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tv   FOX 45 News at 530  FOX  November 19, 2010 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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>> dog fighting ring busted in the city of baltimore. >> disheartening to know people will do this to in the animals. >> horrible conditions these dog were his found in and who could be responsible. >> picking up the pieces. >> whatever weecan get. salvage what we can. >> discovery the family made three days after tornado forced them from their home. >> wind calm down for the weekend leaving us with a mild couple of days. big change as we head towards thanksgiving in my sky watch forecastt >> and planninggfor a royal wedding. the historic sight wedding. the historic sight that could host prince william
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>> hello i'm jeff barns. >> i'm karen parks. baltimore man and woman accused of sexually abusing a about young girl to produce. >> aad a friend of the girl family. keith what can you tell us at this hour. >>reporter: we are live in the brooklyn neighborhood. 6 3 the little girl and the names are davidson who is 27 and tiffany and she is 21. and federal charges tonight and ssz jeans jeans.
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>> the mother works and her boyffiend punished. >> my daughter came to me after jesse was arrested and i, i asked my daughter if she úas ever hit because he was abusive ann she told me yes. >>reporter: now if convicted davidson faces a maximuu of life in ppison and she faces up to 40 years in prison. we are live in south baltimore, keith daniels fox 45 news at 5:30. >> man is under arrest tonight charged with several counts of child pornography. police say child porn on the computer and was allowing others to down load the content. he's charged with 11 counts of distributing and possessing child porn. if convicted he faces up to 80 years in priso
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prison. >> breaking news out of morgan state university. student on the school football team is accused of assaulting another student. police say it happened outside the morgan state student center weenesday night in front of a large group of people. the student has been arrested and is currently at central booking. we have much more on the story tonight on fox 45 news at 10:00. baltimore city police rescue 6 abused dogs from a west baltimore house. they are believed to be part of a dog fighttng operation. police went to a home on north pace street and found the starving dogs. one dog found dead in a garbage bag. they were used as bait for other fighting dogs. >> what abate dog is they utilizes ooher dogs to train the more aggressive dogs. and they put in dog more naive with fighting so the aggressive dog can win the fight and gain confidence in the fighting ability so it is a really, really sad circumstance.
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>>reporter: no arrest have been made. the dog currentll tonight are at a shelter. trial of federal officer facing charges in the shooting death of a dog has just joy? >> just minutes ago a federal officer was founddguilty in the shooting of bear bear a syberian husky who was shot over the summer at an andarundle county dog park. now the officer has been given probation before judgment but it was during today's trial that for the first time officer shephard actually talked about opening fire and pulling out his 9mm. handgun and shooting bear bear. shephard testified that bear bear appeared friendly at first but his did he meap or quickly changed. shephard described bearrbear as quote looking like an animal getting ready to ttack his prey with the intent to kill. the officer said the reason he shot bear bear water because he feared the dog was going to mall him, his wife as well as
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their dog. e lso testified that he was prepared to shoot bear bear a second time if need be. advocate however who were outside the courthouse earlier said therr were otter options available. >> the concerns are that i don't know how long dog park have been in andarundle county but i know i have been going to them for at least seven years and in those ssven years normal people that are not allowed to have a firearm go to dog park and rough play or ! fight, they find non-lethal way to stop it. it did not need to come to a dog being shot. >>reporter: there has been a lot of controversy surrounding bear bear handler and why he didn't jump in trying to break up these dogs. he testified that everything happened so quickly he just didn't have a chance to. the family just left the courthouse and surprisingly they had no comment. reporting live in annapolis tonight, fox 45 news
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at 5:30. tuesday storm that brought all that destruction was a tornado. confirmed thursday by the national weather service. >> the my animals are in there. >> 52 family in all were displaced. resident are sifting through deeris as we speak much even looking for today 2 cats were recovered.n >> this is muffin. and that one is mocha. >> walking people in and letting them search and maybe there has been a lot of miracle. >> makes me feel great. got the cats. i know they are all right. >>reporter: crew will be working there for weeks. now% the bet business bureau says everyooe should be using license contractors for any repairs necessary. storms like this tend to attract scammers offeringggreat prices for lousy or no work.
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>> somebody comes to your door or solicit them or just see them ouu in the neighborhood anddyou want to ask them about doing work for you, first and foremost make sure that they are licensed by the maryland home improvement coomission. >> the better business bureau refers to thhse scammers as storm chasers. woman set on fire last month died from her injury. pamela marries died yesterday at the hospital in critical condition there since october 23rd. that's when she was fouud burning in the wood in laurel. police say her boyfriend richard red lit her on fire. he already faced arson and assault charges. he will now face murder charges as well. my are searching for 3 men they say robbed a waa-mart in laurel. police say they got away with flat screen television wednesday evening and loaded he goods on to this truck. now watch this video sent to us by the baltimore county police department. man grabs a woman's purse while she was in the giant food store along
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grawv mill road in owner millions and runs out of the store. if you have any information on either:00 these robbery just call metro crime stoppers at this number on your screen. 1 8 6 6-7 lock up. >> well known boxing coach and mentor is laid to rest today. this is video of mac lieu 40's a feature we diddback 2001. funeral services were held in the morgan state campus. this afternoon a portion of broadway and eager street dedicateddas mack lieu way. he was 32 years old dying last week. >> how are the road looking tonight. kandace has our traffic edge report. hello kandace. the roadway right now 39 miles per hour on the northbound lanes of 95 through white marsh. 38 on 95 right near 395 and 37 on the belt way through kateville and belt way on the top end. liie look right near york road and you can see it's bumper to bumper
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there on the inner loop lanes and also have our fair share on delly on the outer loop stretch as well. vehicle fire in the area that on charles street right at kennel worth drive. far the jfx mucc better news there. we are incident 43 on the ssuth bound lanes from the belt way down to 28 then eventually into the downtown region. in baltimore there is a crash on liberty heights avenue right at garrison boulevard. that's a look at the evening travels, now back over to you. thanks so much. where and when the worst is dying to know. >> coming up. latest speculation on a date and -úlocation for prince william's wedding. >> life without cable news? coming up.. why one u.s. lawmaker says that's the best way to improve america. >> higher fee for parking meter upset merchant in federal hill. tell you why federal hill. tell you why coming >> this is emily l pa pass.
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>> parking meters baltimore chasing away and merchant are saying and we have more on the rates facing shoppers when they park their cars. john? >> always a challenge to find
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a parking space in federal hill at night. merchants say during the day item a lot easier and they say it's not just because of the economic slow down that is keeping people away. back in the summer the city doubled the cost of parking here from 1 dollar an hour too2 dollars an hour and if you don't want to use the credit card you have to come up with 16 quarters to pay for 2 hours of parking. increase in rates across the city is expected to generate an extra 3.1 million ddllars a year but for the first three months parking meter revenue is actually down 1% from original estimates. merchant blame the increase for a decline in business. >> it is shocking when people open up their car door. get out. and are just glaber gasted when they go to the pay meter. it's not acceptable. there are days when the streets are empty down here. >> reporter: sommer chant have contacted city council president jack young to complain about the parking meters. lick to see the city reduce the hourly rate 1
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dollar an hour and expand the hours of operation for the meters tt 6:00 p.m. to "newsnight"p.m. or later. this is news at 5:30. >> thanks so much john. >> u.s. senator seems to think fewer political view would make america bet. jay rockefeller from the state of west virginia want to see fox news and msnbc shut down. this at hearing on cable retransmission agreement. he took this opportunity to blast of ll thingg the media. >> there's a little bug inside of me which wants to get the fcc to say to fox and to msnbc out. off. end. goodbye. about big favor to political discourse our ability to do our work here in congress. >> statement threatening to the immediate why and he is absolutely outrageous senator should make such remark simply because he doesn't like the way the news is porttayed. >>reporter: all right. here's our question of the day
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were the comments an assault on free speech? go to our web site and tell us what you think. sound off through facebook, tweet at fox baltimore, text your answer to 45 2 03. enter a for yes and b for no and your response may air tonight at 11 on the llte edition. >> speculation continues to swirl about where when and howw% prince william anddhis new if i app say will tie the knight. sources say the date has been settled. some thought they would announce it today but the couple stayed out of sight today and there has been no formal announcement from the royal family. on the tenth of june which is philip 90 birth day. i suggested most likely to be towards the end of july which is the time when most of the royal weddings take place then they have the whole of august for the honeymoon. >>reporter: that seems to be on westminster abby for the location of the nuptial an british prime minister david
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cameron is in talk to declare the royal wedding a public holiday. the 2 biggest names in social networking are engaged. my space announce today it will be mashing with facebook new feature will allow my space users to create a personalized stream of contact in their facebook profile. first time the 2 sites found a way to share such content. >> update tonight on very brave adorable koala in australia. someone shot the baby koala named fr o t o 15 times. now after several surgery and around the clock c care, vet say they are now confident that he will recover. whhever shot him faces two years in prison. approximately and it is the time muggles have been waiting for. latest harry potter movie hit theaters today anddit has brought in at least 24 million dollars.
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hear review from fansswho already saw it on screen coming up in the low down. this is emily graae leif at sz.
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>> the day officially here. harry potter and the deathly hallows part 1 is in theaters. for tonight low down and preview and rack from muggles
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from earlier today. >> hi karen. before today the harry potter series has brought in about 1.7 billion dollars here in america. this installment only adds to the number. in fact actors say it is by far their best work to daae. in this movie the master villain has the power and battle is truly on for hair and his friends. it is much more intense than the first few movies where fun and magic were the focus. this is part one of the epic finale so it makes sense that die hard fans gave up a night sleep to see it. we caught one movie goers after the midnight screening at the 3:00 a.m. showing in white marsh. >> i thought it was great. >> it was so good. >> i thought it was brilliant. i this tte it was well done. >> i figure i went to all the option for all the rest of the hair pochlts i'm not missing opening night. the only one i could get ticket for. what the heck. >> definitely great. >>reporter: the second half
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of the harry potter finale opens in july of 2011. this is the low down. thanks soomuch. now from muggles to gleek. attention all you gleek out there. stars of glee are headed to one of the biggest nights on television. the tv the cast of glee performing a mash up version of michael jackson thriller right after the superbowl. then the cast will go abroad to city like london, manchester and dublin. in june ann ticket for those affairs go open sale november the 26. >> beautiful november day today and times to start thinking already about the holidays. >> that's right. emily is live tonight in white marsh where ttey get ready to kick off the christmas holiday and hi emily. >>reporter: hi guys. hard to believe this morning we were talking about tornado damage. all about the holiday season here tonight. live at the avenue in white marsh and in over an hour the tree behind
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me will be lit and santa is coming. right? arriving here in just over an hour and lots to happen here tonight at white marsh. we have the movie being shown elf at 8:00 p.m. and other activity and weather will hold us for us. let look at the radar what is going on with the weather right now. clear skies out there. all across the area. we'll stay dry for tonight and we'll have clear skies all the way through the weekknd looks like. the temperatures right now are cooling off quite a bit. we are in the mid 50's today. more cool temperatures on the way for the rest of the weekend before tonight we are cooling down into the mid 30's then looking at that satellite you can see a big high pressure sitting right on top of us right now. high pressure will keep us dry for the next several days and keep us cool as well. so for tomorrow high in the mid 50's once again and over the next couple days we are looking at change in our weather. we start to see temperatures cool down behind a cold front on
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sunday. high only about 50 degrees and then after that we'll be watching a low -úpressure system back to our we because that low pressure system will actually warm us up by middle of next week and bring us some raan by thanksgiving. so for onight dropping down into the mid 30's and then for tomorrow we have a high of 57 degrees and the activity here have begun and white marsh is back. just getting up, you can hear lots going on here. christmas tremendous will be lit like i said at 7:00 p.m. santa is going to light it and i will have the latest coming up on that 7 day forecast in just a few minute. back to you. >> dante first impact on an nfl team in nearly two years. hear from the ravens wide receiier on having a bigger role with the team next in sports. .
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>> welcome back. i'm kristen. since coming off the list 3 weeks ago the ravens have slowly worked on dante back in the offfnse. in the throws atlanta they took advantage of his speed. he had 2 carries for 34 yards. the ravens offense is already loaded with target and addition of one more means even less touches per player but despite the limited use daate is excited to be back on the field and hopes to contribute more in the remaining games. >> it was fun and exciting and as the week goes on and hopefully get my rolex panneded a little more in the offense as i can go out and help more regardless of what it is. just enjoy being out there and helping team mates out. >>reporter: after last soap dismal 2 win performance by the university of maryland football team many question the future of head coach ralph region. well, he's not going
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anywhere. this week university announced that he will return in 2011 for the time year of his contract. the turks are 7 and 3 this season with two games to go. maryland plays 13 rank illinois in basketball. franklin and north harper meet in the north final in the high school game of the week and find out what ravens receiver may son knows about caroline and this week making the grade. coming up tonight on 10:50 on sports unlimited. back to you. >> all right thanks so much. i get that the christmas spirit just lacking at the leif shot. emily looks like she's in the middle of an andy williams christmas set. >> she's in the christmas colors and putting us right in the spirit. hi emily. >>reporter: hi guys. there's a huge amount of holiday spirit here. item hard to believe because it's not even thanksgiving yet. people very excited to see santa. are you excited to see santa. >> yes. no. you are not excited. are you excited to see santa? they are excited. i swear they are excited. they were at least 5 minute ago. all right. i'm excited about the
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forecast for the weekend. let's look at that 7 day and see what is happening. we have clear skies all weekend long. temperatures will be in the 50's. a little bit cooler on sunday and then we start to warm-up monday and tuesday and we have high in the low to mid 60's and then by tuesday evening a chance of showers come into the forecast and that chance of showers stays with us on wednesday into thursday. we have wet weather in store for our thanksgiving and then after that we start to clear out and cool down big fact it will feel like winter by next weekend and it kind of feels agent bit lake winter out here right now but i think everybody is hultsing together and staying warm. right guys. >> yes. we are excited. santa here in over an hour. very excited. back to you. >> all right thanks so much. 4000 kids there. she picks 1 that says no. that says no. >>