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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 19, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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now on fox 45 early hh edition? a twister hits baltimore. i lived through one of -- what really happened in this neighborhood and the next step for residents trying to pick up the pieees. guilty of killing a 2 years old child. >> we were told that she had been taken and this was worse than falling on of a 3 story building. the maneuvers that may keep of a prison the inside aatention muggles, the wait
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is over. how late did these fans in baltimore stay up to see harry potter and the deathly hollows. good morning. it's friday, november 19th. you are taking a live look at the damage still left behind by what is now has been called a tornadoo we are going to have live reports of how residents are finally able to go back home and trying to start things all over again. p>> good morning, i'm patrice harris. it's friday, and because it's fridayyit's your turn to sound off on our facebook page about nything you want. let us know what is on your mind. just go to to become a ffn and join the conversation.
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now let's go to meteorologist steve fertig and get a look at the weekend as we head into the weekend. it's quiet and that was an f-1 tornado. that means that there was wind gusts of 81 miles per hour. it doesn't take long to create the damage. take a look at what h we got out theee. a few snow flakes up new york state. we will see temperatures rather seasonable and we will climb into the mid-50s. otherwise mainly clear skies as high builds in today. 44 in baltimore, 44 in salisbury. 38 in d.c. and washiigton. where we're headed from here? 32 degrees, a little cooler than seasonable. winds out of theenorthwest not too bad at all, 5-10 miles perú hour. let's take a look at tte rest of the weekend forecast in a few minutes right now here is candace dold with the trafficc3 edge good morning, candace.
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>> reporter: we start with an accident on the southbound lanes. they are completely shutdown at route 199. now let's take a look at 295 a little bit faather back. not see any delays. i can tell you they start forming pretty quickly after you will wann to use 95 as an alternate route. in fact on 95, the southbound lanes taking it from the beltway -own toward routt 32, 11 minutes at 65 miles per hour. 95 looks good down toward the beltway, 8 minutes at 55 miles per hour and nothing to get in your way the harbor tunnel down toward 99, a 9 minute clip at 54 miles per hour there. that's a look at morning commute. patrice, back over to you. it's officiil, the -evastating form that ripped through you on region on tuesday night was in fact a tornado. the twister damaged hundreds of homes, ripping up roofs and tossing debris everywhere. for the first time since the
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storm hit, some residents in northeast baltimore are waking up at home this morning. meean gilliland is frrm the ddtch apartment community where many are learning some of those repairs there take months. going an. >> reporttr: clean up far from over. there are still uprooted trees like thissone. take a look at the size of this tree, you can imagine the power that ripped this through. thissis one of the trees that is laying around the neighborhood. behind us an apartmenn building still without a roof. there's a lot of belongings inside of thess buildingssstill, because of that we have seen a ú%mber of police officers3 rolling through area, patrolling this 24 hours a days making sure ú%ople are not rushing into these homes and looting. people got to confrrnt this eerie scene of destruction. for he first time they were able to assess the damage done to their homes and their cars.3
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the trees coming through their calls and debris. several don't even have a roof anymore like the one weere standing next to. of those townhomes in this community, 16 have been condemned. those residents were allowed to visit their homes or what is left of it escorted by housing and fire snoo inspectors they gathered what they could care ca few valuables. >> i'm upset. i never thought i would be homeless and i am. >> now some of these people did not have renters' insurance, for them that means that they have lost everything they had. the mayor has established a fund for those affected by this tornado. already gave $10,000.plex if you would like to donate just go to links. a lot lost here this week. a lot of damage, something that everybody can be grateful about, is not one ife lost.
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we're live in northeast baltimore. meean gilliland, fox 4 45 earl edition. contractors are making sure that people can return home as quickly as posssble. this was the scene as they closed roofs, boarded up win deez. windows. >> we couldn't do anything within the 24 hour period. almost everybody is home. we will continue that effort and try to get new roofs on this entire repoot which is a lot of roofs and continue on with the %-man is found dead in his home. police believe he shot and killed hhmself after first ssooting his wife. it happened at oak trace way. he was shot several times. the house with her 8 years old3 son just as police were arrived. her husband barricaded himself in the house leading to a four
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hour standoff with police. when officers finally entered the homm they found the body of terrance wilson inside. -olice they had been called to the home earlier for a domestic incident. >> arruments, fussing, somebody didn't pick up the trash. those kind things. >> domestic iolence ain'' never good, whether it's the man or the woman or whoover and then you got kids there. >> wilson is now at shock trauma the couple eats 8 years old child who was at the house at the time of the shooting is okay and staying with relativvs. city police breakup a possible dogfighting ring in west baltimore. police say they were called to a home where they found seven pitbulll liviig in poor conditions. one of the dogs was found dead in a plastic garbage dag. living with no food or water and there were blood stains on the
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walls. the body found in a box along interstate 70 this week has been identified. police say it was a person who had been reported missing four days earlier. the body was found ear frederick. police say it's 36 years old jacobo vasquez frrm d.c. according to the medical examiner, vasquez was shot to ddath. police do have a suspect. they're looking for marvin valencia. if you know where he is, you are asked to call police. dangerous. police make a second arrest in the deadly shooting of a man at a pizza shop. shawn johnson is ccused of shhoting flores, while he inside of mr. pizza and wings last friday. authorities say four men were trying to robbthe sttre when one of thhm opened fire. 17 years oll vincent bonner has already been arrested. a formmr hostage scene has
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been re-opened to the public. discovery communications have re-opened the ga gord n. both the garden and the lobby were closed. it's taking an approval from the county to make security hanges. -o hostages were hurt durrng the incident. the long goodbye is underway for one of the li lit airy iconf this century. fans of the series were rewarded witt a midnight showing. %-have been filling the theater all night long. >> reporter: yes, they had midnight showing like a lot of other laces, but they had a rare 3:15 a.m. showing. and there's a lot of ars on in the parking lot. that will end soon, we will talk to the people on the way out. this is a huge phenomenon based
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on the last book in the series. it's not the last movie. it's just part 1. this movie, the master villain baltiomr as ascended to power and the battle is truly on for harry and his friends. it's intense, much more serious than the first other ovies where they concentrated on the magic. the harry potter movie series is %-right behind star wars.hise we asked this of mez these devod moguls, does this movie cast a shadshadow of expectation. >> i love it. i thought it was everything i expect it had and much more. >> i toast i thought it was bri.
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i can't wait until july the next one. >> reporter: july the next one and the final one, that is coming out next summer, part two of the deathly hollows. you know the show times here go through the rest of the morning, 8:45 a.m. is the next one. people can start lining up wearing the costumes very soon. patrice, every 30 minutes they keep this going. it's very good for the movie industry, very good for hhrry potter fans. last one ii here. >> it's interesting to see the people who come out in theú miidle of the night to see the movie and come out in costume and makeup dressed like the characters. >> reporterr they're trying to have some fun. it's not too cold. they weer their robe. the movie franchise only second to star wars and only six of those soofar. >> that is amazing. i'm not all of that surprised. harry potter took over things and became such' phenomennn that i can believe that. >> reporter: that is why we know words such as muggles.
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>> exactly. ú%> we will talk with the actor who plays harrr potter's foe about the end of the series. that is coming up in our 8:00 hour. a trip to the grooery store for one cclifornia couple -uickly turns into a nightmare. take a look at this. they came back out and founn a 9-foot long red tail boa constrict or wrapped around their car enginn. it took a little cooking oil for workers to loosen this snake's grip. it's not clear where it came -rom, but animal control workers say it likely broke free from its owwer. bodies found in ohio are been missing for more than a week. officials confirmed that the bodies found on tuesday are those of a mother, her 10 years old son and a family friend. they all went missing onn3 november 10th along with the mother's 13-year-oll daughtee. she was discovered bound and
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gagged in the home of an exconvict on ssturday. he has been charged with kidnappiig the giil and investigators believe he may be connected to the murders. he reportedly gave themm3 information that led them to thú bodies. more clues could come today in the nataleeehalloway case. a jawbone found on a local beach belonged to a young woman..3 now dna testing is being performed to see if it is halo ways. sso far no one has been charged with her disappearance. questions over a parking contrrct being awarded in baltimore city. >> shouud the lowest bidder allays receive the contract? the controverssal reasons some think one company is geeting the job. and low pressure well to few snow flakes, but around a here, high pressure builds n and brings us sunny skies but
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5:155forrthe weekend and checking out the sky hd radar, it's quiet for the weekend. we see snow flakes up in pennsylvania and new york but ú%gh pressure is going to move in and get rid of low level clouds. they will move out of here. temperature wise, 44 degrees in baltimore, 38 in d.c.40 in salisbury. oakland cool spot at 32. freezing there. high pressure going to bring us sunshine. we are looking forward to that, but the sun is not going to warm us i whole lot. the things are going tooget wrl flow that are going to keep us cooler an average. %-snow out of our way but keeppt up toward the new england area.
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it will allow with a pressure gradient with the winds to pick up a 15-mile-an-hour wind then we will talk about warmer air coming our way streaming up from the south and west as we head toward the end of the wwekend into the next workweek. the low pressure center we're talking about maybe bringing us precipitation. ú% steers to the north of us, by, well,,it looks like byú wwdnesday and thursday so thanksgiving ddy and the day proceeding, maybe we will get rainshowerr and it will be in the warm sector but the not the know that we thought we had an outside chance of seeing. ppenty of sunshine, northwest wind at 5515 miles per hour. for the central part of the state,,ww should climb to about 52 degrees as well with postally ú%ear skies. west northwest wind at 5-10 miles an hour. back to the west we go, look for a high temperature there of only 50 degrees with mainly clear 5-10 miles per hour. mainly tonight a clill chilly nú
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with clear skies. average will be 34 so it will be seasonable nevertheless of the wind out of the south at 5-10 miles per hour. we bounce back tomorrow with 28 degrees with plenty of sunshine today and tomorroww a few clouds mixed on sunday, but the temperatures drop because of the clouds, 52 degrees for high. 61 as the temperatures reverse and head upwards toward the 60s for not just monday but tuesday as well. in fact, tuesday mid 60s. we get some of the westerly degrees warmer than in some spots to the south.3 showers come in late tuesddy into wednesday. temperaturessnear 50s near seasonable for wednesday and for the thanksgiiing day when we could see a couple of showers, too. let's see what is happening with the traffic with candaceedold. >> reporter: . thank you, steve. not a bad ridd on parts of 95. 95 scooting through whitemarsh at 51 miles per hour. on the beltway things look good. 65 miles per hour traveling through pikesville, 58 on the west side of the beltway. we do need to talk about 295,
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though, and that is because there's an accident that completely shuts down all3 southbound lanes at route 198. let's take a live look at 295, farther up at route there and you don't see any delay here. i can tell you, though, they start forring pretty uickly after this exit. route if you are heading toward washington d.c., you can always use 95 instead. in fact, on 95 taking a live look near the airport at 195, you can see there's a breeze southbound and northbound lanes up toward the beltway. that calm pace continues running through baltimore up toward 395 and eventually the fort -chenry tunnee. and just inside baltimore we have a crash at windsor mill. back over to you. general motors ushers in a new era with big numbers. how the company performed back on the first day back on wall street.
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should lowest bidder always receive the contract?
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rious accusatiins about how the baltimore ity parking authority doee business. the accusations tem from a valuable contract that is about to be awarded to a baltimorr
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city parking operator. and now some other managemeet companies are crying foul. we have the report. >> reporter: the baltimore city parking authority owns more than 40 parking garages spread out across the city and almost half are managed by private companies who have lucrative deals with the city. >> we look to get the best operators for these facilities to manage them on behalf of the citt. >> now one of the city's largest parking firms and others are heavy allegations, public %-the process to manage three downtown garages describing it fraud aad unjust. sharon middleton dismisses the claims. the process seems to be working and i have no problems with it. >> there are bounddto be thosee3
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operators who don't submit the best proposals and who don't win these contracts who are going to be unhappy. the winner of the controversial contract which wassselectee by a review panel is pms pprking. it's a company that manages more than hall of the cityygarages and lots and a 3rd of the city's parking spacee. a contract would add another pms operates bothh or tte city and private businesses. blue pins chose city own lots managed by four other companies for the city. >> i don't know if they were the cheapest, i think they were among the lowest in terms of the management fees. >> should the lowest bidder always receive he contract? that is a question that i think the director of the parking authority should answer. >> reporter: we assed director little for financial details of the winning bid but he wouldn't reveal them, telling us instead to file a freedom of
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information request. >> do the lowest bidders always receive the contract? >> excuse me for a second here, but there are a whole list of criteria that these proposals are evaluated on.ú the management fees are ooe those things that are evaluated3 but the firm that proposes the lowest managemeet fee issnt always the operator that gets selected. >> reporter: allegations in the form of a protest of a virtual monopoly on downtown parking by a company and its ownership that has made more than $5,000 in campaign ccntributions during the past two years to a march orand mayol other city officials. the other parkinn ompanies -aven't donated anything in the last two yearr. the owner of pms parking impropriety at the parking authority. he called the bidding process it's our duty to hold elects
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officials accountable. you can do that by joining our fox 45 waste watch. if you have a story call our hot line at (410)662-1456 you can log on to our w our website at and click on waste watch. the cameras that will help you stay clear f them and how much it wwll cost. next the world's biggest car
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gm stock is back on sale,ú while competing automaker toyota introduces a new line of hybrids. elizzbeth mcdonnell has more in today's businessswrap. reporter: stocks way up as gm helps revv up the market. it shares rising 33 on its first day back on the big board. it was up twice that much earlier in the day. president obama saying the tough decisions on bailing out gm are starting to payoff. the treasury nowwowns aboutta 3rd of company. and the dow soaring 173 ppints, excitement about gm and good news abouttthe debt mess in europe pumping up stock. toyota rolling out 11 new hybrid models over the next couple of years. the world's largest car makee
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of the prus. the gap filling a gap in south america. it's opening up its first store on that continent next year. it's aid to open in september in santiago chile. coming up, keeping newly ú%ected official out of ffice. how prince george's county office are trying to force a new councilmember from her seat. >> reporter: they are returning home to an eerie scene of destruction. i'm megan gilliland. why police are still circling after tuesday's tornado. ú%> it worked today if you looked to the side next to you and the person has a in th
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