skies at the inner harbor, sunshine on the way once more. temperatures will climb at 50 for the high.
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30% relative humidity and 30.0 and falling on the barometer. 30 is the dew point number. that means there's room for the temperatures to drop a little bit this morning. that's kind of an odd ball number compared to everywhere else. look at everywhere else so the metro area is milder. as you look at the high pressure sitting over us, it brings us a pretty day with all the sunshine as i waa mentioning. it brings the temperature up to 60 degrees or so give or take a degree upstate. the frontal boundary with moisture that rings outt as we get a shower to the western part the state by sunday. otherwise it's not going to be until tuesday into wednesday with another low pressure center that should be developing on of the coast that is not shown here by tuesday into wednesday for the next chance of rain. cooler air is on the way behind the front as we get toward the middle towarr the later part of next week. 58 degrees for the high, central part of the state gets up to
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61 degrees with a lot of sun and northeast wind at 5-10 miles per hour. and further points west we are looking for a high temperature of 61 degrees and lots of sun, north wind at 5. tonight 39 degrees under clear skies. it will be seasonably cool, because it's not far off from ú%ere we should be this time of year. tomorrow 63 for the high with a lot of sun. 62 on sunday mostly sunny skies with the clouds increase later in the day. in comes a cloud cover for monday. mostly cloudy. showers if they come in early monday night. the best chance would be into wednesday. the 57 for the high on tuesday, partly cloudy and 56 degrees for your thursday. here is cans dol candace dold we check on the traffic edge. candace. >> reporter: thank you, steve. so far so good on the parts of the beltway this morning. we don't have any complaints in fact on the west side 58 miles per hour. traveling through catonsville at 60 miles per hour near security boulevard and 65 miles per hour
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through pikesviile. we do want to talk about an accident in baltimore county. a vehicle went through the front door of a 7-eleven. it's on golden ring road at kenwood avenue. obviously that's commanding a lot of attention as you scoot through the area. just be aware of that one. no lane or road closures to report, though. 95 is a-okay traveliig northbound, and southbound lanes through rosedale. let's check in on the beltway with a live look at harford road and it's just going to be a breeze there on both the inner and the outer loop lanes down toward perring parkway. in towson we do have some fire activity. it's actually a shed fire. it's out but the crews still remain there. find that on joppa road at pleasant plains road. 83 let's take a liveelook at baltimore county and shawan road, very light activity, northbbund lanes. be aware at parkton, there's a crash, this one is at old york road. that's a look at the morning travels. patrice, over to you. thank you, candace. still ahead, the ravens
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travel to atlanta to take on the falcons. get game highlights in sports. immediately suspicious about it. the government is trying to give half a billion dollars to u.s. veterans but many of them won't take it. why they [ male announcer ] dear civic, boy we wish hadn't told you to start looking over your shoulder. ♪ we were gonna sneak up on ya. ya know, with our 1.4 liter turbo charged engine and our six speed automatic transmission. shhhh... we're going hunting. it's civic season. ♪ the all-new chevrolet cruze. starting under $17,000. get used to more. ♪
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believe it or not, many
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millitary veterans are ignoring thousands of dollars in back pay that is rightfully owed to them and time is running out. chris lawrence has their story. >> reporter: it's like a about to expire.cket that is the government has got half a billion dollars to give away, but can't find enough troops to claim it. >> i was immediately suspicious about it.3 it seemed like another scam that a lot of people prey on soldiers with. >> reporter: but it's not, ian smith earned that money, so did other soldiers and marines. when their enlistment was up, the pentagon forced them to stay in. >> you have ordered to report to the fresh brigade. not me. i'm getting out today. i'm -- you're leaving on the 22nd. >> reporter: like the fictional story in stop loss, ian smith finished his enlistment including a brutal tour in iraq. >> i cannot bring myself to acknowledge all the horrors we hhd daily memorial ssrvices for
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ú%ople that were dying in atrocious ways. >> reporter: ian said a veteran out reach center in st. louis but still remembers when the army told him you're going back to iraq. >> they weren't just saying stay another month. >> right. >> or 60 days. >> right, it's going to be a %-it's going to be 15 months instead of 12. it was probably the worst news i could have heard at the time. >> reporter: he lost a relationship, so congress authorized $500 for any month they were held over. in ian's case it was nearly $7,000 be but thousanns of veterans forgot to fill out paperwork or thought it was too good to be tro true. as your commander and chief iim telling you that it's not no >> reporter: even after the president implored veterans to get their money. there's still many thousands of dollars on claims and vets must apply by 3rd.
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>> if you can imagine, someone told that you without any strings attached they're going to pay you thousands of dollars. >> reporter: the pentagon says the va did direct mailings and the pentagon advertised it on every website it could. even with all of that out reach, veteran mike herrera is rushing to finish his paperwork in time. >> i hope i don't miss out on the opportunity. >> reporter: in just a few weeks it will be too late. >> if anybody even suspects they might be eligible for this payment, we want them to apply. vets who want to claim the money can submit an application through by december 3rd. a pentagon officials says congress is monitoring how many people are filing and how many claims are getting paid and it'' %-deadline.ey may push back the3 coming back up on fox 45 morning news. ever wonder what it's like to be in the news business? >> what do you think the public would rather hear from last, someone ho ha won every broadcat
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award on the face of the planet? >> the film opening this weekend that takes a comical look at what goes on behind the lens inside later the ravens have a late come back in atlanta. find out if it was enough
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falcons driving, matt ryion finds pull back. takes on steam, runs right through to landry's tackle. that is the first score.
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later in the first quarter, the ravens with the ball. flacco shows off his speed in the first regular season. 15 yards on the reverse. that was the only highlight for the ravens in the first half. 5 minutes to play in second quarter, lardariuu webb feels the first punt and the ball is yard lose. more problems froo the ravens return game and then following the fumble. matt brian nails the 28-beyond a reasonablyardfield goal. on the first drive of the 3rd quarter. things didn't get much better. the ravens second turn over led to another field goal and atlanta led 13-0. later in the quarter, the laifns geravensget it going. flacco that is his 15 carry touch down. the ravens trail 5-6. 4th quarter, atlanta on the
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right strip. the touch down, falcons take a 13-point 4 quarter lead but back on the ravens. inside the falcons 10. 6-yard touch down and the ravens trail now 20-14. but with a minute 10 left, flacco o orchestrating another lead. the ravens take the lead of the game with over 60 seconds to play. 21-20. there's so much time on the clock for the falcons. from the ravens 34, ryan rolls to his left, watch this, hits the wide open in stride. he watched in for a back in3 store. cornerback josh wilson was asking for a fast interference be but the play stood, they ride 40 yards in 40 seconds to beat the ravens. that's carolina a week from sunday. that's a tough one. that's the morning sports. i'm bruce cunningham, fox 45
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morning news. he is not a falcon's fan but this ravens loving bride is prepared to take her aggressions out on her new husband who just happens to be a pittsburgh steelers fan. christina says, the two of them started talking and then dating due to their love-hate relationship regarding each other's teams, but obviously this worked it out and the couple got married last month. some people don't think this is going to go well. no matter where you're from, fans to send your photos showing off your purple pride. go to and click on the community features section. coming up in our 6:00 hour, he is ready to represent maryland's first district. the changes andy harris wants to bring to capitol hill. a young woman on the eastern shore dies in a car crash.
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phone. yes. i love it. get our best deals. 0% financing and, as a holiday bonus, we'll give you $1500 to use toward your first three payments. holly has something she'd like to say. bye, camry.
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it's called blackout in a can. >> i want this banned. i want this off the market. >> why this drink is so dangerous and the tragedy it caused right here in maryland. he is an infamous billionaire. how you can own a piece of


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