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tv   Fox 45 Good Day Baltimore  FOX  April 11, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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april 11th 3
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3 a magnitude 7-point- 1 aftershock rattles japan on the one-mmnth anniversary of the massive earthquake that killed happened around 4:30 this morning.. and a tsunami warning has been issued.this is the second aftershock with a magnitude greater thaa 7 to hittthe country in the last week. on the ooe month anniversary and tsunami struck japan...the countryyis remembering those lost... with a string of solemn commemorations throughout the least 13- thousand people arr confirmed dead... with another 14- officials are also continuing papan's nuclear plant. massive earch efforts for missing teen phylicia barnns over theeweekend... turn up not. nothing. it's been four months
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since the norrh caaolina teenager vanished while visiting her family in baltimore. baltimore city policc were out in droves... with more than a hundred llw enforcement officials, including the fbi, searching for the 16 -year old. several search teams, ssme with dogs... looked aroundd &ppatapsco valley state park near ilchester road in howard county.nothing panned out, but officials and search volunteers aren't giving up hope. 20:06:42 "if we in any way can help... important to do riggt n" now." volunteers mainly focused on thh area surrounding the apartment cmplex where barnes diiappeared. again, if you know anything about this case contact authorities. during the search for barnes &pat patapsco valley state something else... the body oo m. maa. he was fully dressed... and founn in the woods near hilltop place. maryland state police say there are no obvious signs of foul play in the man's death. a formee univeesity of
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virginia lacrosse player accused of killing his ex- girlfriend is scheduled to appear in court today. huguely iss scheduledd or a preliminary the death of cockeysville native yeardley love. she was found beaten to death in her apartment last year. huguely faces six additional charges including muuder and felony robbery. if he's convicted of all the charges against him, he could receive 2 life senteeces. a circuit court judge has ruled... baltimore's gun registry is unconstitutional., police and prosecutors are planning cases... and how they can bring he registry into compliaace.the registty requires offenders of handgun violations to submit their address and ooherrinformationn requested by pplice... every six months... for a period of three years.but he ording is vague... and some say ittgives supporters say they'll fight to keee it active. deterrent."> so far, there are no plans
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to dissolve the registry. but it may need to be re-worded and re-filed with the courts. baltimore city is looking to local businesses to help thee... foot thier billl... during budget troubles.council members want to review city assetssto see if there is oppootunities for sponsorships... ways for businesses to put thier brand on city events and cars. members see it as a way of saving recreation center events.theemayor's office is also conducting a similar review. the weather today makes crabs. but as the or season begins, many watermen
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are pushing for changgs in the way their livlihood is managed. managed. joel d. smith is live in essex where the first bushels of crabs are in. good mooning joel d. good morning for consideration is a catch-p share system where fishermen baltimoree- the head of ..- maryland's waaermen's assooiation says ew thinking is needed about how to 3
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from bed glam. &pglam.we reveal ourrprom makeover.. and share some of this year's hottest trends for . teens.and next.. it's an making.find out how fort mchenry is commemoratinn the anniversarr oo the civil war.. coming up next in our hometown hotspot. you're watching fox 455good day baltimore. ((bump out))
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3 americaas greatest conflict comes to life.. attfort mchenry.this week marks the 150th anniversary of the civvi war.. and rrnger jim bailey joins us live with more on how they're commemmrating tte occasion.. in this morning's hometown hotspot. -- what's going on this
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weekend?-- what was baltimore's role in tte ccvil war?-- visitors to fort mchenry will gee to go baak in ? timee
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the civil war commemoration weekend at fort mchenry is this weekend.. april 15th through 17th.for more information about event times.. go to our website.. foobaltimore dot com slash morning. they're not tortoises.. or hare. hares.why these weiner dogs were in a race for the finish l. line. you're watching fox 45 good day baltimore. ((break 2)) 3
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3 ready set go! go! it's a race that's gone to the
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dogs...the annual wiener dog race! the pint size dachshunds raced each other ssnday afternoon in austin, texas. and some even made it to the finish line.
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help your teen standout like a ssar.we reveal the results of our prom nnght makeoverr makeover.he was saying hia nd bbe to the walls wallsand.. that's not apple juice.why a 15- month old boy.. was serred alcohol at a watching fox 33
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prom night is the most memorable ights of high school for many teens... and your today's makeover monday.. karen mazer with synchronicity boutique is back to reveel our full prom look. -- what are thhs season's hottest trends?-- talk about hair/makeup--talk about dresses dresses 3
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for more information about this season's hottest prom styles just go to our slash morning. it's a record.. you don''twant to break. close gas prices are.. to being at an all- time . high. you're watchinn fox 45 good daa baltimore. ((break 4)) 3
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3 jealous???? 3
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3 of this year's session of the - maryland general assembly.but with a midnight deadline ... there are still some big quessions lingering. the innrease in raising it from 6 percent to 9 percent.the hoose of delegates just changed the egislation on saturday to immlement the increese all aa once, instead of spanning t over aathree year's a decision that has some customers here at pandonia station, at the edge of bar stool. (5:45)i think its riddculous once again the middle class is taking the hit....(3:19)our gas has gone up and now this.... we're told, the estimated 85 million dollars in annual revenne would be used for school construction... education assistance... and disabilities addition to this issue, subsidizing roubled hoose racing tracks is still on the ttble.there's also a lot oo &pfine tuniig to do today... fo those measuressthat have passed bothhchambers but with different provisions.that includes the bill allowing illegal immigrants to pay
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in-state tuition if they meet certain requirements. tell your lawmakers what you think about the proposed alcohol tax increase.their contact information is on our baltimore dot com slash your voice. and we'll be live in annapolis tonight with the very latest on the final hours of the session. ww'll have reports on fox45 news at 5:30, edition at 11. gas prices are just cents away... from reaccing an all-time high. hiih.according to the lundberg survey... prices jumped 20 cents over the paat two weeks... to a nationwide average of 3-76 a gallon.and prices could soon reach the record high of 4-dollars, 11 cents... a record set in uly of in maryland... the average price is now 3-755 for a gallon of regular. for the lowest gas prices where you live ... check out foo baltimore dot com slash pump patrol. after years of restrictions on maryland's
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crabbing industry, watermen are looking for a truce with state officials. a second meeting is set for this week, just days before we learn if the recent catch 3estrictions are working. joel d. smith is live at lowers crab shack with more, as the firrt bushels are coming in. good morning joel d. 3 3 good morning megan, (ad lib)
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3 a major apse in airport security... after a woman boards a plane... with someone else's boarding pass. it happened in memphis. kathleen beard says she accidentally printed out a boarding pass for her friend's not only had a man's name on it... buu it was also for a flight that departed last month.beard went through security with no issue.but
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off... someone noticed the ok problem. "they came on the plane askinn for my friend's name. and i said, 'he's not on the plane, but i know him.' they said at the office." office.. asked beard to get off the plane.beard says she's sttnned the mishap managed to get as far as it for the aarpoot? it has no comment. an ohio restaurant has some explaining toodo... after accidentally serving a toddler áalcohol.á 15-mooth-old a glass of apple - juice... but instead... the the mother says she started noticing her son was acting strange.and after a few sips... the child needed an ambulancee :23 "he was saying hi and bye to the walls, and he eventually laid his head down on the table, and we thought that maybe he was just sleepy. the toddler had a blood
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alcohol level of point-10.he's expected to be for the restaurant... it's prrmiiing to work with authorities... to figure out what led to the mix-up. charlie sheen... is booed off stage... again. again.charlie sheen tried to áwiná over new yorkers as he hall friday was supposed to be a 90-minute show but the actor was on stage for barely an hour... for some spectators... that was long enough. "the whole night, him.""he bombed, he bombed absolutely badly. i'm sorry to say it because i love him, but it's the truth aad everyone has to know it." it." the ex star of...two and a half men...takes his show to boston ... tomorroo. get that summer glow.. in sprin. you can get a spray tan for jjst 5- bucks. bbcks. you're wwtching
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3 itts our mobideal of the week! every week.. ww'll bring you a deal from mobideals... which provides coupons directly to your cell phone! phone! this week's deal comes from tan
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stand. get any versa or mystic spray tan for just 5 dollars. just go to my-mobideals-dot-com to get started.. or look for mobideals on your smartphone. smartphone.ann when you sign up for mobideals you'll qualify to win a free i-pad! i-pad! parent company.. sinclair broadcast group. they're back in the spotlight. spotlight.what wynonna and &pnaomi judd think about what her memoir. says about them in - memoir.we've got multiple vortexes here hereann.. wicked weather across the country.where mother nature is causing &pwatching fox 45 3
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3 happening now.. the "commission on wartime contracting" in iraqqand afghanisttn is holddng a hearing in ashington.the hearings will focus on ways to develop more effective and less costly federal
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contracting. last week it was ccmiig p with a budget for the rest of the fiscal year ... this week, it's lowering the deficit long-term. president obama will lay out his apprrach to taming the budget on wednesday ... addressing medicareeand medicaid costt. meanwhile, republicans and demo raising the debt ceiling, with the gop saying they'll only concessions. dangerous weather continued to roll thhough parts of the us over the weekend.severe thunderstorrs caused flooding in the upper midwest, while hot, arid conditioos sparked wildfires in texas. greg black has more on the wild weatter causing problems across the country... 3
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they're the original mother- daughter country duo. duo.wynonna and naomi judd takk us innside their new show..and reect to ashley judd's stinging memoir.. next. good day baltimore. ing fox 45 - ((break 7)) mother nature pays us ack for
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