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tv   FOX 45 Late Edition  FOX  November 22, 2010 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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certainty. >> a wal-mart for north baltimore. the debate over whether the mega store will be a wellome edition. >> i am not sure where i am going. >> so my hands just do what my mind is seeing. >> an instant musician. the accident he unddewent to change everything. >> the common sense that may be missing from enhanced security at american airports. for baltimore's ace of cakess >> live from fox 45 news, this is fox 45 news "late edition." >> hello, i am jeff barnd. plans approved for a new wal-mart in the city of baltimore. but ot everyone is looking forward to the development. and much of the debate is over jobs. >> melinda roeder reports from baltimore's remington neighborhood with their concerns. >> tonight, city council members approved a bill that would give
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approval to any shopping center to be built near the intersection of 25 and howard streets. %-and a lowe's and projected boh stores will hire hundreds. tonight city council members voted almost unanimously to support the development. but critics that rallied outside of city council said jobs do not payp decent wages and worry the retailers will force others out of business. but supporters hooe it bring option to say consumers. >> in this economy we need goods people can afford in the middle of the city. and this is a great project. >> they have not been good corporate neighbors in the past. in the communities that they have beee in. >> some of the opponents in this are also labor union representatives. and they are now urging members of council to pass a bill to require all retailers in the city to pay betttr wages. some council members are now working to do that. in remington tonight.
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meliida roeder, fox 45 news "late edition." >> jogger sexually assaulted inhauer howard county and they are searching for man responsible. it happened on castle ford drive. the suspect described as a white or hispanic male, 35 to 50-years-old. threw the victim down and sexually assaulted her. but police say the woman fought back. hitting the suspect. she escaped her attacker. and then used her cell phone to call police. shocking news in what people described as a quiet neighborhood. >> that's very unnerving that happpned. i will be very careful from now on. >> definiiely a bit nervous about, you know, until they find out what is going on and who the person is. a local hospital and released. police have stepped up patrols in the area. >> a murder case that captured the nntional attention. and tonight an immigrant@ elsalvadorrfound guilty. jury found him guilty on two counts of murder for killing@
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chandra levy. killed in a park back in 2001. it revealed a likely affair between levi and then california @%ngressman condit. >> it is a lifetime of broken leaving memories of good times that i did share with my daughter. as a family. what difference does it make? you, all of us, in america, need to wake up and stop the violence, and make a difference. >> decay could face life behind bars. sentencing issset for early february. >> an iraq war veteran is told he could not return to campus until he undergoes a mental evaluation. it follows an essay he wrote for one of his classes. here is an excerpt from it. >> killing is aadrug to me and has been since the first time i killed. some at first it was weird. and felt wrong. but by the time, of the third and 4th killing it felt natural. it felt like i could do it for
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the rest of my life and makes me happy. >> charles whittington was in the army and served in iraq. he wrote about the war in his english class. he is 58 was published in the school paper. administrators at the community college of baltimore county said they had no choice but to bar whittington citing the murder at virginia tech. one group that came to hii aid. >> these kids cannot slip through the cracks and be relegated to the status of the gentleman from virginia tech, or the jihadist at ft. hood. those are my ords. as a military mom. that's my say. >> whittington plans to unnergo a evaluation tomorrow. aad he was not killing about killing fellow americans but terrorists. here is our question of the day. is it right for ccbc to require a war vet to get a mental evaluation before returning to class? so far 57% say no. 43% say yes. and steve writes on our website@
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this guy scares me and i am vet. but john writes. the college is disrespecting every veteran that has served honorably. >> bad days all around tonight. bad day for free speech. >> there is a bug inside of me3 that wants to get the fcc to say to fox and to msnbc, out, off, end, goodbye. >> well, senator jay rockefeller's comments last week, he would like to see the government ban fox news and msnbc and that drew harsh criticism from all sides. lawmakers that disagree have found common ground on jay rockefeller's reincomments. >> he is an eli tisfrom washington crowd, has money, and wants to control us, not let us, us being the average person, get the news from any source that we want to. i don't agree with msnbc but i agree with the right to offer
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their opinions. and who is going to judge -- who is moderate and fair? >> after this, heck, rockkfeller could have a bad rest of the year. bad day for the city of st. louis. the fdi said that st. louis is the most dangerous city in the u.s. beating out the reigning champion camden new jersey. camden is number two on the list. meantime great day for colone new york considered to be the safest city. >> bad day for ace of cakes, food network announced the reality show with the bakery, charm city cakes has been canceled. aches of cakes begins the final season january, and farewell to fine fondant. >> it lives on here. >> it does. >> we love it. >> lovely september weather. >> it was warm for november. chief meteorologist vytas reid is here to tell us what is in store getting ready for thanksgiving. >> beautiful day out there.
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temperature wise. and sun and cloods. and we are seeing some changes off to the west. right now, h.d. radar shows nothing on the radar. dry conditions out there..3 few scattered clouds that but look at that long line. wedge of thunderstorms stretching from detroit michigan down through ft. wayne wayne indiana, down through lafayette into peoria, illinois. stretching into parts of arkansas. zooming in you can see the stronggliie of thunderstorms indicated y red. indicating stronn thunderstorms. that line will continue to travel through indianapolis and then detroit. now, tomorrow, folks if you start to travel and had ffights through bum bus, cleveland, -ittsburg, that line shifts3 closer to us and there may be delays in the morning. how it plays a role in our forecast, i will show you that coming up. and what your thanksgiving forecast will be in a bit. >> news you need to know and you need to know this. if you plan to travel on 95
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plans. you need o avoid that at all costs. construction at the delaware toll booth means bottleneck traffic in both directions. aaa mid-atlantic, predicts major backups will occur. some of them going as far south as to belair. meanwhile the slow moving traffic means less patience and >> he kept hitting me. i pulled over because he kept hitting me. and he said i didn't see yoor car. i couldn't see you. and i am like what's the matttr with you? what do you mean you cannot see me? >> how does that happen? well aaa expertssa recommend that motorists traveling northh3 take 83 to york, then over to 222, to finally cut toward good luck. >> good luck with that. >> it will cost more to use netflix, company is raising prices for streaming service. with unlimited dvd by mail for one dollar. it will now cost $9.99 a month. dvd by ail are on the rise.
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but company will offer a streaminggonly option for just $7.99. >> opting out of new security screenings. coming up, hat the obama administration is saying about the plan some travelers have to cause trouble on a very busy travel day. >> trimming all of that fat out of thanksgiving tips.
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>> an estimated 24,000,000 people will fly during that thanksgiving week. busiest holiday travel of the
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year. and many are looking forward with trepidation to going through security at the airport this time around.3 steve looks at the growing outrage about full body scanners, and even more aggressive pat downs. >> two days before theebusiest air travel period of the year begins, administration officials trying to reassure passengers that they will not be mistreated administration over thanksgiving. >> what i agreed to do is to look at how we can do this type of screening. if we can do it less invasively, has been the request. then i am open to doinggthat. >> but it doesn't mean you will not have to undergo a embarrassing permpat down. because there will be noo3 immediate change in the current policy. those that set off an alarm or refuse to go through a revealing pat down, facing inttnsepect the opposition from pilots and libertarians. administration is taking pains to put a friendly face on what3
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some see as menacing procedure. >> the evolution of the security is done with the input of those that go through the security. >> the president himself, while still at the nato summit in lisbon saturday defend the current policy. >> tsa in consultation with our counter terrorism experts, have indicated to me that the procedures that they have been putting in place, are the only ones right now that they can consider to be effective. >> point of fact. it is only a small percentage of passengers patted down.3 nonetheless, we all understand the concerns americans have. >> grassroots protest called national opt out day is being organized on the internet. and encouraging passengers to disrupt the system wednesday by refusing the full body scans and pat downs. secretary janet napolitano calls the plans counter productive. at washington national airport. fox news.
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>> we lost all common sense when it comes to those security screenings at the airport? do we have to subject nuns and grandmas, and cancer survivors to enhanced pat downs? well, it makes for both tragic and comical scenes at the nation's airports. then again, aren't terrorists @%art enough to disguise themselves as the people we would suspect the least? -ou cannot get maaried in texas, no problem for a gay couple that opted to gettmarried by skypp. the ceremony was officiated in washington, d.c. where gay marriage is legal. mark reid who married dante walk up in the october 10 ceremony said he knows texas will not recognize their marriage. in fact, common sense said that legality is in question even among states that do recognize same sex marriages. >> well, she should stay in alaska. that's pretty much what former first lady barbara bush had to say about sarah palin. in an interview with larry king
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tonight mrs. bush said that she sat next to sarah palin once and thought that she was beautiful. she went on to say that palin seems happy in alaska and i hope she stays there. common sense might tell you that she may be trying to teit up for jeb in 2012. >> i am telling you. >> stay up there. >> barbara is feisty. >> never be at a loss for words. for sure. >> neither is our vytas reid. especially with the forecast. hi vytas. >> it looks like a beautiful day out there today. plenty of sunshine. in the afternoon. start out with fog across the area. but for the most part, lovely day temperature wise. currently, we are looking at clearing skies. and it looks like we will see that through the overnight. 46 degrees. cool. winds out of the -- or were out of the south anddcalmed down and our humiiity levels are at 96% right now it lloks like we will see another mild day working in. and here could be some patchy fog again tomorrow morning across parts of the state. so be prepared for that. 53 in hagerstown. 54 in baltimore. 50 in wilmington.
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54 in salisbury. and it looks like we will continue to see those 50s and 40s working the way into the forecast through the overnight. with that slight southwest flow. that's what is keeping us on the mild side of things. where we are seeing the warmer air build in from. and that's the case for tomorrow. but there will be a shift as we see from the west here. you can see the cooler temperatures over chicago. 44 degrees. and compared to 64 degrees in indianapolis. where the sharp cold front is running. that will move through the midwest firing off thunderstorms through the night tonight. tomorrow morning, that front sits over parts of ohio. and parts of western pennsyyvania. so if you hhve travel plans that ddrection, you may need to check mild flow continues through tomorrow. and until this front continues to move our direction. dropping our temperatures down for the middle of the week. toward the end of the week. weekenddlooks cooler than the 60s we have seen out there for the last couple of days. looking at 6:00, tomorrow morning. cleveland getting thunderstorms. into columbus, ohio. then pittsburg getting thunderstorms around 9:00. if you are flying that direction
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you may have to check ahead. if you have a connecting flight. by flee clock, showers in our area. nothing evere, but scattered showers. and then clear out later in the3 day. for wednesday travels it looks clear long the eastern seaboard and good around the midwest s well. tonight looking at 51 degrees. we will see the clearing skies. and then for tomorrow, it looks like 66, with a chance for showers after about 3:00. so keep the umbrellas nearby. as we go down the road. it looks like for thanksgiving. peek ahead. temperatures around 52. with 30 to 50% chance of rain on that day. i will have a complete seven-day forecast coming up. >> the new health care reform measure is creating more opportunities now for doctors to pay off students. secretary of health and human services kathleen sebelius in baltimore today. announcing new aspect i guess occasion are accepted for the national health service core. the program offers doctors up to $60,000 in exchange for two years of service at clinics in
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need deareas. bill is funding this program with just a little less than $300 million. >> well, cutting caaories is almost impossible around the holidays. but tonight we have a few tips to help trim the fat from the turkey dinner. try mashed cauliflower instead of potatoes. kick the can cranberries and go for fresh. boil them with orange juice and apple juice to the mix. that sounds good. dessert, have fat free milk for the pumpkin pie and nobody will notice. how about a long walk fter the dinner. >> these guys went for a long walk. turkeys gone wild. which town has no shortage of them this thanksgiving holiday and what local residents think about the excess of the hens and the toms. >> the ravens win by 24 points.
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>> get this. thanksgiving is still a few days away. but a bunch of new yorkers are tired of turkey. >> yeah, apparently because dozens of wild turkeys have been
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running around one part of staton eye lan like chickens without a head. residents are tired of the birrs causing gridlock traffic. state said that it is currently wooking on the problem. they seem harmless. >> ♪ >>well, get this. you would never know just a short time ago he could not play a note. derrick got a concussion. few days later he sat down at a piano and knew how to play. derrick is now working to put out an album of musii that he has composed. >> when expectations re as high as they have been for the ravens this season. fan base is sometimes hard to satisfy. sunday's game against the panthers in charlotte is a good case ii point. ravens took a 37-13 victory but that's misleading. got two defensive touuhdowns in the forth to put away a game. but outtmanned panthers squad. feaauring a third string running back, rookie receiver and a
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quarterback that only practiced four time. to say the least, it was a bit of angst attached. but john harbaugh said he is >> we are still looking for that dominant game. you know, i think, we were all disappointed we did not play dominant. but we are happy with the win. you take your victories where they come within the game. but by no means are we satisfied with the way we played. and, i think, that's the same in the atlaata game and same in a loss on as in a win. somthings to do better. to be the team we need to be. but still searching for that dominant performance. >> and here is a reminder. you cannsee the ravens next game right here on fox 45. they host the buccaneers at 4:15 sunday. both teams 7-3 with playoff implication is on the line. bucks and ravens sunday only on fox 45. >> much to the surprise off3 absolutely no one. brad childress fired as coach of the vikings. one year after going 12-4 and
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advancing to the nfc championship game he has seen the team fall to 3-7 and severe disarray. sunday's loss to green bay was seen to be the last straw. was said to be upset with childress after his abrupt dismissal of moss. frazier takes over interim basis. >> votto named most valuable player of the national league. not close. he received thirty one possible 32 votes cast by the baseball writers association. albert pulholtz that won the last two years, finished second. votto hit 324 with 37 home runs. and led with 118 rb and i ammled the reds to the first post season appearance since 1995. >> and it s time again for our high school game of the week contest. vote for the game you would like to see highlights of by going to and clicking on high school game of the week. maybe you will see your school friday night. the slate of games for friday
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november 26. wilde lake vs. damascus in 3-a footballl huntingtown vs. franklin in 3-a football. eastern tech vs. middletown in 2-a football. brunswick vs. havre de grace in 1-a football. we will announce the winner onn3 thursday night. >> looking at the next day planner. -e will see a few sun and clouds tomorrow mo [ children shouting ]
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[ mom ] somebody once wrote a story about how when you get to be a grownup, you can't hear christmas bells anymore. [ shouting continues ] [ mom ] well you know what? i hear them. i hear them loud and clear. ♪ [ female announcer ] walmart has low prices every day, and if you find anything lower, they'll match it. what will you do with your savings? ♪
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what will you do with your savings? >> final look at the seven-day forecast for tomorrow. we will see sun and clouds in the morning. and then showers later. 66. down to 52 wednesday. sunshine. and then showers thursday. rainy thanksgiving. and clearing out for the but cooler temperatures in the 40s. back to you guys. >> it was almost our national bird before the bald eagle. now we eat it every thanksgiving. >> it gets its own day anyway. >> that will do it for the late edition. thank you for joining us.
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