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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  November 22, 2010 5:00am-5:30am EST

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it willlgobble up yourrcash. the imiggest cost of thanksgiving is getting to grandmas. police and a s.w.a.t. teamú surround an apartment in baltimore. what led p to the situation and the surprise when they were inside. the ravens pounce the panthers with 4 touchdowns. see the intersection that everyone ii talling about.
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good morning. it's monday, november 22nd.3 you're taking a live look over the inner harbor. some people reported fog in some parts of our area, maybe that sa little foggy outtthere, but not too bad. good morning, i'm patrice harris. i didn't see any fog on my way in, ut i know a lot of other people didd aa ttey were getting into work on this monday morning. let's get the facts from ú%teorologist steve fertig who is here with the forecast. good morning, patrice. there is a little fog in spots, misty skies as well and it's going to clear up this afternoon ann it should turn out pretty decent. -s we head toward thanksgiving. mild temperatures, 50 degrees in baltimmre, 50 in d.c., 39 in cool inner salisbury, ann the low level cloud cover or fog especially to the north and moving through the baltimore county area through the city as
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well and see showers out of the ohio valley area, but that is moving to the north as it steers east. we should not haae to del with tha-- dealwith that anytime soo. we will end with the fog. we should turn mostly cloudy to mostly sunny later this afternoon wiih not o too much oa wind. let's she what is happeniig on the roads with candace dold. >> reporter: good orning, steve. we're talking about fog nd here is a live look at route 50 over sandyypoint. you can see a little bit of fog, be careful as you scoot across can find the patches creep up on you pretty quickly. a crash on the outer loop lanes at the beltway at the jfx. the drivee went into the jerssy wall there. we willlcontinue to monitor the situation, as for now no significant delays. outer loop lanes from 95 toward 83, an 11-minute ride, 55 miies per hour. on southbound knife, knife we
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are i!!95 we areclear at 8 minur hour there. that's a look at morning commute. compared to last year, aaa believe people will be traveling more this holiday weekend and spending more ttme to do it. the auto group is predicting an 11% jjmp from trial while gas prices are higher. joel d smith ii live with another part oo the holiday that is the meal. good morninn, joel. >> reporter: good morning, everybody, we're talking turkey and these guys sort of got the pardon. they won't be on your table later thhs week. these will be your christmas touries and expecturkeys if yout
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ddrection. i've got farmer tom. >> good morning. >> reporter: these guys are for christmas and the cost is up for people traveling more, it's what about the cost of a turkey. >> the commodities, the meal we did not build that into ours. price structure but mostú everybody eese has raised the price of the turkeys. we're still 2-point frin $2.49. >> reporter: mmst are a dollar more than that, right? >> yeah, our price tructure is pretty good. >> reporter: you're selling these for christmas. people don't think of how much goes into it. to be ready for christmas, how much time do these guys have. >> when we processed birds. on saturday we finnshed we still have some on ice ttat are sitting on ice water.
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thhy stay there 24 to 48 hours and then we bag them out. it makes it tight, people start piccing up birds, and we ú%nished by saturday. these will be the christtas 20-pounders. >> reporter: more time in store for hem. the commodity prices that you're talking about, it's good when you're a armer, because of tte corn rices,. >> when i was hauling my corn to the mill, and i was getting $6 a pound, i had a mile but when i saw my mill bill. >> reporter: a lot of people when you see them out there; is that right, it's up 30% this year. >> i wonder how any people will change their meals because the price has gone up or if you buy the turkey anyway. >> reporter: it ddpends on where you are. look at tte aaa numbers again.
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anymore because the thought is they weren't hit as bad by the economy. the bump is 11%. you are paying for that, you are willing to pay more for the turkey. it's all relative how uch you're willing to pay when you're visittng youu relativess travel for thanksgiving is also surrounded with controversy according to the tsa. you are about to meet two peopll who have been touched and not in a good way by the tsa. >> reporter: more tsa horror stories a surface ahead of the holiday rush. >> iiam in this room, i have urine, two men i don't know. i'mmstandinn in front of them. my underwear have dropped to thh floor. >> reporter: a pat down gone wrong for a cancer survivor.
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>> i was so embarrassed and so petrafied of going out into the airport thinking people would see me and quote unquote smeel me. no i didn't know. i was just mortified. >> she put her full hand on my breast and said what it this. i said it's a prose thebecause i havihave had breast cancer. she said you will have to show me that. >> it was so horrific of an expeeience that it just blew my i can't believe that somebody had done that to me. >> eporter: the head of he tsa said sunday that there's no plan to lessen the strength of the enhanced pat down procedures but they will work to make the pat downs quote minimally invasive. >> what we don't want to have abdullmatab out of the advance inside technology and be able to %-everybody ants to get home ú%ffly, how can we in tsa worr
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with the traveling public to make that happen. >> reporter: one of the economic professors said that the pat down rules could kill travelers to hit the roadways. 90% of thaaksgiving travvlers will go by cars. that that's the highest percentage for a holiday ever recorded. >> city police are searching for a gunman who they said shot and killed a marylanddcorrectional officer early suuday morning. it started at 3:45 a.m., when investigators sharon jones was shot at a friend's house. hours later police went to her home to execute a search warrant. when they arrived, officers saw blood on the floor and noticed what they thought wasssuspicious activity. for the next few hours, road blocks were set arounn the neighborhood. >> our primary concern is to make sure that the neighbors and the area is secure. ú% after several hours
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authorities went into the there. police believe the suspect knew jones but they won't say how. however, they don't think that person was an inmate..3 police are searching for the in southwest warn baltimore oo saaurday night. 19-year-old colton was rushed to shock trauma after being ssot at 5:00 a.m. he later died from those -njuries. a man shot in west baltimore on friday night is identified. jerry shop tho thomas was killea triple shootton poplar grove street. the otter two people are expected to survive. maryland's attorney general are calling on officials to pull cafffinated drinks from store shelvee and bars. it comes whee whooesalerr agreed to stop selling the drinks. the fda has senttletters tt makers of drinks like four loko,
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giving themm11 days to explain how they will taae their pockets off th!!prooucts off the marketr explain that their drinks aae safe. it concerns the national ú%re service program which places doctors in under servee communities where they work and pay student off debt loan. the ravens got the dominating win they were look for on sunday against the carolina panthers, who are regarded by many as the worst teams in the nfl. joe flacco flew one with hookin3 it with tj hooshman ha saa hous. and later rallied to did you van
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he found he end zone for a 23-yard touch down. on the panthers very nexx play. following ttat ray lewis had a ú%ck. he took it. what a play, the final score, ravens 37-13. >> i like the way our team fights. i like the way our team competes. i like the fact that we were inú control for the first half.3 we can play a lot better, butt3 we're happy with the directiin -p>> we play like this in the 4th quarter and close the game out.úú%it's huge, coming os agginst atlanta, we wanted to build on this, and build on theú season and play better and close out amee, you know, but we got to do it aa a team from start to -f we want to be competing late december, january. the ravens are back at home on sunday to face the tasm tamy
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buccaneers. and you can watch it here in baltimore. mary sent us a picture of jj ssaring hhsspurple pride, you can tell he is excited about sunday's win. no matter where you are from, we are looking for you fans to send us photos showing of on you are why purple pride. go to and click -n the community features section. the show that helped to put charm city on the confectionery plan. the foofood network has announcs will be the last season of the ace of cakes. the show's 10th and finall3 season airs in january. an eegine failure on a, moscow flight caused the plane to come back to the airport. more than 100 firefighters were called to the scene because the %-wings were on fire.the plane's %-no one was hurt.t the case and the incident is currennly being
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the air force has launch a new top secret spy satellite. the 23 story tall rocket carrying the largest satellite in the world took off on sunday evening. the mission is classified so few details are available. the satellite will support the millitary's national mission. coming up in the early learn the fate of the police officer who pulled the trigger. a couple of mild days in store as the temperatures into the 60s move to the north lightning fast. lightning strong.
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verizon 4g lte. rule the air on the most advanced 4g network in the world.
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roads ttat look more llke skaaing rink in minnesota ver
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the weekend. the roads led to 370 crashes mostly in the minneapolis, st. paul area. nottaagood look. take a look at thhs video of driver, after driver left stranddd. authorities say one person died a crash on an ice covered road and weather was a factor. officials saiddplow and salt trucks are having difficulty with some of them running off the road. and boy, steve, i can't tell you how much i'm not looking meteorologist steve fertig hopefully we can avoid thht this winter. >> patrice,,we were talking about the coll air moving in toward the end of this week, last week. a cold air may be on theeway, but we're not looking at icy condittons on travel time on wednesday coming into thursday. right now things are dry looking at hd adar. ú%u can see a dry scan. there could be light drizzle not showing up there. %-misty start to the day.a light
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take a look at the picture and ú%at is plain raii moving ut of tte ohio valley moving toward new englanddand out of our arr way as high pressure continues to steer it in ttat locction. have ere. we have low level clouds, the fog to ddal especially toward the northern part of the state and the eastern shore. 50 degrres and cloudy to start the day. we should see sun later on. winds are calm and theedew point at 46. a lot of moisture coming up from %-fog that we're seeing thisthat morning. 50 degrees ii baltimore and in d.c. cool 39, in salisbury and up in hagerstown 47 and a mild 50 degrees for oakland where we're cooler. we're going to ggt the southerly flow. here is high pressure in nnw it's circulating moisture from the south and that is allowing for the misty skies, the fog this morning, and then we will see mild temperatures behind that frontal biew!! boundary ths going to come our way and that
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will be for today and tomorrow. showers for tomorrow late into the afternoon and into wednesday nighttand maybe even thursday.ú thursday is when we will have a next front that ill be a strong one, the one that will bring all northwestern part of the ta will bring us showers late wednesday into your thanksgiving day. there could be showery conditions for the travel day, big travel day beforehand andú 54 degrees for the high temperature. a mix of sun and clouds for the eastern shore. breezy there, 10-15-mil!!! 10-15--mile-an-hour wind. a south wwnd at 5-10. it should be a nice afternoon aftee the foggy and cloudy start. the afternoon..3 62 for the person part of maayland, tonight 48 degrees, a few more clouds. a mild nighttwith a south wind at 5 miles per hour. tomorrow 67 degrees with some showers as you can see moving in probably not unttl later afternoon and another mild day
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as we get up to 67. cooler as theefront pushes in o3 -ednesday, and showers late wednesday into thanksgiving. thanksgiving day cooler, here comee the cool air and he is feeling it for sure. you may be feeling the heat, though, you know what i'm talk about. 48 for friday, and 48 for sunday with inclaasin increasing sunsh. hereeis what is happening on the roadways with candace dold. robs gobble, gobble.3 we are talking about what is happening on the roadways. weeare talking about fog actually. let's take a live look of the bay bridge and route 50 at sandy pointt fog looming over the area. just be aware, there's fog warnnngs here, and of course, you can find them wherever you're traveling this morning. so far speeds are looking good. 59 miles per hhur onnthe jfx63 miles per hour on the beltway, traveling through pikesville. there's an accident on the outer loop lanes of the beltway and you will find that right at the jfx.
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a car actually hit a jersey wall there..3 we will continue to monitor the situation, but as for right now no significant delays. now on 695 a little bit farther -p, let's take a live look at harford road, this morning, way the inner and ouuer loop strechedz are looking good that's the same deal on 95. on 95 we're in incident free through whitemarsh be but let's take a live look through the harforddcounty region, here it is on route 152 and the cars are zipping along in both directtons. that's a look at the morning travels, patrice, back over to you. still ahead, some black friday deals are too good to be true. the reality of door buster sales. a trip to the doo park ends with a
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a federal officer is found guilty after shooting a dog in severna. joy lepola was in the court with >> what about probation beffre judgment. >> reporter: surrounded by cameras the owners of bear bear ú%owed little emotion leaving court. forrseveral hours the state3 argued how keith shepherd an
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off-duty police officer showed excessive force when he pulled his 9-millimeter handgun and shot bear bbarrin a park in august. in the end, a judge agreeddand found shep ppriod guilty of animal cruelly. >> it was a very unfortunate situation. i'm happy that he was held responsible for the over reaction, which is what the court found it to be. >> reporter: for the first time shepherd talked about the situation. he feared he was about to be malled along with his wife and their dog. the defense placed blame with thh young man who was with bear3 beer, saying he stood there and did nothing. animal advocates who lined sidewalks armed with signs outside of ccurt, say it was control. >> animal lover. ú%dog being shot.d to come to a >> reporter: during his how he was ready to shoot bear
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bear again but didn't because the dog laid down. ii's an oodeel shepherd's attorney says his is glad is behind him. >> this is in fact -- his family, his career, and obviously he was not allowed to go on mission overseas to defend our country. hopefully things will be getting -ack to normal for him as well. >> reporter: even hough shepherd was found guilty, he received probation before judgment. in doing so, he avoids any criminal record. in annapolis, joy lepola, fox 45 morning news. the shooting of that huskey drew public outrage. coming up later on the early edition, congressional lawmakers are trying to wrap up loose ends the current session runs the issues they're focusiig
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forensics to help solve crimes, but the technology can be used to solve many other problems. greg campbell has a look at how they're solving cases that have nothing to do with crime. ♪ behind the highly secured doors at forensic labs at winston salem. >> it's never dull and we love that. >> reporter: you never know what the team of researchers may be keft the testin testing or ty may be trying to answer. >> this is evidence from a cold case. >> reporter: the question is here can the lab extract dry blood that fearly 3 years old from the shirt and find if the
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it had druus in his system.ring and is in the solution. >> reporter: like in many cases they hire the forensics b3 the victim's family. >> they are toll that what they were told by the police department is valid. >> reporter: from testing the safety from an all natural bacteria that could be used to eat spilled oil in the ocean waaer. they have $2 mmllion in equipment. >> that is what makes us unique. we can ggt it off-the-cuff, hair ball, hair brain, crazy stuff. the grain of sand can be all it takes sometimes especially wwth nano technology, and looking at things at a nnno scale. it doesn't take a lot of evidence. >> reporter: one the labs -atest test, this uuknown brand new cleaning solution. >> i think there's about 1,,00
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differenn bacterium in the solution. >> reporter: the manufacturers claims it can keep surfaces clean foo days while protecting them from wear and tear. >> we are trying to see how it does that. >> reporter: at a year old this totally independent lab set up shop here to take advantage3 %-of baptist medical center.sity ú% a year's time, the lab's task has more than doubled and they have ccients from as far away as turkey. >> it's always changing, never the same situation. >> reporter: crime lab ann suit up and need the lab's independent results so the results will holdup in courttand to get the unbiased results until they're turned over to the company no one here knows exactly who they're testing for and what the paying party hopes the results will be. >> we assign everybody a number and a case nuuber. that's the end of that. -hey're just a number when they hit the


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